and now he's in prison

White Hat headcanons

1. White Hat loves the singer, Frank Sinatra, his favorite song is “killing me softly”.

2. White Hat and Sanity (Dementia) are a couple and have been together for 7 years.

3. Sanity is a mute, but she can hear just fine and she knows sign language.

4. Dr. Slug has an unrequited love for Sanity, but he knows that it won’t matter since she and White Hat are together.

5. Dr. Slug was a known highjacker and stole a fortune during his many heists, his luck ran down when he was gunned down, but during his court hearing, White Hat came to his defense. Instead of serving a life sentence in prison, he now works for White Hat (for life) he is forced to wear a ankle house arrest anklet.

6. White Hat is camera-shy.

7. 6.0.6 hates White Hat and would maul him if given the chancr but he loves Sanity.

Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.

I always take a break in PoA right before peter escapes so I can forgive everyone for forgetting about petrificus totalus 


Kidstorm AU: where wally and jax meet again as superheroes, after having a sort-of thing back in wally’s racing days, and are not as subtle as they think they are.

I’m not harping on Trump because I hate his politics, or even his stupid face – it’s because he and Milo are highly publicized examples of society mistaking psychosis for toughness. A mistake we make all the time: We idolize the “tough guy” on our side because he ruthlessly goes after our enemies, then act shocked when he’s just as ruthless with us. “I love how this guy goes after anybody in his way and takes no prisoners! Oh no! Now he’s after me … AND HE DOESN’T TAKE PRISONERS!”

We think that grizzled, sex-stubbled Jack Bauer – a man who doesn’t play by the rules – is what we need to keep us safe, but the real Jack Bauer doesn’t shut off when he gets home. He brings that same sadism to everything. Cut him off in traffic, and he whips out Waterboarding: The Home Version!

Human empathy is an all-or-nothing deal. And that’s why all of history is just one big bloody Mad Lib. Somebody takes power with the promise of showing no mercy to _____, and once _____ has been dealt with, something else just takes its place. The French? Get ‘em! Gone? Cool, but now it’s the Germans. Oh, we dealt with those bastards? Well, now it’s whoever’s next in line for the throne. Then the critics. The protesters. Whoever disagrees with the administration’s plan to use unclaimed tax refund money to teach wild bears to say “mama” like those dogs on the internet. It’s only in fiction that Aragorn wipes every orc off the face of the planet, then comes home and rules as a just and kind king during peacetime.

Ruthlessness is never a virtue.

How Society (Accidentally) Created Milo And Trump

Submit this into evidence...

Since we don’t have a screenshot of you punching Eleanor, we do have this screenshot. Oh and witness statements.

Not wanting to be named, the witness said: ‘I heard something crash so I looked over and I saw Eleanor trying to get between three girls.
‘Two of them were holding phones up and she put her hands over her face.
‘I heard, “Could you stop f***ing filming me please.” ‘She exaggerated the please so she asked politely. One girl laughed and said: “No bitch!”

The bystander added: ‘I saw Eleanor’s hands go straight to her face to stop the punches that were coming.
‘One girl punched her below the hands and hit her chin and throat.

The witness said: ‘Eleanor was yelping and kept her face turned way and had her knee up because one girl was punching her in the stomach
‘Louis went between one girl and put his arms around her and pulled her down and away from Eleanor.’

Oh really, girl who assaulted Eleanor…

I don’t see where he put “his knee on your stomach and practically stood on it” I mean he fell backwards with YOU on top of him…

Girl who assaulted Eleanor and accused Louis of socking her and stepping on her stomach also said: 'Explain what makes Louis such a good person? I’m begging you, really, everyone has said great thing about him but I’m lacking the proof.
‘He literally threw chicken nuggets at y'all once and gave you the middle finger and you all still worship his dumb a*s’.
'Louis is a deadbeat father, he’s cheated on his girlfriend, he smokes weed, and now he beats women’, and told his fans their ‘idol’ was going to ‘prison’ for what happened.

Take this as you will but it looks like she’s a liar.

Side note: Do not send this girl threats. It just gives her an excuse to justify what she did and gives her more fame.

10 Facts about the Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz

  1. He said he only committed his crimes and murders because of his neighbors possessed dog. He claimed the possessed dog told him to do all the killings .
  2. David Berkowitz was actually born Richard David Falco before he was adopted by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. 
  3. He found religion in prison and now claims to be a born again christian. 
  4. He named himself “the Son of Sam” until he sent the letter with that name he was being called the “.44 caliber killer”.
  5. In 1971 at the age of 18, he joined the United States military where he served in America and South Korea. 
  6. While the song didn’t come out until a month after the killings began he claims the song “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates motivated him to kill. 
  7. He set 1,488 fires in New York and recorded each in his journal before he started killing.  
  8. He claimed at the time of his arrest that he was being forced to kill by a Satanic cult he was in. Some believed his neighbor( with the ‘possessed’ dog) was also a part of the cult.
  9. He inspired the Son of Sam laws. These laws “required the person contracting with the criminal to turn over the criminal’s proceeds to the state’s Crime Victims Compensation Board, which established an escrow account for the benefit of the crime’s victims and publicized the existence of the account.”
  10. His astrological sign is Gemini. 
"VEXATION” - Park Chanyeol

Content: ±3500 hardcore graphic smut of spankings, rough sex, over-stimulation, heavy language warning, etc ++daddy!pcy

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

You were on your way to the bathroom for a morning shower when someone calls you.

“Y/N stop.”

You heard your boyfriend, Chanyeol, calls you from behind and you halt your step immediately, stopping in front of the refrigerator. His voice was stern, thick and full of command. You recognize this voice. This voice denotes a time when you have to start to behave. To submit to him.

His angry voice.

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Five Mualimm-ak remembers the first time he saw his son Omar, and all the preparation he did for that moment.

“I went to classes. I had like 50 books, so that I could help deliver you,” Five tells Omar. “I wanted to make sure I was the first person to touch you.”

The night Omar was born, Five says he fell asleep in the hospital holding him.

“I think it was the most joyous time in my life,” he says.

But Omar didn’t know his dad had taken birthing classes. When Omar was 5, his father was incarcerated and started serving a sentence for weapons charges. By the time Five was released, Omar was a senior in high school. Nearly 12 years had gone by and the time apart affected each of them.

Omar says the hardest thing about Five being in prison was “losing a father.” Without Five around there was no one to answer “guy questions.”

While He Was In Prison, His Son Grew Up; Now, ‘They’re Getting To Know Each Other’

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What I want from Lotor

I saw a screencap from the 80’s voltron where Lotor is told that he sucks at being evil.
I want Lotor to be the family disappointment. We haven’t heard of him, and (aside from shock factor and bringing up a new villain) that’s SUPER weird. Why would an emperor, who is practically immortal, not have his son as like his right hand man??
Because he’s a loser, an embarrassment, and he really sucks at taking over galaxies.

Lance gets captured by Lotor and ends up connecting with him on a personal level. “Yo I also feel useless and like a loser”
But then he convinces Lotor to join up with Voltron. Lotor has already seen the good that Voltron has done. Or rather, the damage to the empire they have done. So lance walks him through the worlds they’ve freed and makes it fucking personal.

“This Planet has adorable and welcoming people and the empire tried to blast them to bits.”
“These people were so intelligent and connected with nature that they were able to send distress signals and create technology out of plants. The empire was forcing them to build war machines.”
“The empire stole one space craft and damaged the other so badly that an entire race was unable to get off of their dying planet without our help.”

He forces Lotor to see them as sentient beings, as people. Lotor has never felt anything personal, other than the need to please his father because that’s what he was expected to do. And now, he has this lively prisoner not only refusing to break, but EXPECTING him to do better. Be better.

Lotor of course, rises to the challenge. It turns out that being good is much easier and comes with far less guilt than being evil.

And you could have a side of like, one-sided lancelot with v jealous keith if you wanted. Or, if Lotor has turned good then wholesome Lancelot is also good, i guess (klance is just my fave dudes)


Blackquill insists that they are merely psychological tools prescribed by Athena to help him rehabilitate to normal society, but secretly he’s watched the movie like five times already. 

Kampos -- Part One

First installment of A Thing I’m Writing For @reioka!!!! And by first installment I mean “I’m probably going to write more, maybe, but I’m also really lazy and want to take a nap”. I hope you like it!!!!!!! 

The creature was absolutely stunning, breathtakingly beautiful. Tiberius eyed it appreciatively and watched their stunned faces with smug satisfaction. The creature spun, seemingly trying to hide from their gaze, its tail curling and uncurling reflexively as its hair swirled around its face. Its eyes were wide and scared as it pressed its hands to the glass of the tank, staring around the room with slightly unfocused eyes.

“This, of course,” Doctor Zola was saying, his accent pronounced with pride, “is why you were required to sign the non-disclosure agreement.”

“Normally we wouldn’t show him off, but for the best and brightest,” Tiberius smiled brightly, and the creature in the tank jerked back, the water swirling around it, “we made an exception. This tour is to try and convince you to work here, after all.”

“Isn’t the tank too small for him?” a petite girl by the name of Mel asked, raising her hand tentatively, a pen tucked behind her ear. “I mean, even for small fish like betta, they require more than two and a half gallons, so he must need far more than this, right?” Tiberius simply waved his hand.

“He’s fine. He’s not a true fish, and we don’t want to give him too much freedom. We aren’t entirely sure how intelligent he is yet.”

“Although it can’t be much,” Zola added, adjusting his glasses as he circled the small tank, just large enough for the seahorse-mermaid creature to fit in. The creature’s eyes followed him, wide and expressive, and Mel doubted that he wasn’t intelligent. The group watched as another worker climbed a ladder attached to the side of the tank, dumping a bucket of dead shrimp in the water with a plop. The creature looked up and distaste crossed his face as he prodded at the limp shrimp, his tail curling and turning a sickly yellow color. Zola frowned and smacked his hand on the glass, making him jump and grab one of the shrimp, stuffing it in his mouth. Mel watched him chew slowly, his throat working convulsively, and from the look on his face she had the feeling that if he had been out of water he would’ve been crying.

The tour continued.

Mel’s needle-thin heels clicked quietly as she stalked into the office, slamming her files down onto Steve’s desk. “Pepper,” Steve said in a slightly amused tone. Bucky glared at her, disgruntled to have his lunch interrupted. “I take it things went well?” Pepper glared at him, her breath coming sharp through her nose.

“Tiberius Stone is a monster,” she finally said, her voice a whisper. Steve and Bucky both sat up, alert, worried about what happened for the investigator to be so worked up.

“What happened?” Pepper pulled out her phone, keying up the pictures she took and handing it over to them. Bucky turned red with rage, his fingers twitching over the scars on his shoulder. Steve stared, his face stony, and finally looked up. “This is terrible,” he agreed. “But not technically illegal. Please tell me you have something more, something we can get him on. We’ve been planning this sting for months.”

“Oh,” Pepper said, resentment hot on her tongue, “I have far more than that.”

Tony wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. Sounds were different in the water, he knew, and sights were distorted through the curved glass that imprisoned him. He could see men in navy uniforms, the man named Zola up against the far wall with one of the men holding him. Loud sounds were reverberating through the glass and water, crashing and shouting. He couldn’t make out any of the words. He could understand the human language – his father had taught him, had told him it was necessary if he was ever in danger with a human – but he couldn’t hear the words well enough to translate them, so it was a moot point. And it was better for the human named Zola and the human named Tiberius to think he was dumb, anyway, so he had kept quiet.

The men were approaching his prison now, and his tail turned brown with fear, as it always did when he wished to hide among the kelp and wait for danger to pass. There was no kelp here. He was exposed and in danger, and his herd was gone. A soft sob escaped him.

A loud sound assaulted him and he clapped his hands over his ears, the vibrations in the water rocking him, sending his tail into a frantic gallop that sent him nowhere. Cracks appeared in the glass in front of him, more and more, spreading like ripples as the water pressed outward. And then the water was carrying him, battering him onto the floor in a rush, and he was sputtering, trying to get his gills to work, choking, sobbing. The shock of the air stunned him, and of the glass cutting into his fleshy parts, his tail curling and uncurling frantically as he tried to remember how to breathe through his nose like the humans did, which would allow him to survive above the water for some time. His father was very good at breathing like the humans did, and sometimes forgot to breathe normally, but he was never up at the surface for very long, preferring to stay in the safety of their forests.

Humans were towering over him and shouting incomprehensibly. He pushed himself up on his hands, wanting to feel a bit less helpless, and he heard one of the humans shout “Shut the fuck up! You’re scaring him!” He looked up through his dripping bangs, watching as one of the humans knelt before him. He recognized the human standing behind him – it was the one who had asked Tiberius about the size of the prison. Maybe that meant she was going to take him to a bigger prison. He was okay with that, even if it was still a prison – his tail was cramping and the water in the broken prison never tasted right.

This human kneeling before him had dark hair and a frowning face, like his father. He was a bit scary, but he hadn’t hurt Tony yet, so maybe he was okay.

“Hey, can you understand me?” Tony hesitated, nodding slowly, and the man smiled grudgingly.

“Good,” the sunlight-haired human standing next to the coral-haired human said, smiling brightly at him. “I’m Steve, and this is Bucky. We’re with an investigative unit of SHIELD. We’re going to get you away from here.” Tony didn’t know what SHIELD was, or how they were going to be better than here, but Steve and Bucky were smiling and nice looking and were the first humans to try and talk to him, and the coral-haired human was smiling at him too and looked really soft and reminded him of Natasha, so he nodded, trying to keep the salt in his eyes from escaping.

“Tony,” he whispered softly. “I’m Tony.”

Part Two  ~~  Part Three ~~ Part Four

Fix You

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh  

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

 Words: 1607

 A/N: This isn’t edited.. So there are probably a few mistakes. English still isn’t my first language. Thanks to my lovely Piggie for proofreading 💖🐷I love you! @golddaggers  

Once you have dried your tears, please tell me what you think 💕

Inspired by this song

Part 2


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 It’s been three weeks since we fought against the Nogitsune and saved Stiles, my boyfriend. Stiles was not the same anymore. After everything that had happened, he changed. You would think he would be happy that he was finally free, alive. Unfortunately now he was trapped in his own prison. He built huge walls around himself. Locking everyone out, including me.

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Don’t Leave Me

word count: 1 885
warnings: character death

summary: Y/N and Kai had started a relationship before he was sent to the 1903 Prison World. Now, at Jo and Alaric’s wedding, he comes back. 

26 - “Wake up. Please, wake up. You can’t leave me here alone.”

*gif by me

It was the day of Jo’s and Alaric’s wedding. Y/N was sitting next to Stefan, watching the ceremony. Everything seemed to be perfect, and she felt a twinge in her heart as she realized she would never be able to have this with the one person she loved more than everyone else - even more than her own life. Kai Parker. 

Bonnie had ditched him in a Prison World, leaving him there alone and in isolation, far away from Y/N. When she had learned about it, she had nearly snapped. He had been willing to change; he even had changed already yet they hadn’t given him a chance to show it. They were still judging him for what he had done in the past.

And now she was probably never going to see him ever again.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” Y/N asked, clenching her fists. She was standing in her living room, looking at a disinterested Damon with a glass of bourbon in his hand, a sympathetic looking Elena, and a relieved and angry Bonnie. They all had been going here after they had come back from their mission into the 1903 Prison World to get Stefan’s and Damon’s mom. 

Bonnie had just informed her what they had done, leaving her boyfriend alone with some creepy witchpires as Damon called them. People who were hundred years older and had both the abilities of vampires and witches. Y/N could only imagine that these would be the worst possible companions someone could wish for. 

“Why won’t you understand it’s better for everyone?” Bonnie seemed to get just as furious as Y/N. She still couldn’t understand what she did see in him; she had just done it to protect them all. 

“’Better for everyone?’ God, are you really that blind that you haven’t seen he was changing? Who do you think is actually responsible that you’re even standing here right now, hm? Without his help, you would still be stuck in that 1994 Prison World!” Y/N blurted out, her eyes burning with anger. She felt that sudden urge to punch her until she would finally understand that it had been wrong.

No one knew Kai better than Y/N did, and she was sure he was already trying to find a way to come back and this time he would wreak havoc like never before. He would find a way to pay back for what they had done to him.  

Bonnie moved a step closer towards her, but Elena grabbed her friend’s hand, holding her back. 

“I nearly killed myself because of him!” Bonnie exclaimed. 

Y/N rolled her eyes. Yes, Kai had done some terrible things and leaving Bonnie there alone when he could’ve taken her with him was definitely one of them, but he had even tried to apologize to her. And it’s not like Damon or some others had never sought to kill her before so why couldn’t she just forgive Kai for it while she was able to absolve everyone else so quickly? Everyone else was fully capable of dealing with their emotions while to Kai all of this was still so new and he hadn’t the real hang of it yet. 

Y/N felt tears of anger building in her eyes, blinking a few times to try not to show them. 

“Get out. Now.” Her voice was quiet and firm but trembled with slight rage. She couldn’t stand seeing them anymore, finally wanted to be alone to grieve and maybe to even find a way herself to bring him back. Never was she going to give up on him. 

It had taken some days of alone time before she even had gone out again. Days in which she had completely locked herself up from the outside world. She hadn’t answered her phone, never opened the door and had kept everything quiet and dark. But somehow she had finally managed to forgive her friends - everyone, except Bonnie. They both still didn’t talk, and so Y/N wasn’t too sad about her not being here at the wedding currently. Although she had this strange feeling, it wasn’t by her own choice. 

Y/N was so engaged in her thoughts she hadn’t even realized they had already gotten to the vows. Alaric was speaking now, being all happy and smiling. With the end of his speech, he put the ring on Jo’s finger, giving everyone watching the time to wipe possible tears away. A small smile crept on Y/N face as she saw how happy they seemed to be. This wedding was going to be one of the best days in their life. 

“Oh god, that’s a tough act to follow.” Jo began her vows, wiping away a single tear rolling down her cheek with the back of her hand. Everyone let out a laugh at her words, before she continued, “here it goes - Alaric Saltzman, you are…”

She let out a gasp as a red stain built on her white dress. Suddenly, everything happened quickly. People got up from their seats, confused about what was going on. Jo stumbled, nearly fell on the ground if it hadn’t been for Alaric who was there to catch her. At the moment she let out a scream someone materialized behind of her; Kai. 

He was wearing a black suit, holding a bloody knife in his hand. Y/N’s eyes grew large as she saw him standing there, her heart beating uncontrollably in her chest. He is back, she kept repeating over and over in her head, not sure if she should be happy or angry or afraid or disappointed. It was evident he came here to get his revenge but the least he could’ve done before was going to his girlfriend to warn her about all of this. 

“I was gonna wait ‘til the ‘death do us part’ bit, but it seemed a little on the nose. Am I right?“ Kai asked, a devilish smirk on his face. He turned towards the shocked crowd, seeing his father who was about to rush up. He stretched out his hand, followed by this high-pitched sound, making everyone scream and put their hands on their ears.

Y/N couldn’t take her eyes off him; she even tried moving closer to him, overcoming the pain the noise caused her. She was just human, so it didn’t affect her as much as the others with super sensitive hearing. And maybe, if she could just get to him, he would stop all of this. Or if he would just see her, since to her it seemed he hadn’t even realized yet that she was there.

“Missed me? No? Oh well.” He holds up the hand with the hunting knife, a mischievous spark in his eyes. Abruptly the glass windows shattered, the chandeliers fell, bursting into million of little pieces.  

Y/N covered her face with her hands, trying to prevent any of the shards cutting into her skin. But despite her effort, she felt a sharp pain on her neck, as a large shard cut deep into her throat. Warm blood trickled down, creating a stain on her dress. She moved her hand to the wound, feeling unconsciousness taking over her. Her back lay flat on the ground; her chest was lifting and lowering in irregular intervals. Her eyes fluttered closed as everything around her became black.

Kai opened up his eyes when he felt the life rushing through his veins again. Quickly, he got up, removing the glass shard which was stuck in his neck. A satisfactory smirk spread on his lips after the realization the plan had worked. He could feel even more magic inside of him now as he was literally able to siphon from his newly obtained vampirism. 

He glanced around, seeing the damage he had caused. His eyes fell on his father first but when he was about to hold out his hand to use his blood to complete the transition he saw her. Y/N. His Y/N. The only person he had ever cared about and who had ever cared about him.

“No.” He whispered, unable to look away from the puddle of red blood next to her. Moving closer to her, he kneeled down next to her, lightly brushing his fingertips across her cheeks. Her skin was cold, her eyes closed and he couldn’t hear her heartbeat. 

“No. No, no, no. This can’t be happening.” Over and over again he repeated this words, hoping that if he kept saying them, she somehow would come back to him. He wasn’t willing to accept that she was gone yet. There was still a little chance he might find a way to get her back. 

Tears were building in his eyes, and he placed his hand on her chest, directly above her heart. With the thumb of his other hand, he traced over her lips, remembering how good they had felt on his every time they kissed. He could even remember their first kiss as it had just happened yesterday. 

Getting lost in memories, he felt the salty liquid flowing down his cheeks, slowly dripping on the ground. His face hovered only inches above hers, their noses already nearly touching. 

Like it had happened so many times. 

But this time, her eyes were closed, and he could never see the little sparks she got every time she spotted him, again. Never would he see her smile or hear her laugh again. 

Wake up. Please, wake up. You can’t leave me here alone.“ He begged, his voice not louder than a whisper. Following an instinct, he brushed his lips against hers, feeling them one last time. Though it wasn’t the same than before. She wasn’t kissing him back, didn’t wound her fingers around her neck to move him closer towards her. She was just lying there. Cold. Dead. 

Still unable to move away from her, he kept kneeling next to her. Unable to let go of her - physically and emotionally. He intertwined his fingers with hers. 

“If I would’ve known you’d be here I had done something to protect you. I never wanted you to die.” He trailed off, and his voice broke the same time he gave a sudden sob. He didn’t even bother with wiping the tears away, being sure they would keep coming. 

Suddenly it hit him that he hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye to her. The last time they had seen each other was on the day he had helped her friends to go into the 1903 Prison World, the day they had ditched him there. She had still been asleep when he had their shared apartment, and he didn’t want to wake her because the whole mission had been planned to proceed quickly. 

No, he couldn’t remember the last words they said to each other, the last moments they spend together. It seemed like everything was wiped from his memory, every nice moment they had shared was now overshadowed by the image of her lying on the floor, dead. 

“I’m so sorry.” He breathed as he got up. There were things that needed to be done, and there was still time to grieve later. But he made a promise to himself to come back and get her. 

“I love you, Y/N. I always have and I always will.”