and now he's got beautiful fire too

♞. ┊          The smile on his lips was charmingly dangerous in nature as he tilts his head up. “Yeah?” He croons, a hand extending to take the drink from the woman. He’s more than aware of the hand lingering on his shoulder and the way she batted her eyes at him in a more than suggestive manner. Shincho carried no desire to take her home and bare her body to himself,  but that did not stop him from admiring her beauty.

          His show, as always, was a success. He always got a positive feedback when he was on stage, spitting his rap lyrics like rapid fire. The words often flowed naturally from his lips, and his charisma was like a magnet that drew the crowd in. And a large majority of his growing fan base were, in fact, women.

          Sipping at the drink the woman bought for him – it was too sweet, but hey, free booze was free booze – he allowed his hand to linger on her elbow now. Shincho loved stringing women along, letting them believe that they had a chance, and then leaving them out to dry.

          However, movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention and he allows the grin on his lips to grow wider. He doesn’t even try and pretend like he was keeping his hand to himself. Instead, he shifts in his stool to face Tiffany, head cocking to the side. “Hey, jagiya,” he croons, earning an offended scoff from the woman who was just hitting on him, “I was looking for you.”


Colder Weather/Flash Fiction Challenge

I was tagged by @feel-the-fan-fiction to do the flash fiction challenge, which means I have 5 minutes to write a fic, no reading, or editing, then tag ten writers. 

A/N: This is such crap. Now you guys know why it takes me forever to write stuff. :) 

Dean x Reader

She’d come into his life like a bolt of lightning.

Beautiful, powerful, almost too quick to notice.

Discovering her was like the wind.

It came in short gusts and gentle steady breezes.

She consumed his heart like fire.

Raging, unstoppable, a deadly force.

Loving her was like the rain.

Sometimes it was a steady drip. Others more like a sheet of water.

Dean Winchester lost himself in her eyes, got captured between those soft lips, disappeared into her loving arms.

It was nothing like he’d ever known. He lived for the little moments, her soft smile at his jokes, her gentle caress when he was saddled with guilt, her bright eyes that studied his face, as if she too, loved him.

Knees in the cold mud, her fragile body in his strong arms, the brightness gone from her eyes. She was summer and when she left, his heart was ice.

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