and now he's got beautiful fire too

so carey fangbattle spent a whole afternoon w/ her wonderful girlfriend comforting her as she mourned the death of her best friend in the world. then her fuckin house gets swarmed by invisible who-the-fuck-knows-whats & she’s gotta fight THEM off, and then her beautiful girlfriend gets sliced up & now she’s terrified of losing HER, TOO, & she breathes a bunch of lightning-fire which HAS to be hard on her throat. and then her best friend who she thought was dead jogs up buck-wild naked holding a sword that is on fire

what i am saying here is that carey fangbattle needs a backrub & a nap. i love her

Who’s feeling up for some highschool!Lucelyn? (sort of)

  • Luke has been in love with Jocelyn, his neighbor, since middle school. But he was always too shy to say anything.
  • Besides, his best friend Valentine was in love with her too. And very vocal about it.
  • Valentine was also a rising star. Even though he wasn’t the richest kid in school, like the snobby Robert Lightwood, or as good-looking like Hodge Starkweather, people flocked around Val. He just had something especial about him.
  • It was no surprise when Val was made captain of the football team as a sophomore. Or president of the student body. Even the popular kids followed him around, listening to him, caring about his opinion. 
  • But Val’s best friend was Luke. And that made Luke especial too, right? That was why Luke never spoke up whenever Val made fun of the weird kids, or when got that teacher fired after she gave him a bad grade on a test.
  • Of course, beautiful and feisty Jocelyn Fairchild fell in love with Val, not Luke. They were named prom king and queen in their senior year. On graduation day, Val proposed and Joce said yes.
  • Luke was happy for them. He had to be. He’d been happy for them during all their high school years, so what changed now, right?
  • And Joce, oh she was always kind to him. Always interested in hearing what he had to say. Always attentive when Luke’s fights with his sister got him down. 
  • Even after Val and Luke had the horrible fight that ended their friendship, a few years after they were all out of high school. 
  • But being kind didn’t mean being present. Val and Joce moved away when she got pregnant and Luke only ever heard of them on the newspaper. Val became a huge name in stock market and his firm, the Circle, skyrocket into success.

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sierraseas  asked:

UT/UF/US sans reaction. It wasn't really a secret. Or something SO meant to keep from skele. It just never came up. SO when Frisk drags them out swimming SO thinks nothing of it until they hit the water. With a small shudder their form changes to that of a humanoid water elemental(like grilby). They play with Frisk exhibiting a great control over water, their voice now sounds like cresting waves & SO seems so at home in the water. Once out they shutter again reverting back to their human form.


He’s… kinda awestruck. He knew there was something different about you but he wasn’t quite expecting an elemental. Your voice is hypnotic and watching you play with Frisk is amusing. Watching you control the water is kind of soothing and he nearly dozes off. He’s curious about your soul now too. If you have a human form and an elemental form does that mean you’re a hybrid? Do you have a human soul or a monster soul? Or is it a combination.


He looks awestruck for a moment before getting excited. He didn’t know you could do that! You’re so COOL! The only elementals he’s ever seen were fire and he never got to interact with them much. He joins you and Chara in the water for the splash fight. His eye lights turn to stars as he takes in your appearance and voice. You’re so beautiful to him in every way.


He’s startled and a little nervous at first when you change but it doesn’t take him long to recover because he knows it’s you. He just sits back and watches over you, always in protective mode. The ambassador is with you, still a young child, and he doesn’t know how vulnerable or not vulnerable you are in that form. Later at home he wonders what sex would be like with your elemental form. Because when is this boy NOT curious about sex?

Pairing:  Jefferson x reader, oc for the husband 
Request: Could you maybe do a Jefferson one during the first curse where you’re married to someone else in this realm but he keeps finding ways to run into you and talk? I think we need more Jefferson in the world ;) 
Warnings: EXTREMELY BRIEF Supernatural Reference, Wordy af 
Author Note: Jefferson is my husband and I’m so glad I get to write about him. Ever Since i tagged the last gifset as “hubby” a lot of these requests have come in, godbless you all. 

Not going to lie, I rambled a lot during this. I’ve kept the request but I then lost track and went into my own little dream land. I hope you guys like it, I really do hope this was worth the wait. If not oops, ‘least i had fun writing it. 


You sighed bringing Grace closer to you, reading a book to her as you awaited for her father's return - also your husband. Grace wasn’t your child through blood, but you saw her as your daughter. It was a rocky relationship at the start, too complicated to go into really. 

“The hunter pulled the angel in closely and softly pressed his lips against his loves, nobody could destroy this moment. No monster, No human, No witch. His brother leaned against his car-

“Mama, what is a car?” Grace asked curiously, leaning her head back to look up at your face. A smile pulled at your lips and shrugged,

“Something imaginary, Sweetheart, at least in this realm” 

“They sound strange” she pulled a face at the thought of the imaginary beast. 

“Perhaps someone is reading about trots, thinking how strange it is how we travel on a horse. Remember, something strange to us could be perfectly normal for another”

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Best Friend (Wonwoo/Mingyu)

Summary: Your boyfriend doesn’t want you to hang out with your best friend since childhood. (>>WARNING!!!<< This story involves domestic abuse! Please, don’t read if you’re triggered or anything.)

Genre: Uhh… Hurt//Betrayal//Friendship//Angst//Idek..?

Words: 5145

Also, sorry this isn’t Meanie. xD

“No no no!” You screamed, laughing and reaching for your phone. You had to really stretch and stand on your tiptoes to even try to get it. Laughing himself, Wonwoo pulled it away so you really couldn’t reach it. “Wonwoo!! Give it back! Come on!!” You whined cutely, jumping for it.

The black-haired boy shook his head. “Why? What are you hiding?” He asked teasingly, craning his neck to see your screen.

You pouted, crossing your arms. “It’s nothing! Nothing you wanna see anyways~ Plus, my phone is locked.” You smirked triumphantly. Wonwoo raised an eyebrow at you, asking if you changed your password yet again. You nodded in response; the stupid smirk still plastered on your face.

You and Wonwoo had been best friends since you were kids. You grew up together, went to school together, did everything together. He was a pretty quiet guy around most people but around his friends, he was hilarious and fun. Especially you. You helped him to open up since you were so weird. It was okay though since he kept you in check. Whenever you were in trouble, you could count on Wonwoo for help. You two were the best of friends and looked after each other like hawks. Nothing about you got past Wonwoo and nothing about him got past you.

Or so you both thought.

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you see a boy crowded by a thousand
but his eyes catch yours, only yours.
now, there is a light to
look for in any room you enter.

bloody whispers haunt your dreams
but one day, he speaks.
one day, he whispers your name,
and calls you near.
he brings new meaning to the syllables
and you begin to dream of him.
the nightmares fade
- for the very first time.

invitations to his melodies
that you begin to listen to for hours.
watching a god work,
his fingers twirling strings.
you can’t help but wonder
what other pleasure
his hands could bring.
your thoughts bleed with
someone’s bare skin.
your thoughts bleed
but you realize, his do too.

his mother warns you:
do not get too close to him.
those long arms are built to destroy,
golden legs made to walk on a ground
you will never be able to step on.
his ears are made for a million cheers
and eyes made to see the heavens.
if you love him, really love him,
you mustn’t take away
all the power his body is made for.

but, one day, you make love
and fuck, he makes it back.
he sings against your neck
and the warnings become
torn papers on the floor.
his lips, your lips are
writing new horrors
across burning bodies.
warnings of a love
that is sure to end
with one pair of lungs on fire.
warnings of a love
that is sure to end
with one pair of lungs crying.

you awake to his hands
sliding down,
pouring fire on your chest.
sliding down,
pouring fire on your hips,
sliding down and down.
he makes music
with anything, every damn thing
he can touch.
now, you’ve got him
singing your name
and wish you could drown
in his song.

but the war rages.
moans turn into screams
and you watch the way
his fingers play with spears
and make music with human pleads.
he holds hearts in his hands
and doesn’t realize he holds yours too.
he holds hearts in his hands
and doesn’t realize he’s squeezing yours too.

death is not beautiful
but the way he makes
his body move in the chaos is.
death is painful, agonizing tears,
and so is seeing him
- for the very last time.

he sits over your body
and your insides squeeze
once more, the way they used to
melting, the way you used to.
he kisses you goodnight.

the body made for power
lights the whole world on fire
just like he was always meant to.
you are fading but do not mind.
the warnings were right
but you were glad you never listened.

—  mortals mustn’t love gods (ms)
Day To Ourselves, Kinda

Can you do a cute Sodapop imagine where after a few years of raising your(soda and the reader’s) son together, he proposes and it involves your son? Please and Thank you!!! :D

 Y/F/F= Your favorite food

 Y/F/D = Your favorite drink

 Y/N = Your Name

  “Where are we going?” You asked as you stumbled along the gravel paved pathway. You gripped your oldest brothers hand tightly as you tripped once again over a out of place rock. You laugh as he lurched to ensure that you didn’t fall over. 

 "We’re almost there,“ he said for the 50th time that night. Your hand strayed to your eyes were a blindfold was tied tightly to block your vision. He slapped your hand quickly, as a scolding for trying to peak. 

 "Are we there yet,” you asked again, growing scared to where he must be taking you. You shivered feeling a cool breeze blow up your legs, your dress not doing much to keep you warm.

 "My gosh, did you always whine this much,“ he teased, while placing a hand on your back, helping you cross over a wooden bridge.

 "I just want to know where we’re going because quite frankly I don’t trust you,” you retorted smirking at your quick comment. 

 "Hurt. I am hurt, that you would think, that your own brother, me, would-“ he started dramatic as always. You waved your hand in their air trying to get yourself out of another dramatic flare up for your accusation. You were about to shush him when he quieted himself. You grew anxious as you spread your arms out trying to find something familiar. 

 "And,” he dragged out, “stop!” He placed his hands on your shoulders keeping you still, you blindly grabbed for his arms as he moved away from you. “You can take it off now,” he said. Your hands reached to the back of your head, untying the knot that was holding the blindfold. 

You gasped at the set up in front of you. You had been led into a the secluded meadow you passed on your daily runs, the same place you met. There were Christmas lights hanging down from the trees that surrounded the area, and wrapped around the trunks of the trees like vines. As your eyes took every little detail, from the lanterns on the ground to the event cut grass. Your eyes settled on the table seated in the center with two chairs accompanying the set. You pressed your hand against mouth as a grin took over your face. You watched as your brother adjusted his bow tie and cleared his throat. 

 "Tonight,“ he began in a posh accent, “I will be your server, waiter, as well as attending to every and any of your needs.”

 You placed your hand on your hip, “Is that so?”

 "And this is…“ Your son came out from around a thick oak tree a that was centered in the middle of the meadow, in a suit and tie. You felt a wave of astonishment and adoration crash over you. You giggled and studied your five year old, hair gelled back, smiling brightly at you. "Gentleman will show you two to your table.” You furrowed your eyebrows and opened your mouth to speak. 

“But who will be my da-" 

 "I will,” a voice behind you interrupted. You turned, your dress swishing around your legs. Standing in front of you was Soda, in a tuxedo, smiling sheepishly at you. Glancing at your family around you, you felt tears prick your eyes as Soda approached you, taking your hand in his. “Hope you don’t mind,” he chuckled at your bewildered expression.

 He led you towards the table, and pulled out your chair for you. You sat, and stared at him suspiciously as he walked around the table and sat across from you. He winked at you as your brother brought out two plates of Y/F/F and your son brought two glass drinks of Y/F/D. You felt your stomach rumble as you inhaled the delicious aroma. You quickly dove into your meal, careful not to spoil your dress.

 As you finished your meal, your grabbed your napkin and wiped your hands and mouth. You smiled at Soda who was dabbing his brow, and taking deep breathes. Concerned, you reached your hand across the table and places it on his. His eyes met your gaze but you could see through the nervous smile he applied on his face. Suddenly he stood up, and walked around the table to stand in front of you. 

 "Soda,“ you asked concerned, "what’s the matter?” He cleared his throat and dropped down onto one knee.

 "Six years ago you told me you would be baring my child. As shocked as I was, I could not think of another woman in the entire world, who would be more capable, who would be more caring, who would love and care for our kid more than you. I wasn’t sure..if I was going to be able to handle the responsibility, if I could bare the weight with you. But I knew from the start, I would not let you do this on your own. For you I’d carry the entire world on my shoulders if it meant you would be by my side. You brave faced the entire process, labor and all. How I even managed to steal you heart before another bloke did is beyond me. You are the most beautiful, loving, understanding, funniest, caring, selfless person I’ve ever had the please of meeting,“ he stopped, choking up a bit, but by now tears were streaming down your cheeks as you relived all the obstacles you two got through together.

 "I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but the time never seemed right. You have been the best mother to our son. The best girlfriend I’ve ever had. I don’t want to say you are the best cook because I’ve had to extinguish too many fires to say that,” he joked, “And by far…You have been the best friend I could have ever hoped to have. And I want nothing more than to make you my wife. Y/N, I love to the ends of the universe and back. Will you marry me?” You bit back a sob as you nodded fiercely, not even attempting to embarrass yourself and blubber out a yes.

 His eyes lit up as he searched your face, nothing but love and certainty evident in your eyes. You moved your hand to your mouth, biting into your palm to keep from screaming as he slid the beautiful silver band with diamonds onto your finger. You flung yourself out of your chair and into his arms and hugged him tightly, your brother and the gang coming out from behind trees shouting and whooping for you two. You laughed out loud, feeling high off happiness as Two-Bit and Steve lit fireworks and let them explode into the air, the colors dancing through the dark sky. You pressed your lips against Soda’s as your son clung to your leg.

Imagine sitting in Dean’s lap in front of the fireplace watching the snow fall outside.

Author: loreleisonafaire

Requested By: theyrsastuff

Word Count: 1,333

You woke up in the middle of the night to your radio going off—an alarm at an inopportune moment.

The song that blared you out of your sleepy thoughts (you were always a light sleeper) wasn’t necessarily bad, just loud to your early-morning senses. In fact, as you smacked the snooze button on the red-lit device and fumbled around for the switch that would turn it off (you didn’t need to get up anyway, there was snow storm coming in tonight that wouldn’t let anyone get anywhere) you notice that it was barely morning at all (screw you, default alarm settings).

With the red-lit beast dispatched with a flick of your finger, you groaned contentedly and collapsed on your bed, your eyes closed with your body’s desire to fall asleep.

Of course, the only organ that ended up completely awake with the burst of sound coming into your room wanted to stay awake, denying everything your body wanted. So it wandered as you tried adamantly to sleep. The hunt you had just finished up, a vamp nest with maybe eight or nine of the creatures sucking the county dry (pun entirely intended), seemed to take up the majority of your thoughts, and where your mind wasn’t replaying the image of beheading the fanged menaces (disturbing to some, you were sure, but to you it was oddly relaxing, knowing that there were about ten less of those monsters in the world), it was focused on where you were, focusing on the smell of the walls of wood around you—the smell of home.

It was almost funny, you had thought. The placement of this hunt brought you right back where you never thought you would come back to, especially not with your hunting partners, the Winchesters (the elder of whom also earned the glamorous title of your boyfriend after a fascinating encounter with a witch who was a self-proclaimed matchmaker with a bad habit of matching people with their deaths—but that is truly a story for another time). While your home didn’t have anything close to a set of bad memories, and while your parents died deaths far less violent than the Winchesters’, you left your hometown because you thought that you would find something greater out beyond the county limits. Whether or not you found that something in a life of salting and burning and reciting exorcisms with newly-perfected Latin was entirely your judgement, but the friend you found in Sam and the boyfriend you found in Dean certainly didn’t hurt your opinion of the life any.

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30 Day Linkin Park Challenge

Day 26 - Favourite ‘Dead By Sunrise’ song

Chester had a side project as well: The rockband ‘Dead By Sunrise’.
It was founded in one of the hardest times in his life and it shows in the lyrics.
They only released one album: “Out Of Ashes” in 2009.

Beautiful, sad, consoling - this song has it all. It describes quite well how I feel about Chester, now that he’s gone.
“When I look to the stars I know just where you are. You’re looking down upon me.”

Inside Of Me
A song about the inner battles with yourself. Chester has been fighting so bravely for so long….
“I know something’s got to change, inside of me.”

Too Late
Another beautiful but sad song.
“I’m so lost, I can’t be found. It’s too late to turn back now.”


Ship: Riarkle, slight Rucas

Summary: He feels like he’s burning, flying too close to the sun and he’s addicted to the feeling of her warmth. 

Note: I’m not a Greek mythology expert, so bear with me. Also, this is a little all over the place and long. I’ve never written Riarkle, as I am mainly a Riley/Lucas writer. This is heavy on unrequited love, but not put into simple words. Also, the last installment of Sun & Moon will be out later, this in a way was inspired by it. Anyway, hope you like this

***                                                    ***                                                           ***

His father always warned him that if he got close to a flame, he’d burn up. The radiance is transfixing, but the pain was subjective. You had the choice to go towards the flame, not always of course, but when you did, that made all the difference.

He knew fire would cause pain, that was inevitable. The one thing he wasn’t aware of was that the feeling of her warmth would essentially be the cause of his own emotional pain. She was warm and radiant and he was addicted to the feeling of being near her.

His father also warned him that if she was anything like her mother, a Minkus man wasn’t for her. Flying too close to Topanga and Riley, only left the Minkus’ men charred.

He tried not to dwell on that. He was young when he first heard those words and equally in love with the alluring moon that was Maya Hart. Although, as he got older he became fonder of the sun.

He couldn’t explain the feeling he felt when she smiled. It wasn’t like it was with Smackle. He had loved Smackle, now she loved Zay, and he was oddly okay with that. He wasn’t okay with the way Lucas got lost in the brightness Riley exhibited.

He couldn’t explain the biting feeling he got when Lucas would wrap his arm around her. The sun would magically highlight their form and they resembled a Greek God and Goddess.

Helios was a Titan, not well known and later on replaced by Apollo. But what Farkle did know was that Helios initially was the personification of the sun. Much like in his own world, Riley was Helios to him. His own personification of the sun, something so bright and beautiful and inherently dangerous.

He could say he was like Icarus, his father loved telling him that story. Icarus was the son of Daedalus a master craftsman. Wanting to escape from their confines, Daedalus sent Icarus off into the world with a pair of wings crafted by feathers and wax. Daedalus warned him not to fly too close to sea nor too close to the sun. He would burn up.

Icarus shrugged it off, the advice flying over his head. He soared high above the clouds, and Farkle likes to think that he got hypnotized by the sun. It was hard not to.

He flew too close and he burned up, falling into the waters below.

Farkle knew if he kept it up, he’d share the same fate as Icarus. Getting too close to Riley Matthews, his own version of Helios, meant he’d eventually burn up. He didn’t care. He was far too lost in her beauty and aura to care now.

Perhaps, he was more like Phaeton, Helios son. Phaeton who was about to light the earth on fire due to his inability to control the horses from his father’s chariot. A chariot that brought sunlight across the globe. Maybe he was too smug and that led to the disaster.

Farkle sometimes felt smug when Riley would smile at him instead of her boyfriend. He knew he shouldn’t feel that way and he felt terrible considering Lucas was his friend. He was still trying to understand his own feelings and he didn’t know what the outcome of these feelings was.

Would he set fire to his friendship with everyone over his feelings for Riley?

Zeus eventually stopped Phaeton by zapping him with a lightning bolt. The world wasn’t engulfed in flames.

Farkle always thought Lucas was like Zeus. Strong, powerful, charming and had the stance of a God of all Gods. He not so secretly envied that, and it tore him apart to want to punch his freak faced friend.

Lucas would swoop in and zap him if he tried to make his feelings known. Not intentionally, of course, but he wouldn’t let Farkle come between Riley and him.

Farkle hadn’t meant to do it on purpose. He just wanted to feel the romantic happiness he saw when he saw Maya and Josh, Zay and Smackle, and Riley and Lucas.

He felt that pull to Riley, his warm, shining sun. She was as bright as the light above and as warm as an open flame and he was entirely consumed by it.

He shouldn’t have done it, but he was having a hard time regretting it.

All he wanted to know was if her lips tasted like the rosy tips of dawn that reminded him of budding roses. That if her essence was as invigorating as he assumed.

She had been talking to him about needing to move on from Isadora. That little crinkle in between her eyebrows that only came upon view when she was passionately speaking, was showing and her mouth moved quickly. The dulcet tones of her voice mesmerized him and the glow of the sunlight fell upon her.

He felt his veins fill with fire and all he wanted to do was touch her. See if she was as warm as the sun. His own personification of the sun, his own Helios that was way more relevant than mythology thought.

She wasn’t Apollo, she wasn’t any regular goddess neither, nor was she still a female version of Helios. She was Riley and a full embodiment of something that brought light and life to him. Much like the sun brought light and life to the earth.

He grabbed her gently by the shoulders, the startled look on her face going unaware by him. He brought her close, cherishing the feeling of her warmth and the sparkling of her eyes.

She was so lively and full of color and it brightened up his dark, muted life.

Farkle pressed his lips to hers, tasting sunshine and somehow the fresh, dewy taste of spring. She didn’t move, but he felt her warmth drain out of her and onto him.

He was addicted to it. He was addicted to her.

She pushed him off her, aghast, and quivering from what had happened. She looked at him, her eyes finding his soul as the light began to fill her up again.

He felt buoyant like he could fly above the clouds without a worry in the world. He felt the light inside him, the light he gained from her kiss. It made him tingle and he didn’t feel so numb anymore.

However, that feeling was short-lived as a thunder clapped across the room.

Except it wasn’t thunder, it was Lucas Friar.

Lucas Friar, the mirror image of what Farkle thought was Zeus, charged his way towards the young scientist. His eyes were lightning and his hands were death.

Zay and Josh tried to pull him away, but they stood no chance to a livid Lucas Friar. Instead, they fell in-line with the God of all Gods.

Lucas grabbed onto the hem of Farkle’s shirt and pulled him to his level. Seething with a burning fury that not even a thousand suns could stop.

“Don’t you dare touch her like that again,” Lucas’ voice was like hail, pelting him, but somehow Farkle remained unaffected. “Let this be a warning because we’re friends all things considering.”

Farkle wondered if Zeus ever felt territorial of Helios, or Apollo for that matter. Zeus was the God of the sky, did he think he had any control over the sun too?

Farkle’s eyes flickered towards Riley’s horrified form behind Lucas, Maya was holding her and trying to soothe her. Looking into her glassy eyes he knew she felt it too. How could she not? Lucas had no control over how she felt and he had no control over her.

“I don’t regret doing what I did,” Farkle murmured, a warmth springing up in his chest. “I don’t regret kissing Riley, Lucas.”

Lucas’ chest rumbled and Farkle knew he didn’t stand a chance against him. He felt more like Hades, stuck in a dull world full of ghosts and memories. All he wanted was a taste of life and light, something only Riley could bring.

Lucas rose his fist but was stopped by a timid Riley. She grabbed his fist mid-air and tugged his hand closer to her.

“This isn’t you Lucas,” Her voice swept over them like a soft, harmonious song and Farkle noticed the tension in Lucas’ shoulders ease. “You shouldn’t fight your friends.”

“He kissed you,” Lucas hissed tightening his other hand on Farkle’s shirt.

“I didn’t stop him.” It was a lie, she had stopped him. She had pushed Farkle away, but he had already gotten his fix. “Look, we can work through this. He’s not in a good place right now.”

Farkle didn’t know what to say. He blinked several times and adjusted his thoughts before he spoke.

“I’m sorry,” He heaved out. He tried his best to sound sincere, but he wasn’t sorry for kissing his own personal sun. “She’s right. I guess it’s just been really hard and I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry I kissed your girlfriend, it won’t happen again.”

He could see Smackle in the corner giving him a knowing look and he felt his insides stir with any uneasy feeling. He knew Smackle could see through him, he just hoped for everyone’s sake she didn’t outwardly tell everyone his true feelings for Riley.

“You’re right it won’t,” Lucas agreed firmly as he released Farkle. “We’re friends Farkle, you’re like family. I know you’ll find someone who lights up your world like she lights up my own.”

Lucas grabbed Riley’s hand and peppered tender kisses on her forehead. He felt the piercing pain in his chest, the pain he felt when he saw them together. His heart felt heavy with darkness, the light leaving him and flowing towards Lucas.

The light only she can conjure inside of people.

He knew then Lucas saw her as a Helios too. Not necessarily like a God, or Titan in the case of Helios, but in the full embodiment of a sun. A sun he wasn’t willing to share. Helios was the name of the sun, Riley was the name of his sun. A sun that couldn’t belong to Farkle.

Farkle knew he should have listened more to his father. Daedalus had the right idea of warning Icarus.

Farkle had flown too close to the sun and he had burned up.

You all seem to want the Johnlock kiss to happen in a three garridebs episode.  And yeah, that sounds good to me, too.  But, like.  I want it with the roles shifted.  Like, we’ve seen Sherlock go out of his mind with fear for John before and protect him with everything he has.  I mean, he faked his own death for him, and freaked out when he was stuffed in the bonfire, and killed Magnussen to protect him, and was actually incoherent when Moriarty kidnapped him.  But, we haven’t really seen that same level of protectiveness from John.  I mean, there was the potential when Sherlock was shot, but John was a bit distracted by the Mary situation, too, and totally unsure of what to do.  Sure, he’s pretty damn protective, but like, just imagine.

Sherlock in mortal danger, or wounded or something, and John just flipping shit.  Like, imagine Sherlock getting kidnapped, and when John finds him, he totally shoots the kidnappers, but doesn’t kill them, because that would be too easy.  And then he’s all over Sherlock, running his hands over him, making sure he’s okay, and Sherlock’s just staring at him, gaping at him, because he never truly realized how much John loves him because even after John said he was his best friend, there was still all that doubt there, because how could he love someone like me

And then John’s hands are grasping the sides of his face, almost too hard with worry.  And all Sherlock can do is whisper “John,” his voice all choked up.  Their lips brush together hesitantly, and John pulls back, and everything is written there in his face, how much he loves Sherlock, and how he always has, and how hard it was for him when Sherlock died, and he never really got over it, even now with Sherlock alive right in front of him.  And he knows if Sherlock died again, he wouldn’t make it through this time.

And Sherlock sees all of it, and he says, “John,” again, but this time it’s an apology and then continues, “That day…. I wasn’t going to say ‘Sherlock is a girl’s name.’”

And then they’re kissing, finally, really kissing, and it’s all desperation and fire and passion.

And I just 

Can you imagine.