and now he's gonna have more wardrobe changes

Over and Under

Summary: Amy’s sick of being a sad lame ass mess over Karma. So she decides to do something about it. More importantly she decides to get over Karma in the most old fashioned way possible. What will Karma do? Who will Amy hook up with? 

Authors note: Okay, so this is my first fic…like ever. I write poetry and blog and shit but never anything like this so be gentle…or be rough. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless ;) This started out as a smut drabble (in jest) but I didn’t feel right not writing an intro so I got to writing it and now it’s no longer a drabble. I’m thinking it’ll be about 3 chapters. No worries, If you guys likey this part I’ll continue on to the GOOD stuff. (Sorry, I know my formatting sucks) 

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