and now he's all up in your business

but yeah the one thing that is still irking me about this revival is like

the theme of the entire show, now, is “you can’t escape your parents’ fate.”

i mean, obviously Rory is following in her mom’s path (unmarried and pregnant with little to no job prospects), Christopher finally joined the family business like they always said he would, Logan is engaged to someone his parents set him up with, Paris lets her kids be raised by a nanny, Jess is in unrequited love with a Gilmore woman. They are literally all following the exact same path their parental figures took and??? That’s really….bleak. None of these kids forged their own life path, they’re all doomed to repeat their parents’ mistakes, and that’s the most despairing, hopeless future you can put on anyone. it’s NOT nostalgic and cute, it’s pessimistic and horrifying.


A/n: Obviously this doesn’t need anymore of an explanation. Still not happy with it! (ಥ﹏ಥ) I don’t think I’ll every truly feel 100% with these because I don’t wanna let you guys down! It’s a nice change to write from my fanfics though! xx

 .Sugar Daddy Calum AU

.Calum x Reader

*Smut Warning

.Reader P.O.V



A swift glance at the large clock hanging from your bedroom wall informed you that it was now nine thirty three, giving you exactly twenty seven minutes until Calum arrived back home.

He had been away on a business trip for the last three nights and with lack of phone signal and skype refusing to play ball, you had hardly made any contact with him.

Needless to say you wanted to make it up to him, and had been pampering yourself all day in prepare for his arrival.

Nails glittering deep pink, hair styled loose but neatly, and you’d even purchased a new black lace corset and a pair of matching thigh high stockings… you figured if you were flashing Calum’s credit card, you wanted the things you purchased to bring enjoyment to him as well.

Dressing in your new attire made you feel incredibly sexy; the way the fabric scraped, soothed and hugged your skin was making you impatient to show Calum, but there was still over fifteen minutes before he was due back so you would just have to hang on a little longer.

The view from the wall length windows of Calum’s penthouse apartment was the best view in all the city; you didn’t need to look from anywhere else to know this. Night-time was your favourite because the world was dark but the colours from all the lights made outside made it seem magical.

It was this particular view that you were currently admiring as you buttoned yourself into one of Calum’s crisp black shirts in an effort to fight off the chill that was beginning to seep into your skin.

You only had three more buttons to go when you heard the lock in the front door turn, making you jump out of your skin when Calum burst through, trailing a suitcase behind him with one hand and positioning his suit jacket over his shoulder with his other.

Apart from looking a little dishevelled and tired he was here, finally back home and you hadn’t realise just how much you’d missed him.


You gushed as you skipped over through the living room in your open plan styled home and straight into his awaiting arms, his jacket dropping to the floor as he encased you in a long awaited embrace.

“Y/n… Mmm, Babygirl…”

Calum groaned lowly against your ear as his hands shamelessly travelled straight to your backside.

Giggling in delight, you pushed back against his touch as you looked up to join him in a sweet kiss that was short lived, getting broken by your impossibly large grin.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

Calum sighed heavily against your collar as his warm hands continued to brush up and down your body.

“Are you tired Daddy?”

You purred softly into his hair as he planted his face firmly against the crook of your neck. Trailing your hands slowly up his shoulders and into the short dark strands at the back of his head, soothingly scratching with your newly polished nails as you held him comfortingly.

“Not too tired that I can’t give my Princess the attention she deserves.”

Calum smirked against your skin before pulling away with a light nip.

“You got dressed up just for me? Give me a twirl Baby so I can see.”

With a smirk, you took a couple of steps back as you unbuttoned your shirt, revealing the figure hugging black lace beneath before gracefully turning on the spot, blushing lightly as Calum’s hungry eyes devoured your body.

“Is that a new set Princess? You look stunning, you’re absolutely prefect.”

You were on cloud nine.

Complements from Calum were heaven to your ears and it made your body burn with heat and desire.

“Meet me in the bedroom Y/n, I have something for you.”

Calum teased and your eyes sparkled with delight as you obediently danced past him, grazing your fingers teasingly along his jaw as you did so.

As soon as you were in Calum’s room, you stripped out of his shirt and threw it on the back of his desk chair. Not having chance to do much else before he entered, you tentatively approached him when he walked in to you, his hands hidden behind his back.

“What is it?”

You asked curiously as you prowled closer, tilting your head to try and see what he was hiding.

“No peeking Princess… Sit on the bed and close your eyes.”

Grinning playfully, you held his dark eyes for a few moments before crawling up onto the bed and kneeling expectantly on the end of the plush mattress, you closed your eyes, completely trusting of your partner.

It was a few moments before you felt an impossibly soft sensation brush over your shoulder. Your eyes remained closed but your mouth opened slightly in thought and confusion as you tried to figure out what it was.

The feeling trailed over your back and over your other shoulder until it had encased your back completely, and you couldn’t help but think how perfectly comfortable it felt.

“Do you know what it is Princess?”

You could hear the teasing in Calum’s voice and it made you smirk.

“Well… It’s soft, it feels like I’m being coated in a cloud… Is it a coat?”

Hearing Calum huff shortly as if he were holding back a laugh caused you to pout.

“Guess again, you’re nearly there.”

Calum encouraged and you tipped your head in his direction.

“It’s only covering my back… so, is it just a blanket?”

The room was silent for a moment before Calum spoke with pleased tone.

“Good girl Y/n, open your eyes.”

Wasting no time, you blinked your orbs open and turned to see an autumnal toned pink blanket draped over your shoulders that stretched out to cover nearly the whole bed. It was a heavy, high quality fabric and even though it was plain, it oozed expense and you felt your face flush as you trailed your hand over the comforting material.

“Oh Calum, it’s beautiful! I love it! How did you know pink was my favourite?”

You teased as you brought your attention back up to your partner, who was now stood directly before you.

“I know my Princess and I know what she likes.”

Still on your knees, you extended your body up and held his face gently with both of your hands as you brought his face closer to yours for a tender kiss.

Calum was responding just as delicately and you knew that he knew just how grateful you were.

“Can I show you just how thankful I am?”

Calum smirked and nodded once in agreement and that was all the conformation you needed to drop your hands straight to his belt buckle.

Knowing exactly what you were doing, you could get Calum’s clothes off with your eyes closed and as soon as his tapered trousers and boxers had been lowered to reveal his semi hard on beneath, you wasted no time to apply your mouth right where he wanted it.

Calum’s low groan was music to your ears as you slowly but heatedly sucked up and down his shaft, using your hand to take care of what you couldn’t reach to lick.

“Baby, keep going.”

Calum huffed and you tightened your grip on him as you felt his length get predominantly harder with your touch.

Releasing him from your mouth, you swiftly switched and now used your fingers to take care of his head whilst you licked and sucked closer towards his base. Whining softly, you licked his shaft over and over again as you felt Calum’s fingers tangle firmly in your hair. He wasn’t forcing you to move anywhere, just making sure you didn’t move away from where he was getting the most pleasure.

“Do you like that Daddy?”

You purred as you briefly took a moment to lick the bead of pre cum that formed at Calum’s tip, using your hand to coat the rest down this firm shaft.

“You know I do Princess.”

Calum praised as he leaned closer for a sensually heated kiss.

“Come with me.”

Calum instructed softly and as you busied yourself shrugging carefully out of your blanket and climbing off the bed. Calum removed the rest of his clothing before you followed him over to his desk chair, watching as he sat comfortably smug in his seat before tapping his thigh.

“Come on up Baby.”

Blushing lightly, you swiftly removed your underwear in anticipation before climbing up onto Calum’s lap, hovering on your knees above his nicely toned body as you met in a sweet sensual kiss.

Kissing Calum was one of your favourite things to do. You loved how his lips felt and moved against yours and you could never resist locking your fingers into his short hair; anchoring him in place as you both tried to get the more dominant position.

The feeling of Calum’s fingers against your cheek caused you to part with his mouth and move your lips onto his digits instead, sucking and licking until he was satisfied.

“Are you ready for me Y/n?”

Calum purred against your lips as he reached down to dip his damp fingers into your heat, causing you to whine and roll into his touch.

“Yes Daddy, take me.”

You whined with a small, cheeky smile against his jaw where your lips were currently pecking kisses down his sharp features, and Calum didn’t need telling twice.

Taking a moment to line himself up, you rocked down against him until you could go no further, gasping blissfully at the feeling you had longed for, for days.

“Ohh Daddy, you feel so good.”

You moaned teasingly as you began to grind intimately against Calum’s crotch, resting your hands supporting on his chest as you worked your hips back and forth, relishing in the heated feeling of it all.

Calum’s eyes were dark with desire as they flicked between yours and the point at where your bodies joined, encouraging you to move faster.

“Ah, Cal…”

You sighed as his hands gripped tighter against your hips, getting a better hold on you as he began to pump up into you with a steady rhythm.

As much as you loved to take control, there was nothing like Calum thrusting into you. Every stroke was new and different and unpredictable; he pulled noises from you that were genuine and uncontrollable and you knew that’s what he liked.

Leaning forward to seal your lips in a sloppy kiss, Calum fixed his hands firmly on your backside and in one calculated movement, pushed onto his feet and  moved you up so you were perched on the edge on his desk; defining your connection with a hard thrust as he picked up his pace.

Gasping and moaning like the needy girl you were, you wrapped your legs shakily around Calum’s waist, succeeding with your new angle at rutting in deeper.


Calum groaned as you simultaneously whined his name and you knew you were both close; you could feel the unbearable aching knot build in your abdomen and you never wanted Calum to stop.

“Daddy I’m so close, your Princess is so close.”

You nudged playfully but desperately against his jaw as his thrusts became harder. Holding his face gently against yours as you both panted helplessly, Calum’s fingers came in between you and began to rub lightly against your clit, applying just the right amount of pressure to get your thighs shaking and for you to reach your high.

“Ah! Yes Daddy, please…”

You sighed in content and he followed soon after, releasing his fluid into your body, making sure to keep still so you could feel his throbbing cock planted deep inside you.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.”

Calum groaned before you lightly pecked his lips with a happy smile, staying nestled against each other until you had both regained your regular breathing pattern.

“Let’s get cleaned up Baby.”

Calum suggested as he pulled away, but leaned back down to collect you once again in his arms before walking towards the bathroom, nipping and kissing your collar on the way.


Changing into a more comfortable pair of underwear, you slipped across the bed against your new fluffy blanket, relishing in the amazingly soft feeling it created against your skin.

“Do you like it Princess?”

Calum spoke up, emerging from the bathroom and you beamed up at him.

“I really do Calum, this is one of your best gifts ever I think.”

Calum chuckled as he searched the floor for his boxers and you couldn’t help but stare at his tattooed body as his arms and torso flexed.

“Come and try it out with me, it’s so warm and cosy.”

You smiled once Calum was finally sorted and he didn’t hesitate to crawl over next to you to test out the new addition to your bedroom.

As soon as he was comfortable, you cuddled up against his side, snuggling warmly against his body as he secured a strong arm around your waist and turned on his side to face you.

“Get some sleep now Baby, I’m taking you out tomorrow for breakfast.”

Closing your eyes, you hummed approvingly as you placed a blind kiss against his collar.

“I’m so happy you’re back Cal.”

Calum’s nose nudged lightly into your hair and taking a deep breath in of you scent, he mumbled in reply.

“So am I Y/n…”


Two of the Hearts- Jack Wilder imagine

Request from anon:  Can you do a Now You See Me imagine where reader is a solo magician and Jack meets her one day and falls for her, he tries to impress her with trick but she already knows every one of them and instead of him impressing her, she ends up impressing him. And then he admits his feelings and they get together :)

Fandom: Now you see me

A/N: Here is my first ‘Now you see me’ imagine, yay ! I hope you’’ll like it

Originally posted by kpfun

When on the outside was getting colder, it was very difficult to attract the attention of viewers. Everyone were hurry to get to their work or their homes, so almost no one rarely stopped in the middle of the park, to watch someone’s performances. Sometimes, however, it happened ,that even the most busy people paused to watch your little show. You have all the attention of the audience, trying to obtain as much praise as it possible, and by the way- money. At this regular place, you used to take only a cup of coffee, a deck of cards and a few small metal objects, that could be a great advantage.

While some of the usual afternoons, when most people focus on you, you gave another demonstration of card stunts. One hand movement you made, the whole deck of cards missing from your hands, and after a while spilled onto the ground from both sleeveless of your coat. People were delighted and applauded so loudly that it scared even a few squirrels. You kindly bow your head when poeple threw the money into your open, almost empty bag.

You gathered hastily cards from the ground and then started to shuffle them again, when you noticed that someone looks at your, from little distance. The boy was about your age, he was very handsome and looked at you with a slight smile on his face. You were looking at him from time to time, focusing only on the trick, but after a while, he said something loudly, capturing the audience’s attention.

-It’s very impressive. But I’m sure I can impress your audience much better.

All the people, who had just surrounded you,  with curious look on their faces approached the boy, watching him intently.

-I’m Jack Wilder. And today I want you to show how I’m gonna flex this little spoon … - boy pulled out a small metal spoon to tea.- Only because of the power of my mind.

Outraged, carefully you have been watching the boy with one hand holding the spoon, and the other slowly lowered down, making the metal flex more and more. The audience was charmed.

-Really well, Mr. Wilder-You shout.-but not as impressive as yours ability to fraud.

You come closer to the boy and take out from his pocket half of the teaspoon which he was hiding all the time insidiously, and you showed it proudly to the public.

Most people started to applause, until Jack turned to you.

-At least, I tried.

Since then, every day you were disclose famous male magician. He came in the same place at the same time, each time trying to impress your audience. And every time you proudly and loudly told what’s going on in his trick, which you gain growing applause and tips. People were delighted with the two of you and often ask for a common trick, but you refuse it every time, knowing that if you agreed to one, more no longer be refused. Jack every day promised you and the people that he come back here tomorrow, with another better trick and he always kept his promise.

In the evening, when the sun was setting it was getting colder. You sit down quietly on the bench, saying goodbye to the audience and  finishing your hot tea.  You hide your deck of cards in you bag when someone sat next to you. None other than himself, Jack Wilder.

-Successful performance, Miss [Y/L/N]?

-Of course. I’m very satisfied- You said, shuffling a deck of cards in your hands.

-Much more than mine.

-Oh, Mr. Wilder, this wasn’t that bad. I guessed only two of the three of your tricks, so you should be proud of yourself-you said, joking. Jack still gently smiling but lowered his head and put his hands in his pockets.

-Jack-You say for the first time using his name, turning to him.-It was really great. You’re very talented, you know it.

-Yeah, I know.- He sighed, looking at you-It’s just that I was trying to impress you for so many weeks, but every time you is the one, who impress me.

You withered. You had no clue that this hustler, with a beautiful smile come here every day, exposed himself to ridicule just to impress you. Because for what?

-And so did you. That you were so tenacious, stubborn and unyielding. But why?

-I don’t know.-He said-You are beautiful, intelligent, you can really magic and not just cards, but yourself too. Perhaps that’s why.

You smile shyly at him, and spread them out before him the entire deck of cards.

-Choose-You asked, pointing to the cards.

-Really ?- He asked, not knowing if it’s a trick, or not.


Jack chose a card and handed it to you. Two of the hearts. You made it together with all cards and you shuffle them again. When you finished, you spread them out before Jack, on the whole deck.

-Is your card here?

Jack looked back, looking at all the cards.

-No-He said-Then where is it?

You come closer to him and you kiss gently his cold lips, you fingers sinking into his hair. Shocked boy had no idea what to do, and when he start to kiss you back, you separate from him abruptly showing him his card, making him smiled even wider.

Two of the hearts.



Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut (part two)

Word Count: 1500

Parts: One / Two

One month.

Thirty days.

Four weeks.

Of no contact with him.

Keep reading

Massage (Blurb)

A smutty blurb about Harry giving his girl a massage naked because she’s been tense from work but it turns REALLY steamy with lots of dirty talk!! With hot oil  

Why do these ones always turn out to be so long? Why can’t I just write less?


“Harry, I’m fine!”

“You’re not. You’re all tensed up; I can feel it every time I touch you. Just get on your stomach for me, love. I’ll make you feel better, I promise.”

You sighed, but did as he requested. Truthfully, you were feeling incredibly tense and your muscles felt like they were on fire every time you moved. It had been a busy and somewhat-stressful holiday and you were feeling the remnants of it now.

“Shirt off though, love,” Harry interjected before you could fully lay down, “Gotta let me have access, yeah?”

You peeled off your shirt - which was actually Harry’s shirt - leaving you only in a pair of panties. As soon as you were comfortably on the bed, you felt Harry straddle you hips.

“Just relax for me, sweetheart. Gonna go get some of that oil I bought you for Christmas; I think it’s about time we tested that out.”

He was gone for only a moment, straddling your hips again when he returned, and squirting a generous amount of the oil into his palms before rubbing them together and starting at the base of your neck.

You let out a sigh of satisfaction as you felt his hands work over the sore muscles in your neck and shoulders. His touch was warm and gentle, but firm enough that it did the trick and the addition of the hot oil felt amazing.

“Keep makin’ noises like that, love, and we might have another problem,” Harry joked, running one hand down the center of your back and ending just above the curve of your bum.

You giggled a bit but it was quickly covered by another moan when you felt one of Harry’s hands slide up your inner thigh and stop just short of the place that would have made you really moan.

You felt his weight shift slightly and then his lips were on the curve of your spine, placing light kisses down your skin.

“You’re makin’ those noises on purpose now, aren’t yeh, love?” he whispered, dipping his fingers under the fabric of your panties, “Know what it does to me. Tryin’ to get me hard, are yeh?”

“N-no,” you stammered, feeling goosebumps pop up on your skin as Harry blew lightly on the most sensitive part of your back.

“I think yeh are,” he continued, “Not wantin’ a massage at all. Bein’ a pretty bad girl for me.”

“I’m not, I swear,” you murmured, trying to keep your voice steady, “It just feels really good.”

“Yeah? I might be able to make it feel better for yeh.”

Before you could even turn your head and question what he meant, Harry had your panties pulled down and rested about half of his weight on your back, kissing down your spine once more and then leaving a few gentle bites on the meaty flesh of your bum.

“Harry!” you yelped, lifting your head from the bed and jumping at the contact.

Harry chuckled and kissed the place his teeth had just been.

“Sorry love, you just have such a cute bum.”

“Thought you were supposed to be relaxing me?” you protested, pouting a bit at him.

Harry pulled himself away from your lower half and moved up until he was about eye level with you. You were still lying on your stomach, but he took your cheek in his hand and tilted his face to yours before capturing your lips in a kiss. The kiss deepened with Harry nipping at your bottom lip before you opened up to him and allowed his tongue in your mouth.

He gently rolled you from your stomach to your back - the amusing scene of you being completely naked and him still totally clothed a stark contrast - and hooked his hand under one of your thighs to bring it up around his hip, causing your core to rub against his thigh.

He smirked when he felt you moan into his mouth and kneaded at your bum as you began to involuntarily grind against his leg.

“S’this relaxin’ enough?”

You didn’t have the words to answer him but he understood your feelings when you started to grind a bit faster and a bit harder. Harry positioned himself so you had a bit of an easier angle to work with and put a bit more pressure on your core with his leg.

“Oh god!” you squeaked, detaching your lips and hiding your face in his shoulder.

“Go on, baby. Use m’leg. Get yourself a nice cum, yeah? Wanna feel it all over me.”

He leaned down to nip and suck at your neck as you started whimpering.


“M’here, love,” he whispered, “Doin’ so well. Cum for me, sweetheart.”

You finally came on his leg, clawing at his back and moaning loudly into his ear.

“That’s it. That’s my good girl,” he praised, holding your body close to his as you began to shake from the aftermath of your orgasm. You finally flopped down on your back, completely spent and breathing heavily. Harry kissed gently all over your neck and chest and stomach before coming back to rest on his elbow next to you and placing one of his palms on your stomach.

“Feelin’ better?” he asked.

“My back definitely doesn’t hurt anymore, if that’s what you mean.” You paused and then gave him a bit of a wicked smirk. “How does your back feel?”

Harry frowned. “S’fine? Why?”

“Is it? Are you sure? Because I think you could really use a nice massage…”

Harry’s back didn’t hurt at all, but who was he to argue?


Ha ok, this is based off of this joke from Gravity Falls, the idea just came to me while I tried to fall asleep one night and wouldn’t leave me alone so!

Also bonus morning after:

Yes. Yes he did. And it’s all your fault, Missy.

I Love Hanzo And No One Can Convince Me Otherwise

So not gonna lie, I was pretty damn salty toward Hanzo for a long time, But the more I think about it and the more I watch the Dragons short, the more I realize that all my salt was misplaced

Now, Hanzo has done some pretty not-good things, that’s a given. But the majority of Overwatch characters have. And I don’t see people hating on McCree for all his gang activity. If it were All Good Decisions All The Time, then it would make for pretty boring lore. But we’re just focusing on Hanzo right now.

Let’s start with the Shimada Clan as a whole. Clearly up to some shady business. That’s our first strike against Hanzo. But the clan was his family. It was the life he was born into, chances are it was all he knew. How many times have you been in a situation where your parents were pressuring you into doing something, but you couldn’t really refuse because they’re your parents? And considering what the Family Business consisted of, it doesn’t really seem like a good idea to disobey. Because someone did try that once. And look what happened to him.

Originally posted by angelnamine

This is the part people always get on his ass about. “He killed Genji! Therefore he is a terrible person!!”

Now don’t get me wrong. This probably could have been handled better. And I do not condone killing your siblings, kiddos. But the Clan was clearly very strict, or else they never would have ordered to have Genji killed in the first place. Not to mention the fact that Genji was very young (Estimated around 25) when it happened. I mean I can only speak from my own experiences, but I don’t know many twenty-something-year-olds that really have their lives together. Especially when their family doesn’t really have to worry about financial things, which the Shimadas clearly never did.

So we’ve got Hanzo, who’s been given an order. He realizes that this is what happens if you disobey. And chances are, they Clan knows that they’re putting this thought into his head. It’s not only a punishment for Genji, but a warning to Hanzo, as well. “You may be the Master of the Clan, but you are not all-powerful”. 

He’s left with two choices: Kill Genji himself, or allow the Clan to kill both of them.

And really, these are the only two options he can see. After all, the Clan isn’t exactly filled with nice people or amateurs. If they want Genji dead, he will end up dead. And if Hanzo refuses, then he’ll only share his brother’s fate.

Originally posted by lenasoxtons

So he does as he’s told. But that makes him realize that the Clan, everything he’s worked for his entire life, isn’t what he thought it was. He spends years mourning, regretting what he’s done, to the point where he risks his life in order to honor the one he took. He knows that the Clan has been sending assassins after him, but he still goes to the same place every year. 

But he doesn’t want to admit that he’s hurting. In a crime family, you have to distance yourself. Any negative emotion can be used against you when you need to remain focused. And that’s where another argument against him comes into play.

“Hey my brother is actually alive? Cool, now I can trY TO KILL HIM AGAIN”

Originally posted by esteljune

He’s tense, he’s angry. And honestly? He has a right to be both of those things. Not only was Genji alive for all these years while he was mourning him, but then Genji shows up one night out of the blue, taunting him about what happened and pretending that he’s an assassin. Which is seriously a dick move.

But there’s more to what Hanzo’s feeling, and major kudos to the animators for being able to capture it. 

He’s fighting someone whom he assumes is trying to kill him, and suddenly the “stranger” reveals a technique that no one else should have.

Originally posted by esteljune

There’s shock, there’s confusion. Who is this person? How can he do this? But then, just a split second of something else. “Could it possibly be him?” But of course it can’t be. Genji is dead, there has to be another answer.

But Genji’s not dead. And when he reveals himself, we’re met with another onslaught of emotion.

Originally posted by darkwolffe

Skepticism, astonishment, the thought that maybe, just maybe, things could be okay. There’s even the tiniest traces of a smile toward the end. This is a man discovering that he is not alone against the world anymore.

But then, what does Genji do? He has just insulted Hanzo, re-opened wounds that were still healing, made him believe that his life was at stake. Only to tell him he was alive, give a quick “I forgive you”, and proceed to leave.

This forgiveness is, presumably, a decade in the making. But Hanzo has only known about his brother’s survival for a few seconds. Less than a minute before, he was under the impression that he was going to die. 

Originally posted by maneljavier

So of course he’s angry about this. But this is where his past comes back into play. As I said, the Clan deals with crime, and emotions that could be seen as weak have no place. 

What I’m getting at is that Hanzo doesn’t know how to express what he’s feeling.

So he does it in the only way he knows how. He lashes out, he draws his weapon, he gets angry

But here’s the thing. Genji’s back was to him. He could have fired that arrow. But he didn’t. He lets Genji leave, and he’s left to try and sort out everything that’s running through his head.

Originally posted by kaizeriin

And it will take time. But if what we see in the Reflections comic is any indication, he’s working toward forgiving himself. One step at a time.

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Wife-Like (Reaction)

Requested by Anonymous: BB reaction to you being ‘wife like’ cooking for them and keeping things clean?

Jiyong: Since Jiyong was rarely home, he would also rarely clean.  You couldn’t help but deal with the little dust bunnies accumulating everywhere and forced him to spend his day off cleaning his house with you.  Though Jiyong did help, he noticed how caring you were towards his well-being, making sure he was still getting enough rest.  Once dinner time came around, you forced Jiyong down onto the couch so he could get a nap while you prepared dinner.  He couldn’t help but stare at you lovingly from his seat as you made yourself busy in front of the stove to fix up a quick lunch, even adding more kimchi to his nearly-empty fridge.  “Now all we need are just the rings…”  (”What?”)  “Nothing, babe!  Haha, you’re so cute and pretty in that apron…~”

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Youngbae: Youngbae’s apartment was like your second home, so he wasn’t surprised when you entered the pass code to get in with grocery bags in your arms.  His hair was still a mess when you slipped yourself into his kitchen, fixated on making him brunch (he was still asleep up until 11).  Determined to stubbornly help you, your boyfriend stuck right by your side, begging to do at least half of the work.  Since the both of you were so accustomed to each other, maneuvering the kitchen while avoiding a collision felt extremely natural to Youngbae.  Eventually you forced him to sit down, telling him that he could make their kimbap for their picnic later that day.  As if stuck in a daydream, he started giggling, imagining the future when you two were a permanent couple.

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Seungri: Seungri always made you stay over at his place, regardless of his responsibilities that would come the day after.  One morning, he made an attempt to curl his arm around your waist, only to feel nothing but the bed sheets.  Confused, he panicked and immediately shot out of the room.  Did you leave?  However, his anxiety was replaced by serenity and comfort when he caught a whiff of coffee and something being fried in the kitchen.  Sleepily making his way out, Seungri would pester you until you would give him a morning kiss – which was interrupted by a phone call from a friend he hadn’t contacted in years.  “Can we catch up later, Bro?  I’m with my wife, so..” (”W-Wife!?”) “All we need is a wedding and we’d be set, babe.”

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Daesung: Whining and groaning at the loss of your presence in bed, Daesung would pull on his clothes (He sleeps naked) before clumsily making his way into his kitchen, nearly tripping over the pedal from his drum set.  There was something boiling on the stove and two mugs filled with coffee on the table.  Your back was to him while organizing various sheet music and documents on the kitchen island that he had scattered the night before.  Smiling at your thoughtful actions, Daesung slipped his arms around you from behind, tenderly nipping your ear lobe when you retaliated with a bill to his face.  Shocked, he would stare at you with wide eyes until you said, “If you don’t pay the water bill by today, they’re going to charge you extra…  You must have forgotten this under the mountain of other things you threw onto the pile.”  He giggled, tightly hugging you, burying his face in your shoulder.  “Okay, okay, Wifey~” (”What?”)

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Seunghyun: In the beginning months of dating him, you would always leave Seunghyun alone when he went through tough times.  He would always need space alone in his apartment with a wine glass in hand, in complete isolation from the world with his phone turned off.  Now however, after years of loving each other, Seunghyun always calls you over to help him through these rough days.  Tonight was such a day, and you had barged into his home to first give your boyfriend a hug, situating him in his living room with a wine glass in hand.  After a few minutes, however, you found yourself leaving him alone on the sofa to do the responsibilities that he had neglected while coping with his sadness and exhaustion.  Washing dirty dishes, folding his laundry, cleaning his bathroom.  Little did you know that Seunghyun was observing you sharply the entire time, and the moment you made your way back into the living you, he embraced you tightly.  Taking a deep breath before uttering his next words, you would only catch the last bit.  “…arry me.”

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A/U: Yeah so this chapter incredibly long. It’s legit 17,000 + words. And honestly it was going to be longer but I just wanted to get this part out now, since it’s like 2:30 am. I thank you all for being understanding as I have returned back to school and have been very busy with that. Anyways I have already written a decent chunk of the next chapter since I shortened this one, so hopefully that one will be up soon. 

The Ellen Show Master List

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Pulling into the parkade you parked onto the second level, leaving the car running.

The second level, back south-west corner.  You texted to Shawn.
He replied right away saying he was just coming down the elevator. While waiting for Shawn to find your car, you aimlessly scrolled through your phone. But you had no idea what you were seeing or reading on your screen. You were nervous.

It had been a little over a month since your birthday and you hadn’t see Shawn since. You had talked on the phone and texted one another much more frequently. And you loved it. It was exciting and fun. Phone calls and Facetime had become multiple times per week. He’d call and tell you all about where he was and his shows. He started telling you about his family and back home in Pickering.

Hearing his voice through the phone started to become one of your favourite things, aside from his smile.

And although you really shouldn’t have been nervous, you were as you sat in the car. It was probably because your relationship had developed more since you last saw one another, but it had been developed in distance. You were worried that when you saw one another things might be different.

Shawn’s name then showed up at the top of the screen.

Can’t find you.

You were going to call him on the phone and direct him but decided to get out.

Turning off the car, you got out and walked to the back of your car. You looked down the parkade and smiled seeing the tall boy dressed in all black at the end.

“Hey!” You called.

His head turned to you and even across the parkade you could see his smile in the distance.
Shawn raised his hands as if to say he had no idea where he was.

“That’s not south-west.” He yelled across the lot, his voice smooth and warm. So much clear and better than through your phone. You smiled shaking your head.

“Yes, it is!” You called back as he got closer.

Shawn jogged over to you and didn’t argue anymore until he was just a few feet away. He raised his eyebrow devilishly as the perfect grin on his lips developed. “Pretty sure this is North West.”

Your tongue stuck out on your teeth playfully as you smiled. “Pretty sure it’s not.”

“Oh, whatever!” He said only a few feet away now. His arms flew open. “Come here.”

All the nerves fell from your body as you reached out entering into his large arms. They wrapped around you tightly. Even with your large winter jacket that was to protect you from the elements, it was no match for the heat that radiated off of Shawn. He hugged you for a long time just lingering ever so slightly. Reluctantly you let him go when it came time.

He bounced on his toes, almost excited. “So? What are we doing?” He asked.

You smiled seeing how happy he was and shrugged your shoulders. “I’m not sure. I had a few ideas but it’s up to you?”

Shawn smiled and turned his head to you. “Well hey, you’re the Vancouver native. You’re the tour guide today.”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Right, right. Well, I was thinking breakfast.” And then looking at Shawn you gave a guilty look. “Because I haven’t eaten yet, and I’m hungry.” You began to breathlessly laugh. “And then I was thinking we could go down to the harbour?”

Feeling like the plans you had come up with were lame you then backtracked. “Or we could do something else. I don’t know it’s up to you?”

Shawn gave a nice smile. “No. That sounds good.” He titled his head to the car. “Let’s go.”

Smiling you turned on your heels and went to enter the car. As you reached to start it up Shawn turned to you. “Nice car.” He teased.

Your jaw dropped, you had been through this before with everyone who had gotten into your 2004 Volkswagen Golf

“Hey!” You turned to him trying to look upset but you were too amused. “Do not make fun Olga!”

Shawn began to chuckle she asked completely amused. “Olga?”

“Yes. Olga.” You said turning back to the wheel. “Olga, as been with me through a lot, okay. Don’t be fooled she’s a beast.”

Shawn still was beyond amused. “Well, she better be if she looks like this.”

You shook your head pretending to be upset with Shawn and his teasing,  but secretly you loved it. It made him smile which alone was worth it.

Methodically you reached for the seatbelt. Once it was clicked in you reached to touch the stereo to turn it on as a habit. But suddenly you pulled your hand away, hoping that you hadn’t drawn any attention to the sound system you had.

But it was too late.

“ god what the HELL is that?” Shawn almost yelled.

You began to laugh, bringing up one hand to cover the side of your face, embarrassed. You knew exactly what Shawn was referring too. Your head fell back as you began to laugh really hard, making it hard for you to breath correctly. “Don’t make fun of my car.” You struggled to get out as you continued laughing.

“Oh. My. God. What is this?” Shawn asked loudly as he picked up the contraption of a C.D player that connected by a cord to the cassette player in the sound system. Your car was so old that it didn’t even have a CD player, yet alone an AUX jack.

Holding up the player Shawn looked to you still completely confused but still amused. “No, seriously what is this?”
You swatted at him and took it from his hand and placed it back in its spot between the seats. “It’s how I play my music.” You said fiercely.

“No?” Shawn said shocked. “Really?”

You nodded your head playfully. “Yes really.”

Shawn leant back in his seat still grinning. “Wait, you mean to say that you have to put this in there to listen to music?” He pointed to the location of the cassette player.

You went to answer but he made a new realisation. “Wait!” He looked to the C.D player. His jaw dropped. “You can’t even use your phone, it’s a C.D player.” He looked up eyes wide and entertained, complete appalled . “Are you telling me you have to listen to C.D’s!?”

His eyebrows raised up on his forehead and his smile was so large. This was far too entertaining for him.

You pressed your lips together refusing to say anything, but looking very guilty.

Shawn looked to the C.D player again, before he began to howl in laughter. “Oh, my god. Wait, wait. Do you have a collection of C.D’s in here?”

A laugh began to pass you pressed lips, the air pressing past them. Unable to control your laughter it gave away your answer. Shawn began to look around the car. “Oh my god, you have a big stack of them. Don’t you? Where is it?”

Still chucking you waited a Moment before reaching behind his seat and pulling at the small folder of C.D’s you had. You handed it to Shawn.

“Nooo.” He said as he took it. “Are you for real?”

You rolled your eyes, this definitely not the first time someone had given you this much of a hard time about this. This car was the running joke with your friends every time you picked them up.

Shawn turned in the seat and placed the album on his lap, which suddenly looked very small in comparison to his body.

You began to put the car into drive. “Okay well, then you’re in charge of music.”

Shaw turned to you and gave you a look smiling, you knew he was going to make another comment.

Quickly you held up your finger to stop him. Shawn closed his mouth into a smirk and turn back to the album of CD’s covered in plastic. He looked down to them, still grinning at whatever joke he had come up with, as you turned to back out of the stall.

Slowly you pulled out as Shawn began to flip through the album. As you drove down the parkade you slowed down at the first corner almost making a stop.

Grinning you said Shawn’s name, he looked up. You pointed out the window to a door for the stairwell that had a sign over it saying. “South West Entrance.”

Shawn turned and looked before turning back and rolling his eyes with a smile on his lips. “Oh! Okay fine, you’re right!”

Amused you bit at your lip as you released your foot from the break and began your way back down the parkade.

As the arm for the parkade lifted up you began to pull out onto the street. As you went to look for traffic you noticed people on the sidewalk. It was a semi-decent size of people. As you slowly pulled out you realised it was a group of fans and some photographers. They began to move frantically towards your car. It made you nervous.

“Oh shit.” You muttered to yourself, surprised they were there, as they hadn’t been when you pulled in. “How did they even know I came this way?”

Shawn answered you even though you hadn’t really been asking for one. “Must have seen you come in?”

You turned back to the wheel trying to safely pull out, as they edged closer to your car. “I guess they must have.” Edging out you tried to forget the group of people hovering closer to the car, either snapping pictures or yelling.

Focusing you blocked out what they were doing and checked for traffic which there was none of thankfully. Pulling out into the lane you quickly drove down the block. Reaching the light at the end of the street you checked in the rearview mirror, so watch for any black cars that were going to follow you, it seemed that they weren’t. Shawn noticed that you were checking.

“I think we’re fine.” He said looking in the side mirror.

Relaxing back into the seat you looked forward, as you hands gripped onto the wheel. Waiting for the light to change and the cars to move in front of you Shawn continued to flip through the album of C.Ds. He was completely unphased as you still watched in your side mirror.

“Oh, this is a good one!” Shawn said holding up a C.D. Quickly turning your eyes from the road you checked to see the title. It was a Shania Twain album.

“Her fourth one is the best, though.” You said turning your head giving him the side eye, as you raised a finger as if to make a point.

“Which one is that?”

“Up!” You quickly looked to his lap. “It should be in there.”

Shawn’s hand glided over the plastic, his long fingers then pulled out the C.D. Turing it over in his hand he looked to it, before reaching for the C.D player.

“We’re listening to it.” He said entertained.

Rolling your eyes to the traffic you waited for the music to come over the system. “I have you know that I know every single word to this one.”

“Really?” Shawn asked intrigued.

Grinning you turned away as you turned up the volume, waiting for the first line. This was not the first time you had given this performance.

“It’s bout as bad as it could be.” You sang seriously as your head flicked to the side to look at Shawn. He began to smile.

“Seems like everybody’s buggin me!” You continued on, putting everything you had into singing terribly. Shawn continued to chuckle at your ridiculousness, as you now had added in hand moves. It didn’t take long before he joined in with the singing. He tried to make himself sound bad like you had done, but he still sounded good.

As the song progressed you both toned it down but continued to sing along. As the last verse came you finished off the song strong before turning the volume down, so conversation would be encouraged.

Shawn spent the next half hour as you drove through traffic going over all the music albums you had. Teasing you with almost every album, in between general conversation.

“Ohhh… this is a good one.” He said pulling one out as you crossed the bridge. You glanced over again catching the smirk on his face before you saw the matte black C.D with his name at the top.

Turing back to the road you shrugged. “Meh. It’s alright.” As the Moments passed a grin came over your lips and you turned to Shawn, who was pretending to be hurt.

“Oh wow. Okay.” He said nodding and turning back to the album case. He flipped through it more during the drive but eventually put it away when it’s entertainment was lost.

“So how have you been?” He asked as he reached back over your chair, smiling to you as he sat back into the seat.

“Good!” You said cheerfully. “You?”

“Good. You know busy.”

You smiled and nodded. “Excited for tomorrow.” You asked referring to Shawn’s show the following night.

“Yeah! Should be good!”

I continued on asking about the next concert on his tour. Trying to get an idea of where he was going to be for the next month and after. We continued chatting as I pulled into a parking stall. Getting out Shawn waited for me at the end of my car as I locked it up. I turned to him smiling as he pulled out a hand from his jacket. His hand reached out to me.

My smile only grew as I placed my hand in his. His gesture made my chest fill up, it felt like firecrackers were exploding inside.

Hand in hand, and walking close together I guided Shawn down the block to a small diner. Taking a seat along the middle of the restaurant you sat across from one another and began to look through the menu. You already had a good idea of what to get.

All of a sudden you hear your name. The voice was familiar so you smiled.

“Malcolm!” You said looking up to the mid-thirties man with a sleek black hair and arms full of tattoos.

You reached up as he leant down to you in the booth giving you a relaxed hug.

“How have you been?” You asked brightly.

“Great! Business is great as usual.”

You smiled happy that Malcolm was doing well. It had obviously been a while since you had seen him. Glancing to Shawn he was looking towards Malcolm intensely.

“Oh Malcolm, this is my friend Shawn.” You said gesturing to Shawn. “Shawn, this is Malcolm, he’s the owner here.”

Shawn put out his hand which Malcolm grasped firmly. “Nice to me you.” Shawn said.

Malcolm said the same before leaning back, looking to Shawn questionably. “Shawn huh? Wait, you’re that kid.” Malcolm looked to me entertained before looking to Shawn again. “You’ve got that show tomorrow.”

Shawn looked to me shyly before nodding and confirming it.

“Shit, that’s fucking cool. My little girl is in love with you. She’s seeing your show tomorrow!”

Shawn looked to me and I caught his eye. I knew exactly what he was thinking, Malcolm did not seem like he would ever be the kind of guy to have kids. But that was just the exterior that he gave.  Quickly without Malcolm noticing Shawn turned back, his bright smile showing.

“Oh wow. That’s awesome! Is it her first time?”  

Malcolm shifted to face me more, including me into the conversation. “Nah, she saw you last time you came. Last year was it?” Malcolm gave his burly laugh. “Shit I don’t know, but fuck she went on and on about that concert for months after.” Malcolm looked to me, his eyes bugging out. “So now I’m gonna have to listen to her go on about it for another fucking four months.”

I grinned to Shawn and noticed he looked embarrassed Malcolm was boasting him so much.

Malcolm turned to me grinning and patting me on the shoulder. “Well hey, glad you’re in town been so long since we’ve seen you in here with everyone.”

I gave a guilty look. “Yeah, just been so busy haven’t had the chance to be home.”

Malcolm nodded, before he had a realisation, his eyes going wide. “Oh shit, yeah congrats on the Grammy thing!”

Glanced to Shawn awkwardly I smiled. Malcolm was referring to the Oscar I had been nominated for last month, but Malcolm being so oblivious, he didn’t realise Grammy’s were for music, not movies. But I wouldn’t correct him on that. Plus it was only a nomination. Regardless, I was sure Shawn knew what Malcolm was referring to and I began to blush.

“Oh thanks, Malcolm.” You said, the heat still rushing to the top of your cheeks.

“Anyways,” Malcolm said loudly. “Enough with the reunion, what can I get you?”

I looked at Shawn and he ordered first.

When it was my turn I gave Malcolm a smirk.

“The usual?”

I handed him my menu. “Yes, please.” I beamed crossing my arms on the table.

Malcolm rolled his eyes before giving me another pat on the shoulder before disappearing.

When he was gone I looked to Shawn.

“Congratulations on the Grammy.” He said giving a naughty look.  

“Oh shut up.” You smiled looking away you ran your hands through your hair, feeling embarrassed.

“No really?” He continued, his grin only more audacious. “I’m impressed I didn’t know you were such a great singer.” He paused leaning back in the booth. “Didn’t know you were a singer in fact at all.”

Rolling your eyes you tried to hide that you liked him teasing you. Lightly smiling you looked back to him, and he was still fixed on you grinning. He looked to you so long that bit at your lip uncomfortably before looking away again.

“Anyways,” Shawn said as he took a deep breath and leant on the table. “What are you doing tonight?”

You gave him the side eye wondering what he was leading to. “Uh. Not sure. I was planning to have dinner with my family… Why?”

“Oh.” He said leaning back into his seat.

You heart quickened a little, nervous you had just ruined an opportunity. “No. Why?” You pressed.

He shrugged his shoulders casually. “No, I was just going to ask if you wanted to do something. But you’ve got family stuff. So that’s important.“

You were about to say ‘yeah’ but instead just pressed your lips together. Trying to force yourself to think before you spoke.

I could ask him. It’s not a big deal… right?

“Well…” You trailed, looking away from him. “I mean, you could come for dinner? If you want?”

It was silent just for a Moment but you felt it was too long. “I mean it’s just dinner, nothing crazy.” You shrugged one shoulder, finally looking to him. “I think Mom is making Shepherd’s pie?”

Shawn looked to you seriously. His large rich brown eyes focused on you before a small smile appeared across his lips. His smile implied he wasn’t taking what you were asking as the ‘meeting the family’ situation. “Yeah. I’d love that!”

“Alright.” You said your cheeks rising to a smile. Looking away you took a deep breath, released. “Well after the peer we can go home, or I can come pick you up later if you have plans this afternoon?”

He pursed his full lips, which you lingered over. “Nope, I’m free all day.” He then grinned. “So we can make this a whole day thing!”

You smiled liking this plan. Then a different waitress arrived at your table, bringing your drinks. You took a sip of your coffee, which was comforting.

“So I take it you’ve been here a lot?” Shawn asked as he placed his orange juice back on the table.

You nodded and pulled the cup away from your lips. “Uhmm. My friends, you remember them from my birthday yes?” Shawn nodded. “Well, we would come here almost every Sunday morning back in high school. Half the time hung over. But we came no less. I have no idea why we came here.” I said turning my head away trying to think.

“I mean why would we drive in a half hour just to come here…?” You said speaking to yourself as your mind began to wonder.

“Oh! I remember it was the first time we had gone to a party in the city.” You rolled your eyes thinking about being young idiots and turned to Shawn to tell the story. “Somehow we got invited to this person place and we rented a hotel room and split it. I think it was just a few blocks down. And that’s how we ended up having breakfast here.” You looked to your coffee, your thumb trailing down the white handle. “I think we got invited to more parties in the city and I don’t know but it just somehow became a thing.”

You looked up to Shawn who was listening intently, his face soft. It made your heart tremble in warmth.  

“That’s how I know Malcolm so well.” At first, you smiled having fond memories with Malcolm but then the image of you getting sick on the seat in the booth behind Shawn came to mind and you cringed feeling very juvenile.

Shawn took another sip of his orange juice, and you noticed how the average sized glass looked tiny in his hand. “I kind of had that. But it was Tim Hortons.”

You smiled. “Oh no, we had that too. I think everyone on a Friday night ended up at Tim’s at two in the morning.”

“That or Boston Pizza.”  Shawn added.

You began to laugh at Shawn’s comment because it was true.

There was a pause and you weren’t sure what to say but it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

“Oh!” You said coming to a realisation. “I should let my Mom know you’re coming for dinner.”

You reached into your small satchel bag and quickly texted your Mom letting her know that Shawn would be joining you. Typically she would take a few hours to respond. Setting the phone back down you looked to Shawn who looked to you pleasantly.

“So.” He grinned. “You coming tomorrow?”

You were confused. “To what?”

He chuckled. “The show. My show?”

“Oh.” You said taken a little back. “Uh… Well no. I didn’t buy tickets.” You gave him an odd look, you wondered if he was leading to something.

“Well I mean I think I could get you into the show.” He said teasing.

You glanced at him and smirked. “Maybe I don’t want to go?”

“Oh well. Okay.” He played along shrugging, pretending he didn’t care.

Both of you sat for a Moment before you spoke. 

“Well if you’re inviting me if that’s an invite? A poor one I might add, I’d like to come.”

Shawn grinned. “Alright, well I’ll send you the info and I’ll get you in.” As you smiled to him he then gave you a quick wink. You blood pressure increased, and you felt uncomfortable for reasons you shouldn’t.

Both Shawn and yourself spend the rest of the late morning chatting and flirting at the diner. As much as you enjoyed listening to Shawn you kept getting distracted by his chest.

The few buttons he left undone at the top of his dark shirt underneath this plaid shirt did nothing to keep your eyes from lingering over the dips and curves of his clavicle. Or how his neck tendons moved around as he moved and spoke. His lips warmed up and turned a vibrant rose colour as he spoke, they looked so plump and healthy.

“Here you go dear.” The waitress said placing the single bill on the table.

Both of you thanked her. You saw Shawn go to reach for the bill, but before he could get close you slapped your hand on the bill, you hand making a slapping sound on the wood.

“Hey!” He said upset.

You raised your brows as you pulled the bill towards you.

“My turn.” You said strongly.

Shawn opened his mouth to say more, but you continued to glare, making it obvious he wasn’t paying. Pulling the bill up you checked it before folding it and closely placing it on the table. The two of you continued to sit for a bit finishing your drinks before you got up to pay.

You walked to the counter and made eye contact with Malcolm in the back as you stood waiting. He smiled and came to you.

“Ready?” He asked rhetorically as you handed him the bill with a smile.

You dug into your purse for your wallet.

“Making the girl pay?” Malcolm said looking to Shawn, before looking at me with a judgemental look.

I smiled because I knew Malcolm was just giving Shawn a hard time, but Shawn didn’t seem to know that. I glanced to Shawn who looked ashamed and upset.

“She wouldn’t let me!” He stammered trying to explain himself. He looked like a small child. His mouth hanging open, his eyes wide and distressed.

Malcolm with his tough exterior looked at Shawn. Shawn looked to me looking helpless, and I felt bad. Reaching out I touched Shawn’s arm, which was a lot firmer than I remembered. “He’s just joking with you.” I said giggling.

Shawn’s expression relaxed a little as he looked between Malcolm and I. It wasn’t until Malcolm was chuckling that Shawn seemed to understand it was a joke.

Malcolm chuckled and patted Shawn on the shoulder. ‘Sorry man didn’t mean to get you so upset.”

Shawn pretended to act cool. “Oh,” He laughed. “No worries. Just didn’t want to look like a dick.”

I looked back to the debit machine and entered my pin. Malcolm then patted his jean pocket.

“Hey, shit do you mind if I actually get a picture with each of you? My kid would kill me if I didn’t.”

Your eye flashed up, looking to see how Shawn was reacting. Seeing him from the profile you saw his perfectly straight smile as he looked to Malcolm. “Yeah sure! Of course.” He replied to Malcolm.

Happy that Shawn didn’t mind, you turned to the machine as it printed out your receipt.

“Don’t need my copy.” You said handing the machine back to Malcolm. He took it with a smile and ripped the receipt before handing it to the waitress as she was just passing by. Malcolm reached over the counter putting the machine away before reaching for his phone again in his jeans. He pulled it out and took a few Moments as he opened the camera.

“Yeah Lucy, won’t believe me if I tell her, I gotta have proof.” Malcolm then appeared to have the app open. Him and Shawn shuffled together as you watched.

Shawn entered into a mode and smiled for the camera. Watching him you couldn’t help but be happy. Malcolm took a couple pictures not really smiling before lowering the phone to look.

“I think that’s good enough, yeah?” He asked leaning the phone to Shawn for approval.

“I can take one if you want?” I said leaning away from the counter.

“Shit would you?” Malcolm said handing the phone to you.

You rolled the phone in your hand, pushing your purse behind you because it was in your way and opened the camera app again. Lifting the camera you looked through the screen.

Watching you saw Shawn smile through the electronic screen. It reminded you of a few months ago in New York when you took his picture in Time’s Square. His smile was the brightest thing still.

As you watched on the screen, you took one picture. Malcolm still not really smiling because he was a big tough guy. But as you looked at them both through the camera you realised that Shawn was much bigger than Malcolm. Shawn was definitely slimmer but it was very obvious that the brawn behind both men was comparable. Not to mention Shawn was much taller than Malcolm, which only made Malcolm look less intimidating.

“Okay, one more.” You spoke reaching to tap the circle, but Malcolm changed positions and brought his hand up, and made the signs of the horns. Shawn noticed and grinned copying Malcolm. Right before you tapped the picture Shawn’s tongue peeked out between this teeth playfully, you smiled.

The screen flashed. “Oh wow. Looking bad ass boys.” You said chuckling as you lowered the phone.

You returned the phone to Malcolm who only then turned to Shawn asking if he would take it. Shawn gave his crinkly-eyed smile and gently look it from Malcolm. Turning for the pose you fluffed your hair out of your winter jacket.
“She’s all Hollywood now.” Malcolm teased, giving a rough laugh.

You swatted at him. “Hey, I gotta look good. Don’t know where this picture is going to end up.”

Malcolm gave a warm grin as you turned embracing him. You smiled for the camera but caught Shawn’s eye, making you breathless as he tapped for the picture. He took a few more before handing the phone back.

Malcolm thanked Shawn before turning to me and placed a friendly hand on my shoulder. “Well, it was great to see you! Come buy when you’ve got the chance.”

You smiled to Malcolm fondly saying that you would.

“Great to meet you, Shawn.” Malcolm said reaching for Shawn’s hand. “Good luck tomorrow night.”

Shawn large hand reached for the gesture and they firmly shook hands. It was somehow appealing to watch Shawn do this. “Thank you. Great to meet you as well.”

We said goodbye once more and before waving goodbyes as we left the front door. Shawn pushed it open first and held it for you.

Walking to the car, Shawn took your bare hand, his fingers locking around yours as they swayed between the both of you as you walked to the car.

“I get to pick the music now.” You said reaching for the stack of albums behind the seat, once in the car.

Shawn expression looked as if he was going to tease you more but he didn’t. You quickly flipped through the stack picking out the album and putting it in. The gentle sound of an acoustic guitar came on and you backed out of your stall and drove out onto the main road.

“Hey.” Shawn said softly once you had driven a few blocks.

‘What?” You said waiting a Moment before looking. As you did you saw Shawn’s large hand outstretched in between the both of you waiting for your hand.

Letting your hands safely slip into his you couldn’t help but let the joy his touch brought you show on your face.

“What’s this playing?” Shawn asked, a little into the drive. You stopped humming to the song and gave him the artist.

As you continued on the drive the both of you didn’t say much. Occasionally making a few comments.

Frequently you had to remove your hand from Shawn’s to make a safe turn, but every time his hand was still waiting for yours. Feeling absolutely blissful with his hand tenderly brushing at yours as you drove, you began to mindlessly mumble along to the song playing.

“You actually have a really great voice.” Shawn spoke sincerely after a few songs.

You grinned at the compliment. “Well shit, I’d hope so.” You answered with heavy sarcasm. “With my Grammy and all.”

Shawn grinned to you, chuckling, but said nothing more. You waited a Moment turning back to the road. “But thanks.” You said sincerely to his compliment, you waited until your smile had faded from your lips before beginning to hum to the song again.

It had taken about another half hour with traffic to make it to the docks. You parked in the lot and exited the car. Shawn met you at the front and this time you reached for his hand first. Finally feeling comfortable enough to do it first. You were finally not questioning yourself and how to interact with Shawn.

Hand and hand you both began to walk into the boardwalk that edge Coal Harbour. It was a popular place for a reason. The view wasn’t at stunning as it would get but Shawn still found it nice from the current location, commenting on it multiple times as you walked.

“So I get to see you again at the end of the month?” Shawn asked as he looked out into the bay, his cheeks rosy from the wind off the water.

“Yeah. I think that works out right? I’ll be in L.A on the set for two more weeks but then we go on location in New York. I could fly in for one pf your shows… hopefully?” You said then remembering you had to check with Charlie, seeing if you’d be free anytime he was at his shows in Southern Ontario.

“I hope you can come.” Shawn’s voice soft.

You wrapped your arms around Shawn pulling the both of you closer. Your feet tapped on the wood walkway. “I hope so too.” You replied quietly.

You held onto Shawn as you walked down the pier together. The weather was cool, but there wasn’t any snow nearby, because of how close to the water you were. Still, the wind from the water whipped at both your cheeks, which was good because it hid your blushing from every time Shawn looked to you.

Chatting you make your way up towards the direction of the  Olympic Cauldron from 2010.

“So what’s your parents like?” Shawn asked as you reached a block away from the Cauldron.

You looked up to him, unsure of really watch his question was. Did he want a detailed summary or just a general layout? And why did he want it? You didn’t want to answer, with the possible double meaning lingering on the answer.

Shawn caught on and rephrased. “I mean, like what should I know about them if I’m going to meet them?”

Feeling a little better you looked forward again. “Okay, well they’re both teachers. Dad teaches Social Studies in high school, and Mom is a biology professor.”

You shrugged really unsure of what to say. “I don’t know. They’re both really chill.” You smiled up to Shawn. “It’s not that big of a deal, you know, it’s just supper.”
Shawn looked away. “I know, I know. I just don’t want to bring something up that I shouldn’t.”

You took a deep breath trying to think of something to inform him on. “Well I mean, unless you’re planning to bring up Christy Clark and the teacher unions I think you’ll be just fine.”  

Looking up to him you gave a questionable look, you weren’t entirely sure why Shawn was pressing for this type of information because it felt like there was more to the question.

Shawn chuckled and looked away. “Okay so no to the unions and Christy Clark.”

Within a few minutes, you found the Olympic Cauldron and walked around it, still close together. Shawn took a few pictures, you joined too even though you had already taken so many from the previous times you had been here with friends. Turning away you both looked to the water and took more pictures. Eventually, the phones returned back into the pockets they belonged in and both Shawn and yourself looked out to the water, commenting on the boats and water planes moving around on the water.

As you both stood at the railing you felt as if you could hear an increase in chattering behind you in the distance. You turned but didn’t see anyone close by, the crowd of people fairly dispersed. Ignoring the sound you turned back to the water to see the view.

A few minutes later you heard you name. Your head turned quickly to the source.

Standing about twenty yards away was a very small group of people, young girls. You knew exactly what was happening the Moment you saw them. As they noticed you had turned to them, they quickly looked away, turning to one another and smiling uncomfortably. You watched them for a few more Moments as they looked up and quickly away again.

You heart dropped in your chest, and you sighed turning back.

“We have company.” You spoke fairly quietly, even though they were nowhere in range to hear.

Shawn turned, his forehead wrinkling in confusion. “What?”

“Behind us, there is a group.” You said looking out to the water.

Shawn’s head turned to look. You turned your head slightly to look at him from the side. His eyes caught yours for a Moment before the both of you looked back to the water.

“Did you want to leave?” He asked.

“No. It’s fine. It’s just a few of them, right?” You said shrugging, not feeling a need to leave.

Shawn took a few Moments before pointing and asking about a building on the other side of the harbour. You said you weren’t sure and silence fell between you. You then wished you hadn’t said anything about the group.

Standing for a while longer Shawn then grinned and signalled he was ready to move along

“Orca?” Shawn asked as you had mentioned earlier on the drive about the orca statue just over around the corner.

“Yeah.” You smiled turning around.

As you turned you didn’t look right away to see the group of girls but after you made your way a few feet you looked up. They were watching closely.

As yourself and Shawn walked in towards past the Cauldron you realised how much more distance there was between the both of you. It gave you the feeling of you got when you sensed you had forgotten something behind. You came with something you weren’t leaving with.

The both of you had made it past the Cauldron before you heard Shawn’s name very close to the both of you. Both you turned a little startled.

“Shawn, could I get a picture?” The girl asked.

I didn’t turn to Shawn but looked to the girl and then behind her to the rest of the girls.

Shawn didn’t say anything for a Moment.

“Uh.. yeah sure, real quick.”

You turned just as he was moving to take the picture with her. Watching as he smiled into the camera, you sensed the rest of the group inching closer.

He took the picture quickly and stood straight, ready to keep moving along. But the rest of the group were pressing forward asking for pictures too.

Shawn’s eyes flickered up to look to yours, he wanted approval. You felt a little comfortable with him looking at you asking for that answer.

You nodded quickly, it was obviously fine with you.

You then heard you name.

“Could I get a picture with you as well?”

This time you were looking to Shawn for approval. But he was posing for the picture. Your heart began to race, unsure of what to do. As the girl stood waiting for an answer. All the implications of taking the picture ran through your head, and you realised how much in that Moment you depended on Charlie. But she wasn’t here to tell you or advise you on what to do.

“Sure.” You answered hesitantly.

The girl shuffled closer and held up the phone for a picture. She moved away but someone else came and asked for one. Shawn was taking a picture with a different person, so you said sure again. Both you and Shawn hesitantly made your way through the group of girls asking for pictures.

As you did the voices of hysteria began to increase. Looking up in between pictures you began to realise that it felt more people around you were noticing the scene. You began to feel nervous. After one more picture you looked up and saw people watching around. As you looked you noticed the few girls had increased more. Peoples beady eyes were watching, and inching closer.

You noticed a two people in the corner of your eye darting into the group of people right next to you and you began to get very anxious. The chattering around you picked up and you felt their panic as they tried to get a picture.

Taking pictures with fans wasn’t new for you, but not like this. Anytime you had been in a situation like this it was very controlled or very minimal and calm. There was a sense of urgency here, and you weren’t accustomed to it.

Turning, you looked for Shawn. He looked up just as you did and met your eyes before someone else was reaching putting up their phone for a picture. Someone reached for you too, and as he looked to the person next to him.

Not paying attention you turned for the picture but your smile was weak.

“We’ve got to go, guys. Sorry.” You hear Shawn say.

A few people protested, asking for a picture from him and myself. I turned for one more, before trying to back away. Being much smaller I managed to find the edge of the group.

I heard someone begging Shawn for a picture. He looked to me completely unsure, his eyes large and hesitant. I tried to convey I was all right. Now that I wasn’t within the thick of the group I was feeling a little more secure.

“Okay, only one more.” He said turning to the girl. He took the picture and began to flow through the group. They called for him. As he reached the edge just to me he reluctantly stopped for another one. She took the picture and he apologised to everyone before he walked to me. His hand pressed into my middle black protectively guiding me along. As we walked I noticed how many people had slowed down or stopped to see the commotion, it was a lot, more than I expected. We quickly walked away from the eyes watching.

We began to walk in the direction of the Orca statue I had mentioned earlier.

“You alright?” He asked his voice serious.

You looked up at the sound of his voice. His expression was troubled, and you didn’t like seeing him that way. “Yeah I’m fine!”

He nodded but your answer didn’t seem to make him worry less. Trying to brush off the situation you both moved onto the statue. Shawn took pictures and tried to casually talk to you but it was different, he looked uncomfortable. You figured it had to do with the group of people who had followed us watching from a distance.

Picking up on Shawn’s change in mood, you asked if he wanted to leave. He agreed and you both began your way to the direction you came from, keeping the distance from the group.

You both stayed close together but didn’t touch one another as you made your way out of the area.

Walking back along the boardwalk Shawn checked over his shoulder a few times, checking for followers. You checked as well but saw no one.

“I’m sorry about that.” Shawn spoke half way from the car.

You gave a puzzled look. “Don’t be sorry. Why are you apologising?”

Shawn looked away uncomfortably. “I don’t know you just looked a little… uncomfortable earlier. I just was worried they had scared you a little?”

You shook your head not liking Shawn had that idea. “No, no. It was fine. I was just a little… surprised.” You paused, the sound of your feet hitting the wood boardwalk filled the Moments. “It was just a little different from what I’m used to.” You paused again.

“I don’t know that was just a little different. Whenever I’ve been approached like that it was a little more… calm? I don’t know it was just different.”

Shawn remained silent.

“There was like a panic in the air. I don’t know? It just caught me off guard.”

“Sorry.” Shawn said again.

You looked up to him and he looked very upset, which made you feel terrible. Reaching out you grabbed his arm. “Hey, don’t say sorry. I didn’t mind. It’s just I wasn’t used to it.”

Shawn said okay, but he still looked unsure. You tried to convey with your eyes that you weren’t upset in the slightest but he looked away.

"Hey.” You said tugging on him slowing down. He stopped with you, his expression unsure of what you were doing. Reaching up you pulled at him kissed him lightly on the lips. When you pulled away he was grinning, which is exactly what you had wanted. You smiled which only made him smile more. After a Moment you wrapped your hand around his arm and the both of you continued to walk.

Reaching the car in the parking lot you both got in.

“Where to now?” Shawn asked as he put on his seatbelt.

You looked out the windshield as your belt clicked into place. “Uh, I’m not sure?” You answered. You checked the time it was around three. It felt a little early to drive home already but you weren’t sure of what to do?

“We could go home? I don’t know is that too early?”

Shawn shook his head in a no.

After a few minutes of arguing about the selection of music you pulled out of the stall and made your way onto the main roads. The drive through Burnaby and Surrey was a little more quite. Both of you chatted but it was quiet and limited. But it wasn’t a bad quiet. The little spurts of conversations would trail off into the silence of the music playing.

The lack of conversation no longer made you uncomfortable, however, you were still uneasy. As you drove closer and closer to home you wondered what the both of you were doing to do. Home was a different environment. What were the both of you going to do for the next few hours at you childhood home with your parents home? You began to rack through ideas.

You could both watch a movie?

Right, and make out on the couch in the basement like you did when you were in the 8th grade.

Hang out with your parents?

Oh, joy. Awkwardness.

The more ideas you came up with the more and more your nerves grew. This was beginning to feel like a bad idea, and part of you just wanted to go back into the city and find something else to do alone with him.

About forty-five minutes later you pulled up into the driveway of your house and parked.

You smiled to Shawn as you shut off the car. Taking a deep breath and unlocking your seat belt you got out of the car.

He waited for you to walk with him around the driveway. He took your breath away for a Moment as you looked to him. His smile was bright and perfect against his rosy lips.

He induced this feeling and it was hard to explain. But all you knew was how it made you feel. His eyes were always so involved when he looked to you, his body language always open. Having that smile looking to you made you feel like he saw nothing else but you.  And all you wanted to do was sit and watch him all day. But you couldn’t.

He began to turn as you reached him but your fingers frantically wrapped around his forearm. Without waiting you pulled at him to kiss your lips. The way his lips moved on yours, you could tell he had been caught off guard, but slowly they softened on yours. His warm lips cushioned into yours. It was soft and sweet.

Slowly you pulled away, you eyes still closed and smiled.

Shawn’s hand slipped around you back, which gave you a sense of comfort. You both smiled to one another as he then slowly pulled away. Reluctantly you removed yourself from the pull he had over you and led the way to the front door.

Using the key you opened it up and entered inside.

“Mom?” You called out as you pulled off your bag setting it on the bench at the door.

No one called back. You called out to her once more, before removing your shoes.

“Must not be home?” You said looking up as you pulled at your boots.

Shawn said nothing but removed his black jacket trimmed with neon green. He followed your lead by hanging it up.

Walking into the living room the house was quiet. You turned to Shawn walking backwards.
“Uh well, this is the living room. Clearly.”

Shawn grinned. “Very nice.”

You began to tour him around the house, it felt silly but you weren’t sure of what else to do?

“And this is my room. Or was my room.” You said opening the door and entering in.

You walked inside and noticed a few pieces of clothing on the floor quickly you picked them up and threw them in the hamper. Turning around you noticed Shawn was still at the door frame.

“Am I allowed to come in?” He asked politely.

Your forehead wrinkled in confusion. No boy had ever asked permission to enter your room. The gesture made you feel happy.

You nodded your head silently and Shawn stepped into your room. Watching him he slowly glided along the open space between your bed and the wall. His eyes looking around.

“Very nice.” He said, coming and standing closer. There was silence and you said nothing as he continued to look around. Something caught his eye and he moved towards the desk you had near the window.

Shawn looked over the items on the desk and you began to chuckle. Trying to hide it you pressed your lips tight together. The laugh, however, escaped making noises as it did.

“What?” Shawn said looking to you perplexed.

“This feels so high school.” You said through the laughter.

“What is so high school?”

You brought you hand up and made a circular motion. “This. You standing in my room when my parents aren’t home, looking through my stuff. I feel like I’ve been thrown back into high school. Like when a boy I liked from school would come over to hang out.”

Shawn smiled, walking closer. “Okay, well what did you do in high school when a boy was over so I can avoid it.”

You grinned and walked a little closer to Shawn. “Well… first you’d come over and I’d give you a tour. Then we would get to my room and I’d say very awkwardly ‘This is my room’, you’d come inside and begin to look around. Looking at all my trophies and track and field participation ribbons, making comments and asking questions you really didn’t care about because of all the awkward tension. Then when things got way to uncomfortable I’d suggest we watch a movie, which would then entail sitting on the living room couch for almost an hour, waiting for you to make a move on me. Which you may or may not do.”

Shawn was grinning and he stepped closer. “Okay, so I’ve done pretty much everything up until making awkward conversation.”

“Eh, you were borderline there.”

Shawn stepped closer. His warm eyes grew darker, but his smile was playful. “So to switch things up I should just make a move on you, yes?”

You turned your head a little surprised. “Uhh…” You began but before you could say more, Shawn’s free hand touched your hip. You looked up stunned. His hand wrapped around your side and pulled you closer. Your heart flickered from the touch. Then his arm wrapped around your backside which pulled your body right into his. From instincts, your hand came up and caught his chest.  Both your eyes locked. He gave a grin, as he knew you were completely enthralled by the touch of him on you.

As he smiled his eyes warmed and his face softened. His free hand reached up and touched your face. His thumb resting right under your cheekbone. He came closer to your face and as he did your eyes trailed over his pink lips until they were so close you couldn’t see them anymore. Your eyes disappeared behind your lids as his lips touched yours gently.

They were soft and warm and you loved the feeling of them. Your hand gently pressed into his chest. His body firm under your palms. As he began to kiss you more, you pressed yourself into him harder, unable to control yourself. His hand on your hip slipped between your shirt, his hand warming your skin. Then the kiss grew more intense and his hand holding your face was pulling you into him more. You let it happen, your hand slowly dragged over his chest. Ever inch of him touching your body felt wild. The excitement was unreal and different. You body reacted differently to his touches, your body wanted him.

Slowly you began to push your body back, letting yourself slowly move towards the wall. He followed your body still kissing your lips until you gently bumped into what was probably your dresser.

Pinned between the furniture and his body, his other hand moved from your face to your hip. It too slipped under your shirt to touch your skin. Both hands slowly trailed up your side, making your body tremble with warmth. Your hand then reached up and began to brush through his very soft thick hair. As it did he began to kiss down your mouth, trailing down your chin and jaw, and eventually onto your neck. Tilting your head you gave him more exposure. He kissed the most sensitive spot right between the front and side of your neck and a sigh of pleasure escaped your lips.

He kissed a few more time on your neck before leaning away. Realising his lips weren’t on your skin anymore your eyes fluttered open. You looked up into his eyes until they eventually met with yours. The look was intense. Your heart palpitated as your mind began to race with thoughts of how you wanted him to touch you.

Breathing shallow, your lips parted a little.  Your chest moving in and out, the fabric on your chest just gently moved over your skin slightly as you breathed. Faces inches away, you looked right into Shawn’s eyes, they were dark on the inside and a light hazel around the edge. Shawn made a small grin, his straight smile showing between his lips.

Responding to him you gently smiled back as you looked up at him through your lashes.

Shawn’s eyes looked away as you felt his hands moving up farther on your body. His touch on areas of your body that were hardly touched by others was breathtaking. Literally, because you inhaled slowly as you eyes slowly lowered to his touch. His hand trailed up your side and then moved back down, the touch made your body tingle with pleasure and you closed your eyes for a Moment.

The pleasure Shawn’s hands created just touching had made you reached up and pull him to kiss you. As he kissed you back your hand lowered on his chest. Slowly it trailed over the peak of his chest and then dipped in over his solid abdomen. You could feel how much he really worked out.  

Your hand was just above his jeans when you heard something, it was distant and your mind failed to register it, as you were so consumed with Shawn. The noise came through your ear but rattled around inside you brain.

You broke the kiss slowly and listened to the rustling. “No.” You whispered, just inches away from Shawn’s lips. You heard more rustling and the sound was all too familiar.

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Request: If you’re still doing the drabble game (no idea if you have too many requests) could you do one with Yoongi and #23, #29, and #35? Thanks a bunch! You’re wonderful! ❤

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Genre: Drabble « slight smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1.156 (too long for a drabble but oh well)

Quotes Used: 

23. “Wait…is that my shirt?!”                                                                             29. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.”                                                                                                         35. “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” 

A/N: why do all my drabbles end up so dirty I’m sorry

Loud music echoed through the hallway before you could even open the door to Yoongi’s personal recording studio at the entertainment’s building. A small smiled crept onto your lips, thinking about how immersed into the music he must be, probably not even noticing your appearance.

You carefully knocked on the door, not expecting an answer as the music was too loud to hear anything else. Slowly, you opened the door and sneaked into the studio, tiptoeing over to where your boyfriend was sitting.

His gaze was focused on the screen in front of him while the same beat played on repeat as you gently placed your fingers over his eyes, making him flinch before a smile spread onto his lips.

“You came”, he paused the music and softly grabbed your fingers to interlace them with his own. 

Yoongi turned around in his chair, his smile changing to a judging frown. “Wait…is that my shirt?!

Shafts of giggles left your mouth as you covered your mouth with one hand, letting only one of his hands free. “Yes it is and it’s very comfortable”, you snuggled deeper into it and closed your eyes for a second, emphasizing its comfortableness.

“Why are you wearing my clothes? You have literally a whole apartment full of your own stuff”, he furrowed his eyebrows, still not happy about your choice of wardrobe.

You shrugged and sat down onto the couch that had been placed into the small studio. “It smells like you and that way I have a part of you close without having you physically near me. It helps when I miss you.”

Yoongi grunted and turned back to his screen, ignoring your cute words and focusing back on his music. 

“Whatever you say”, he mumbled but you saw a faint blush creep onto his cheeks.

Pulling your legs closer to your chest, you made yourself comfortable on the sofa, snuggling into Yoongi’s shirt before closing your eyes in an attempt to take a quick nap.

“I’ll use my headphones so I can concentrate more on the music okay (Y/N)?”, Yoongi distractedly asked before you hummed in response.

He put his headphones on, going back to work, humming from time to time to the beat and tapping his fingers along to the beat. It was a soft background noise but somehow you couldn’t find yourself to fall asleep or even rest a little bit, so after a few minutes of just plainly laying there, you sat up and looked at the back of your boyfriend’s head.

“Yoongi”, you called out but he didn’t react, still tapping along to the music, eyes glued to the screen.

“Yoongs”, you tried again using another nickname, this time a little louder. Yet, no reaction.

Groaning, you got up and moved in front of him, making him take his headphones out and look at you in confusion. 

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted to nap”, he asked irritated.

“Let me sit on your lap and cuddle with you. I can’t sleep on that couch”, you explained and saw a small smile creep onto Yoongi’s face before he patted on his lap, signaling you to take a seat.

Sitting down, you wiggled your butt a little bit to get more comfortable, earning a small groan from your boyfriend. Innocently, you smiled up at him, placing your face against his chest, finally finding a comfortable position. Yoongi put his headphones back on, holding you close with one arm while the other one kept maneuvering the mouse.

Soon you started to get bored again, still not being able to sleep, so you started tracing small patterns across Yoongi’s chest with your index, making goosebumps appear on his arms. His face didn’t move, still highly concentrated on his work, so you kept on drawing random patterns all over his front, each time moving lower.

Suddenly his hand grabbed yours, stopping you from moving anywhere lower than his belly, making you look up at him.

“Stop that. I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me (Y/N)”, he growled, his eyes a little bit darker than the moments before. 

You grinned and sat up, changing position so that you were straddling him, feeling a slight movement underneath your bum. “I’m bored, can’t we do something fun?”, you pouted, slightly rocking back and forth.

Yoongi’s hands grabbed you firmly and stopped you from moving. “My work is fun. If you’re bored why did you come? You knew I had to finish this. We would have seen each other tonight anyway”, he asked, still not letting go of you.

“Because I missed you”, stretching the “u” sound, you leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on Yoongi’s lips before moving down to his neck, ready to leave your marks on him.

A low growl left his lips before your body got lifted off of him and Yoongi hastily stood up. “I really don’t have time for that right now, I’m sorry”, his eyes told you how hard it was for him to push you away like that. He scratched his neck before looking back at you. “Let’s do this - I have to record my final rap part, so what if you stay here and listen to it through the headphones while I go into the booth to record it? You could be my assistant.”

He didn’t even give you time to answer as he was already moving into the booth, leaving you standing astound in the studio. Carefully, you took Yoongi’s seat and put his headphones on just as he started rapping his lyrics into the microphone.

Seeing him being completely absorbed into his music, bringing his soul into his rap, filled you with pride and dangerous hot feelings. You listened to his words, took in the sight of his neck veins pulsing and lips moving faster than anyone could figure out. 

By the end of the fourth session, Yoongi being the perfectionist he is and asking for a redo every time, you couldn’t hold it in any longer, pictures of his skilled lips and tongue running through our mind, challenging your inner patience. Throwing the headphones onto the table, you quickly got up and stormed into the tiny recording booth.

Yoongi looked surprised and stumbled a little bit when you attacked his lips, pulling him closer by his collar. His hands automatically landed on your hips, closing the gap between the two of you before you gently bit down onto his bottom lip, earning a groan from him and letting you slide your tongue into his mouth.      

You parted for a second, catching your breath. “I’m sorry but-”, you reattached your lips. “You look so freaking hot when you rap, I couldn’t take it much longer.”

He grinned into the kiss before attacking your jaw with his lips. “I mean-”, he whispered against your skin. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.”  

Cordially Invited

Originally posted by chloethegamer

Request:  “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.” Prompt with either Bellamy or Murphy (A/N: With Bellamy) 

Word Count: 1,336

There was something about that boy, something about the way he walked and acted that made you want to scream. He was so confident and thought so highly of himself. He was so…so…smug. Usually, you could ignore it and move about your everyday business without too much annoyance, but today…today was different. You had gone to bed in a bad mood, woken up in an even worse one, and now here you were- doing a job you didn’t really care for with people you didn’t really care for.

That was the thing though. You really did care about all these people, but just felt so out of place. The minute you all got to earth was the minute you tried to do everything you could to get away from the 100 and explore. You joined the hunting group, which was a fun job until you almost died from a poisoned arrow. After the accident, Bellamy wouldn’t let you go hunt anymore, so you did what you could around the perimeter of the fence. Bellamy had always tried to make you feel like you belonged, and you did when it was just you, him, and Octavia in a tiny bedroom built for two. The earth changed all of it for you and that wasn’t such a big deal, it was just what it was.

Today it wasn’t just “what it was”. It was your birthday- a day you never really cared for but Bellamy loved to celebrate for some weird reason. He always threw you birthday parties and snuck you presents he had stolen. One time on the Ark when rations were dangerously low, Bellamy had stolen enough ingredients from the kitchen to make a single cupcake and a makeshift candle. You had never felt so much love radiate off a person and have never felt that much love for someone else.

It has been weeks since you have had a decent conversation with Bellamy. You were sure he had forgotten your birthday. He barely glanced in your direction at breakfast and didn’t bother walking with you to your posts outside the gates, which was something he used to do. That was a trait you missed very much. God, that boy- with his perfect hair and perfect smile and freckles and perfect everything.

While Bellamy didn’t seem to want anything to do with you today, your best friends John and Clarke were throwing you a party. It was going to be a small gathering with some decent food, some music, and some of Monty’s famous moonshine. It was supposed to be a surprise but you found John and Monty whispering about details, and being the noisy person you are, you wouldn’t stop asking until they answered you.

Two hours had passed and you were getting more excited as the party neared. Nothing exciting was going on outside the gates today, so you were leaning against the fence playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt with Harper. You threw your stick down as you won for the third time in a row when Bellamy walked up to you and Harper.

“Harper, you can go on break if you want.” He said in his deep, raspy voice. She nodded and walked back into the camp, probably to get some food. He placed himself in Harper’s spot against the fence.

“What are you doing here? You don’t usually give breaks.” You asked, hoping it didn’t come out as pissed as you felt.

“I wanted to talk to you.” He replied as he stared at the side eye you were giving him. You gestured vaguely in the air as to say ‘and?’

“Today’s your birthday,” he paused, “So happy birthday.”

“Wow so you do remember. I thought you either forgot that was today or just forgot me in general.” You sarcastically snapped.

“Y/n, that’s not fair. You know how busy I’ve been-”

You interrupted, “That didn’t stop you on the Ark, Bellamy. You had a lot of responsibilities up there too.”

He continued, “You didn’t even invite me to your party tonight.”

You were crouched on the ground, digging your stick into the ground where you and Harper had been playing. However, now you were standing, facing your beautiful best friend (ex-best friend?).

You didn’t know whether you wanted to kiss him or yell at him. You went with the latter. “Oh that’s because you’ve been cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

You stomped away, leaving your post. He was so irritating and selfish to think you would ask him to join you on the only day you ever felt special. He’s done nothing but make you feel like shit the whole time you’ve been on Earth, and here he was making today about him. You headed to the engineering tent to hang out with Raven, and didn’t leave until it was time to get ready for your party.

The party consisted of Clarke, Monty, Jasper, Raven, Harper, Miller, Octavia, Murphy, and you. Kane and Abby joined for the dinner portion and then left so the partying could begin. You were on your third cup of moonshine and fruit juice mix when he showed up. You were facing the fire, laughing with Murphy about some sarcastic comment he made. You were dangerously close to kissing him too, as Monty’s moonshine brought out the side of you that made you want to make out with everyone.

Bellamy tapped your arm and you turned to face him. “I’m not leaving here Bellamy Blake. I am having fun and you are not going to take that away from me.” You grabbed Murphy’s arm and draped it over your shoulder for dramatic effect.

He laughed, “I’m not here to take away your fun. I just wanna talk.”

You took a swig of your drink and sighed, “Ugh, fine. Help me up.”

Bellamy took your hand and pulled you to a standing position. He put his arm around your waist and lead you to a bench just far enough that the others couldn’t hear your conversation. You downed your drink and turned to him.

“Wh-what do you want Bellamy?” You asked as you tilted your head back to lean against the tree behind you. You had definitely drunk more than you should have, but damn did you feel like you deserved it.

“I’m sorry about earlier. You’re right, I’ve been neglecting you. You’re my best friend and I failed you.” He said with such sincerity that you wished you hadn’t had all those drinks so you could have an actual conversation with him.

But drunk Y/n came out instead, struggling to speak coherently. “You are very right my friend but you know what, it’s okay because you’re cute. I’m mad at you because you’re cute and my friend and I love you. I wish we were back on the Ark sometimes. I mean, despite a sister that you couldn’t tell anyone about, life was so much easier up there.”

“I agree.” He said with a smile.

“I know things have been hard on you but you know what? You handle all of this…shit better than anyone else, so I forgive you for forgetting me for that reason alone.”

He laughed happily. “I just hope Sober Y/n feels the same way. How about we get you to bed?”

“Your bed?”

“If you want.”

“As long as you’re the big spoon I don’t care where we go.”

He wrapped his arm around your waist again and coaxed you to his tent. He handed you one of his clean shirts to put on instead of your alcohol stained one. You took the shirt off without care or warning, put the clean one on, kicked off your shoes, and climbed into Bellamy’s ultra soft and comfy bed. He climbed in next to you and placed a kiss on your cheek. He curled his arm around your stomach and cuddled up next to you as you instantly fell asleep in his arms, knowing you were going to regret all of this tomorrow morning.

(A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one! I hope you enjoy!)

“Let’s make a baby, baby”

First part of the pregnancy series - Harry and Y/N decide to start trying to have a baby


You and Harry had been married for almost two years now, and you both loved it. Even though Harry was often busy with work, you’d often fly out to where he was or meet up with him for lunch breaks so that you could see each other as much as possible. It seemed that things were finally slowing down with Harry for the first time since you had been married, and you were excited to have your husband to yourself and soak up all the time you could get with him. 

But the pressure was definitely on to have kids. His parents, your parents, Gemma, both of your friends - everyone was just waiting to hear the news that you were expecting. If you were being honest, though, you were loving the time that just the two of you had together and, although you would never admit it to anyone, you kind of didn’t want to have to share your Harry with some little person. Of course you wanted kids and you’d discussed having kids before you got married, agreeing that you both wanted them at some point. But you were still somewhat unwilling to let go of this phase of your life where it was just you and Harry, no one else. So you were planning to savor that for as long as possible.

Harry, on the other hand, despite his immense love for you and desire to be with you always, had babies on the brain. His work had finally slowed to a point where it wasn’t all time-consuming, so he immediately came to the conclusion that this was the time to start making some babies. And God did his heart fill with even more love than he thought possible when he imagined your kids running around the house, miniature versions of you, he’d hoped. 

He was slightly cautious about bringing up the subject, however, because you kept making comments about how happy you were for it to finally just be the two of you together. He’d been under the impression that you were ready for kids anytime, but now he wasn’t so sure. So he was waiting for the right time to approach you about it. 

“Hey Harry, I’m gonna run to the store really quick to pick up some milk, do you need anything?” You called to him from the kitchen before poking your head into the bedroom where Harry was sprawled out on the bed. You smiled when you saw him lying there, so peaceful and content.

“Mmm, don’t think so, love. Hurry back,” he responded, a smile on his face. His lips puckered as if to blow you a kiss, and you laughed before making your way towards the door and out to the store. 

Harry didn’t know why he was in a particularly good mood this morning until the dream that he’d had last night came back to him. You starred in it, as you often did, but this time there was another person featured in the dream.

 A curly-haired, grinning baby with your big eyes and his nose, gurgling up at the both of you. 

And the picture seemed just so perfect, so right, and Harry knew he couldn’t wait another day to talk to you about making his dream come true. His head was flooded with images of what could be, of a little family that was all he wanted now, more than anything. He wanted a baby, your baby, and he wanted it now. 

Harry hadn’t realized how long he’d been laying on that bed, day-dreaming about a perfect little family, until his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of you returning home from the store. Harry smiled widely before jumping up and heading out of the bedroom to join you in the kitchen. 

You turned around at hearing his entrance, and quickly matched the smile on his face, happy to see him in such a good mood. 

“What’s up, baby? You’re in a good mood today,” you laughed as you put some of the groceries away in the fridge. 

“I want a baby.”

 Harry couldn’t help but blurt out what was running through his head over and over again. The desire to start a family had become so strong that it almost felt like he was aching for it, like he needed it. His blissful state, however, didn’t prevent him from noticing the immediate crease that formed on your forehead at hearing his desire.

“Harry…” you trailed off, not expecting this from him, not now at least. 

“Now, just hear me out, please love. The timing is finally right, my schedule’s not nearly as crazy anymore and just, try to imagine, please -” Harry began to plead as your facial features shifted to reflect your uncertainty about it all. 

“Love, just imagine how beautiful our babies will be, and the three of us, the three of us! We could be a little family and buy our baby little onesies and cuddle with them and we would love him or her so much, just…please.” You sighed as you watched Harry’s face begin to fall as he watched you. You wanted to give him a baby and you wanted one yourself, you just weren’t sure you wanted one now. You wanted Harry, and now all of a sudden you felt like he didn’t really want you. And you knew it was irrational, but your eyes became glossy as you looked down at your feet, not wanting Harry to know how you felt. 

“Oh no baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to act like you have no choice, of course you do and if you’re really not ready, I’ll understand… What’s wrong, little one?” Harry asked you softly as he walked closer to you to take your face in his hands, swiping at the tear that had escaped your eye. 

You sniffled, still refusing to look him in the eyes.

“It’s stupid, sorry, I don’t know…” you murmured, but Harry knew you and he knew it was something.

“It’s not stupid, love, if you’re upset. And I know you know. Please tell me.”

Finally looking up into his beautiful green eyes, you decided to just spill it - he knew you too well anyway. 

“I just, I was really looking forward to spending time with just you, you know? Like finally we can just be together without all your crazy work stuff and if we have a baby, then… I’ll have to share you with another person and I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I just want you all to myself and it’s stupid and selfish, I just -” you cut yourself off as you watched Harry shake his head back and forth; it wasn’t an aggressive movement, but more like one of disbelief and maybe a hint of sadness.

“Hey please listen to me. You’re my baby, always, no matter what. And even if we had a hundred kids -” he paused to smile when that got a small laugh out of you - “I could and would never love you any less. And I will always make time for just the two of us, because you are the love of my life and the reason I want a baby so badly is because it would be part you, and so it would be good and beautiful and perfect. I’d hope we could raise our son or daughter to be like you, to have a heart as big and a smile as bright as yours. And I really hope they’d have your beautiful eyes. But you will always be my little one, even if we had other little ones running around. I love you so much but if you’re not ready then I’m not going to pressure you into it, we can wait.” Harry smiled at you, kissing your nose lightly before looking back at you to assess your face. 

You couldn’t help but notice the way Harry’s face had fallen slightly by the end of his little speech, despite his best efforts to keep the smile on his face. But it wasn’t the same smile he’d had all morning, the one that was excited and hopeful and ready to love a little baby made by the both of you. And you were surprised at how appealing the idea was suddenly becoming, of watching Harry with his child, with your child, their matching crazy curls and dimples. You smiled as your head was now filled with images similar to those swirling around in your husband’s head. 

Looking up at Harry, the smile on your face grew wider as you looked into his eyes. Pressing your forehead against his, you whispered, “Let’s have a baby.”

Harry immediately pulled away, looking at you with his eyes slightly squinted in suspicion, but with a definite gleam in his eye. 

“Babe, I don’t want you to want it just because I do. We can wait, really.” And he really meant it, although he also did really want that baby.

“Harry, I want a baby for you but also for me. For us. I want a tiny version of you, and I’m gonna love that baby so much. Harry, let’s make a baby,” you told him again, with much more confidence now. You laughed when Harry let out one of his wild, squawking laughs that you always found funny. 

“Are we really gonna try to have a baby?” Harry asked, confirming that this was really going to happen. 

“Yeah, we’re gonna make a baby, Haz,” you smiled as he picked you up and you wrapped your arms and legs around him in a hug as he held you. 

Harry was ecstatic, so blissful, and so ready to start the baby-making process.

“Harry!” You laughed as he started walking, with you wrapped around him, straight to the bedroom.

“You never know how long these things take, love, gotta start getting to it now,” he told you, completely serious. 

You pressed a kiss to his cheek before he gently plopped you on the bed, looking at you with a wicked grin on his face before swiftly pulling his shirt over his head. 

“Let’s make a baby, baby,” he told you, causing you to laugh once again before you found yourselves wrapped around each other in your first attempt to create a human being out of pure love. 

REQUEST: You catch Credence trying to surprise you with a gift for your birthday. (Happy birthday, @kkxnzie!!)

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,014

You’d been with Newt and the Goldsteins for a while now, and you’d recently taken in Credence Barebone, the obscurus that had rampaged through New York. You’d spent a lot of time with him, since you were the only one of the group who wasn’t busy all the time, and you’d grown really quite fond of him. He was a little quiet, very reserved, and often let you monopolize the conversations, but you didn’t mind. You kind of gathered that he liked that you talked at him so much.

Because you talked so much though, Credence had learned that your birthday was coming up in a few days. His mother had never really celebrated birthdays or anything, but he knew that he wanted to get you something—something that showed that he listened to you and really found solace in your presence in his life and the friendship you had so readily extended to him. So he had collected some money—most of it borrowed from Newt and Tina—and had set out to find something he knew you’d like. His hair had grown out in the time he’d come to stay with the lot of you and he dressed much more appropriately for the weather, but he was still learning to adjust the shuffling, hunched in walk he had acquired from his time with Mary Lou, fearing every step he took. It was because of this walk that you noticed him window shopping.

That being said, you had no idea what he was doing, but he clearly had a purpose. You’d never seen him look so externally determined. You watched curiously as he stepped in and out of stores on the street, searching for—something. You hadn’t meant to follow him around the city, really you hadn’t, but that’s what you had ended up doing, watching from afar as he searched diligently throughout every store on the street. At the end of it all, he had circled back to a store he had entered earlier and came out with a small bag that he clutched tightly to his chest as he shuffled his way back to the apartment. You forgot all about the shopping you had set out to do yourself as you scurried home after him.

You opened the door to the apartment as quietly as you could and noticed that your bedroom door was cracked open just slightly. You couldn’t help yourself as you pushed it open a little wider and peaked inside to see Credence cradling a battered looking copy of [Your Favorite Novel]. The novel you had been talking to him about weeks before, during one of your first conversations with him as you had sought a subject that wouldn’t upset him, when you explained that you had lost your copy a few months back and hadn’t managed to find another. You let out a gentle gasp at the creak of the door and suddenly felt horrible at the sight of Credence’s face.

His head had shot up at the sound, and his face had turned beat red as his eyes filled with embarrassed tears. He had tried to be so careful to make sure you wouldn’t know, to surprise you and make you happy on the day of your birthday. He had waited for a day when everyone was out so that he wouldn’t be caught and so that no one would know what he had in mind for your gift. He wanted to leave it on your pillow so that you could see it alone, so he wouldn’t have to see if you didn’t like it. And there you were anyway, your eyes flicking between the book and his face guiltily. “I—” He couldn’t find any words because there was a lump in his throat that they couldn’t push past. He managed to strangle out a quick, “For y-your birthday, s-supposed to be a s-s-surprise.”

You could tell how badly you had embarrassed him and couldn’t help the wide grin that split your face. You couldn’t stop yourself from striding right over to him and gathering his slim frame into your arms. You could feel the heat of his blush against the side your face that you had pressed into his neck. “Credence, this is so thoughtful, I can’t believe you remembered!”

You pulled back and saw his blush creep further up his face as he said, “I—Well, I remember e-everything you say, Y/N.”

Now you were blushing, not realizing how much attention he paid your conversation. You had always thought he preferred Newt and Tina’s company. You then realized that he had circled back to the store and found yourself asking, “I saw you in town. You went back to the store. Why did you go to all of the other ones?”

His blush deepened, and you had to fight another grin because he was just so unbelievably cute when he was flustered. “I-I was also l-looking for—for—for this.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a beautiful necklace. “I n-noticed that you s-stopped wearing yours, and T-Tina said that you had b-broken it. The man at the bookstore said he had to go f-find the copy of the book to see if they still had it, so I—I went looking for this.”

Your jaw had dropped, and he ducked his head in embarrassment thinking that you hated it. You reached up slowly to touch the necklace still in his hand, and he jerked his head up at the action. You looked from the necklace up to his wide, frightened eyes before reaching up to touch his face. “May I kiss you, please, Credence?”

He nodded tentatively before you pressed your lips against his, thinking that this was the best birthday you had ever had.

Credence was surprised himself and was suddenly glad that you had caught him hiding your gifts. It was the most unbelievably adorable mess of a surprise, but he wasn’t so embarrassed about that anymore, not when he could feel you smiling against his mouth.


“So I’ll pick you up at your place at five tonight?” Salim asked, pulling Ryleigh closer.

“Sounds good,” she smiled up at him. “Hopefully I can get some work done between now and then.”

“Yeh about that,” he said casually. “When the waitress came to take out plates while you were in the bathroom I asked her about why the place was so busy. Did you know there are private booths upstairs that you can use?”

“Well yeh,” Ryleigh frowned. “But they’re not cheap at all.”

“Thirty dollars an hour, I know,” Salim suddenly grinned mischievously. “There is one booked for you for the next four hours.”

“What?” she narrowed her eyes at him. “What did you do?!”

“You couldn’t get anything done with all the noise so I fixed it,” he continued to grin down at her.

“I …I don’t know what to say,” Ryleigh stammered.

“You say ‘Thank you Salim, you are the best boyfriend in the whole world’,” he laughed.

Ryleigh blinked up at him. “Boyfriend?” she asked quietly.

“Caught that did you?” he grinned. “If you’re not comfortable with it though, we ca—”

“Thank you Salim,” she cut him off and pulled him down to kiss him. “You’re the best boyfriend in the whole world.” 

You’re Mine

Originally posted by memoriestomelodies

Jiyong x Reader

Word Count: 2681

Genre: Fluff into smutty smutty smut smut

You loved your new family.

They weren’t your actual family, but they were the closest thing you had at the moment. You had lost your parents a few years ago in a car accident that changed your life forever. Having been the only child, and having the rest of your family live across the ocean, you were more or less alone now. You worked a lot, trying to keep busy, before going home to your apartment.

But that all changed when you met Jiyong. He was so sweet, and caring, and hilarious. His bright, bubbly self had broken his way into your life, and you couldn’t imagine it without him now. The two of you had met while he was on vacation. He had stopped in at your café, and the two of you started talking and became instant friends. You exchanged phone numbers, and agreed to meet up with him a few more times before he headed back to Seoul.

You fell in love with him almost instantly. Hearing him talk about himself, and his dreams, and his goals. He told you about his friends, and how they were a huge part of his life. Listening to him go on and on about things, always stopping to ask for your input, or apologize for talking so much. You thought he was adorable. You always just smiled and reassured him you were listening to him, and he wasn’t talking too much. You told him about yourself, about how your parents moved to South Korea when you were a baby, and how you had grown up there your entire life. About how the rest of your family all lived in the United States, and how you visited them twice a year. He was impressed that you could speak both languages so fluently, and asked you to help him with his English.

You didn’t tell him about your parents right away, not wanting to scare him off right away, but as your friendship grew, going on for months, you had no choice. On the day of the anniversary of your parents’ death, Jiyong surprised you with a visit. You had taken the day off work, not being able to hold yourself together enough to go in. It may have happened a few years ago, but the pain was still as fresh as ever.

He let himself into your apartment, having had a key made last month for when he was in town so he could let himself in while you were working. He came in, thinking you weren’t home since all the lights were off. He switched on the living room light and saw you huddled on the couch, crying quietly, holding a picture of your parents and you. You were so wrapped up in memories and your sadness, that you hadn’t even heard him enter. He walked over to you slowly, reaching down to touch your shoulder.

When his hand touched you, you screamed in surprise, looking up at him wide-eyed. He simply looked at you quietly, and you just broke down. You started sobbing as he pulled you into his arms, rocking you gently. As the sobs started to quiet down, he asked you what happened, and you told him about the accident. He sat quietly with you the entire time as you told him all about it, simply rubbing your back and kissing your hair as he held you. At the end of your story you sat limp in his arms, exhausted from the emotions rushing through you. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to your bed. He helped you change, and laid you down, tucking you in.

“Give me a call if you need anything okay? I’m gonna be right down the hall on the couch,” he said, standing up to walk out. But you reached out and grabbed his hand before he could walk away.

“Please,” you whispered softly.

“Please what (Y/N),” he asked, looking down at you worriedly.

“Please don’t leave me alone tonight,” you begged him. You knew it was a bad idea. You knew that you needed him to be more than just your best friend tonight, and you knew that he would only ever think of you as his best friend. But it didn’t matter. You were so emotionally drained that you decided one more heartbreak wouldn’t do much damage.

He hesitated a moment before nodding, laying down in the bed next to you. You turned to face him, tears rolling down your cheeks. He reached up and brushed them away, shushing you before you could say anything and pulling you close to him.

“I’m here (Y/N),” he whispered softly, his chin resting on your head. “Go to sleep. I’m right here.”

You closed your eyes, your body and mind exhausted, and you quickly started to drift off to sleep. As you faded into your dreams, you could have sworn you heard him say “I love you”.

You woke up the next morning, stretching out to find an empty bed. You sat up, looking around for Jiyong, but you didn’t see him. You got up and walked out into the hall, listening to see if you could hear him, but your apartment was quiet.

“I knew it was too good to be true,” you said to yourself quietly. You went back in your room and climbed back into bed, not ready to face the world yet. You started to doze off again when you heard keys in your door. You shot out of bed and walked out of your room, looking down the hall as Jiyong let himself in, carrying a tray with coffee and a bag from a bakery in one hand. He looked up to see you and you melted at the smile that formed on his face. You smiled back and went over to him, taking the tray out of his hand and walking to the kitchen, with him trailing behind.

“I figured you’d need some serious caffeine this morning,” he said chuckling as he pulled some plates out of your cabinet and set them down on the table. You sat at the table and reached for the bag, but he slapped your hand away, making you laugh. He handed you the coffee and waited for you to take a sip. It was your favorite. Your smile grew as you felt the hot liquid warming up your body immediately. He grabbed the butter from the fridge and set it on the table, pulling out your favorite fresh croissants from the bag. He buttered one and handed it to you. You smiled up at him sweetly.

“You don’t have to take care of me you know. I’m okay. Really,” you said, playing with the pastry. He sat down next to you and took a bite of his own pastry, smiling over at you.

“Yes I do,” he said. “It’s a man’s job to take care of the woman that he loves.”

Your eyes flicked up to his in surprise, staring at him for a moment. His face turned bright red as he stared back at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You…you love me?” you stuttered. He nodded, smiling shyly at you. You jumped out of your chair and jumped on his lap as you hugged his neck. “I love you too,” you said, your voice muffled as you hugged his neck. He laughed and hugged you tight. That was the beginning to your perfect relationship.

It wasn’t a fairy tale romance by any means. The two of you fought like any normal couple would. But at the end of the day, your love was strong enough to make the fights meaningless.  After a few weeks Jiyong asked you to move in with him. His days were getting busier and busier and he was finding it hard to make it out of town. You quickly agreed, not being able to stand the thought of being away from him for too long. After another month or two you finally met the guys, and you all immediately became best of friends. But you and Seungri were closer than anyone else. He was like the older brother you never had. You talked to him about everything, and the two of you were always together, when you weren’t with Jiyong.

One day you were at the studio with everyone, watching their dance practice. You had stopped in during the afternoon to bring Jiyong some lunch, and you brought everyone coffee from your favorite café. You sat down against the back wall, watching Jiyong dance, your eyes raking over his body like a cat in heat. You loved watching him dance, seeing the sweat glistening on his skin, watching his muscles move as he did. You licked your suddenly very dry lips, not noticing Seungri walking up to you.

“Geez, close your mouth will ya? You’re gonna make them slip with all the drool your letting out,” he said chuckling, pulling a coffee out of the tray next to you. You laughed and smiled up at him.

“Nice to see you too brat,” you told him, getting up to give him a hug. As your arms wrapped around him, he picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder. You screamed in laughter as he ran around the studio with you on his shoulder, your legs kicking as you yelled at him to put you down, before he finally did. You yelled at him while you were laughing, punching him in the arm. He rubbed it in fake pain, whining playfully, complaining that you were going to injure him before the show. The two of you kept going on and on, joking around and touching one another, not noticing Jiyong’s mood growing darker and darker as he watched the two of you.

He yelled for Seungri to get back to work. Seungri gave you a hug before running back to formation and going over the dance again. You went back to your spot and watched them finish up practice. As they finished and everyone was standing around talking and laughing, Jiyong came over and grabbed him stuff immediately.

“Let’s go,” he said gruffly. You frowned in confusion.

“Aren’t we going to hang out with the guys?” you asked as he sighed, reaching over to grab your hand.

“No. We aren’t. Now let’s go,” he said, pulling you behind him, not saying anything to the guys. You knew better than to argue with him when he was like this. You had to let him calm down first. You yelled goodbye to the guys as he dragged you out the door, following him, asking him what was wrong, but he wouldn’t talk to you. The two of you got to the car and he opened the door for you, waiting for you to get in before slamming the door and walking around to the driver’s seat. He got in and the two of you drove home in silence, his hands tight around the steering wheel in anger.

When you arrived at your apartment, he got out and immediately headed inside, not even waiting for you.  You huffed and got out, slamming your own door as you went in behind him, slamming the apartment door shut.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” You scream at him, sick of getting the silent treatment. He froze in his tracks before turning to look at you.

“What’s my problem? Really?” He asked, his voice growing as his anger did. “My fucking PROBLEM is you and Seungri! Where do you get off letting him touch you like that?! Huh? You’re mine (Y/N)! You belong to me! Not that fucking brat!” He yelled back.

You softened as you heard him speak. You understood now. He was jealous. He was scared. And it was adorable. You walked over to him as he was yelling at you, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him mid-rant. You smiled up at him as he started to calm down.

“You have nothing to be jealous over,” you told him. “I’m all yours.”

He smiled down at you. “Damn straight I am,” he says, his hands trailing down to your ass, pulling you tight against him. “And I’m going to show you just how much your mine.”

He lifted your legs, wrapping them around his waist as he walked the two of you to your bedroom, throwing you on the bed. He pulled off your clothes, before pulling off his own, your breath catching in your throat as you stared at him. You loved it when he was dominant in bed, and you knew you were in for a good time tonight.

He climbed on top of you, kissing you hungrily, your arms immediately wrapping around him as you kissed him back. He kissed down your jaw, to your neck, nipping and sucking as he went, leaving his mark on your skin in his wake. He kissed all the way down your body, to your sweet spot. He spread your legs, biting and sucking on your thighs, leaving dark bruises all over them before finally licking your spot. You cried out in pleasure, your back arching on the bed as your hands tightened on the sheets.

He buried his tongue inside of you, spearing you like you were being fucked, your hips rocking against his mouth in pleasure. He switched between licking inside of you to sucking on your clit, until you were at your limit. Your mind blanked as you started to tighten around his fingers, but he pulled away just before you were able to explode. You whimpered down at him as you begged him to let you release. He climbed back up your body, licking along the way up, making you squirm with need.

“Could that BRAT make you feel the way I could?” he asked, biting your earlobe as you moaned in pleasure. “Could he make you scream the way I do? Orgasm the way I do?” He kept asking, as his hands touched you, just enough to bring you pleasure, but not to let you release.

“No…no!” You screamed. “Only you, only you.” You begged.

“That’s right. Because you are MINE,” he said, pushing into you as he said the word mine. Your mind flooded with pleasure at the feel of him finally inside of you, that one movement finally pushing you over the edge. You screamed in pleasure as you clung to him. He grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head as you came around him, his own moans echoing in the room as yours turned to whimpers. He started to move inside of you, in slow calculated thrusts. He pulled out slowly, before slamming back into you, over and over again, driving you wild.

You squirmed underneath him, wanting him to move faster, begging him to move faster, but he kept you pinned down beneath him.

“Who do you belong to,” he whispered in your ear. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You,” you cried out. “I belong to you.”

With that he started moving faster, letting go of your arms. You wrapped your arms and legs around him, clutching to him tightly, as he thrusted inside of you frantically seeking his own release. After a few more thrusts you felt him lose his pace, getting closer to his own end, your second orgasm quickly growing as well. You pulled him down to kiss him hungrily as the two of you came together, clutching to one another as your breaths started to calm down.

He rolled off you and held you close as you tried to control your frantic heart. You smiled up at him and kissed him tenderly.

“I love you Jiyong,” you told him as you tucked your head into his shoulder. He squeezed you tight as you started to drift off, exhausted from your love making.

“I love you too (Y/N),” he said, kissing the top of your head, pulling a blanket over the both of you as you both fell asleep.

~Librarian Joon

Sorry for the delay everyone. Y’all know how crazy life can be. But here’s our first new request! I hope the anon who requested it likes it! The beginning is kinda long I know, but it kinda just wrote itself :3 Let me know what you guys think! And don’t forget to send in more requests <3

Imagine comforting Evan through his breakup.

It was very late at night, I was up that night eating chips and watching X-Files over and over again on Netflix. My phone began to rang, “Who would call this late,” I said to myself as I reach over to my phone, to see that it was Evan who was calling me. “Hello?” I asked with a confused voice. He had been absent for a while now, him becoming famous made him too busy to really communicate, which I did understand. “Hey, did I wake you up?” He asked, I could tell something wasn’t right with his tone. “No, not at all, I’m watching X-Files,” I said with a slight laugh. He cleared his throat and sighed “Good, um. I’m kind of outside your apartment. I need someone right now, and I know it’s selfish, because I haven’t been around much, but can I come in?” I didn’t know what to say, “Of course, Evan.” “Okay, good, give me like 5 minutes.” Evan got upstairs and knocked on my door. I looked through the peephole, and he was holding a stuffed animal in front of it. He was so funny, and did such quirky things. I smiled and opened the door. “Hey,” He said with a smile, looking down at the teddy bear. His dimples showing. He walked in and set the teddy bear down “I got it for you, it’s dumb I know. I’m a cheesy guy,” he said with a shrug. “I love it,” I said as I hugged him. He buried his face into my neck and sighed. I led him to my couch and we both sat down. He didn’t say anything for a while then I asked him “Evan, are you okay?” “No, I’m not okay,” He said with a laugh, then I noticed he began to wipe his eyes to try and not cry.

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“Emma, she left. I came home and all of her stuff was gone. She left this note, that said ‘don’t try to talk to me, it’s over.’ I just… Wish she would tell me what I did, I don’t know what I did and it’s making me crazy,” He said burying his face in his hands. “I need to say this, Evan, because I care about you. Emma was awful to you, and you know it. She cheated on you, in front of you even. She beat the shit out of you, you tried to take some of blame of it, and then you bailed her out of jail the next day. You are probably one of the most amazing guys I have ever known, and you deserve so much better than that.” I said scooting closer to him, he looked up at me and that’s when he just began to sob, hard. He stopped to dry the tears off his face then smiled at me “I’m fine,” he said showing his dimple in his cheek.

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I gave him a concerned look and then sighed “Somehow I don’t believe you, you need someone better who isn’t going to hurt you. Someone who will treat you like you have always to deserved to be treated, someone like…” “You,” He spoke bluntly. My heart pounded “What?” “Someone like you?” He said again drying his face, and sniffling.”What are you getting at?” I said with a confused laugh “You have been friends with me since… High school, were nice to me when I was the geeky fat kid that everyone made fun of. You are probably the only person who doesn’t ask me for anything, because I am famous now. You’re just… You. I would some times think about  you, especially when Emma would come home all drunk and shit, being completely rude and obnoxious. I would think back to that one day, when I left to start filming Murder House, you hugged me. You told me that you knew I would do great things, and I remember thinking what if I would have kissed you like I wanted to, what would have happened? I would have pursued you. It’s times like this where she cuts me deep that I think about what could have been.” I was speechless, as my eyes were watering. “You’re just… hurt.” I  said looking away, trying to hide my own 10 years of pain I felt in my chest wanting to let him know how I had always felt about him. Even when he was that “chubby, geeky, kid,” he claims he was. He shook his head “No, I’m not just hurt. It’s true, you were my high school crush,” I giggled “You were mine,” I said with a smile “I was not! I was not okay in high school, I looked like a fat, lesbian,” I started to laugh at him “No you did not, Evan that’s such bullshit,” I said playfully hitting him. “I remember that one day, when you went with me to prom, I got you that flower that ended up giving you a horrible asthma attack and we spent the night in the ER.” He said laughing “You were always so sweet to me, even when I almost killed you with a flower,” He smiled, and that’s when he grabbed my hand, pulled me forward and began to tickle me “No!” I screamed in protest as my whole body convulsed. That’s when I head butted him and we both stopped, holding our heads “Fuck your head is hard,” He said groaning. “So is yours!” I yelled with a laugh. “Let me look, I’m sorry, you know better than to tickle me, Evan. All concussions are your fault,” I said, gently brushing his blonde curls aside. “I think you’re going to live,” I said laughing. He looked at me, his brown eyes gazing over my face. He took his hand and touched the side of my face, his finger tips gently touching my skin. He leaned forward then to kiss me and I pulled away “Whoa,” I said. His facial expression changed, and his face grew red “I’m sorry, I just… I don’t know. I think I should leave. I’m sorry,” He said as he got up, I could tell he felt rejected just now, and my heart hurt at the thought of hurting him. I stood up and ran to him. Grabbing his hand, “Evan, don’t go. It just surprised me is all, I didn’t think that you would do that. Besides, you just literally got out of a relationship with someone. I don’t want to be someone’s rebound,” He turned to me and held my face in his hands “You are too good to be someones rebound, don’t ever think that about yourself. This is not me looking for a rebound, this is me getting the veil off of my eyes, to see what I should have done years ago. I need someone who is better to me, like you have been.” he said. He then, leaned down and pressed his lips into mine passionately. I felt my knees buckle as I put my hands on his face too. His tongue moved around my bottom lip, then he bit down on it, tugging it gently, then chuckled as I let out a small sigh. He continued to kiss me, parting my lips with his tongue, eagerly exploring my mouth. I rubbed my tongue against his as he laid me down onto the couch, laying on top of me. 

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The smell of his leather jacket, and his cologne filling my nose. He always smelled so good. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I felt like I was melting in his arms. His fingers moving down my bare thigh, sending chills down my back, goosebumps rising on my skin. I began to breath heavily, as he moved his hand up my shirt, and grabbed my chest, maneuvering under my bra to feel my nipple under it. My head began to pound and I let out a moan as he pinched his fingers around it. That’s when he pulled off my shirt, then accidentally turned the TV back on, the theme music blasting loudly we both jumped then started to laugh “Fuck,” He said as he reached looking for the remote, then turning it off. He looked back down at me and blushed “I’m so awkward I’m sorry,” He said as he leaned back down “I just don’t ever know what to say or do,” He started to kiss me again, unhitching my bra from behind me, I then unzipped his jacket and pulled off his shirt too. He moved his hand down my side, and moved his finger back and forth on my panty line of my shorts. He then slipped his hand down the front of my shorts and moved his fingers between my lips. He slowly slipped 2 fingers inside of me, and rubbed his thumb over my clit. He kissed along my jaw line, and down my neck as my breath caught, I let a small moan escape my lips. That’s when he sat up for a moment, and began to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down a bit, to show his bulge in his boxers. I sat up in front of him and pulled them down, to reveal how hard he was. I looked up at him as I wrapped my hand around it, and started to take him into my mouth. He exhaled sharply, looking down at me, grabbing my hair in his hands. I twisted my hand around his length, my mouth going up and down his shaft, taking brief moments to stop only to flick the tip with my tongue. “Fuck…” He muttered out, as I heard my name escape his lips. He sat down and I stayed on my hands and knees, to which he reached under me to still finger me. He rubbed my clit fast to a point I felt I may cum, then he stopped push his fingers deep inside of me. “Fuck, I can’t take it,” He said as he stood up. He then he pulled down my shorts and my panties. I arched my back so that he could have better access to me. He teased me for a bit with it, as he only rubbed his tip around my opening. Then he pushed himself inside of me, filling me with every inch of his length. I felt him grab onto my ass, and he started to go hard and slow. Going deep inside of me with every thrust. He kissed my back and the back of my neck as he did. He started to go faster and harder, the sound of our skin hitting echoing through the room. I moaned as he continued to go more and more, until I could myself nearing my climax, he pulled out and started to stroke himself, He turned me over and put himself between my legs, moving his face down, and began to flick his tongue over my clit, “Oh my god,” I muttered, when he started to finger me at the same time, he kept stroking himself as I came closer and closer. I pushed up against his face, and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt myself start to climax as I started to arch my back. He then finished himself, cumming onto my stomach. He both caught our breaths back, as I looked my stomach “It’s… Everywhere,” I said jokingly. He started to laugh “Yeah… I cum a lot.” He said as he got up, and grabbed me a paper towel. “ So, what now?” He asked me as he helped me get my clothes back on “We can finish this show?” I said reaching for the remote. “No, I mean. What now, between us. What does this mean?” He asked me as he buckled his pants. “What do you want it to mean?” I asked him with a smile. He sat back down and pulled me into his lap “I want it to mean something, I want to see where we can go,” He said kissing my forehead. “Okay, we will see where this goes,” 

BTS Reacts to you when you surprise them with a Valentines dinner

Jin: *Would get kind of angry because he had planned to take you out*
“Urgh the one time I try and be nice for my baby girl she does this.”

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Namjoon: *Gets home early but sees you cooking so he back hugs you*
“I hope you’re going to let me help since I’m such a goooood cook.”

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Yoongi: *Plants kisses all over your face*
“How did I get so lucky to have someone like you?”

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Hoseok: *Smiles brightly and tackles you on the couch with tickles*
“We’ll eat later, I’m busy now.”

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Jimin: *Blushes and hugs you in a bear hug*
“I guess I need to step up my gift game huh?”

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Taehyung: *Chuckles and scratches the back of his neck awkwardly*
“Well see….I had Jin make us dinner.”

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Jungkook: *Does his bunny smile and turns his head away*
“You need to stop being so cute~”

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Message me any requests and I hope you guys have an amazing Valentines day!!!           ~ Sav ~

1. hope is a sweet monster waiting to try and take away your dreams. don’t let it, don’t let them make your ambitions smaller.
2. invest in yourself. take care of your body, let it heal. love on the negative spots in your mind, make them feel safe. promise your soul all your broken years, your bound to find gold soon.
3. love will come for you, to hold onto your tears, to mend the stab wounds still bleeding out of your sides like a tragic poem.
4. he lost you. and now you fell for someone who saw how much you lit up the night-time sky for love cause another recognized you as the moon. and he envies him, he dug himself a grave. you could’ve been his moon, but he was too busy chasing the dimly lit stars.
5. forgive yourself if you romanticize the past, sometimes its better that way. it allows your hurt to breathe, and your heart to neglect to call sadness home.
6. walk away, you are more than this pain. you are worth more than the second thoughts and the maybes.
7. anger weakens you, but loving even after you’ve seen your bones collapse into each other, and it’s hard for you to walk the next morning, that strengthens you.
8. when you find your person, you won’t feel like your choking on your words, or trembling as he reaches over and touches you like a prayer.
9. you’ll know he’s the one when your heart will feel like its about to flee from the anchor inside your chest, and the nightmares will no longer collide with your dreams in the motions of your heartbeat.
10. be as forgiving as the morning sun.
11. one morning, you will be brushing your teeth and it will hit you that your eyes aren’t bloodshot and broken; you didn’t wake up with tears foaming at your waterline; you don’t ache anymore.
12. you love him and that’s the beginning and end of everything. his body is a memoir of the ways the moon lives in the lining of his skin, and the stars brighten his eyes are your new and profound light.
13. I feel it all. everything. 
I still taste the past, and it haunts me just the same.
14. the one you give your wholesome soul to. he should be your paradise, your passion, and your treasure.  
15. my lips are still learning that you are a revolution.
16. you shouldn’t have to thank him for loving you, love is not a favor. loving isn’t a chore.
17. he smells like home and safety, like the freckles in his eyes were make to detach you from the world. like, the gods infused star dust into him to remind you to take in these moments, no matter how unreal they feel.
18. sometimes love stays. sometimes love can’t. sometimes it shouldn’t.
—  18 reminders of how love should and shouldn’t feel like.

Ryver had been waiting in Caleb’s office for another brother-to-brother therapy session for about half an hour now. Caleb had been taking especially long that day to get out of whatever meeting he had been in before he was supposed to meet him, so he started messing with things on his desk out of boredom. There was an old newspaper rolled up with a sticky note on it that said “Greene.” thinking nothing of it, Ryver opened it up, thinking he would look for the crossword section to pass the time. 

Instead, to his horror, there was a photograph of Melody tucked inside. Bloodied, confused, scared looking Melody. He felt his stomach turn. A note accompanying the photo read: 

heard you dropped out of the presidential race. too little, too late, but we’re sure you know that by now. to match the last visit we granted you, here’s one last picture for your memory books. pleasure doing business with you.

“Jesus christ.”  Caleb had told him all about the situation, but it never felt real for him until that moment, nor was he expecting this to be the outcome. Hearing footsteps, he quickly tucked all of it up and under his cardigan. 


Backed up against the wall you already saw your impending death coming. If it were any other hunter you’d stand a good chance of sending them to hell, after all you should never underestimate a witch. With Sam and Dean, the infamous Winchester brothers, the chances of winning diminished quickly.

Served you right, why did you get involved in other peoples business anyway? You just had wanted to help an old friend who was followed by hunters and fool that you were, had agreed to help without second thought. Now your friend was gone and you were left, looking responsible for the mess that he had created. It was very doubtful that they would listen to that excuse even when it was the truth.

A loud thud made you look up, seeing both hunters thrown against the wall on the other side of the room.

“Can’t have you kill my favourite little witch.” Both relieve and fear go through you, immediately recognising the voice. Lucifer.

“What are you doing here?” You almost hiss, not really happy to see him. Most of the time or rather always, he only ever showed up when he wanted something from you.

“Saving your pretty little ass, you should be happier. I don’t grant that privilege to just anyone.”

“What do you want?”

“Believe it or not I don’t want anything.”

You hear wings fluttering, leaving you standing alone again. You run out of the building as fast as you can before the hunters recover and get a chance to kill you, this time for good.