and now for the numerous ship tags

You May Not.

So there has been a lot of BS going on in these tags lately, and i just want to address the people who have taken it upon them selves to “crusade” against fictional ships.

Firstly, as someone who has been sexually abused as a child at numerous points by different people let me say this; You do not have the right to speak for me. You don’t. For you to come into these tags and say things like “omg you people are such trash, think of how Child sex abuse survivors feel! why would you support pedophilia?! you are disgusting, go blah blah blah.” 

Now maybe some of you are survivors, I don’t know, and I don’t care when you take it upon yourself to speak for everyone. You should be speaking for yourself alone. 

 You are not doing this for the good of others, you are doing it for the good of YOURSELVES. So don’t pretend that you’re really out doing this for anyone other then you. 

Frankly I find your behavior to be patronizing in the same way that i find
Trigger Warnings and Safe spaces to be patronizing, useless and insulting. I mean its basically saying you are not mature and in control enough of yourself to handle adverse stimulation, so you have to be coddled like a child lest you crumble under the pressure.

Its hilarious to be me that these people are going around Crying about Abuse, pedophilia and Homophobia while they attempt to bully and shame people into capitulating to their desires. When you sink so low as to use tactics like that you’re really not much better then the things you are crusading against. You’ve lowered yourself. 

You don’t get to be the Thought Police. There is no room for your Facism on the internet–this should be the freest forum that we as human beings have. If people want to WRITE or DRAW incest/rape/pedophilia or depict abusive relationships, then be glad they are only putting it on metaphorical PAPER and not actually doing it.

If those things help them work through whatever it is that’s going on or has gone on in their lives LET THEM DO IT. Its fiction, its not real. No actual people are being harmed and that’s whats important. 

You are absolutely free to have your opinion–just as they are free to have theirs, and express it but the way that you are conducting yourselves is unacceptable. I mean do you think that if you go around calling people Disgusting Trash, you’re somehow going to win them over and see the light of how wrong they are?

I have news for you; It won’t.

Even your arguments for why some of these ships are wrong is problematic. 

“Pearl’s a lesbian, Pewey is wrong stop trying to erase Lesbians!” Pearl does not have a gender, she’s a space gem. Every Gem thus far has chosen a Female form but that does not make them Female. If she’s not a Female in love with a Female, it does not make her a lesbian. If anything you could Argue she was a Rosian…but not everyone only has one love for all eternity. 

( I’m not very into SU, but I watch enough to have common sense :| )

“Mabill/Billdip and Sebaciel are pedophiliaaaaaa/abusive!!” 

Mmm…do you know the life cycle of a demon? when are they considered “mature” and “immature” When do they become “adults” or what age being a Child is in Demon years? Also, They’re demons and frankly the more depraved and disgusting something is the more likely they are to like and indulge in it. that’s the nature of the beast at the end of the day. So its pretty in character.

Also, SOME people are into the abuse aspect of those relationships. I do not ship Sebaciel because of their actual dynamic in source material, but lots of people have their headcanons where Sebastian isn’t evil hell-spawn intent on a meal and nothing more. 

Just like lots of people have their Headcanons where Bill turns out to not be so bad. Lots of people age up these characters, or platonically ship them as buds and you just throw out blanket statements like a bunch of asshats. 

I personally do not approve of Incest, but I am not going to go in their tags and raise hell about it, because I am a MATURE, RESPONSIBLE, DECENT, human being who does not go out of my way to expose myself to things I dislike in an effort to ruin it for other people.

That in itself is a symptom of out current society. We’re no longer content with “to each their own.” We now have the need to force people to capitulate to our desires/world view and if they don’t we shame them, insult them and demonize them, and I’m not playing that game.

Now that I have addressed the haters, let me address Everyone else…

Do not let people like them ruin the things that bring you joy. When you allow them to do that, you’ve let them win, and when you let them win they think what they do is acceptable and they will escalate their childish behavior because its already proven to be effective.

What you should do, is create more, draw more, write more, talk more. Show them that they are insignificant in the long run and that their behavior is only detrimental to themselves in the end.

If it hurts you when they throw their callous words out and call you Trash or whatever Vitriol they start spewing out—as someone who was molested in the past, as someone who was bullied in high-school to the point I was going to take my own life let me give you the epiphany that washed over me not long ago;

” You cannot change what happened, you can’t stop them from saying what they will say, but you CAN control how it affects YOU today, and tomorrow and ever after.”

The world, Internet included is a rough place. People are mean, cruel and often self absorbed. but there are two choices before all of us. 1. curl in a ball and feel miserable. 2. put on some armor and go about your life tougher, and infinitely happier because Bullshit no longer phases you.

Tl;DR: Just because you do not like or approve of something does not give you the right to terrorize people who do. If they are not physically hurting others, leave them alone. Far better to write about it then actually do it.