and now for some happy feels

I’m an idiot. I love NU’EST and feel many emotions for them, but actual tears are rare for me. I read the letter post I wrote after him leaving… i rlly ended up crying again

ot4 is really happening… all of a sudden my heart hurts. I shouldnt have remembered the final. I’m - fuck I dont know? so happy nu’est are rising but goddamn- I love Minhyun will all my heart as well. My chest is actually hurting right now, like actual physical pain. It’s not even my asthma lmao im just so friggin upset rn. I was fine before, but now the reality just hit me that ot4 is happening. 

I fucking miss him so much

I’m gonna miss him in NU’EST so fucking much. 

So much pain I will feel for the next 1.5 years

He can’t even publically interact with Nu’est members otherwise some wannables start hating on him

Ughhh what is this. I miss him I miss him I miss him so fucking much


sometimes i feel bad and guilty about spending so much money on merchandise - especially when other people say that it’s a waste - but then again… is buying tons of makeup a better investment? or what about the newest brand clothes? or in-app purchases for some mobile games you won’t even remember a few years from now? at the end of the day, we buy a lot of things simply because they make us happy, right? buying merchandise makes me happy. all my posters and wall scrolls and figures and key chains are a nice decoration for my home, and seeing them cheers me up and makes me feel comfortable. how could that be a waste… 

Gruvia Feels ~ Gruvia is finally canon

“Idiot! Stop that!”

“I’m sorry.”

“It left a scar.”

“Juvia doesn’t mind.”

“Men and women are different! Your body is…”

“My body?

“Well… Maybe it should be mine… Er…”

Thank you Mashima! Gruvia is finally canon~! Hurray for the Gruvia couple! Please continue Fairy Tail, Mashima because there are still some unclear scenes in the last chapter.

Gray and Juvia are dating, or so as the rumors say but who knows? After seeing this chapter, it’s clear that they’re together now. Juvia’s hardwork was paid off. I’m so happy for the two of them. 😍


After much consideration of my life and feelings, I’ve decided to work on recovering.  I need to heal my relationship with food and heal my relationship with myself.  I’m embarking on a spiritual journey to self-acceptance and from now on will be posting things to do with meditation, magick, veganism, spirituality, and of course, more personal posts detailing my thoughts and feelings during this process.

I will no longer be posting what some may coin “thinspo” so please if that’s all you followed me for (which no judgment, I’m so happy you were here) feel free to unfollow me.  I will not hold it against you, I promise.

Thank you all so much for your support.  Having this blog truly helped when I was in my darkest places.  Now, let us look towards the light.

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Who do you think is the scariest nct member when theyre really angry like full on lashing out?? ((i have a feeling its johnny/haechan/yuta/taeil bc usually its the funny ones)). You can use astrology or no lmao I just really like reading your personality analysis its fun and feel so spot on??? Thanks for always making my day hehe you know how nctzen sometimes think "damn. Nct makes me really happy without them even knowing theyre making me happy" thats exactly how I feel abt u💕

i love you sooooo much thank you😭😭💛the last part made my heart light up really! now to the scariest when angry… i’ll use astrology lmfao. and some of the stuff i noticed from their personality…

jaehyun (he will literally plan your murder all while keeping a smile on his face. he will not be like loud when he’s mad… but rather quiet and terrifying cause all he would do is look at you and do nothing but deep down he’s probably like plotting your death. be careful. he stays stoic. he’s knows what he’s doing)

mark (god that scorpio mars and aries moon he will be similar to jaehyun but less terrifying than him? but rather show his anger more around the members. he would probably go from 0 to 100 realllllyyy quick but only rarely. usually he can keep his anger in really well in public but if you test him and his patience… don’t be suprised if he will lash out on you you know…also he’s not known to be someone who could lash out on someone you know he got that sweet canadian little man image but once he lashed out people would be like holy shit you can. do that. you have anger in you. damn)

yuta (MY GOD save your fucking self when yuta gets mad you might as well just say goodbye to your life it’s OVER. he will give you the brutal honesty and will hurt you alot probably. he will be really reckless if you wrong him. he has the tendency to get mad at people when they disagree with his opinions because he thinks his views are the right views. which can be really stubborn like……..)

taeil (he is someone who can’t stand it when people force him to come out of his comfort zone and when he feels slightly provoked by someone he will get MAD. the members have seen him mad before anyway so i guess it might happen more often but he tends to calm down faster than others but. don’t test him either okay. venusian mars signs are terrifying. i feel like he would be really gloomy and you would feel his anger. but also he would feel guilty because of it later on? lollll. also taurus mars tend to be really stubborn i mean obviously they’re a fixed sign so…also maddy put it perfectly: “i think taeil would make me feel the worst if i did him wrong…. like similar to jaehyun but less murder”)

winwin (same as yuta, but less terrifying. he would make fun of you too. laugh into your face…his innocent playful image will break right in front of your eyes)

ten (he is SO HARD TO PIN DOWN just like i am with my pisces mars. we do not know how we act when we’re mad because it varies… so it can actually be a bit scary, because you don’t know what to expect next. ten could either be indirect or extremely direct and blunt… run away or directly deal with the problem… talk it out or leave it unquestioned… there’s really no in between. it depends on his mood. if you really do make him mad i feel like he can fuck you over so bad but he chooses not to because we pisces mars people don’t like to make people feel bad or to make a situation worse than it already is. they also never tend to forget when you’ve angered them, so if you fuck with them once again they might as well just go off just like virgo mars because you’ve tested their patience and they’ll list every bad thing about you and will make you feel bad for making them mad. so yeah lmfao. he tends to not stay mad for too long though, but he will never forget if you have wronged him.)

johnny (HE WOULD’NT BE LIKE SCARY BUT JUST STRAIGHT UP ANNOYING LIKE HE HAS LOTS OF PRIDE IN HIMSELF SO WHEN HE LOSES OR WHEN PEOPLE DOUBT HIM EVEN AS A JOKE INSTEAD OF NOT PAYING ATTENTION OR LAUGHING IT OFF HE WILL MAKE A BIG SCENE OUT OF IT A FUCKING FIASCO WITH HIS LEO MARS DRAMATIC THEATRICAL BEING SO DON’T DOUBT HIM UNLESS YOU WANT HIM TO GO OFF FOR 3 HOURS. he would be really rash and hotheaded! like someone could like mock something he does for fun and he goes like “OH YEAH?” and then his words just alllll spill out so honestly johnny wouldn’t be terrifying but would rather be. making a huge scene out of it)

taeyong (he could go off on you… seriously he has observed your weaknesses and your strengths really well… but he chooses not to. i feel like he isn’t someone to lash out and be crazy but rather talk it out …also note he has lots of mercurian placements so talking would be the key for him! he shows the developed side of his placements imo. in serious situations like that he just wants everyone to feel well and not to make it worse. if he got mad though he will make you feel REALLY bad because he usually doesn’t get mad, so seeing him get mad at you would make you feel really dissapointed. also he would tell you everything bad about yourself so you learn not to be boo boo the fool again)

doyoung (he would just nag a little but not be mad? he will just hit you with some witty comebacks and jokes and wouldn’t take it too seriously. he would be really smart in those situation as a whole, imo.)

haechan (he couldn’t care LESS he really is someone who doesn’t dwell on shit for too long and gives zero shits if you’re mad. he will use his wit to make the situation less tense and if you stay mad for too long he will dissapear just like that he doesn’t want to deal with your grudges and shit trust me.)

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hey! so i know ur not doing the rly intense storylines anymore (which i think is great!) but could you go over a pretty brief explanation of what lily's story was gonna go like? it's okay if you don't!

I was actually going to make her have a crush on Joshua, Miki’s boyfriend, after he helped her go through her heartbreak (as a friend), caused by Fox hooking up with her because she was just a bet he had with his friends.

She would keep her crush a secret because she didn’t want to hurt Miki’s feelings. Lily and Joshua would’ve went in the same career path: they would become police officers & detective partners at some point. He would’ve helped her find her father and would’ve found out he actually had a new life, new family, etc. She would’ve backed off because she didn’t want to jinx his new life now that he was happy. 

Maybe some 👀 stuff with Joshua after he tried to comfort her. Annnnnd after that, I don’t know. :D

I’m sorry I disappointed you by stopping storylines and uploading basic pictures now. But I feel like the Woods stopped inspiring me.. and I’m in a bit of a dead end right now. :/

I'm back!

Okay, well, I’ve never been fully absent but you could actually call it some kind of hiatus due to rehearsals, the performances of my play, rehearsals plus a gig at my school’s talent show. Also I just spend a lot of time with my friends from my theatre group and sooo much more!
I had a very great time and I really enjoyed not having time for social media, tbh.

It feels like rehearsals and the performances of the play in theatre but also jamming and performing songs with some talented friends made me very happy and was like some kind of therapy for me.
But the fact that I got closer to certain people with whom I spent a lot of time helped so much.

I don’t wanna go into details because it would take me ages to give you an insight into how much of a wonderful time I had.

But I’m back now because we won’t have proper rehearsals until September and also, today has been my last day of school and my summer vacations finally began!!!

And wow, I’m feeling good.

💖🌟You guys!!💖✨

I wake up to 100 followers?!! I’m,,, omg

I really didn’t expect that many people to follow this blog. I mean, my posts aren’t even that funny or anything lol.

I feel like I should do something to commemorate or whatever but I can’t think of anything! (⌣_⌣”)

AAAAAAAAA omg thank you sooooo much!! This is stupid but I’m actually really happy now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say, I’m a soppy loser.

I don’t know how to end this sooooo…. here’s some hearts! 💖💖💖💖💖

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

Hey, so I’m sure y'all know the deal with Owl City now because Fireflies has become a huge meme. I feel the need to make this post because some nasty haters have popped up about the creator. Here are a few fun facts about Owl City:

- Owl city is not a band. It is one guy named Adam Young creating every song. He occasionally collaborates with singers,but creates all his own music.

- He has released several full length albums and multiple singles. Movies like Wreck it Ralph and the Croods feature original Owl City songs.

- This guy is all about positivity. Most of his music has a bouncy, happy mood to it.

- Puns

- He is a very devout Christian and has many beautiful songs about his faith. Some are covers, some are original.

- Basically the sweetest person alive? He wrote a song for his dad on Father’s Day, has collaborated with a charity to feed the poor (Here’s Hope was written for this) and runs a twitter account of random movie quotes and funny thoughts.

- His music is beautiful and uplifting. He puts so much work into it and overcomes social anxiety to perform it live.

- He has a form of autism and is an insomniac.

- In 2016 he created 12 original albums of instrumental music that focused on different historical events. All of them are available for free download from his website 12 albums for free!

Please respect this guy beyond just the Fireflies song. He does his best to be a good example and a representative of his beliefs.

I just got back from a BBQ with a lesbian social group and let me just say

never ever think that it’s too late. 17 or 21 or 25 may feel old, but today I met a lady that realized she was a lesbian at 45 – after marrying a man and having three kids. now she has a girlfriend, and she manages a brunch group with other lesbians.

it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost so much time to self doubt or fear, and it’s okay to mourn that lost time. but it’s never too late to find happiness in who you are.

Why Commenting On FanFiction Is Important

Alright kids, Boo here with a hopefully non-arrogant PSA.

I’m a writer of FanFiction because I like it and it’s my preferred genre (also a great way to receive feedback on writing that I can use on originals, bref). But like with most artistic work posted online, I have very little feedback.

When I was in a slightly writing rut, I cranked one shots left and right, nothing out of the ordinary. But instead of people commenting with their thoughts and good feedback, they just gave me requests.

I don’t think I could ever put into words what that felt like, but I’ll try (the irony of being a writer). It suddenly felt tiring, being a writer, and very quickly I stopped writing altogether. I only ever showed my friend what I wrote and left it at that. I haven’t published anything for a while after. It felt like people were treating me like a mule wanting me to do work for them, and I just wasn’t up for that. I lost my will to write, and then I began to think, “If I post something else other than what was requested, will people even read it?”

Then you get the infamous comments, “You haven’t forgotten about my request right??? Here’s another.”

That just adds anxiety and guilt. I’m purposely ignoring the comments to save my own uncreative ass, at least that’s what it feels like.

After weeks of convincing myself that my stories are worth sharing no matter how many people read them, I started writing and publishing again while working on some longer pieces. Slowly it got better.

Now this week, I remembered I joined another fanfiction platform, and realized I had never published anything on it. I had an idea, and so I started writing. It didn’t come out as I imagined it would, but I was so proud? Like, I started feeling happy about what I created again. Like genuine happiness that I haven’t felt in months since my last published work.

A few hours later, I get this comment:

I cranked out three 3k stories after reading this.

In four days.

It never happened before, and I don’t know how many times it will happen again. It was one comment, but it gave me so much fighting spirit that I think I’m on my way to regaining my initial writer mindset.

Fanfiction writers depend on feedback as a validation that their stories matter to people. If you’re wondering why your favourite author hasn’t updated/posted in a while, ask yourself, “Did I do everything that would convince them to continue writing this?”

100 questions
  1. Is a kiss considered cheating?
  2. Have you ever faked orgasm?
  3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  4. Do you think you are going to be rich in 7-8-9 years?
  5. Tell us some funny drunk story.
  6. Why are you no longer together with your ex?
  7. If you had to choose one way to die, what would it be?
  8. What are your current goals?
  9. Do you like someone?
  10. Who was the last person to disappoint you?
  11. Do you like your body?
  12. Can you keep a diet?
  13. If the whole world listened to you right now, what would you say?
  14. Do you work?
  15. If you could choose only one food to eat to the rest of your life, what would it be?
  16. Would you get a tattoo?
  17. Something you don’t mind spending all your money on?
  18. Can you drive?
  19. When was the last time someone told you you were beautiful?
  20. What was the last thing you cried for?
  21. Do you keep a journal?
  22. Is life fun?
  23. Is farting in front of people irrelevant?
  24. What’s your dream car?
  25. Are grades in school important?
  26. Describe your crush.
  27. What was the last book/movie that really impressed you?
  28. What was your last lie?
  29. Dumbest lie you ever told?
  30. Is crying in front of people embarrassing?
  31. Something you did and you are proud of?
  32. What’s your favourite cocktail?
  33. Something you are good at?
  34. Do you like small kids?
  35. How are you feeling right now?
  36. What would you name your daughter/son?
  37. What do you need to be happy?
  38. Is there some you want to punch in the face right now?
  39. What was the last gift you received?
  40. What was the last gift you gave?
  41. What was the last concert you went to?
  42. Favourite place to shop at?
  43. Who inspires you?
  44. How old were you when you first got drunk?
  45. How old were you when you first got high?
  46. How old were you when you first had sex?
  47. When was your first kiss?
  48. Something you want to do until the end of this year?
  49. Is there something in the past you wish you hadn’t done?
  50. Post a selfie.
  51. Who are you most comfortable around?
  52. Name one thing that terrifies you.
  53. What kind of books do you read?
  54. What would you tell your 12 year old self?
  55. What is your favourite flower?
  56. Any bad habits you have?
  57. What kind of people are you attracted to?
  58. What was the last thing you cried for?
  59. Is there something you don’t eat? Some food that truly disgust you?
  60. Are you in love?
  61. Something you find romantic?
  62. How long was your longest relationship?
  63. What are 3 things that irritate you about the same sex?
  64. What are 3 things that irritate you about the opposite sex?
  65. What are you saving money for?
  66. How would you describe your bad side?
  67. Are you actually a good person? Why?
  68. What are you living for?
  69. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  70. Do you like your body?
  71. Have you ever made someone feel bad about themselves intentionally?
  72. Ever sent nudes?
  73. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  74. Favourite candy?
  75. Is there a blog you visit every day, or almost every day? Tag it!
  76. Do you play any computer games? What is your favourite game?
  77. Favourite TV series?
  78. Are you religious? Does God exist?
  79. What was the last book you read? Did it impress you and why?
  80. What do you think about vegetarianism/veganism?
  81. How long have you been on Tumblr?
  82. Do you like Chineese food?
  83. McDonalds or Subway?
  84. Vodka or whiskey?
  85. Alcohol or drugs?
  86. Ever been out of your province/state/country?
  87. Meaning behind your blog name?
  88. What are you scared of?
  89. Last time you were insulted?
  90. Most traumatic experience ?
  91. Perfect date idea?
  92. Favourite app on your phone?
  93. What colour are the walls in your room?
  94. Do you watch Youtube? Who is your favourite youtuber?
  95. Share your favourite quote.
  96. What is the meaning of life?
  97. Do you like horror movies?
  98. Have you ever made your mum cry? What happened?
  99. Do you feel lucky or special in a way?
  100. Can you keep a secret?
Long Live Octopus Pie

Three cheers!

I check the webpage out of habit, but Meredith Gran’s comic work Octopus Pie is over.  I feel like this is how sports fans feel when a jersey is retired and lifted to the rafters, forever in its untouchable place, time divided between when it was active and whatever comes after.  

That might sound grandiose, but in my mind, nothing tops the ten year run of Octopus Pie.  And in the lifespan of what we call Webcomics, 2007-2017 is a granddaddy of a run, worthy of names like “pioneering,” “influential” and “groundbreaking” because in the space of those years, in this new medium, there was room to be those things without any hyperbole.  The comics landscape of the past decade needed filling out and Meredith carved her space out with precision, showing a polish and drive and a talent from the beginning that set a high standard.  

I’m guessing that I started Hark a Vagrant about six months after Octopus Pie began, but Meredith’s was already a name to be reckoned with, due to the solid reputation of her previous comic Skirting Danger and because she was an honest to god trained animator in a sea of stickmen comics or two-dudes-on-a-couch comics (RIP forever *kisses fingers, holds them to the sky*). I was intimidated by her sheer capability.  But inspired too.  I did not need to be intimidated, she was one of the first people I met in comics, and easily one of the best.

Meredith and I briefly shared an apartment and a studio, and I can tell you, she can draw circles around everyone you know.  I later shared a studio with Mike Holmes, who could also draw circles around everyone, and now the two of them are married in some sort of talent supernova.  I am happy for them, even though I feel like I make grade three crayon pictures next to them.  But the other thing that being friends with Meredith for a long time has shown is the cutting wit, the care for stories done right, the love for a medium that will take you through highs and lows that come with comics, and lately through her job as a comics professor, the nurturing of upcoming talent.  I see all of this in Octopus Pie, a comic where character was paramount, where plots were expertly moved, a fine balance was found between the messiness of people and the fun you can have with stories, where subtle emotional movements where rendered with room to breathe, where I felt like I could reach deep into the hearts and minds of the characters on the page because they had been fleshed out so well over the years that they seemed as real people, people that I loved.

I don’t really like that phrase “comics will break your heart,” commonly attributed to Schultz, or Kirby, it doesn’t really matter.  You see it all the time, mostly when people are reckoning with the fact that they work in an unforgiving medium.  I don’t even know what it is about the saying that I don’t like.  Maybe it’s because we all know that comics are hard work, we all know that you might put your life and blood and heart into something and you might get nothing back.  There are no surprises to be found there - it’s not a bad day you had, it’s a life you’re well aware of living, if you do.  But we love the perserverers in comics.  The people who live the phrase are the ones who inspire us the most.

I’m saying all this, and pardon the segue, because I have seen Octopus Pie, some of the finest story work of my generation, passed for recognition time and again and it confuses the hell out of me, truly.  I don’t want to turn a tribute to a work I hold dear into sour grapes, that’s not the intention here, but lord above, if I can’t point this out now, then when can I?  We all know that there are no guarantees in this life (comics will break your heart) but I’ll say this once and then leave it: this is a comic of quality that was miles ahead of so many of its peers, and it deserved better, industry wise.  To wrap up the earlier point, maybe I don’t like CWBYH because it implies that you should shrug your shoulders and not ask for better every time, that a short end of some kind of stick is expected even.  That’s easy when it’s yourself, but speaking as a fan now, I say to heck with shrugging, I want to put Meredith on my shoulders and parade her around and dump her into a Scrooge McDuck thing full of awards.  

Actually that sounds pointy and bad and the Ignatz awards are bricks to begin with so maybe forget that analogy but you get the idea.

I hope you read Octopus Pie, I hope you buy the books.  I hope the legacy of it is long and full, because it always will be for me.  And I think readers will agree, because I know this devoted fan base pretty well.  I read the comments, I’ve sat next to Mer at comic shows, I’ve listened to some of the emails that touched her.  I know this is a comic that meant a lot, to a lot of us.  In this world of work we put our hearts and souls into to begin with, that is a wonderfully worthy thing.

I do not know what Meredith will do next, but whatever it is, I am here for it, seat pulled close to the stage.  The retired jersey is in the rafters, the game is still being played by the people who dreamed better because it was there.  Aw what can I say, I’m sentimental!

 Thanks, Meredith. <3

Look up every now and then.. My blatant copy of @tvoom photo (link) .. We all influence each other to some degree, and if I post a photo and someone likes it enough to “copy” it, well that just makes me happy that I have inspired someone to maybe try something different, and I know Pete feels the same way.. 

©AmyJMontico 2017 .. All Rights Reserved   PLEASE LEAVE CREDITS

Whenever I see your picture or hear people talk about you, my breath always catches in my throat and I’m struck by this painful twinge that twists my sides and brings the stinging of tears to back of my eyes.
It’s the thought of you being happy and living your life… imagining you laughing and joking with other people that hurts… Don’t get me wrong – I still care for you and the thought of you being happy makes me happy… but at the same time it makes me sad. Because… life goes on, or at least it did for you and being confronted with your happiness makes me feel like I made no difference to your life… as if there was never any point in me being in it at all. You were happy before you met me and you’re still the same happy person now even though I’m gone.
I know it’s foolish to wish I had meant more to you… that my absence would change your world or have some sort of lasting impact so I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the day we said goodbye wasn’t devastating enough to make the world stop turning for you…
Not like it did for me.
Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you