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Did anyone say idiotic fluff prompts?

‘I heard a high pitched whine and ran in to see you crying over a picture of a kitten and a puppy hugging yes i know that is cute but are you okay’
alternatively: ‘I started whining with you’

‘Hey I noticed you were down so here’s a box of kittens don’t ask me where i got them but we gotta return them before sunrise no it wasn’t illegal shhh h’

'Yes I killed this man but he was a bad owner and now his animal is mine and perfectly happy so I don’t see the problem’

'Are you reenacting Bet In It from High School Musical as a way of making this decision?’

'You’ve been wearing gym clothes all day but haven’t moved at all what do you mean its a 'mindset’ no you need to actually move’

'Can you take this seriously what no i don’t care if there’s a dog this is a crime scene’

'It was a normal day until you rolled in blasting the 'maria hee maria ha’ song and I’m so done’

‘If you don’t stop singing ‘Poker Face’ I will make sure you will have no flippin face’

‘Person C playing ‘Pony’ every time Person A and B have a moment of sexual tension’

‘Is that an alligator?!’ ‘Hey, show some manners, his name is Lieutenant Fred!’

‘I made a blanket fort and you can’t come in unless you admit I’m the best and my moves are the funkiest’

‘I know how to settle this; DANCE OFF’

‘Will you stop stroking my hair and whispering ‘my precious’?!”

‘What’s your favorite book?’ ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ ‘Okay, another question, are you trying to make me shoot you?’ ‘Yes.’

‘Did you seriously learn the book word-by-word and do all possible research just to be able to sass your teacher when he thinks you don’t know anything?’

‘I stole your seat and in retaliation you sat on me’

‘You know, you’re not supposed to EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE, YOU COULD DIE’ ‘Your skin is like a pillow, are you an angel?’ ‘Great, now you’re high’

‘How many coffee’s did you have???’ ‘At least eleven’

‘Help me find my shirt’ ‘You know, as much as I want to…I don’t want to.’

‘Would you stop chatting with the fricking enemy

‘Are you eating a whole jar of Nutella in one sitting?!’ ‘I have problems leave me be’

‘Why am I the only sober one at this party and you’re completely wasted and clumsily flirting with me god at least you won’t remember my blushing’

‘You can’t just use ‘I have problems’’ as an excuse for everything!’

‘Did you just bake 20 fricking breads?’ ‘No…. I named them too, this is Breadly, Demi Loafato, Attila the Bun…’

I'm not good for you.

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone. I know that is not very long but there will be other parties.

Months have passed and Maryse seems to become more and more aggressive with me every day. Day after day seems she hate me more, i don’t know what i did to be treated that way. I’m with the Lightwood for as long as i can remember, my parents died when i was 14 and Maryse e Robert Lightwood welcomed me into their home.
I grew up with Izzy, Alec and Jace. After the death of my parents i was alone, with no family and now they are my family. Isabelle became my parabatai, she is my missing piede, it’s like we complement each other. During these years she has always been by my side since the first day and she always will be, and i for her. Besides her i found an amazing best friend…actually he’s more like an annoying big brother sometimes but i love him with all my hart. Alec is he is the most serious among us, he is kind, calm and smart. He is the most precious guy i’ve ever met, he always have time for me and for my craziness. He’s not the type of person who love everyone in fact the first few days of my arrival i thought he hated me, but after I baked for him my special chocolate biscuits we were inseparable. Now they are his favorites. Another important person i’ve found is Jace. He is my family as well, but i don’t see him like i see Alec. Through the years i developed a big feeling for him that is not brotherly. I have not the courage to tell him what i feel, despite the constant encouragement by Izzy and Alec. Izzy is so confident that for her it would like to drink a glass of water. Alec knows very well what i feel, but now he is dating Magnus, and it’s easy for him to tell me that i must not wait and tell him how i feel. I can’t. I can’t tell him that i’m in love with everything about him. I don’t want to ruin our friendship, if it’s the only thing i can have. For him i’m like a sister, a small and clumsy little sister. Especially when Clary came into our lives i had no more chances. They become close while Jace seems to have forgotten my presence, we don’t talk much, if se talk is for scream at each other. Every time we talk we end up arguing.
Today is no different, we are just returned from a mission together. The mission not end well and obviously Maryse given all the blame on me. Jace and i were following a group of vampires accused of running a drug smuggling. I noticed a demon coming behind us and i shouted “Jace!” for warning him but this revealed our position and allowing the vampires to flee.
“After months we could catch them! I shouldn’t have sent you with Jace. What were you thinking? Now they will be more careful, and who knows when we will take them!” Maryse scream at me.
“I was thinking that there was a demon who was going to attack us at the shoulders. He was about to attack Jace.”
“You could deal with it. There was need to shout at Jace? You’re not able to do your job on your own?” she continues to rant on me while Jace is sitting watching.
“I’m more than capable, I don’t wanted…he could get hurt”
“He’s a Shadowhunters just like you. Now go to do your job i have some business to do.” she says and i storm out of the office without waiting Jace. I reach my room and i slam the door in Jace’s face. He open and close the door behind him. I started to clean my room pretending that he’s not here.
“Can we talk?” he ask.
“No, we can’t. I don’t want to talk with you, i’m not in the mood.”
“I don’t care, i want to talk. What you did was dangerous. Not only the demon, vampires could attacked us ” he continue.
“I don’t need you to lecture me too! Next time i’ll watch the demon jump on you!”
“Why are you guys screaming? Se can hear you from the central room.” says Clary who just open my bedroom’s door without my permission. Not her, everyone except her…it’s not like i hate her, bit now i can’t stand in the same room with these two.
“Nothing Clary.” says Jace looking at her with sweet eyes that make me more angry “I was explaining some things about our last mission at Y/N. The mission was aborted because of her and now she’s mad at me.” this is too much!
“Enough! Go away both of you!” i shout while i push off Jace from my room and slam the door in their faces. I fall at the ground with my back at the door and i close my eyes. I’m exhausted of everything. I’m tired of Maryse who treat me like burden, i’m tired of Jace who continue to treat me like a child, not as a Shadowhunter, like him. Not like a lover. If once he saw me as a sister, now i’m nothing to him. I’m tired of tryng to be a better person, of hoping that things will change. I’m tired of pushing myself too hard for nothing. I’m so fucking tired of being so…me.

Valentine’s Day- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by thornescratch

Ok so I know this is a day late, but I worked yesterday so you get a late Valentine’s Day story from me! I’m not gonna lie, it’s super angsty. I have another story I’m writing that’s 10000000% angsty so take this while you can! Any who… there was a post recently that since Andre (on twitter) retweeted about body positivity, that maybe he likes bigger girls and as one, I will run it into the ground lol. I love this precious bean! Anyway, enjoy guys!

 Warning: Angst, lack of self-esteem

Part Two (It’s the Thought that Counts)


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Seitarou!~ c:

First impression: eh probably just another side character i’ll never see again. pretty cute though. hair on fleek i must say~

Impression now: the absolute love of my life. a sweet boy. a good boy. a happy boy. a nice boy. a precious boy. i love this boy. I love love love love love LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Hhim

Favorite moment: Anime; when Seitarou was playing Hyakunin Isshu and just DESTROYED Kiji with his excellent memory im so proud of him. Also when Seitarou found Kuu in the dark and Kuu jumping in his arms i literally cried during that part.

Idea for a story: AU where Seitarou is a barista. he would make the best coffee and the sweetest treats.


Favorite relationship: Samon/Seitarou, Hajime/Seitarou, Seitarou/Nico (but like as friends, not in a relationship), Sanzou/Seitarou

Favorite headcanon: when he’s anxious, Seitarou would brush his hair softly and slowly to calm himself down.

One of my favorite things to see in the Fruits Basket fandom after Another has come out is how everyone has collectively looked at Mutsuki and Hajime and just

“look at this preciOUS BOY HE IS MY SON” 

Or alternatively: “my chILD HAS GROWN AND IS NOW A FATHER. I shall care for his child as I did for him. I have a grANDSON.”

I know you’re
a wanderer who
keeps on moving
his feet back and forth
to each and every place
that caught his heart,
I know you’re a rainbow
that appears every now
and then
even if it’s not raining,
I know you will leave
yet I refused to see it
I know you won’t stay
even if I hope that
like a wanderer to his
favorite spot,
like a rainbow to the sky,
you will one day return
and spend another
precious moment
and create new memories
with me,
for a second time around.
—  ma.c.a // Another Day
Jeon Triplets

Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff

Hey can I request a scenario whereby Jungkook has to take care of his sons (triplets). Like he brings them out for an outing or anything really ☺️

Originally posted by comfyjimin

“Alright, hands.” Jungkook holds out his hands waiting for his sons to latch on with their much smaller ones.

Hwangeum, indeed, being the most obedient of the three, places his hand into his father’s one without any protest.

“Eomma (Mommy) always says ‘please’.” Jeongsan still displeased by this outing, reluctantly puts his hand into Jungkook’s other one. “When is Eomma coming home?”

“Jeongsan-ah,” Not this again, his son had just stopped crying after his mother left their home, now he was asking for her again. “We already discussed this earlier, Eomma is out with Aunty Lee, she will be back very soon.”

“I miss Eomma.” Even though his son pouts, luckily he does not start tearing up. “Appa (Daddy), you said Eomma will be back after food, right?” Of course his son would remember this out of all the things Jungkook had said to him.

“Yes, now stop pouting.” Jungkook feels a tug on his right hand.

“Appa, Daeguk is sneaking off again.”

He tries to find his third son, who unlike his other two really liked to be a small trouble maker. Who did he get this trait from? She says it’s from him. Heol.

“Jeon Daeguk.” Jungkook calls out, putting a bit of a scolding tone behind his name. “Come here. You know you are not supposed to run off.”

Sulking from being caught, Daeguk stomps over with his hands crossed like a cranky child and glares at Hwangeum, who had rattled him out.

“Daeguk-ah, don’t look at your brother like that.” Jungkook didn’t want to scold them so early on, but they had to learn or this day would be filled with scolding and no one wanted that, especially not Jungkook. “Now, hold hands with Hwangeumie…. Good, now let’s go have some fun at the playground.”

The four of them begin their journey by walking across their apartment complex’s mini garden and stop as they near the traffic lights. 
“Now, who knows if we can cross over or not.” Hwangeum instantly tugs on his father’s hand, eager to answer.

“Eomma said that I can walk when she walks, and have to stop when she stops.”

Jungkook smiles down at Jeongsan. “What about Appa?”

“Appa,….” His cute son. “I don’t know.”

That makes him laugh, he squats down to his triplets’ height. “Alright, so…”

~ ~ ~

“Now, you can let go.” Jungkook and his three boys had made it safely to the nearest playground, but even that had proved to be a difficult task with Daeguk and Hwangeum constantly bickering while Jeongsan keeps asking for his mother.
“First we will have some food.” He takes off his filled up backpack and takes out a blanket, while Hwangeum takes out the boxes of cut up foods and other things. “Thank you, Geumie.”

“Did Eomma prepare this?”

Jungkook turns his attention to Jeongsan and pinches his cheek. “No, Appa did this earlier while you were napping, I also cut up your favorite green apples.”

His son’s eyes light up and that is enough to make Jungkook’s heart swell with happiness.

“What about me, Appa?” Surprisingly even Daeguk was helping out now, placing the boxes on the spread out blanket. Are these two in a match, or what?

“I did not forget your grapes, of course.” Jungkook sits down on one corner and motions for the boys to do the same. Once they do, he leans in close, putting a finger over his lips. “Don’t tell Eomma, but I also brought some Chapssal (korean glutinous rice ball).”

The words weren’t even fully out and the triplets had already screamed in joy at the news.
Figures that sweet snacks would unite them. Delicious food seems to do that.

“But first you need to eat the Kimbap (rice rolls) , then if you three are still hungry, you can have Chapssal. Understood?”

In perfect unison, they raise their arms and smile widely. “Yes, we understand, Appa.”
It amazes him how in sync they can be when they want to be. So cute.

~ ~ ~

“Appa?” Jungkook lifts his head and spots his youngest son, approaching him slowly.

“Jeongsannie, what’s wrong? Did you get hurt anywhere?” As soon as his son is close enough, Jungkook goes to pull him into his arms.

“No, I didn’t get hurt.” Jungkook positions him so he is sitting sideways on his lap.

“You miss Eomma that much?” It wasn’t hard to see that he kept thinking of his mother.

Jeongsan pouts sadly but then seems to think of something. “Appa.”


“Can you sing me the song that Eomma likes so much?” Jeongsan is playing with Jungkook’s ring now. “Eomma says only when Appa sings, it’s her favorite.”

Looking down at him taken aback, because he didn’t think that she would share that with them, it takes Jungkook a moment to think of which song exactly.
“Jeongsan-ah, do you know what song it is?” It could be any song to be honest.

“I couldn’t understand one word.” Again, his son that loves his mom so much, pouts while thinking and glares at empty space. “Eomma said it’s not Korean.”

“Ah.” That narrows is down. “I know now.” His son’s round eyes lighten up immediately. “You want Appa to sing for you?”

“Yes, please.”

Jungkook realizes that it has been long since he has sung to his children and even longer since he had sung for her. He takes note to do that from now on. Especially this song as it held so many memories for Jungkook and her.

“~Remember the way you make me feel, such young love but something in me knew that it was real, frozen in my head~”

Jungkook thinks back to the very first time he had sung this song to her. She had teared up and he had panicked as it had been one of their first dates.

“~Pictures I’m living through for now, trying to remember all the good times~”

Jeongsan lays his head against his father’s chest and suddenly Jungkook feels guilty for not being there for them more. That is probably the reason why he prefers his mother over him.
With an apologetic heart, Jungkook puts his all into singing for his son, it is moments like these when he wants to give them the world and more.

“~Our life was cutting through so loud, memories are playing in my dull mind, I hate this part, paper hearts, and I’ll hold a piece of yours, don’t think I would just forget about it, hoping that you won’t forget about it~”

He was so focused on stroking Jeongsan’s head, telling himself to do better from now on, that he doesn’t see his two other sons sprinting towards them. The adorable thing is, that they were holding hands while doing so and then plop down in front him , hands still together.

“~Everything is gray under these skies, wet mascara, hiding every cloud under a smile, when there’s cameras~”

He pats their heads each, and something pulls on his heartstrings when they beam up at him. Yeah, he definitely needs to do better from now on.
Not just as a father but also as husband.

“~And I just can’t reach out to tell you, that I always wonder what you’re up to~”

Daeguk and Jeongum giggle as they sway back and forth, knocking against each other.
It makes Jungkook want to stop all noises in the world so he could hear it more clearly. It’s a beautiful sound.

“~Pictures I’m living through for now, trying to remember all the good times, our life was cutting through so loud, memories are playing in my dull mind.~”

Their heads perk up suddenly but then they look back at their father with a teethy grin. Their smile is just like hers. Just as beautiful and just as able to make him feel like the luckiest man on earth.

“~I hate this part, paper hearts, and I’ll hold a piece of yours, don’t think I would just forget about it.~ hoping that you won’t forget.~”

Once the boys realize that the song had ended, Hwangeum is the first to clap excitedly, his eyes not quite focusing on Jungkook. Soon after, the other two join in while looking at him in amazement and awe, their eyes so bright and sparkling that he feels emotional all of a sudden.
How did he become so blessed?

Jungkook jumps startled when two arms wrap around his neck from the back. “Who are you trying to serenade, Jungkook-ah?” The corners of his mouth tilt up at her teasing tone. “You know that the ladies will fall at your feet when you sing, right?”

“Only you.” He sees their sons gaping at them, like they always do when Jungkook and her are together. “Why are you so early?”

She finds space to sit down after Daeguk and Hwangeum scoot over. Even though Jeongsan favored his mother more, he surprisingly stays seated in his father’s lap, but shifts so he is facing his mother.
“I missed my boys.” One after another, she goes to peck their cheeks while stroking their hair affectionately. “Did you have fun with Appa, today?”

“Yes!” It had been a rough start, because the triplets are not used to only being with their father, but they definitely had fun and had laughed a lot, created a lot of precious memories and bonded over Chapssal.

“Eomma, Eomma!” Jeongsan moves forward a bit to get his mother’s attention. “It’s my favorite song now, too.”

“Then Appa did well once more.”

“I think I deserve a kiss.” She regards Jungkook with a look. “I didn’t get one like they did.”

“Are you a boy now? Aigoo, Jungkookie did so well today.” Amused, she leans in to brush her lips against his cheek softly. “Was it tiring?”

But Jungkook doesn’t get the chance to respond as the boys use their triplets magic to scream in unison. The two look at their children in worry just to find that they had covered their eyes, but were still sneakily peeking through the gaps of their fingers.

Each of them were making their own version of a disgusted sound and Jeongsan moves out of his father’s lap to hide behind his brothers. Jungkook throws his head back to laugh at their exaggeration as it was just a peck.

Just because their reactions are so cute and they were all together as a family, Jungkook can’t refrain from teasing them even more.
The boys erupt into more screams and flailing when he takes his wife by her face and kisses her right on the lips with her giggling and leaning away when she realizes his antics.

Their laughter will forever be his favorite sound in the world.

Jungkook almost forgot how much happiness and fulfillment such a relaxing and simple day can bring. Or maybe it’s just his family.

His triplets and his wife.

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— — — 

how have you guys been?
I think the hardest thing for this was finding names for the triplets, at least Jungkook provided me with one: at a recent fansign he was asked what he would like to call his son and he answered ‘Jeongsan’.
I don’t know what to write here tbh haha, I hope you liked it? ^^

These boys seriously never give me a day off, there is always something going on with them.
All these awards lately and then the performances did you see them wearing the TRB uniforms?!?!?! OMG!!!
Eh, yeah what else…. oh yeah ISAC happened and JEON CENA and Sonic Kookie…. hehe also what was he thinking when he up and showed his abs to the world. That was not a sneak peek, boy, what was he gonna do if he had placed first? Someone really needs to stop him.
Baepsae dance happened at 2nd Muster and today the V app, Kook slaying me with his solo dance and Baepsae…. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much in an hour.
Also, they have been going to variety shows, and their schedule is so filled that is goes into the morning sometimes huhu ;__;
Looks like he is working on another cover… orz (I should seriously put these rants in a seperate post.)


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At last all of you were sincere! You recognized that they do not care about Harry because he does not live up to his expectations about larries, leave him alone, do not talk about him, do not buy his albums, just go back to his caves to cry for something that does not exist and dream about conspiracies about his favorite Already has a precious son named Freddie and has returned with the love of his life, Eleanor. I sent this same message to another blog as hateful as this, now you can cry that I

Oh my bless your heart and this whole mess of a message. I only wish I wasn’t on mobile so I could include that picture from Another Man of Harry in a cave.

NCT Yandere Series Pt. 1

Taeil: He was almost instantly attracted to you. Some would call it love at first sight, but this is more of an unhealthy obsession. Taeil’s a pretty awkward guy, so it took him sometime to infiltrate your circle of friends, but once he did, he latched right onto you. Everyone thinks it’s strange that he’s constantly texting you for your whereabouts or how he’s always visiting you at work and home, but you never thought much of it. To you he’s nothing more than a devoted friend. To be perfectly honest, Taeil himself didn’t even realize what was going on inside his head until it was too late to turn back. For just over a year now, he’s been worming his way into your life. He started out as an acquaintance, and now he’s keeping tabs on you. He knows where you’re at all times, who you’re socializing with, what you did at work that day, even what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Taeil’s relatively stable for a psychopath, but when he discovers that one of your coworkers asked you out on a date, it’s like someone flipped a switch. You’ve just gotten home, when he starts pounding on your door like a madman. The moment you let him in, he has you pinned against the nearest wall. “Y/N, we’ve been good friends for a while now, but it’s time we take our relationship to the next level, don’t you think? We both know that you’re mine, and I thought I’d made it clear to the rest of the world too, but it appears that isn’t the case. Time to make things official.”

Hansol: While Taeil has managed to insert himself into every nook and cranny of your life, Hansol is keeping his distance. He’s known from the start that his feelings towards you aren’t exactly normal, and he’s afraid that if he gets too close he might expose himself and scare you off. He lives across the street from you, and he spends most, all, of his nights looking into your apartment with a pair of binoculars. While you’re at work, he’ll rummage through your mail, and periodically your trash. He keeps track of every single person to enter and exit your building. Women he tends to ignore, but any man to set foot of your block is closely scrutinized. If one of them so much as looks at you for too long, they can expect a visit from Hansol. Unlike Taeil, Hansol has no problem getting his hands dirty. For a while now, he’s been playing the role of your secret admirer. He likes to leave flowers at your doorstep, even gourmet chocolates and large stuffed animals on occasion, and then gage your reaction through his handy-dandy binoculars. He’s so obsessed with you that he’s been neglecting his own life, and you’ve maybe said two whole words to him when you weren’t paying attention one morning and walked right into him. One day you return home to find yet another ridiculously large and expensive bouquet of your favorite flowers in front of your door. After placing the flowers in a vase, you read the attached card. “My precious Y/N, I’ve been watching you for sometime now. I’ll soon be revealing my true identity, until then be a good girl and wait for me patiently, and above all faithfully. Remember my dearest, I see all.”    

(You asked for yandere, and I did my best to deliver. Obviously their portrayed as complete psychos in this reaction, but yanderes aren’t exactly mentally stable.)

“Now come my dear Kokona! The spotlight must recognize my precious cousin.”

She isn’t my favorite but the concept is interesting if they’re both related

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I hope you dont mind more au askd but its so nice! Have you talked about matsuhana interactions yet?

I never mind talking about Matsuhana!!!!  hehehe

So tanuki!Mattsun and Itachi!Makki have known each other for a very long time. 

They both lived at the city and were often chased away by human. Since they were very defenseless they formed an alliance and looked after one another. They met Oikawa waaaaay back when he was still a part of the court. They were invited to come live at the mountain by Akaashi.

By now they are pretty much an old married couple whose favorite hobby is fooling around and making lame jokes. They also enjoy embarrassing Oikawa (Oikawa didn’t want to introduce Iwa-chan to them at first, because he feared what stories they would tell him).

It’s also pretty normal to see one of them in human form carrying the other one as a pet ♥

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Hey honey. Your little schnauzer sure is precious; I'm a dog groomer and they're my favorite breed to groom. I hope she gets to feeling better, and I'm around if you need to talk. If I lost my Marlapuppy, it would destroy me.

Hello, dear! This message is so wonderful, thank you so much for sending it! Oona is doing better now, tomorrow she’s going for another check at the vet to see if she will need more medications or she can now rest from that. 

Thank you for your message!

prettyinsoulpunk  asked:

For the character meme: JACE WAYLAND. ;)

First impression

Cocky asshole

Impression now

Precious cinnamon roll that must be protected and cuddled

Favorite moment

Hmmm… I have to pick one?  I can’t pick one.  All the moments from ‘This World Inverted’ … The scene where Simon drinks from Jace?  Maybe …

Idea for a story

I’ve talked with @prettyinsoulpunk about this … an idea where a Jace from another dimension ends up in THIS dimension, but not in this Jace’s body.  So there are two Jace’s.  Oh, and the Jace from the other dimension is completely geeky … there are definite ideas LOL

Unpopular opinion

I think Jace can do better than Clary for a significant other

Favorite relationship

Toss up between Jace and Alec and Jace and Izzy

Favorite headcanon

It’s not a specific single thing …it’s more along the lines of, under that hard exterior lies a Jace who enjoys baths and languishing in bed and having his hair brushed and … yeah.  Soft!Jace. *nods*

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Honest and individual opinion on all the girls from delta sigma

@rxdiiance: she used to be one of my favorites, now where is she? i know you’re not living up to your full potential. step back up.
@hayadhq: i’m so sick of this petty feud with hannah. she thinks she’s some disney princess, but she’s not. and btw, babe, everyone knows it’s not just a rumor. 
@impcrivm: i’ve got nothing bad to say about her, to be honest. she’s precious. though, she needs to stay away from sam.
@kelxs: she’s got a pretty face. but that’s all that’s memorable about her.
@xoeva: again, another pretty face. but i want to see her do something wild. live up to her brother’s reputation.
@kicrcs: she’s too reserved. holding back too much. let loose, honey, live a little.
@laylatams: sweet. but forgettable. she needs to do something to impress me. make her name memorable in the sorority.
@mcriana: she’s stirred up some drama, which i appreciate. heard she’s got a past with both sage and finn. interesting. 
@odesssa: who?

futuristictriumphalpaca  asked:

Percy? (Or DIZ if your stuck)

First impression: Hey look, it’s another Pit.
Favorite moment: His entire existence.
Idea for a story: He destroys Anankos on his own because he’s too powerful.
Unpopular opinion: He is a precious child. Where is the love for him?
Favorite relationship: He has a great kinship with his wyvern Ace. It’s great.
Favorite headcanon:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Secret Lightning Buddies - LIGHTNING BOOP

After four years, I’ve finally decided to bury my animosity toward my tablet and give it another chance. Turns out the problem was I just had a shitty art program back then! I tried SAI and now I love my tablet!

Here is a practice sketch of my favorite prickly cactus bastard Harvar and precious little lightning bug Thunder.

Headcanon that Thunder really admires Harvar; she aspires to be a big strong lightning weapon like him someday, but he’s so hard to get close to.

One day, she decides that the only possible explanation for why Harvar is such a meanie is because he’s lonely - he doesn’t have a sibling like she does. A little sister is just what he needs to cure his loneliness, and, as one can never have too many big brothers, Thunder appoints herself to fill the vacancy. She’s going to be his friend whether Harvar likes it or not.

I just love the idea of Harvar taking Thunder under his wing and Jackie taking Fire under her wing as the twins get older. 

Geez Lucy, you’re freezing! Be more careful!

Gift for missyplatina! ^_^ I had some freetime and I realised I never done a finished art for Missy, my favorit fanficwriter! We talked about my choice of Pokemons for NaLu(Charmelion  and Pachirisu), and now I decided to make a small thing to say thanks for all the happiness she gave me with her writing. If you havent checked yet; you should take a look at Virtual Flames!  Also thank you for enduring my rambles on Skype! :3 

* anyone can ask for my skype anytime ~~* 
Plus I wanna make other gifts for another friends of mine because they’re so precious to me and I love how I can be a part of their lives. 

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19 - Winteriron

I’m not their hero/But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave

This is honestly a little bit away from the prompt.

Song is:

I’m Not Your Hero

“Take a trip with me,” Tony says, collapsing on top of him, grabbing the remote out of his hand before Bucky can stop him and turning off the TV, cutting Megyn Kelly off mid-sentence on another one of the seemingly endless roundtable discussion on the Winter Soldier’s place on the Avengers roster.

At this point Bucky is pretty sure he can do an accurate impression of both sides of the debate. Bucky the Victim vs Bucky the Assassin. Rarely, they get creative and add in the ever popular (and Bucky’s personal favorite) Bucky the poor unstable woobie, those brave Avengers for taking him in, I hear Tony Stark’s dating him, how precious, now lets keep him away from the weapons but no need to lock him up, of course!

(It’s rarely used because its hard to sum the position up in a snazzy caption, you see. Tony calls it the ‘Bucky the Dog’ argument. ‘You’re like a rescue,’ he’d explained. ‘Apparently we need to feed you, house you, but not let you out because you’ve been raised badly and don’t know any better, and might go gnawing off some poor kid’s arm for looking at you the wrong way.’

Tony hated Bucky the Dog.)

“Ignore the crazies,” Tony wheedles. “Pay attention to me.” He makes grabby hands that Bucky grabs up and uses to drag his boyfriend closer. “So take a trip with me?”


“Because I want to take a trip?” Tony says, affecting an innocent expression. “Because the Tower has access to too many 24 hour news channels? For the opportunity of new and exciting places to have sex? Bucky! Stop with the patient eyebrows.” Bucky mouths ‘patient eyebrows’ to himself, shaking with laughter. “It’s a surprise.”

“Oh, God,” Bucky groans. The last ‘surprise’ of Tony’s was a cake filled with strippers. For Natasha.

Tony seems to read his mind and points an accusing finger at him. “You cannot deny that was amazing and she loved it.”

Natasha had loved the strippers. She knew at least eight new ways to bend now.

“Alright,” Bucky agrees, and accepts his boyfriend’s gleeful, slightly sloppy kisses with a smile.

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Title: You Promised

Pairing: Annalogia

Setting: Canon

Words: 1247

Warning: Blood, Character Death

A/N: Admin Cat decides to be evil and write angst. :3c

“Come on, Acno. Just over here.” A blonde girl called over to her blue haired friend as she climbed farther and farther up the hill.

“Wait up, Anna! You’re going too fast!” The blue haired boy, Acnologia, called back, struggling to keep up with Anna.

“No, you’re just too slow, idiot.”


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Look what arrived at my door today! I wasn’t expecting these precious orange nerds to show up for at least another week. :D

My favorite thing about these is how someone clearly designed them knowing people would want to squish them close together. Because they’re angled perfectly for that. (They know us so well. XD) Look at Shin-chan, all getting ready to slip his arm around Takao! SO SMOOTH.

… Actually I lied, my favorite thing is the bandages on his hand.

Meanwhile I never owned an anime figure in my life until KnB, and now I have five? HELP.

(Also, according to Oha Asa, my lucky color was green today? APPARENTLY SO. //pokes Midorima)