and now for all the ship tags that still never update

because we definitely need to stuff all of you sinners into a box and let you go at it

a network/chat group for eruri/erwin smith lovers.  if you love erwin smith as much as i do, then this is def the place for you.  

how to enter

1. must be following me and the net blog (still under construction.)

2. reblog this post.  likes don’t count, but you can like it to bookmark it.

3. fill out this application.  it’s short and simple, don’t worry!

4. track the tag #erwinnersnet for updates

5. side note: this is not a popularity contest.  i’m not asking for your follower count or anything.  you get in because you used effort to fill out the app and you seem enthusiastic and excited, not because you’ve got 10k followers.  so if you’re a small/new blog, don’t worry!

rules if you’re accepted

  • be respectful
  • be involved! talk to people, don’t be afraid.
  • follow every member.  this isn’t absolutely necessary but you wanna be involved and in on the fun, don’t you?
  • don’t start fandom wars.  be mature.  if i’ve noticed that you’re the kind who tries to pick fights or start ship wars you probably won’t be picked to be in the net.  this is a safe haven where we can all appreciate erwin smith in peace.

perks of being in the net

  • games and other fun things! cah, movies, friendly fights to the death over erwin smith!
  • selfie/other post reblogs!  
  • followers probably!
  • new pals!
  • kik/skype chats, or whatever you’re comfortable with!

things to do to improve your chances

talk to me!  send me headcanons, aus, or just chat to me about your day.  i don’t bite.  reblog this post multiple times!  write fanfic and tag me so i can see, show me fanart you drew or found.  i won’t be playing favorites, obviously- i’m choosing based on your application, but if we’ve talked previously that’s definitely going to stick with me while i choose.

if you’re accepted

you’ll get a message from me! once i’ve notified everyone, i’ll post the list of people who have been accepted and we’ll get rolling!

i’ll probably pick about 10-15 people or less, but more may be accepted later on!  good luck!