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Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Your newest chapter is so good I got anxiety just reading it the first time. I've read it like four times now and I don't know how I'm supposed to wait two whole weeks for the next (and final! Oh no!) chapter. D: D: D: Just wondering though, how does Yakov feel after the truth came out? He was super accusatory and it didn't seem like he was at all sorry for what happened to Yuuri. Oh, poor Yuuri. I need some kittens and fluff to get over this. D:

Yakov was very sorry when he realised he was wrong and unintentionally dealt a huge blow to Viktor’s career (and by extent his own but he’s more concerned about Viktor since Viktor tried to stop him) and caused something awful to happen to Yuuri as well as being horrible to him in a way that, while he thought he was justified at the time, was a really terrible thing to do. It wasn’t his fault that the information went public but he was still partially to blame.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Yakov hate in the comments and a lot of that seems to be based in the fact that Viktor apologized not him which is probably my fault for not clarifying well enough. Yakov does issue a public apology later and this will be mentioned in the next chapter. The reason Viktor does it in the hastily called press conference is because while Yakov actually made the accusations he’s Viktor’s coach and the sensationalist media don’t care one bit about the coaches, Viktor is the famous one so it’s his name that the scandal get’s attached to. So Viktor is the one that needs to issue the first apology and  do damage control and then Yakov can do official statements and apologies later, which he does.  


This was waiting in my inbox this morning and I just HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

Winter came rather like a surprise to those bustling about Skyhold. The air was always crisp and fresh, they were after all in the mountains, and outside their walls snow lay thick and gleaming. Everyone thought the transition from late autumn to winter wouldn’t be very noticeable. They were very wrong. The air seemed even clearer, the temperature dropped incredibly,and unless you were in the main hall, kitchen or had a room that was constantly heated you were doomed to be chilly.
Or in Dorian’s case you were doomed to feeling like every limb was slowly freezing off.
The mage groaned as his fingers felt stiffened around the tome he was working over once more.

How did they stand it?! By all that was holy this cold would be the death of him. And what an unworthy death for the scion of house Pavus. He sniffed and promptly sneezed afterwards. He was only barely able to keep in a dissatisfied whine. At the very least he still held his pride, damn it all.

Laughter from outside trickled in from the window in his little alcove, who in their right mind would - of course it had to be his Amatus and the touched elf, they were running around like children, shaping snow in their hands and throwing it at one another. What in the maker’s name was the point?! They’d get even colder. He sneezed miserably again and didn’t spot Sera pointing up at his window.

He was attempting to warm his fingers, still clutched around the bloody book, by breathing on them, lets see if south remedies work. Of course not. When a loud bang to his window startled him to attention. Looking over he saw a ball of snow slowly sliding down the glass and he stepped closer.

There on the ground stood Vaxus, smiling up at his window and pointed to something on the ground- Dorian flushed. There, in big letters was his name in the snow, and around it was twigs and stones shaped to look like a damned heart. Vaxus pressed his hands to his chest and gazed up at him with what Varric liked to call his “occasional lovestruck maiden look”.
Dorian’s response was to duck under the window and hide, cheeks burning. Well… he was certainly warmer…now to discreetly get ahold of that sentimental fool, drag him to his room and have the lummox warm him up in front of the fire. After he’d melted that… thing on the ground first.

The heart stayed in the snow till spring.


Lost (Monster Woo)

Anonymous said: Can I have a scenario of Monsta Woo trying to flirt with a small chubby shy Latina girl? 

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    You were lost. You looked up at the buildings looming on either side of you, regretting that you had used your phone so much while eating dinner. The battery had died just after you left the restaurant, and what you thought was the way back to your new apartment seemed totally wrong now. You already got enough looks from your appearance- your diminutive height was about the same as most Korean women, but your figure was a good deal curvier, your skin darker, your hair different- and now you were getting stared at too because you obviously had no idea where you were going. You cringed at the thought of how tourist-y you would look buying a street map, let alone using it, but it looked like it might come to that… You were looking around for somewhere to buy one from when you felt a hand tap your shoulder.

    You turned to see an intimidatingly tall, attractive, and extremely muscular man looking down at you. “Are you lost?” he asked.

    You froze, your eyes moving down the tattoos that covered his arms so thoroughly you could hardly see his skin, to the ratty tank top whose armholes gaped open to the bottom of his ribcage, to the heavy-looking knapsack that he held easily in one hand. You didn’t know how to talk to this guy. You cleared your throat. “Um… I’m fine.”

    “You sure?” he asked skeptically. “Do the street signs just look that different where you came from?”

    You blushed, wondering why you had wasted so much time staring at the street signs and trying to figure out what they said when you knew that knowing how to pronounce the street names probably wouldn’t help you much anyway. “No, I just…” you looked down at the pavement. “I’ll find my way.”

    “How about you tell me where you’re going and I’ll show you how to get there?” he said.

    “Why do you want to help me?” you asked quietly.

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You started avoiding Dean, he didn’t seem to notice, he’d give you an awkward look every now and then but soon be distracted by Victoria again. You’d started skipping meals, hiding out in your room just to make sure you stayed out of their way. Sam noticed first, he kept on insisting you told him what was wrong but you couldn’t bring yourself to.

Until now.

Closing the door behind you, you crawled onto Sam’s bed and sat next to him, he was lent against the headboard busy researching on his laptop. He gave you a smile “You okay?” He asked, still looking at the screen and busy typing.
“Sammy…” You managed, biting your lip and locking your jaw as not to cry.
You felt a tear roll down your cheek and looked away from your brother shamefully.
“Y/N?” Sam stopped what he was doing and brought you into his embrace.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“She hates me.” You whisper, looking into your brothers eyes.
“What?” He frowned.
“Victoria, she hates me. She wants me to leave and she says I do nothing but get in the way.” You spill out between sobs.
“And you didn’t say anything? Have you told, Dean?” He asked, staying calm.
“He didn’t believe me, he got really angry.” You admit, hugging your brother back, clutching onto his shirt. More and more spilled out as you told him what she’d done or said. Sam listened, his heart breaking to see his baby sister like this and he hadn’t done anything about it. Sure, he’d noticed, but you’ve got to do more than notice to do good.
“Okay, come here, come with me.” He said, rubbing your back and getting up from the bed.
You follow his lead reluctantly, silently weeping.

“C’mere.” He took your hand gingerly and lead you out to where Dean and Victoria were, laughing and talking over wine.

“Dean.” Sam grunted through gritted teeth.
Dean looked up and frowned, looking back and forth between you and Sam.
“Is she okay?” Dean asked- bemused.
“No, Dean! Funnily enough she’s not okay.” Sam growled.
“Why-?” Dean began but Sam cut her off again.
“Because of her!” He pointed at Victoria who shot you a glare, you shuffled closer to your brother not letting go of his hand.

“What?!” Dean laughed.

“Because she’s been treating, Y/N like shit!” Sam spat.

“Excuse me?” Victoria gasped dramatically.

“Oh shut up! Y/N’s told me everything.” Sam cried “Everything you’ve said, everything you’ve done you son of a bitch!”

Sam continued to repeat what you’d told him, shutting both her and Dean up every time they tried to speak. You blanked out slightly, not wanting to think about it. You refused to look at anyone, clutching onto Sams hand and hiding from anyone’s gaze. You sniffed when silence took over, feeling Sam wrap his arm round your shoulder and pulling you in close.

“Are you sure?” Dean managed.

“Does she look like she’s making this up?!” Sam cried out.

You wrapped your arms round him and wept. You’d done the exact thing you’d told yourself you weren’t going to- you’d given in.

The next few moments were a blur. You knew Victoria left, you heard Dean shouting something at her as she made her way out, you felt Sam stroke your hair and comfort you. But you didn’t listen to anything people were saying to you. Not because you didn’t care, but because you did.

After a few minutes everything was silent, footsteps sounded towards you and you felt Sam hold you tighter. “Dean, maybe you should go.” He sighed.
“Y/N, I’m sorry…” Dean choked through a sob- you said nothing.
“Dean, we can talk tomorrow.” Sam offered, his hand running over your hair comfortingly/

**** **** **** ****

You woke to the sound of muffled voices on the other side of your door. Your mind flashed back to last night and you bit your lip as you dressed yourself. After getting ready you leaned up against the door and listened:

“I should have listened to her.”
“Yeah, you should have.”
“Do you think she’ll forgive me?”
“Look, as much of a jerk you’ve been… she’s your sister and she still loves you, Dean.”
“I still can’t believe Vicky would do something like that…I thought she was better than that…”
“We both did.”
“I’m sorry, Sam.”
“For what? It’s not me you hurt.”
“I know, I feel like I’ve let you both down though. You’re my little brother and Y/N’s my little sister and- and I wasn’t there for you.”
“You were happy.”
“I was a dick.”

You’d heard enough, you opened the door to see your brothers lent up against the wall opposite your room. They both silenced. You looked from Sam’s sympathetic eyes to Dean’s. His mouth was open ever so slightly and his body was tired.
You took a step forward and hugged him. He stood there, stiff and frozen, unsure of what to do at first. But his hands went from hanging from confusion to your shoulders, his fingers curled round your arms and he brought you in close, resting his chin on your head. He sighed with relief and pressed a kiss to your head.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He whispered.
“Me too-” You sniffed, feeling your eyes moisten.
“No,” he cut you off, shaking his head “No you have nothing to be sorry about, you hear me? This is all down to me and I am so sorry.”
“It’s okay.” You mumble, neither of you letting go.
“No, it’s not…I’m sorry, sweetie.”

Mr Relaxation (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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(This GIF of him is so adorable and I just cannot even deal with HIS FACE right now)

This is specifically written for @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse who was feeling kinda sad, so I made Seb make her feel better. The things I can do….

Prompt: You had a shitty day and are feeling down. Sebastian solves this problem. 

Word Count: 1050

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really over these f/f pairings that get relegated to side plots and don’t have any significant development….like in the example that’s most current in my brain, alex and maggie have a LOT of shit to work out. the way they relate to each other has some serious problems that need addressing. and i might be wrong, they might be gearing up to explore this, but it seems like their relationship has been basically…we kissed, now we’re girlfriends, we had one stupid fight and didn’t resolve the underlying issues that caused it, now it’s just fluff all the time. i hope i’m wrong! but they deserve more screentime to be complex and interesting (and give maggie an actual like backstory and personality) and so far they’re just not getting that and we’re focusing on this mon-el plotline, which–though it seems to me like it might be going in a better direction than i’d thought before–really doesn’t deserve this amount of time.


Description: Sam x reader with some cute Dean x reader friendship. All happy fluff! Reader is insecure and quite simply doesn’t see why Sam would like her. Dean finds her in thought and all the fluff ensues.
Words: 1,922
Warnings: Insecurities
Author’s Note: Ah, it’s nice to just do harmless fluff every now and then, y'know, in between the extreme angst ;) As always, if this seems ridiculously short on mobile, the keep reading break has bugged so just click the post! For @georghiousophia :)

Happiness is a weird concept when you truly think about it. It’s relative and fluid, you could have an amazing day when really the best thing to happen was simply the fact that nothing went wrong… then you can have days where something incredible happens, but hours later it’s overshadowed by something sad. One thing is sure though, the harder you pursue it, the harder it is to reach it.

Today was a day you’d had far too much time to think on things like this, you’d always laughed when your mother had said, “watch it, too much thinking is dangerous!” But she wasn’t wrong.

It’d started with getting up, clearly, that’s how most days start, but it was the fact of it being nothing special that made it worse somehow. You threw on some clothes and headed down to the kitchen to brew a hot drink that would hopefully keep both eyes open at the same time. As per usual, Sam was already there still in his jogging outfit and you fought to keep your eyes from lingering too long.

“Morning, Y/N,” he said looking up from the papers he was reading and throwing you a brief smile.

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Imagine Oswald Cobblepot x You (Him, comforting you - Slight Fluff Smut One-Shot)

@red-panda-on-the-loose asked me to write a comforting story for her. I hope you feel better soon, honey! I am here if you ever need someone to talk ❤

This is also for everyone who’s not feeling well at the moment. You are strong! Always remember ❤

Warnings: Comfort, Sad/Exhausted Reader, Fluff Smut/Love Making (nothing too explicit), Sex from behind, Loving and caring Oswald

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Both of Us Missed

Characters: Dean x Reader


Summary: The reader fully has her memory back now, an Dean just told her he loved her.

This is Part 6 in Missing Series. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

Here is the last installment of the Missing Series! It started off as just a request, but I am so happy I decided to make it into a full series. Thank you again to the anon who sent in the original request! I hope you all enjoy this last part, get ready for lots of fluff. :)

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