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Harass my daughter on Minecraft? You can't hide from me.

So, my daughter, who was about 8 at the time, was REALLY into Minecraft (as most kids are these days). Also desperately wanting to join the Youtube/Let’s Play culture, I had installed some screen recording software that would let her make videos of the games she was playing so she could later upload them to Youtube.

Anyways, one day I’m minding my own business when I hear her quietly sniffling over on the computer. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t want to tell me so I let it go, but decided to keep on eye on her. A few minutes later I discovered what was happening; someone was harassing not only her, but also all the other kids playing on whatever server she was on. This kid (we’ll call him Little Sh*thead, or LS) was saying sh*t about how he was going to rape my 8 year old daughter (she told him how old she was hoping he would stop), how he was going to hack into her IP and steal all her info, swearing profusely (remember, this is a game for kids), etc etc. By this time I had gotten my fiance involved, and she was also obviously quite upset at what a little sh*t this kid was being. We realized that our daughter had been recording the entire incident, and a plan began to form.

I started by googling LS’s username. There were several hits immediately, the most interesting of which involved a page where he was publicly applying to be a mod for a server on Minecraft. I was able to learn a lot about this little POS: he claimed to be 15, likes hockey, used to live in Toronto but now lives in Florida. But the bombshell was easily his skype contact info; it was literally firstname.lastname. I know your name now, you little sh*t.

So I head over to Facebook and search for the name. Nothing. Hmmmm. On a hunch I searched for just the last name, while narrowing my results to only the state of Florida. Several dozen hits. Hmmm. So I have to start combing through each one, until I find what I was looking for: a middle aged man with the same last name, whose profile indicates he was born in Toronto and now lives in Florida. I FOUND YOUR DAD, YOU LITTLE SH*T.

So I sent him a message on Facebook, asking if he had a son named firstname who goes by his username on Minecraft. Dad confirmed I had the right guy. So my wife begins telling the dad everything that LS was saying to my daughter, and we sent him the recorded video as proof. Radio silence for a few days.

Then we got the message back: LS had his computer taken away from him for the entire summer, and had also been lying about his age (he was only 11, I think). His parents were f*cking livid with him, and he surely hated the next few months of his life.

No one f*cks with my daughter.

So i decided to cosplay Sniper!Lance instead of generic 100% cannon Lance since I’m…really weak for the sniper lance thing. So I decided to design the gun! I’m probably gonna stick with this design unless you guys have feedback ;v; (which i would love to hear omg…..)  
I probably won’t be making this until the end of october tbh. 

One thing that makes me happy about Brooklyn Nine-Nine (even in light of this stressful finale) is that peraltiago relationship conflict is mostly external. Like, I feel like most shows depict unhealthy romantic relationships with internal conflict, in which characters fight and lie to each other and break up and make up over and over again. For some reason, a lot of writers seem to think that internal conflict is the only way to add drama to an established relationship.

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

After the initial will-they-won’t-they dramatics, Jake and Amy are nothing but supportive of each other at every step in their relationship. Jake doesn’t resent Amy for being ambitious. Amy doesn’t resent Jake for being a hot mess. They communicate with each other. They affirm each other. The most relationship conflict we’ve seen is when they get separated by external circumstances (Florida and now prison, apparently).

tl;dr: I wish more writers would realize that you can write interesting romantic pairings without relying on unhealthy relationship tropes.

Snowball, Wolf hybrid, Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He’s recovering his health and ability to walk; he required months of hydrotherapy. His temperament is different than any other wolf dog – he’s social and outgoing, does outreach work, activism, modeling, and acting. He now lives between California, Florida, and New Jersey. His favorite person besides his mother is an autistic child he met and befriended. His paternity is unknown, but we had a sanctuary take a look at him and he is most likely a low high-content wolf.”

Dorothy, of Spring Hill, Fla., has a 15-year-old son with spina bifida and developmental delays, and her 13-year-old daughter is, she says, “mildly autistic.” Neither was happy at public school.

“My son was in a lockdown classroom with gang members. It was a bad situation. I was afraid he was going to get hurt,” Dorothy says. “My daughter was getting bullied because she spoke out of turn or would get upset easily. Twenty kids in a classroom was a lot for her.”

Today, Dorothy is homeschooling her son and daughter with the help of a novel item on the school choice menu: the Gardiner Scholarship. This voucher program, created in 2014, can be used by students with specific disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. It has grown rapidly and is now used by 7,000 Florida students.

A controversial education bill now before Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, would add $30 million to the program’s budget, amid other expansions to school choice.

Using the Gardiner, which provides an average $10,000 for each child, Dorothy has been able to purchase tablet computers, a camera, a telescope, books, online courses and other supplies and equipment to customize a curriculum for both teenagers.

“They are doing better than I ever could have imagined,” says Dorothy (we’re not using her last name to protect her children’s privacy). “Neither take any [psychiatric] medication anymore. There are no overstimulation issues.”

Homeschooling Makes Learning Personal For Some Special Education Students

Illustration: Cristina Spanò for NPR

Hubble is spending spring break at the University of South Florida.

A campus canine catching up on studies and playing in the leaf piles!


Video of a dinosaur-sized alligator in Florida is going viral — and people are freaking out

  • On Monday, Lakeland, Florida, police uploaded shared video colossal alligator at a wildlife sanctuary, and it’s sending the internet into a fit.
  • The gator’s size has led some to suspect that the footage is fake.
  • But, in keeping with all that makes Florida bizarre and great, of course the gator is real — and locals call it “Humpback.” Read more

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  • York: All right, so for everything you have ever done you take a drink. We’ll go around the circle.
  • Wash: Sounds simple enough.
  • Connie: Can we have an example?
  • York: All right, so say if I were to say "Never have I ever been a bomb specialist", Connie would take a drink right? Cause she has. But it’s more exciting to do edgy ones.
  • North: Like if I were to say, I don’t know, "Never have I ever...eaten human flesh"?
  • York: Yes! You see now?
  • Florida: *takes a drink*
  • York: Oh, no, no, you drink if you *have* done it, Florida.
  • Florida: Oh, I understand.

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Modern AU: Obi calls back home for the first time in years.

The first nice day in April finds Obi out on the fire escape, elbows braced against his knees to keep his hands from shaking.

His phone has one contact pulled up, his thumb hovering over the call button. He’s paralyzed; every time his gaze catches on the name, it’s like being punched in the gut. Not like when he was in the ring, prepped and tense, but like when he was just some undersized foster kid, someone who would be leaving soon, someone no one would remember if you stuffed them in a locker or shoved them head-first into a toilet. Something he can never be prepared for, no matter how many times it happens.

Home, it reads.

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can you believe dan and phil are doing lines off of each other's naked bodies right now while listening to florida kilos by lana del rey

that’s some crazy shit i support them