and now everyone is judgin' me

I almost cry, hojong is so beautiful, they dont have that much interactions on camera, but if you pay attention to the details their relationship has been always a constant thing. Since predebut and when they were sharing room, they are always looking at each other, they try to be always next to each other. (I love them so much), they are always teasing each other but they are always there for each other, when they are sad or need some advice they always look for the other one. They hang out a lot! and hoya is a real gentleman taking care of sungjong’s bag and paying for him. Is like they are a really old couple super comfy around each other, sadly they have this special connection and everyone around them is like third wheel. Then, Sungjong is like i dont like you but deeply i love you so much, and hoya is like a baby around him and adore him a lot.
And let’s be honest, they have a thing for each other bodies like omg, sungjong thinks hoya is the sexiest member and i dont need to clarify how hoya is always talking/looking/staring about/at sungjong’s butt.

Some pics because when they are together is just laugh, being lovely dovey and judgin’ really hard e.e (they both judge everyone)

The way they look at each other and that tension omg, this was my fangilr moment that comes once per year, now i’ll be back to chill and my normal coolness.

[Genji]: So, McCree, I have noticed you have been speaking to my brother more as of late.

[McCree]: *nervous silence and begins to sweat*

[McCree]: Hanzo? Nah. Guy’s a stuck-up jerk, but tha’s just me. Not ta offend ya, since he’s yer brother and all, but… He’s jus’ a damn- *trips and loses balance*
*hundreds of thousands of photos of Hanzo spill out of wallet* W-what a fuckin’ tool. I- Listen, these AIN’T MINE. I-I’m just-*gathering them up, frantically sweating* Listen, I jus’, listen! Fuck! *thousands of pictures of Hanzo fall from serape and scatter across the floor and lay at Genji’s feet* FUCK! SON OF A BITCH! I’M JUS’ HOLDIN’ EM FOR A FRIEND, STOP LOOKIN’ AT ME LIKE THAT, JUDGIN’ ME THROUGH YER DAMN MASK THING, AND LISTEN, GODDAMNIT. *pictures fall out from under his hat and belt buckle* JUS LEMME EXPLAIN BEFORE YA GO RUNNIN’ AND JUMPIN’ TA CONCLUSIONS.

bonus: mccree had fun explaining that

he tries to say he’s holding them for his mom because his mom wanted to see pictures of hanzo and now everyone wants to know why his mom wanted to see pics of hanzo and why she knew about him  (◡‿◡✿)