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Beautiful Stranger - Home

Rating: T
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Chapter Summary: Laura moves in to the Karnstein House.

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Beautiful Stranger on AO3: Part 1, Part 2

Laura moves in on a Sunday.

Carmilla had tried to convince her to rent the U-Haul for the day before.  To allow them the whole weekend to unpack.  But Laura had insisted that it be a Sunday.

To start the week off fresh and new, Carm.  She had said.  Rambling something about good ju-ju and a healthy way to start something or other.

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“If [3x15] is anti-Olicity, it’s even more anti-Lauriver” —              Laurel Brown


Okay, so this just highlights once again that the Arrow writers totally know what they’re doing here. 

By this stage, The Gugg and the rest of the crew are totally on board with the skittish nature of the Olicity fandom. This is pretty much the Olicity fandom at any given moment…

We startle real easy… and there may be the smallest amount of drama queen thrown into the mix, just to make it that much more fun. 

So, what’s a writer to do when they still want us to watch, but need to develop a s/l around two characters where they grow and evolve before coming together? 

Well, obviously there has to be angst, and it’s a 20+ episode long season… of a (hopefully) at least 5-6 season show, so, it’s all about pacing. 

But how to put the Olicity fans through hell, but keep them coming back? 

Sure, Olicity needs to have these angsty, ‘we’re a million miles apart’ moments, so that they have a journey back to not where they used to be, but a better, more evolved situation. But how to prevent the fandom from overreacting? There’s the big question. 

So, each week they put out spoilers, warning us to prepare for more Olicity conflict (which I love BTW), so the Olicity fandom can brace accordingly…

And we’re holding it together, but now we’re over half way through the season and it feels like we’ve been holding it together forever and people are starting to get a little fragile.

The writers know they have to play more beats in the Olicity story yet, how to prevent a mass Olicity reaction akin to this while we play out those beats…

Simples… give them a little reassurance… yes, it sucks to be an Olicity fan right now… but trust me, it sucks to be a Lauriver fan even more. 

Everyone knows that someone else’s misery takes the edge off your own. Am I proud making that observation…? 

No, not really, but it’s the truth. Yes, Olicity are going through a rocky patch right now, but their romantic s/l is still very much alive and kicking. Lauriver… well… sounds like now is a time to put a fork in it… it’s done. 

There is no romantic s/l playing out between Oliver and Laurel. It’s done. Can I say that’s a forever thing? Well, no. I don’t think anyone with half a brain will lock down and say 'never’ about a lot of things in the future. But the writers are obviously not planning anything romantic for Lauriver in the short or even relatively long term. As a crime fighting duo, sure, that’s a huge s/l arc which is just opening up, but romantically… umm, see Rick and the bicycle girl corpse from above. 

So, yes, the writers are serving up more Olicity angst, but cleverly, they’re also cognizant of the fact it’s been a long season for Olicity fans. They’re leaving us breadcrumbs to sustain us. Like last week’s unexpected Olicity goodness in 'The Return’. They’re reassuring us that this angst for Olicity isn’t to build a way back to Lauriver. They’re telling us not to give up. To hang in there, they’re not done yet… but they’re being subtle… kinda…

That is all… I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…  

askweisswolf  asked:

"Make as many stab wounds as you want."

“Why ever would I want to eviscerate such a lovely specimen?” Golden eyes traced the form before her, the stilletto in her hands twisted by thin fingers. “ I personally think that stabbing is rather messy and inhumane." 

Quick as a viper, the thin blade was driven through the faunus’ hand, pinning it to the wall behind her. 

"But if that’s what you want, who am I to disobey a Schnee?”