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Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule from Monday, August 21 to Sunday, August 27.

Like I said last week, there’s a lot more of the original Teen Titans, now. Kids can wake up for school watching it and come back from school watching it. That’s neat. Weird how a show that ended 10+ years ago is getting more reruns than the Ben 10 reboot, the PPG reboot, Justice League Action, and all those current shows on the “NOT AIRING THIS WEEK” sidebar. Especially Steven Universe. Though CN has been airing that Estelle music video a lot on TV recently. Before someone replies in the notes here that CN is trying to kill SU, no they aren’t. Shut up.

Lego Nexo Knights gets a week long bomb at the bad time of 7am. Oof. Couldn’t give it a 4pm slot?

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is airing yet again during the weekend.

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

  • Lego Nexo Knights - Mon-Fri at 7:00a
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Mon-Thurs at 6:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Sunday at 5:30p

Starting next week, CN is going back to airing new episodes weekly, part of two Friday night blocks: Ben 10 Alien of the Week, and Friday Night (I dont think thats the actual name). New episodes include: Ben 10, Teen Titans Go!, OK K.O.! (TWO new episodes), The Amazing World of Gumball (after FIVE MONTHS), and We Bare Bears (TWO new episodes). I hope it lasts.

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 142 - 40%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 74 - 21%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 68 - 19%

i guess you probably remember me being “vague” and “teasing stuff” in the past
guess I can reveal some 

one (i might have mentioned that before though) is that i found out about the songs and their names back in november of last year (no, i can’t tell you where) but it was shortly before idk played the first emo nite show and just then did i know that it was actually something new that was happening just now

another thing is that i randomly checked Apple Music now and again to see if maybe IDK had uploaded music (slim chance but who knew with them being all sneaky and having us find stuff) and well end of July I searched for modern day cain because that was likely gonna be the first single and what do you know, this turned up

nothing showed up when you viewed the band but that meant it was being set up

can’t really think of other things i’ve been teasing…

dankestbadbitch  asked:

I propose that we conjure up a ceremony/sacrificial offering-like thing to summon Mark back to Tumblr. We can have some dollar-store birthday candles arranged in his iconic warfstache and we can chant "Herb Lore" while his scary outro music plays backwards. Or we can scrap that and instead collectively yell that he's short af over and over. Whichever works, right?

guys…i think we have a gameplan, now.

thanks mj ur the real mvp

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say maki, have you ever heard of classical techno? i recommend checking out Mozart Techno Band, this is an info pass from one piano player to another

I haven’t. I guess I’ll check them out-

WHAT are you doing!?


They’re a band! A band!!!

That means they’re our rivals, and you’re just gonna give them a free promo off our backs!

Don’t be so weird all the time! It’s just a music share! Besides, I might even like it, and what business is it of yours if I do?

Stop being so naive! Saboteurs lurk around every corner in this industry! They’ll eat you alive if you don’t get smart!

What you’re not thinking about is, lets say you do like their music! And then, you get to know the band, and then they say “hey, why not drop your lousy old group and join us instead?” and then-

Oh… I get it now…

Thanks, Nico-chan. That was sweet of you.


To that anon about Harry's single promo

If you love being a fan and supporting Harry but feel bored right now then take this time and read a book or two and finish them.
Harry could be taking this time to rest before tour, or to rehearse for the tour. He could be going through something right now (a loved one’s death or sickness, knock on wood that it’s never the case again). He could be sick right now. Would Harry’s team be a better team if they forced him to promote 2ghosts despite if any of those things were the case? Harry doesn’t owe you or me anything. If he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t even have to promote 2ghosts. This is his career, his life. He can quit music and became a full-time actor, or a lawyer, doctor, or even go back to working in a bakery, and I would travel to England and go to that bakery to buy a cupcake from him. Two Ghosts is not terrible. It’s a great song. It’s my favorite song at the moment. I listen to it every single because I want to and because I love it. Harry could be seating and staring at a wall right and that would be fine, it’s his life. Everyone has one. He should be able to have one too. Stop comparing his 2nd single song choice with everybody else’s. He will be successful in whatever he does in life without it having to be measured in numbers and money. I’m grateful for when Harry takes these kinds of breaks. A great team is a team that allows you to rest and treat you like a human being. I hope that Harry has the BEST team. Harry has a life, family, friends, then a career, remember that.

thank you for your submission @harrold-s!

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ive been using the thong song as background music for your blog but now i might have to change it to We're My OTP

Isn’t that a Troye Sivan song back when he was mainly a youtuber? AND ARE YOU KIDDING ME???shakdhdiak?!?

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I'm kinda stalking you about this now. Sorry! But I found a NY Post article from Feb '08 that says "Comic Andy Samberg is surely thrilled to get his girlfriend back. The “SNL” star showed up at the Brooklyn Academy of Music the other night to applaud his elfin lovebird Joanna Newsom‘s last concert before she takes an extended break. Newsom, a 26-year-old harpist, pianist and singer who was snapped with Samberg in December...' So maybe they were together in late '07??? I'm so confused!


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Where is Lizzy Midford now? Is she still hiding and refusing to go back home?

I’m not sure where she is, but I think she might be near or even with real Ciel. Therefore, she *could be at the manor right now*, its just that the earl hasn’t got past the initial shock of seeing his older twin, Ciel, so no one is mentioning her yet.

She might have arrived in the carriage along with real Ciel/Lord Sirius. Lord Polaris might be lurking around the manor, too, since he’s a butler…. And the other lords of the stars could be there, but I think they are with Blavat. If Lizzie did arrive in that carriage, then the servants would have initially thought that the earl had safely brought her back from Sphere Music Hall.

If she’s not with real Ciel, then she might be with Blavat, wherever he is now, which might still be somewhere in London.

So I got sent this by a follower....I do deserve this

How are you single ? I’m not just saying that because your looks , by your answers to ask and everything you seem so sweet and genuine and that’s hard to find now days. You deserve to be treated like a princess and loved like no other. You deserve to get breakfast cooked for you in bed. You deserve to go out on cute dates. You deserve to be kissed with loving lips. You deserve to be twirled around to music in the living room dancing around in a t shirt and socks. You deserve to taken to a family Christmas party and shown off for the family to love you as he loves you. You deserve to wake up in and see loving eyes look back at you. You deserve to be picked up and carried to bed when you fall asleep elsewhere. You deserve to to have your hand held as you walk around. You deserve sweet random messages throughout the day. You deserve years not months. You deserve love not lust. You deserve the same amount of time and energy that you put into a relationship given back. You deserve a kiss when you come home. You deserve goodnight baby I love you before you fall asleep. You deserve waking up to a arm around you the same arm every morning. You deserve forehead and nose kisses. You deserve someone to be with you through thick and thin. You deserve a ring on your finger. You deserve to be a princess. You deserve to be kissed for no reason other then love. You deserve hugs that put all your broken pieces back together. You deserve having nights of laughter. You deserve nights spent cuddled up to a movie. You deserve kissing in the rain. You deserve to be loved.

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Are you still working at CN?

Nope! I was actually only finishing my Sophomore year of college when I got my internship with CN (but if they want to hire me back; I’ll instant transmission back to LA in a heartbeat!)

I’ve spent the remainder of the last two years finishing school, now I’m freelancing full time working w/ the music industry!

For the time being, I’m trying to focus on ways that I can continue growing my own personal brand, as well as Artists Everyday, and the work that I’m doing with music artists!

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pls do bts as classmates to make me feel better about school starting


  • the class clown
  • super popular
  • head of the drama club
  • talks during the lessons
  • balances pencils on his nose
  • highkey annoys all the teachers
  • says dumb stuff when he gets called on which makes everyone laugh 
  • i’m not saying this vine is him but that vine is him
  • slacks off during class because he always has the plug™ for answers on upcoming tests
  • “knock once if it’s A scratch ur nose if it’s B and blow a kiss if it’s C” 

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  • the artsy cute guy who always smells like coffee
  • zones out during lessons
  • sits in the back with his headphones in
  • hides his phone behind a book and watches netflix
  • doodles instead of paying attention
  • either he’s sketching 
  • or writing names in a death note
  • no one knows
  • on rare days he’s in a really good mood and dropping funny sarcastic comments every now and then
  • has a tight knit group of friends
  • eats lunch in the music hall 
  • intimidating but once u get to know him he’s super sweet
  • orders pizza during class
  • has no fucks to give


  • one of the cool rebel kids
  •  u get forget he’s enrolled because he’s never there
  • strolls into class late every day 
  • chews gum really loud
  • “okay but how will trigonometry ever help me in the real world
  • u can hear the music through his earbuds from a mile away
  • throws a party at his house every weekend
  • never studies but somehow has all As
  • because he’s actually really smart
  • acts like he doesn’t care about school but secretly stays after school in the library reading 

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  • teacher’s pet
  • has color coded notes with neat diagrams
  • and more highlighters than any normal human should possess
  • raises his hand to answer every question
  • reminds the teacher about homework before class ends
  • captain of the academic decathlon team
  • voted most likely to succeed
  • tried to set the frog used for dissections free
  • [throws it out the window]
  • namjoon it’s DEAD
  • is seokjin’s plug™ for answers


  • social butterfly 
  • so perfect and angelic it’s sickening
  • “sorry i was late, i was taking my neighbor’s kitten to the vet when i saw a homeless man who need a bus ticket, so i gave him mine :)”
  • voted prettiest smile, nicest hair, and most likely to be a backup dancer for beyoncé
  • didn’t even run but somehow became class president 
  • the only one who actually likes group work
  • popular but isn’t stuck up
  • flirts with the female teachers which gets him all As
  • wow mrs. you look gorgeous today ;)
  • has tea on everyone 


  • the weird guy that all the girls have a crush on
  • lowkey thinks he’s better than everyone in the class
  • and let’s be honest he is
  • denies he’s rich yet wears designer brands
  • has 20/20 vision but wears glasses to look smart
  • looks like he has his shit together 
  • but procrastinates and is internally screaming half the time
  • in every social group
  • goes from the jock table to the nerd table to the preppy table all in one lunch period 
  • always tries to leave as soon as the bell rings
  • teacher: the bell doesn’t dismiss you, i do
  • taehyung: then why is there a bell ??

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  • the socially awkward jock
  • in every sport offered
  • including bowling
  • but unlike his teammates he’s not an asshole
  • quiet and keeps to himself
  • but once u get to know him you’ll need ear plugs
  • well mannered and polite to everyone
  • teachers pray that he ends up in their class
  • backpack looks like he’s hiding bodies in it
  • and he probably is
  • falls asleep in class 
  • because he stays up all night playing overwatch
  • but never gets in trouble
  • accidentally calls the teacher mom
  • several times

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Jackson for Never Ever and Q Stages on Music Core: 170325


Luv U Better
LL Cool J
Luv U Better


LUV U BETTER was the leading single from LL’s 9th studio album “10”. The song became a massive hit in the US reaching the top 5 of the HOT 100 and topping the US R&B chart (something he hadn’t accomplished before since I NEED LOVE in 1987)

“10” is a masterpiece, one of my favorite records..