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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I just wanted to ask when the next TBE chapter will be up?

Hell, Anon! I’m sorry for getting back to late, I hope you enjoyed the new update if you’ve read it!

Hopefully going forward I can return to a more semi-regular update schedule now that I have pretty much nothing but free time! As long it balances well with my recovery plan, should all be good’
Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Our Psyche mission to a metal world, which will explore a giant metal asteroid known as 16 Psyche, is getting a new, earlier launch date. Psyche is now expected to launch from the Kennedy Space Center in 2022, cruise through the solar system for 4.6 years, and arrive at the Psyche asteroid in 2026, four years earlier than planned. 

Below are 10 things to know about this mission to a completely new and unexplored type of world.

1. Psyche, Squared 

Psyche is the name of the NASA space mission and the name of the unique metal asteroid orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid was discovered in 1852 by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis and named after the Greek mythological figure Psyche, whom Cupid fell in love with. “Psyche” in Greek also means “soul.”

2. Mission: Accepted

The Psyche Mission was selected for flight earlier this year under NASA’s Discovery Program. And it will take a village to pull off: The spacecraft is being built by Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto, California; the mission is led by Arizona State University; and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be responsible for mission management, operations and navigation.

3. An Unusual Asteroid 

For the very first time, this mission will let us examine a world made not of rock and ice, but metal. Scientists think Psyche is comprised mostly of metallic iron and nickel, similar to Earth’s core - which means Psyche could be an exposed core of an early planet as large as Mars.

4. Sweet 16 

Psyche the asteroid is officially known as 16 Psyche, since it was the 16th asteroid to be discovered. It lies within the asteroid belt, is irregularly shaped, about the size of Massachusetts, and is about three times farther away from the sun than Earth.

5. Discoveries Abound 

The Psyche mission will observe the asteroid for 20 months. Scientists hope to discover whether Psyche is the core of an early planet, how old it is, whether it formed in similar ways to Earth’s core, and what its surface is like. The mission will also help scientists understand how planets and other bodies separated into their layers including cores, mantles and crusts early in their histories. “Psyche is the only known object of its kind in the solar system and this is the only way humans will ever visit a core,” said Principal Investigator Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University.

6. Think Fast 

The mission launch and arrival were moved up because Psyche’s mission design team were able to plot a more efficient trajectory that no longer calls for an Earth gravity assist, ultimately shortening the cruise time. The new trajectory also stays farther from the sun, reducing the amount of heat protection needed for the spacecraft, and will still include a Mars flyby in 2023.

7. Gadgets Galore

The Psyche spacecraft will be decked out with a multispectral imager, gamma ray and neutron spectrometer, magnetometer, and X-band gravity science investigation. More:

8. Stunning Solar Panels 

In order to support the new mission trajectory, the solar array system was redesigned from a four-panel array in a straight row on either side of the spacecraft to a more powerful five-panel x-shaped design, commonly used for missions requiring more capability. Much like a sports car, combining a relatively small spacecraft body with a very high-power solar array design means the Psyche spacecraft will be able to speed to its destination much faster. Check out this artist’s-concept illustration here:

9. See For Yourself

Watch the planned Psyche mission in action.

10. Even More Asteroids

Our missions to asteroids began with the orbiter NEAR of asteroid Eros, which arrived in 2000, and continues with Dawn, which orbited Vesta and is now in an extended mission at Ceres. The mission OSIRIS-REx, which launched on Sept. 8, 2016, is speeding toward a 2018 rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu, and will deliver a sample back to Earth in 2023. The Lucy mission is scheduled to launch in October 2021 and will explore six Jupiter Trojan asteroids. More:

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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Writting Prompt: Danny cries in his sleep, sometimes really loud. And screams. Once he even transform while sleeping. The problem is, he start to doing it when he fall asleep in class. Hope it's good enough to write

angst oh god what is with this phandom and angst okay here’s ur angst with a heavy dose of weird millennial humour because this bitch can’t angst without a metric fuck of comedy sprinkled all over the place

also I’m sick and wrote half of this in the middle of the night while feverish so like, I did my best

“OKAY THIS IS FINE.” Danny said aloud to the floor. He didn’t really intend the floor to be the recipient of his ire but it was where his face was currently planted so it would just have to ding darn diddly deal with it.

Danny had experienced his fair share of being stuck in awkward positions but this one had rivalled many of his top ten, and he hadn’t even been thrown across a room by a ghost to achieve it! Nope, he just fell out of bed.

One arm was flung out before him, the other awkwardly pulled behind his back, still twisted up in his bedsheets, along with his leg. Just the one leg, the other was hanging - in quite a remarkable display of inhuman dexterity - over his shoulder.

All it took was some gut wrenching, heart stopping, bile inducing nightmares. Nothing fancy really, just the visceral image of everyone he loved and cared about DYING from TOO MUCH FIRE right in front of his eyes as he watched helplessly. Yep.

“THIS IS FINE.” Danny said again, a little louder this time. The carpet smelled like feet, Danny decided maybe he should take his eating hole off the gross floor before he caught a foot fungus on his lip. He knew it was possible, it happened to Ricky Marsh once at camp.

Yeah Danny should REEEAAAALLY get his face off that carpet. Right now, yep. He was gonna get up at this very mome-

Jazz heard a loud snore come from Danny’s bedroom. He was supposed to be up half an hour ago, school started in ten minutes. But she knew he had a plate piled high with superhero shenanigans that kept him up at obnoxiously late hours nine nights out of ten. The bags under his eyes could hold all the homework he never got done, with extra space for his unfinished chores.

Jazz was fully prepared to sneak in and firmly tuck him into bed with ghost proof sheets, a lie, an excuse and at least three compromises balanced on her tongue ready to jump at any parent and/or teacher that wanted her brother out of the warm sanctuary of bed today. Then she heard his gentle snores twist into a devastatingly soul crushing little whimper.

Oh boy, that wasn’t good.

Jazz opened her brother’s bedroom door and quietly peered inside to find… no one. He wasn’t there. Typical ghost bullshi-

Jazz had almost closed the door when she heard it again, that tiny little whimper. Was he invisible? She thought to herself, barely acknowledging how fucking weird her life had gotten that that question came so naturally to her.

Jazz padded into the room and found that Danny had, somehow, managed to fall asleep on the floor beside his bed. One leg still hanging in the air via blanket sling, it was almost funny, until he screamed that is.

Jazz nearly jumped out of her spotty blue socks when a noise ripped out of her sleeping brother’s throat, a noise that honestly could have come from the cutting room floor of a horror flick that was deemed too terrifyingly violent to be shown on screens literally anywhere. His back was arched, his mouth wide, hands curled in on themselves, he almost looked as though he were convulsing.

It stopped suddenly, with a gasp and a jolt Danny woke. He didn’t shoot up or flail about, he just laid down on the floor, eyes blearily noticing that there was another person in the room. Jazz sat down by his side as he wiped his face, staring at the tears on his hands.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Danny glared at her.

“Sorry, standard question.” Jazz mumbled as she unhooked his foot from the clinging bedsheets. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Danny, still laying on the floor, swung his right arm around, it had gone numb and tingly, the kind of numb and tingly that really hecking hurt when he started moving it again, yeesh.

“I had this really gnarly dream,” he started as he massaged his arm, Jazz listened intently. “I ordered a sandwich without mayo but when I bit into it there was mayo like, EVERYWHERE and-”

Jazz dropped a pillow on his face.

“That was rude.” Danny’s muffled voice grumbled.

“If you don’t want to talk about it you can just say so instead of being an asshole.” Jazz huffed as she found a pair of jeans and a shirt that were Clean Enough and threw them at the pillow. “You were crying and screaming, I was WORRIED.”

Danny pulled the pillow and clothes away and looked at his sister, actually looked her in the face. Her eyebrows were pulled tight and she was gnawing on her bottom lip, she really did look worried. Danny sat up and fished a somewhat pungent binder from under his bed, Pariah’s Oath he really needed to do his laundry.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” he stared down at his hands, face suspiciously neutral.

“Okay.” Jazz’s voice was gentle, she wasn’t going to push it, she’d learned a long time ago that it always just made things worse. “That’s okay, just know you can always talk to me, alright?”

Danny stood up and stretched, joints cracking and popping in a way that made Jazz want to barf. He could feel his arm again, thank the Ancients.

“You say that now, but every time a new rocket model comes out-”

“Bye Danny.” Jazz fucked off faster than Johnny’s shadow at dawn, absolutely Not wanting to stick around for another geeky space rant. Danny’s shit eating grin followed her out the door until it clicked shut, suddenly dropping back into the deadass tired face of a student who was entirely convinced that consistent sleep schedules were a myth.

He was not okay, ooooh he was so not okay.

Falling asleep again had been a mistake, a GRAVE mista- no okay, no, that pun was just inappropriate. He’d just had not one, but TWO disgustingly detailed nightmares about Literally Everyone dying, death puns were OFF the table right now.

Regular puns were still on the cards though, he thought to himself as he plopped his Little Pocket Book of Puns on top of a deck of cards sitting on his desk. He was proud of that one, in fact he snapchatted it, his smug face squeezed into the corner of the shot by the words ‘passng chem is off the cards bt my puns arnt’. It was easy to fool people with photos, he only had to pull off one good smile and people thought he was fine.

The flood of horrified snapchats he received in return made him giddy. Everything from a two minute video of Valerie trying not to hurl to a picture of Dash’s middle finger. Danny grinned, his grin looked genuine, it was not.

“This is fine.” he lied.


Danny barely made it through the door before the bell went off, he celebrated his victory with a very brief and offensively outdated dance move before Tucker threw a pen at his head and the teacher told him to sit down before he hurt himself.

Danny’s goofy grin remained plastered onto his face as he sat next to Tucker, who was giving him the kind of look that was usually reserved for the weird surrealist internet videos Nathan always tagged him in on Facebook.

“You are like…” Tucker started, fiddling with the broken nib of his stylus. “Super hyper today what the fu-”

“Language, Foley.” the homeroom teacher deadpanned from behind his book.

“Sorry sir! But seriously what the fuck dude.” Tucker continued at a still very perceptible volume. The teacher sighed heavily.

“It’s cool I’m fine I just got like two hours of sleep and drank five coffees in ten minutes I think I can hear colours.” Danny’s eye twitched.

Tucker didn’t laugh, Danny was trying to be funny but it was like, twelve year old funny. He sighed and lowered his voice.

“You’re having nightmares again aren’t you.” Tucker stared through Danny’s plastic grin with serious eyes. “We talked about this Danny, I told you to STOP faking this shit with me. You know what happens when you don’t get enough sleep, you get really fucking weird.”

“Did you get my snapchat this morning?” Danny asked as though he hadn’t heard a single word his best friend had just said.

“Yes, it was awful and I hate you.” The jab had no bite, Tucker couldn’t stand seeing Danny like this, it was like some awful parody of his friend amped up to eleven. He didn’t bother trying to talk sense into him, sense was gone, sense was out the window, sense was on the next plane to god damn Timbuktu.

Danny’s giddiness didn’t let up a single inch throughout their first couple of morning classes. He had stupid jokes and shitty puns hidden up every sleeve in the building, and the tiniest little thing would set him off giggling. Star smacked a fly with a ruler, Danny literally fell off his chair laughing.

Mr Lancer gave Tucker permission to drag Danny out into the hallway to calm down. Tucker grimaced in apology as he dragged along a snorting Danny by the sleeve, the rest of the class having a good laugh of their own.

“Do you think he’s like, actually on drugs or something?” Tucker heard Paulina whisper not even remotely quietly as they left the room.

The moment the classroom door had closed, Tucker slammed Danny against the wall.

“DUDE! GET. A. GRIP.” Tucker was not even in the general vicinity of fucking around right now. Danny needed to chill his tits before he got into serious trouble, the last thing he needed was a detention lumped on top of the pile of reasons Danny’s life was a train wreck.

Danny clenched his teeth, his eyes were wide, too wide. Then his mouth curled up and a laugh squeezed its way through taught lips. Oh no, not again. Not on Tucker’s watch. Before the next giggle fit could get into full swing Tucker had pulled out his drink bottle, uncapped it, and dumped the entirety of its contents on Danny’s stupid guffawing head.

A cough and a splutter later and Danny was sitting on the floor, the stupid grin officially washed from his face.

“Can we talk like actual human beings now?” Tucker asked, the plastic water bottle thudding emptily on the ground.

“I’m not an ‘actual human being’. So no. I can’t.” Danny’s voice was short and clipped, his expression stony.

Tucker slumped to the floor next to his best friend, ignoring the puddle he was half sitting in. They sat in silence for a bit, listening to Mr Lancer’s muffled voice droning on about adverbs or something. A squeak from someone’s shoe echoed down the empty hall. A fluorescent light flickered. Danny winced.

“You wanna borrow my earphones? I’ve got some chill tunes if you need to like, shut everything out for a bit.” Tucker held the tangled cords out to Danny who promptly stuck them in his ears and buried his face in his arms. It was all just, just too much right now.

He threw his hands over his ears when the bell rang, Tucker put a gentle arm around his shoulder.

“C'mon, it’s about to get really loud out here.” he said quietly, taking Danny by the arm and leading him to their next class. It was history, they were watching a movie. Perfect. Tucker rolled up his jacket and put it on the desk in front of Danny.

“Try and sleep a bit, if you can. You can copy my notes later.”

Tucker was a good friend.

Danny put his head down, Tucker’s chill playlist still thrumming softly in his ears. He didn’t want to sleep, he didn’t want to see everyone die again, but his eyes could barely stay open. He read somewhere online that just laying down and resting was still good for you, even if he didn’t sleep he could still get some energy back at least, maybe.

He was out like a light the moment his head hit Tucker’s jacket.

The dream was never the same. Every time it started as just a regular weird ass dream, he was at the Nasty Burger, but he was sitting at his kitchen table. His friends were there, so was some guy he’d never met, they were talking about monster trucks or… something. The guy he didn’t know was showing him a song he wrote, it was gentle and calm, Danny liked it.

That was when the Guys in White showed up. They’d been there before, but not every time. Danny remembered the last dream he had, vaguely, he didn’t know he was dreaming now, but he knew what was going to happen next.

“RUN!” he tried to scream, but his voice came out strangled and quiet. Sam and Tucker kept chatting, they couldn’t see the danger, the strange guy started playing a different song, he had an acoustic guitar now and was on a stage that wasn’t there before.

The Guys in White aimed their ectoguns, knocking off shots around the entire Nasty Burger, Valerie collapsed behind the counter, had she always been there? Jazz was next, she was reading a book on the lounge that had definitely been there the whole time. Danny kept trying to scream, but his throat just couldn’t make anything more than a strangled rasping noise.

Sam and Tucker collapsed before him, the music changed again, the guy on the stage had a smoking hole in his chest, he was playing a cello now. The music was calm, soft and gentle, it hadn’t stopped during the shooting. The GIW agent at the head of the group turned to Danny, face splitting into an evil grin, flaming hair licking at his temples, it wasn’t a GIW agent any more. It had never been a GIW agent.

Danny tried to transform, he needed to save them, they were dead but he NEEDED to save them, if he could go ghost, if he could change he could fix this. His core felt so far away, the cold chill within him just JUST out of his grasp. Why couldn’t he change? WHY COULDN’T HE CHANGE?

Tucker sat at his desk in the dark classroom, taking halfassed notes about… something something president Washington. Hadn’t they already covered this? A flash at the edge of his vision pulled his tired gaze over to the sleeping mess beside him. Danny made a noise, a whimper? It sounded like he was trying to say something.

“Ru… ru-” Danny muttered, voice broken and, oh god he sounded so terrified.

Tucker’s heart splintered into tiny little pieces, and those tiny pieces shattered until his heart was basically just a pile of powder, really sad and devastated powder. Concentrated melancholy, in powder form. He nudged Danny.

“Danny, Danny wake up. Dude you’re talking in your sleep, WAKE UP.” Tucker was super worried, like beyond overprotective mother worried, if Danny said something incriminating in his sleep, if he said something about PHANTOM-

“Gotta… go-” a strand of silver began to creep through Danny’s dark hair.

Oh fuck.

Tucker shook Danny as violently as he subtly could, he needed to wake up. He needed to wake the fuck up right the fuck right NOW. FUCK. It was panic time, shit was getting dangerously identity revealing up in here and Tucker had to do something about it.

More silver was weaving through Danny’s hair, flickers of a dark, skin tight costume appearing for only the briefest of anxiety inducing moments. They were sitting in the back corner of the room, no one had noticed that anything was wrong yet, but someone would. Someone would notice SOON if Tucker couldn’t get Danny to wAKE THE HECKING FUCK HELL UP.

“Danny I swear to god if you don’t wake up I’m going to kill the rest of you. WAKE. UP.” How was Tucker supposed to wake him up without drawing attention to- oh good lordy fucK HIS HAIR.

Tucker pulled Danny’s hood over his head as quickly as he could nearly half a second after a flash of white overtook his entire scalp. Had anyone noticed?? Tucker glanced around the room, nobody was looking, thank christ Wes wasn’t in this class.

Tucker tucked the white strands into the hood as best he could manage before texting Sam as fast as his fingers would allow.

Sam was in the middle of copying some crap about photosynthesis that she already knew when she felt her phone buzz. It was from Tucker, and if his spelling was anything to go by, he was in trouble.


Sam got the gist.

Pretending she was about to vomit everywhere was an easy way out of the classroom, and from there it was just a quick run to the fire alarm. It wasn’t the first time Sam had pulled off a fake emergency, she smashed the glass and hit the button with no hesitation, fuck the consequences. From there she just had to figure out where Danny and Tucker were, they all had copies of each other’s classes in case of just such emergencies.

History, they had history. She knew which room that was.

Sam took off running, boots thundering through the crowds of students filtering out of their classrooms. Sam could barely hear the alarm over the sound of her heart beat thudding in her ears, she didn’t have time to panic and worry, something was wrong and the most important thing right now was finding out what it was and if her friends were okay.

Someone noticed her through the crowd though. As she smashed through a group of kids coming out of a maths class, one guy caught her gaze, one guy decided to follow. Jesus shit she did NOT have the time for this.

Sam detoured down a seperate hallway, the tall redhead on her tail easily keeping pace, why couldn’t he just mind his own god damn business for once and, you know what? Sam thought, FUCK IT.

Another detour into an empty classroom and she had him. Bursting through the door after her, Wes looked around fervently, expecting to find Danny in some kind of juicy compromising situation. What he got was a surprise boot to the gut and he hit the deck like a sack of bricks.

Sam didn’t waste a second before bolting from the room, Wes had already taken up enough of her precious time.

Wes coughed and wheezed and tried to drag a breath into his aching abdomen, she’d clocked him a damn heavy blow and his body was not cooperating until it had a good few moments to recover from Whatever The Fuck Just Happened.

Damn it he was so close!

“Alright everyone, out onto the parking lot, like we do literally every other week.” The history teacher droned, his voice dry. He didn’t even bother making sure everyone left the room before walking out himself, it was probably a ghost attack anyway. These things lost their sense of urgency after the last fifty billion times, the only reason he didn’t make everyone get back into their seats was for legal reasons and honestly, he could really use the smoke break.

Tucker made a show of getting up to leave, but once he and Danny were the only two left he immediately dropped his shit and whammo’d his fists down on Danny’s desk.

“WAKE UP!” He yelled as Sam slid haphazardly into the room, clocking her hip on the teacher’s desk as she failed to reign in her momentum. She struggled with her footing for a moment before catching herself and racing up to the back of the class.

“Is he okay? What’s happening??” she asked, breathlessly.

Tucker lifted the hood from Danny’s bright-ass silvery hair.

“He’s transforming in his sleep and I can’t get him to wake up.” Tucker rushed out in one breath before grabbing Danny by the shoulders. “WAKE. UP. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!” Tucker screamed while shaking him with about as much tenderness as an irate Skulker on illegal performance enhancing ghost drugs. Finally, it was enough.

Danny jolted roughly, spasmed almost, and opened his fluorescent green eyes. Sam and Tucker took a quick step back in case he lashed out, but he didn’t. Danny’s hands gripped at the table hard enough to leave gouges in the sharpie-graffiti stained surface as his breath came out laboured and rasping. Tears smeared across his cheeks and dripped from his nose and chin.

He blinked, hard, before finally raising his head from the desk, looking remarkably disoriented. He was still flickering in and out of ghost form, disappearing from view entirely a few times as well, but it was slowing down as he took a few deep, shuddering breaths. Soon enough he was calm enough to stick to one form, human fortunately.

Sam breathed out a sigh and sat heavily on the nearest chair. He was okay and god she needed to sit down and catch the breath she’d left behind in science class.

Tucker sat beside Danny - who was now vigorously rubbing at his face - and took back his earphones, Sam could hear something that sounded like a cello playing through the small speakers

Tucker got through maybe the first two syllables of the standard 'are you okay?’ when he was abruptly cut off by a mildly lisping giggle.

Wes stood half through the doorway, phone out and trained on Danny’s previously unstable form. He looked a little pale and seemed to be having trouble breathing but that didn’t stop a wide shit eating grin from stretching across his freckled cheeks.

“Gotcha.” he sneered before turning on his heel and fleeing in unbridled glee.

Sam had recovered quickly from her previous run, she was on him like the Box Ghost on a roll of bubble wrap. Tucker heard the pounding of two sets of feet followed by a loud THUD, a squeal, and then what sounded suspiciously like a phone being heavily stomped on by a very firmly placed boot. The groaning came after that, punctuated with some extremely foul language that may have been spluttered through a bleeding nose and/or lip.

Sam came back into the room with a crushed phone in one hand and bloody knuckles on the other. She wasn’t dicking around, not today.

“You okay Danny?” she asked, getting only a tired glare in response. “Sorry, standard question.”

Sam picked up Danny’s backpack and put her hand out for him to take, he grasped it gratefully and she pulled him up from his chair as Tucker wound an arm around his waist. With the support of the two actual greatest people in the whole damn world, Danny walked out of the school and into the parking lot where an exasperated principal Ishiyama was counting heads and calling names.

“Equal Rites! What were you three still doing inside? Get into your- Mr Fenton are you alright?” Mr Lancer’s angry stride softened into a quick jog, concern weaving it’s way through his face at the sight of Danny’s red eyes and wet cheeks.

“He uh, had a head on collision with Wes on our way out.” said Sam, like a liar. “Took a corner too fast and copped a hit to the nose so his eyes got all teary, but he’s okay.”

“Wes might need a little help though.” Tucker added on. “We offered but he’s pretty much convinced we just rammed him on purpose and he threatened to tell everyone we beat him up sooo we kinda just left him on the floor.”

Lancer rubbed at his brow, exasperated. He did NOT have the time for Wes shenanigans. He took a quick look at Danny’s face, checking for any bleeding, satisfied when he could find none he sent the three on their way to get their names marked off before he headed back to the school building to find Wes.

“Thanks.” Danny squeezed Sam and Tucker tenderly, never wanting to let them go. He was so glad they were here, he was so glad they were alive.

“Sleepover at my place tonight.” Tucker declared. “No exceptions, there’s gonna be cuddle piles and maybe a pillow fort, but definitely lots of these.” he gave Danny a big ol’ smooch on the forehead and pulled him in for a tight hug. “You’re gonna be fine man, you’ll be okay.”

Sam jumped on and threw her arms around both her boys, pressing her lips against Danny’s cheek.

“We’re not going anywhere, okay? We’re gonna sleep right beside you and tell those fucking nightmares to fuck right off, just like last time.” Sam gave him a hearty thump on the back that might have knocked over a regular human, but Danny barely shifted.

What in Ring and Crown’s name did he ever do to deserve these two.

That night after a coma inducing amount of junk food and soft drink Danny passed out smushed between Sam and Tuck in what was pretty much the most affectionate and down right adorable Danny Sandwich either of them had ever made.

He dreamed of the three of them beating the shit out of Dan with Fenton Anti-Creep Sticks. He hadn’t slept so well in years.

I have some apologies to make. I am very sorry for:

  1. Being gone so long
  2. Not giving much of an explanation for it
  3. Leaving David S. Pumpkins at the top of my feed for multiple weeks

There’s been a TON of junk going on in my personal life. I had a concussion, mental breakdown, academic crisis, and several other disasters happen over the past few weeks. But I’m okay now! I think! I’ve missed you all very much and hope I can get back to the regular posting schedule soon!

…and have been wanting to say it for awhile now.

It was rather obvious, but this blog is honestly… pretty dead. I always had the intention of coming back, but with friends leaving this place behind, there seldom were people that I interacted with on a regular basis– and thus a lack of motivation to keep up with the influx of asks (of similar and repetitive nature– there’s really only so many things to do before things being to repeat themselves, especially if you’ve been at it for a really long time, not taking into account interactions and events.) I tried multiple times to get back into the flow of things, but it simply never worked out due to the aforementioned issue as well as things such as school schedule, the workload it presented, and now a job with the potential to grow into sometime promising– especially when it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, which is work on games.

This place has been a positive impact on my life and general existence. Tremendously so. I’ve been here since the very beginning as the second blog back in April 2015 (forgive me being a little prideful in saying so, it just means a lot to me) following in badlydrawnjotarokujo/kakyoyoin’s footsteps, and then being followed by badlydrawnpolnareff– both who became lifelong friends of mine, whom I cherish to the very end. This place has done a lot, even if only by setting certain things in motion. I had a lot of fun, and had a lot of opportunities– I improved drastically in my art, met a lot of great people who I still talk to, got a lot of attention for a blog filled with dumb doodles, and even met up with people at conventions– namely Katsucon– making good friends there, as well. I built a lot of confidence, learned a lot, went through some hardships, and was able to feel accomplishment whenever I got an ask saying I made someone laugh, brightened their day, or even helped them be happy despite how much life sucked, even if by just a little. I’m sorry for never answering them, but I do get those asks, I see them, and I want to thank you all for them. I might be a little dramatic, I suppose, but there’s just a lot I’m thankful for. 

I just really wanted to say a genuine thank you for all the support and love that  me and this blog has gotten over the past two years. To make people happy, give ‘em a laugh, or even inspire someone with my art; that’s really all I wanted from this. There was a huge timeframe where I got busy with school and wasn’t able to do much and I’m sorry for that, and I’m ever so grateful to everyone who insisted I take my time and take priority in my other work, and even followed me outside of this blog, which means so, so much to me. Thank you to everyone who showed me love and support in your asks and comments despite my inability to keep active. And for putting up with the feeble attempts to make stuff again.

To say I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr as a whole is an understatement, although I’ve been AT LEAST trying to keep my artblog up to date w/ somewhat nicer pieces I do. I’m much more active on my Twitter, where I’m at least a couple hundred times less serious sounding than this, I swear. I also have been making use of Instagram as of late. Snapchat too, if anyone’s into that? I’ve been doing a lot of art and have been practicing on getting better and better, and have a lot of plans for the future, such as convention tabling and making art for games, and further down the line, a webcomic (hopefully with music and animations!) that I’ve been planning and developing for the past year, as well as run a coffee shop alongside bdpolnareff, my QPP. So, things have been looking up, even if I’ve been struggling with depression and the like. I have things I really look forward to. I’ve also recently graduated and have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts & Design! School ain’t over yet, though, since I’m spending another two years in school for a degree in Game Art. Then comes the student loans…

So, while I really want to say sorry for probably disappointing you all with a general lack of content here (which I really am), I want to focus on the positive. I want to express just how thankful I am to all of the 3,000+ people that decided to follow this blog (which was WAY past any expectation that I ever had, tbh) For just being there, validating and supporting me, whether you said something or didn’t,  ‘cause it’s something I really needed. Honestly, you all are the reason that I kept at it for so long, after all. I’m really, really grateful– probably more than you could ever realize. And if I could ask, if you liked my stuff, please follow me on other places and don’t be afraid to drop a comment somewhere, ‘cause I really appreciate them! (Although I’m kind of bad at conversation sometimes, especially in DMs, but I still appreciate–)

I honestly could say thanks and thanks again all day, and it’s probably getting really old by now if you’re still reading, but I just… really wanted to say how much all of this meant to me. So, as a final thanks, thank you for taking the time to read this. ‘Cause that means a lot too. This is goodbye! From here, at least!

I wish all of you luck and good fortune for the future. There are dark times ahead, but remember that it’ll always pass! Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it! Things may not go as planned, but sometimes those things happen so that something greater may come later. After all, we wouldn’t know what happiness is if we were never sad. You never know what’ll happen!

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Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

“Flat out” - h.s. Part 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3



You woke up to Harry kissing your forehead and instantly you realized your back hurt. You were slumped over on your side, twisted like a pretzel, and there was a sticky note stuck to your collarbone as your eyes fluttered open and you saw the hideous yellow thing there as if waiting to see if you remembered what was written on it.

“Hey there,” Harry chuckled, gingerly placing some of your papers and books aside so he could sit on the side of your bed. You groaned and sat up as your bones cracked muscles screamed for attention. Rubbing your desk, you opened your eyes fully to see Harry staring at you with a bemused expression, a mug of coffee in his hands.

You reached out for it and grabbed it from him without question as Harry sputtered, “No wait that’s not - yep, yeah okay yeah sure. Yeah that’s - go ahead. All for you.”

You gave him a half-hearted glare before slowly sipping his coffee, leaning back against your headboard and rubbing your forehead. “What time is it?”

“I figured I wouldn’t let you sleep past ten considering you’re usually up around six and I don’t really understand how regular sleep schedules go, but it’s ten now … so … just wanted to make sure you’re not dead.”

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Amore || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: Jack desperately wants to get a new tattoo, but has no inspiration whatsoever.

A/N: Sorry for not posting much lately guys, I hope I can get back to a regular update schedule at some point soon. But for now bare with me, lovelies!!xx

It all started when Jack was recording a video with Mikey and Conor and the subject of tattoos was thrown around. One of the questions asked what his latest tattoo was, and even though neither of the boys had any idea, the idea of once again getting a new piece of ink got him thinking. He’d known for months that he wanted something else on his right arm, and he’d been scouring the internet for ideas, but came up with nothing.

And then, one day, you walked into his apartment after driving back from visiting Zoe and Alfie in Brighton, and proceeded to immediately sprint into his bedroom and throw yourself at him, laughing loudly when he quickly wraps his arms around you and flips you over so that he was hovering over you. He brushes his lips against your and looks into your eyes with a wide smile which you reciprocated. “What are you doing home so early? Thought you said you’d probably be coming back later tonight to avoid traffic?”

You grin and kiss his lips shortly. “Wanted to surprise you.” You look over your shoulder at the camera and umbrella lights with a squint. “What’re you filming?”

“Well, I was gonna do prank calls; but then I changed my mind.” He says, and you look at him with your eyebrows furrowed. You part your lips to ask why, but before you can he presses his lips back against yours and grips onto your hips; causing you to groan and push him away, only to giggle at the pout on his lips.

You push yourself into a sitting position and kiss him quickly before pulling away and grinning at him. “You need to film.” Even with your insistent tone, he still continued to pout. “How about we film the girlfriend tag? You’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” You remind him softly, leaning forward and pushing your thumb across his jutted out lip.

He sighs quietly, and stares at you for a few seconds before sighing and nodding, gripping your cheeks in his hands and kissing you for just a while longer before pulling away and brushing his nose against yours as you look into his eyes with a smile. “I have the questions ready in a file; are we just playing it normally or are we putting a twist on things?”

“Keep in mind that I did just drive for almost three hours straight.” She laughs, looking into the viewfinder and fixing his hair as Jack walked behind the camera to make sure everything was in focus. She looks up at him over the camera and wiggles her eyebrows playfully, laughing slightly when he rolled his eyes and smirked. As he clicked a few buttons, you lean forward and rest your chin in your hand. “Have you heard Lady Gaga’s new song yet?”

“Yeah, it’s alright.” He shrugs, smiling down at the camera and worming his way back around to sit beside her at the end of his bed.

She nods slowly and yawns into her hand before talking. “It’s very un-Gaga-like.”

Jack pushed you playfully, throwing his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. “Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel. Today I’m joined by my girlfriend, (Y/N).”

She pokes his cheek with her index finger before turning her head and smiling widely at the camera. “Hello! I apologize for looking like I’ve been dragged through a pretty rough hedge, I just drove back from the Zalfie household where I spent the weekend, as many of you guys will already know.” She turns to look at Jack and laughs at the look on his face. “I’m sorry! I’m a talker, that’s just who I am!”

“Whilst I can get a few words in, I’ll let you know what we’re going to be doing today. Now, a few minutes ago I was under the impression that little miss here wouldn’t be home until later on tonight, and so I planned on doing a part two to my prank call video. But, now that she’s here, and I’ve missed her ever so much.” He winks at the camera, and you roll your eyes. “We bought it’d be a good idea to film a video which has been requested more times than I can count. Guys, this is the girlfriend tag.” He raises his arms dramatically, and you look at him with your eyebrows raised.

“I’m assuming you’re going to insert some kind of effect right there.”

“You assume correctly.” He grins, scrolling through his abundance of notes on his phone until he came across the one labeled ‘the girlfriend tag’. He brings up the questions, and silently chooses one in his mind. “Okay, let’s start off with an easy one. When is my birthday?”

You pretend to think for a moment, already planning on playing with him a little. “Um, the twenty-first of November?”

Jack scoffs and shoves her lightly. “You’re such an ass.”

“I know, right?” She grins sarcastically, looking over at him and lifting her shoulders up. “I’m only kidding, mi amore. Your birthday is on the twenty-third, Conor’s is on the twenty-first and Anna’s is on June fourth.”

Jack squeezes your cheeks. “I knew you loved me!”

“Of course I love you, amore.” She rolls her eyes, kissing him quickly before taking his phone and looking for a good question. “Oh! I like this one. What are your nicknames for each other and how did they come to be?”

Jack goes first, seeing as the question was supposed to be aimed at him but seemed to be for the both of you anyways. He rests his hand on your inner thigh as he begins to talk, circling a patch of skin with his thumb. “I don’t really have a nickname for you, I usually just call you babe or babygirl, and then I obviously call you by what everyone else calls you; but that’s it I think.” He shrugs, and you nod in agreement.

“Well, I mainly call you amore, or mi amore if I’m feeling extra nice. And that’s just because of my Italian heritage; I’ve been calling people amore for my entire life, but with Jack, I don’t know, it just feels different.”

“Awh, babe.” He prolongs his words, pulling you onto his lap and kissing you softly. “I love you.”

You grin and kiss him quickly, your foreheads leaning together. “I love you more.”

And that was when Jack knew exactly what tattoo he wanted. Amore, written in a cursive font on his wrist, where he could constantly remind himself of the love he and you shared.

Amore, such a simple word, with such great meaning.

Aura - Ch.8

Cat smiled, eyes darting to Alex as she captured Maggie’s hand between both of her own. “Always happy to help. Alex thank you for coming.”

Alex’s non-response of shoving her hands in her back pockets, earned her an elbow to the ribs from Maggie, and a dejected look from Kara.

“Thanks for having us,” she finally answered.

Cat tried to take a calming breath, reaching out for Kara’s hand. “Thank you for attempting to mask your continued disapproval, agent Scully,” she bit out.


Sharing is Caring (Bucky One-shot)

This was so much fun to write, especially since it was for my lovely Roo. Please let me know what you think! It kinda made me laugh, so I hope it does the same for you. ;) 


Sharing is Caring (reader x Bucky)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Clint, Sam, Natasha.

Summary: Your mutual crush on Bucky is at a stalemate, but you get both get a push after Clint discovers one of your weaknesses.

Warnings: Fluff! Small mentions of drinking and prescriptions drugs.

Word Count: 1850

A/N: This fic is for my love, my darling, my favorite Canadian Insomniac: Roo aka @sebseyesandbuckysthighs . Happy Birthday, my dear!! I love you forever!!! Also, this was inspired by a hilarious conversation between the Avengers Trash Tower ladies and I that took place months ago. I’m so happy to know you all, my darlings!! And yes, Roo, I still have that legally-binding screenshot. ;)

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“Please, Y/N?”

“I said no,” you replied firmly.

“Aw, come on! You can’t possibly eat all of those yourself! And it’s just rude to eat them in front of me,”  Clint pouted, eyeing the box of cupcakes in front of you.

Leaning forward, you spoke emphatically, “Y/N DOESN’T SHARE FOOD.”

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And I Quote

This is fluffy, a bit cheesy, had to revise it a couple of times, kinda fast-paced?? and is kind of long bc mingyu is one of my many bias wreckers in svt lmao here’s your request @nqseo !!! i hope it’s alright. sorry for the long wait!!

- Admin Mabel

(Note: (SCH/N – school’s name)

Originally posted by waejin

When school finally ended and summer vacation rolled in, you received a lot of invites from classmates to go out and enjoy the break before the new semester. Bowling, beaches, movies, road trips, you name it—they wanted you to come with them.

Unfortunately for them, you had different plans.

Instead of basking under the sunlight, playing beach volleyball in a bikini, and getting a tan, you decided to just stay at home, binge-watch all the TV shows you missed, eat, sleep, eat more, and also, visit the local library that was just a few blocks away from where you live.

Sure, you wouldn’t exactly consider your plans as fun summer activities, especially the library part. However, you preferred the smell of old books over the smell of salt water. The air-conditioned library was more appealing to you than the scorching hot atmosphere of the beach. The sounds of pages turning caused more goosebumps than the sounds of waves crashing by the shore.

Plus, you enjoyed the silence since nobody really goes to the library unless it’s exam season. Sometimes, you hogged the entire place all to yourself. The librarians don’t mind because they already know you; you visited enough for them to know all about you and even greet you casually when you enter the place.

Beach volleyball might be fun but you still prefer the dull silence over the screaming crowds.

And so, here you are one fine Wednesday morning, sitting at the head of a long table at the corner of the air-conditioned library with a book in your hands.

You were down to the last few pages. You were on your toes. You could feel a dozen emotions stir up inside you all at once—anticipation, suspense, even a bit of sadness because you were almost finished with it. The story was so good; the plot was well thought of and the characters really got to you.

Just when you were about to finish the last paragraph, the library doors swung open, catching you and the librarians by surprise. Who else visits the library other than yourself? You looked up from the book and oh my God, your lips parted at the sight of a really tall, really attractive boy.

Donning a simple white tee, a pair of lightly faded jeans, and sneakers, he walked towards the librarian’s table with his hands in his jeans pockets. He exchanged a few words with the head librarian with him nodding every few seconds.

What am I doing?’ You snapped out of your trance and proceeded to finish the book in your hands. You released a contented sigh after reading the last sentence; it ended happily, which calmed the raging emotions inside you. You stood up and walked over to the shelves to return the book to its original location.

When you placed the book back on the shelf and looked for a new one to read, the boy you saw earlier stood a few meters away from you. It took a lot for you to not drop whatever it was you were doing and just stare at him. You sneaked a few glances, just out of curiosity because come on, why would an attractive boy be here when he could be somewhere else, enjoying the summer sun?

You finally forced yourself to stop looking and just settle your gaze on the shelves.

But at the corner of your eye, you knew he was sneaking glances at you too.

You did not look straight in his direction at all. You kept repeating the same mantra in your head. He won’t talk to you. He won’t talk to you. Calm down.

“Um…excuse me.”

Ah, shit.

“Yes?” You spared him a glance. Up close, he looked absolutely breathtaking but you didn’t want to make it obvious that you’re in awe.

“Do you happen to know if this book has a happy ending?”

He raised a book in front of your face.

At the sight of the title, you restrained the urge to snort. Instead, you settled with nonchalant response. “Well, if you consider character death a happy ending then, yes.”

He looked taken aback.

“I…I don’t.”

“Thought you’d say that.” You flashed him a grin and continued to look at the book titles in front of you. Despite your attention diverted, you could still see him fumble over the different book titles with his face scrunched up in confusion.

He picked up another book written by the same author and a different one; both with endings you knew were far from happy. You guessed he was drawn by the vibrant covers and assumed he didn’t really have experience when it comes to picking books. He barely looked at the synopsis at the back and casually tucked them underneath his arm.

When he turned to your direction, you focused your eyes back on the shelves.

“Excuse me…again.”

He raised both books and was about to open his mouth when you beat him to it, again without returning his gaze.

“Both are really sad. The one on your right is about broken dreams. The one on your left is about unrequited love. Pretty sure your friend wouldn’t want any of those.”

My friend… How’d you know they’re for a friend?”

“Well, if you’re picking them out for you, you would know which would suit your taste after reading the synopsis at the back of the book.”

He blinked a few times before turning the books over to view the synopsis.

You resisted the urge to chuckle at how much of a puppy he looked—like a little Labrador with a really lost expression on his face. You decided to finally end his misery by picking out a book from the shelves in from of you.



Mingyu snapped out of his reverie and looked up from the synopsis he was reading.

You had shoved a book in his face.

He blinked a couple of times, blindly returning the ones in his hands back in the shelves, before adjusting his gaze on the cover in front of him.

“Happy ending. Kinda romance but focuses more on friendships. Tragic backstory as per usual when it comes to this author but the characters are extremely likable. And if your friend enjoys sarcastic humor, they’d like this a lot, I guarantee. It’s really, really good. I read that three, four times already.”

Mingyu held the book in your hands, astounded by the way you spoke about it.

“Anyway, if you’re going to take it, head over to that table over there.” His eyes followed where you pointed at. “The assistant librarian will give you instructions on how to check it out, since I’m sure you haven’t borrowed a book before.”

You picked out a book from the shelves and held it close to your chest. Mingyu figured it was for yourself. After all, he caught sight of you reading earlier when he walked in.

You continued talking. “Since it’s a fiction novel, you can probably return it in two weeks’ time. If you need an extension, just inform the head librarian.”

Mingyu nodded slowly. “Thank you.”

You shrugged. “No problem. I hope your friend enjoys the book. Excuse me.” You bowed politely, dismissing yourself from the conversation, and walked back to the tables.

Mingyu took in your entire appearance as he unconsciously followed you. Sure, you weren’t exactly like those drop dead gorgeous females you see on billboards and magazines but Mingyu just can’t help but stare. He felt drawn to you; he didn’t know why. Maybe because you didn’t looked phased when he spoke to you.

Not to brag but he knew just how good-looking he was. This made talking to girls a very difficult task since some of them wouldn’t even respond and just creepily ogle at him. You, however, did not appear fascinated by him. It was as if his appearance wasn’t that out of the ordinary—as if you had seen more good-looking guys than him.

A tiny pout formed on his face while he thought of this. Had you seen a more attractive guy than him before? Or worse, were you no longer single? The latter sounded more horrifying to him than the first.

“Aren’t you going to check that book out?”

Again, he snapped out of his thoughts and found himself standing in front of you once more. You looked at him with an amused smile on your lips but Mingyu mistook it as you judging him. He stuttered an apology before speed-walking to the assistant librarian’s table.

When the assistant librarian gave him instructions, Mingyu simply stood there. The words passed from one ear to the ear. He knew he should be listening but instead, he turned his head slightly to glance at you and enjoyed the sight of your pursed lips and furrowed eyebrows as you continued to read.

“And also, come back anytime. We barely get any visitors nowadays since it’s no longer exam season.”

Mingyu returned his attention quickly to the assistant librarian and nodded fervently. The latter continued to talk he barely paid attention to the rest of the sentences that followed. The only thing that stuck in his mind was “Come back anytime.

Oh, he will.                  

And he did.


Mingyu kept on coming back to the library in hopes of seeing you again and hopefully, hold a proper conversation with you (or maybe even ask you out on a date, probably).

Sadly, he only managed to catch you twice within a span of a month; the first was when you passed by each other directly outside the library but he wasn’t able to talk to you because you were arguing with someone on the phone. The second time was when he found you at the check-out counter but again, he wasn’t able to talk to you because you were in a hurry.

The poor boy really wanted to talk to you but it seemed like fate didn’t want him to get his way.

But Mingyu was determined.

One day, he finally had the bright idea to ask the librarians about you. He figured they’re bound to know something about you since you’re a regular. And he was right; your name is (Y/N), you’re a student at (SCH/N), and you’re staying at your school’s dorms for the summer for reasons unknown. You’ve been visiting the library ever since you transferred schools but the visits weren’t as frequent, compared to now.

“Do you happen to know when she’ll come back?”

The librarians told him your schedule had never been consistent. Maybe it had something to do with working at a part-time job or visiting family members or just staying at home.

Mingyu felt his hopes deflate. How will he ever get the chance to talk to you properly?

The librarians must have noticed the sad expression on his face and felt bad for him.

“You could leave your number here and we’ll call you if she comes.”

His excited, hyperactive puppy personality returned immediately after hearing the suggestion. He left his name, address, number, and was even about to write down his schedule (since he still had dance practice to do over the week) but the librarians managed to stop him before he went overboard.

After leaving his information and expressing his immense gratitude to the librarians, he waited.

He managed to receive a call from the library one Saturday night, which greatly surprised him. There was no way you’d be at the library at 9 in the evening, right?

But you were.

And Mingyu ran.


To say you were surprised when the attractive boy from a month ago burst into the library doors would be an understatement.

To say you were surprised when he beamed at you before walking towards your table would be an even bigger understatement.

To say you were surprised when he sat down directly in front of you and introduced himself with a huge charming smile would be the biggest understatement of all.

“Hi. I think we’ve met before. I’m Mingyu.”

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).”

And that’s how it started.


“Mingyu, if you’re not planning on at least touching a book, leave.”

“You’re making it sound like you don’t want me here, (Y/N). But that’s obviously a lie, of course. You like having me around, right?”

You looked up from your book to stare at him with a deadpan expression. You scoffed at the sight of his wide, puppy eyes and brought your hand to his face. You flicked the space between his eyebrows with your fingers.

“Ow!” He recoiled in exaggeration as he rubbed the now red spot. “What was that for?”

“For being a huge dork. God, why did I become friends with you again?

The scowl on the male’s face morphed into a toothy grin as he plopped his elbows on the table. He leaned his cheek against his palm and batted his eyelashes; it was something he usually did when he wanted to tease you—something you learned over the course of your friendship.

“Because you can’t resist my attractiveness.”

“Keep sputtering nonsense like that and I’ll punch you.”

He raised his hands in mock surrender. “No need to be violent.”

You rolled your eyes and returned to your book.

It had been almost five months since the night you were formally introduced to the attractive lamppost called Kim Mingyu. Frankly, you didn’t expect to see him again, much more actually become really close friends with him.

You never believed him when he told you his reason why he suddenly appeared in the library on that Saturday night. He said his friend forced him to go out and get another book but when Mingyu saw you, he made a beeline towards you instead. He thanked you, on behalf of his friend, for the wonderful book recommendation and insisted for more since his friend ‘asked’ him to.

“He specifically wanted more book recommendations from you,” informed Mingyu in a slightly bitter tone. He had also muttered a few things under his breath but you paid no attention—you were too astounded by his presence that time to notice.

He then asked about your extensive book knowledge. It really intrigued him. How were you able to remember the story plots with much detail?

So you explained. Hesitantly at first because come on, he might be attractive but he’s still a stranger. But as the conversation dragged on, the more you grew comfortable with him.

Mingyu found out that when you were little, when your mother discovered that you finally knew how to read, she bought a ton of children’s novels for you. You never stopped reading those novels even until you entered middle school. You slowly transitioned to  more adult content when you entered high school and began to read outside the fiction genre.

You developed a habit of writing down the titles of the books you read and placing them in a jar so by the time you entered college, you had filled two big jars with book titles and a third jar already halfway full. When you were bored and didn’t want to read a new book, you’d simply get a book title from that jar and reread that certain book.

And as multitalented as he is, Mingyu knew he couldn’t be as amazing as you when it comes to literature. It had been a problem when he accidentally mentioned your name after giving Wonwoo the book he borrowed. The latter showed much interest in the girl who recommended the book to him and it caused something to stir inside the taller male.

At that moment, Mingyu immediately called dibs.

“But you don’t even read fiction. If she’s that interested in books like you say she is, you’re going to have to started reading the books she likes so you’d have something to talk about.”

And because of this, Mingyu showed up three days after that Saturday night and asked for another book recommendation. He was thankful that he managed to catch you. When you gave him another book ‘for Wonwoo to read’, he read it himself.

He was immersed in the plot and the characters. He felt a rollercoaster of emotions after turning the pages. He was captivated by the way the author strung up the sentences and formed well-constructed paragraphs. He then understood why you loved books so much.

And so, he continued to borrow books.

This cycle went on until the end of summer. You two grew closer every time Mingyu asked book recommendations from you for ‘Wonwoo’.

He still made the excuse of ‘Wonwoo wanting another book’ since he was too shy to admit that he started reading fiction because of you. 

That was until one day, in the midst of picking yet another book, he nonchalantly (but was freaking out on the inside) asked you out for lunch.

And, without thinking much about it, you said “Yeah, sure.”


He took you to a small café a few blocks away from the library. The lunch date—if you wanted to call it that—went really nice. The atmosphere wasn’t awkward at all; you talked about the most random things, picked on each other and each other’s food. You called him nasty when he sneezed and didn’t cover his mouth and he called you clumsy when you almost spilled your glass and he caught it just in time.

You liked it a lot.

But you weren’t sure if you liked him. Was it still just a crush or did you finally develop actual feelings for him? You didn’t know…

… until he pulled out the most recent book you recommended to ‘Wonwoo’ and gave it to you.

When you stared at him in confusion, he simply gave you a shy smile and said. “Page 245, second to the last paragraph.”

You raised an eyebrow. “You actually read it?

“Just do it, dummy.”

You released a slightly irritated “hmph” and turned to the page.

When he noticed your eyes on the passage, he started to quote it.

We were never just friends. We spoke words only we understood—shared gazes only we reserved for each other. We knew had something beautiful, magical even, but we were too afraid to make it known. We had a strong friendship, but it didn’t stop there. Because really, you can never be just friends. . .”

“. . . with someone you’ve fallen in love with.” You finished the paragraph quietly. You chewed on your bottom lip before finally staring back at his beautiful face. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

He shrugged nonchalantly, as if he didn’t just do a completely cheesy way of confessing. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

You chuckled at his response. With a toothy grin of your own, you rested your cheeks on your palms and placed your elbows on the table. “To answer that, I quote page 200, second sentence of the fourth paragraph.”

With raised eyebrows, he took the book from you and flipped to the page. When his eyes finally landed on the sentence, his lips parted slightly. He looked up at you and, with his signature smile on his lips, leaned forward to rest his forehead on yours.

I love you too,’ it said.

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So when's the next update

I’m Working As Hard As I Can. I had a bunch of relatives over the past few days and it’s just been Hell Time with my self esteem and self worth and Dealing With Derogatory Comments From Loved Ones © 

So I fled into my suffering cave and just been catatonic there. But now I’m slowly crawling out and going back to my regular schedule. I reckon it’ll take maybe 3-4 more days or less. 

Up soon:

Dallas hanging up posters of missing persons. “I slur a plea for you to come home. But I know it’s too late, And I should have given you a reason to stay
Given you a reason to stay, Given you a reason to stay”

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RFA boys + Minor Trio reacting to MC being in a famous band but then realizing they have a world wide tour coming up soon (minor trio is optional I don't want you to overwork yourself)

This is relatively unrelated to this request, but I want to apologize for being completely AWOL this last couple of days. That will quite probably continue on for a couple of more days and here’s why; over the easter holidays I decided to go visit my old granny after not seeing her for three years, be a good grandchild and shit. Well beside my grandmother getting on my last nerve like a vampire feeding off annoyance rather than blood, I’ve also had some mega catching up to do with the kids from the neighbourhood I’ve known my entire life and grown up with. I’d chosen not to return to this town for three years after gradually growing estranged, or so I felt. Being back here, however, felt like the most natural thing in years. It’s like I was never gone. We clicked again and I had the most fun these past few days, catching up, swimming in nostalgia and cracking jokes. Despite all being grown up now it really feels like we’re still the same kids we used to be back then. Anyway, I want to enjoy this idyllic peace for a couple of days longer, so I can’t promise regular updates, but the second I’m back home – which should be on the 17th/18th – I shall return to my old schedule. I hope you can understand and forgive me. Anyway, hope you enjoy!



♬ Zen has to admit he is a tiny bit jealous

♬ like he is extremely happy for your success, but a tiny bit jealous too

♬ he never let’s it show though, always cheering you on

♬ Zen also tries to attend as many concerts as humanly possible

♬ whenever he can’t come, you Skype or call

♬ he still misses you a lot

♬ Zen also watches the performances he misses on YouTube

♬ if he thought you were beautiful as it was, he was s h o o k when he saw you perform

♬ it still steals his breath every time he sees you

♬ once you come back from the tour he hugs you for half an hour straight


★ he’s like super torn about it

★ on the one hand; his wife is a freaking idol going on world tour!!

★ on the other hand; his wife is a freaking idol going on world tour

★ what if you fall in love with someone else?!

★ you assure him that you only love him for a month leading up to your tour

★ he tries not to text you…since you’re busy and all

★ and maybe because he doesn’t want to seem clingy

★ he craves after about like 5 hours?

★ you text him ‘I love you’ every day before bed

★ he blushes and texts it right back 


♨ fangirl™

♨ like who’s Zen? You’re the shit now

♨ she doesn’t even accept the free passes you offer, instead she buys tickets, so your band earns more money

♨ how freaking cute is that?

♨ anyway, she can’t come to a lot of concerts, sadly

♨ however whenever she does it’s with a poster in tow, dressed in merch

♨ you can always spot her in the crowd, grinning like an idiot

♨ she was so excited when she first met your band members backstage

♨ but even more so when you took her to your hotel room for some alone time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

♨ ~ a groupies dream ~


♛ no problem at all!

♛ well…almost no problem

♛ after finding out about idol culture Jumin gets a little worried for your safety

♛ which obviously means trouble for you

♛ he insists you only hire dancers that know first aid and some sort of martial art

♛ Jumin also sends his private bodyguards with you e v e r y w h e r e

♛ not to mention that he comes to every single one of your shows himself

♛ which would generally be great, if he’d come to listen

♛ well, he still hugs and kisses you after every show

♛ it’s also nice to cuddle up in a comfy hotel with your hubby instead of the tour bus ƪƪ(’▿’)


☼ you’ve never felt that watched before

☼ which is funny, seeing how you perform in front of thousands of people

☼ every camera seems to be rigged by him

☼ you swear those damn things turn and follow you for miles

☼ you know Saeyoung is only worried, but this won’t do it

☼ you’re literally getting paranoid!!

☼ eventually you turn to one of the cameras and shout at it

☼ you tell Saeyoung to get his ass on tour with you

☼ which is basically what he wanted from the start…

☼ you contemplate your life choices when you see him in the first row, cheering like a lunatic


☀ acts like he doesn’t care

☀ huffing and puffing whenever you mention it

☀ keeps up the act until the day you leave

☀ he then graces you with a quick kiss before disappearing to his room

☀ he does not cry!

☀ okay so he might cry a little, sue him

☀ not that you ever find out

☀ until Saeyoung – that fucking asshole – opens his mouth

☀ tells you that the only reason Saeran doesn’t follow you on tour is because he can’t miss therapy

☀ when Saeran almost cries upon you dedicating a song to him on tour, Saeyoung teases him mercilessly


📷 being a busy artist himself, V couldn’t be more understanding

📷 in fact, he tries to set his traveling dates during your world tour

📷 that way when you come back, you’re free at the same time!

📷 you can catch up and share all the fun experiences while cuddling

📷 he never misses your first and final performance though

📷 in fact, he records every last second to show to your future kids and the RFA

📷 you also never miss his exhibit openings

📷 you’re both just really supportive, you know?

📷 have I mentioned the dramatic airport kisses?

📷 the paparazzi have a field trip with the two of you every time tour ends let me tell you…


🖕🏻 he feels a little…betrayed?

🖕🏻 like you know how long he had to deny himself intimacy? Relationships?

🖕🏻 Spoiler alert: a shit ton of time

🖕🏻 still, it makes you happy and who would he be to stop you from it

🖕🏻 because he has to keep a low profile though he can’t come to your concerts…

🖕🏻 lucky for both of you, Vanderwood basically owns Saeyoungs ass

🖕🏻 so he sends the older Choi on a looooong mission

🖕🏻 aka to every last stop you make on your tour so he can record every last second on a high quality camera

🖕🏻 it’s the least he can do, since his idiocy got Vanderwood into such a mess to begin with

🖕🏻 afterwards he calls you and tells you every last thing he loved about your performance

Now for something completely different

ETA: Hi Guys, I’m no longer taking any more “Now for something completely different” requests. If you aren’t in either of the lists below then I’m really sorry, you missed it. This was super fun, time to get back to Parks and Rec mash-ups now. I’ll do another one when I get to 2000 some day. 

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PSA about the drama

Hey guys,

Just so everyone is aware – thanks to an amazing friend who very kindly offered to mediate a discussion between us, myself and the other blog have decided to move on from all of the ugliness of the last few days and put it behind us. Both of us were very hurt and scared by things that were said, and it was obvious that we were both depressed, miserable, and that we were making life awful for not only each other, but also for ourselves. We both want to put this behind us and move on from everything that has happened – we both agree that it’s the right thing to do.

I don’t think it was very fun for the people who follow my blog to watch, and I apologise for exposing you guys to it. You were champs to tolerate so much unhappiness and drama on your dash.

I’m not going to be posting anything else relating to this matter – good, bad, or ugly. As far as I’m concerned, it’s over. Done. Finished. Things clearly escalated due to misunderstanding after misunderstanding, and I’d like to repeat again, very clearly that I do not think the awful threats I received were from this person. They were clearly from some sick mind who wanted to cause trouble.

This fandom means the world to me, as does the promotion of positivity and allowing people to be creative and to feel good. That is the kind of blog I want to continue to promote. So now it’s back to your regular scheduled viewing! Lots of multi-shipping fun, rare pair heaven, fanfiction and fanart! And of course, lots of gearing up for Mass Effect Andromeda!

Thank you to everyone for your support in this matter, and of course to my good friend for helping this to happen. You’re brilliant.

Everyone, good news. My exams are over, which means the blog is officially out of hiatus!

And just in time too, because in case any of you haven’t seen yet:

i love death

Anyway, Monsta X’s comeback is imminent and every day I move closer to my demise, so now is really the time for the blog to come back to regular posting! Regular schedule will resume on Thursday, just so I can have a day to catch up and get things in order.

Thank you everyone for staying with the blog through this lengthy hiatus! Let’s give our all into making this comeback a success, and supporting Monsta X 100%~