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Criminal OTP/AU

-“We both broke into the same person’s house and now we are watching Supernatural on their TV IS THIS A DATE?!”

-“Our cells are across from each other and I got something in my eye and now you think I winked at you WOW THIS IS AWKWARD”

-“We are both robbing a bookstore AND YOU LIKE HARRY POTTER TOO!”

-“Our hands brushed when we were both taking down our wanted posters and now I’m blushing”

-“The guards ship us”

-”We both got arrested and now we are riding in the Police car together and now we are flirting wow this is strange”

      Bonus-”Now the policeman is laughing at us… DO WE HAVE A SHIPPER?”



you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

Exo reaction when an old lady tells you that you look cute as a couple

 Scenario:You know each other quit some time now and you are pretty sure that the feelings you have for him are not one sited but you are simply too shy to tell him how you feel. So, one day you two went out shopping and an old lady approached you and said that you two are a really cute couple. 

Xiumin:  You  looked at each other, not really sure how to response. You shyly looked to the ground but couldn’t hold back the small smile on your lips. You continued starring to the ground for a few more moments until Xiumin started talking “That’s pretty awkward now…” he said while looking at you shyly scratching his neck. “Yeah…. your right” After another minute of awkward silence you decided to tell him the truth but he was faster. 

“Listen Y/N, I really do like you and I would love to call you my girlfriend alright?”

imagine you are baekhyun

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Luhan: “Of course we look cute together, that’s because we belong to each other.” he said totally confident … until the old woman left. 

“I mean… o-only if you want me to belong to you…”

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Kris: also pretty cocky about it. “I’m still working on our relationship status but thanks.”

after the old woman left : gif

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Suho:  “thank you, that’s what I thought too.”

Gets shy when you are alone again, stuffs his mouth with food and changes the topic.

“This stuff is really tasty, want some too?”

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Lay: He explained that you two are not a couple and tries to act as normal as possible in front of you but he didn’t seem to be present for the rest of the day, always imagining you two together. 

“Y/N I’m sorry if the situation this afternoon made you uncomfortable but I couldn’t forget what the old lady told us, I really want this fantasy to become reality.”

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Baekhyun: also confident af “Yes, I know we are the perfect couple, she only has to realize it herself.” he said while throwing one arm around your shoulder.

After you looked at him questioning.

“You can consider this as a confession Y/N”

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Chen:  “Well, she doesn’t have to be wrong if you know what I mean.” he whispered into your ear while looking at you teasingly.

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Chanyeol: is really shy about it but can’t stop giggling either. “Well…. em…. we aren’t in a relationship………. yet.” he said while looking to the ground.

“Yet?” you said teasingly.

“I mean…. I am open for everything…”

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D.O: I think he would be totally lost and has NO idea what to do. He would like to say ‘thank you’ but that would be a lie, he doesn’t even know if you feel the same way, so he would simply look down silently. So you decided to speak “Thank you but we are not in a relationship at the moment.”

He looks up to you…. “Ahh thanks for saving the situ….. wait …. at the moment?????”

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Tao: would tell you strait what he thinks.

“I like the thought of us as a couple too, wanna make it come true?”

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Kai: couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s awkward now.” But would also tell you how he feels.

“Well… I think we should give it a try, what do you think?”

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Sehun: also sassy about it “Yeah, she is the only person who is nearly as perfect as I am.”

But he wouldn’t mention it after the woman left.

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Ok. It’s official. I have gone full Hyperion. Took me waaaaaay too long to do this and I’m so sorry for everything. Gosh what have I done. I kinda have radishezrom and dequidt to thank for for this unhealthy (but enjoyable) Hyperion obsession…. Help. My current wallpaper is the bottom one haha.

Also I’ll most likely upload the individual characters somewhere down the road. When I start organising things. In the meantime, I hope this is pleasing enough. Thanks and have a nice day all!

EDIT: I resized it so I hope it looks less pixelated! Sorry about that guys. :P

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I know Stiles & Lydia are you favorites, so you're probably biased but don't you think that s6 was a little unfair to Malia? They never gave her & Stiles a real closure & all of the sudden it turns out that her first love, her first time, all their relationship was a lie, that in every moment Stiles was in love with Lydia. It was never properly addressed either. They could have handled this so much better IMO.

I think their actual breakup was a good one. I know the words “I am breaking up with you” weren’t actually said so people got confused, but to me it was crystal clear and super realistic. It was this moment where they both realize how crucially different they are as people in a way that could never work. And I feel like most people can relate to having that same moment at some point in their lives with a past significant other. 

I also think in the beginning of S6 before Stiles got taken they made it clear that the two of them were beyond OK with the yearbook photo scene. There was obviously no awkwardness between them. 

Now what I will say is I think that Stiles and Malia deserved a reunion moment once he was back with everyone. She was the first one who started to open the rift for him to return with her memories of him, proving that she was a small part of his anchor just like he was hers, and I think that their development deserved recognition, especially considering he wasn’t even supposed to come back for 6B. Now I don’t think that it needed to be a moment where they discuss anything about their relationship because a- that had come and gone and b-it would be super out of character for Malia to be crying and sad about losing a boyfriend. That’s just not how she’s wired, she’s Malia. But I think they were DEFINITELY jipped out of a reunion moment, and I’m 100% with you there. 

But, the whole “Stiles being in love with Lydia while he was with Malia” thing…I mean, come on. Stiles and Malia got together back when he didn’t think Lydia would ever feel the same way and she was dating other people, too. What was he supposed to do? Stay lovestruck and in love with her for the rest of eternity while she never reciprocated? He had been pining over Lydia and he met this new girl who he actually felt a connection with and thought “Oh my God, maybe I can move on” and went for it. That is so human, and so believable. 

What I hope for Malia is that she finds a love interest in 6B that understands her in a way Stiles never could. Yes, he helped bring out her human side and she needed that, but at the end of the day she needs someone who can bring out her humanity while still understanding why she has these animalistic instincts (cough Scott cough). 

BTS Reaction to Seeing Their Ideal Type at a Fan Meet

Rap Monster: I feel like Namjoon would stumble upon his words when he sees him/her making both of them laugh but after 10 seconds he would turn into such a flirt and maybe do some aeygo. The fan next to the girl/boy would impatiently tap on the table trying to get his attention as he/she left shyly blushing. He wouldn’t take his eyes of her/him and apologized to the fan for taking a while. 

V: I feel like Taehyung would smile at her/him so widely and immediately ask for his/her name. He would make it his mission to make her/him laugh while they were with him. He would ask her/him a lot of question and never lose eye contact staring deeply into her/his eyes. When they would look away he would laugh blushing and apologized for staring and maybe compliment her/his smile/eyes. He would write a cute little message on her/his poster and after the fan meet he wouldn’t stop thinking about her/him. 

J-Hope: Just like Taehyung, Hoseok would do anything in his power to make her/him laugh. He would most likely make a fool of himself but it would be worth so he could just see her/him smile. “Ah you have such a gorgeous smile,”he would say smiling. He would answer all her/his questions and even ask some questions of his own. He would hope to see her/him again soon and would be left in a daze after she/he left. Which ever of the boys that was next to him would push him,”J-Hope are you ok?” He wouldn’t even answer just smiled the rest of the day.

Jin: Jin would be shy and smile a lot not really saying anything to her/him. He would make very few small talk which resulted in his awkward laugh. He would be staring at her/him kindly thinking how gorgeous she/he was inside and out. Once she/he left he would curse at himself multiple times for not talking to her/him more confidently.  

Jungkook: Just like Jin he would be very awkward and shy but I think now he’s gained more confident. He would do silly things and purposely do horrible aeygo to make her/him laugh. He would maybe even flirt and his hyungs would tease him. He would stare deeply into her/his eyes whenever she/he talked to him not wanting to miss a word. 

Suga: Yoongi would try to act cool but would fail miserably. I think just like Namjoon he would stumble upon his words and shyly smile when she/he would talk not really making any eye contact because he would probably be smiling like an idiot. He/She would be the ones who would talk most of the time while at the fan meet since Yoongi isn’t really one to talk to begin with let alone his ideal type is right in front of him.

Jimin: oH MY GOD this boy I shit you not once he/she got to him he would flirt with him/her nonstop. He would wink so many times and flash his charming smile knowing it will drive her/him crazy. This boy knows what he’s doing and he would want to get to know the girl/boy more so he maybe even slip his number to her/him.

  • What they say: yeah
  • What they mean: I'm sorry I know you're talking to me but honestly my brain has gone completely blank and I can't think of anything to say and all that's going through my head right now is panic because you expect me to say something to keep the conversation going but I can't think of anything and now there's an awkward silence and you think I'm rude but in reality I want to say something I just can't think

“Why? Can’t you just tell me why?” I tried to shout, but it came out as more of a hollow whisper.


“Seriously, Shawn, you’re fucking leaving -for who knows how long, with no warning, just packing up and getting gone- and all I get is ‘because’?!” There it was, there was the tone I was looking for.

“Look, y/n. I’ve had a cru-uuunchy feeling. Umm. Crunchy. Crunchy feeling. In my stomach. Yeah. Since I met you.” He fumbled.

“What the hell.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you know. A crunchy feeling. Like you’re my best friend. Like a nice cookie crunch, like, mm. That’s good friend material right there. That sounds good, right? I’m going with it. Yes. Ever since I met you, I’ve had this crunchy feeling in my stomach. I knew we’d be best friends. That was in third grade, y/n. We grew up together. You know I’ll come back, I just… I just need some time to think.”

“Think about WHAT, Shawn?! What’s there to think about that you need to get away from me for? Why can’t you just tell me? Maybe I can help!” I was practically pleading now.

“No, you can’t help-”

“How do you know that? Is someone dying, Shawn, is there something I should know? Because if it’s something you can’t even talk to your best friend about, then it’s probably big enough to matter to me!” I raised my voice. This was ridiculous.

“It’s about a girl, okay?! Are you happy now?” He raised his voice for the first time since i’d come home to our shared apartment to see him packing.

I had to admit, his words stung just a bit. I’ve had the biggest crush on him since, well, third grade. Last year- junior year -I gave up and said yes to the first guy that asked me out. Gavin, his name is. He was a decent guy. Nothing special. We were together for a while. A long while; eight months. But about a month ago he broke it off. I guess I wasn’t good enough for him. Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck. He just… wasn’t Shawn. Not to mention he was pervy as all hell.

And I know I can’t have Shawn- hell, I wasn’t even sure he liked girls. He hasn’t asked one out since we met.

Then again, he hasn’t asked out anyone else, either.

I don’t think I could bring myself to go out with someone else again, though.

I’m going to die alone.

My voice hollowed again as I raised my arms in defeat. “And you couldn’t just tell me that? There’s a million girls hanging off of you, and you finally picked one so now you have to run off? This explains exactly nothing, Shawn.” He groaned, hands threading through his hair.

Why was he so hot doing that? Fuck, don’t think that, he seems mad!

“I’m the one with people ‘hanging off me’?” He questioned in a mock tone, his hands flailing in emphasis.

Yep. Definitely mad.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, more hurt than before, though I wasn’t sure why.

“You’ve had three people ask you out this WEEK!”

“SO? I’m not leaving my best friend over them!”

“Yeah, because you’re already with the person you love!”

“yeah, tell me about it,” I mumbled, thinking he wouldn’t hear.

“See?! I can’t deal with this!”
He heard.

“Oh, and I’m supposed to deal with this? I don’t think you get it, Shawn. You are ditching me. To be by myself. So you can have some thinky time. Over a crush. How the hell would you feel if I did that to you?!”


“What the actual fuck are you talking about?”

“FUCK! You think I want to sit here all night while you hang out with Gavin? NEWSFLASH, y/n, the internet sucks here. There’s nothing to distract me from picturing what exactly you’re doing with him. You think I asked for that? I thought we had something good, y/n. Don’t judge me too harshly, because I was obviously a fucking idiot, but I thought we had something maybe just a tad more than friendship. So excuse me for wanting to get away from it all for just a little while. I am your best friend. I won’t leave you. But I can’t watch this right now.”

“I’m not- I don’t- I don’t love Gavin, I-”


I apparently took too long to recover from shock for him, because he scoffed and brushed past me to the door.

He got halfway out before I called after him, not turning around. “Shawn.”


“You’re a bloody fucking idiot.”

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” He turned back to the door with a hint of pain in his voice.



“C'mere you big galoot.” I finally turned around.

Giving me a sideways glance, he questioned again. “What?”

“I said, come here. Give me a hug you monkey brained boy.”

He pulled a wretchedly pained face as he drew me into a hug. With a snivel, he asked, “are you saying goodbye? I get it, I broke the first rule of friendship. Don’t fucking fall in love. But in that case then we’ve never really been friends.“

“Shawn? What are you? What do you mean?”

“I’ll leave now. Already got my stuff packed. I don’t have to come back.” He deflected.

“Would you shut up and kiss me already, you cheeky tree boy?” I interrupted.His nose was buried in my hair, where I could feel his breathing hitch. 

“Don’t tempt me, love. Much as I resent Gavin I’m not gonna kiss m- his girl.”

“Shawn, you utter dummkopf! (for lack of a better word- stupid head just sounds ridiculous). I’m not ‘his girl’. He left me a month ago, how did you n-” I was cut off by his lips on mine.My shock paired with my complete stupidity prevented me from kissing back, and he pulled away all too soon, dread consuming his eyes.

“Fuck. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You said- I just thou- I don’t know why I did that, fuck.”

Regaining my composure, I cleared my throat. “You si- Shawn. Look at me.”His gaze hesitantly shifted from the empty floor to my feet, rose to my calves, my knees, my waist. He paused there, sighed. Licked his lips and narrowed his eyes. Finally, he met my eyes, his face stern.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you let me beat his sorry ass to a pulp? I mean, I’m still going to, but now it’ll just be awkward,” He strained.

“I didn’t think you cared,”He breathed out a silent chuckle.

“Love, you were wrong on so many levels. Third grade, right? That’s what -fourteen years? Fifteen? Fifteen years I’ve had a ‘crush’ on you? But it was easy to play off because I was the damn lucky kid you chose as your best friend. Taking you to movies and lunch and taking you for ice cream or bringing you Take-out when you got sick or- or- or hugging you all the time or getting this stupid apartment with you when we moved out? I could play it off as 'friendship’. Well, 'friendship’ left one crucial little detail out of our agreement; you’re fucking beautiful, and smart, and FUNNy, and every other sensible guy on the planet is keen on you and, oh yeah, not imprisoned in the friend zone of a life time. So when you met Gavin and he started coming over and- and kissing you? With only a wall between us? And joking with you until you were in a fit of giggles? You bet your pretty little ass I cared. I got so selfish- so JEALOUS, I didn’t leave my room when he was around because I was sure I’d attack on sight like a mindless little robot. Because I’M the one who’s supposed to make you laugh like that, I’M the one meant to kiss you like that, and I’M the one who’d never LEAVE you like him. Unless, of course, you’d found someone else. And now we’re here. It’s all you now, y/n. I can leave. Or, I …I can stay. And we can cuddle and watch cheesy movies and hug and I can cook you dinner and you can choke it down and pretend it’s good and I can pull you into my bed when you have a nightmare or it’s cold or maybe if you just want a warm body, all like we used to. Except, you… *sigh* you could be… well, mine. My girl. And I could kiss you and give you back rubs and hold your hand in public and re-introduce you to my friends as my girl. Off limits. Mine. But it’s your choice. No pressure, haha” he rambled.With a small grin, I stepped closer. And closer still, gently pulling him into a hug. His back tensed up, waiting for the 'goodbye’. Instead, I whispered, “d'ya need help unpacking?”

Just in Case You Were Curious

because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on: 

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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Henry Cavill Imagine

Can I ask for a Henry Cavill imagine where the first thing he says when you two met is that you’ll marry him, and then he tells this story to their children😍👰👪

AN: I tweaked it a little bit

It was the first day shooting the new movie and the set was bustling. Henry walked around, trying to get the layout of the set, and trying to find his way around with his co-star and friend Armie Hammer. They were walking towards their first scene’s mark when a body ran into Henry’s. “I am so sorry,” he looked down at the light voice that spoke to him and got lost at the sight of her. He seemed to be frozen by your gaze, “Oh, Mr. Cavill, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there. I have to run,” you rushed and were off into the crowd of crew that were getting the finishing touched on set before filming started.

Finally his frozen state melted away and he finally spoke. “I’m going to marry you,” it was barely a whisper but it was meant for you even though you were nowhere in site.

“What did you just say,” Armie laughed.

“I’m going to marry that girl. Who is she?”

“Ugh, that’s Y/N. She’s the Production Designer.”

Now that he knew your name and that he could find you around the set Henry changed quickly after filming for the day and walked around set, looking for any site of you. Finally he saw you standing to the side, looking at an empty room set up, staring intenetly at the set up.

You turned when you heard his footsteps approach. “Mr. Cavill, hi, sorry again for running into you earlier.”

“I’m going to marry you,” you were shocked and gave an awkward smile and laugh at his words. “But for now I think I’ll settle on taking you out for dinner tomorrow night.”

“A marriage and a dinner proposal.” He had never felt this nervous waiting for an answer. “Dinner sounds great. The marriage part….we’ll have to see about.”


“Is that really the first thing you said to Mom,” your oldest, Evie asked.

“It really is,” your husband laughed as he told your kids the story. “Looking back it seems like a really stupid thing to say but it worked out pretty well for me.” His looked inside through the window and watched as you busily walked around the living room, tidying up before you joined the rest of your family outside.

“Dad,” Daisy, your second daughter, asked, “how’d you know you wanted to marry mom right when you met her?”

“I don’t really know, Dais, I just…did. I got this feeling and I just knew.”

You walked into the backyard and watched your husband laying on the blanket with your three kids around him. Your 11 year old, Evie was leaned up, sitting against her dad, while 9 year old Daisy was using her dad’s arm as a pillow as she laid next to him. Then there was Jack, your 5 year old who was “flying” as Henry lifted him up and down in the air with his legs from where he laid on the ground.

The four of them were lost in their own world, talking about something together. The sight made your heart skip a beat. “What are you guys talking about,” you grinned as you walked towards your four favorite people.

“Daddy’s talking about when you two met,” Daisy excitedly smiled.

“He is, is he,” you grabbed Jack from his father’s feet and held him close as you laid down next to Henry, squeezing your son in between the two of you. “That was a good day.”

“It was, wasn’t it,” he said looking at you and the three kids surrounding you. “And the days after that have been pretty good too.”

Alone Time

11 + 19 + 48 with Yuta from NCT 127, genre smut. please?? xx

Don’t Go + I can keep a secret + Best Friends Brother

Member: Yuta (NCT 127)

Genre: Smut (idk??)

Word Count:

A/N: lol i think this is so suckish. This was longer than expected so i stopped im srry if you wanted the hubba hubba scene on but this is a drabble sos :P

Admin Rose

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“Hey Y/N!”

You were joyfully greeted by your best friend Nyla, her brother Yuta behind her. You made eye contact with her, than the handsome human behind her, also greeting you with a smile. You gulped and smiled back, trying to make it your best but not too much.

Just a little glimpse of his features could make you swoon, but that’s the same thing every other girl thought. You honestly thought your chance with him is low.

You and Nyla just started talking, since there really wasn’t much to do at the time.

“Sorry I have to leave earlier than expected. Last minute client meeting with my boss.” Nyla apologized while putting on her blazer and coat. “I’ll be back in 3 hours, but you can leave if you want.” 

“It’s fine.” You assured her. “I’ll stay back and wait.”

“Okay. See you guys soon.” And she left the house, leaving you and Yuta alone.

You both just sat there, ignoring each others presence. Well, not you. You would peek at his figure watching television every now and then. You decided you maybe do want to leave. The awkwardness is very… odd.

“I think i’ll go now.” You tell Yuta, arising from the couch. As you were about to leave, an arm reached out and abruptly pulled you on top of a warm body.

“Don’t go.” Yuta said, looking you straight in the eye. You felt you face become hot, most likely appearing to Yuta being flushed.

“W-why?” You asked in a weak, shaken tone.

“I want to try something with you.”

You were freaking out. Your whole body was shaken by the sudden event. ‘Am I dreaming?’ You asked yourself. This guy you liked for years. Does he like you to? Thoughts and fears were racing through your head that caused you to not realize you staring at him with shock.

He chuckled a deep and lustful chuckle. ” Don’t worry, sweetheart.“ He brushed some hair off your face and tucked it behind your ear.

"I can keep a secret.”