and now as i post this the download is finished


Finished coffee shop in Confetti Ave.
I’ll post more pictures later on.

Go ahead and check out @treefish version of this available for download! ITS AMAZING AND SUPER CUTE! 💕 plus, it’s Easter themed. So why not download it now?!!!! ⭐️🌸🍄🐇🐰🌈 Thank you so much for collaborating with me. I had tons of fun & I loved so so so much how yours turned out and to top that.. you did it cc free 😮 you’re just amazing. I hope to repeat this on again!

I’ll start adding everything as I find it, alrighty guys? 
AMAZING wallpaper by @viikiitastuff. It’s the “Lets color walls” set!
You can find it on her blog. 

Super cute bicycle recolor by @simforadream


Soppy post coming, but this is fully needed. I just finished my run of UK Green Day shows now and am finally home.

June 11th 2017, at Download Festival Paris, I got on stage with my favorite band.

I remember exactly how, 7 years ago, I fell in love with Green Day. It was around this exact time, June or May 2010, that I randomly bought a magazine dedicated to them, because I used to like one of their songs that was always playing on the radio. I went on holiday with my parents, and I listened to every single song mentioned in the articles dedicated to them, as they were coming to France just a few days later. I suddenly fell in love and found a passion for a musical artist for the first time in my life. I couldn’t go to their concert that year, because, at only 12, it was obvious I wouldn’t be able to go to convince my parents to go see a band I had just discovered with me. I was very upset. I started creating Twitter accounts and blogs about the band, while trying to deeply know everything about them as soon as I could. After the concert, I read an article dedicated to this girl who went on stage with them during Longview. I watched the video a few times in a row, and suddenly, I decided I wanted to be that girl one day, that my goal would be to get on stage with Green Day and sing that song myself, and prove the world that I could be a rock star. I am a very determined person, and this is what I wanted to dedicate my passion to. Thanks to Green Day, I widened my music knowledge, and was immersed in the world of rock music. I met so many fans through social medias, and weirdly, I still talk to many of them to this day, 7 years later. They were the first band that introduced me to what being a fan truly is: passion, dedication, and pure love for music. It was only 2 years later that I got to see Green Day live for the first time, on August 26th 2012. I was blown away, and I still remember to this day it was the first time I cried when I saw a band walking on stage. I still get that overwhelming feeling each time I see them.
A year later, it was the first time of my life I travelled to see a band in another country. I went to see them in London on June 1st 2013, which was still, until last Sunday, the best gig I had ever been to. I also travelled to another French city to see them one more time that year. I was only 15 but was certain I would one day travel the world to see them. 4 years later, it is finally 2017 and I am about to turn 20 in November. As some of you might have seen, I was away in the United States for 6 months, and I decided to finally see them more than once this year. I saw them in New York, and travelled to Canada by myself, meeting some family members I had never seen there as well, and I got to see them in Montreal and Québec, where I met the loveliest people. Visiting Canada was one of the best things I have ever done in my life, as it is now a country I would like to live in. I also was incredibly lucky to see them for free in Central Park just a few days before going back home.
Then, while booking my tickets to see them in London, I spontaneously decided to see them in Paris last Sunday at Download Festival (I only booked my ticket a day before coming back for the weekend). Each time I saw them live (it was now the 8th time), deep in my heart, I was still secretly hoping to finally be chosen to get on stage. It finally happened. Thanks to two guys who lifted me up at my demand, Billie Joe came to my direction to ask if I knew the words during Longview, looking straight in my eyes. I obviously said yes, jumped out of the crowd and went on stage. This was the most beautiful moment of my life. I got to tell BJ thank you, even if he doesn’t know how much this band made me grow up throughout the years, I got to hug him, and spend one of the most incredible and absurd moment of my life.
To anyone that I ever met thanks to music and shows until today, thank you for always believing in me, for making me become such a strong and confident person. Without Green Day, I would not have met any of you, I want you all to know that. Anything great that happened to me until today is thanks to this band. I will probably never be able to say thank you to them ever again, but they changed my life and made me achieve all of my dreams. If you have dreams, keep on ALWAYS believing them, because if you believe in them, they will definitely happen one day.

The Music I Can Give You - Part 7

Summary: Generally, you’re a fairly open person with the team. You tell them about your past and in turn they seem to open up to you as well. The only thing is, is that no one on the team knew of your intense love of music. It was something incredibly personal to you and you kept it close to your heart, not willing to open yourself up to other people’s judgement. That is, until Bucky Barnes came to the Tower. You never spoke to Bucky but the more you watched and observed him, the faster you found yourself falling for the kind, strong man. It’s only after seeing Bucky being tormented by one of his nightmares do you realize that maybe there is something that you can do to help him, and quietly show your love for him at the same time.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 780 (sorry again!)

A/N: Okay so this whole fic is inspired by the song It’s Been A Long Long Time by Harry James and Helen Forrest. It’s the song that’s being played in the background when Steve finds Fury in his apartment in CATWS. I heard it, found more songs like it, and now have an entire 1930’s/ 1940’s playlist on my phone that calms me down. I highly recommend you check it out here! As per usual because this is a small chapter I will be posting the next chapter soon. Enjoy and comment with your thoughts!

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We are currently re-making our masterlist and moving the content from the old masterlist to the new one, as this may require some time we will be quite busy with this task for a while! One of the pages is already done and we will reveal the pages one by one as we finish them.

The new pages will all be sorted into the following categories

  • Miscallaneous videos
  • BANGTANTV + Official BTS Youtube Channels
  • Individual Shows
  • VAPP
  • MV Making + Jacket Shootings
  • Dramas + Interviews/Misc stuff regarding the promotions of the drama
  • TV Shows
  • Radio Shows
  • Interviews
  • Music Shows: will include Award Shows, Music Show Backstage/Misc videos and Performances
  • CFs
  • DVDs

You can sort the pages by year, category, new to old etc. 

As some of the pages may have a lot of content since all the videos from 2013- now are in the same page, the loading may vary from page to page.

We will try to give the new pages a cleaner and more organised look and fix broken download links, we will also continue working on the .ts files (Hwarang, Problematic Men .ts dl links coming soon) and make the masterlist more complete!

Once we are done with all the pages we will make another short post, until then the old pages will still be available to view.



I’ve made some good progress on my mod that pairs Sam with Sebastian, instead of the farmer. (Because Pelican Town seriously needs some canon, lgbt+ villager romance, and I’m trash for this pairing.)

The rejection option for Sam’s 10 heart event now actually works, so I took down the download post that had the version of the mod that didn’t entirely work. (If anyone wants a copy of the working mod to help test, let me know! Otherwise, I don’t plan on posting it until it’s entirely finished.) I’ve also changed the letter that triggers the event, and added/changed more dialogue to the heart scene.

I’ve also got Sebastian’s 8 heart event working with Sam (getting these two idiots to line up properly on the dock took me fucking ages to figure out), and I’m working on adding Sam to the rest of Sebastian’s heart scenes.

I think I’m going to leave the farmer in most of Sam’s, because they’re a bit more platonic then Seb’s, in my opinion.


  Marbella Teak Garden Collection  ❤

My first garden set is finally finished & here for you to download. It includes the objects shown above and the download file has 15 items (14 new meshes & 1 mesh edit). Can be found in game by typing “DCS4” or “Marbella”. 

I hope you all enjoy them because I hate them now. If you use them in your posts and want to share the love (because sharing is caring) then feel free to tag me. I track both DreamCatcherSims4 and DCS4.


Please don’t upload anywhere else or claim as your own. Recolours allowed w/out mesh. I still have the PSDs so feel free to message me for them.


PSA: Officially Back From Hiatus & Re-sharing Old Links!

Hey guys, I’m now officially back from a semi-hiatus!

I still have a few personal things to deal with but I’m getting there. I still have some of my own Tsubasa translations to finish off too BEFORE I go back to finishing off FIVE also!

Now that a month has also passed since the incident that caused me to remove all of my links. I am NOW re-sharing what I have shared so far! 

But, the rules have changed! I have made them more stricter and the main performances (The CDs are just zipped WITHOUT a password) have been zipped and NEED A PASSWORD to unzip it! There are also a few other things you will need to do before sending me an ask for the things I am currently sharing!

So please read the rules before asking me for the link! I will be re-blogging my download posts with the new rules OR you can look in my Downloads Masterpost! OR you can look at them here:


Well that’s all folks

those were the final posts for Zach’s fixer-upper which I should have finished earlier but cc updating got in the way. 

Anyway, I do have another project planned and in the mean time I hope to get some of the community lots from past challenges up for download. Now all major updates are done, that should be easy. 


Everyone using RPG Maker, go to the where you can find the MARVELOUS, INCREDIBLE, ALMIGHTY, MAGNIFICENT Hud Maker! In there, you’ll find some assets made by me, it’s tagged as Abductedious. When you download the Hud and open it, in the assets tab there’s a link to my assets. You can use them on your free or commercial games as you like! I spent some time on them to make a lot of variations so you could use them in just any game! I hope this will help you all! And now I’ll go spend the rest of my night going crazy working on the Hud Maker! WOOOO, I ALMOST FEEL A DEMO~ (also, I finished a trailer for Virgo, I’ll post tomorrow!)

i guess to detail what’s going on with us, we have a few projects that are finished or being finished. nothing’s really a secret, but we don’t really work publicly with it either way so it might come off that way accidentally sometimes. so this is to course correct.

last year, around november or so, we started working on a “mixtape” while sam was on tour as ricky eat acid. he started sketching out songs for it - both fully arranged ones for the band, and also more electronic or acoustic, experimental-leaning sketches that aimed to become more structured and “pop” with time & work. the goal of the mixtape was to write and record without any boundaries, the way we used to when we made ‘waste yrself’ ‘dc snuff film’ & ‘my own hell’. basically, pre-label, when we could write anything we wanted, sample anything we wanted, and release it any way (and any time) that we wanted. the label agreed, said we had their blessing to work this way, and off we went, sampling unclearable works for instrumentals, and trying to figure out how to write meaningful, personal songs that resonated with us the way things did when we were still 20, 21, messing around in basements, attics, and abandoned houses, trying to piece together what might be “pop music” to us. 

the idea was to release the mixtape around the time it was done, just a free download online, no fanfare thing, a “thank you for sticking with us” type deal, and also, if things worked out, we could do so with a new band name, finally. we still don’t know what name that will be, and anything we post here - no matter the name it’s under - can be considered a ‘teen suicide’ song, still, in theory, in application, in whatever. 

so! the mixtape is done, it was finished a couple months ago, and it’s being mastered. the label (run for cover) really likes it, and thus we’re now waiting a few months so we can release it in the beginning of next year, and have a physical release (vinyl, cd, i think) in addition to a (still free) digital download. that will be neat. it’s our best project, without a doubt, and i can’t wait for you to hear it.

besides the mixtape, we have a studio album that’s been in progress since mid-2015, that sean & sam are working on together, with help from different musicians & friends, but no “band” or anything. it’s a true, weird, studio-rat album, long, spaced out songs mixed with shorter, poppier bits. it’s kind of our take on a yo la tengo record, that feeling of wide open spaces & long, endless fields, forests, and tundra, all surrounding an unending highway. i don’t know when it will be done, but we recently finished two songs from it, at long last, and hope to release them as some kind of single just so they don’t languish forever until we get the whole project done.

in the background of both records(and tapes) sam’s been recording a solo album that’ll still be under the same name (whatever name it is), of songs that work best just one instrument + vocals - so guitar & vocals, piano & vocals, etc. stuff like “no the moon”, “afterlife dating” “swallow” “big mistake” etc to reference some old tracks that were done the same way. this will be a free release as well, sometime in the future, though again, we have no clue what name it’ll be under.

besides that, we’ve been writing a lot of songs together as a band again - sean, nick, and sam - and hope to get them recorded sometime in the fall/winter and be able to release them some sort of mini-album, or something. they’re full band tracks that don’t fit any of the other projects, and it’s something that’s more conceptual right now (some songs exist, but nothing’s recorded & it really depends on time & schedules & luck) but if it works out, it’ll be at worst a nice way to blow off steam, and at best, a step forward for us, as we’ve never really worked that way before & the few practices we’ve had to hone in on that project have really shone a ton of promise, to us.

so that’s sort of an update. we don’t update much, and we’re dumb, stupid band, but this is what’s going on and we’re very excited about it. please don’t tell our label about this blog or we’ll be in trouble 

Recently, my copyrights are being violated seriously.
I am growing tired of this. Everyone just shitting like ‘It’s your fault that you have posted pictures in public places’
'I like it so I took it, what’s the matter, huh?’ and I am fucking loosing my mind.
You think it’s okay just to mention the original post? Why are you fucking uploading my pictures again on sites where I’m present?
Can’t you just reblog or retweet? Fuck you. If it wrong to post drawings, then I’m not going to post them anymore.
I don’t want to draw anymore. Fuck you shitspeakers.
My profile says “DON’T DOWNLOAD AND REUPLOAD MY SHIT” and you are not listening to me.
Dude, are you blind? And now they are threatening me. Fuck you again.
Can’t you just see my artworks on my site? On my twitter and tumblr? Are you satisfied saying “I draw this nanananana.”  That is fucking stupid.
It is not funny. Drawing is a stress to me. I don’t want to talk about this anymore, so just drown yourself. Thank you.

+I will not finish Colour palette. I don’t want to draw anymore. I don’t want to see my drawings.

Thanks for the translation. @drpendulum

River: Why am I naked and locked in a room filled with balloons and a single easel? >>

Because it’s @goatkibble‘s birthday. Now paint.

River: Okay, but I don’t see why I- wait, Goatkibble? Is that the crazy lady that’s been stalking me since I was a baby?

Noooo… Well, okay, yes >> Now do as you’re told and paint.

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“Consideration” Chapter 4.3

Hmm… I don’t know what to feel right now.

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Malcolm gets some fresh air to have sometime to think. Meanwhile later in the day or should I say morning. Shai comes to decision of how to handle the situation.

The reminder of Chapter 4 will be this Sunday.

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Also I’m going to try to finish up Chapter as quick as I can if you have sexy black diverse sims that want to be apart of Consideration. Tagged in a post with your sim, CC List and Origin name and they might appear in Consideration. Stay tuned!

SN: Some of the characters might look different in Chapter 5 because i downloaded a shit ton of CC skin details. Look at Malcolm…. (at your own risk)

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hey so i decided to scrap the entire last chapter of signals and rewrite it sorry it’s taking so long friends

anonymous asked:

Would you ever release the top & scarf from your "CAS - Rollers & Ice skates" post? <3

Originally posted by capourraitetrepire

ugh i’m so ashamed of all the items i have half done waiting to be finished. i’m so sorry :( i feel really bad about it. At the time those scarfs had weight issues, that i didn’t know how to solve. Now that i know more i should find the original files to fix them. i promise i will try to fix the items. don’t hate me plz.

I see no reason for not sharing the sweater though, i don’t plan to edit it any further. So you can download it if you want :) You can see which sweater is here.



It took a lot of hard work, but my ass finally got out of that apartment and into a way better place! My mom insisted that she’d come so she can make sure I “dressed like a young lady” or whatever. (She still didn’t like what I had on and I lowkey dressed out my comfort zone, how the fuck do ya’ll be wearing heels and skirts??) 

Now that I have a bigger place I can start hosting parties again! It will be kind of lonely in this big house by myself so don’t be afraid to come over and visit at any time. 

I also finally got my art studio equipment! As only a few of you know I am really into art and want to get into animation. Maybe I will make copies of my art for all of you to place into your homes!

Backstory post coming soon, I’m just lazy as fuck.

(House was downloaded off the gallery, all credits go to: Tennczowy.)