and now as i post this the download is finished

i keep seeing people drawing parody super buff versions of the guys and i wanted to join in on the fun so i drew buff Tom but it’s literally the most cursed image on my laptop.

my tablet stopped working the moment i finished. it’s some sort of divine punishment for unleashing this. im almost certain he’s going to come out the computer screen and kill me in my sleep


Finished coffee shop in Confetti Ave.
I’ll post more pictures later on.

Go ahead and check out @treefish version of this available for download! ITS AMAZING AND SUPER CUTE! 💕 plus, it’s Easter themed. So why not download it now?!!!! ⭐️🌸🍄🐇🐰🌈 Thank you so much for collaborating with me. I had tons of fun & I loved so so so much how yours turned out and to top that.. you did it cc free 😮 you’re just amazing. I hope to repeat this on again!

I’ll start adding everything as I find it, alrighty guys? 
AMAZING wallpaper by @viikiitastuff. It’s the “Lets color walls” set!
You can find it on her blog. 

Super cute bicycle recolor by @simforadream

Well that’s all folks

those were the final posts for Zach’s fixer-upper which I should have finished earlier but cc updating got in the way. 

Anyway, I do have another project planned and in the mean time I hope to get some of the community lots from past challenges up for download. Now all major updates are done, that should be easy. 

  • Little update

My beach house (Coastal) is up for download on the gallery! EA ID: vicky1qa (The actual post will be out tomorrow but if you want the lot, its up already)

I’m going to finish my family home now and hopefully get that done for tomorrow as well :D 


Everyone using RPG Maker, go to the where you can find the MARVELOUS, INCREDIBLE, ALMIGHTY, MAGNIFICENT Hud Maker! In there, you’ll find some assets made by me, it’s tagged as Abductedious. When you download the Hud and open it, in the assets tab there’s a link to my assets. You can use them on your free or commercial games as you like! I spent some time on them to make a lot of variations so you could use them in just any game! I hope this will help you all! And now I’ll go spend the rest of my night going crazy working on the Hud Maker! WOOOO, I ALMOST FEEL A DEMO~ (also, I finished a trailer for Virgo, I’ll post tomorrow!)


  Marbella Teak Garden Collection  ❤

My first garden set is finally finished & here for you to download. It includes the objects shown above and the download file has 15 items (14 new meshes & 1 mesh edit). Can be found in game by typing “DCS4” or “Marbella”. 

I hope you all enjoy them because I hate them now. If you use them in your posts and want to share the love (because sharing is caring) then feel free to tag me. I track both DreamCatcherSims4 and DCS4.


Please don’t upload anywhere else or claim as your own. Recolours allowed w/out mesh. I still have the PSDs so feel free to message me for them.


A Little Light: A Miraculous Charity Zine

On the night of October 3rd, Category-4 Hurricane Matthew made fatal landfall on the coast of Haiti, barreling across the country without mercy. 

Since then, thousands have lost their homes, loved ones, and even access to food and water. According to the BBC nearly 900 people have been killed, up to 90% of some areas have been totally destroyed, and some 350,000 people need immediate aid.

As awful as this catastrophe has been, the hardest part is just beginning. While we cannot undo the tragedy that has befallen the people of Haiti, we can help those who now face the enormous task of rebuilding their cities and their lives.

A Little Light is a Miraculous Ladybug charity zine whose profits will go to help those affected by this disaster. Please tag any relevant posts or reblogs with #ALittleLightZine .

For more info, please see below:

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Blog Updating & Suggestions

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I have finally finished updating my Downloads page to have the content I created for the month of December. I apologize that it took me so long to update. So, in case you were worried that you had missed anything I posted you can find it now in my downloads page! :)

Please let me know if you find any issues with sorting or links!

I also wanted to ask you all about some suggestions! Right now, on the sidebar of my blog, I have the pages: Downloads, Updates, Asks&Replies, Tutorials, WCIF, WIP, and TOU. Are there any other pages that you all think might be good to have?


I haven’t posted in awhile and man we got a couple of really fabulous photoshoots at Sakura Con

So I haven’t downloaded the high definition images yet (no working computer tbh) but I wanted to share a few shots.

These are from our Legend of Dragoon one and AHH, I love them! Our costumes aren’t 100% complete but they were wearable and these photos definitely made the struggle (aka ‘finishing’ them the night before) so worth it!

I want to edit high def images eventually but for now~

Dart Feld – Me
Meru – moonstruckcosplay

Sunday Snippet

The bad news is I need at least one more day to finish a couple of transition scenes and do one more solid proofing read-though, and I remembered that I start early mornings again tomorrow and so can’t stay up as late into the night as I would need to for posting.  

The good news is I think this is the type of scene y’all’ve been waiting for…

His phone had woken him up with an announcement that he was now in week seven, thanks to the gestational app he’d downloaded - Bucky didn’t have time to read through the information, but made a mental note to look it over during a lull in his shift.  Instead he slid out of bed and made the short trip to the bathroom, peeing and washing his face before heading to the kitchen to start making breakfast.

He lost himself completely in the calming task of warming the frying pan on the hot plate, then whisking a couple of eggs together with a splash of milk before sprinkling them with salt and pepper and pouring them into the pan.  Bucky sipped water and flipped through his newsfeed as they cooked, enjoying the domestic normalcy of the routine - right up until he moved to stir the pan and caught a whiff of the sizzling eggs, which immediately had his stomach churning violently.

He had just enough time to yank the pan off of the hot plate and run for the bathroom, lurching in front of the toilet as he heaved into the bowl.  It took nearly half an hour to get his stomach back under control, and even then he still felt queasy and gross as he stripped out of his pajamas and climbed straight into the shower to both cleanup for the day and to feel like a human again.  By the time he finally left the bedroom he had just enough time to clean up the mess in the kitchen and change into his work outfit, before running out the door with a sleeve of saltines in hand and the hope that he would be able to keep things down by his lunch break.


Sims 4 Animation Test i did that i made with Sims 4 Studio & Blender i’ve been busy lately i am going to post this for download soon hopefully but for now enjoy (via

Woooow! like what is wrong with my shit doe it’s not even finished ya’ll killin it

Newlyn Hills Update! (proceed with caution and maybe get a cushion for your keyboard in case my rambling puts you to sleep)

Regarding my Newlyn Hills project, there’s not all that much new to report, but I’ve gotten a few questions about it, so I thought I’d let you guys know what’s up. What’s up is that I’m at a really low ebb as far as Simming inspiration goes. I got a little boost from City Living and the shiny new objects, but then real life reared its ugly head and I haven’t been able to focus on anything. So unfortunately I haven’t made much progress since my last post about it. Getting sidetracked working on Llama Inferno didn’t help, either. I was hoping I could maybe use it for Newlyn Hills as well, since I wanted to build a nightclub anyway, but it just doesn’t look good with my other lots, at least not in the configuration I currently have. 

(more under the cut)

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Top Photos and Downloads of 2016: October

My Willow Creek makeover dominated the top photosets this month, but the overview of my commercial district topped the lot. This area really came together so well and hopefully i will get back to finishing it in the new year. 

Top download for this month was my Sleek and Swept hair. A conversion for child to adult with a bit of poofing, its Ryan’s new ‘do (for now atleast).


Anyone who’s been following me for a while may know that for six plus months now I’ve been preparing to start a new story about a group of writers living in an exclusive artist’s retreat near the small town of Serendipity (my renovated version of Moonlight Falls), and with the exception of one lot that I still need to finish I’m just about ready to begin that challenge. However, now that I’m so close to actually playing it, I’ve realized that I don’t have any residents for my world, and I thought that this might be a good opportunity to see if anyone wants to collab with me. I would build or download and redecorate a house for our sims to live in together, play them for a week or two, and post some cutesy pictures of their life in Serendipity. Furthermore, your sim will appear in my new story, although to what extent really depends on how the game unfolds. In return, I would be more than happy to share my sim with you, their “partner” sim, but only if you want (i.e. I do not expect you to use my sim in your game unless you honestly want to). I’m not only interested in romantic ships for this, although I’d love to do some of those too, but I would also like some pairs of platonic friends and other sorts of relationships (siblings, roommates, etc.).

The one major caveat is that I want minimal extraneous CC. Sliders, non-default skins, hair, and makeup are absolutely fine. A couple of pieces of CC clothes are okay too. However, I would very much like to keep my townies’ wardrobes as streamlined as possible. I have every expansion pack and stuff pack and most of the store (not decrapped) so you can use as much of that content as you wish, but for accessories, shoes, and clothing I’d prefer mostly EA stuff. If that’s a problem for you, I can dress your sim myself, or we can talk about collaborating on something else.

If I haven’t scared you off yet and you’re still potentially interested in working with me, please send me a message so we can talk! :) The sims pictured above are some of the ones I am considering using for this, but I can also make some townies as well if you don’t like any of them. Anyway, thank you for reading my wall of text, lol, and I hope you all have a nice weekend! <3