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I honestly find it hard to believe that Camila didn't at least talk to Dinah after leaving? Articles are flying around now, I think Epic wanted her to say that to get people talking about both 5H and Camila bringing in attention for publicity and money. Imagine the different spins the media can take on this. C & LAND All knew she was going to leave since 2015, they just didn't know when until Epic decides. So why would Cami say something like that knowing how the media and fanbase would react?

That’s actually what I was contemplating about. My opinion is that I think this billboard interview happened less than a month after Camila went solo and informed the girls that she’s leaving so the wound might still be fresh for all of them to talk things out. But then I also believe they’ve known for a while she’s gonna go solo (tho they did not exactly know WHEN) so that wouldn’t make sense and it got me all confused.

I guess we’ll never know the true story. It’s not really my nature to pick sides so my conclusion is to just observe and let things unfold on itself. I don’t really like to invest too much feels on this anymore so I’m just here to enjoy their music

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more confessions, less drama.

Total Drama TF2.

I’ll make some more when I get home, currently in school. Right now there’s a bit of drama but I’m merely defending myself and my opinion cause I don’t want to give the impression I’m a cold heartless bitch all the time. Only sometimes.

I’ll do what I did with the trigger shitstorm and once people had enough time to get information, delete the posts and resume with normal TF2 confession blogging.


On ‘Privilege Chess’

I mentioned previously in a reblog as well as my post on Thought Policing, that being inside the SJW community made me feel largely like I was a pawn on a very large game of moral chess.

It is something the community demanded out of me, and ultimately drove to me demanding it out of my peers. My about page was thoroughly detailed of my identity, my mental problems and illnesses, and to a point where at one time I felt the pressure to surrender information about sexual abuse I had endured. This being all information I would never have thought to surrender to a stranger on the street, or someone on a forum topic somewhere, in order to gain the “permission” to speak my opinion.

I had began to think about it upon seeing a humorous tweet, which I’ve lost the source of now, but more or less mocked this culture by comparing the details we need to surrender to things like our social security numbers and credit card pins. And it was the first time the absurdity of feeling pressured to give up information about such sensitive, private topics, in order to feel … safe, actually was.

And now my existence, something I could not readily control, was simplified, refined, as a tool, a label, a handle to use me in a discussion against my will. I no longer was a complex, living creature, with an interweaving web of complexities that came upon from my means of existence and personal life long experiences. I was forced into a cookie-cutter existence, and any bit of myself that did not fit these labels were either discarded… or defined as something else entirely.

While still deep inside the toxic circles of the SJW community, I began to liken my daily experiences online in the blogosphere as a game of chess. I would often refer to my own about page, and other’s. Did my preened, simplified and defined set of labels allow me to produce a checkmate for those I argued against? Sometimes, it did, but many times, I was defeated by the simple fact that the other’s labels outpaced mine in the oppression olympics. Never mind the fact I was disabled, had PTSD, was trans, etc. If one label was lesser than another’s label, I could be trumped, and ultimately my experiences and opinions never mattered at all.

And as this culture evolved, as this culture progressed and spiraled in on itself, I began to see people trumping other people based on vary vague labels they either attribute, without actually asking the person in question, or gleam from a quick glance on their blog.

The amount of times I’ve seen things said like “This post has good points but the OP is a ____ so it probably should be discarded.” Even if the post had nothing to do with the “sin” designated to them. The mere fact that the OP was deemed something undesirable immediately doomed them to a silent holding cell labeled with their ‘crimes’, and were no longer considered a person to be reasoned with, if even a person at all.

And it’s interesting to compare this behavior to racism and xenophobia. When discussing of certain groups of people one cannot relate to, generalizing terms are used to distance the group of people from humanity, and humanity is usually always defined by who is othering the outsiders.

And this post and understanding has absolutely nothing to do with my personal opinions, values and beliefs. But to silence someone based on vague definitions of projected “sins”, is to deny their existence as a sentient being. I’ve seen this dehumanization time and time again, people eager to discard the complex experiences of someone’s life, often times experiences that cannot be defined easily by a handful of labels, and certainly not a single one.

This continued blinding of ourselves and our peers in the SJW community only lead to a lot of confusion, and severe bouts of cognitive dissonance, the word used to describe the distress stemming from holding two incompatible ideas. Ideas like, “This point is good, but… the OP is evil. So is this post really good? Am I actually evil for agreeing with them?”

Silencing is such a choice tactic for heavily Ideological cultures as it’s not very hard to teach a person to begin to silence themselves.

I play songs in endless loops. When a song is new to me, and there’s something about it that kills me, I’ll listen to it in an auto-repeat delirium for days on end. When they invented the repeat button on the CD player, my life was changed irrevocably (as were the lives of every roommate I’ve had since).
—  Dave Eggers, And Now A Less Informed Opinion

Most of us by now understand that the Mainstream Media are not in the business of the reporting of facts but rather in the shaping of public opinion.
Across America, 24 hours a day, the media enters our homes and lives not to inform us…… but rather to tell us how we should think.
Whether the issue is Global Warming, marriage equality or civil unrest in American cities………..coverage is less determined by the facts than by what networks and reporters believe the story should be.
Journalism has become a profession peopled by social activists masquerading as impartial reporters of facts.

This however is not a new phenomena…………

In fact a study of papers and periodicals of the 18th and 19th century show wildly inflammatory and misleading opinion being presented as news.
The newspaper business of that day was a wild free for all, where anyone with the resources, could set up a newspaper or periodical and publish virtually anything that they liked.

Not much different from the internet of today.

However… the early part of the 20th century journalism took on the mantle of a profession. Reporters and the media were now accorded an increasing respect. Schools of journalism were set up, guidelines and codes of conduct outlined and the media took up its self-appointed role as the “fourth estate, the gate-keeper of western democracy assuring Americans that truth was their highest ideal.

Walter Cronkite changed all that.

Touted as the "most trusted man in America” Cronkite’s role as CBS’s news anchorman took him into American living rooms nightly, to tell the families gathered there, the events of the day, signing off with the assurance  "And that’s the way it is".

The public trust in Walter Cronkite cannot be underestimated.
Which is why his betrayal of that trust and its ongoing consequences is so particularly egregious.

In 1968 Cronkite traveled to Vietnam to report on the aftermath of the Tet Offensive.

America had already endured 7 years of involvement in the Vietnam War. Though Americans were tired of the conflict and there was rising concern about the initial decision to send armed forces, only 10% of those in public polls advocated for a withdrawal from the conflict.
American overwhelmingly wanted the United States to finish the job. The “anti-war movement” despite the modern day  presentation was still largely regarded as a fringe movement led by student activists and hippies. Not unlike the present day Occupy crowd.

Tet……. or rather the reporting of Tet, changed all that.

In the early morning hours of January 31, during the traditional Tet holiday truce, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces launched a massive countrywide attack on the cities and towns of South Vietnam.

For the Viet Cong the Tet Offensive was a last roll of the dice.

Having sustained increasing casualties and loss of strategic areas over the last two years, General General No Nguyen Giap, the Supreme Commander of the NVA  and Hoàng Văn Thái leader of the Viet Cong, gambled everything on one last major offensive. They believed that the people of South Vietnam in the face of such overwhelming odds would rise up in and join the insurgent forces in defeating the Americans and the South Vietnamese government.

Their gamble not only failed……..but failed spectacularly.

Not only did the South Vietnamese fail to rise up but they fought ferociously in villages and towns to defeat them.
The North Vietnamese suffered horrific losses with an estimated 80,000 killed or wounded. American casualties by contrast were less than 2500.
Not one of the strategic objectives envisioned by Giap or Thai was achieved and in fact the massive loss of life proved a blow the Viet Cong never fully recovered from and to all intents they ceased to be an effective fighting force.

Into all this strode Walter Cronkite…………

Having commissioned himself to do a “special report” from Vietnam. Cronkite took his cameraman to one of the only areas significantly damaged during the offensive.
With the rubble smoking in the background Cronkite famously declared “It seems now more certain than ever that the bloody experience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate.”.

This was a massive blow to the American psyche already reeling from the sheer magnitude of the attacks.
Here was the most trusted man in America, telling his fellow Americans that the war was basically lost.

Cronkite did this in full knowledge that Tet was a stunning defeat for the North Vietnamese. Cronkite had decided, perhaps over a period of time, that the facts by necessity must become subservient to his own belief and desire for an American withdrawal.

Whether or not the story of Lyndon B. Johnston’s response “If  I’ve lost Cronkite……..I’ve lost America” is true or not…….what is undeniable was the erosion of public confidence in the outcome of the war.

Cronkite’s straying from reportage into advocacy had repercussions far beyond the removal of American forces in South Vietnam.
The journalistic profession sat up and took notice. Here was one of their own not just reporting the news but actively remoulding public opinion.
No longer would they be just reporters of world events now they would be the active shapers of those events.

A role they gleefully embraced.

The legacy of Walter Cronkite continues to this day. The media once the collators and promulgators of facts have become in the space of one human lifetime…………The gatekeepers of inconvenient truths. Only allowing outside that which serves their beliefs and desires.

Thus is our democracy weakened and the public trust made poorer by the day.

I play songs in endless loops. When a song is new to me, and there’s something about it that kills me, I’ll listen to it in an auto-repeat delirium for days on end. When they invented the repeat button on the CD player, my life was changed irrevocably (as were the lives of every roommate I’ve had since).
—  Dave Eggers, And Now A Less Informed Opinion
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I’ve received several messages from people who have expressed concern with my posting personal opinions on this blog. They feel that, due to the name and number of followers this blog has, that it should be less of a platform for one perspective and more of a platform to showcase all ace perspectives.

Normally, I wouldn’t allow others to dictate how I operate or run blogs that are solely me, but in this case I can see the merit in the argument and I am adjusting accordingly. As of now, this blog will be a space dedicated to all ace discourse and opinions/conversations instead of only those I agree with. It is now a community space open to all aces and a resource for information regarding community discussions and relevant material.

Should any of you be interested in my personal opinion on matters (as was expressed by several people in the feedback form a few months ago and the leading cause of my sudden expression of personal outlooks here), you may follow me at @tabzora