and now Stiles thinks he's cursed

maryqueenofsnark asked:

Mary. MARY. How do you feel about this new development? And by development, I mean HOECHLIN IS LEAVING US WTH WE WILL NEVER SEE STILES AND DEREK INTERACT AGAIN CURSE YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN FOR WANTING TO SPREAD YOUR ACTING WINGS. I watched the show for him. And now he'll be on like once all season.

*wraps you in the fuzziest, fluffiest, warmest blankets and snuggles you for eternity as we weep together*

Now my initial reaction was:

And then I was like

And now I’m just kinda like:

All of my emotional assessments under the cut. By emotional, I mean everything I’ve had bottled up for over a week so think apocalyptical sized emotions for the most part. 

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