and now I'm leaving for singapore


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Send in suggestions

Or tag this blog in things you’d like to get translated or explained as long as they’re not too big!!

In around 2 weeks I’ll be leaving the comfort of my house and going on a long, one month-long holiday to Singapore and Thailand and Vietnam and all those places. But that means I won’t be able to make many new posts, or any at all, because there’s no internet on a cruise ship ya know. It’s really quite unfortunate really because I think I’m gonna miss out on the season final for Yuri!!! on Ice, but I’ll try buy some internet so I can watch and make a post or something.

So I’m thinking I’d like to schedule some posts over the period that I’m gone for, and I’d like to try translate and explain the things you guys want me to, or are curious about.

So yeah, that was all I had to say in this post!