When I look back at this photo, it’s funny because I can’t even recognize myself on the left- but at the same time I can’t get that out of my head. I was never very happy with my body then or am I now. Body positivity is something I have to continue to do daily. It’s being confident in who I am- whether I’m a 1X or a s/m. Because it sure does feel great to put on that dress and it barely fit me now, but that joy won’t last forever and it’s something I always have to keep working on.

do you ever just feel so disheartened and disappointed in yourself that you give up? Give up all hope that He would ever forgive you, because you don’t deserve forgiveness? You can feel your sins on your soul like dirt sinking into your skin and you know in your heart you don’t deserve forgiveness. So much so, you can’t even bring yourself to ask Allah for forgiveness because youre so ashamed and undeserving? Because even you can’t forgive yourself for falling into the devil’s trap and leaving Allah behind? Because after a while, it wasn’t shaytaan’s fault, it was your own. You followed. I don’t know what to do. So much helplessness. So much shame.