and nothing in this world could ever bring us down

The zodiac signs in Hufflepuff

Aries: sinnamonroll, has perfected the art hoe™ aesthetic

Taurus: their heart is too big for their body, great at baking

Gemini: the one who makes awful jokes and acts like a fool to lift the mood, dresses as colorful as a bag of skittles

Cancer: cares too much about others, must learn how to love themselves because they always blame themselves

Leo: would sacrifice themselves at any given chance if it would help a friend, squishy cheeks

Virgo: always tries real hard to be useful and productive

Libra: the brightest smile you’ll ever see, sunshine child who gets along well with everyone

Scorpio: looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, it’s impossible to hide your true feelings from them bc they can read you like an open book

Sagittarius: an optimist in every situation, wants to meet people from all over the world

Capricorn: works too hard, nothing can bring them down once they’ve found their passion

Aquarius: honest and selfless, aspires to one day find the ultimate solution to world peace

Pisces: comfort hugs, mental and moral support, always wants to share their food with everyone

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Chapter ½

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3,623

Summary: Darren Criss is your average, run-of-the-mill gay guy with a beard. Chris Colfer is your average, run-of-the-mill seventeen year old fanboy. When the chance arises to win a phone call from Darren, Chris hastily gets to it. He just hadn’t expected to hit it off so well with the man of his dreams.


@darrencriss LISTEN UP!!! First ten people to donate to the Trevor Live Project will get a phone call from me. No shit. 100% serious.

Chris reads and rereads the words. When they finally process, he realizes that he doesn’t have much time. He scrambles around to find his credit card—it’s out in the kitchen. He practically flies out there to grab it.

“Watch where you’re going, Christopher.” Not now, Mom. He pushes passed her—she’s in the middle of chopping carrots for dinner—and grabs his wallet which always sits next to his keys. He then runs back to his room. He hopes that, since he’s always stalking internet-,sensation-turned-movie-star-overnight Darren Criss, he will still be one of the first. He quickly clicks on the link provided and hastily fills out the information.

Enter the amount you wish to donate






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Fic: Burning Bright (Chapter 1 - Dark Swan)

Title: Burning Bright (Episode 1 - ‘Dark Swan’)
Rating: G
Summary: What if Neal had survived to the start of Season 5, and Hook was the one to die? An attempted rewrite of the fifth season, with Neal in the place of Hook as Emma’s main love interest. Swanfire + all the canon relationships.

A/N: To clear up a few things, Neal basically survived Quiet Minds and has been part of the story from then on. I’m trying to keep this as close to canon as possible so I can follow the episodes closely. The only other major canon divergence is that Ariel didn’t show up in Poor Unfortunate Souls, so Hook drowned. So warning for pre-fic major character death. 

All chapters

Emma vanishes; for a moment, Neal forgets how to breathe.

Then a voice comes, then several, all muffled as though shouted through water, and he realises that one of them is his own. “No! No, no no no no no no!” He’s running, his feet a blur on the concrete, but he stops short when he comes to that twisted, evil piece of metal, lying untouched on the road. The last time Neal had a family, it ended when his father’s name showed on that cold metal. Now, history repeats itself, and his mind screams and freezes and refuses to understand even while his eyes read the words emblazoned there: Emma Swan.

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Sweater Weather *5sos 4/4

(so this is written a bit differently. It’s kind of one story but written with all of the boys. For example: where Ashton’s preference ends, Luke’s begins. You’ll understand when you start reading it :) )


Let’s have an adventure

Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered

Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours

You in those little high-waisted shorts, oh

You are going on a little adventure with your boyfriend to explore a stream he had found the other day. It was quite hot that day so you chose to wear high-waisted shorts and a loose crop top. “Y/n? Are you almost ready?” Ashton calls to you. “Yeah babe. I’m coming now.” you say as you go downstairs and meet him at the front door. You stand on the tip of your toes and plant a kiss on his cheek. Coming back down on your feet you smile up at him, “Ready to go?”. “Wait just a minute.”, he says backing up a bit and staring at you, mainly at your shorts. “Is something wrong?”, you ask, biting your lip. Instead of answering, he steps towards you and pulls you closer by the waist. “Mmm, baby, why did you wear these damn shorts? You know what they do to me.” Ashton says in a rough voice. With one hand traveling from your waist to your butt and the other pulling you even closer by your neck, Ashton kisses you as hard as he can proving what these damn shorts really does to him. He lips move to your neck where he plants little but rough kisses. Your heart beats faster with every kiss when you speak up, “Ash, can we skip out on today and take this upstairs?”.


She knows what I think about

And what I think about

One love, two mouths

One love, one house

No shirt, no blouse

Just us, you find out

Nothing that I wouldn’t wanna tell you about

Luke nods his head and lifts you up holding you from under your butt. He carries you upstairs while you take your turn on his neck, biting and kissing it. He’s a moaning mess by the time you’ve reached the bedroom. He kicks open the door and sits you on the bed with him crawling over you. Luke starts to kiss your neck again while you slip off his shirt. The two of you kiss each other as if this is the first time you’ve seen each other in years. Fighting over dominance and switching who’s on top, you continue to kiss and tease each other. Luke stops for only a second to pull your shirt off. With your chest exposed he starts making a trail of kisses down your stomach all the way to those little high waisted shorts. He looks up at you asking for permission and you nod to him. He slips off those damn shorts and moves up, hovering above you. “I love this. Just me and you here in this house.”, he says planting the softest kiss on your lips, “I love you y/n” You and Luke take off the rest of your clothing and continue where you left off.


And if I may just take your breath away

I don’t mind if there’s not much to say

Sometimes the silence guides our minds

So move to a place so far away

“You’re so beautiful, baby.”, Michael whispers to you while he rubs his hands up and down your back staring up at you. After he says that, neither of you say another word. Instead your bodies use a language of their own. Molding against each other the two of you feel as if you’re in another world and nothing could bring you down from this high. You pull onto his ever changing hair earning a slight moan from him. You breathe him in as he does to you. Michael pulls you closer, kissing every place he can reach. With one last movement of your hips, you crash down on top of him, the two of you breathing heavily.


Coming down

One love, two mouths

One love, one house

No shirt, no blouse

Just us, you find out

Nothing that I wouldn’t wanna tell you about

“That was amazing y/n… You’re amazing.”, Calum says cuddling up next to you. “Not as amazing as you are, Cal.”, you whisper. “I wish we could stay this way forever. Just you and I in this house. No one else. Just us. Forever and ever.”, Calum says looking off into space. “I wish that. If it was possible then I would lay here on this bed and in your arms forever.”, you tell him. This is what you loved about your boyfriend. You could tell each other anything and it’s never just a hot hookup. There’s always more when it comes to him. Some deeper meaning to everything. You could see you spending the rest of your life with him. After Calum drifted off you squirmed out of his arms. It was pretty cold in this house so you grabbed an old holey sweater to throw on. After you did that, you got back in bed and cuddled next to Calum and joined him in his slumber