and nothing amuses him more

There Is No Escape - Part 11

Note: The plan is in motion but how much of yourself will you lose to make sure that it works out….that Killian gains back his heart? Having such power over the pirate isn’t something Pan is going to give up easily.

Killian Jones x Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1584

Warnings: Violence and death.

Disclaimers: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to the creators <3

This is it. The plan has been set into motion. Back near the healing waters you had made it look genuine, that you really were heartbroken over Killian, because with his heart in his hand there was no way Pan was back in the camp with the boys…..he would have been watching from somewhere. You had raised your hand up and slammed it hard against his cheek, acting as any scorned female would, and then ran off into the dense jungle of Neverland with feigned tears rolling down your cheeks.

If Pan wants you to be by his side then that is what you are going to do, for now, to gain his trust and to take the heart right from underneath his nose. Killian wouldn’t be happy with the route you are taking but he had no choice, it wasn’t like he could stop you. He can scold you when all of this is over. Pan may have given you your youth back when he had kept you here but he had also robbed you of your memories during that time and precious time that could have been spent with the man you love.

He is going to wish he had never messed with you.

Pulling the blankets that you are cocooned inside around your body a little tighter your tear-filled eyes glance over at the figure that is laying next to you. Pan. He brought you here, back to his treehouse, after conveniently knowing exactly where you were with Killian and instantly wanting to be the one that would comfort you. Had he not planned this whole thing in that sick and twisted mind of his you might have even thought, even if only for the briefest of moments, that he actually had a softer side to him.

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Faeries - writing research help

Hey guys! Grim here. 

This post will be on the Aes Sidhe (sidhe is pronounced like shee), fairies or fae. Every writer writes the fae their own way, but some research and background information never hurt anyone. Remember that research is your bread and butter, folks.  

Again, i would like to apologies for typos that will undoubtedly slip past me - the post is likely to be filled with red lines because of the faerie names and Irish words and my keyboard is obstinate on the best of days. (Seriously, if MS word can recognize some of the idiosyncrasies of the Hiberno-dialect, why can’t chrome? It has declared war on the letter s and made me doubt my spelling.)

(Also I am not going to rant about how a certain suethor made blood drinking creatures who more resemble the fae folk than actual vampires, but i will say for you to do your research and change the name of your supernatural creature if they match another creature more than the one you have named them after.)


What is a faerie?

Fairy, or faerie, is the term for a group of supernatural creatures who are said to be “neither in God’s nor the devil’s service” - that is, neither good nor evil. They are completely outside of religion - it does not interest them, and in certain cases the fae will leave someone alone if they ask for blessings from whatever deity or deities they worship.

Some say that faeries are the children of angels and demons, or that they are fallen angels who were indecisive during the fall and as such, were shown mercy. Before Christianity came to Ireland it was said that the fae were the Tuatha Dé Danann who had been driven underground by the Milesians - those who the Irish are now descended from. Still yet others claim that faeries escort the souls of the dead to heaven, while themselves being barred from it, or that they are themselves dead souls undergoing penance for past actions before they may be admitted to heaven.

Whatever the truth, the fae now live underground in a land where time does not pass as it does on the surface - three short days underground could equal three centuries above, a few hours could be a century. (It does seem to fluctuate a bit) 

The faerie court

Each faerie household contains a king, a queen and a fool. King Fionvarra rules over all western faeries alongside his queen, Oonagh (I suspect this may be an Anglicization as Úna is far more common/correct in Irish, much like how the second “n” got added to Conor when it started being used outside of Ireland. Yes google, I am sure that Conor is the correct spelling, you’re the one in the wrong here so stop bloody highlighting it!!!! My apologies for that rant, I am bad with computers. Now let us return to our scheduled posting.)

The fool, or amadan (fool, male only, there’s a separate word for female fool, Oisean. An “i” gets added before the “n” in both cases to make a plural. the spelling amadawn is another Anglicization.) stays within the faerie borders except for June. for that month, he wanders about in mortal lands wild and half naked, dashing mortal wits out. Yes, you read that correctly, he essentially goes about hitting people with whatever is on hand and in the process reduces their IQ by a considerable amount. Worse still, there is no cure. 


It is a mostly forgotten fact that only male children are stolen from the cradle. Females are stolen closer to adulthood, essentially being chosen to become a faerie chief’s lover for seven years, at which point they will be returned as a withered hag. Sometimes the fae will take an adult of either gender, usually to perform some task for them or to marry a chief or queen. In the former case, if they complete the task, the fae will allow them to return, rich and successful beyond their dreams. A human taken to nurse a sick faerie might return as a world renowned doctor, for example. 

In any case, the fae leave behind a substitute encased in a glamour charm. this could be anything from a log to a dying faerie child to a human who was stolen and has now grown old (the fae like humans to die among their own when the time comes), who will soon grow ill and die.

A number of brutal “cures” were used to force the fae to return the original child, including using foxglove to “burn the entrails out of the faerie”. Of course, in all cases, this was just an innocent child being tortured to death - do not try this at home, or any other such “cure”. if you really feel the need to test someone for faerieness, WAIT UNTIL THEY CAN EAT PROPERLY and give them some jam and bread. When they eat it you will know that your fears are completely unfounded. The fae cannot stomach human food of any description. There is no reason to hurt an innocent child.

I do not think anyone would actually do such a thing, but one must cover their own back, yes? 

It was also believed possible for one to enter the faerie fort and take back the child, provided they had not drank three times of the er, enchanted milk. Yes, i just balked at putting the word starting with b in there, purely because of the whole enchanted milk thing. Yeesh. Excuse me… I need the brain bleach.

Much better. Where was I? Ah, yes.

In the case of a stolen wife her husband could attack the faeries when they are abroad and rescue her that way, or by taking the impostor’s girdle, burning it and burying the pin from it.

The Leprechaun and the Cluricaun

Leprechauns make shoes. They are not caricatures of the Irish. please stop using them as such. They wear grey coats, a leather apron, and a red hat for a bit of colour. They are foul-mouthed and generally disagreeable. They guard faerie treasure, and each leprechaun’s entrusted horde is marked by a rainbow. if found and caught, a leprechaun will tell a mortal where the treasure is, but as soon as they get a chance they will thwart the would be thief. In one case a man marked the tree one such rove was buried under with a red cloth. He made the leprechaun swear not to touch the cloth or the treasure while he left to get a shovel, and when he returned every tree in the forest had a red cloth tied ‘round it.

Clurichauns are either close cousins of the leprechauns or simply extremely drunken leprechauns on a spree. either way, the leprechauns deny any association to the cluricauns. cluricauns look exactly like leprechauns save a reddish nose - potentially the result of too much alcohol - and clothing.

The Fear Dearg

A near relation to the leprechaun who enjoys mischief making. Nothing amuses him more than mortal terror. One should say “Ná déan magadh fúm” or “Do not mock me” when encountering a fear dearg to prevent oneself becoming part of some cruel trick or game. strangely enough, the fear dearg show not malice, but favour through their tricks - if thy trick you, you have something they want to see. They might terrorize a modest musician into giving them a performance, for example. 

They will attach themselves to certain houses and will expect a certain treatment, such as food and drink being left out when the household goes to bed.

The fear dearg is good natured and will bring good luck to his targets. (How is natured not a word asdfghjkl!)

Merrows and Silkies

Male merrows will sit by the sea in any weather, scanning for brandy that has been lost with a wrecked ship. Female merrows find them repulsive and instead seek to tease mortal men. Both genders wear a cap and have webbed fingers.

If a fisherman manages to take a female merrow’s cap, she will forget her life in the sea. The fishermen inevitable fail to destroy or adequately hide the cap, and once found, the female merrow will try it on and remember her life in the sea.

Silkies are seals by day and humans by night. They will obey anyone who holds their seal skin, which they shed every evening and leave on the sand. If they marry a human who then becomes lost at sea, they will sing from the cliffs to guide their spouse home.


Banshees are not the causes of death, merely a harbinger. Banshees will attach themselves to an old family (descended from the Milesians) ans will wail upon the death of a family member. They are exclusively female and can be found washing the shirts of those not long for this world. Banshees love their families and will exult at their great deeds and good fortunes, following them to distant lands and attending their funerals unseen.

The Dullahan

Sometimes seen in the company of the banshee, the dullahan appears where a mortal dies. He drives a black carriage with six headless horses and gathers the souls of the dead. He strikes any living being to see him blind.

The Lianhan Shee

The Lianhan Shee, or love faerie, seeks the love and dominion over mortal men. There is only one Lianhan Shee, and she is more a force than anything, for all faeries who love are said to become one with her and to the mortal man who longs for her she is the only one. No one has ever described the Lianhan Shee. She insists upon her lovers entering Tír na nÓg (land of the young).


There are many other types of faerie, but this post is getting long, so i’m going to stop here.

I hope this post helps with writing inspiration/research!

Let Me Go

TITLE: Let Me Go


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s friend being in love with him but only starts to pay attention to her when another friend Fandral is interested. She realises that is the only reason he is interested and it breaks her heart. Loki doesn’t want her, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her.

RATING: General

NOTES: Done as a result of a prompt by DeathByUKMen and the name Runa  means secret love in Nordic

It was as cliched as it comes, falling in love with one’s best friend, it was as though it was a stupid book, it was ulcer-inducing really. And to make matters worse, said best friend put the Prince, in Prince Charming. Prince Loki, second son of King Odin and younger brother of the loud boisterous and sometimes idiotic Prince Thor. Loki was more cunning, a trickster in every aspect and often dismissed as a foolish prankster, but he used that to his advantage, and how Runa adored watching him do it.

Her father was Odin’s right-hand man, the General of his armies and a Grand Duke of the court, so essentially, she was raised alongside the royal princes. Thor paid her no heed in the earlier days; until the day Lady Sif came to the battle arena and defeated most any man in her wake, Thor thought girls pointless and boring, his opinion being that all they did is be girly and play dress up and tea as youths before developing into giddy social climbers. But Loki, he had decided she was someone worth talking to, and soon realised she was his unfaltering ally. Using her own wits and mind to assist him in his mischief, as well as her sex to get her out of trouble that he would have been more harshly punished for, should any have caught him. She took the blame for his actions more times than either could recall, without prompt and without request and in return, Loki had remained as loyal to her.

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impulse control

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Chris x Eva
Summary: Chris deals with regret. 

skam month, fanfiction week, day 2: angst

Chris didn’t so much believe in regret.

Fuck-ups, yes. Mistakes, sure. But regret and shame and the whole nine, brooding yards—that just seemed like a waste of thought. Life happened. Fuck-ups ensued. Laugh it off, take a shot, move on. If you burned a bridge, you found a bag of marshmallows and toasted a s’more on the flames.

But, as he stood against the Halloween decorations hanging on Noora’s living room wall—William’s too, now—with his best friend, Chris couldn’t untie the knots fraying in his stomach, no matter how many beers he drank.

He had a half-empty bottle sweating in his hand. Across the room, Jonas had his hand on the bare sliver of skin at Eva’s waist. Chris might not put much stock in regret, but he did believe in winners and losers.

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Thin Walls - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: A Fred Weasley imagine where it’s summer holidays and you’re staying at the burrow and you’re dating and can’t keep your hands off each other so there is teasing and blushing and fluff pleeeeeaase 😊💋

P.S. This mentions sex and stuff like that so beware! Also Fred is a tiny bit rude but whatever, enjoy! x

My favorite part about summer were the longer nights. In winter at Hogwarts the sun, if it had decided to shine, would retreat to bed at five in the afternoon and let the moon do the rest of the work. Although in summer, the sun was set to work staying out as late as almost eight thirty and would rise early at five in the morning. The days were longer and the nights were shorter which meant more time to be spending with a particular redhead I had grown to love. Fred and I roamed around the Burrow until nine when the light would cease and Molly would holler for us to get inside before we lost our way. 

Molly and Arthur Weasley had so kindly offered me a spot at their home for the summer when Fred informed them that my parents were going on a cruise for the holidays and wouldn’t be home until a week before school started up again. I suppose looking back on the whole ordeal ‘offer’ wasn’t exactly the best choice of words, Molly more so insisted I stayed with my boyfriend and his family for the break. I couldn’t complain, I got to eat home cooked meals, hang out with Ginny whom I had grown considerably close with seeing as we shared her room, and got to be with Fred every single day. Of course there were a few downsides to seeing each other everyday. 

At Hogwarts there were rules and traditions put in place for young witches and wizards which meant once Fred and I got to his house, we finally gained a bit more privacy than before and trust me we took full advantage of it. After breakfast when everyone would begin their day heading separate ways, Fred and I would sneak off to shower together. In later afternoons we’d slip out to the lake a mile from the Burrow and have snog sessions on a blanket spread by the crystal water. 

Then at night I would tiptoe out of Ginny’s room to cuddle with Fred in the living room. For the most part we were good at keeping from being caught but that’s not to say we never did. Today Fred, George, Ron, Ginny, and I had all decided to take a hike around the path by the house. Molly said the trail led on for thirty miles so it was best if we’d turn around at a distinct landmark the twins had made after walking the trail an entire day to see how far it went. The mile markers were nonexistent and all the miles looked the same in my eyes.

“Are you sure we haven’t passed this so called marker yet, boys?” I asked. Ron was leading the group as Ginny and I walked behind him with the twins at our backs. “Oh I’m sure, darling. Believe me, it’s not hard to miss.” Fred commented reaching forward to pinch my bum. Racing around I gifted him with a harsh shove to his side. Fred only smirked seeming satisfied with himself.

“Sorry Y/n, it’s just too beautiful to resist.” A flash of red coated my cheeks and I had to face forward quickly to keep Fred and George from seeing. 

My efforts came to no avail as George howled in laughter, “Look Freddie, you embarrassed the poor girl!” The rushing wind added more color to my cheeks and made it harder to mask the blush. The sound of Fred’s footsteps sounded closer than before. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his warm lips to press against the shell of my ear.
“Not my fault my bird has got a nice bum.” I nudged my shoulder causing him to stumble back still full of content. I shot Ginny a look of annoyance and she grinned turning to her brothers.
“I bet we already went by your marker and you two have got us lost.” Ginny sassed, folding her arms across her chest and planting herself still in the trail. Ron stopped his movement and swiveled his body around glaring at his younger sister.

“It’s a trail you git, you can’t get lost if you stick to it.” Fred and George chuckled while Ron returned to ignoring the rest of us. The sun was still high in the sky and if my calculations were right I would have to say we’d been trudging on the hike for at least three hours which meant it would take that much longer to get back.
“Wait… Fred I don’t remember passing that boulder last time?” I could hear George whispering to his twins softly and I had to fight the urge to turn around and knock him upside the head. 

“Are you serious?” Ginny shouted. The twins shook their heads laughing and George squeezed by me to throw his arm around his sister’s shoulder.

“Now Ginny, what on earth makes you think I would ever do that to you?” I drowned out her assumingly snappy response and joined Fred. His lips pressed down lovingly onto my forehead and I had to bite my lip to keep from going in for another more heated embrace. A smirk traced Fred’s features as he gazed down at me. 

“Eager are we, love?” Shrugging let my arm fall around his torso the flushness from earlier slowly disappearing.

“Maybe just a bit. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week.” My voice was light and easy melting like butter on a scorching day. With a tilt of his head, Fred raised his eyebrows at me almost accusingly.
“And who’s fault is that?” I knew it was mine and there was no way to fight my way out, also there was no point. Fred took the time I was spending with his mother and sister all week to create new products for his upcoming shop with George, so his play of hurt towards me was an act that I refused to fall for.
“Whatever, your sister wanted to go to town with me and I couldn’t say no when your mother asked me to help with the cake. Anyways, I really did need that knitting lesson from her so I don’t regret a thing. I had a lot of fun away from you, handsome.” 

Fred scoffed and shook his head,“You mean to say you had more fun sitting around talking to my mom and sister than you did when you snuck into my room that night and I-” I cut him short before he could continue. It was obvious where he was heading and I was not in the mood nor the right place to touch on the events of that night.
“Stop! Your siblings are right there, I don’t want them hearing you.”
“You know, love, I’m surprised George didn’t hear you from the living room that night. You were screaming my name so loud I thought you would wake the whole house-” George turned back to us with a look of bewilderment.“

You two did what in our room?” Another storm of embarrassment settled over. Truth be told I should’ve known Fred would say something to his brother but it was awkward for him to find out while we were with Ron and Ginny too. The three began laughing and both brothers high fived Fred and Ginny gave me an apologetic gaze.

“Fred told me about the shower stuff and what you did by the lake but I didn’t know you two got it on in his room as well.” Ron admitted sending me a flirty wink. My mouth hung open and I debated on crawling under a rock and living the rest of my life there or beating the lights out of Fred.

“You told your brother about that!” I screeched covering my tomato red face. Fred nodded, clearly not understanding what the big deal was. 

Ginny shifted her weight between her feet becoming more than uncomfortable and I felt guilty for her being stuck in such an awkward spot.Pushing past Fred I made sure to bump my shoulder gratingly with his and started my walk with Ginny behind the boys, who were still gloating on the secrets Fred had let them in on, and back to the Weasley home.
Tears of rage were swelling in my eyes blocking my vision but I couldn’t care less. Ginny remained silent but ran her hand over my shoulder every minute or so.The three Weasley boys followed in pursuit but I paid no mind. Anger was coursing through my veins overtaking my mind set. A sudden hand pulled me back and I knocked into the broad chest of Fred Weasley. He reached up and skimmed the backside of him hand across my cheek wiping all the falling tears. George and Ron’s heads hung low as what I could only assume was culpability.Fred waved them off to keep walking. The group had gotten quite a ways in front of us and Fred stayed glued to the ground unmoving. “Sweetheart look at me please. I was being stupid and ignorant alright? Besides who cares what they think, they’re just jealous they don’t have a beautiful girl like you to do-” 

Shoving him to the side, and off the trail a bit, I backed Fred into a tree with all my might. His face washed over with a touch of shock and… lust? Pointing my finger in his line of sight I mustered up my strongest voice and scolded him.

“I’m serious, quit it or nothing from that night will never happen again.” This only amused him more as Fred gently took my hand in his and placed a sweet kiss on my knuckles.
“Keep telling yourself that, darling.” The area grew silent and the tension was growing bigger by the second. As much as he pushed my buttons and drove me crazy, I loved him and it wasn’t a secret. Stepping back I released my hold on his collar chewed on the inside of my lip. The same stupid little grin was on full display while Fred brushed away the loose strands of hair covering my face. I was furious beyond belief and wanted to fight his grip but I couldn’t.

“C’mon Y/n, please don’t be upset. I was only joking. I love you so much, I hope you never doubt that.” The genuinity was evident in his voice. I could feel his brown eyes boring into my face searching for any sign of disbelief. Narrowing my e/c orbs I squinted at the wild haired boy in front of me.
“Pretty rude joke to be treating me like that especially in front of your brothers and sister. I’m not some toy or prize you can show off. I did those things with you out of love, not lust I hope you realize that. But I suppose I forgive you. I love you too by the way.” I run my finger along my cheek catching all the tears from hitting the floor. A warm smile rose to Fred’s face and he leaned forward wrapping his arms around my neck to pull my body towards him. I found myself using his body as support and burying my face in his sturdy chest. Fred’s delicate lips ran along the crown of my head then let a trail of kisses on my forehead.

“Glad to see you two have made up and are back to kissing every second of the day, now let’s go! Ron said he heard mom say she’s cooking corned beef sandwiches and cauldron cakes for dessert! Hurry before they’re all gone!” George yelled from the opening of the woodsey area I had brought Fred. I shared a happy glance with Fred then snatched his hand and ran after George, Ginny, and Ron excited to get to the Burrow.

“Y/n, we could just use magic to get there. Faster we get there and beat them, the more food we get. Also the more time I get to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am.” Fred pressed rubbing his thumb along my hand. His offer was no debate, I shook my head yes and soon we were teleported back to the Burrow rushing inside and eating quicker than ever, then sprinting up to Fred’s room, achieving all of this prior to the other three arriving home. When Fred and I reached the stairs I could hear Molly called for us. We retreated into the kitchen putting on our best display of innocence, although the wise witch saw through and laughed to herself saying,

“Now be safe and no funny business; remember these walls are pretty thin, dear. And Fred, be nice to this one, I like her.”

-Daizy xx

Lucas x dyslexic!reader 5

You had been with Lucas for about a day and a half now, and there was one thing that was bothering you. Well, to be honest there was more than one thing bothering you (Lucas being a big offender), but there was one particular thing that caught your attention. Lucas seemed to be super distracted by something. Not that you minded him not bothering you, but you were afraid that if whatever this was got him too agitated then he’d take it out on you. You weren’t feeling up trying to escape the past day because of what you had just been through. Even though you still weren’t 100% yet, you felt alright enough to try and escape today. Lucas had thought that he had you down for good, but he thought wrong. Sure you were pretty out of it, but you had also found out that he was stronger than you to the point where brute force wasn’t going to do you any good. So, you simply waited until he was distracted with something else, and planned to sneak out when the time was right. Luckily for you, that time came sooner than you thought.

Lucas had left awhile ago, and you decided that it was you time to go. There was a fine line on waiting for he to be far away from the area, and waiting too long and having him come back and catch you trying to leave. The latter option was one that you were certain that you didn’t want based on your past experience. You made your way to the door that you had tried to get to the day before. There wasn’t the hast that you had before, though. You stopped and listened through the door before you opened it to be sure that Lucas wasn’t on the other side of it. As you listened you rubbed your neck as a reminder of what could happen if you weren’t careful. Sure, dealing with the other Bakers wasn’t a walk in the park by any means, but at least they were going to kill you quickly and have it over with. Lucas had shown you that he had no problems with both physical and mental torture, and you knew that what had happened to you was the the tip of that insanity filled iceberg. Once you were sure that the coast was clear, you open the door and started to go as quickly and quietly as you could though the rest of the mines.

You weren’t entirely paying attention to where you were going. The thought of needing to find a hiding spot as quickly as you could in case you heard Lucas coming back and what he would do to you if he caught you again distracted you beyond the point of memorizing the path. Not that any of that mattered anyway. You probably would have taken a wrong turn somewhere or another even if you had a map. After continuing down the different paths for awhile, you finally made it out of the mines, and found yourself at a little wash-like body of water. It wasn’t as full as it could have been, but there was still a decent amount of water in it. The other thing it had was a lot of was dead fish. You debated on climbing up onto the ground that was elevated along the sides of the wash, but when you started to, you saw that there were footprints indented into the mud that was there. The prints must have been Lucas’s. If you went that way then, Lucas could see where you went. Come to think of it, the prints showed that Lucas went that way, so that might not have been the best way to go at all.

You went to turn to head back to the mines when you saw something that you didn’t notice before. There were some of those mold monsters shambling around the brush not far from where you were. Thankfully, they hadn’t seen you yet. It was double lucky that you didn’t run into any of them in the mines while you weren’t paying attention. At the time all you were thinking of was escaping Lucas. The thought of what would happen to you if you ran into one of those things without a weapon of any sort had never crossed your mind. It looked like you were going into the water with the dead fish. It wasn’t your first choice, but right now it was the only choice. The feeling of the fish brushing across you was one of the grossest things you had ever felt. Not to mention, you felt like you would probably have to bathe for an entire month straight to get rid of the smell.

After a few minutes of trudging through the disgusting water, you came across a latter that lead into a small shack. You climbed up, and started to walk to the other side of the shack, but you quickly stopped yourself when you heard a familiar voice muttering cusses. After being sure that Lucas didn’t hear you, you peaked through one of the cracks that was in the wall. You saw Lucas sitting in front of what looked to be a radio of some kind. Thankfully, he was still distracted, but he wouldn’t be that way forever. You were hidden okay for the time being, but all he would have to do was turn in the right direction, and he’d be able to find you easily. After weighing your options, you decided that the only thing you could do was stay where you were, and hope that he didn’t spot you. The thought of going back the way that you came crossed your mind, but you quickly decided that it wasn’t a good idea. The fact that he didn’t hear you sloshing your way up here was lucky enough, and he would probably notice if you made more moment than you already had. Even if you did manage to get back into the water, he would probably be able to move quicker than you and catch you anyway.

You were suddenly pulled back to reality when you heard Lucas stand up from the chair that he was sitting in. The first reaction you had was to try to make yourself even smaller than you already were, and hold your breath in a effort to be as quiet as you could. He stopped where he was suddenly. You thought that he knew where you were, but then he relaxed and started move away to what you could only assume was the door(you didn’t think that he walked through all of the dead fish every time he came here, so there must have been another way out that you couldn’t see). Suddenly there was a bang on the wall right next to you. It startled you and made you gasp, releasing the breath the you were holding in the process. “I thought so!” You heard Lucas grumble on the other side of the wall before hearing hurried, stop-like steps followed by him quickly making his way to where you were.

Lucas grabbed your arms with bruising strength, and pulled you up next to him, so that his face was only inches away from yours. “What’s a matter, cupcake? Miss me so much that ya had'ta come find me?” He sneered as you tried to wiggle away from him. He just snorted in frustration and dragged you to the other side of the broken wall where he just was. “Or-” Lucas said in a more pronounced voice as he threw you into the edge of the table that had the radio on it before continuing, “or, did ya think you could actually get away this time?” He slammed his hands on the table, pinning you where you were. You said nothing, knowing that he would just take whatever you were going to say and try to use it against you. After a moment with no response from you Lucas became even more agitated than he already was. “Well,” he started as venom dripped from his voice, “we both knew it wasn’t gonna work, ‘cause you don’t have the brains to work out a good plan!” This was something that you knew he would probably say eventually, but you hoped he wouldn’t. You gave him a scowl that was in no way forced. It showed the exact contents of your emotional range right now, and most people would have known that meant they needed to apologize about twelve minutes ago. Lucas, however, was nothing like other people, and your scowl seemed to amuse him more than anything. “Well, now! Would ya look at that face.” He snickered as he gave you a dangerous grin. “Don’t know why you’re angry though. We both know it’s true. Ya have trouble with simple math, you’re horrible with directions, and, hell, ya can’t even keep most things in order. You. Are. STUPID!” He inched his face closer to yours with each one of the last words of the sentence to emphasize them.

That was all you wanted to hear from him. Almost as soon as he finished talking, you punched him in the jaw as hard as you could. This caught him by surprise, and it knocked him down a few feet away from you. “I’m not stupid! I’m just dyslexic, you hillbilly prick!” You yelled as you glared down at him on the floor. Lucas sat up and rubbed his jaw while moving it up and down to loosen it up as best he could. After he did this for a few seconds, he looked up at you and the evil looking smirk from before returned, but this time there was a dangerous amount of playfulness in his eyes. Sure you could have taken the chance to try to leave when he was on the floor, but, honestly, you were tired of running. Not to mention, you had people think and treat you like you were dumber than a box of rocks your entire life just because of your dyslexia, and now you had a good reason to try and beat one of them to your heart’s desire. That wasn’t an opportunity that you wanted to pass up. “God damn!” Lucas exclaimed as he stood up. “If I didn’t find ya attractive before, I sure as hell do now!” He chuckled darkly before charging at you. You swung at him again, but this time he was able to grab your arm and stop you before you actually hit him. “Hooo-weee! Look at you, tryin’ ta pick a fight!” He started to laugh before his hand shot up to your neck.

You did your best to claw at his arm in an effort to get him to loosen his grip, but you were loosing the ability quickly as your head started to get light from a lack of oxygen. “Don’t you worry none! I’m not gonna kill ya! No, no, no! I got better plans than that. You’re just gonna take a little nap is all.” Lucas said in an almost calming tone as his other hand ran through your hair. Right before you blacked out completely, you heard a voice, one that you didn’t recognize. “Quick! I hear someone in that shack over there!” The overtly masculine voice yelled. The next thing you knew, you were dropped to the ground, and now gasping for air. You looked up to see Lucas headed for the hatch that you had come through. He stopped long enough to look you in the eye, and warn, “I’m not done with you yet!” Before going down the opening and disappearing into the night. Before you had a chance to figure out what was going on, something else happened that made the whole ordeal seem more surreal that it already was. Two figures with military gear and gas masks bursted thought the door. One of them ran over to you while the other checked the other end of the shack. “We found another survivor.” The person next to you said into a little radio hidden in his mask before helping you sit up. You recognized him as the voice that you had heard before. There was suddenly a strong hand on your shoulder, causing you to look over at the man. “Don’t worry.” He said gently. “We’re here to help you.”

anonymous asked:

Hello, can you please do headcannon on how Jotaro, Kakyoin, Josuke, and Okuyasu react to their s/o having a swarm-type stand (like Harvest) that's electric based and affectionate with them?

I had to really think with this one but I got it done in the end! I may have gone crazy with Okuyasu’s a bit because MY BILLION DOLLAR BABY NEEDS LOVE DAMMIT! But other than that I hope you enjoy

And if you don’t mind me I’ll be heading off to bed since it’s nearly 11PM on this end~


- Ghost


·         Jotaro wouldn’t have even realised that anything was wrong when Star (who was wondering  around the room) suddenly plucked something off of one of the shelves; assuming he had just found a book or something which caught the stands interest

·         It isn’t until he hears a small squeal that he swivels around his chair to glance in the direction of his stand

·         Upon seeing the small stand struggling to get out of Star’s grasp he’ll immediately start looking around for a possible enemy (he’s learnt to be careful after the journey through Egypt, afterall)

·         In the end, S/O’s going to have to peek their head into the room, spot one of their many little swarm stands and immediately tell Jotaro that ‘yes, it’s their stand so don’t crush it!’

·         From then on he’s going to have to get used to the little creatures scurrying all around the place, being careful of where he walks when in the presence of S/O t prevent any problems

·         It’ll be difficult for the grump but he’ll eventually learn to deal with it – he’ll also learn to warm up to having them around more often

·         In fact, his partner will find Jotaro every once in a while surrounded by small little clusters of their stand while he’s studying/working, occasionally letting Star Platinum out to keep them occupied (and Star entertained)

·         He’ll never get used to suddenly being swarmed by little kisses at random intervals and if they catch him off guard he’ll slip up and go a tiny, tiny bit red in the face for a split second

·         The one thing he does dislike about their stand however, is the electric abilities they have

·         Because it’s all fun and games until he’s suddenly receiving a sharp electric shock whenever S/O is upset or annoyed with him, then it’s his hands that end up completely numb and it’s S/O who’s rolling around on the floor laughing until they can’t breathe


·         Kakyoin would be incredibly amused to find that his S/O has a swarm stand because to him it will almost seem like a bunch of mini S/Os are running around the house

·         He’d love to play around with the little stands, watching with a smile whenever they cling to his hands and cuddle his fingers after a long day

·         He should expect to receive a vast variety of small handmade gifts from them at random points in the day, each slightly different from the last

·         From little buttons with unique designs to brooches studded with the occasional gem, eventually he’ll have a box full of little trinkets he’s received from them

·         Kak will also start to pick up on the little differences with S/O’s stands – such as scars, pattern variations, personalities and any other distinguishing features that could separate one from the other

·         There will be a small bunch of them that would prefer staying close by his side,  resting on his shoulders or hiding in his pockets and you can be sure that he’s going to call them his little protection squad

·         Given that their stand is so affectionate Kakyoin’s going to be sure to return the favour with Hierophant Green, allowing him to curl around S/O almost like wrapping up in a warm green blanket and nuzzling his face into the crook of their neck

·         And nothing will amuse him more if this is done by surprise, hearing his S/O suddenly squeal from the other room as his stand appears out of nowhere to drag them down into cuddling session

·         Although, when his S/O decides to get him back by letting their little stands administer a small static shock he’s going to be ‘shocked’ (:D) for a few moments before his eyes darken and an almost malicious chuckle passes his lips

·         Before they know it Hierophant green’s embrace is soon turning constrictive, keeping them rooted in place as his tendrils begin to wander all over, all the while Kakyoin is watching on with a grin, teasing them with his words “My love, perhaps it’s best if you leave the ‘shocks’ to me~? You do seem to like them so much after all~”


·         The moment Josuke spots his S/O’s stand scampering about the place he’s going to have flashback to Harvest (and probably mistake them for Harvest too)

·         “Hey, babe? Is Shigechi here? Cause I can see Harvest running around”

·         When S/O shows him their stands and tells him that their stand is similar to Harvest as in it’s a swarm stand he’s going to be a little apprehensive – especially since his last run in with a swarm stand ended up getting him drunk and fighting over money (and those were not good times)

·         It’ll take a while for him to actually warm up to the idea, but with how affectionate and helpful they are he’ll eventually relent and begin enjoying having them around

·         It may even get to the point where they’re swarmed around him almost constantly to help with everyday tasks

·         Need a lost item found? They’ve already got it and added a bow for the hell of it. Tired after a long day? They’re rushing over to the drink machine to get him his favourite. He needs an alarm? They’ll wake him up with a bunch of little kisses before S/O swoops in to give him one final smooch

·         He might, might let them help with getting his magnificent pomp ready in the morning, but it will take a few days of him waking up late and needing their help before he’s comfortable that they’ll do a good enough job to leave them to it

·         When S/O’s not around they’ll leave their stand to keep Josuke company and he’ll love it, letting them hover around him as he goes about his journey to various places – these include shops, school, Tonio’s and a bunch of other places

·         But they’re gonna want to think twice about shocking him, because he’ll yell out in surprise and (if he’s in a public place) make a complete embarrassment of himself

·         “O-OI WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” – Be sure though, if they do this he’ll be planning his revenge as he storms off to find them, all the while attempting to fix his hair which has frizzed out of shape from the sudden shock


·         Okuyasu’s going to be incredibly touchy around the prospect of another electric type stand, regardless of how long it’s been since the Red Hot Chilli Peppers incident

·         The pain of losing a brother, no matter how mean or bad they are is crippling especially to someone who relied on their bro so much, so his S/O is going have to be incredibly gentle in getting him accustomed to their stands presence

·         They’d start with introducing him to only the one, letting him watch it’s movements for a little while before he even dares to touch it

·         Eventually he’d be a little more comfortable as he’s around only a few of them at the most at any one time, but he’d start to realise that this was his S/O’s stand and they wouldn’t dare hurt him

·         Although it isn’t until one day when he’s walking past one of the rooms at S/O’s place and notices them watching him with forlorn expressions, but the second they make eye contact with him they soundlessly scurry away, worry and fear evident on the little stands features

·         He’d mull it over for a few seconds before peeking his head through the doorway and slowly sinking down to one knee, an arm extended as he tries to coax them out with as gentle of a voice as he can muster

·         “O-Oi, come on out guys – no need hiding for my sake y’know”

·         Eventually, one by one the little stands would begin to approach him, almost worried about touching his hand before they begin holding onto his finger with such care that Oku’s heart nearly melts at the sight

·         But what really gets him is when one of them gains the courage to crawl into his hand, looking up into his eyes and releasing the cutest chirp he’s ever heard and from then on he’s gone

·         S/O’s going to come home to find him on the floor, voice booming out laughter as he and The Hand are swarmed  by an onslaught of relentless kisses and snuggles of the now overjoyed swarm stand

Run - Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature and mentions of violence and death. Please don’t read if you’re too young. 

Never have I ever - the strip version. You don’t know who’d suggested the tweak to the rules of the game. You don’t even know who’d suggested you play the game in the first place. But if truth be told, you were glad they did, because it had made the night infinitely more entertaining for you as you’d watched Namjoon squirm in temptation at each removal of an item of your clothing. He was bothered, and you were amused. You liked nothing more than teasing him, and this game made it almost too easy for you. Slowly, you made your way back to the centre of the group, a sullen, threadless couch and set of cushions sheltered around a wooden crate lowered as a coffee table. Jin’s apartment was sparse, his own bedroom containing nothing more than a thin mattress and piles of his clothes stacked neatly next to it. But despite it’s lack of content and dubious location, there wasn’t one aspect of it you disliked. Since you’d met Namjoon, you’d spent countless nights exactly like this -filling the room with the memories that gave it such a comfortable, unique vibe.  A disgruntled chirp escapes your lips as you return to your seat from the kitchen, your spot now occupied, the eager grin of Kim Namjoon staring back at you with a knowing smirk to draw you out of your memory driven daze.

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YoonMin, "are you sure you really like me?" "dude, we've been married for like 3 yrs"

“jiminnie,” jimin is awoken in the middle of the night by his husband nosing at his neck, and when yoongi doesn’t stop fidgeting after a few minutes, jimin sits up with a sigh.

“you okay, hyung?”

“you still like me, right?” his eyes are barely open and his words are slurred; jimin guesses that he’s still somewhat unconscious.

“what? of course i do.”

“no, no,” yoongi shakes his head, nose wrinkled and wild, fluffy hair falling in his face. jimin thinks he looks like a kitten. “i mean like-like.”

jimin can’t help but giggle. yoongi’s habit of occasionally conversing with him in his sleep never fails to amuse him, even when he wants nothing more than to fall back into his pillow and pass out. “dude, we’ve been married for three years. that should be enough to answer your question.”

“oh.” yoongi pauses but then gives jimin a satisfied nod and lies back down, pulling his husband down with him so that he can wrap his arms around him. “just making sure. night, ‘minnie.”

“g'night hyung,” jimin sighs, already feeling himself drift off again. “love you.”

the only response he gets is yoongi’s soft snoring.

send me a pairing and au, i’ll write a three sentence fic

The Demon’s Pet; Part 7

Originally posted by robynwhochester

Part 7: Torture

Word Count: 2430

Pairing: Demon!DeanxOFC (Although the romance will be lighter than my other writings. Possibly more implied than explicit.)

Summary: Dean goes to kill a woman, unaware of who and what she really is.

Warnings: Language. Mentions of torture; specific acts are implied. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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“Oh, Katniss, don’t tease him,” she says, folding him back in her arms. “He’s already so upset.”

The idea that I’ve wounded the brute’s tiny cat feelings just invites further taunting. But Prim’s genuinely distressed for him. So instead, I visualize Buttercup’s fur lining a pair of gloves, an image that has helped me deal with him over the years.
—  there’s nothing that amuses me more than Katniss’ utter dislike for Buttercup
sourin drabble

This is obviously ezzydean and kyoani’s fault.

I apologize it’s rushed and for any typos

Rin grins as they fuss and make the final adjustments on their outfits. He doesn’t know how they even all agreed to this idea but it’s happening and they’re doing it for him.

It had started when he had made an off handed comment about not having photos with them as a group during one of their last practices together before graduation. Sure he had the one with Iwatobi during Regionals last year and Mikoshiba had even been there and he had several with his Samezuka team but none with all of them.

Sousuke had teased but been silenced when Rin had pouted that he’d miss them when he left for Australia.

Next thing he knows Sousuke is telling him about a photographer friend he knows and then a week later they’re being dragged into a studio for a photo shoot so an album Rin can take with him can be compiled.

He had almost cried. (Almost! Shut up Sousuke!)

He looks at his friends and teammates now, Ai teaching Nagisa how to do his bow tie, Makoto smiling as he does one neck tie after another cause of course he’s the only one who knows how to and Momo-

“Jesus Christ Momo what are you wearing?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

To say that Momo’s outfit didn’t fit him well would be an understatement. Only the pants looked anywhere close to properly fitted.

“Eh? But I like it like this Rin-senpai,” Momotarou pouts, tugging at his neck tie, though with how it’s hanging around his neck Rin wonders if it can even fulfill its actual purpose. He sighs and rubs at his temples but let’s it go, because really he’s seen the kid’s uniform. He knows this is just Momo’s odd sense of style, and hey, he actually makes it look good. Even the painfully orange shoes he’d wanted to throw out when Momo had first found it and waved it around happily.

“Having fun?” Sousuke asks, popping up beside him, an arm weaving around his waist as a scarf is dropped along his shoulders. Rin blinks down at it, appreciating the vibrant red and the delicate patterns. “Thought you’d like it,”

He smiles in thanks, taking in his boyfriend’s outfit. He looks the most simple out of them, but really what else did Rin expect? “How’s Gou?”

“Still getting ready so we can do some shots with this group and then you two when she’s done,”

“I want you in those too,” he says firmly, frowning.

Sousuke arches an eyebrow before grinning teasingly, “Going to say something sappy like I’m already part of the family anyway?”

The kick to Sousuke’s shin is totally deserved Rin would just like to say. The action gets nothing more than an amused laugh as Sousuke tugs him forward to where the others are being adjusted so they’ll all fit in the frame and they take their place in the middle.

Rin automatically leans on Haru’s shoulder, grinning at the annoyed huff he gets. “Surprised they managed to get you out of your jammers and into that, Haru,”

Haru, as expected ignores the comment and Rin rolls his eyes about to say somethig else before a hand on his ass makes him squeak.

He’s very familiar with that hand.

“Oi,” he hisses trying to Sousuke.

Sousuke ignores him, using the grip on his freaking ass cheek to steer Rin closer to him, “Shush and get in position, you want this to turn out nice right?”

Rin sputters indignantly, “Your hand-“

Said hand shamelessly squeezes and gropes.

Growling, Rin smiles at the camera as the photographer tells them to get ready, and then cants his hips to the side so it rubs again Sousuke’s crotch.

He can practically see Sousuke’s smile tense as the photo is taken, “Rin-“

Rin smiles victoriously at te camera even as his hips nudge against Sousuke’s crotch again and a smack is delivered on his ass with a whispered, “I’m going to get you back for this later,”

Fic: Once Upon A Dream

Nothing brings me happiness like fairy tale!soulmate!Klaine brings me happiness. Inspired by the song from Sleeping Beauty, if the title wasn’t hint enough. ~1800 words, G, fluff upon fluff upon fluff.

Kurt wasn’t sure whether he was dreading or desiring sleep that night. On the one hand, another night’s sleep meant another tantalizing view of his one true love, meaning he’d get another piece of the puzzle - maybe even a snatch of his voice, if he was lucky. On the other, Kurt tossed and turned on the nights when he had the dreams, because they never did show the whole person, just tiny, nearly useless details.

Kurt didn’t have time for glimpses of his soulmate’s hair color or smile anymore. His twenty-first birthday was in two days, and he had to announce a betrothal by then in order to remain the heir to the throne.

“This law is archaic!” he’d complained to his father. “Being wed doesn’t make one any better of a ruler.”

“Balance must be maintained, my son,” King Burt had replied. “I hated the law, too, but after years of ruling, I understand why it is in place. The weight of the nation is too much for one person to handle - if I hadn’t met Lady Carole after your mother’s passing, I would have had to abdicate.”

“But what if I don’t find my soulmate by the time I’m twenty-one, Father?” Kurt asked quietly, admitting the true source of his discontent.

“You’ll find him, Kurt,” Burt said gently. “Not once in the history of the Hummel line has the heir not met their soulmate before they came of age.”

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imagine taking a roadtrip to LA with sam? :O

Well, first thing’s first, he will smoke literally the whole way, so better have some cartons on hand.

While he drives, he let’s you DJ but if it hits a song he loves, he cranks it up and sings at top volume, to you, to the road, to the cars you pass, whoever will see or hear and if you change it, he will make you put it back and start ALL OVER again. 

Every rest stop, he tries to get frisky before you get back on the road.

Anytime you stop for food, it’s always a place you chose or something he knows you’ll like. 

You take turns driving/napping during the day but you always stop for a nightcap at a motel along the way because he has to sleep next to and hold you during the night to “recharge”

Most motel nightcaps come with a round of roleplaying where one of you is the hooker for the evening. 

When you get to LA, the first thing he wants to do is see the Hollywood sign.

He pretends to LOATHE doing all the “touristy” things, but plans everyday around doing literally all of them. 

He makes sure to set aside a few days JUST to hit the amusement parks.  

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing him close his eyes and smile while he feels the breeze on a roller coaster ride.  Except maybe when the drop comes and he holds you close in case you get scared.

He scares you by disappearing for several minutes at Disneyland, but comes back with Mickey ears with yours names on them.

He jokingly hits on all the Disney princes and princesses, offering to let them come back to the hotel with you both for “Mr. Drake’s Wild Ride”

He makes you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride six times and points out every inaccuracy.

He takes you on a date to the Santa Monica pier and you ride the ferris wheel together as the sun comes down.  You end up riding twice because you spent the majority of the first round making out and missing the sights.  The second round you watch the sun setting together and he tells you how much he loves you.

As he packs up the car for the journey home, he stops you before you get in the car, pulls you close and says, let’s do this again every year. 

Burn: Ashton Irwin Smut

Your name: submit What is this?

There is nothing like feeling utterly helpless and unable to perform the basic necessities of life. Not that shaving one’s legs is anything of the sort, but still. 

 “I can do it myself!” You mutter, slouching down into the bubbles you’d poured into your bath. 

 Your face was pink with embarrassment as you watched Ashton sit on the edge of the tub, fully clothed, with your bare leg propped up into his lap. 

 He shot you a stern look and continued to drag the razor blade carefully over your skin, his eyes intense with concentration. 

“No, you can’t. You’re lucky I came in here and stopped you before you cut yourself,” he says firmly, his voice lilting with a heavier accent than usual. He was right, though you would loathe to admit your own inabilities. You had fractured your arm several weeks ago and it was still healing. During your last visit to the doctors, you’d finally had the cast removed and could get your arm wet without worrying. 

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we can light a match (and burn it down)

AN: Ugh, this ship is going to kill me. Have some fic.

(Wrote this sometime after 3x06, so its non-canin compliant, Pan’s curse never existed, everything is fluffy kittens and rainbows)

The town seemed to have a slightly unrealistic idea of what a small celebration was.

The entire square was filled with twinkling lights, the townspeople loud and giddy with excitement. This, he supposed, was their way. No matter what trials they were put through, they always found a way out of it, and their light at the end of the tunnel was being together at the end of it.

David glanced around the square, watching his friends laugh, and share stories, and revel in the togetherness days like this brought.

Belle, he saw, was showing a delighted Ariel the trinkets in her purse, the two of them laughing over lipgloss or pens or something similar, all the while the former mermaids glance darting hopefully towards Eric, who was in deep conversation with one of the nuns -fairies - whatever it was they were calling themselves these days.

Happy had started up a jaunty tune near the steps of the gazebo, a few of the dwarves chiming in, and Red, always the first to join the party, had swung some hapless man into a dance with her. He could see Snow, off to his left, grinning as Neal and Tink jumped over each others words in an attempt to tell a long ago story, and even Rumplestiltskin seemed to be enjoying himself, off on his own but eyes on Belle all the same.

Leroy shifted into his line of sight, gloved hands proferring a mug of something David assumed was more than half alcohol, which he waved away. “Suit yourself, brother.” His voice was sympathetic, and it wasn’t until he caught the dwarfs line of sight that he understood why.

Henry stood atop one of the benches lining the edge of the park, brandishing a stick like a sword in front of him, his lips moving as though narrating his swordfight with a particularly vicious, if invisible, foe. Closest to him was Hook, grinning idly at the boy as though nothing in the world could amuse him more, and David watched as he cut into Henry’s narration with a raised brow and a seriously put upon frown, and watched both his grandson and the pirate as their heads turned simultaneoulsy towards Emma.

The look she was sending their way was of complete exasperation, but not entirely without fondness, for either one.

Henry seemed to take that as his cue, and, taking Hook by surprise, jabbed the pirate with his makshift sword before attempting an all-too-familiar spin which would have very easily ended in a few broken bones, if not for Hook, who, seeing the danger, caught hold of Henry’s arm just as he was about to spin his way right off the bench.

Henry righted himself with a bashful grin, sparing an apologetic glance at his mother, who was now sharing a look with Hook that David would have preferred never to see.

“Best of luck to you with that,” Leroy muttered beside him. David grimaced in reply.


“Perhaps, Mr. Mills, we should reenact your father and my tale of heroics from the ground. Much sturdier, I’ve found, and with much less threat of sending your mother to an early grave from fright.” Killian rubbed absently at the spot on his chest that Henry had jabbed at, grinning in spite of himself as the lad hopped off the wooden seat. The Charmings certainly had a way of making their presence in his life known and remembered.

“Hook even let me -.“

"Come now, lad, surely your mother’s heard enough tales of my bravery and cleverness for one night.” It was, perhaps, for the best if Emma didn’t hear about the blade he’d given Henry to use on the Lost Boys and pixies alike, a blade which he had yet to have returned to him by the boy, he’d noted. The interruption didn’t go unnoticed, though, and Killian knew he’d be hearing about it.

“Hey, kid, lets go grab some of that hot chocolate Granny’s handing out.”

“Okay!” Henry’s eyes lit, and Killian watched him tear off towards the gazebo, he himself falling into step beside Emma as she turned to look at him with an expectantly raised brow. “I, uh… may have gifted your son with the use of a blade, during our battle with Pan. Only for his own protection, you understand, in the event that Neal or I…” He let the thought trail off, not wanting to give too much form to that particular ‘if’.

Emma rolled her eyes at him, muttering something no doubt disparaging about the men in her life. It pleased him perhaps a bit too much to be included in that group. His gaze fixed forward to search out their eager leader, only to grin as he saw Henry had been waylaid by the woman in red who’d begun the dancing earlier.

Emma caught his gaze just in time to meet his grin with a stern look of her own. “Oh, no way, buster. I don’t dance.”

“Shame,” he intoned, taking a step forward into her space, finding encouragement when she didn’t deign to back away, something he’d noticed she tended to do only with him. “Because I happen to dance wonderfully. I’d hate to steal your sons rather eager partner.”

All he got was another eyeroll out of that - no real surprise there. It was hard to summon up too much jealousy when the man poking at it had already laid all his cards on the table, and they were all in her favor.

“Fine. One dance. But I’m serious. I don’t dance, like, at all.”

“Luckily for us I’m an excellent lead.”

Somewhere between the walk from the bench and the agreement to their one dance, the dwarves had stopped singing and instead placed some mystical sleek looking boxes inside the gazebo, connected to something that looked vaguely similar to Emma’s infernal phone, and the music was wafting from there, the rather lively song that had enticed Henry coming to a close. Killian ignored the eyes on him as he offered his good hand to Emma.

A few chords of the new song rang out, a softer, slower melody that suited Killians intentions nicely. And he could feel Emma’s eye roll against his shoulder as he gathered her to him in amusement. “Seriously, this is only supposed to happen in chick flicks,” she muttered against his jacket as he began to guide her, and after taking a brief moment to breathe against her hair he backed up just enough to see her face.

“I’ve no idea what you’re speaking of, but I laud them for their excellent timing.”

She half grimaced at him, following his lead much better than he’d anticipated she would. But then, they’d always worked well together. “It’s a… type of movie. You’d love them. Sap that you are.”

She’d meant it as a jibe, but Killian was self-aware enough to know what, who he was, and his earnestness was the only reason he was here, in the embrace of this wonderful, dreadfully amazing woman.

“As I recall, you seem to enjoy the romantic in me.” She didn’t respond with words, instead smiling softly at him as he pressed his advantage, his arm tucking neatly lower onto her back as she stumbled a bit into his space.


The dance was silly - stupid, hardly even a dance at all, but the way they moved together, like they were two parts of a whole, like Emma didn’t even have to think about it. Well. Maybe Emma shuffled closer into him on the guise of a misstep, maybe her hand shuffled lower on his back, underneath his stupidly attractive coat, and maybe, just maybe, she did find all his wooing was working on her, like a charm.

But God, he was just so straightforward, always painfully honest with her, always… there. It’d been a month since Neverland. A month, with her constantly shooting him down, constantly telling him she was Not Ready.

Hell, they hadn’t even kissed, again, but he was still here, still grinning at her and complimenting her and arguing with her and bonding. with. her. son.

She’d given him no indication that he might have a chance except not sending him away.

But then, he’d always known her well enough to know what her actions meant. Seeking him out for a drink after a supremely awful family dinner with Neal, skirt and heels and all (“Fancy meeting you here, love.” “Look, you’ll just invite yourself along anyway, save yourself the trouble and get in.”), always asking his opinion on this and that, and (“I’m going to just chop it all off, just gets in the way anyway.” “Do what you will, sweetheart, but I’d miss those golden curls.”) him, always just… affirming her, standing by her, never judging her.

It was like he’d studied some sort of Emma Swan: Guide to Easing Her Mind While Still Keeping Her On Her Toes.

“Emma, love?” Emma blinked up at Killian, realizing they’d stopped moving, and the song was changing, the couples shuffling away again, Henry dragging an uneasy Regina toward the gazebo now, and Emma smiled up at Killian.

“Maybe one more dance.”

His grin was wide and infectious, and even his ridiculous low bow made her laugh. “As you wish, milady.”

She bit back a grin as he swung her wildly into the dance, hoping and praying that no one EVER showed him that damn movie and made him even more pleased with his progress towards winning her heart.