and not transformers

i keep seeing cute posts about Cade lying on Optimus’s chest but all i can imagine is Cade lying down on Optimus’s chest too close to his narnia boob and just,,, fuckign disappearing into his subspace and Optimus scrambling  (“shitshitshit”) and frantically rooting around in his boob to pull Cade out

Imagine this…

Cyclonus and Tailgate talking, and then Tailgate suddenly yells so happily and Cyclonus is actually smiling. Tailgate jumps and hugs Cyclonus, nuzzling his face against Cyclonus’, and they’re murmuring quietly, almost lovingly, to each other. There’s no mistaking that they finally confessed.

And then Whirl appears out of nowhere…



Getaway and his posse get ready to face off against the Protectobots, a ‘what-if-what’s-next’ from the amazing alternate cover of Lost Light #10 by the ever amazing @markerguru001 and @dyemooch

I didn’t know what the posse would be called, so I asked the ever awesome @jnwiedle and @nellbailey ^_^ Thanks guys! MEAN GIRLS IT IS! ^____^

Some notes about this piece:
It was drawn and coloured in one sitting 2 nights ago - the line art (including breaks and looking for refs and getting horribly distracted by a JCVD movie) was about three hours (I recorded the whole process if people are interested - I may post it to youtube shortly!)


I would just like to speak on this for a moment. I find it such an interesting aspect of his character that Cyclonus does this. It’s actually quite sad. He’s supposed to be the calm and collected one almost like a voice of reason, and yet he engages in such an unhealthy behavior. He has very bad coping mechanisms and is not in touch with his own emotional self.

I love this about him. It’s sad, but the development, getting to see a Cyclonus who is not stoic or cold is just so amazing to me.