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Would u be k with doing Headcanons for Mtmte rodimus, tailgate, and rung for a human s/o who begged for ages to be able to try energon so they could see what it tastes like, and when their bot finally lets them try it, they throw up a half an hour later and are sick for a week.

HAHAH y e s (lets play spot the crashboombanger reference)

Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung (MTMTE)

  • Before you drank it, Rodimus hadn’t really considered the dangers. Yeah, energon was… well, for a human, it was essentially as though you were drinking motor oil, and probably tasted much the same. Rodimus can’t say that he thought through the aftermath. He was pretty hopped up on engex the last time you pestered him for some, and his inhibitions were severely lowered at the time. So, he asked Swerve for his smallest glass, poured you a shot or two, and told you to have at it.

  • Little did Rodimus understand how different humans were when it came to how they reacted to consuming foreign “foods”… He saw you stumbling around the bar, and not in the happy-drunk kind of way. He rushed over, picking you up into his hands. You’d managed to, well… throw it back up over the edge of Rodimus’ hand as he ran out of the bar and made a beeline for the medbay.

  • He left you to Ratchet, explaining to him exactly what happened and how Rodimus took responsibility for the entire situation, even if it wasn’t really his fault. Though you weren’t in his care anymore, that didn’t stop him from spending every waking moment he possibly could at your side, telling you stories of what’s been happening on the ship lately. You don’t feel well at all, but you feel like you’ve seen a new side to Rodimus that you’ve never seen before. The careful, regretful, protective side. Oh, you got to know Ratchet pretty well, too.

  • Tailgate, being the “young,” not-so-knowledgeable-on-humankind bot that he is, offered you a sip of his drink without hesitation. He never really thought about the fact that humans do not consume motor oil to survive. After you started throwing up, however, Tailgate panicked and hopped on his jetboard with you in his arms, flying down the corridors at top speed to find Cyclonus and then Ratchet.

  • Tailgate passed you off to Cyclonus, who took you in his alt mode to get you to Ratchet much faster than Tailgate could, though it didn’t stop him from tagging behind on his board. When you finally got there and got some help from the medics, Tailgate wouldn’t stop apologizing for what he did to you, albeit accidentally. He said that he thought that if the Autobots could consume energon and engex in their holomatter forms, that humans couldn’t be that different, right? First Aid made it very clear that this was… not the case.

  • The minibot spends all of his time at your berthside. Sitting with his arms crossed under his helm to recharge right beside you, making cute little crafts with you and Ten to keep you happy and encourage you to get better, and telling you stories of what life was like before getting stuck in a hole for six million years. You could think of worse ways to spend a week, actually.

  • Rung never encouraged you to drink it, or even said that it was okay for you to drink it. In fact, he was the one who said “No, wait!” when you lifted the glass to your mouth. Regardless, you drank it down quickly, and threw it up quickly as well. Rung wasn’t much bigger than you, and he didn’t have an alt mode that could be useful to you at this point, so he becomes rather… panicky, for a person like him. Whirl takes immediate note of his friend’s distress and jumps in quickly to help you out. 

  • Rung tells Whirl to take you back to your shared room so you could sleep it off, and then take you down to the medbay if your condition worsened. It was quite a while before Rung joined you again, which made sense, considering your berthroom was considerably far from the bar.

  • He entered quietly and took a deep breath, standing by your side to place a hand gently on your forehead. “I’m very sorry, I hope you can forgive me,” he says solemnly, twining his fingers between yours. You started laughing, to his surprise (and then coughing, not to his surprise) and he sat beside you on the berth. You told him that it wasn’t his fault at all and that he had no reason to feel guilty. Moments later, Whirl showed up at your door and sat down beside you. The three of you chatted, Whirl was well-behaved, and you all had a pretty good time despite everything.

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Request please! Tfp Autobots reaction (like all of them lol. Including Cliffjumper, SS, Magnus, Knocks, ESPECIALLY Wheeljack;) to when their s/o (whether human or Cybertronian or both lol) comes home frustrated or crying from a long day at work? Plsssss that would so make my day after a long day at work 😘 love you!

Went with human on this one. Hope you like it ♥♥♥

Optimus invites you to cuddle in his berth and tell him about your day. He gently pets you as you vent and you both end up falling asleep and getting the rest you need. 

You and Ratchet have a bitch fest. You both go on and on about how stressed and underappreciated you are. It turns into you telling each other how awesome you both are and how much you appreciate each other. You both feel a lot better afterwards.

Bumblebee beeps sympathetically. Here, your favorite show is on! You cuddle and watch together, Bee occasionally poking and tickling you to make you giggle.

Arcee just smiles and tells you to hop on. You ride far out past the roads at what feels like a million miles an hour. It’s exhilarating and liberating to feel the wind whip past you, and by the time you stop for a milkshake back in town you’ve forgotten why you were upset.

Cliffjumper’s supposed to be working, but you’re more important. You’re obviously in dire need of a smoothie and tons of horrible puns. He won’t rest until you’re dizzy from laughter.

Bulkhead is your personal giant teddy bear. He turns on the radio to your favorite station, giving you snuggles and smooches until you fall asleep against his warm plating.

Wheeljack offers to teach your boss and co-workers a lesson. No, Wheeljack. Instead he rubs the tension out of your back as you sit on his lap. Occasionally he reminds you that his offer still stands. No, Wheeljack.

Smokescreen is on a Mission to make you feel better. Worry not, baby, he’s got blankets, snacks, and some mindless cartoons! You’re wrapped into a burrito and fed gourmet junk food while you snuggle your giant robot boyfriend. Life is good.

Ultra Magnus suggests filing a complaint about your awful co-workers. He’s still busy, but he lets you  sit on his shoulder until he’s available for cuddles.

“My boss was a jerk today.” “Kill him,” says Knock Out. You roll your eyes, saying you wish you could. Knock Out offers to do it. That makes you laugh, and Knock Out suggests a drive-in movie. Yeah, that sounds nice.

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I've heard that Starscream was a Senate representative. Obviously he was never a senator, but what would that position mean?

Yeah, this was slightly odd. It happened in Autocracy, and if we’re being honest, it was likely written without regard for the fact Starscream had just killed the previous Senate not that long ago.

Zeta Prime calls him a “delegate,” but it’s never said where he’s a delegate from. It seems his role in the proceedings is simply to observe the Senate’s debate and take the information on their decisions back to whoever or whatever he’s serving as a representative of. 


Transformation Tuesday

We recently had a new family photo done. While I was hanging the new ones with our son, I was struck by the difference and progress between the two pictures.

What also amazes me is the the picture with my daughter was taken around a month before I started running. Fast forward 4 years, and I’m nearly 50 lbs. lighter.

I know that there is still work to do, but it’s great to have a visual reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey.