and not to mention that hook hates watching girls losing their hearts

Friends (Optional Bias)

author’s note: okay so this is going to be very different from my usual posts/scenarios, but i reread one of my old scenarios (it’s titled friends as well) and i really wanted to rewrite it, and make it longer and better. also i added a bit of suggestiveness/smuttiness, as last time it was only implied and now i want it to be a bit more detailed and a longer story. if you all like this, i may or may not turn it into a series; message me and let me know what you think of turning it into a series. love you cuties and i hope you all enjoy!

**also forgive me if the smut is shitty; i don’t have much practice writing smut !! also there’s a shit ton of smut below so beware !!

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GOT 706: Anvils everywhere

Last night, I only had seen the first few clips leaked & read recaps. Now that I’ve seen all of it, I’m so excited bc my big takeaway was D&D dropping BIG pro Gendrya & pro Jonsa plot anvils.  I also see a Jaime becoming part of Team Queen Sansa which makes me happy.  TONS of thoughts on 706 & why I’m eager for S8.  My reasoning under the cut. Warning: 707 spoilers galore.

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P R E S S U R E { 6 }


{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 7}

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word Count: 6,283

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: After dating for almost 3 years, the armys and Yoongi’s label have found out about your relationship. Now you have to deal with it in your extraordinarily normal life.

I woke up in an unfamiliar bed and it was still dark outside. Yoongi was asleep next to me, so I knew I was safe. Before even trying to figure out where I was I was running to the bathroom to vomit into the toilet. I just remembered wanting to throw up then being asleep. As I looked at the fruity drinks exiting my system, I remembered earlier in flashes. I must have passed out due to the shock of that girl actually hitting me.

I heard footsteps from back in the main room and rolled over to lock the door. It must have been Yoongi and he must have rented a hotel in fear of taking me in an uber home would look suspicious. Or maybe he didn’t want me throwing up in a random car. That was probably it.

He banged on the door, “Hey, Y/N? Are you still vomiting? Can I come in?”

I pouted and even though I’d vomited a good amount of it out, I still felt the alcohol and anger in my system. “No, let me vomit in solitude.” I heard him sigh and he walked away from the door.

I flushed the toilet and stood up to wash my mouth out. There was a cheap toothbrush and some travel size toothpaste he must have made the hotel run out and get for us. I rinsed my mouth out and brushed it to feel better about myself. I was still in the same clothes and my phone was still in my butt pocket.  My phone was almost dead from the amount of messages I’d gotten and that didn’t even include the ones I never looked at throughout the entire day.

Julianna had sent me seven messages so I opened those first since she rarely texted me. “Where are you?” “Are you okay?” “Which hotel are you at?” “I’m at the same one” “Y/N I FUCKED TAE” “PLEASE CALL ME” “OH MY GOD HELP ME”

I hit the call button in the top corner of the screen and unlocked the bathroom door. I didn’t even turn to face the bed where I knew he was watching me out of embarrassment and instead stepped out of the room, leaving the lock clasp to keep the door open. She picked up within 3 rings and basically just repeated what she had texted me as I sat on the floor outside of my room. She told me how her and Tae ended up dancing and drinking throughout the night and before she knew it they were making out and heading back to their hotel.

She was just primarily worried about Jungkook in the end. The boy had some weird puppy dog crush on her and this would kill him if he didn’t already know. She went on and on about how she felt guilty about this, but she didn’t regret it at the same time. Then she told me all about how she’d thought she had feelings for Taehyung for a while, but never pursued out of respect for Jungkook but tonight the alcohol took over. I heard a door open in the room and the call ended, so I guessed Taehyung had just come back in.

I looked through the rest of my messages and they were mainly just my friends being worried about me after hearing about or seeing what happened. Alicia texted me to tell me she and Jimin got to her house alright. Whenever they were in New York he tended to stay with her family. The accepted him as a son since the two were so close. People always assumed they were dating or something, but they had denied it time and time again saying that they were too close to fuck. Their exact words. Something in me didn’t believe it, but it wasn’t my business.

The text messages from Luke read that he had gone home directly after, feeling bad about the entire thing. He made sure to mention that a bunch of girls tried to get with them, but he denied them all and sullenly took the train home alone. In contrast, Anthony’s messages read that he had hooked up with 5 girls and he was very proud of himself. That message was sent in the groupchat however and his private messages read “Hope you’re all good, bring me home food when you come home tomorrow”. Ahh, the love. And with that, I decided it was my turn to return inside to face things I’d been putting off.

I walked back inside and Yoongi was sitting on the bed, just staring out the window at the city lights. I closed the door and locked it then shed myself of my shorts and my bra.

“How do you feel?” he asked and turned his attention towards me, automatically putting an arm around me once I sat down next to him.

“Like someone should have been watching how much alcohol I was drinking.” I sighed and he began to rub my back. I dropped my head onto his shoulder and closed my eyes. “I’m so stupid, I’m sorry I get angry quickly.”

He let out a little chuckle and he put his head over mine. “Don’t be sorry for that. That girl lied to me saying she was some from international management so I was literally stuck there for that whole time instead of partying with you. You always get in over your head at those things with your weird attachment to alcohol.” I hummed into his shoulder and climbed on top of his lap, slowly pushing him down into the bed. He just shook his head up at me as I sat on my knees above him. “You’re too beautiful for you to worry about losing me the way you do, darling.”

Yoongi pulled me down lower and combed his hands through my loose hair as he brought me down. He moved one hand to my hip and wiggled up to the head of the bed with me still on top of him. His eyes were this nice dark brown that seemed to be even darker in the dimly lit hotel room. I rolled off of him onto my side of the bed and cuddled up close to him, burying my head in his arm. I traced the lines of his chest and his breathing began to slow down.

I still felt like I was full of apologies, but some shit can’t be saved. “Hey, don’t sleep yet.” I whispered and his eyes fluttered open to look back down at me. “I love you, I’m sorry I’m taking you down with me sometimes.”

He just shook his head. “Y/N, you don’t understand how much I love you. I’m sorry that some dumb people are so focused on taking us down in the long run. You know how that girl got in? She was let in by some executive. Then Namjoon told me that everyone was giving you so much alcohol while she was talking my ear off so you would hopefully get so fucked up and do something that they could force me to break up with you over.”

I figured my heart would drop with the information he’d just told me, but it didn’t. It stayed entangled with his and he squeezed me tighter when I felt myself ready to cry. “I just don’t get what I did.” I didn’t start to full blown sob, it was subtle but in the silent room all you could hear was my sniffling and my hand moving back and forth from the blankets to my face to wipe my tears. “I know I didn’t do anything wrong… I know it, Yoongi. I’m not stealing from you or using you. I know I’m not. I’m not getting paid to date you for exposure.”

My tears began to come out quicker and I made eye contact with him. He hated seeing me crying from being upset. He loved my happy tears, but this made him hurt too. His eyes read that he wanted to copy my motion of crying, but his dedication to seeming like the strong one was too real for this moment. Maybe he knew I’d cry even more if he began. “I’m just so in love with you and all I want to do is be happy. I hope I’m making you happy because you pushed me out of such a dark place and now I feel myself falling. Every fucking time something like this happens I just don’t care about picking up the pieces sometimes, you know?”

His voice was small. “I know.”

“All I want to do is be with you and maybe one day get married and have kids and a house with Holly and with you. I just want to be with you without ruining everyone else’s lives.” The words seeped out of my mouth and I wasn’t embarrassed, we both had the same ideas for the future, but saying them out loud really made them feel real.

“Nobodies lives are ruined by us being happy, Y/N and the sooner you accept that, the less we have to do this. You falling apart right in front of me and making us both worse for the wear. Perk up, buttercup.” I peered up at his face and he had a delicate smile on. His eyes were focused on mine and he wiped away my tears before leaning down to give me a long, lingering kiss.

“Can we go home first thing in the morning?” I whined, burrowing myself into his chest.

“Anything for you.”

He had set an alarm for 8 am and of course, it didn’t even make him move a muscle. My head hurt and so did my stomach, so I turned it off and threw back on the clothes I had shred last night. “Get up.” I groaned, pinching his cheeks. He crinkled his nose and I was surprised at how quickly he had gotten up today. “I’m brushing my teeth then I’m leaving. You can sleep here until check out, if that’s what you want.”

As I walked into the bathroom, I heard his feet thud onto the ground and slowly walk over to me. As I began to brush my teeth, he was next to me doing the same. Despite how shitty I felt, I couldn’t help but to smile when I looked at his lazy face. He picked his hand up and pinched at my cheeks. I had to spit everything out because I knew I was about to bust into laughter. He joined me in it and I slipped into the shoes I had worn last night. I was afraid to even look into a mirror at how my makeup looked, so I didn’t even bother.

Again, we took an uber home and he napped the entire way there. The driver tried to make small talk with me, but with the way we both looked right now I couldn’t imagine doing so. My first impression was already bad with my appearance at the current moment that I couldn’t imagine how my hungover attitude would come across. As we pulled up to my house, I knit my eyebrows seeing my car gone, but at my front door there was a man in a suit. I felt like this was about to turn into some action movie, but all I wanted to do was burrow myself in my boyfriend so I wasn’t about to let this happen.

I took Yoongi’s snapback and pulled it down low on my head. He didn’t even throw me a look this time, he just knew I had no intention of talking to whatever church guy was at my front door at the moment. I waved goodbye to the driver and he quickly sped away. It was hot out today and it simply made me angrier. I kept my eyes glued to the ground as we walked up and Yoongi began to speak. “Can I help you?”

The man spoke with a british accent, “I’m looking for Y/N Y/L/N- Are you Min Yoongi? Then that must be-” I made a sour face and slowly looked up, making eye contact briefly before Yoongi stepped in front of me.

“Again, can I help you?” Yoongi’s voice was a bit gruffer than a moment ago. It was his signal for being annoyed.

“Can I come inside for a moment? I have a lot to discuss-” he tried to dodge around Yoongi to speak to me directly, but my boyfriend kept moving around me to block his view. “My name is Winston Reys and I’m with Modest Management. The moment we saw the video of Slow Burn I was sent on a plane here to come and try to get you guys to sign. I’ve been doing digging for hours and managed to come across your address, as you seem to be the leader. We’d like to sign you.”

I quickly became even sicker to my stomach and ran over to the side of my house to vomit into a trash can. I heard Yoongi running after me and he rubbed my back as I vomited my insides into the garbage can. I looked up once I was done and met eyes with Winston and then back to Yoongi then back to the man who’d ruined my morning. “You- You’re gonna go. You can leave your number, but you’re gonna leave my property.”

“I’m not leaving without your number, you’re a young girl and of course I wanna respect you and your band, but I’m serious about this. You guys have the sound we’ve been looking for and female fronted bands are so in.” he sounded so excited that I couldn’t say no. Yoongi just grabbed my keys from my bag and left me to write down my number. I explained to him that if I was to call, it wouldn’t be for around two weeks as I was going on vacation and he just nodded through it.  He handed me his business card. “You won’t regret this, I’ll be  awaiting your call!” he yelled as he jogged off.

A record label? Signing our band? It seemed surreal and totally out of the ordinary. Of course, my average life was full of stupid surprises brought on by Bangtan and my overwhelming anxiety followed up by a need to make myself suffer.

I walked up the steps and into my house only to hear my shower running. At this point, my phone was dead so I just plugged it into my charger and flopped back onto my bed. The thoughts in my head were running rampant and quickly making my headache even worse. The second my phone turned back on, I sent a message in our group chat saying that they all had to get to my house quick.

It was returned with silence and thus, I called the chat so the annoying ringtone I’d put on each of their phones would wake them up. The four of them rotated through the call and I didn’t tell them anything other than that it was dire and they had to come over stat. All of them asked me if I was hurt followed by if I was pregnant or not. My sex life was none of their business, even if they thought it was sometimes.

After the call had been made, I threw my phone back down and jumped onto my feet. I didn’t quite smell, but I felt extremely close still wearing the clothes I wore out last night. I changed into a pair of sweatpants and a loose white Sublime shirt that I’d bought 3 sizes too big by accident in High School. Instead of sitting in my room, I laid down on the purple couch in the front room.

I focused on the only sound that rang through the house right now. Yoongi was rapping english songs to himself in the shower. He was very proud of how well he spoke the language, but always got down on himself about his rapping skills in english. They were remarkable, especially since it wasn’t his first language, but good ole’ Yoongi always liked to push himself to the brink for his career. He was talented as it was, but he just kept going and going until he crashed. Then he’d take a break and start all up again.

He was rapping a song I didn’t quite know, but he kept reciting each line over and over until he could run through each verse perfectly. His diction was definitely getting better, but the constant pauses made me think he was just getting in his own head about it. Everytime he almost did it perfectly, I’d hear a loud curse in Korean fly through the house and he’d go back to the start again.

My focus on the beautiful tones of his voice were interrupted by loud honking and yelling outside. I stood up and walked out to my porch, watching as the four of them showed up in their separate cars and arrived at the same time, were now arguing about parking. I lived on a short one way where you could only park on one side of the street. Alicia had cut off Anthony it seemed and pulled all the way up in my driveway while Julianna was attempting to parallel park in a spot the head of Luke’s car was going into. I just sighed and sat on the steps watching them fight this out. I couldn’t control this and I wasn’t about to try to.

Anthony ended up pull up in the back of my driveway, right behind Alicia’s car while Luke was slanted in the street and half in my driveway. I had a feeling that the town’s security would come knocking and telling me to move it before he gave it a ticket, but we had time. They all looked half asleep as they stomped into my house and took their normal seats in my living room.

Alicia and Anthony sat on the loveseat while Julianna sat on the left of the bigger couch and I sat in the middle. Luke sat in the big chair that loomed off to the side. To keep them from falling asleep, I had to explain what had happened to them right away. With the mention of a record label wanting to sign us, their mouths dropped.

“And you turned him down?!” Anthony was screaming. “This is why I didn’t want you to be in charge, you dumb bitch.” He sounded angry and I knew he was genuinely angry. Even if we had all decided I was best suited for the leadersque roll, he was always against it. Anthony always believed I was too nice and too shy and anxious to take charge, even though most of the time I did. As soon as he called me a bitch, almost on cue, Yoongi stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his hips. He made a face towards our meeting and glared at Ant for a minute. He slipped into my room, slamming the door behind him. “I don’t even care if he’s mad at me for that, he knows what you’re being right now.”

“You need to calm down, dude.” Alicia put a hand onto his arm and pulled him so that he was leaning back to prevent him from getting up to continue yelling at me. “Everyone here but you would have fucking flipped out and you know we can’t have an irresponsible idiot in charge of whatever this is.”

“We didn’t even have a name until like 3 days ago.” I muttered, sinking deeper into the couch and burying my head into Julianna’s shoulder. I pulled away and ran my hands down my face, sitting backup to look towards him. “What do you guys wanna do? You’re all in school and stuff for degrees- This is life changing. And he couldn’t have come at a worse time.”

“Well, what did you expect?” Luke questioned, “Our videos have been blowing up online. My facebook is full of friend requests and my followers have shot up on instagram and twitter. All of ours have. People love our music, man. Have you been turtled from your phone?” I nodded. “Well, that’s what’s been goin’ on. I think this is an opportunity and I’m willing.”

“I have nothing else going for me.” Alicia and Anthony said in sync and looked at each other with sad faces. They quickly went back to excited while they turned their attention to Julianna and I.

Julianna looked nervous. She had always had her whole career mapped out. She wanted to be a kindergarten teacher because ever going anywhere was music always seemed out of the picture for any of us. We were incompetent and lazy, so nothing ever got done too quick. However, this was a chance and she nodded to it.

Then the realization set in. “Oh my god, I have to go quit my job. How am I gonna tell Steve?” I sounded frantic as I began to scratch at my arm. “I’ve had dreams about this before and they never go too well.”

I’d had a close relationship with my manager Steve for the 3 years I’d been working in the deli. He called the two of us kindred souls. We both had this terrible luck that was almost funny sometimes. He’d called me his favorite daughter and even invited me to have dinner with him and his kids a few times. He joked about how I fit right in since I was barely 4 years old than his kids, but in the end I was the queen of that deli and he knew it.

“You’re freaking out about that?” Anthony groaned, “I just wasted so much money going to school to be a doctor…”

“We’ll figure it out.” I stood up and stretched, “But, I think one of you should call this guy back since I’m not capable too.” I smiled and threw the business card towards Anthony. “I’m going to shower then quit my job. Julianna, can you take me over in like 20?” she nodded and gave a nasty look to Anthony. “I’ll see you all later.” And left the room.

I heard them speaking for a few moments before they all walked out of my house. Yoongi had walked out and simply told Anthony that wasn’t cool before retreating into what I guessed was the kitchen. Anthony tried to defend himself, but nobody was really letting him at this point. They were just mad that he made me mad because I was petty as hell most of the times about these things. I knew the business card would be left on the table next to the couch for them to do, but it was the effect that I needed to leave.

Everyone was completely aware I was capable of making these calls and such, but he just liked to piss me off it seemed. In the back of my head, I simply figured that he thought he would be much better for it, but nobody else would agree with him so he’d just push me and push me until I simply broke. Except, I have too much fucking tape to rip to pieces anymore and he knew it.

They talked about how if this went well how it could affect their lives and Alicia was just happy she didn’t have to finish school now. Even if all of their parents might be angry about this, they were all extremely excited while I just mulled away in my shower. They all left one by one and I heard Julianna flip on my TV. I could hear her and Yoongi talking, but what they were discussing was almost inaduble until I heard him yell, “You fucked him!?” Then I knew she’d decided that she needed to vent to someone else about this.

I jumped out of the shower as they began to grow louder. He was lecturing her and she raised her voice at first, but quickly retreated into her shy state and I knew he would soon make her cry. Yoongi had this thing to him sometimes where he just wanted to be protective and take care of his friends. It also came along with completely disregarding other people’s feelings sometimes.

I threw a towel around myself and slammed open the door, yelling “Stop!” towards him. He scoffed and sighed, leaning back into the couch with his arms behind his head. Julianna was scooted into the far corner of the couch with her head on the arm and her legs draped off of the side. As I walked back into my room to get dressed I could hear him calm down a bit and she gave into what he was trying to explain to her.

Yoongi basically said that she should tell Jungkook and let him know, instead of him finding out from Taehyung who would probably end up spilling it in some heated argument as leverage. She didn’t quite get why she had to tell Jungkook for a bit, but he soon explained to her about Jungkook’s feelings without making it sound a tad creepy. She didn’t process that two of her close friends had feelings for her too quick, but she got it by the time I came out. Her face was paler than normal (Which was truly saying a lot) but she had this look on it that she understood things better after her talk with her wise grandfather.
“Ready?” I asked and she nodded. “Yoongs, you coming?” he nodded. They shared an awkward exchange as I held the door for them, not thinking too much on it anymore. The drive over was full of the fun laughter I’d been yearning for since I’d been stressed for the past few hours. It was a nice time, even if it was only a fifteen minute drive to the next town. Everyone lived a town away from you since you’d moved a bit over and your job was there too. It was an extra few miles, but my life was in that town and so was I. Even if my gas tank suffered.

“Are you ready for this?” Yoongi was teasing me from the backseat. “Are you sure you can do this? Have your dreams prepared you?”
“Shut up.” I snapped.

I’d been having vivid dreams for the past few years and some of them were super awesome. Like, I’d be living my totally average life then suddenly I’d find out I had super powers or become famous (There was some weird irony in that one), but I’d always have one single thought first. It was “How do I tell Steve?” Yes. In my super cool dreams my thought was always how do I quit my job that doesn’t even matter in this made up place. I was truly one to be reckoned with.

She pulled into the lot and parked right near the entrance. Maybe in Julianna’s head she parked so close to give me a quick escape or she just thought I was too lazy to walk across the lot. I got out of the car and she nodded towards me. Yoongi got out as well and I figured it was simply to say hello to everyone. The guys I worked with happened to love him.

The first time he’d ever come to my job, I had given the chefs and everyone else warning that my boyfriend was coming and the way he was. They took it lightly and asked me a bit about him. When I told them he was a rapper, they’d laughed. Later on they had told me it was because they figured he was some soundcloud rapper or something, but they got a good laugh out of it.

At this point in time, the only person I worked with that knew what Yoongi did was this guy Scott. He worked with me upfront and always listened to my vivid complaining. When I told him that my boyfriend was a K-Pop idol his first reaction wasn’t to not believe me, but he just thought it was extremely cool. So, when I told everyone else my boyfriend was coming, Scott chimed in about his music. Which made them start playing BTS in the back and of course Yoongi walked in while they were listening to his music.

He laughed it off, but it was early in our relationship and I got extremely embarrassed and excessively apologized. He simply flicked at my forehead and introduced himself to my coworkers. They ended up talking about music and a bit of video games and I knew my second family already loved him.

The second we stepped in the doors, we were greeted by a few screams from some girls sitting by the deli. Even though I was off, I should’ve expected this. They ran over to us and he simply sighed, waving me away to go get my thing done with. A few girls attempted to reach out to me, but his soothing vocal tone beckoned them over with urgent priority.

The deli was instantly alerted to our presence and greeted me with a series of confused looks as to why I was there. “Missed us already?” Mike teased as I walked into the double doors with a wave and I just laughed him off. “No, really? Did the superstar leave something here?” My face hardened.

“Of course we all saw the video, nitwit.” Scott poked fun at me and rested his arm on the ledge. His eyes kept glancing between me and the counter behind him for customers. His face easily read mine and with a sigh he walked away. He knew why I was here and it just caused my anxiety to peak up.

‘Sup kid?” Steve stepped out of the fridge and pulled out his earbuds that were keeping him company as he was packing out the produce for the day. Yes, I knew the delivery day schedules. “I see you didn’t come alone, but it looks like the man of the hour was stolen yet again. Damn.” he joked.

“Can we talk for a sec?” Everyone made a gasping noise. It was a bit obvious and their faces were kind of sullen, but Steve nodded and stepped out of the kitchen with me. “We’re gonna talk in your office?” he nodded. His office didn’t really exist, but whenever he made that joke, we just kind of walked around the store chatting. “You know why I’m here, don’t you?” I sighed.

“Knew the day would come and I’m damn proud of you.” he stopped moving and my eyes were focused on the ground. “Kid, c’mon. You’re talented, I couldn’t expect you to work at a shitty part time job forever. You just gotta keep in touch and shit. Okay?” I nodded and slowly peered up to him. He had the biggest smile on and opened his arms up for one of  his famous hugs.

I could almost cry as I accepted it. I felt kind of lame for caring about a job as much as I did, but I quickly realized I cared more about the people. I’d gotten so used to coming in here six days awake and being greeted by some of the coolest people I knew. They were truly my second family. “I’m sorry.” I stated as we broke apart and he just laughed.

“Oh, chill out. I better get a mention in your first award speech.”

“A record label came by my house today.” his eyes widened and he grabbed my wrist to pull me back into the kitchen.

Steve called everyone to the back and cleared his throat like he was about to give some long winded lecture. “Our girl’s getting signed, boys!” Everyone ruptured into cheers and my face flushed as I quickly became embarrassed. The kitchen suddenly was full of congratulations and “We’re so proud of you” speeches. They all went one by one and I felt like I had about four fathers at that moment. About halfway through it Yoongi had managed to crawl his way back there and join in with them about it. His was more teasing though since he knew what it took to get me to this point. Anxiety and vomit.

We ended with a bunch of hugs before we remembered Julianna was sitting in the car waiting for us and we left before anyone could stop us. The store was cleaned out of armys but it was only a matter of time before it became littered with them again. When we got back to the car, we found Julianna completely asleep with her seat rolled all the way back. It took a moment for her to wake up, but she jolted up with a small screech when she noticed we were in the car again.

We all laughed it off and the two of them started up some conversation about the lack of sleep they were getting. As they spoke, I was just lost in my own thoughts about my future. I never had too much of a set path for myself and that was always something I regretted. When I was younger, I had plans. I was a smart kid and wanted to pursue the better part of life. Go to an amazing Ivy League school and possibly change the world. Then, something terrible happened to me. I could never figure out what set me off, but I had my theories on why I became such an anxious being.

I was sick constantly when I was younger and I think I connected it to the outside world at first. Then I was afraid of people and that fear quickly turned into resentment which made me such an angry person. So, with all of it combined I was just scared. Well, I’m still scared, but I’m surviving somehow. I was living with the fear I had obtained so long ago and trying to channel it away from sending myself into a pit of despair. Sometimes.

When we returned to my house, I was confused as my car was back, but this time my mother’s was gone. I never really got what she was doing when she wasted my gas, but that was probably all it was. The fact that I had a full gas tank and she was probably 30 miles deep with the gas light on. We waved goodbye to Julianna and instead of walking to my house, Yoongi was climbing into my passengers seat without a word.

I furrowed my eyebrows and walked over to his window. He rolled it down and I was confused as to why my keys were in the ignition. “What are you doing?” I asked, leaning on the door.

“Let’s go.” he stated. I was still confused but walked around to get into the driver’s seat. I could see a bit of luggage sticking up in the trunk and a backpack in the back seat with a seatbelt on. He nudged his head towards it and I climbed into the backseat and undid the buckle.

“What is this, Yoongi?” I questioned and he simply had the most nonchalant face on. “You know I don’t like surprises.”

“I know.” he scoffed and his eyes stayed locked on me. I decided to play into whatever he was getting at and unzipped the bag. There a bunch of little things on top of a blanket. My hands automatically went to the Cinderella coloring book sitting inside and I just gave my boyfriend a blank stare. “It’s cause you’re my princess.” He was proud of that one. Next there was a glow stick with a star at the top, but I didn’t even question that. Next was a Dad hat with Cinderella’s castle, but he had to know that was my favorite Disney Princess.

My mind was slowly processing what was happening, but I couldn’t believe he had gone this way about it. It was so- cute. Next was a throw blanket of Monster’s Inc and by this point the excitement on Yoongi’s face appeared as I look down at a neatly folded sweatshirt that was at the bottom. I took it out and it was the castle and at the bottom it said princess. On the center of the sweatshirt there was a post it with Korean writing. “What does this mean?” I laughed, playing along with this.

“We’re going to Disney, Princess.” I smiled and put the hoodie on and got into the front seat. “A road trip right to there.”

“A road trip?” My smile was so big that it almost hurt to speak through it. “How long have you had this planned?” I asked and he put his elbow onto the middle console and began to count on his fingers.

“About half a year now? I know you haven’t gone since you were little and you love road trips so- It makes sense, yeah? Are you happy?” he pinched my cheek and I slapped his hands away. “I know you’re happy.” A soft chuckle echoed from him throughout the car and I leaned forward to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this-” I backed the car out of the driveway, “But thank you.”

“You were just you, baby. Seeing you happy is all I ever truly want. As long as I’m happy too. Yeah. Being happy together sounds pretty nice.”

Author’s Note: Hey!! Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’re enjoying Pressure so far! My ask box and messages are always open for feedback and chatting, honestly. Let me know what you think! 

part 7 

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what are you favorite top degrassi seasons?

This question is so difficult!! I’m serious I spent an hour writing down all the seasons and weighing all the pro’s and con’s of each season to figure out the order I would put these in. I know you didn’t ask me to rank all the seasons and tell you why I think that… but I am… because I feel like it… so let’s move from the worst to the best shall we?

18. Season 11 - I hated it the first time I watched it. I hated it the second time I watched it. I don’t plan on sitting through the whole thing ever again. I loved the introduction of Zaya and that is about it. I didn’t ship anything. This was the season that made me stop shipping Eclare which I literally used to OTP so hard. 

17. Season 13 - This was the only season that I ever completely stopped watching because I was so bored. I was still nursing my heartbreak over losing Cam and then all of a sudden they ripped Adam from me too. After that I tried to keep up but I just didn’t really care because it hurt too much. Maya was moving on with Miles (which I still don’t get the appeal) and Zig was all but forgotten up until halfway through. The Paris plot was so stupid. And Alli one of my favorite girls was being uncharacteristically dumb (and she’s not very bright as it is). And to top it all off they gave Clare cancer for about 10 episodes then all of a sudden she was better! (I’m not even gonna mention Ew… I mean Clew) Lol no. Bye.

16. Season 14 - 14B just swooped in and saved the entire show for me. After the longest hiatus the show has ever had and about a year and a half after me only watching this show when I noticed it was on, the promise of seeing Alli Bhandari and Clare Edwards graduating was just enough to pull me back in. So before 14B I binge-watched season 13 and the first half of 14 (because I didnt really pay attention the first time) and BOY IT CHANGED MY LIFE. Not because the storylines were good but BECAUSE. OF. ZAYA. Never in my life had I gone from hating a ship (yeah yeah Zig was trying to break up Camaya so I hated him) to thinking it was the most well built pairing on the show. The rest of 14 was crap though. Zoe forcing people to send boob pics = dumb. Clare’s baby plot = dumber. So yeah I fell in love with Degrassi again because of Zaya and it’s probably the reason I’m here today. 

15. Season 1 - Shocked to find what started it all so low on the list? Yeah me too but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Overall not much happened this season. It built the world that we left behind in Degrassi High over again and introduced us to the new generation and thats about it. But Sean and Emma’s first date, Emma’s first period, and the ecstasy plot = CLASSIC DEGRASSI. 

14. Season 8 - No one is surprised. Honestly though I LOVEEE this era of Degrassi. This was the first season I watched from beginning to end as it was airing so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only did I instantly love Alli and Clare to bits, but finally my all time favorite character Johnny DiMarco had an actual girlfriend and showed that he actually has real feelings. WOW. 

13. Season 9 - Yeah this is only a step up from season 8 because it was the epitome of Dolly J. The chemistry was through the roof. One of the hottest couples Degrassi has ever had. Plus this season had MORE JOHNNY so yeah I loved it but not a huge amount of hot topics were covered. 

12. DNC Season 2 - It covered hot topics but it didn’t really have that spark. I think since it was made at the same time as DNC season 1 that they put so much effort into making the first half great so it could attract more people but yeah it was a bummer. Honestly the only reason it’s above s8&9 is because of the reunion episode and the Craig Manning appearance… I appreciate them attempting the Black Lives Matter plot but it didn’t get me in the gut. I much preferred the Connor and Dallas racism plot in season 13 even if it wasn’t fully fleshed out.

11. Season 10 - This was when Degrassi reinvented itself for the first time and I must say it had me hooked from the beginning. This was when they started airing an episode a day for several weeks and it was so exciting. Everyone was falling for Eclare. And Adam was stealing everyone’s heart. It was so exciting and different and really a breath of fresh air. Were the plots amazing and jaw dropping? No not really but it kept me super entertained and frankly saved the show and I will gladly give the credit where credit is due. But seriously… Eli was better when he was with Morty just sayin…

10. DNC Season 1 - This was the second time that Degrassi reinvented itself and it was MUCH better done than season 10 was. After being so scared of losing the show altogether, seeing the beginning of Next Class really gave me hope. The cast was smaller and so were the lengths of the seasons but they worked so much harder to really make all the plots count and make every minute of screentime the best it could possibly be. After 4 seasons of really long seasons full of random plots that didnt always make the most sense, watching this season felt like coming home to the Degrassi that I fell in love with because for the first time in a long time they really cared about making EVERY plot the best it could possibly be. They still had a couple of kinks and issues to work out but this season really felt like it “went there” again.

9. Season 5 - The first time ever watching the characters you’ve grown up with graduate from Degrassi is one of the hardest things. DTNG’s 100th episode and S5 finale, High Fidelity will still make me cry at the drop of a hat. Watching Paige, Ellie, Marco, and Hazel graduate and thinking that you’ll never see them again still hurts me so much. And the scene where Jimmy forgives Spinner - SO MANY TEARS. Also this season gave us the iconic Manny line “You can sell this for a million dollars because I’m gonna be famous.” Also Darcy and Spinner’s Christianity plot still hold such a special place in my heart.

8. Season 6 - This season was a rollercoaster. One minute I’m flipping out over Sean and Emma being back together then the most heartbreaking TV death in the history of TV ripped my heart out. To this day I cannot watch Rock This Town without bawling my eyes out. I mourned for JT as if I had grown up with him myself. No other fictional character has ever made me feel emotions that were THAT REAL before. As sad as it was it was the moment that sealed Degrassi as my favorite show of all time and even though it’s been 9 years nothing else has even come close. 

7. Season 7 - Probably the darkest season the show has ever had. It began with Darcy’s rape and then followed her entire journey throughout the whole semester. On top of that we see Spinner reach the darkest place he has ever been when he gets cancer. And boy this season was just so sad. Especially with the addition of all the Lakehurst kids who we’d eventually learn to love like Holly J, Jane, Sav and Anya. On top of that we get to see Emma, Manny, Liberty, Toby, Spinner, and Jimmy graduate which really was a LONG time coming. These were the people who began the show and now that they were leaving it truly was the end of the Golden Era of Degrassi. 

6. Season 4 - This was the season that showed how dark the show could really get and it ultimately proved that Degrassi would “go there.” The fact that still to this day one of the most well known pieces of information about Degrassi is that Jimmy got shot by Rick truly iconic. It’s impossible for me to watch Time Stands Still without getting chills. Also this season featured Kevin Smith and who doesn’t love Kevin Smith.

(to be fair these top 5 are all pretty equal in my eyes and the order in which they come changes frequently)

5. DNC Season 3 - The first thing to note about this season is that it was released at 2am in the morning and I stayed up all night and watched the sunrise because I simply had to finish it all in one sitting. After s14 I was sure that the days of Degrassi’s fantastic seasons were through with and when Next Class began I thought there may be potential but this season went above and beyond all of my expectations. For one MAYA MATLIN. I cannot sing enough praises to the writers for treating her depression and suicide attempt in such a realistic way. And Lola’s abortion plot was the best one they have ever done and was handled in the most beautiful way. This season truly was the darkest season since season 7 and everything about it was So. On. Point.

4. Season 3 - Some of the best and most iconic episodes are from this season and they are the ones that time and time again I find myself rewatching because they never get old. Father Figure, Pride, Holiday, Accidents Will Happen, Take On Me, and Rock & Roll High School all have a solid place on my favorite episodes ever list. This season helped to build Degrassi into the longstanding and iconic show that it has become. During this season we no longer had to introduce characters and get used to them. By now we knew most of our main cast and they instantly felt like family - a concept that is the single most important reason why Degrassi is my favorite show ever.

3. DNC Season 4 - Even though it just came out, I could not imagine putting it any lower on this list. This season accomplished everything I could have possibly wanted and more. The genderfluid plot was so well done and it is something I’ve wanted the show to cover for years. And it tackled terrorism and Islamophobia. Not to mention that this season bid adieu to possibly my favorite graduating class that the show has ever had. It gave each and every one of them the respect and closure that they deserved while not granting any unrealistic and too good to be true endgames (*cough* Eclare). The season focused on the characters themselves and not just their romantic relationships and it really solidified who they have become as people and how much they have grown. And best of all it opened the door for a newer class to come in and keep the show going strong.

2. Season 12 - Wow this season came out of nowhere. In the midst of 2 of the worst seasons Degrassi has ever had was this gem. What made it stand out is that for once the writers went into the season with a plan of where they were going and where they wanted the characters to end up. The entire season was building to Cam’s suicide and how all the characters would be affected by it. Therefore this season had more direction and meaning that many seasons before it were severely lacking. Not only was the over arching plot of this season fantastic, the smaller pieces of it were as well. I was so invested in Campbell Saunders from the moment he showed up on my screen. His relationship with Maya became one of my favorites the show has ever done and it also made me love Maya as a character. This season was also the epitome of Eclare’s relationship for me. They were healthy and in love and finally on the same page (well until Bitter Sweet Symphony). We also had fantastic ships like Fimogen, Drianca, Jatie, Jonnor, and the beginnings of Bhandallas to pass the time. And another one of my favorite Christianity plots featuring Jenna took place in this season. This season’s success caught me by complete surprised and drew me in when I was beginning to not care about the show anymore. More specifically Campbell Saunders and Dylan Everrett’s acting saved Degrassi for me. Without that character I don’t know if I would still be watching the show. His character made me believe that Degrassi still had the ability to make me feel these emotions that other TV shows can’t and therefore this season holds such a special place in my heart. 

1. Season 2 - The first time I watched it I did not realize that this would be my favorite season ever. Because to me this season is the Degrassi essentials. It is the bare bones of what makes this show great in every way. Craig’s introduction in When Doves Cry will forever be the greatest introduction to a character I’ve ever seen. It’s so rare to meet a new character and become so drawn in and attached in a single hour that it blew me away. Degrassi introducing Craig as a new character in the season premiere and showing him having an abusive parent was absolutely heartbreaking. To be honest the first time I watched it I didnt understand. I was too young to fully grasp the magnitude of how important this episode was but it was. Moving forward, this season also went on to introduce Marco and Ellie and cover Paige’s rape which was the first time Degrassi truly “went there.” Another personal unsung favorite of mine is Don’t Believe The Hype that shows Hazel’s struggle to accept her heritage and it’s the first plot covering Islamophobia. And how could I possibly not mention one of the most iconic episodes to date, White Wedding that features Spike and Snake getting married with most of their old Degrassi High friends in attendance. This episode also features the cutest most adorable first kiss between Sean and Emma that stole my heart in season 1 but gained OTP status by season 2. In essence, season 2 is the heart of Degrassi.

Still Be Here in the Morning

Written for a prompt by @runtosleepdreamer!

Summary:  Dean’s been more affected by the repeated deaths of his loved ones than he’d care to admit.  After he has a panic attack on a hunt, Cas consoles him with emotional support and a night of rough sex.  Lots of fluff, lots of smut, and hopefully, lots of feels.

Death was rarely a permanent staple in Dean Winchester’s life, but it still affected him.  

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t still have nightmares about the ones he lost, even if he did end up getting them back again, of people he loved dying in front of him and the indescribable hollowness he felt afterwards.

Nothing could compare to watching someone you love die and being powerless to stop it, and this was something all the Winchesters had experienced on multiple occasions.  It seemed to run in the family. 

Moreover, the danger of hunts was affecting him more than it used to.

Take today, for example.

They’d been on the trail of a wendigo – a very large specimen, but a rudimentary kill by their standards.  They’d cornered it in the back woods, Sam and Dean flanking it with their guns while Cas attacked from behind.

That was the first moment his heart sunk:  seeing that determined, angelic strut, angel blade in hand, that he’d done right before he’d been offed the last time.

Dean tried to shake off the growing feelings of panic, to focus on the hunt, but when the wendigo turned on Cas they overtook him:  he could feel his heart thudding in his chest, lungs heaving, the rush of blood deafening in his ears.

He fell to his knees, peripherally aware of Sam and Cas fighting the wendigo without him, while he sat there, useless, unable to help.  

It wasn’t until he felt their hands on his shoulders that he began to drift back down to earth, pit of dread in his stomach slowly subsiding.

“Dean, are you alright?”  someone said, but he couldn’t be sure who.

He looked up to see Sam and Cas looking down at him with the same worried eyes, and then over to where the wendigo lay.  They’d had to kill it without him, because he was being a panicky little bitch for no good reason.  It was humiliating.

“Are you alright, Dean?”  someone asked again, and this time he could be sure it was Cas. 

“M’fine,” Dean muttered, getting to his feet.  “Just didn’t get enough sleep last night, is all.”  Their looks of concern remained undaunted, and Dean huffed, “Look, can we please just go home?  We’ll all feel a lot better once I’m back in bed.”  

“Dean, you can’t just -”  Sam started to say, but Dean was already storming back towards the car, head down and not casting them a second glance.

If anyone ever mentioned this again, it would be too soon.


“Dean, we need to talk about earlier.”

When Cas says this, their back in their bedroom, Dean sitting on the bed and folding his socks.  He really is a closet neat freak, though he’d go to his grave before he’ll admit it.  

“Huh?  What about?”  he asks casually, though Cas senses he knows exactly what he means.  

“Dean, to better understand your issues, I read 94 books on the human psyche centralizing predominantly around post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety,” Cas explains, in that no-nonsense tone of voice that leaves no room for debate.  “What you had today was a panic attack.” 

“What?  No I didn’t,” Dean scoffs, not convincing in the slightest.  “Sammy used to get panic attacks.  They’re for little kids, man.”

Cas scowls.  “Dean, you are well aware that is most emphatically not true.  Now, would you care to tell me what happened, or will I have to drag you to a psychiatrist myself?”

Dean seems to give in a little, his shoulders slumping in capitulation.  He still tries to keep his tone casual, however, as he shrugs, “I just…don’t like feelin’ like I’ve lost you, is all.”

Cas sighs, softening a little.  He moves forward to sit on the bed, memory foam shifting under his weight.  Dean is clearly upset, looking down at the bed and not meeting his eyes.

“Dean,” he murmurs, putting a hand on Dean’s knee.  “I promise that you will never truly lose me.  I may have to leave, and I may, occasionally, die.  But I have always come back before, and I will always come back in the future.  Do you understand?”

Without context, the sentence ‘I may, occasionally, die’ could come off as a nihilistic joke, but the subject was too sore for Dean to spend all that much time laughing.

“I love you, Dean,” Cas continues.  “And I’m here.  I’ll always be here.”

Dean swallows, trying not to tear up.  He’s always hated how emotional he is, John’s grunt of ‘quit cryin’ like a damn girl’ still echoing in his mind.   

“Yeah, I know, buddy.”  Then, awkwardly,  “I love you, too.”  

There’s a long moment of silence before Dean can’t take it any longer, and subconsciously diverts to other matters entirely.  

Cas’s brows furrow as Dean shifts into a more seductive, reclined position, legs spreading suggestively out.  

“You know, uh, on second thought, I’m not one hundred percent sure how ‘here’ you are,” he offers, eyebrows waggling.  “Do you wanna, maybe, prove it to me somehow…?”

Cas sighs inwardly.  Dean has always done this, used his body, his sexuality, as a distraction from unpleasant feelings.  He doubts whether it’s healthy, but if Dean really wants a distraction, he’s damn well going to give him one.  

With a growl, Cas grabs his ankles and flips him over on his stomach in one smooth motion, well aware that the show of strength turns Dean on.

With a flick of his wrist, Dean’s clothes are off, body a country road of soft freckled flesh and curves of muscle, his ass a pair of pert, supple mounds.

Cas wastes no time in shimmying up the bed to straddle him, growling in his ear,  “I’ll show you exactly how ‘here’ I am.”

And goddamn if Dean couldn’t suppress a whimper at that. 

Thirty minutes later, and Cas is coming for the second time that night, supernaturally hot semen spilling into Dean’s ass.  They’ve by now changed positions, of course, Dean’s legs hooked over Cas’s shoulders, his back pressed to the headboard. 

Feeling Cas’s release inside him, Dean comes as well, dick pulsing and ropes of come splattering his chest before they both collapse on the bed, sated and panting.  

“You good?”  Dean asks, voice still breathy as he looks down at Cas, now collapsed against chest. 

“I’m good,” Cas grumbles.  Looking up at him, blue eyes heavy lidded, he adds, “Are you?”

“Much better,” Dean smiles, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.  “Now, anyway:  that was just what the doctor ordered, I’ll tell you.”

“I’m glad.  But I hope you realize, Dean, we still need to talk about what happened.  Anxiety and panic attacks can be serious problems.”

“Pffft.  Serious problems,” Dean scoffs.  “You’re the one who keeps dyin’ on me, and I’m the one with problems.”

Dean realizes what he’s said only after it’s out of his mouth, and is about to stammer an apology.  Cas, however, doesn’t appear offended.  

“You’ve died quite a few times as well, if memory serves,” he points out, smiling softly.  “But we always find a way to get back to each other again, don’t we, Dean?” 

Dean slowly nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I guess we do.”

“And we always will.”  He presses a kiss to Dean’s lips, soft and sweet, in pleasant conjecture with the rough sex they’d been having just moments prior.  

Moments like this are all Dean ever needs. 

 “Go to sleep, Dean.  I’ll still be here in the morning.” 

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You can mess me up with angst pls but have a fluff ending maybe so I don't die? (: -kihyun anon

I can’t promise a fluffy ending but i can promise you won’t die. Angst is definitely my weakest genre. like by a lot :(

original request:  Can i request a kihyun scenario where you just fuck me upppp please I cannot handle this boy rn! You can do whatever you want with the plot just mess with my feels pls i cri

Originally posted by hshi

You Made Me Feel So… (Kihyun)

Warning: Some swearing.

A/N: I was really skeptical about doing this because I take my lyrics very seriously and I’m absolutely terrified of them being stolen and like claimed by someone else before i ever have the courage to record them… that being said I’m swallowing my fear for the sake of the story and adding original lyrics that I wrote. Meaning they belong to me! They are my intellectual property! Please don’t take my lyrics ):

The butterflies in your stomach are ridiculous. This is by no means your first show. In fact you’ve preformed several time. Small night clubs and bars love your voice and often call you whenever they need live vocals. This felt different for some reason though. Who are you kidding you know exactly why it feels different. It’s because it’s the first show Kihyun will be attending.

The two of you have been friends for several years. Naturally you’d developed feelings. How could you not when he’s just so… perfect. Everything from his smile, to his voice. His honesty, and loyalty to his friends. His sense of humor and the way he just seemed to brighten any room, no matter the previous mood.

“Y/N!” You heard his voice call. He’d made it. You turn around with a ginormous smile on your face, ready to greet the man of your dreams. That smile is quick to fall as you see the girl hanging from his arm.

Yoon HaNa. She’s an up-and-coming singer planning to kill the scene with her ‘innovative’ cute but sexy concept and ‘impressionable’ vocals. To you she’s sub-par at best. Her hooks are catchy but her harmonies are sloppy, her lyrics hold no substance and she sings with no emotion. Not to mention the whole “I’m cute, now look at my butt” concept is beyond played out. You know who she is. You’d been around her several times. She, like you, was friends with all of Monsta X, and ha been for several months now. But what you don’t know is why she’s latched to your Kihyun.

“Y/N!” Kihyun calls again making you snap back to reality. You muster up the most realistic natural smile you can.

“You made it!” You enthuse, and hug him tightly.

He returns your affection before pulling back and gesturing toward HaNa. “HaNa is a really big fan. I figured your show would be the perfect setting for our first official date.” He beams. He looks happy.

You catch yourself before your smile falls, “You two are dating?”

HaNa smiles, “Yeah. He made things official yesterday. I didn’t even know he was interested.” She giggles.

“Yeah, me neither.” You laugh.

“Y/N. Show time.” Your manager calls.

You nod in his direction and turn back to face Kihyun and HaNa, “Well… I hope  you guys enjoy the show. I’ll see you after, right?”

“No actually. We’re leaving right after to grab dinner. We’ll hang out some other time.” Kihyun smiles.

You nod and make your way to the stage. How were you going to pull this off? How could you go up on stage and sing all of your happy songs while your heart is breaking? How?

You’d gotten through your main set… barely. The crowd could tell you were less then proud of your performance. You’d watched Kihyun and HaNa the entire time as they curled up into each other against the bar, whispering back and forth, and gleefully laughing. Your heart broke piece by piece as you imagined yourself in her position… where you should be.

Kihyun and you made eye contact. He nodded at you to tell you he and HaNa were leaving… You smile and watch as he wraps his arms around her waist and lead you to the exit.

Once they’re gone…. you sigh, Into your microphone. The crowd is looking at you expectantly.

“Look I know I’ve given a less than impressive show o far…” You say as you look out at the bored faces. “Let me make it up to you… Mike,” you call out to your guitarist friend who always helped you during shows. “Just play whatever. Make it slow and mellow.”

And he did. It was simple and easy to follow. Without need for your instruction the keyboard player and the drummer both joined in, then the saxophone player. The house DJ even began to add some synthesizers. A mellow R&B beat filled the entire bar.. and you let your emotions pour out.

“Is that your girlfriend..

Over there with the long hair

and brown eyes

slim waist, and slim thighs.”

Kihyun enters the bar again. He’d forgotten his jacket and was just returning to get it. Then he heard the music. A beat he’d never heard before was bouncing off the walls of the small space, and lyrics he’d never heard you prepare were spilling from your lips. He stilled and watched you. Eyes closed in concentration as your feelings poured out.

“She’s an aspiring singer with no talent, but sucking dick and not gagging

she hates all your favorite movies and she acts just like a groupie.”

He started to get upset… it was pretty clear you were talking about HaNa. and yet he stayed to listen… and as your lyrics continued on, he finally began to understand.

“I’ll just gt rid of my feelings

I’ll slowly swallow my pride

Can only hope in the process that i choke on it and die

So I don’t witness this shit show

Where I;m taken for granted

Where I’m labeled as a friend

and she labels you her man.”

Kihyun watches on in amazement, Your eyes have yet to open and you lightly begin to sway letting the music carry you. Your voice is as beautiful as it normally is, which surprises him because he’d be the first to say your performance earlier wasn’t as good as normal.

“Like she care’s bout your opinions

lends an ear when no one listens

Like she knows your insecurities 

like how your mouth goes crooked when you smile

I find it charming though, always have and always will

but I realize more and more I’m just the girl that’s her for years.”

Kihyun finally snaps into his senses and grabs his coat. He can’t dwell on your lyrics. If he does… he’ll be trapped here with his thoughts forever. Instead of on a date with… the girl of his dreams…

“And for some reason i can’t cope

Think I hid it for too long babe.”

Your eyes open and fall to where Kihyun and HaNa had been sitting. To your surprise Kihyun is standing there. Staring directly at you. The instruments are still playing all around you and you quickly search your brain for words.

“You made me feel so..” Your mind falls short and use lose the words… So you repeat them.

“You made me feel so…” But again the words fall short. Kihyun and you keep eye contact and your feelings begin to well up. He’s the first to break and he quickly begins to exit the bar once again.

“And now I can’t…” You finish coolly and wipe at you eyes.

The small space erupts in applause. You give a tight lipped smile and bow toward the audience. You turn to face your friends that are on stage with you. Mike gives a sympathetic smile and pulls you into a tight hug which you’re quick to accept. You need it.

Hope you enjoyed!! If you aren’t happy with the ending I could make a fluffy part 2. I just lacked ideas on ways to make this fluffy. By all means send in a request with some suggestions. And remember, all request are currently open.

- admin aj

Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood - Part 9.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG

Pairing: slight! Reader/Calum

A/N: A very, very short chapter! But, there’s drama included. Does that make up for it?

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Liar- Jinhwan

Liar: Pt. 2

(read Pt.1)

Request:  A jinhwan scenario where u have been best friends since u were little and u had feelings for him but 1 day he gets this gf that always hated u and was jealous of u but he doesn’t know the gf is only using him 4 fame u try to tell him but he thinks ur lying and only saying this because ur jealous and because u don’t want him to have a gf so u go home and cry because u’re worried for him u don’t want him to be upset later on he finds out u were telling the truth u can decide what happens lame😁M.I

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance/Smut

Band Member: Kim Jinhwan

Summary: Jamie Taintor (you, the reader) has been best friends with Jinhwan since elementary. She’d been enemies with Sarang since middle school. It just so happens that Jinhwan begins dating Sarang, but Jamie knows better. If she can convince Jinhwan the truth, so be it. If she loses her best friend in the process…

Pt. 2

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Crossing Knives, Chapter 1: Amuse-Bouche, California Style

Well, here it is at last! After a few non-inspired weeks, it seems I got my mojo back this weekend.

I must warn everybody that this is my first time writing AU Tom, and after so much Loki it still feels a little weird to not have an established character to write about. But I’m really excited about this story! I’ve been doing research on cooking techniques, designing several supporting characters… I even have pictures of every main character’s home (but that’s stuff for a later post).

One thing I want to ask of my readers this time is this: if you send me feedback, tell me what you like about the story, but also what you don’t like. I don’t want to become complacent, as if I didn’t have anything to learn. That ‘don’t like, don’t read’ thing doesn’t apply to my fanfiction. You see something you don’t like? Splendid! Please tell me what it is so I can fix it / discuss it / whatever.

Chapter 1: Amuse-Bouche, California Style

“Luke! Why aren’t you here, mate? You’re missing the party of the century!”

Luke Windsor recoiled a little from the avalanche of sounds coming from his phone. First, his friend’s voice on the other side of the line was unnaturally shrill and harsh, maybe because he was trying to make himself heard above all the noise. There were other voices around, mostly women’s voices… competing for his attention, no doubt. And then, to complete the assault to his ears, a background tapestry of loud electronic music, not exactly Luke’s favorite.

He looked around him, still feeling a bit groggy. He had been enjoying a quiet evening in the peace and calm of his elegant Mayfair flat, until… Realizing that he had fallen asleep on the sofa, and that his neck was suffering from it, he went back to the conversation with a groan.

“Tom, it’s almost two in the morning, so I think the relevant question would be why are you partying on a Monday. We run a restaurant together, remember?”

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  • Qrow: So you must be my nieces emo friend Blake, am I right? *Qrow after as he stepped out of the Inn He and the reunited team RWBY were staying in, watching the cat faunus jump up slightly as she quickly turns to face he.* Jumpy much.
  • Blake: Huh? Oh yeah... *Blake spoke relaxing after seeing the older hunter.* Yes, I'm Blake. You're Qrow Branwen. Yang... Yang told me about you.
  • Qrow: All good things I'm sure. *Qrow smirked, making his way next to Blake, sitting against the railing as his took a sip from him flask.*
  • Blake: She said you saved her and Ruby when they were little.
  • Qrow: Part of being an Uncle. Let them do crazy stupid stuff and step in when they need saving. *He watched from the corner of his eye Blake flinch at his words and turned her gaze down towards the railing.* Something on your mind kid?
  • Blake: ...It's... It's nothing. Just lost in thought.
  • Qrow: And I'm guessing those "thoughts" are blonde, lilac eyed and red when pissed, Not to mention packs one hell of a punch, huh? *Qrow replied as he took a sip of his flask while Blake Whipped her head towards him.*
  • Blake: ... Sigh, Yeah. *Blake admitted as she looks back out to the street, leaning against the railing.* I'm just... I'm just scared. Yang hasn't said a word to me this entire time unless we are with the us. I'm afraid she wants nothing to do with me... That she hates me now. *Blake gripped her coat sleeve to stop her hands from shaking* I haven't seen her in almost a year and yet not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of her. Not one day were I wanted nothing more then to go to her and apologize to her. For running, for leaving her... For causing her so much pain...
  • Qrow: *Qrow looked at the sorrow filled girl before placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.* Well I can tell you from personally experience she doesn't hate you, kid. Maybe mad as all hell at you and rightly so, with the whole leaving without a word since that reopens some old wounds as you probably already know. *Qrow told her, Making Blake cringe as she remembers the story Yang told her about her mother.* But she doesn't hate you.
  • Blake: How can you be so sure? How can you know that after I caused her to lose so much and just left her? *Blake asked with watery eyes.* Adam only attacked her because of me. Because I l- *Blake stopped herself not wanting to confuse her love for Yang to her uncle.* ... Sigh, I'm like a black cat... All I do is bring misfortune to everyone I cross paths.
  • Qrow: ... Did you know I'm the reason why Summer Rose, Ruby and Yang's mom, is dead? *At this Blake stared at Qrow in shock and surprise* My Semblance is to bring misfortune. Unfortunately, I don't get a say one who it effect and one day as me and Summer were out on a mission, my misfortune fell upon her. Ruby don't know this, She was to young when it happened but Tai, their father, and Yang do. Yang was sad and Tai was furious but neither one blamed or hated me because of it. Hell, the night I had to tell them I was debating where to put the bullet in my brain until Yang and Ruby, a 6 and 4 year old little girls, told me it wasn't my fault and that everything was going to be okay and that they still loved me all the same.
  • Blake: *At first Blake found herself speechless before quietly muttering* I... I'm sorry. I had no idea...
  • Qrow: Meh, Don't sweat it. Just don't give up on Yang. Give her time to cool off. *Qrow said to her offering Blake his flask, only to pull it away slight as she hesitantly reaches for it.* Just promise you won't do something stupid and breaking my niece's heart again will ya? I hate to have to help Tai bury ya even before she gets to use her "Xiao-Long" charms on ya.
  • Blake: *At this Blake both gulped in fear and blushed at the realization that Qrow basically told her Yang felt the same way.* I-I will... Thank you.
  • Qrow: Don't mention it. Us Bad luck charms have to stick together. Now drink up. *With this Qrow handed Blake his flask as he pushed off the railing and headed inside.* You're going to need to liquid courage for you two's "Talk"... And to numb the pain from her left hook.
  • Blake: What ar-!?! *Blake started to question, turning to the old hunter only to find Yang standing at the doorway of the inn. It was also only 4 seconds before quickly downed the rest flask and unfortunately finding it empty as she whsisper.* Just my luck.
The Things We Hold Dear

Blindspot fanfic. Jeller + Ava.

They were almost finished dinner when Ava unwittingly dropped her bombshell.

“So after you’re done school on Friday,” Jane was telling her, “we’re going to pack up the car and head up to the cabin.”

“It’s Memorial Day weekend,” Kurt told her, setting down his fork, “So Mommy and I don’t have to go to work on Monday, and we can spend an extra day up there.”

Ava pushed the last bite of lasagna around on her plate and bounced in her seat. “Zoe’s family is going camping this weekend,” she announced, naming her best friend from school. “They go camping a lot. I’ve never been camping. Can we go camping, Daddy?”

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Reincarnation Blues 16/16: Epilogue

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve  / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Epilogue

on AO3

Warning, as has become common for this fic, for mentions of eye trauma/eye injury. I promise to be kinder to people’s eyes in the next one.

The child huddled in the alley was probably one of the most pathetic sights Dipper had seen in his considerable lifetime. Despite the near-freezing temperatures, the boy was dressed only in a pair of threadbare pyjamas, which might once, in the distant past, have been blue. They didn’t look like they could fit a child of much more than about seven or eight, but the boy was still nearly swallowed by them, frayed cuffs stained nearly black draping over small hands and bare feet. Every bone in his shoulders, just visible through the gaping collar of his oversized shirt, and every vertebra of his birdlike neck were clearly visible. When he looked up through his limp, shaggy fair hair, for the briefest of instants before burying his face in his knees again, a look of utter abjection crossed the boy’s hollow-cheeked face. 

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The Confession


request: heya could you pls write a liam imagine where him and the reader have known each other since they were little. and he’s always had a crush on her and lots of fluff pls.

a/n: shit sorry this took forever, i suck at doing things fast. i’m not sure if it’s what you wanted and idk if there’s enough fluff for you. but yeah, here you go! :) 

“I like you, like I like like you.” Liam near shouted, eyes wide and hopeful before he shook his head rapidly and started pacing around the room shirtless, “No, no that’s no good. Like like? What am I, five?” He turned back to his mirror and took a deep breath, “(Y/n), I’ve been in love with you since we were kids. I thi—” A laugh from the doorway interrupted his speech and Liam turned around with a glare, “Oh, fuck off.”

“Dude, please tell me you aren’t going to say it like that. That’s possibly the worst declaration of love ever.” Mason said, trying (and failing) to stifle his laugh as he made his way over to Liam’s closet.

Liam flopped face down on his with a groan, “It’s stupid. I don’t know if I should even tell her, Mas. It could ruin our friendship and make things weird.”

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My Deal

Title: My Deal
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Other Characters: Sam and Bobby
Request: anonymous asked: Can you do a dean x reader where it’s reader who makes the deal to save Sam instead of Dean in season 2. And then when Dean finds out he starts being mean and Ignores her and flirts with other girls in front of her. Then one day she has enough and leaves and everyone has to find her
Word Count: 2,851
This is the longest request I’ve written! I got carried away I guess but I hope that you like it! Message me any feedback that you might have about this. I don’t know how to feel about his yet. I’m liking it but I’m disliking it. Anyways, enjoy! Have a lovely night <3Thank you for requesting and reading. Muah!

 Part Two: Surprise, Surprise.

9 Months is all you had left before you took a little trip down to see Lucifer. The deal that you had made in order to save Sam’s life and avoid Dean going through unbelievable pain, left with you a year to live. Most people get 10 years but demons love making your life impossible, so a year was all you got. It didn’t matter. You were doing it for someone you cared about deeply. Did the guys know? Did Bobby know? Nope. Nobody knew about your little deal. Nobody knew how Sam came back to life but nobody did any investigations either. It was better like that. Though, you were in the process of telling Bobby.

“You mean to tell me that you sold your soul to save Sam’s life?!” Bobby almost screams, furrowing his eyebrows. His tone didn’t sound very nice at the moment and you were glad that you’re a girl or else he probably would’ve smacked the living crap out of you.

“Shhh!” You put your finger to your lips and sigh. “Dammit, Bobby I don’t want them to find out! I want them to think that my death was just random. A case got me.”

“And if you’re not a damn case?!”

You didn’t think of that. Well, crap. He was right. What if you weren’t on a case when your time was up? What if you were randomly at home when it happened? “I didn’t think of that..”

“How long you got?” Bobby sighed, realizing that there was nothing that he could do to help you.

For a brief moment, you could’ve sworn that you saw his eyes get glassy. He was like a father to you and he saw you as his daughter. Losing you would devastate.  “A year.”

Bobby’s silence tells you that shocked him and hurt him even more. “How?”

“I don’t know. I got a year or no deal.” You confess. “So, I took the deal. I couldn’t watch Dean suffer because he lost his brother and I couldn’t lose Sammy either.”

You and Dean had a thing for each other. A hook up here and there. Unadmitted feelings for each other but almost never really acted on.

“I can’t believe that you did that.” Bobby shakes his head, bringing you into a tight hug. “You idjit.”

“Y/N!!” A roaring Sam and Dean pushed through Bobby’s door, searching the place for you.

You jumped up and rushed to their side. “Woah. What’s up?” You furrow your eyebrows, slightly confused because they’re yelling and they have no reason too. You haven’t pranked them or anything.

“You want to tell us what the hell a demon was talking about when he said that you sold your damn soul to save Sammy’s life!” Dean screamed at you. He was demanding answering, not asking if you would be nice enough to give them an answer.

You froze in place, Bobby coming out confused as well. “What is going on?”

“Y/N sold her soul to save my life..” Sam’s voice was quiet and hurt. He couldn’t believe you did that for him. He hated the fact that you did that. It was sweet and nice that you care about him so deeply but he didn’t want you to give up your life for his.

Bobby stayed quiet and glanced over at you. “Well, there’s your secret now.” He walked away, ready to pour everybody a drink because quite frankly, you all needed it.

“Wait, you knew about this!?” Dean grew angrier. “Are we the only ones this isn’t worth mentioning to?!”

You sighed loudly and cursed under your breath, running your hand down your face and almost wanting to pull your hair.

“Dean, calm down.”

“Calm down!?” Dean growled and turned to you, angrier than before. By now, you knew that you had lost his trust for good. “I cannot calm down. You are dying in how long?! The demon said you had a damn year, Y/N! I am losing you in a damn year!”

“Technically 9 months..”

Dean glared at you. “That was the stupidest decision you’ve ever made, Y/N and you’ve made some pretty fucked up decisions. Do you not use your brain at all?”

“Dean.” Sam put his hand on his brother’s shoulder as an attempt to calm him down. “Let’s you get out of here before you say too much.” Sam pushed him out of the door and turned to look back at you. “But he’s right. I’m not supposed to be here and I am and because of that you’re going to lose your life, Y/N. That’s not right.”

A small ache started in your chest by having Dean being mad at you and to top it all off, Sam didn’t approve either which ultimately, you didn’t expect them to.

6 months left. Dean ignores you, barely talks to you and he talks the only thing that comes out of his mouth are insults. In his head, he’s thinking that by doing this, he’ll get you out of his head faster and out of his heart as well. By the time that you’re gone, he won’t feel it as bad but he’s wrong. The cut runs deeper than that. As much as he’d like to get over you, he can’t. He’s going to have to face the pain that he’s going to feel when you’re gone. He hates thinking about the day but it’s engraved in his head.

“Will you freaking watch it!” Dean pushed you behind with a low growl. “I’m not your damn baby sitter, Y/N. I shouldn’t have to watch over you 24/7 since you can’t do anything right.”

Ouch. Another cut in your heart. “You don’t have to watch me, Dean.” You push past him, looking for the demon that might be hiding anywhere.

“Guys! I got it.” Sam comes running from behind you. “He didn’t know anything about saving you.” He tells you.

You never told them to look for a solution, but they are. Dean is forced to. In your head, if It was up to Dean, you’d be dead already.

“Oh, sad.” Dean rolled his eyes and walked back to the Impala. “Let’s go to the bar.”

Sam looked over at you. “He doesn’t mean any of that, you know that right?”

It still hurt whether he means his insults or not. It still cuts freaking deep because you lost what you had with him in a minute. The trust, the-possibly-love, the care and connection. It’s all gone. There’s nothing but resentment in his eyes.

The ride to the bar was dead quiet. Nobody spoke a word. Well, on occasion, Dean would speak to Sam but ignore you like most days now. If he wasn’t ignoring you, he was insulting you. Point is, he was always a douche to you now.

“I want to go home, Sam.” You look over at Sam, hoping that he would take you home.

“Walk.” Dean mumbled. “My car is not an option until I want to go home.”

You sink back in your seat, tears building up in your eyes. You’ve apologized to him over and over and over again and he still gives you the silent treatment or just tells you straight up he doesn’t care.

“Dean, come on.” Sam looks at his brother, pleading with his eyes to stop this nonsense.

Finally, Dean parks and gets out, shoving the keys in his pocket. He enters the bar, making you and Sam sigh at the same time.

Sam glances over at you quickly. “Let’s go?”

Shaking your head no, you look down at your shoes. “I’m just going to stay here. Don’t worry. Being alone kind of sounds good right now.”

Sam frowns. “I’ll talk to him.” He heads out, following his brother.

When he’s finally out of sight, you sink down in your seat again and let the tear rush down your cheeks, wondering of a way to get Dean to forgive you and treat you like he used to. Like his princess and the one that he loved being next. The one he came to with whatever was on his mind. You were more than just someone in his life. You were his best friend, the one he was slowly falling in love with. The one he was experiencing with what love truly was and meant.

In a matter of minutes, Dean was outside with a girl by his side; kissing and touching each other. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. You closed your eyes and shook your head, hating the image that was playing over and over in your head.

Dean pulled away slightly, glancing over at the car and noticing that you were still in there. Tears streamed down your cheeks, making his heart ache a little. Instead of going over to you, he pulled the girl closer to him and crashed his lips to hers again, making you get out of the car and walk back to where you guys were staying at.

The whole way there you cried your eyes out and at one point you stopped to scream at the top of your lungs, letting everything out.

You didn’t stop at the motel, no you continued until your legs couldn’t carry you anymore. Then, you asked a random girl for a ride and she took you all the way back to Bobby’s. Nice of her but you were prepared for anything that she might’ve tried to pull. On the way, you received many calls from Sam and Bobby. Lots of texts from Sam too, demanding to know where you were and if you were okay. You never answered.

You pushed through the door of Bobby’s and went straight to your room, packing everything that you had and grabbing the big duffle bag,  You walked down the stairs, Bobby standing at the bottom with a pissed look on his face.

“I called.”

“You did, congratulations.” You drop down your bag and go over to where you hide your money. “Now, you saw that I’m okay and now I’m leaving. Screw Dean!” You scream which shocks you and shocks Bobby. “Screw everything! If I’m going to die, I’m going to die alone! Far away from everybody!”

“Stop.” Bobby walks over to you. “Stop right there, Y/N.”

You don’t listen and instead grab your things again and walk to the door. “I’m so sorry Bobby but I have to go. If I stay, Dean is going to end up killing me with his actions and words and trust me… “ Again, your eyes get glassy. “That’s a more painful death than anything else..” With that, you walk away from them again. Ready to start the quest on your own until it was your time. By now, you had accepted it. That was your faith, so be it.

“She left because of you.” Bobby said straight up, not keeping it from Dean or Sam.

Dean looked down and grabbed another beer. “No. She left because she wanted too..” The pain eating at him again. You still a few months left and now you were completely gone and the pain was worse than he’d imagine it.

“No, Dean. She left because you really were being a douchebag.” Sam corrected him, standing by Bobby. “I’m going to look for her.”

“She doesn’t want to found, boy.” Bobby objected, knowing you more than anybody else. “I want to find her as bad as you do but trust me, we’ll make her angrier. She wants.. She wants to die alone.”

‘She’s not going to die.” Sam objects, shaking his head. “She’s not going to die. I can look for her myself, it doesn’t matter.”


Twenty minutes away from your death, you decided to go on a hunt that has been there for a while and you finally couldn’t wait any longer. You’re going to die anyways. Might as well finish this job before your time is up.

Just as you’re getting out of the car you hear another car pull up. A very special car though. And you know exactly who it belongs to. The Impala.

You don’t turn, instead you continue walking ahead of you and pretending like you didn’t hear anything from the start.

“Y/N!” Three voices were heard from the distance. Dean’s. Sam’s. Bobby’s. Dean’s. Dean was here. Dean came.

Your legs keep walking, not stopping for a minute. Just as you turned to your side, you noticed that the neighbor that was walking towards them was a demon. “Demon!” You yell, pointing at the man and running after them.

In seconds, Sam’s holding the knife that kills demons and the demon is gone. You stop and sigh. You’re never going to stop worrying about them.

“Y/N.” Sam embraces you tightly, smiling at the fact that you’re okay. “Gosh. Where have you been? We’ve been trying to find you!”

“I’m fine. Now go.” You hug Bobby quickly and stop at Dean. His eyes beg for a hug but you stop and walk back. “Go. I don’t want you guys here.”

You knew exactly what was coming for you and you didn’t want them to watch you die.

“Y/N ple-“ Dean starts but you cut him off.

“I don’t want you here.” The tone of your voice is cold, which hurts him because he’s suffered so much without you. He’s ready to apologize and tell you that you’re going to see this one though. That he’ll be there by your side.

In the distance, a growl is heard and you knew exactly what is. Instant tears rush down your face and you push them all away. “Go! Please! Please! Just go!” You plead at them, trying to keep them safe.

They all stare out into the distance. Dean pulls you by his side, trying to protect you. You push him away and look at them. “Go. Get in the car. Drive. Drive as far as you can and don’t you look back, you understand?” Your eyes are fixed on Dean’s. A tear slides down his cheek, shaking his head he steps closer to you.


“10 minutes.” Bobby says quietly, glancing at his watch. “Get in the car with us. You can run.”

“But I can’t hide.” You reply. “I don’t want to hide.”

“Y/N.” Dean looks at you as the growls get louder.

You push them all away. “Get out!!” You scream at them and in a matter of seconds, you’re all running away. You could’ve gotten them in the car but they didn’t want to. You’d take them to a safe place and then walk away from them without them noticing.. If you made it.

The clock is ticking and the growls get louder and soon enough you’re being chased by a hellhound. You can see it. You can see how it looks like and the fact that it’s coming just for you.

When your terrified scream is heard, it’s the signal for them that it’s 12 am. Your time is up. They all stop running. Time stops for them, frozen in place, they can’t move or do anything to prevent what’s happening to you. Their hear pounds hard in their chest. Dean screams as he watches you get tore apart. He’d give anything to have you safe and sound and him being there instead. Sam watches horrified, pleading but he’s pleading into the thin air because there’s nobody else there. Bobby’s eyes get glassy again, no sound is heard from his mouth. He’s frozen in place too.

When it finally stops, you’re in a pool of your own blood. Your body is tore apart, blood still pooling at your side. There was no way of saving you from that. The hellhound finish you. Mauled you to death. Dean holds you in his arms and for once, Bobby and Sam saw him cry, scream your name into the thin air, hoping and begging for a miracle that didn’t come. They watched him curse and apologize to you over and over again. He told your lifeless body, he loved you. Again, he screamed as if that would relieve his pain. It didn’t. It felt as if he was dying too but it wouldn’t end. The nightmare would continue. There was no end in his pain.

ok but DeanCas ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ set in the early 2000s

Castiel and Jessica Moore, children of Naomi Moore; fresh meat at Padua High School in Seattle, Wa. Castiel is studious, uptight, and definitely not into any of the bottom-feeders that high school has to offer, and he’s extremely vocal about it. Jessica, on the other hand, is popular instantly, and desperately wants to fit in. Ruby takes her under her wing, and Jessica catches the eye of none other than Luke Morningstar, resident heartthrob. But the siblings, under order of their mother, are forbidden from dating. Frustrated with the strict rules, Jessica points out the unfairness, and Naomi implements a new rule.

Jess can date…

When Castiel does.

Which is, of course, laughable, because Castiel wouldn’t touch any of the locals with a ten foot pole, regardless of whether they avoid him like the plague as well or not. 

Word gets out about the new rule, as it was bound to do in high school.

Cue Sam and Dean Winchester.

Sam, nerdy as they come and definitely not someone who could ever get with Jessica Moore. He doesn’t even compare to Luke Morningstar. But he’s determined to try, because he is completely gone on the girl, going so far as learning the entire French language practically overnight just to be Jess’ tutor. 

And then there’s Dean: Outcast, rebel, loner, scary as hell. Together, Sam and Charlie, their best friend since diapers, convince Dean to woo none other than Castiel so Sam maybe can have a chance at winning Jessica’s heart.

“What’s with this chick? She got beer-flavored nipples?”

“Dean! Don’t talk about her that way!”

“Okay, okay. Sam, cool it. Dean, what the hell?”

And so it goes. They hatch a plan to sweep the infamous Castiel off his feet, with a little double-crossing Luke to get some money for dates by making him think the entire plan is so he can win Jessica over, and it almost works. It takes a whole lot of effort, and some humiliation after a drunken party in the form of singing “can’t take my eyes off of you” in front of half the school and then eluding security, but Castiel is sufficiently head over heels by the time Dean is done with him, and Dean is exactly the same, much to his surprise. They learn so much about each other, from how Dean is mostly raising his little brother while working and living with their uncle, to how Castiel can paint the most beautiful things Dean has ever seen in his short life. Castiel’s best friend, Anna, plants the seed in his brain that going to prom would be the highlight of their high school years, and Dean, somehow, convinces Castiel to go, despite all the social conventions that it follows. 

Everything is going so smoothly….

Until it all blows up in their faces and Castiel finds out at the dance, of all places, that Dean was being paid to take Castiel out; that it was just an elaborate scheme to allow Sam and Jess to be together.

Everything comes crumbling down and Dean is absolutely heartbroken. 

“I’m sorry, Dean. I didn’t think you’d actually–”

“Don’t worry about it, Sammy. I’ll be fine.”

“He’ll come around soon. I know my brother. He really, really likes you, Dean. For all he can hold grudges, he also has an incredible ability to forgive. I promise, he’ll come back to you eventually.”

Dean is unsure, until one day in Mr. Turner’s English class, during the last week of school, Cas fucking loses it.

“I hate the way you’re not around
And the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

Cas’s eyes are brimming with tears when he rushes to excuse himself from class. Dean watches, horrible guilt boiling in his gut, before he gets up and follows from a good distance so as to not be noticed.

Castiel hurries out to his car only to open the driver’s side door and find a damn expensive set of paint brushes sitting in his front seat. Confused, he picks them up and examines them.

“Heard those were somewhere. Thought you’d like them.”

Castiel spins around at the familiar voice and stares at Dean. “You actually bought me these?”

“Well I didn’t steal them, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve been saving up for them since you mentioned you wanted new ones. I was going to give them to you after the dance…”

Dean shifts from foot to foot nervously, hands in his pockets. “Cas–”

But Cas puts the brushes down and cuts Dean off with a kiss. He pulls back just as Dean begins to deepen it and he jabs a finger into his chest. “You’r not off the hook, you know? You can’t just buy me a new set of brushes whenever you piss me off.”

Dean smiles a little at that. “No. But there’s always new paints, canvas, an easel…”

“Shut up and kiss me, asshole.”

anonymous asked:

Actually, my problem with the mid-season finale is that we didn't get the "talk". I wanted to see Hook telling Emma face to face that he's been lying to her with the hand situation. And Emma's reaction. I just love Hook so much and I felt as if I missed his development on that part. Or maybe I'm just spoiled and want more Hook rather than Emma XD. What's your opinion?

I think that conversation is coming. I don’t think Emma was in a place to have that kind of conversation. I don’t think she’s ready to address it. And really he didn’t 100% lie about it. He did say Rumple gave it to him, which is true he did just you know because of blackmail. I really think Emma’s the kind of person to not want to deal with it. She’s more in a place where she’s so happy she has him alive. She’ll deal with his less than honest behavior later. 

Honestly I want her to find her phone in Gold’s shop and hear the message Killian left for her. I don’t think she’ll get mad at him at all. I think she’ll be disappointed that he didn’t tell her the truth from the start. But here the thing. Killian’s intent even though he was being foolish by blackmailing the Dark One of all people, he had good intentions. He was trying to be a whole and complete man for Emma. And the second he believed that his hand might corrupt him and turn him back into the vengeful angry man he’d been he willingly gave it up even at the consequence of being the Dark One’s bitch for half the season. If anything Killian gets a pass on this as a whole because not only did he get consequences directly correlated to his blackmailing for the hand, he was also corralled into indentured servitude and forced to imprison beacons of light magic (yes Blue has light magic, shady as she is) into the hat at Rumplestiltskin’s behest. He’s more than had his comeuppance for his fib to Emma and the blackmailing fiasco. 

I think Emma’s going to see it that way. She’ll express her disappointment that he didn’t tell her the truth, or come to her sooner before his heart was taken. But I don’t see her dragging it out or being vicious like she was in Kansas to him before sacrificing her powers for him. She loves him. She’s not really admitted that to herself or anyone else for that matter because loving someone brings a lot of pain. Nearly everyone she’s ever loved or had the potential of loving either romantically, friendship wise or familial has caused her some amount of pain in her life. No seriously let’s take a rundown shall we?

  1. Snow and Charming: as much as she loves her parents and has accepted them it will always sting her to know that her parents gave her up to go to TLWM alone with really no one to protect her and watch over her.
  2. The Swans: where she got her last name. Her first taste of a family and they gave her back when they had their own child. Like she was just a stand-in until they had someone biologically related.
  3. Lily: her first real friend who acted like they were two of a kind when really Lily had a home and a family who loved her but it just wasn’t what the teen girl thought she wanted. Emma felt betrayed and as a result got launched back into the system she was trying to escape.
  4. Ingrid: They had a great friendship and relationship from what we saw in the flashback until Ingrid messed it up with trying to get Emma to display her magic. Emma wasn’t ready to understand her greater destiny and being pushed like that led Emma to think Ingrid didn’t love her, but was just a whack job who saw her as a meal ticket just like all the other foster homes she’d been in.
  5. Neal: Face it SFers Neal caused a great deal of Emma’s emotional issues. Granted she already had a lot of them to begin with but that emotional wall that comes with being afraid to fall in love? Look no further than the son of the Dark One himself.  I never hated Neal nor do I think he deserves half the hate he gets but still his mistakes did cause a big portion of her wall to be constructed.
  6. Graham: losing him, through not fault of his own made it much harder for her to believe Henry and it took her longer to accept the reality of the curse. Had he survived, Emma might have gained the hope she needed to believe Henry that much sooner.
  7. Walsh: A man she actually admitted to Hook who she loved and was considering marrying turned out to be nothing more than a pawn of the WWoW and used to keep tabs on Emma. 
  8. Every other guy/married guy/one night stand: each of these guys that we’ve been alluded to have indirectly hurt Emma by not seeing her more than just a piece of ass. Emma might have seen them the same way but it makes it no less hurtful.

Literally the only three people Emma loves that haven’t done this to her are Baby Neal her brother and he’s a baby so he doesn’t entirely count, Henry and Killian.

Henry, who almost died thanks to the apple turnover and Emma never mentioned that again btw (never once mentioned how she could be angry at Henry for risking his life to get her to believe). Emma has never really emotionally dealt with that except for admitting she loved him and breaking the original curse with a TLK. She never really talked about it or vocalized anything about it. That’s why I think Emma’s not going to want to address Killian’s almost death.

Killian has proven himself worthy of her time and time again. However he makes mistakes, just like Emma makes mistakes. Emma got really mad at him in S3 with the whole kiss curse thing because she was still struggling with trusting him and she was concerned he was working with Zelena. Emma knows for a fact that Killian had no choice but to do the Dark One’s bidding after his heart was taken. I can see Emma getting mad at him about the blackmail but I don’t see her really getting all that mad at him. He got his comeuppance for that ten-fold with almost losing his life and all that indentured servitude business. I really don’t see Emma wanting to address it more than just giving him an opportunity to never do it again and giving him a chance to redeem himself by being one of the people to release everyone from the hat. I think that’s the emotional closure they’re going to go for on that arc and we’ll see that come March. 

The episode itself wasn’t about Killian or Emma. It was firmly about aligning the heroes and aligning the villains. It was a clear line that was drawn in the sand or well the town line for that matter. We had the OQ scene because we needed to see Regina struggle and then align herself with the heroes. Her struggle is going to be apparent in 4B because she’s not done growing and she’s not fully accepted her role as a hero, yet. She’ll get there and she’ll probably backslide again. And then we had Belle and Rumple. Belle realigned herself with the heroes and separated herself physically and emotionally from Rumple. It also was about Rumple aligning himself with other villains.  That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t get the emotional fall out from Killian almost dying. I do firmly believe that Emma shoving his heart back into his chest was a kind of payback for nearly dying on her. She may not have said it but you could see that she was a bit pleased with herself.

OUAT 3x17: The Jolly Roger

Captain Swan holds my heart!

& gives me butterflies!

Killian Jones loves Emma Swan!

& she loves him right back! You can’t fucking tell me she doesn’t! The way she looks at him with complete adoration & love!

He believes in her!

She calls him Killian. For real. (Yes, with Henry in the room, but he’s not within earshot.) She doesn’t have to, but she does.

To me, that’s the first time it actually counts!

Zelena basically makes it so that the next time Killian kisses Emma, Emma’s going to lose her magic, part of what makes her special. And if Killian doesn’t kiss Emma, Zelena’s going to hurt Emma’s loved ones.

I’m gonna fucking kill Zelena!!! I’m gonna fucking kill that fucking witch! I fucking swear to God! Green witch bitch better fucking watch out cus I’m gonna take a ruby slipper and fucking stab her with it 50x!

Killian’s choice is basically to take away part of what makes Emma special or let her loved ones get hurt.

Emma unknowingly makes Killian feel worse and worse by showing him how powerful she is.

She looks at him so lovingly and all he feels is pain.

Emma’s gonna push through her walls, while it’s gonna seem like Killian’s pushing away.

They will kiss again though, because they’ll find another way around it. Killian is too smart to let witch bitch stand in his way. Zelena won’t be a problem forever.

TLK can defeat any curse. I’m going to gander it can even defeat cursed kisses/lips.

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the infamous roller derby fic

title: hold on to your heart baby 

pairing: America Chavez/Kate Bishop

rating: mature

word count: 16.771

summary: when Kate first joined the Sharp Shooters, she was after cute uniforms, hitting people and winning.

she’s not sure whether to classify America Chavez as an obstacle to that or as a fourth goal. 

warnings: alcohol consumption, non-explicit sex, mentions of unsafe sex. it’s really only mature to be on the safe side.

this all happened because i watched Whip It for the first time and queenphoria (to whom i am dedicating this for her amazing help) is a terrible enabler and thought the world needed this to exist.

so there you go, world: America Chavez and Kate Bishop falling in love on skates

(also, my entire knowledge of roller derbies came from the official website and the movie, so forgive any mistakes and artistic liberties) 


There is nothing Kate loves as much as the first Cordial of the season.

Especially because it’s not official, and mostly gives off a sense of hanging out with friends. True, friends that you plan to slay on the track the same day, but true friendship sees beyond the bounds of physical violence and competitiveness, and it’s capable to grow from it, and etcetera, and etcetera.

The point is, it’s like the first day of school, but minus teachers, school work, the psychological hangover from the break, and that sense of desolation and growing dread that school is so apt at giving. It’s more about seeing your friends again, catching up on who’s dating who, who has a new haircut, who has a new ex that they are all promised to hate, as friends do, and to have some fun. Plus, beer goes around continuously, and that cheers up any event.

Basically placing a little friendly match after tryouts, without any actual rules or score keeping, was a lovely idea in every sense, and if Kate actually knew who came up with it, she would buy them a drink.

For most of the day, Kate doesn’t even do anything. She has her skates on, to get in the spirit of the event, and a plastic cup full of beer in hand, for the same reason. She sits by the track, idly watching the disorganized matches (noticing that most of the players are getting tipsy, and almost no one is even playing with their actual team. Damn, she loves this thing) and chatting with friends she hasn’t seen for some time now, some from her own team and several from the others. For competition, they tend to get along quite well.   

But the true joy of the Cordial isn’t just seeing the old faces again. It’s in getting to know the fresh meat.

It’s usually pretty easy to spot them, excited though not sure for what, exactly, and even the most extroverted among them holding on tightly to the friends they made on the team during tryouts. Kate recognizes that, she remembers going through it, and she knows they’ll relax and find their way eventually. She would help them, like she tries to every season, but this time she doesn’t have eyes for them. Her attention has been diverted to one new face in particular.

The Patriots have a new jammer.

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