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Just A Thought

I might be reading too much into this, but I think Felicity, despite her current disconnect from Oliver (and the rest of the team) still has that part in her that knows those people care and worry about her.

I see it in her eyes. Like when after Oliver’s speech to her and Diggle in Russia when he said he needed them to be better than him—there was a moment when I saw her soften a bit and her gaze followed Olive out of the room. I think she realized that Oliver was there for her, but she really isn’t ready yet for that kind of acceptance from him and her for him. Also, when he found her and Rory out in the van, Oliver knew something was amiss. The way Felicity’s eyes were shifting back and forth from Oliver and Rory showed me how deep her secret has truly gone inside her. But, she knew Oliver was worried about her.

Again, when Oliver chose to save her from Black Canary instead of taking down, or trying to take down Prometheus, she knew he was still there for her, worrying about her and having that instinctual need to make her safe.

And of course, her instinct to run into Oliver’s arms when she thought they were going die. It was a foreshadowing, plain and simple. Being in each other’s embrace is the home waiting for both of them when the dust settles.

Felicity is on a path to the kind of strength she always admired in Oliver.  And it will make their bond so much stronger. When she said to Ray in episode 508 that it was like looking in a mirror, (she was talking about Kara) she was echoing my thoughts. Oliver and Felicity are mirroring each other, and I don’t think that was a throw-away line.

What is coming ahead for us is going to be awesome.

Lauriver and hugs

Idk the thought just occurred to me as I’ve been reblogging a lot of gifsets and such lately. Laurel and Oliver are the two characters on the show who have arguably engaged in the most hugging, at least of fellow members of the main cast, (To my knowledge the only regular Laurel never hugged was Roy, and Oliver’s never hugged Quentin; neither of them have ever hugged Malcolm in my recollection (god just the idea is giving me the shivers)) and the way in which they both typically hug is actually pretty different.

(apologies for the lack of gifs, I am not a gif-maker)

Oliver tends to move in for a hug very slowly. He opens his arms up wide and sort of lets the other person just place themself in his hold. (This is particularly true of his hugs that involve another man, which also tend to include ‘manly’ back-patting and such; look at Tommy hugs, Diggle, or Barry for examples) I think it’s very much a way of both not appearing too vulnerable while also still letting the other person know he is willing to be that open to them. For people he’s incredibly close to, he will stand there for a good long while (or at least through the fade to the next scene) It’s kind of special, it’s almost like a way of sort of savoring the moment.

Laurel does not telegraph her hugs in this same way. If she thinks someone needs one or she just wants to give them one, bam, they blink and they’re wrapped up in her arms. It can happen so unexpectedly that the other person finds themself asking “what’s this for?” even after they’ve already reciprocated (obviously that’s true of the hug with Oliver late season two, but also look at some of her hugs with Sara or Thea for examples). Because Laurel doesn’t wait for that ‘moment’ where the hug feels ‘earned’, she doesn’t make the other person ask for it either. Hugs are very much her way of both providing comfort to another person but also assurance that they are someone who matters in her life. It’s a sort of carpe diem approach to affection, in a way.

The few times Oliver breaks his pattern are when he’s in a high-stress/highly emotional situation; the few times Laurel breaks hers are when she’s being a bit playful. Usually those moments involve each other.

It’s just like, they’re so wonderfully complementary? My favorite thing is how Laurel almost never just waits for Oliver to kiss her, she’s always meeting him almost before the middle or even initiating a lot of the time, pushing up onto her tip-toes with his face cradled in her hands. Whenever Oliver holds her, he looks like he’ll never let go, that’s how long he wants it to last. And they are always like that throughout every single season.

Just…Lauriver intimacy—romantic or platonic; passionate or casual. It’s just the best.

gladionmorelikegaydion  asked:

Can you please explain what is problematic about the arrow, I don't watch it but my fiance loves it and wants to know what's wrong with it

OK so I stopped watching the show last season so I’m behind but one of the biggest problems is the overall lack of WoC and the orientalism. Like the few they’ve had have been killed off or written off. Like they killed Shado, wrote off Carly, gave the league of assasins to Merlyn instead of Nyssa, wrote off Nyssa, whitewashed the white canary and Oliver’s baby momma. Not to mention the whole of the second season seemed to minimize Diggle and use him as a prop for Felicity.  Anyone else want add on this?

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