and not think about my wounds

You know what? I “love” (yes, it’s sarcasm) the fact that when there is a terrorist attack in Great Britain, Germany, France and etc my whole dash is filled with articles news and whatever you do because you think it will help the victims that survived etc. (This part is honest. It’s good thing you all do that.) Whole Tumblr is just buzzing.

BUT!!! When something like that happens in Spain, Barcelona where 14th people died and more than 130 people where harmed (anyone heard about it?) but also Finland, Turku - 2 people are dead, 8-ish are wounded, there is also possible terrorist attack in Russia, Surgut, this one is speculation right now as no one wants to comment this, few people where harmed, two badly…
So when this happens in countries like those my dash is empty. Like nothing, I even went to appropriate tags, there are articles etc. about those but not as much as I expected. I won’t even talk about attacks that happen in other less “well known” countries

So yeah I “love” double standards.

EXO Reaction when you are staying the night with them after a big fight you two had

Some Angst after the little smut. Xoxo, Admin A~

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*He would stay by your side the whole night. Hold you tightly and even though he wouldn’t sleep, he would be there to guard your dreams* “It’s okay jagi… people fight. Couples fight. We can get through this, together. It’ll be okay”


*He hears you crying at night, and it breaks his heart. He won’t let go though, he will hold you tightly and even though he is letting you cry, he is still there, to slowly mend your heart* “It’s okay baobei.. I’m hurting to but… we are together, aren’t we? I won’t go anywhere, I’ll always be by your side”


*You would watch him sleep, probably stroke his cheek from time to time and that would wake him up* “I don’t like seeing my girl crying when I open my eyes… it hurts because I know I’m the reason behind it. I’m sorry Y/N… I really am… will you let me stay by your side? Can I still be the one who heals your wounds?”


*He’ll probably be up the whole night, thinking about the fight and everything that happened. He’ll want to talk about it again the next morning; not that he wants to continue fighting, no, he simply wants you to know that he loves you and appreciates everything you do and what you say is always important yo him*


*I don’t know who would be messier, him or you. He’d be devastated, crying every now and then, holding you tightly the whole night.* “I know you are scared of losing me jagi, but I’m scared of losing you. I don’t want a fight to change us, to make things awkward. I love you and just the thought is driving me crazy.”


*He won’t sleep, he’s probably not even tired. The thought of going to bed and waking up without you at his side doesn’t let him sleep. He wants you to know he’s there, for you. So he’ll stay up, stay up and give you sweet kisses from time to time while you sleep; stay up and make sure you are real and you aren’t gone* “I don’t want to lose you for my own stupidity… I’m sorry jagi”


*Probably doesn’t want you to see him cry, he wants to be strong for you, knowing that the fight took all of your energy. It’ll be hard for him but he’ll be there, with you and for you. And even though he can feel his eyes burning as the tears form, just feeling your warmth in his arms is enough for him to endure the night* “Forever right jagi? We’ll be together forever”


*He’ll be up or wake up whenever you do and need him. He’ll be there to tell you “Everything is alright” when you need to hear it, to tell you “I love you, you’ll always be my girl” and to give you that forehead kiss that always makes you feel safe. Even if it’s with little things, little actions, he’ll make sure you know he loves you no matter what”


*He won’t be able for sleep for days tbh. Even if you are sleeping by his side… he won’t be able to do it. He’s scared and terrified of losing you, the fight left this heavy feeling on his chest and he can’t get rid of it.* “I promise jagi, that a fight won’t take me away, that nothing will make me go. But will you stay? Tell me you will..”


*He’ll hold you close the whole night, sob a little when he knows you are asleep, kiss the back of your head and neck and impregnate his memories with your scent. If you had any worries that he might leave you in the morning, they are probably long gone by now because he will be there, you’ll be there in his arms, and he will wake you up with an “I love you”, because you are what he holds most dear´*


“Baobei.. we are not going to bed until I know you are alright… until I know you have calmed down and you know how much I love you. Sometimes we fight but… that doesn’t mean I love you less okay? I hate doing it… it hurts so much but, if you stay by my side, we can overcome anything right? Come here, I want to hug you tightly.. I love you baobei”


*Even though he had told you that night he was not leaving anywhere, you find him the next morning sleeping in the couch. For a moment it gave you a heart attack, not feeling his weight sinking on the bed, but when you saw him there, laying on the couch, the only thing you wanted was to curl in his arms and stay there the whole day* “I’m sorry jagi.. I didn’t want to wake you up… I was dreaming and then.. I woke up crying.. but you were sleeping so peacefully that I couldn’t wake you up… I love you jagi.. please don’t forget that”

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So I couldn’t help but notice that Napoleon and Illya have much the same approach to dealing with angry dogs.

Mind you, Napoleon’s version involves waiting for some nice girl to come along and rescue him, whereas Illya’s involves a wet shirt and no stuntman, which I think says rather a lot about both of them.

(Declaring an impromptu cats-and-dogs-of-UNCLE week over here, since I’ve wound up with a surprising number of these sitting around my drafts folder.)

Character Thesis Q&A:

To him:

Be whatever you wish. Haunt me, taint me. I was never allowed to keep something so fragile by my said. You existed and then you did not. Only death is quicker.

Fragile, but not so breakable. You were breakable only by my hands. My image of you. The desire I felt to keep you safe. Both of those shattered in my grasp.

You survived.

And you survived still. Do you still think of me? I suppose it would be hard not to if the scar I gave you is as prominent as my own. Those of us with scars cannot help but inflict new wounds upon others. We wish to transfer our scars in the hopes of sharing them and feeling piece.

You did not deserve to be scarred. I was scared. You were fearless.

You left anyway.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…

About names, possession and everything I have ever admitted to anyone:

The first thing you left me with. The first you gave me, my first possession. I would not know it until I could speak my name, but it was a precious relic to have left someone.

Your house is now haunted. I am afraid I have done most of the haunting. Was it me that filled it with ghosts, or the other way around. Did your ghosts follow me, cling to the unravelling threads I left in my wake, to find me here? You knew I would come here when you left. It would not be mine now if you had never have known.

She is not a ghost, but I still possess her. To keep her safe. Or perhaps she possesses me. The hold she has over more has grown ever weaker since I realised I wanted to live again.

That is the great truth; I wish to live again. At their side.

I wish to live though life has forsaken mine. I wish to live, having forsaken life, and taken it like it was my own.

It was never my own. You gave me life. You gave me my name.

I cannot take it.

To angels:

To think you may watch over me is quite laughable. The forsaken are no longer under the thrall of heaven.

All that is left to me is the opposite. I cannot think of anything else.

Even so, I feel in love with one of you. My life is a bitter parody of itself. I held one of you. I listen to your voice and light seems easier to breath in. I am not so suffocated any longer.

So do you wish to punish me for my sins? Or is it guidance you offer?

Do not lose your wings for my sake.

Questions to death:

I am left behind.

It’s cold and dark. I cannot hear their breaths anymore. The last sound was my name. You leave me to wake to this silent infinity. It is black. It is void. It is burning, acrid fumes, pain in my lungs, my chest, everywhere. You leave me and take them.

Could you have not taken me also? You take, take take take, take all from me. I am nothing without them.

Did you take her too?

She made the choice and left and it was like your hands had wrapped around her throat until she begged for mercy. She escaped me.

The next did not. I took so that you could not. I took, waited, watched.

When I meet them again, it shall be to their cries of sorrow.

You were not what we wanted. You were Left Behind.

To her:

Please leave me.

Leave whilst I cannot ruin you. Leave me behind like Death once did. Find a way to erase me from your memories.

I remember the day you fell into my mind. Cut across darkness. A voice across a room, too sweet for my ears to bear. You sang with sorrow and I replied without a voice. I like to believe that it was unavoidable. That I did not make the choice to be close to you, to watch you suffer even more.

I will not help you. I will only break you. I am no better than him. I am worse. I masquerade under masks that you tear away and leave me raw. My wounds open at your touch. Have you studied them enough? Have you understood what I cannot tell you yet? Whenever you stitch me back together, the gentle desperation tells me you have.

Please run. Be safe.

Do not let me keep you safe. I will destroy you as I have myself.

Questions to the body:

I lost myself to my mind and you did not stop it. My hands still bear the marks, invisible as they are. My heart does not know its own boundaries. My fingers are deft and skilled in both life and death.

Did you ever once think you were meant to fight against me?

To the heart: 

I lost you. I will lose you again.You were never mine. You are fragile and resilient, brilliant and bold. You give everything because you are there to be taken. You have survived longer than me. Give yourself away and tell her to keep it.

Keeping the heart does not keep a person.

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The One That Got Away

by reddit user bookshelfghost

Lily Harrison and I met at a graduation party when we were eighteen. As soon as I walked into the house, her bubbling laughter caught my attention. I couldn’t help but grin because it was so contagious, and she’d noticed. Already a couple drinks in, she pointed right at me and shouted, “Hey. You’re cute. Come be my partner.” 

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1. I wasn’t in love with you anymore, but god, this knocked the wind out of me.

2. You were just here.

3. You were just here.

4. Do you remember? The frozen food pressed to your shoulder, the way you shook with the knowledge of a barely avoided death?

5. My mouth. Yours.

6. I had been struggling with my old poems about you. You know, you were the first one I ever wrote. I had some questions for you, Cleveland. I suppose I don’t have them anymore.

7. It isn’t even seeing you kiss her that’s the problem. It’s that you share a table.

8. Maybe “wife” bothers me, too. I know how that word sounds, coming from you. Remember? Those long drives? Perhaps I still exist as your heart when you hit the road.

9. You still exist as mine when I hit the words.

10. I couldn’t read them aloud anymore, the poems. That old pain. It didn’t exist. We had chased it away with chocolate and cherries. Still, you occupy a shelf in the bright. In the cold .

11. You always have been impossibly careless with my heart. With my new lives, all of them.

12. There’s a Smiths song – if you were reading my texts I would send you it – it goes: and I’m not happy / and I’m not sad. I’m not sad, seeing you happy. She looks as full of light as I used to when you kissed me. I am glad for her. I know what you have to give.

13. It’s the loss of our friendship. More a removal. A reopened scar, from the last time. Remember, how we were friends? We’ve been so good at it. I can’t believe you won’t hear from me now. I couldn’t believe you wouldn’t hear from me, then. You know the words. 

14. I just wanted to wish you well. I just. I just wanted to be what I always have been. Yours, in whatever form we decide.

15. Nearly two years since we met and you still find new ways to let me down. I think it impresses me more than it wounds.

16. You told me all about her, remember? We discovered we had both loved ghosts, since the last time you cried on my couch. Do you remember? The things that we allow to haunt us take root in the end. I need to change my sheets.

17. I wonder if I am the ghost now. The woman you never had the courage to keep. Do I haunt you, darling? I can hear your voice saying yes. Feel the reach of your arms as I spin out of them, laughing. Do I echo?

18. You kissed me like you used to, the last time. You will again, the next. You always do.

19. In a poem I never got the chance to read you, I said that you exist suspended in time. In flashes of white sheets. Bathed in orange light on the Golden Gate Bridge. Spinning me around on a cold February evening. One year ago today.

20. One year ago today, you laid next to me. We cried about something that doesn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter then, either.

21. Do you remember the words? Of that last song at what we thought was the last breakfast. You sat me on your knee.

22. Your hands shook as you held me tight. I put my lips to your ear. Do you remember? The words. Say them with me.

23. In my own sick way / I’ll always stay true to you.

—  Upon Seeing Your New Girlfriend For The First Time. Charlotte Ford.

top 25 supernatural dynamics (as voted by my followers)
#22. bobby and dean 
you don’t stop being a soldier ‘cause you got wounded in battle. okay? no matter what shape you’re in, bottom line is, you’re family. i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but me and sam, we don’t have much left. i can’t do this without you. i can’t. so don’t you dare think about checking out. I don’t want to hear that again.

more qrow branwen shit

Okay so I’ve been thinking about volume 4 a lot since it ended and I still have several questions about it, particularly these moments.

I watched these scenes over and over again in an attempt to figure it out. A thought finally hit me. The two recurring factors in these scenes are Qrow being poisoned by Tyrian, and Jaune and/or Ruby being there. So, I took it upon myself to do a little bit of research on the symptoms of scorpion stings.

It was made very clear to me that a scorpion’s venom is highly likely to cause hallucinations that can last until the wound is treated. I thought some more, and… something popped into my brain.

What if Tyrian’s poison caused Qrow to hallucinate, and he keeps seeing Jaune and Ruby as Tai and Summer? (bonus if he thinks Ren is Raven bc hair) It would make sense in the scene where he says “Tai she’s not coming” because he’s facing Jaune when he says it, so he could’ve stolen a glance at him and hallucinated. In the scene where he grabs Jaune’s hand, he may have been hallucinating about a past battle with team STRQ and urging “Tai” to be careful. And in the scene with Ruby, he may have been imagining a time when he was injured and “Summer” was there to comfort him. Just putting it out there…

Considering all the trauma blogs I follow, 99% of the time I see the word triggered on my blog it’s in the context of explaining why ‘triggered’ jokes are a pile of bullshit. We’ve already stopped using it.

How else do we explain why sometimes the sound of a car can make our heart stop, or why someone raising their voice can make us bee-line for the closest exit? “It got to me,” we say. “It reminded me of something,” we say. I was uncomfortable, it was weird, I don’t know what happened, don’t worry about it. “I’m fine,” we say. I’m fine now.

I say “triggered,” and react shame. I use a good word to describe the intimacy of how I hurt and why, a word that says it all without having to re-open the wound, air the dirty laundry, whatever, and now when I say, “That’s triggering,” all I can think is: I really am a walking cliche aren’t I? But that’s false, the whole thing. If someone hears me say triggered and can’t sidestep the trend of dismissing those who’ve lived through trauma, then it’s not my problem to worry about, it’s theirs.

Believe it or not, I’m pretty done carrying shame that doesn’t belong to me. I’m triggered like a gun, like an earthquake, a fucking seismic event, and that’s just nature, not something to be apologized for.

Last Love:

Four long years, but here I am writing yet again another confession about you. It’s still you anyway. Whenever I hear a song or gone to places that we just used to tell each other, it brings back all the memories of you. Everything feels like yesterday.

I almost died when you left. The pain still lingers on and everyday I would wake up praying to God to help me recover. And it helps because there are times when I don’t think of you anymore. But you know it’s never a one-night process, up to this day I’m still picking up the pieces of myself that was shattered when you walked away.

The saddest part of it all, no one ever knew how I feel. They thought I moved on easily when in reality I still cry myself at night. It’s hard whenever they joke around me about what happened to us and I just shrugged it off like I don’ care, but the truth is, it still breaks my heart.

I have proven it myself that time doesn’t really heal all wounds, it would always be a choice. No matter how long the process will be, I surrender it everything to God.

I know you have someone else right now and even if it hurts (without any bitterness) I’m at peace knowing you’ve found a reason to be happy because you deserve it.

yesterday i was in the store trying to wrangle my partner and his brother away from the candy to get through the checkout and the dude ringing me up looked me dead in the eyes and sighed “men are all children” and i have been thinking about it since. he looked so tired. chris from the dollar tree if you’re reading this….. who hurt you

Meta Post: How did Shiro get his scar?

So a few days ago I did a post about Shiro’s prosthetic arm and the response was amazing! Many of you also showed interest in me doing one on Shiro’s scar as well, so here we are. This one took me a lot longer to make because it’s not as cut-and-dry as the arm. There’s a lot of variables and speculation. We can’t really know for sure what DID happen, but we can most likely deduce what DIDN’T happen. (WARNING–I’m going to discuss some graphic stuff, blood/gore/injuries, etc. So be aware.)

In this post we’ll go through the possibilities and see which ones are the most likely to occur. There will be one numbered point per general option, and I will narrow them down to the ones I think could happen. I would love for you to share your thoughts on the matter! At one point most of us, myself included, assumed Shiro got the scar on his face during battle, so this brings us to the first option:

1. The scar is the result of a sword or other blade swipe during battle

Let’s take a look at what would have to happen for this option to be the case. There’s an easy way to visualize this in 10 seconds or less.

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@taylor-tut tHIS IS SO LATE I’M SO SORRY MY FAB FRIENDO! But! It has finally arrived!! I’m sorry if it’s a bit crappy, I like haven’t slept in three days haha

anyhoo, onto the story:

Lance woke up with a sneeze.

He blinked his eyes open, immediately groaning at the light that pierced through his eyeballs and into his temples. He brought an arm up to shield his face, shivering slightly. Taking a deep breath, Lance conducted a mental survey of his condition, assessing his apparently numerous ailments that seem to have manifested overnight.

Congested sinuses that dissolved into a throbbing headache that pulsed outward with each movement? Check. 

Raw, sandpaper throat, and lungs that rattled with every inhale? Check.

The strange sensation of being completely, bone-numbingly cold despite the warmth and clamminess of his limbs? Checkerooni.

Conclusion: Today is gonna suck.

If Lance were to be perfectly honest with himself, he would concede that he had been feeling off these last couple days. Nevertheless, the team needed his 100% right now, and any wooziness he may have felt had to be put on the backburner. With several months having passed without any sign of Shiro, tensions within the castle were palpable.  Keith and Pidge seemed inches away from snapping at any given moment, Allura’s training schedule seemed to have been kicked up the several notches from “very harsh” to “dear god I can taste my own pulse”, and even Hunk and Coran seemed somewhat subdued. It was the least Lance could do to try and keep up, and make sure the other’s stayed optimistic. He was the joker, the sharpshooter - it was his role, no matter how taxing it could be on his own body.

Lance steeled himself, counting down from five, before swinging out of his bed, pausing to lean against the wall as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Once the tilt-a-whirl he usually called a bedroom settled to a soft swaying, Lance began to make his way down to the dining hall.

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Part 8 of Lance Bonding With the Lions!! Woohoo!!

The team went back to Blue’s hanger, hoping to find Lance still there. As they approached the entrance, that heard faint…snoring? The group eased into the room, peering to discover where the noise was coming from. The sight before them could cure any diseases. Lance, who was the culprit of the noise, was curled into a tight cocoon made of blankets, snuggling against the junction between Blue’s head and shoulder. The other Lions were sprawled across the room, a silent hum emitting from them. “Should we wake him?” “I don’t know, but I do want to get to the bottom of this.” Shiro turned to Allura. “Princess? What would you decide?” Allura weighed the options, and with a quick nod, made her decision. “We’ll wake him. We can talk to him, and then he can continue to rest.” As Allura reached down to do just that, Red’s eyes came to life, and a low growl rippled across the room. Allura jerked her hand away, looking at the lion in shock. Keith looked between Lance and his Lion in awe. “…I guess we shouldn’t wake him up. We might seriously regret it.” Pidge breathily replied. “Then how will we know how and even if Lance bonded with the other Lions?!” Hearing those words, the Red Lion slowly raised to its feet, slowly approaching them. Red then sat in front of the team, gazing down. The team let out a gasp as Red sent them a vision.
They were all back at the Garrison. It was as if they were watching a movie flicker in front of their eyes. “Keith, is that you?” Pidge asked as she pointed toward a dark figure with a familiar hairstyle. “Yeah…why did Red-” “Haha! Look at that freak!” A group of three older boys snarled at past Keith, shoving him into the wall. “Yeah, he doesn’t have any friends, and everybody hates him. I even heard that he doesn’t even have a family. Congratulations, Keith. Not even your own family liked you.” The team looked in anger and shock at the scene before them. Past Keith bit the inside of his cheeks, hands clenched into fists by his side. “Just leave me. The fuck. Alone.” One of the boys shoved Keith again. “You better watch that mouth of yours before we have to teach you a lesson. Again.” The boy sneered. With a final push, the boys began to walk away. Past Keith watched as they walked away. With a huff, he grabbed his things and hurried away. The team looked at Keith. “Why would Red show us this?” Keith clenched his jaw and shrugged. Just when he was about to say something, a door opening interrupted him. Out of the door, steps Lance (past Lance that is). Lance eyes were dark and his jaw was set. His eyes kept darting from where Keith and the group of boys parted ways. “Did he…hear all that?” Pidge questioned. “It appears so.” Murmured Allura. They watched as past Lance kept clenching and unclenching his hands. Finally, giving a curt nod, Lance jogged his way in the direction the group of boys left. “What is he-” the scene around them suddenly changed. They were now in past Lance and Hunk’s shared dorm. “Honestly Lance, what did you do this time?” “What?! How could you assume I started it? I’m betrayed Hunk.” Lance fell dramatically on his bed, but when he landed, he winced and moan a small “Ow.” “LANCE!! You’re gonna hurt yourself even more!” The team gasped as they really got to study Lance for the first time. Bruises were littered across his arms and face. A black eye shined brightly with a small gash underneath it that was still bleeding. His knuckles were bloody and bruised, and there were countless red scratches decorating his body. “Honestly Lance, taking on three guys at once? What we’re you thinking?!” Hunk stated as he tended to Lance’s many wounds. “What did they do that was so bad to make you go try to fight all of them? By yourself!” Lance winced at Hunk’s words. “Easy there buddy. My brain feels like it has went through a blender, so can we keep the volume to a bare minimum please?” Hunk purses his lips into a thin line, but he didn’t say anything. A moment passed. “…they were hurting someone. Someone I care about. Look up to even. And I…I had to do something. They couldn’t get away with that.” Lance clenched his fists. “Shouldn’t.” Hunk glanced down at him and gave him a sad smile. “Well, if this ever happens again, at least think it through before you go to them, fists a-blazing. Or at least take them one at a time.” Lance beamed at him through bloodied split lips. “GROSS, DUDE! I-I think I’m gonna hurl.”
The team find themselves back in the hanger, struggling to find words to say. Keith glances at Lance’s sleeping form. “He-did he really-I don’t-why-” “I remember that.” Hunk softly interrupts Keith. “He never really told me about that fight.” Before Keith or any of the others could say a word, the Yellow Lion stepped up. Hunk looks up, eyes light with curiosity and wonder. “Yellow? What are you-” the team suddenly find themselves in another vision.

anonymous asked:

Bucky, can you tell us about a time you had to force Steve to go to medical because he thinks he's pretty much invincible?

my favorite times is when steve is unconscious. or really punch drunk. because then i can just drag him into medical. and i dont really have to worry about brain damage because 1. he’s already an idiot and 2. healing factor.

( which is not to say that his healing factor is enough to keep him out of medical. it’s not. he still has to go in, no matter what he says. the only ones who get out of medical on the healing factor excuse are wade and logan. and that’s just because they’re too much of a pain to bother with. so steve still has to go to medical. )

you would think being raised by a nurse would teach him to respect medical. but no. 

he broke his hand–his whole damn hand, not just the fingers–punching a solid concrete wall a month ago. he wasnt aiming for the wall. (he claims.) he was aiming for a doombot, which dodged, and he hit the wall instead. it may have been the only doombot ever made with a survival instinct. if only steve could have borrowed that after clint shot the doombot’s head off.

since steve is steve, and he thinks erskine and howard injected him with adamantium instead of superjuice, he just kept fighting with his broken hand. and he kept forgetting it was broken. (and yelling swearwords over the comms every time he punched something with it. language, steve.) 

so afterwords, all of us knew he was injured–it was pretty hard to miss, what with the swearing and the swelling. if the universe was kind, or if steve was less stubborn, he would have accepted the inevitable and just gone to medical. obviously he did not do that. instead, he started doing the ‘im just fine my hands are always this weird looking bucky what are you talking about’ routine. i think he was just planning on setting the bones himself, though i really dont want to know how exactly he planned to do that. i was fixing to just grab him and haul him off. 

i guess he could see it in my expression, because he made a break for it, and tried to grab hold of tony as he was taking off. except tony didn’t see him coming, and the two of them only made it about twelve feet up before steve throwing off tony’s balance managed to crash them both. 

the iron man is pretty heavy. steve wound up under it. 

he broke his other hand.

after that he went to medical quietly.

(he was not quiet for long. theres no greater force of irritation than bedridden steve who can’t use his hands to do things. he gets bored and then i start really missing being cryofrozen)

imagine a scene in 2x20 where you see magnus unleash his full power destroying hundreds of demons in the process but then out of nowhere he gets hit a knife or demon claw marks across his chest and he falls this all powerful warlock just crumples to the ground and we hear alec call out to him suddenly it goes quiet and we just see alec fighting his way through the carnage cutting down everything in his way not even taking his eyes off magnus he’s never fought so hard in his life his heart is beating furiously in his chest and when he finally makes it to magnus and he just falls beside him trying to hold back tears as he holds him in his arms alec whispering ‘you’re going to be alright magnus everything is going to be alright’ tears starting to form as he tries to tend to magnus’ wounds but the cut is too deep and you just see magnus slowly reaching out for alec’s hand and lacing their fingers together ‘i need your strength, i can’t heal without you, my magic is too low’ ‘take what you need’

The Signs with a Broken Heart

This post is essentially based on my/my friends’ real life experiences.I’ll also try to include some advice how to get over this struggle. Your Sun & Venus Signs matter!

I think that today, after having written some love posts, I had to think about those who spent this day alone, because they are comfortable with it, because they don’t need anyone, or maybe because their heart isn’t healed enough to start dating again. And it’s totally fair. Heartbreak is way too underrated lately in my opinion, we think about those with a sickness, we think about those who are poor, we say that as long as you are healthy, have a place to sleep, have something to eat, you must be happy, but sometimes an emotional wound is a lot harder to heal than a physical one. When you love someone, they become the most important part of your life. You share your days with them, you miss them, you decide where to go for a dinner together because you want them to be happy too, you basically change your whole lifestyle to fit theirs. And then if one day, they decide to take their love away, it feels like only half of your life is left and you ask yourself questions how it’s possible to make it stop just like that, from one minute to another. This is why it’s so hard to get over a broken heart. And sometimes it’s even worse to lose someone who never even was yours. You start questioning everything, why does life play such a prank on you and makes you meet them, like them, fall in love and all this for nothing, because they don’t share your feelings. A person questioning themselves, thinking that they aren’t good enough for a person they love, that someone else is and they aren’t, is probably one of the most hurtful feelings.

So here’s how I see the signs being hurt and hopefully this will help a few of you. Not because you will read this post and your pain will suddenly go away, no way, I just want you to know that there’s always someone to understand exactly how you feel, that you’re not alone.


As an Aries, you can be very emotional, but real feelings don’t reach you too often. Quite careless in your young years, you might be attracted to people physically, like them in different ways, call it love, feel sadness about losing them, but only the pain of a broken heart will tell you it was real. Because 

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Bleeding Out - An Alex/Reader Imagine

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Requested by anon.

Summary: Alex doubts reader’s abilities as a female doctor….until he needs her more than he thinks.

Word Count: 1157

Warnings: Mentions of blood/gunshot wounds.

Disclaimer: This is my first ever Dunkirk fic and I’m still trying to get the diction of an English accent in here, so don’t shame my first attempt. I’m American as hell. Let me know what you think and keep sending requests.

The young doctor looked at the chart in her hand as she sped-walked down the hallway towards the room where she was needed. It’d been an unusually slow day in the medical bay, and the stitches she was about to give were the most serious issue they’d had all day.

She pushed aside the curtain and entered the room where a man lay, his eyebrow bandaged up.

“Alex Baker?” she asked the man, who glared at her.

“For tha last fuckin’ time, I need a doctor, not another nurse,” he said, looking irritated.

“I am a doctor,” Y/N answered, pushing a piece of her behind her ear. “Doctor L/N. You need some stitches.”

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam 

Summary:  Dean gets a little jealous/turned on watching reader hustle pool.

Word Count:  2200

Warnings:  Smut, Language

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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I watch her from across the bar, from the booth Sam and I snagged by the wall. She knows my eyes are on her, it’s part of the thrill. It’s her night to hustle pool, she insists on contributing. I know she can handle herself, but I get kinda protective watching her.  

And jealous. I mean, I know it’s part of the con, the way she leans over that table, the way her breasts press together when she lines up a shot. The way she giggles and smiles and teases her marks.  

She told me once that there were two rules for a woman hustling pool. First, make sure the guy you’re hustling feels like he can easily beat you. Building their confidence is key. Second, make them feel like they have a shot at fucking you. Follow those two rules and you’re golden, she said. Every fucking time.

Men underestimate her when she’s in the short skirt and the tank top with plunging neckline. If I’ve learned one thing in this life, it’s never underestimate a woman. She proves the rule. Sam and I always keep a close eye on her, because there’s always that one guy that pushes a little too hard, a little too fast, gets a little too handsy.

She’s never needed us for backup, but it never fails to make my blood boil when they put hands on her. She lets them, it’s part of the game. They’ll wrap an arm around her waist or line up behind her to “help” her with a shot. I know it’s all part of the hustle, but it makes me feel a little crazy. And it makes me horny as fuck.

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