and not tf2 tanks

i really like the concept of an ice fighter in overwatch , and thought id give a shot at making one in tf2 ! i havent played overwatch, so uh, i dont exactly have a grasp on what kind of character mei is/ any attacks.

but heres the cryo ! (thats the best name ive got rn, trying to play off of ‘pyro’).

he was an accomplice to medic (hence the similar outfit), and he used to work with him as a sort of mentor, except he actually has a medical license ahahh. at one point the two had conflicting motives to use the australium for. medic wanted to use it to help people, but cryo wanted to harness the power as a weapon, as he found he could use it with liquid nitrogen (*shakes hands mysteriously* cause u know, tf2 universe). this led to them breaking off and continuing their projects alone. the two were hired by mann co, medic first, then they soon learned about cryo through medics records.

he got in an accident when experimenting with the gun and froze his right arm off (definitely not an excuse to give an oc cybernetics.,., cause cybernetics are cool) he reloads his gun with the cell packs on his belt, they slide out and refill through the tubes connected to the liquid nitrogen storage tank on his back. (i’m definitely gonna fix this to actually be accurate,,, and i also havent figured out his attacks yet . may need help with that if anyone has suggestions !!) im still figuring out his design, but im very happy with the way this came out :>

What your choice for the species of the custom character in Sonic Forces says about you


  • You probably really like the Babylon Rogues from the Riders series and wish they’d appear in a proper Sonic game
  • You also have most likely played all of the Riders games or at least the first two. (since Free Riders sucked)
  • You probably picked this species for the ability to double jump and hope this means it will extend to wall jumping.
  • You probably own several pet parrots/birds yourself.
  • You probably plan on making either a Jet expy or (if you’re really obscure) a Speedy expy.
  • You might also really like Bean the Dynamite and might make an expy of him too.
  • And since Reptile isn’t an option to pick, you’re going with the next best thing.
  • You’re also going to do your damndest to name your character “Suck the Cock”.


  • You’re probably the “Dad” of your group of friends, always watching out for them and trying to stop them from potentially getting themselves or yourself arrested.
  • You’re also probably into Tank characters and classes like the Heavy from TF2 or the Warrior class from WoW.
  • You’ll probably spend most of the time stopping the flow of the game just to smash up badniks.
  • You also collect stuffed animals, most of them teddy bears.
  • You also really miss Bark the Polar Bear and thus are more than likely are going to try and make him in the game.


  • You probably picked this species because it’s the “cool” option out of all of them.
  • You more than likely are one of the few fans who actually liked the werehog stages in Unleashed and thought they were either good or at least ok.
  • You also probably like werehog Sonic and by extension, werewolf movies.
  • And Nack the Weasel, you probably really like Nack/Fang since he’s supposedly half wolf.
  • And the custom character shown in the CG trailer too.
  • You’re also probably a lowkey furry that doesn’t want to admit to themselves that they are a furry.
  • And you’re more than likely really upset that Tails isn’t playable or that Fox isn’t an option to pick, so you’re going with the next best thing.


  • You’re probably a big Blaze fan and are still gutted that she hasn’t gotten a chance to properly shine in a 3D Sonic game.
  • You might also be a Big the Cat fan, whether ironically or genuinely.
  • You also went with the “cool” option, but didn’t want to go with the “obvious option” of Wolf, so you went with Cat instead.
  • Most likely a cat person.
  • Is a good dancer.
  • You might make Honey the Cat in game or just really want her to come back in an official game.
  • You might suck at playing Sonic games which is why you will be needing that racial trait.


  • You are more than likely a casual Sonic fan, just getting the game cause it looks fun.
  • You really just want the fanbase to get along, even when you know it’s a fool’s errand to wish for that to happen.
  • More than likely a dog person.
  • You’re most likely an easygoing, laid-back, chill guy/girl who gets along with everybody and has a large friend circle.
  • Doesn’t really care about achievements and high rankings when completing levels.
  • Is a good boy/girl.
  •  You also probably suck at Sonic games, which is why you need that racial trait.


  • You more than likely like Cream the Rabbit or her mother Vanilla and loved playing the shit out of her in the Sonic Advance series.
  • Because you like playing her so much, you probably picked the Rabbit option because you want to try and cheese the levels by abusing that extra invincibility time.
  • You also really like Bunnie Rabbot, if you’re an Archie Sonic fan.
  • You’re also more than likely are going to make Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
  • You probably get a kick out of seeing an adorable critter such as a rabbit dressed as an edgelord extreme destroying robots.
  • You’re also an ironic meme loving fuck, but not as much as a Hedgehog.


  • You’re either the most boring, basic bitch ever. Or the most ironic, trolling, meme loving motherfucker this side of the fandom.
  • We all know what you’re going to make when this game comes out. Coldsteel’s, Cinos’, Sonic.exe’s, all of that shit.
  • You’re going to make the most absurd thing ever and you will love every second that avatar is in a cutscene, looking like some little kid’s Deviantart fangasm.
  • You also really like the hedgehog trio of Sonic,Shadow, and Silver.
  • And maybe you’re also a fan of Amy Rose. But not as much as the hedgehog trio.
  • You also like to gorge yourself on unhealthy foods like chili dogs and doritos and wash it all down with coke and mountain dew.

Welp… there goes the escalating…



this just made my day!!!


Cart is Thomas (Scrapped animation, for now)

An animation that I was working on every now and then for the past few months, but due to the fact that it kept crashing and characters lagging behind the train I kinda stopped. I salvaged what I could to at least show you what could’ve been.

I just had a flashback to one of the first times I played tf2 haha

I was playing, I chose my team and the first thing that came to mind was, “play as the cutest guy” so I SAID, “ok ok the guy with the mask looks pretty cute”

And I turned out playing pretty good. I mean, I wasn’t the highest ranking, but for a newer player, I had a appreciable amount of points.
And one of our Medics comes waltzing down from a first-ranked Heavy and says, “slow down so I can heal you” and I attempted to set him on fire. We’re friends now lmao

//where tf is his air tank//