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Any books you'd reccomend on the Roman Republic?

ok so first i need to say……i’m awful and read mainly historical fiction so there’s gonna be Mostly That in this list, also i’m on mobile so pls excuse the shite formatting

My Fave, robert harris’ cicero trilogy!!! imperium (, lustrum (, and dictator (
they’re about CICERO and they get the atmosphere of the end of the republic spot on, they’re really sympathetic towards cicero and they’re narrated by MY FAVE, tiro, which offers a Different perspective. if you read these Please talk to me abt them i Love them

steven saylor’s roma sub rosa series is also Good but there are like 12 so i’m only going to link the first, roman blood (, which is abt the pro roscio trial. the books favour the populares more than the boni/optimates which is Interesting after reading the robert harris books, also they’re full of long historical interludes which give everything more Context. the third book, catilina’s riddle is GOOD especially if you read it after lustrum bcs it’s just SO DIFFERENT to usual interpretations of the catilinarian conspiracy…… also has weird naked moonbathing???? this series is the Gayest of all the rome books i’ve read AND oh man it has a great caelius AND book four is amazing

@pythionice recommend benita kane jaro’s the key ( which is abt catullus, narrated by caelius. idk how historically accurate it is but it has such an Aesthetic…..such nice translations of the poems……Is Caelius In Love With Catullus???? a good book. it also has two sequels, one abt cicero and the other abt caesar, but i haven’t read them (yet). they look good though!!! would recommend.

i’m Currently read the masters of rome series by colleen mccullough and it is the Most well researched, detailed historical fiction i have Ever Read but it’s also So Long….. the first man in rome ( is the first one but there are seven in total and they cover 111BC to 27BC in Huge amounts of detail. they start a lot earlier than other fiction set during the republic so you get gaius marius and sulla and the social war! which is interesting. i mean later on they don’t really look favourably on Anyone except caesar but……..they’re still Very good

my primary nonfiction book on the republic is from the gracchi to nero: a history of rome from 133 BC to 68 AD ( which is fuckening Huge but good it has a timeline and a glossary and a list of consuls and can also be used to keep doors open. if you want Details then read this. also tiberius gracchus is there

i haven’t read it but my dad says rubicon ( is good

i Do Not like cato the younger but i’ve been reading rome’s last citizen ( which is a good biography of him and the dude was Obsessed w the republic so is an interesting perspective to read abt it from

finally and not really abt the republic specifically, vox latina ( is just my fave. read this if you’re a nerd

11 Facts About Me

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1. I’m a full fledged devotee of worshipping and saleing my heart and soul to Kim Taehyung (a.k.a his wifey)

2. I’m an introvert, probably one of the worst so you can imagine how shy and antisocial and etc I'am

3. (I’m a witch, I’ve possessed two girls so far to do my bidding) My natural expression looks stoic (the struggle is alive and well)

4. (I’m Guk’s long lost sister yo) I’m 5'1 (yes I know I’m gnome)

5. (Me and Shitmney gonna fight) I have baby ears, or as kpopers would say smol ears

6. (I’m Hobi’s pimp) I’m told I’m soft spoken but I had to record my voice a few times and I just don’t hear it tbh (probably b/c cause the default of my baby ears ha)

7. (Yoonseok/SOPE is my favorite brotp) I hate the sound of voice

8. Legend of the blue sea is my favorite kdrama

9. I love anime

10. I want be an animator

11. I think I found the Tae to my Guk (blaze it)

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forest lullaby // nox arcana
under the boughs // run boy run
halls of science 4 // portal 2 soundtrack
arms outstretched // the adventure zone ost (also: [EMOTIONAL NOISES……])
hope eyrie // julia ecklar
the poetry of reality // the symphony of science
damn these vampires // the mountain goats
the way life’s meant to be // electric light orchestra
welcome to the breakdown // i fight dragons
zero gravity trash ball // the adventure zone ost


・I’m so glad this thing exists. I have very high expectations for Lotor.


au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )


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