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The Princess and the Pirate- Harry Hook x Reader small sneak peek

The is the outfit you wear in the story, I put it together on polyvore. If you don’t like it then you can wear whatever in the story.

IMPORTANT: You guys can request anyone from descendants. It can be Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Uma, Gil, Harry, or anyone else. I just have been doing Harry since that is what has been asked and because he is one of my favorite characters.

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Sneak peek:

“Are you sure you want to do this sis,” Chad asked as we walked down the halls of Auradon prep. 

“Chad, I will be fine. I am in charge of recruiting kids from the isle so I have to go. Besides, it can’t be that bad over there,” I stated. I had heard many stories about the Isle but I choose to ignore them all. I wasn’t afraid of the Isle, not one bit.

“Look, just be careful alright,” he said in a serious tone which made me laugh.

“I promise,” I said as we finally arrived at the limo that would be taking me to the Isle.

“I love you, be safe, and don’t do anything stupid,” Chad strictly sad. 

“Love you too, I will, when have I ever done anything stupid,” I answered all his questions.

“Remember that time when you got you head-,” He started but I cut him off.

“We do not speak of that,” I said in a jokingly stern voice as I pointed at him. He just laughed and pulled me in for a quick hug. We pulled apart and I climbed into the limo. Before the limo could pull away, I rolled down the window to say one last thing.

“See you in a couple days loser,” I sang out as I left for the Isle.

A/n sorry I don’t have the full story done yet. I had some family things that came up so I wasn’t able to get it done. It will be done tomorrow or later on tonight. Sorry! 

Model Behavior

Requested: The Reader is a photographer, and when she sees how insecure Reid gets around the models she shoots, she sets up a little photoshoot just for him.

The dark corner of the studio is a refuge for him. Far enough that the blinding flash of the camera lights are a little dimmer, but close enough to hear the faint echo of her voice as she directs her subjects.

“Now run your hand through your hair and tilt your chin down a little bit more,” she says to the man in front of her. “No, a little more this way.” She leaves the camera to position him herself, her hands moving his. “Like this. There you go. You’re perfect.”

Reid tries to distract himself. Absent-mindedly he opens up his phone and scrolls through the photo album. There isn’t much he takes pictures of. Grocery lists or case information are quickly deleted, and while he sometimes feels moved enough to snap a photograph of a sunset or a flowers in the park – airplane window views have long since lost their appeal - they’re overwhelmingly photos of her. The two of them together. Selfies of Y/N in the afternoon, when he’s left his phone behind and she’s decided to make funny faces on it. Pictures here and there that he’s taken when she’s not paying attention; making coffee or lost in a book or laughing at something. A few of her in the morning, fast asleep in his bed. There are photos of them together out at restaurants, plays, posing in silly ways in front of museum exhibits. He flips through months worth of photos in the hopes that they’ll keep him from focusing on the shoot happening at the moment.

He’s jealous.

It’s irrational, and he knows it, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling what he feels, watching Y/N spend hours with gorgeous models. They’re all so beautiful, practically flawless. The man posing before her now could practically be Photoshopped. It’s her job to make them look beautiful, to see them in a way that brings out their potential. Still, he can’t help but worry that with so much of her attention on these perfect people, she’ll someday realize there’s something wrong with him.

Despite his best efforts, it’s still difficult to tune out her voice. It makes sense, psychologically the mind has the lowest attention threshold for that which is most important. One’s own name, warnings like “fire!”, and other relevant information. She is a flame, and he is moth, drawn towards her light and her warmth, unable to turn away.

A few other male models filter in and out, and eventually she bids them farewell, with a few hugs – one even exchanges cheek-kisses with her before parting. She then strolls over to join him in the corner, falling into a chair beside him.

“Goodness, those boys wear me out,” she says. “They’re beautiful, but they need a lot of direction.”

“Mmhmm,” is all he offers.

“You alright?” she asks.

“Yeah. Fine. You just seem awful friendly with them.” The instant he speaks, he wishes he could take it back.

She raises her eyebrows. “Spencer, are you… jealous?” Almost incredulous at his words. “You know it’s strictly professional.”

He sighs, crossing his arms. “I know. And it’s not that I think you’d ever cheat on me or anything, it’s just that, well, they’re all so perfect. You spend all day with these handsome men, and I can’t help but feel inferior. I’m just afraid that one day you’ll realize you’re making a mistake with me.”

“That’s never going to happen,” she says softly. “You’re the most intelligent, kind, and wonderful person I’ve ever met. Sure, those guys are conventionally attractive, but some of them have about as much substance as water vapor. Others think they’re so great you should automatically feel grateful for their presence.”

Reid has always been humble, partly because he never felt he had anything worth bragging about. Except maybe her. From the moment he met her, he hasn’t been able to shut up about her. Rambling to Morgan, asking JJ for advice, mentioning her on cases. As though there is a need for her name to always be in his mouth, as though she’ll disappear if he doesn’t keep talking about her.

“I know. But your job is to work with models. And Y/N, you’re so pretty. I just don’t want you to feel embarrassed by me.”

She laughs, but it’s a gentle sound, and she gently caresses his cheek. “My dear, you don’t realize how absolutely stunning you are, do you? I could spend hours staring into your eyes. Your smile is immaculate. And don’t even get me started on that jawline. You’re absolutely beautiful. Honestly, you could be a model if you wanted to.” At that, her eyes light up with a familiar spark of mischief. “You know what? Maybe you should model!”

“Wait, what?”

Before he can ask for clarification, she’s already dancing around the studio, shuffling around her equipment and fiddling with props. “I want you to model for me!” she tells him. “It’s easy. Just stand in front of the backdrop, then do what I say.”

Hesitant, he complies, having learned long ago not to question her when her artistic vision takes over. He stands awkwardly on the set, shifting his weight from foot to foot, while she stares right through him, her eyes combing over every inch of him. Then she steps towards him and instructs him to stay still, loosening his tie and undoing the top two buttons of his shirt.

“There we go. You need to relax, that’s all. You’ve got such a good face, but you’re stiff as a board.” With gentle, steady hands, she moves him this way and that, maneuvering his limbs into various positions and running back to the camera to snap quick shots. All the while she’s shouting encouragements, telling him how great he looks, and slowly his uncertainty melts away.

“Smile,” she urges him. When he comes up with a frog-like grimace, she begins reciting lame puns and telling him funny stories to make it more genuine. “Remember the night you walked me home from dinner? And I made the world’s lamest Carl Sagan joke? You laughed and laughed and if I wasn’t already head over heels, that smile of yours sealed the deal. I don’t know why, but I just knew I had to kiss you right then, with that beautiful grin on your face.”

At the memory, he can’t help but smile now, an echo of a past gesture. Of course he remembers. It was the very first time they’d kissed, and even now with several months and countless kisses between them, he remembers that first sensation of her lips against his, and how very perfect it felt.

A flash goes off. She’s grinning now too, happy with the shot. “That’s a good one. God, that smile of yours is just dazzling. I am henceforth committing myself to making you do that more often.”

“And how exactly do you intend to do that?” he teases. She smirks at him, a challenge, and fiddles with her camera for a few seconds before strolling over to join him on the tiny set.

“With anything and everything,” she answers. “But this seems like a good place to start.” With the same gentle direction she uses with the models, she guides him back onto the prop armchair, pushing him down before climbing into his lap. Turning his cheek, she runs the tips of her fingers over his face. A flash goes off, and he looks towards the camera, startled, but she redirects his attention back to her. “Don’t worry about that. Just relax.”

Her skin is against his and she’s staring up at him through her eyelashes and he’s finding it hard to remember what about those other guys bothered him so much. So he does as she says and lets her distract him. Her hand on his chest, around his waist, running through his hair. At some point, she leans in and brushes her lips against his. It’s a soft gesture he returns with intense passion, the sound and flash of the camera fading away.

Briefly, she pulls away, pushing his hair away from his face. “I swear, you’re a work of art,” she murmurs. “How can you not see that?” In response, he kisses her again, pulling her closer. Because with her, he finds that just maybe he can start to believe that.

Later when they sit down together, she shows him the results. And he decides that maybe she’s the magician in the relationship, because somehow her camera has transformed him into a version of himself he actually doesn’t hate. For once, he doesn’t mind the way he looks. His favorites though, are the images she’s captured of the two of them. The way she looks at him, that’s magic.

She uploads several of her shots onto his phone, and he instantly makes his favorite of the two of them his background. And each time he sees it, he’s reminded exactly what kind of man he wants to be. It doesn’t matter much if he’s a cover model or a bodybuilder. The person he is when he’s with her though - that’s who he wants to be.

That’s what he wants to capture. A snapshot of the way he makes her feel. And he never intends to let her go.

She’s the artist. He’s her muse. But what they are is a masterpiece.

blacktofade  asked:

Stiles as a professional cuddler, where he offers a range of services, from spooning to hand holding to quiet murmuring. Also, there are a lot of health benefits from being cuddled regularly and Derek happens to be in need of said benefits ;__;

counting sheep don’t help me sleep

(a little fic i wrote for my friends around the holidays)

Kira is probably the closest thing to a friend Derek has at work, a relationship that has its positives and negatives. Derek doesn’t really go out of his way to make friends with his coworkers, preferring to keep his head down and get his work done, but it’s nice to eat lunch with someone, to have someone say “Have a good weekend!” even if all Derek’s doing that weekend is what he does every weekend: workout, go to the library, watch a new foreign film (last weekend’s was De grønne slagtere, and he hasn’t been able bring himself to eat meat since).

The bad thing about being friends with Kira is that the longer they know each other, the more comfortable they are in each other’s presence, the more Kira seems to feel like she’s got to look after Derek for some reason. Kira’s a pretty empathetic person anyway; all the ladies in the office like telling her their horror stories about dating because Kira makes the best horrified faces in reaction to their sordid tales, but she takes it a step further with Derek. And, to a certain extent, Derek doesn’t mind that much; Kira reminds him of Laura in some ways, the way she gently teases him about his diet, and leaves little notes on his desk about inconsequential things - but then she takes an interest in his well being: his mental  wellbeing.

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Green Eyed Girl (1/?)

Blind dates have never been Nicole’s thing but when she meets her best friend, he’s got just the guy for her.

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(GIF cred to @thatmansplayinggalaga and @slayerstark )


Imagine w shades and you notice at one of those little meetings Shades and Mariah and cottonmouth have at the club that Mariah is getting a little too comfortable with shades but he doesn’t stop her even tho he’s with you and it turns into a big ol argument when you get home

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An invitation

So, Day 5 prompt here - “friends”. I skipped Day 4 since I really couldn’t get myself to write it - I just generally don’t have an interest in writing a shippy fic of a ship I don’t ship, so my writing quality suffered(even if I am, admittedly, purposefully not doing my best, because my best means 2-3k word fics and I can’t write that much each day).

However, I hope you’ll still like this one! It has Akko beginning to bond with Hannah and Barbara :P

There were many things Akko could ever reasonably expect to end up happening to her. She knew she would one day meet Chariot and she knew she would one day become an amazing witch and fly. Getting her rival as her girlfriend was not something she knew, but wasn’t that surprising to her.

Her girlfriend’s best friends inviting her, and her alone, to a day in the nearby town was definitively not on that list.

„This looks suspicious.” said Sucy, for once taking a more serious stance on an issue connected to Akko.

„I don’t like it either, Akko.” Lotte said, to Akko’s surprise. Lotte and Barbara have spent some time bonding over Nightfall recently.

„Aw, come on guys! I’m sure they mean well!”

„Those two girls despised you for the longest time. They might have become nicer recently, but I still don’t trust it.”

„I’m just worried about you, Akko.”

Akko took both of them in a tight hug, a huge smile on her face.

„Thank you, both of you! But I’m sure I’ll be fine. It’s actually a bit thrilling and exciting to be invited like this! I can’t wait!”

Akko heard the deep sighs from the both of them, but there were only smiles on their faces once they broke away from the hug. She was sure they’d be in town to keep an eye on her in case something went wrong, which was nice of them.

Her instincts also told her it would not be needed at all, and Akko trusted her instincts.


Akko waited at the meeting place, the central square of the town, for the two girls. For once, she was a bit early, so she had nothing to do but wait.

Soon enough, thankfully, a pair of witches in the same robes as her arrived to the town. They looked slightly surprised that Akko showed up at all, which was the first moment Akko felt any nerves about this encounter at all. It was going to happen, however, so she had no time to dwell on that. Instead of waiting more, she went to them, a hand raised in the air for greeting.

„Hello Hannah, Barbara!”

„Hello Akko.” They were much less enthusiastic in their reply, shifting uncertainly in their spots.

„So, what did you two call me out here for?” Akko asked immediately. Hannah and Barbara gave each other a look before Hannah spoke:

„Let’s go somewhere so we can explain.”


Akko’s nervousness increased, and she noticed the two girls were also nowhere near their usual confident, Diana-following selves. Something was definitely afoot. She hoped it was good.

They entered the magic shop, which was a slight relief for Akko. Hannah and Barbara would never try something here, not that Akko really believed they would. After getting themselves comfortable, Akko saw Hannah and Barbara take a deep breath before straightening themselves.

„Atsuko Kagari.” Barbara started, while Hannah continued: „You have been dating Diana for a while now. While we still question the sanity of that choice, even if we’ve accepted it…”

„The simple fact is,” Barbara picked up from where Hannah stopped, „we are concerned for Diana about this relationship. To that end, we decided to meet you here.”

„We needed to make it clear that, if you hurt Diana, you will be facing us first and foremost.”

Akko gulped. Knowing what she knew about Hannah and Barbara, she was already fairly certain if one whiff of hair was cut from Diana because of Akko, they’d have her head. She had no intention of that ever happening - the love she had for Diana was so immense that she couldn’t put it into words - but these two would never listen. She began to say it anyway when the two shared another look and another deep breath.

„And…” Hannah said, her voice a lot more strained as if what she was about to say hurt her, „we came her to spend some time with you.”

„Get to know you, so to speak. We can’t let this continue if we don’t know everything necessary about you, so we need to find you.”

„Yes, that is exactly why we came here, and absolutely nothing else. It’s strictly professional.”

„Yes, of course.” Barbara said, both of them speaking much too quickly and much too nervously.

Akko looked first at Barbara, then at Hannah, then repeated that for a couple of times, all the while her mouth was hanging open. This was an even bigger surprise to her than the invitation itself, one that made her very happy.

She got up from her chair and hugged both of them in a strong embrace.

„Oh, thank you guys! Thank you for wanting to be my friends!”

„Who said anything about friends?”both of them exclaimed with a tone that aimed at disgust but failed to reach it. It just made Akko want to hug them all the more.

„Don’t worry, I know how to do this. We’ll become the best of friends in no time!”

Akko could see the doubt written on their faces, but she was confident in this matter. If she could become Diana’s girlfriend, there was absolutely no way she couldn’t become Hannah and Barbara’s friend.

Akko was so going to rub this fact in Sucy’s and Lotte’s faces tonight.

You’re Mine {Chansoo}

Originally posted by teethrich

Word Count: 979

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Chanyeol x Kyungsoo

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Chanyeol had come to accept that his life would never truly be normal again now that he was living the life of an idol. He had be be careful of his every move and every word - sometimes the smallest things are enough to trigger something big in the press and among the millions of fans.

So if something as small as a collaboration with another artist was enough to send the fans raging then the fact that he was dating his fellow band member Do Kyungsoo might just be enough to cause world chaos.

The two had known each other since their trainee days, lived together since they were first signed, and started dating a few months back when Chanyeol had finally plucked up the courage to ask.

Everything felt amazing and Chanyeol knew he was falling further and further in love every single day with the man that he could finally call his own. But of course, with every wish granted comes a bigger curse.

Of course they were together, happy and content. But they weren’t allowed to speak of this relationship outside the dorm walls. PDA was strictly prohibited, no hand holding, no hand holding and no touching. The manager made it very clear he would only let this relationship last if there was no trace of it for the press to latch onto.

This was the hardest part for Chanyeol, he craved touch and affection from Kyungsoo, but both of them knew how risky it was to show it. Sometimes Chanyeol would hug another member, wrapping his arms around them from behind - but it was never the same.

Some cravings weren’t quite so innocent either, but in the heat of lust it’s hard to remember to lock all the windows and shut all the curtains. Kyungsoo keeps saying afterwards how they won’t last much longer if they keep being so careless, but Chanyeol will always smirk and remind him how he wasn’t moaning about it earlier, the only thing he was moaning “Chanyeol-ah.”

“Chanyeol Oppa, what’s your favorite song on the album?” A fan asked at a panel, which snapped him back into reality.

“Me? Oh… I really like Monster, I really like the concept and the style we used for it.” He explained, grinning at the fan who had asked. “What’s your favorite?”

“I like Heaven, because you wrote it.” She told him, obviously trying to impress him. Chanyeol bowed his head. “Thank you, I’m glad you like it!”

He looked to the side of him where Kyungsoo was. Kyungsoo was smiling at him, and Chanyeol slid his hand onto Kyungsoo’s knee as the next question was directed towards Jongdae.

Kyungsoo’s smile faltered at the action, but didn’t attempt to move his hand away. He gave Chanyeol a warning sort of look, a ‘be careful you idiot’ sort of expression. Chanyeol was good at reading Kyungsoo these days.

Chanyeol, who kept his hand on Kyungsoo’s thigh, turned his attention back to the fans as a question moved onto Jongin.

“Kai, who is your bias?” A young blushing female asked, making Kai grin.

“I’d have to say Kyungsoo-ah, he’s very kind and good to me. He helps me out a lot.” Jongin placed a hand on Kyungsoo’s shoulder from the other side.

Chanyeol squeezed Kyungsoo’s thigh, causing Kyungsoo’s eyes to widen in shock. The fans all laughed, assuming his flustered expression had come from Kai’s comment.

Kyungsoo shook his head at the wolf whistles in the audience as Kai laughed, joining in with the fans and the rest of the members who began to tease him for his red cheeks.

Kyungsoo looked across at Chanyeol who was smirking, a sort of ‘I wouldn’t get me jealous if I were you.’ But Kyungsoo was not one to mess with, and he was always up for a challenge.

“Kyungsoo oppa, is Kai your bias too?”

Kyungsoo’s smile brightened at the fan. “Of course, Kai is amazing and I consider him one of my best friends.”

Chanyeol’s eyes narrowed, it seemed their roles were almost reversed, Kyungsoo was smiling brightly and Chanyeol looked as though he was planning his next murder.

“Do you ship Kaisoo?” Another fan perked up, making Chanyeol’s expression to shift from jealousy to confusion.

“What’s Kaisoo?” He asked.

“Kai and Kyungsoo’s name combined, it’s the idea that the two are romantically involved.” She explained, making the tips of his ears turn red as Kyungsoo laughed.

Kai slung an arm over Kyungsoo’s shoulders. “Kaisoo sounds cute, don’t you think, D.O?” Kai smirked, noticing Chanyeol’s hand clench against Kyungsoo’s thigh.

Kyungsoo blushed as he laughed, covering his face with his hands. But he didn’t stay like that for long, Chanyeol grabbed onto his wrists and turned him to face him before pressing his lips on Kyungsoo’s.

The fans started to scream excitedly, and the kiss lasted no longer than two seconds. But it left both of them in a flushed mess with pink cheeks.

The other members of EXO were laughing as Chanyeol turned back to the microphone.

“A lot of you don’t know this, but Kyungsoo- ah is mine.” His eyes were twinkling as the fans still screamed, excitement bubbling in all of their eyes.

Kyungsoo hit Chanyeol on the arm, “You’re a pain in the arse.”

“I’m your pain in the arse”

The fans went wild, laughing as Sehun added an innuendo after that final comment about there being literal pains in the asses after a long night. But Chanyeol’s grin couldn’t be shifted, and Kyungsoo loved the way his eyes were sparkling.

Neither of them knew what this now meant, how their relationship would turn now it was basically public or what their manager would have to say for Chanyeol’s recklessness, but what they did know was that they loved and had each other to lean on, and that was all that mattered

Jasper Jordan x Reader:  Well... you assumed wrong.

Originally posted by ghostofanidiot

Request: Hello! Can I request a oneshot, please? Where you’re Bellamy and Octavia’s cousin, and he’s very protective of you, so Jasper thinks you’re dating (He doesn’t know they’re related) and gets jealous and ends up blurting out “I love you!”. Thanks! x

A/N: Because I don’t think canonically cousins are a thing in the Ark I made them cousins by bond instead of relatives by blood.  Hope you don’t mind and like it. 

Jasper sighed to himself as he watched you and Bellamy walk into the camp. He wasn’t sure what he felt more, how his heartbeat went crazy because of you or the way his heart felt heavy because you were with your boyfriend, Bellamy. 

How could he compete with the leader of the 100? “Jasper… You alright?” Monty asked before he glanced to where Jasper was staring and sighed. 

“Y/N again,” Monty said more to himself than Jasper before he went back to making sure there was enough ammunition for the guns. 

Jasper rolled his eyes and took a deep breath before he halfheartedly went back to his job, glancing over at you and Bellamy multiple times. “Why is Y/N with him anyways?” Jasper complained. 

“I don’t know. But they knew each other before we even got to the Ground so…” Monty responded. 

Jasper rolled his eyes and gave Monty a dirty look,”That doesn’t matter,” 

“Apparently it does to Y/N,” Monty shrugged before you walked towards the pair. 

“Hey guys,” you smiled at them. 

Jasper felt his heart race and he smiled brightly,”Hey Y/N what’s up?” 

“Nothing really,” you laugh,”I was wondering if you-” 

You were cut off by Bellamy grabbing your elbow and pulling you back a bit. His face was almost stoic except for the glare that was aimed at Jasper. You glanced at Bellamy and turned towards him, your back facing Jasper. “I was just gonna ask them where Murphy was,” you told Bellamy and he turned his gaze from Jasper to you. 

“I found him,” Bellamy stated,”Me and him are going back out into the woods and check the traps,” 

“I’m going with you then,” you responded immediately. 

Jasper pressed his lips together as he listened to you and Bellamy. “You’re not going,” Bellamy strictly stated and you opened your mouth to speak before he cut you off,”Besides Clarke said that she wanted your help on taking care of some guys who got hurt,” 

“Fine… But come back safe,” you said as you gave him a hug,”Love you,” 

“Love you too,” he mumbled back before he went back to the front. Jasper’s hands tightened around the gun that he was holding as he bit his lip to keep him from blurting something out. 

You turned back towards Jasper and Monty,”I’m gonna go see what Clarke wanted me for. See you later,” 

“See you later Y/N,” Jasper and Monty both said before you went to the drop ship to help Clarke. 

You had helped Clarke for an hour before she turned towards you. ”Can you go into the woods and get this plant?” she asked as she handed you a page with a picture of the plant on it.

“Sure Clarke,” you smiled, finally happen to get out of the drop ship.

“Jasper will probably be able to help you. He knows what it looks like,” Clarke called over her shoulder. 

“Okay. I’ll be back soon,” you responded as you walked around the camp to find Jasper. After a few minutes you found him and Monty joking around next to their tent. 

“Jasper,” you said as you stopped in front of the two. Jasper turned his head towards you with raised eyebrows and you felt your heartbeat speed up,”Clarke wanted me to find some plant and she said you knew what it looked like. Would you mind looking for it with me?” 

Jasper stared at you with wide eyes for a moment before he quickly nodded before he stood up from where he was sitting,”Y-Yeah sure I’ll help you out. Did she say what it was?” 

“I don’t remember the name but she gave me a picture,” you answered before handing the paper to him. 

Jasper opened the paper and nodded,”Yeah I know what one she wants. Come on,” 

You both walked to the front of the camp and you followed him through the forest. It was silent for a few moments, the sounds of nature surrounding you before you both got to a river. “It should be somewhere around here,” Jasper told you and you both began looking through the foliage on the ground for the plant. 

“I don’t see it here,” Jasper complained and you bit your lip as you glanced around the area for it. 

“Isn’t that it?” you asked as you pointed towards a waterfall with a heath on the rocks around the water. 

Jasper nodded before he sighed,”But how are we going to get to it?” 

You bit your lip before taking a deep breath. You shrugged off the jacket you were wearing and grabbed the messenger bag Clarke gave you to hold the plants. “What are you doing?” Jasper asked you as you walked closer to the waterfall. 

“Clarke wouldn’t send us for this unless we really need it to help people,” you replied,”You stay down here,”

“Okay but what are you gonna do?” he asked. 

You took a deep breath before your hands gripped onto one of the slightly wet rocks and you raised yourself up and watched your feet to make them fit the grooves of the rocks. “What are you doing?” Jasper asked again. 

“You’ll see,” you replied as you slowly raised your arms and your feet, slowly scaling the rocks next to the waterfall. 

“Are you alright?” Jasper yelled from the ground, watching you carefully. 

You froze and took a deep breath, willing yourself not to look down as adrenaline pumped through your system before you yelled,”My arms are killing me but yeah I guess,” 

Jasper sighed as he watched you slowly rise up the rocks. After what felt like forever you were finally on the top of the waterfall. “I’m good!” you yelled down and Jasper let out a deep breath as you stuffed as much of the plant as you could into the bag. 

“Now I gotta get down,” you whispered to yourself before you slowly lowered your feet back down to the rocks. You watched your feet carefully as you slowly got closer to the ground. You had been climbing down for around 10 minutes when you felt your hand about to slip. You quickly moved it so that you were holding onto a rock that was farther away from you, making slight pain shoot up your arm immediately. 

You searched the rocks for a better spot for your arm before you felt your foot slip underneath you. You let out a strangled scream as your body fell away from the rocks and slapped against the water. As your body was engulfed in the water you clawed around you to try to get back up. 

“Y/N!” Jasper yelled as he ran towards the water and looked for where you were. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity he saw a few splashes in one area of the river. He immediately ran to where they were coming from and dropped himself in the water, holding onto the ground around him. 

He forced his eyes open and looked around for you for a moment before he saw you. He saw you and quickly grabbed a hold of your wrist as he felt his lungs burn for oxygen. Jasper pulled you closer to him and pushed you up towards the surface as he let himself float upwards as well. You both grabbed a hold of the ground, panting for air as you pulled yourselves out of the rushing water. 

You gasped as you laid on the grass. It was silent for a few moments before you smiled at him,”Thank you Jasper,”

“No problem,” Jasper smiled back. You both stood up and walked into the woods to get back to the camp.

“Crap…” you mumbled to yourself as you thought about Bellamy finding out about what happened. 

“What’s up?” Jasper asked and you both stopped. 

You sighed,”Bellamy’s gonna freak on me for doing that,” 

Jasper rolled his eyes and before he could stop himself found himself practically shouting,”I get it! You and Bellamy are together and he’s a protective boyfriend-” 

‘Boyfriend?’ you thought to yourself as Jasper continued. 

“But you don’t need to talk about him all the time! I mean people it’s awkward for people to hear about your relationship all the time. Especially for someone who’s kinda in love with you!” Jasper yelled. 

Your eyes widened and you felt yourself freeze at Jasper’s words. Jasper took a deep breath and began to calm down. You opened your mouth to say something to Jasper before you shut your mouth as you realized you didn’t know what to say. You took a deep breath before you stepped forward and roughly pressed your lips to his. You felt Jasper freeze before he relaxed into the kiss, moving his lips against yours and placing his hands on your lower back. 

Your hands tangled into his messy hair and Jasper’s hands tightened around you. After what felt like forever you both pulled away, still holding onto each other. “But what about your boyfr-” Jasper started before you cut him off. 

“Bellamy and me aren’t dating. I am actually sickened by the thought because he’s pretty much my cousin,” you explained,”We grew up together. I called his Mom Aunt. Trust me… You don’t have to worry about Bellamy. You’re the one I have feelings for,” 

Jasper smiled brightly at you and leaned closer to press another kiss to your lips. Your lips moved against his and you felt as if you were on Cloud 9 before you pulled away a second time,”Come on we need to get these to Clarke,” 

Jasper nodded and followed you back into the camp. “I’m gonna give these to Clarke you go find Monty,” you smiled at Jasper, giving him a soft kiss before you walked towards the drop ship. 

Jasper smiled dreamily at your retreating form before he felt a hard hand on his shoulder. The teenager turned quickly to see Bellamy and Jasper visibly paled. “I didn’t know that you were intrested in her/him/them. But I can promise you… ever hurt Y/N… And I will hurt you ten times worse understood,” Bellamy threatened. 

Jasper nodded,”I’d never hurt Y/N,” 

“Good,” Bellamy glared at the teenager before he walked towards the laughing Octavia that was watching the exchange. ‘Dating Y/N and Bellamy hating me… Or not dating Y/N,’ Jasper thought to himself. The first thing that popped into his mind was how you two kissed in the woods. 

He’d rather deal with Bellamy hating him than never getting to kiss you again. 

Draco Imagine

Requested by mahomie-sara-9-84:Can you write me another imagine please?:) Sorry, I’m spamming you😂 So, I want the basics (name etc.) to be the same, but this time I’m in Slytherin, and I’m considered as the nicest one. Friends w/ golden trio etc and I have a crush on Draco. He likes me too, and he kisses Pansy to make me jealous, and I do, and my dark side pops out, but in the end in everything gets better. Smut for this one too if it’s possible;) Thanks! xxoo Send me a reply for this one too please:) Thanks again💕

A/N contains smuttiness.

“Stephanie.” Drawled Malfoy. “Why must you leave?” He threw his arms about dramatically. You rolled your eyes but smiled affectionately.
“I can only spend so much time with you or my father will hear about it.” You mimicked him and then covered your mouth in mock horror. “Merlin’s Beard, it’s happening, I’m turning into you. I better go before the damage becomes permanent.” As you left you heard a soft chuckle, an acknowledgement of your humour.
You were going to join your friends at the Gryffindor table which, although not strictly speaking allowed, you had been doing since your 1st year. Ron, the first to spot you, greeted you with a hug. At this you noticed Draco’s narrowed eyes. As you greeted Harry in the same way Draco’s expression became a glare. You sat down and began a conversation with Hermione, all the while feeling the death stare upon you.

He waited until he knew you were looking before he did anything, but even before it happened you knew it was coming. He gave Pansy, who was sitting next to him now, a tap on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Her piercing giggle could be heard even from where you were. After a reckless look had been flashed in you direction he took her and gave her a long kiss.

You stood up, angry.
“He did not.” You spat. What had been a bit of flirting here and there had just become a lot more serious. Ignoring the questions thrown at you by your friends you stormed back to the Slytherin table. Draco’s smirk faltered when he saw your anger. “Sorry Pansy.” You said, not sorry at all. “I just need a little chat with Malfoy here.”

You led him all the way back to the common room, which was empty as all the sensible people were eating.
“What are you playing at?” You asked him, words like venom.
“I think you know.” He said knowingly. Of course you knew; he was trying to make you jealous. “And I think it worked.” He added. He was right, not that you were about to admit it.
“I hate you.” You said, although the ghost of a smile on your lips said otherwise.

There was a long, tense pause in which you took a deep breath. The eye contact between you was filled with emotion that rose and rose until it burst.

Your lips met almost hungrily. Your hands locked around his neck to pull him closer as he sank into an armchair, pulling you with him. You were above him, sat on his lap. Your body was on fire - this was new and more exciting than you could have imagined. There were so many parts of him to explore. As he moved to kiss your neck and along your jaw, your breath caught. On instinct, you supposed, you began to move your hips in small circles. Judging from the reaction it got - a loud moan - you were doing something right. You lifted his head back to yours and kissed him again. This time it was more slowly, controlled although when you looked into his lust-filled eyes it was clear that it was doing the trick. His hands had, at one point or another, found their way to the buttons on your shirt and, liking where this was going, your hands found his shirt too. For just a few moments there was no sound except the heavy breathing of you both.

Like a cord had been cut, you both stood up, knowing that the common room was no place for what was about to follow. And so you led Draco to your dorm, your clothes forgotten on the floor.

otakudreaming  asked:

Can I ask you another headcanon? If yes I want to ask how the RFA members will react at MC giving them a bracelet to wear as a couple? *^*


  • he squeals when you give it to him
  • like he absolutely loves the fact that you love him enough to get this for him
  • and you’re matching!!!
  • he hugs you and is jumping up and down like a small child calm down it’s literally a piece of string
  • you can bet he’ll wear it all the time
  • and he loves that you wear yours all the time too
  • he shows it to anyone who can see it sorry V
  • it boosts his confidence a lot because it means he always feels connected to you


  • he actually adores it
  • he immediately pulls you into a kiss before you even have the chance to put it on him
  • one day he’s forced to take it off for a play and he protests until the last second
  • when he comes back after the play he thinks he’s lost it for a moment
  • he’s freaking the fuck out
  • but then he finds it fallen on the floor
  • after that he leaves it with you rather than on his dressing table so it’s safe
  • he feels naked without it because when he wears it he feels as though there’s a part of you with him at all times


  • when you shyly hand it to her she feels her heart warming
  • “friendship bracelets??!”
  • no Jaehee for fuck’s sake we’ve been dating for six months
  • she’s told multiple times that she shouldn’t wear it to work
  • but does she care?
  • absolutely fucking not
  • she loves it so much and fiddles with it when she’s stressed which calms her down
  • she always smiles to herself when she thinks of you wearing yours at the same time as she’s wearing hers


  • hmm
  • he’s not sure about bracelets
  • I mean he has an image to keep up
  • but when you put it on him he just kind of melts a little
  • like it’s so cute that you love him enough to do this and be connected to him at all times
  • he doesn’t even care that it’s not expensive
  • he’ll wear it all the time even though it’s not strictly speaking ‘professional’
  • he often calls you to make sure you’re wearing it and it makes him feel close to you even when you’re apart


  • his face turns the colour of his hair when you give it to him
  • he’s lost for words for once
  • but he quickly melts into a grin and picks you up in a hug and spins you around
  • he wears it 24/7
  • like he doesn’t even take it off in the shower
  • whenever he’s getting stressed or frustrated he just looks at it
  • there’s little strings hanging off each of your bracelets, so sometimes he ties them together
  • “haha! victory! now you can never leave me!”
  • “I wasn’t planning on it”
  • you kiss him seven melts into the floor


  • he absolutely loves the idea of it
  • to be honest it goes pretty well with his aesthetic
  • whenever you’re cuddling together he’ll be running his finger over your bracelet
  • and whenever you’re apart for whatever reason he’ll be trailing his finger over his own, imagining that you’re doing the same
  • he loves taking artsy photos of them when you’re holding hands
  • you’d think there must be a limit to how many different photos of hands and wrists he can take
  • but apparently not
  • you secretly love it


  • he’s never really had many personal belongings before, let alone gifts
  • so when you give it to him he’s not entirely sure how to respond
  • all he knows is that it makes him feel… safe?
  • like when he’s wearing it he feels grounded
  • it helps him forget about all the terrible things he’s done
  • whenever he’s having a panic attack and you’re not there for whatever reason, he’ll clutch hold of the bracelet to remind himself of you
  • he never tells you that he finds it therapeutic but you notice anyway
  • he refuses to take it off, and actually ends up tightening it to the point where it can’t be taken off even if he wanted to
  • he’s so scared of losing it
  • it reminds him of all the positive emotions you’ve helped him feel again - happiness, hope and love
Ficlet: The Ballad of Kurt and Yoko

514 reaction fic. I feel the need to explain Elliott’s upcoming disappearance since this was Adam Lambert’s last episode. So here you go. 1000ish words. 


Kurt is making tea in the kitchen when he hears Blaine come in. He pulls down an extra cup from the cabinet along with a pot of honey and pours the boiling water.

“I can’t help but feel like this is partly my fault,” Blaine says quietly. He doesn’t even give Kurt time to answer before he’s continuing. “I feel terrible. Even Santana texted me to say ‘good job on breaking up the band, Yoko’…and how did she even know?“

"Psychic Mexican third eye.” Kurt can feel Blaine’s incredulous look on his back and he shrugs his shoulders. “I thought it was crap at first too, but she’s omnipresent.”

“But you know, Yoko Ono did not break up The Beatles. That’s just a dumb thing that people said.”

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anonymous asked:

I've been trying to write Levihan fic for a while now, but Levi's literally impossible to characterise correctly. Do you have any tips?

Tips for writing Levi include:

  • Take off all shipping goggles and throw them in the trash. Levi’s one of those characters who is shippable, but only if you’re not actually trying to ship him. Let things happen naturally.
  • With your shipping goggles broken at the bottom of the trash can, consider Levi’s relationships: who are the people closest to him, and why is he close to them?
  • Remember that Levi’s not an openly emotional person; even when he tries to express his emotions, he does so in an awkward way.
  • Levi isn’t smooth.
  • Levi isn’t eloquent or well-spoken, but he’s also not completely uneducated.
  • Levi’s shit jokes and sense of humor are actually pretty understated. He kind of has a “dry” sense of humor and he isn’t cracking shit jokes all the time. In fact, his flavor of humor seems to be just him saying something with a straight face.
  • Throw your sappy romantic fantasies into the trash can, too, because Levi doesn’t follow any of those bullshit tropes, nor does he probably subscribe to general ideas of what is romantic and what isn’t. (And since you’re writing Levihan, we can assume Levi’s not so stupid that he’d think Hange wanted to be romanced traditionally anyway.)
  • Levi isn’t stupid. He’s smart. He’s not a master strategist but he’s extremely street-smart, and he’s really good at reading people: remember the look he gave Jean before Jean tried hard to recruit Marlowe for their cause? Levi is good at reading people. It’s safe to say he’s probably the type of person who trusts his instinct over everything else.
  • Stop with the OCD cleaning shit. Liking things clean =/= OCD.
  • His morals are questionable at times, but he does care about humanity and he (in general) doesn’t go around kicking puppies or hating children. Please destroy the “TCH, BRAT” shit with fire. Gettin’ real sick of seeing it 67 times in every fanfic.
  • Levi’s never been in a relationship before. Why? Consider this. Consider how he’s lived his life. It’s probably a combination of things, but considering he’s in his 30s and living a shitty life, something big would have to convince him to want to be in an actual stated/established relationship.
  • In modern AUs, try to get rid of the idea that Levi is a “punk”–because it doesn’t really work and isn’t in line with his canon personality (especially if you’re keeping him the same age). It’s entirely possible for Levi to have his personality without having 27 dragon tattoos, smoking three packs a day, and shaving the sides of his hair for no real reason. (Basically, consider him as a person and avoid shoehorning him into a “role” to “match his canon personality” because it doesn’t read like Levi at all 95% of the time.)

Anyway, the biggest issue I’ve noticed with people writing Levi is that they tend to make him too open with actual feelings. Levi talks a lot, but what he says is surface shit most of the time. He’s probably closest to Hange and Erwin, so if he’s going to say anything more meaningful it’s more likely to be directed at them, but it’s either going to be horribly blunt or REALLY beat-around-the-bush in nature. That said, lately he’s been getting closer to the kids, and it’s clear he trusts Eren and Jean; he also feels sorry for Eren: he’s not apathetic to the plight of others–but he’s not exactly holding a free hug sign, either.

You really have to consider what Levi is saying and why he’s saying it–what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Why LEVI THINKS HE IS DOING IT, not why you the author want or need him to do it. Levi isn’t the sort of guy who does shit he doesn’t have to do that he doesn’t want to do.

Specificlaly with Levihan, you have to consider the fact that Hange and Levi’s relationship in the canon isn’t canon–lmao–and it’s complicated at best. They are both human beings who have seen way too much, and they’re struggling.They can draw comfort from one another, but generally speaking it’s probably only in private, and it’s quiet.

(As funny as the comics about sex in the Survey Corps are in this fandom, most of them are probably OOC.)

Basically Levi and Hange’s public relationship is–well, it’s not strictly professional, per se, but when they talk, they are equals. They make decisions together. They work well together. They understand each other. But they don’t touch one another; they don’t hug. Whether you ship it or not, their feelings regarding one another are very understated. Even though it’s possible that Levi likes physical contact (with people he trusts and cares about deeply), a lot of their communication happens outside of that. (Modern AUs are probably different in this respect.)

Basically with any Levi ship: understated & subtle are much more believable and in character than anything else.


I am a first-generation American. My parents moved when I was tiny. And whatever they did, however it happened, I never actually had an American citizenship, despite being American in every other aspect of my being. Believe it or not, this kind of crap does happen.
So, of course, so as to not be an illegal immigrant, I eventually inevitably had to leave my home, and go exist in a place where I was actually physically born. Which happens to be Russia. That’s where my mother holds citizenship, and where I was forced to go in my late teens. So, now if I want to get back home, I have to immigrate.
From a sentimental perspective, I had to leave everything and everyone I’ve ever cared about behind and go live in a completely foreign country, with a foreign language and very different mentality, not to mention that I’m queer as a rainbow and of Jewish descent, which is not generally very welcome in most places in Russia. On a more pragmatic note, not only can I not pursue any of my life goals, but I can’t even get a job, can’t really go to school, I’m forced to live with my mother, and I’m useless in every sense of the word, because I’m not actually doing anything useful with my life, not for me, not for anyone else.
Now, I’ve tried adjusting. Punching my myriad of mental and physical issues aside, I tried getting a job. Any job really. But I tend to get rejected based on reasons like “well, you’ll leave here, eventually, we want permanent workers”. My education and previous experience is in another country, and therefore unsatisfactory. I’m too American for Russia, but not American enough to actually go back home.
I’m forced to live with my mother, my childhood experience with whom was a fragile balance between abuse and neglect, who is proudly racist, sexist, homophobic, tells students at her school that 90% of all rape is the victim’s fault, who told me that I’m not trying hard enough to kill myself, and who only hasn’t kicked me out of this apartment because I co-own it.
I have almost no income, so I live off very little food. My health is gradually deteriorating. From a promising singer with a lot of potential, I’ve turned into an owner of what appears to be a chronic cough. I’m allergic to tobacco smoke (it’s also a trigger, because one of my mother’s forms of abuse was to smoke inside the house, so now when I feel smoke inside, I panic), and Russia is officially the most smoking country in the world. Seemingly everyone smokes, everywhere.
My queerness, while not strictly-speaking visible, makes this not the safest of places for me thanks to the recent batch of homophobic laws. Which obviously puts any kind of relationships out of the question. But that I’ve given up on years ago anyway. I haven’t even had a consensual hug in 9 years.
And, of course, my lack of income means I can’t really do anything to get back home. I can’t hire a lawyer, because they all want money, obviously. But even if I could, I’m not sure it would help much. To get back home, I need a reason. I managed to get back for a year on a student visa several years ago, but that was it. A year. And then back to this, and now I don’t really know what to do anymore. I’ve spent the last decade trying to figure out how to get myself out of this. Living here is simply not an option. I’ve tried. I keep trying. But I’m miserable all the time, and I just can’t do it anymore.
I know it might not seem like such a bad situation to most people. And I’ve been told dozens of times that I just need to try harder, that I need to forget about being happy and just live for the little things (though to be fair, I hardly even have a lot of little pleasures, what with the lack of money and availability), that other people have it worse. Sure, there’s always worse. But you also can’t compare different people’s situations. This is my personal hell. And I can’t do anything to shift the situation.
I was reluctant to make this post. I doubt many people would be able to help. Last time I told my story to a stranger, they thought I was trying to scam them for money, and I didn’t even ask them for anything. What will people think when I do ask for help? The funny thing is that money won’t even really help. At least not on its own. To get back home, I need a reason. A job to get a work visa, or maybe filing for asylum, though that’s unlikely to work. I don’t even know what to do. It just seems like a dead end at this point.
So, if you can help, or if you know anyone that could. Maybe a lawyer that would be willing to help me now, and wait for me to pay them back later. Someone willing to file the documents to give me a job. Anything. I know maybe I won’t be able to come back permanently, and I certainly have no intention of staying illegally. But maybe I could at least come back for some time. I don’t want to die here. I don’t want to be buried in Russia. I mean, they don’t even have a crematorium anywhere nearby. I don’t want to rot in foreign soil. I’m not even sure what kind of help I’m asking for. But there’s nothing I can do, so I can only hope that someone else can do something.
I feel I should mention – while I certainly appreciate any positive vibes, prayers, and basically any kind of attention people might pay to my troubles, I should request to, please, not send me generally motivational messages of support and hope. I appreciate it, really, but I’m not looking to be told that it’ll get better, I need something that will help me actually make it better.
Thank you.

Enough is enough.

You can’t keep living like you’re in your early twenties when you’re pushing forty.

Barbecue sauce pizza for breakfast, six packs of Polish lager every night, turning up to the office in your joggers because all your smart trousers are too tight.

Time to start a new regime.

Egg white omelettes (not strictly speaking an omelette but you want the protein, not a semantic argument), vigorous exercise, more time spent harnessing your energies for positive purposes rather than joyless self-abuse in front of “I’m a Celebrity”.

Fifteen minutes on the exercise bike and then forty five minutes under a hot shower.

The warmth of the water feels like an all over body hug.

You’re seriously pruning up but it feels so safe and secure you don’t want to leave.

You’re happy in the shower. Sad thoughts come but they’re washed away, like tears dissolving in Dove Pro Age Body Wash.

The exercise bike gathers dust.

You’re back on the 2 for 1 Tuesdays and Tyskie.

Still you spend longer and longer in the shower.

It doesn’t matter—finally, you have a safe space.

Safer than a bath.

People die in baths.

No one dies in the shower.