and not something i would do

Another Tom Hardy reference. (on Eoghan McDermott this time) 

(he mentioned Tom as well as George Michael amongst the dinner guests he’d have alive or dead yesterday)

And Rodger retweeted a tweet of Tom’s yesterday. 

anonymous asked:

I'm tired of seeing kostner overscored. I mean yes, I get it, it's KOSTNER and the mere fact that she's still competing is amazing and she brings something to the table that most skaters don't have but she got a lot of 9's (and above) in transitions and I'm like ????????? her programs have less transitions than wakaba's what the hell judges (kostner should be in third and not by much above kaori tbh)

Look, I am one of those few people who are willing to admit that her PCS are too high lol

Of course, she’s amazing, I respect her and all, but TR and CO…tbh, even if I end up getting hate over it: her SS aren’t as good as they were in 2014 either. Wakaba doesn’t deserve that much less on SS. She should be higher in TR and CO for sure (Wakaba’s got some of the best choreo among senior ladies this season tbh.). IN and PE are more complex to judge, but Wakaba is one of the most mature ladies at the moment tbh. I don’t think standings would change, because Wakaba had technical problems today, but there shouldn’t be that difference between them, no.

That said, I am scared by Wakaba’s URs at the moment so please, let me cry in a corner now.

Sugar Pine 7 Season 1 Finale poster


I freaking saw @thelostmoongazer‘s Mob AU stuff for Cuhead and Mugmand and I HAD to draw something for it.

I probably could’ve done better with the dialogue but eh, it is what it is.

Well this guy clearly doesn’t watch Doctor Who or he’d know that none of the doctors can park the tardis anyway because they always leave the brake on hence the tardis sound.


My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

You should also definitely click to have better quality.

i miss the old shiro, can’t stand these new ‘shiros’
(aka kuron’s eyeliner is weak - will not stan)