and not really about the dead coming back to life


the ice skating anime has claimed me, i am so, so sorry

yuri plisetsky and his fashion choices must be protected at all cost. this kid is a treasure


the story starts with a window. it’s late and I’m waving. the people I love come back home (one by one or altogether, it doesn’t matter). airports aren’t a sad thing anymore. every plane lands in my backyard and I get back what’s lost. I throw a party to celebrate the way my heart’s acting like a heart again. the flowers stop wilting because they want to stay alive to see this. the long dead plant comes back to life because it’s heard the news. the bad stuff never really happened. we dreamed it all. ate the wrong kind of thing before we slept or something like that. we dance without music because the wind’s enough. a thousand people walk on a sidewalk and they watch their feet, making room for the thousand ants. the diagnosis melts on every doctor’s tongue because the cure has already been found. and I’m not scared of anything, and I’m not tired anymore, and I’m not thinking about the thousand lives I could have lived because the one I’ve got’s enough and even the broken winged birds get their flight back. and no country loses itself to a war and no mother stops being a mother because a war couldn’t keep its hands to itself and every city stays a city and not a city’s ghost, and there’s nothing to mourn. nothing to mourn and the sky is a trustworthy thing and when it rains the whole world blooms and nothing is buried under a whole lot of yesterday and tomorrow is a believable thing. and love hasn’t ruined what it can’t save and this poem stays unwritten because it’s not needed, and nothing is needed, and we forget every word for loss and we live like that forever, where love’s not a small thing and our hands are still big enough to fit it.

i just watched a movie with my boyfriend as a joke because it was referred to on my dash as an “accidentally gay necrophilia movie” and honestly? it was really good and i cried? like its not really necrophilia because (spoilers) the corpse comes back to life and he isnt in love with him WHILE hes DEAD? but its a really good movie about society and i wasnt expecting that like at all

i read in interviews that it started as the directors shooting a music video on the water and being like “hey what if we made a movie about a guy farting so hard in the water that he was like a jet ski” and it somehow became a beautiful movie??????

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DC sort of has recently started to explore that aspect of Clark's character as a flaw- I saw a gif of Supergirl where the one girl is like "Does he know he abandoned you with us?". I know a lot of people think his treatment of Superboy in the YJ cartoon is OOC but it's really not. I mean he didn't react like *that* in the comics he was kind of busy coming back from the dead at the time. And it's not usually discussed as such in the actual comics, especially not right now, it's just there (boo).

Exactly, like this isn’t a one-off thing. Clark has history of ignoring children who really could use his help. Talking a friend the other day about Billy Batson and they were upset that Clark didn’t come to Billy’s rescue and give him a home but again, as good and kind as Clark is, that kind of rash, emotional, life-changing behavior is very out of character (unlike Bruce who would have had Wayne stamped on Billy’s name before you can blink which is great too because no matter how logical he acts, at heart, Bruce is a very empathetic emotional person.)

And I think it is important to address for many reasons. One is to keep interest in the character. The number one complaint I hear about Superman is “he’s perfect and has all these powers, he’s boring” which is flawed in itself but also! If DC took the time to really pull out his flaws and dissect them and what they mean then more people might like the character. Two, DC has just been shit with characterizations lately which I’ve gone on many, many rants before about. Dc can reclaim all these nuances of their characters and revitalize their comics. Because it’s easy to say “Clark was a dick to Conner :(((” but another to see why he did what he did, look at how he grew up to understand his view and understand that, for all his alien might, he’s pretty human underneath it all and gets freaked out and makes mistakes. To me, that Superman who is good intentioned but with believable character flaws, is much more interesting

She was like this walking dead person. She felt dead inside. And along comes Stefan - who you know literally is dead - and looking for a way to come back to life. And these two people, these two souls that were really, you know, out of breath found each other and learned to breathe again. And they fell madly in love. And from that, this epic love story was born.

Kevin Williamson talking about The Vampire Diaries (Stelena) in 2016.


So I’ve been a dead person online but that’s sort’ve because I’ve decided to get my shit together over the past few months. I was so depressed and I just couldn’t 👏🏻 do it 👏🏻 any 👏🏻 more 👏🏻 I’ve been working out and I’ve lost about 72 pounds since January, I have a job I really enjoy, and people who are good to me in my life. Over the next few months I plan to pick up my art again, I’d like to come back with a vengeance. However, I still don’t have a tablet and I no longer have a working computer. Money is still VERY tight so getting together everything I need may take a while, y'all have been patient with me and I love ya for it! Things are looking up and thanks for sticking around 🤘🏻

So don’t be afraid of not doing it right or of not being good enough. Such fear is totally unfounded. Life is not about getting it right, figuring out the answers to the really big questions (or even the small questions, for that matter), reading all the right books, taking all the right courses, or studying with the masters. Nor is it about whether you’ve had deep spiritual experiences, achieved altered states of consciousness, or become a spiritual guru to multitudes. It’s not even about whether you’ve been dead and come back to life to share your experiences—trust me!

The only thing that matters is that you allow yourself to be all of who you are! It’s that simple! Just be yourself—your true self! Be the love that you are. Shine your light as brightly as you can. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy the ride and have fun—lots of fun!

—  Anita Moorjani
"Immortality, my darlings." AD

You know how the writers and the cast say, after the reveal you can rewatch the series and think how obvious it has been from the start???

WELL, remembering the trailers and the first episode- most people’s plus my initial guess was Ali being the anonymous stalker cos it’s the most obvious!

And i think the show really just went rounds, but it really comes back to Alison Dilaurentis. And i will tell you why:

• the first few seasons, -A was centered on making the girls remember Alison. It’s like every single day they were made to think about her.

Wasn’t that what Ali wanted in the flashbacks? To be remembered, to be famous in life and death?

“Immortality, my darlings.” You know what they say, you’re only dead until someone says your name for the last time.

• We’ve been told Alison saw Mona last before truly escaping that night… And we know how Mona liked to suck up to Ali and become her. I’m not surprised if Mona was “A” because Ali asked her to be… To take the fall, to become more like her.

Also remember: “I did everything you asked me to” we were told she was talking to Cece, but she was heavily drugged and thought it was Alison. But i read a great theory ( @peter-sluttin-it-up-hastings ), that cece’s visitor’s pass might have been really for Ali as she was presumed dead and it would be problematic for a dead girl to visit an alleged stalker - which is why she used Cece’s name as they always switch personalities anyway.

• Alison planned to escape that night beforehand. Blackmailed Mr. Montgomery, left her diaries, her shady quotes, etc.

• We know how Jenna always says something like “i’m not the one you should be afraid of, i’m not Alison”

• Alison picked out the girls, knows all their secrets, knows how they are and how foolishly they commit to her. Example: The first secret. Alison wanted to test their loyalty, to see how much the girls would do for her and if her game will work.

• “the bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.” THE INITIALS OF UBER A ARE FREAKING AD

• Can we not forget the time Mona fake died and got kidnapped, Alison looked extremely pleased ??? And conveniently that Mona was taken since she just called Aria how she can prove Alison is A.

• Alison was accused by the girls of being possibly -A and/or killing Mona, BUT redeemed herself after finding them in the dollhouse, making her look like a good friend after everything she’s put them through. (Don’t come at me i love Alison but i also love the idea of her being evil)

• remember when she just got back and supposedly she’s turned good but she stringed the girls back into her web of lies AKA her kidnapping story and even made Cyrus take the fall

• she was the original Red Coat. And emily did say she knew RC was in charge

• that whole Cyrus thing was ??? In her story, he used her and stole her things and even stabbed her. Then suddenly we see her in Vivian costume paying him off and shit.

No matter you turn that around, she lied.

• She escaped Rosewood allegedly to get away from -A, but when she fake died she followed the girls around knowing that they are being targetted by -A???? Which defeats the whole purpose of being “dead” if she just puts herself out there again, of course she’d be seen by -A.

You can argue she couldn’t help it, they were her friends but that brings me to the next point:

She said she knew -A, but never told the girls who it was after LOTS of opportunities of communicating with them. Why? If she really wanted to help them

• up til now the show claims the Liars being completely innocent during “that night” - which makes 0 sense as to why they were being targeted. Unless they really did something that has yet tocbe revealed OR it’s their dear friend Ali playing games on them like she did before that night.

• that quote of Aria about Everything being Ali’s show.

Well, to sum up what they did in the series:

  • solve Ali’s death
  • bring Ali safe back home
  • figure out who Ali’s brother Charles is
  • come back to hellsWood to free Ali’s sister Charlotte
  • figure who Ali’s cousin is

• and also remember how everything started again when Ali called them back to Rosewood. Like they were happy with their lives already, or at least out of that traumatic mess – and suddenly she calls them back and now they’re suffering again

• Cece was never big A. She was blackmailed by Alison to be A helper or take the blame for everything.

As Ali is in the possession of the NAT videos and was basically running around the whole night that labor day she found out Spencer was the one to hit Bethany (spencer’s flashbacks!!!). And Ian claiming the videos had something that could ruin the Dilaurentis, i assume Alison found out Cece and Spencer being siblings, thus blackmailing Cece into taking the fall or else spilling the beans about Spencer. Also, another hint is the blood on Spencer during the Dollhouse.

Taking this further, i think the NAT video’d Melissa and Cece talking “that night” – them planning how to protect Spencer. Cece talking Melissa into burying Bethany for S.

• Alison stayed with Charlotte over the 5 years to make sure she won’t talk.

• also, i already put this in a previous theory buttt i’m gonna mention it here again. When Wilden interviewed the Liars about that night, he observed it to be rehearsed as everything was exactly the same from their previous statement. Reminds me of that christmas episode, where we were shown how Jessica taught Alison to lie by making her repeat the lie over and over. Alison could have done that with the Liars, even easier as they were drugged.

Which is why they were all so shady in the Pilot.

•  This seasons many og characters have insinuated on Ali’s past, which makes me think it’s still relevant. example: Paige telling Emily, Ali is manipulating her again even lying about being pregnant.

• It started with Alison’s funeral and it’s gonna end with AD’s funeral.

But she achieved her wish, she will never be forgotten. She will always live in the trauma of many people she’s ruined.


Tinhatters Unite!!

But, like, it ALL makes sense. The theme of suicide is so incredibly prevalent throughout the entire show, and the  ACD stories as well. I mean, one of the most incredible things about the original sherlock stories is that, after killing off the great Sherlock Holmes, the backlash was so ridiculous that the writer was basically FORCED to raise him from the dead! Is it really so far fetched to think that history is intentionally repeating itself??? It it really so insane that  the “groundbreaking” tv we were promised is actually an entirely unprecedented television conspiracy??? That the show destroys itself just to come back to life? I for one DO think that Moftiss is clever enough and caring enough. Even if they don’t really care about what the people want, they do care about what THEY want. And a Lost Special would certainly be an incredible, dare-I-say genius fix-it for the show we all love <3

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TMIT: They can have dinner with any 3 other people, alive OR dead (as in they would come back to life for just that dinner alone)! Who do they choose and why?

Hm. Let’s see…

1) Either one of his parents. He has lots of questions…basic questions like, “Why was I found alone in the woods with no memory?” and “Why do I have these lovely recurring nightmares?” that he would LOVE to have answered.

2) His ex (not the last one…the one before her). He has one question for her. Simple one really, “What the hell was so difficult about leaving a letter?” (He would’ve preferred a ‘Dear John,” letter to being up and abandoned…again. If you’re going to leave, okay but at least tell him.)

3) And probably @felonous . He knows the man is the father of Andi’s twins, and he knows that he is fairly involved with them. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to get to know the guy at least a little. (He might try to drag @hopebringerpriestess to that one…)

Thanks @felonous !

who will die?

ok this may piss a lot of ppl off BUT keep reading and hear me out.

7x10 preview we see blind Jenna wielding a gun (smart!) she clearly shoots one of the liars. Now I saw a post about the boots on spencer being tucked under the pants and Arias being Over the pant.
I think they showed us that to trick us. The legs scrambling away look teeny tiny. definitely not spencer. also… Spencer is wearing ripped jeans, the shooting victims jeans are not ripped.

so.. what if it isn’t toby that will die. What if it will be Aria.

Think about it.. have u seen lucy share behind the scenes stuff lately? she’s had a lot of time to insta her dog and no pll related activity. She’s doing overseas touring and signings soon while others are probably going to be shooting scenes. plus if she has been on set it can definitely be flashbacks. think season 1-3 alison! it is the season of answers so flashbacks flashback flashbacks!

Ezra realized Nicole is dead and is coming back to Aria TOMORROW. How cathartic that he comes back to see her shot and fighting for her life. It will be a beautiful way to show just how selfless Aria is.. trading in wedding flight tickets for him to have closure on Nicole and then she dies selflessly.

Holden is confirmed to be back next half… why?? he is irrelevant now, but he would come back for Arias funeral wouldn’t he.

Troian said shooting this scene in the finale was the hardest thing. working with someone almost everyday all these years and having to say goodbye was awful. hmm.. we all just assumed Toby but I feel like they purposely made it look so damn obvious.

So my guess is Spencer will literally be there as Aria is lying there… dying… the end. (Thus explaining Troian’s quote)

…January comes and we finally get Confirmation on whether Aria lives or dies.

If that isn’t motivation to finally end this A game once and for all, no holds bar, balls to the wall, I don’t know what is.

Exo’s reaction of when their gf’s character dies tragically in a drama

Exo reaction of when they’re watching a drama that their gf is in and her character dies tragically ~anonymous anonymous (hearteless, mindeless, no one who care about my jokes)

Baekhyun: “Please please pleaase let her not be dead, I mean she has to come back right?! Otherwise the entire drama is ruined!”

Chanyeol: “O wow Jagi, that’s.. that’s a lot of blood” *tough guy’s secretly scared of blood*

Chen: ‘You’re not really dead, right? You come back next season or something right?”

Kai: *starts thinking about what would happen if you die in real life*

Kris: “No, I’m not crying Baobei!”

Kyungsoo: *you were fighting really badass when you suddenly got shot*

Lay: *poor unicorn is really upset*

Luhan: *gives you extra hugs afterwards* 

Sehun: “Nooooo that’s not faiiirrr”

Suho: *sad airhorn playing in the distance*

Tao: *will fuck those screen writers up to make them bring you back in the next season*

Xiumin: “Ooo, you’re dead? How did that happen?”

I hoped you guys liked it! Saranghae~~~

O and please request more stuff, my askbox is almost emptyyyy >~<

simon monroe used to write poetry. his mother and father loved it; he grew up with it. and he started to write it. to begin with, it helped numb his feeling of worthlessness. 

but then he stopped. it just wasn’t working any more. the drugs were all that helped. the last time he wrote it, it was those few weeks in america. when the stardust was still there and everything was right in the world. 

when he rose, his cause was to the dead prophet. poetry didn’t matter

but then he meets kieren. an incredible boy who draws and paints and makes beautiful art. 

the poetry doesn’t come right away. it’s about three months after the whole “trying to kill kieren” thing that he sat down with pen and paper. it was originally to start a shopping list because kieren was coming back to life and starting to eat again. 

but then he’s got a verse about just how beautiful and amazing kier really is and it just goes from there. 

he leaves it out, not really thinking. and kieren finds it. he reads it when simon nips to get kieren some food. and when he comes back, he half expects things to just… go wrong.

but kieren just stands and kisses him and tells him its beautiful and he should write more.

and simon just mutters a “yeah” and kisses him again

Prometheus and Tommy Merlyn... or why I think there are good reasons to believe they could go that way.

So… I know. Tommy is dead. There is also that running joke of everybody on Arrow coming back to life but Tommy Merlyn. Do I believe they are going to erase the death that caused Oliver to really start his path to heroism? A part of me still really doubts it, because… well he is dead. Another part of me sees all these clues and they just tie in so perfectly that it’s hard to not think they might be planning something like that. Why? Well… follow me :) (warning: obviously, mention of spoilers)

Originally posted by merlynqueensgambit

Many things have been said about Prometheus, and I’ll list a lot of those at the end of this fun speculation/theory. But my train of thought went literally like this:

Wendy said that, in season 5, the reason why they killed BC would make even more sense, even to those who were so vehemently opposed to it. And honestly… I was a bit at a loss at that because… if you want to make those agree with you…

Originally posted by mavietresgaie

But then I feel like she probably kinda downplayed it in terms of acceptance from the stans, probably speaking of a much larger audience. And that’s how it all started. 

How was Laurel killed? She was killed by the Green Arrow’s arrow. Even if it was shot by DD… in the end, it was Oliver’s arrow that stabbed her. And I think… this might be more important than we first thought. Prometheus comes from season 1. Now that doesn’t mean it’s someone we saw on screen, but that it’s a result of what happened that season. If Prometheus is TM, maybe he is coming to avenge LL. You know… the woman he loved and died for? If that is what causes him to come and seek revenge… then yes… LL dying makes more sense because it brings everything full circle: TM really became the dark archer, like it was the plan all along, LL really was the one in the middle of everything (even though bye bye love triangle it is now a story of revenge). Any other character dying wouldn’t have had that impact at all. That perfect, perfect villain for season 5 (because honestly it would be perfect in terms of surprise, angst, tying loose ends, mirroring season 1, closing the chapter and so on) tying in with season 4 and LL and OQ. Now… I don’t like LL, I don’t like the way they are pimping her but damn if TM is the Dark Archer and if he comes to avenge her death then all that pimping actually makes sense. And unless you really are a full 100% only BC forever stan… having the classic, iconic Dark Archer fight, mirroring the one from 123, to tie in the fifth season… on the one hand you have the GA, inspired by the BC’s legacy, and on the other the Dark Archer, inspired by his love for LL. To me, yes, even as a non-BC lover, it makes even more sense why she was the one to die because her death finally brings closure to a five-season arc. 

Originally posted by sansa-starkz

(sorry for the LL glimpse you guys I just couldn’t find a gif with just Tommy saying ILY)

Also it got longer, so I had to cut my post.

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What just happened

Toby. No. No. No. No.

Nicole is alive
Jenna is kidnapped
Mary Drake is SPENCER’s mother (so is Charlotte her step sister? Ali is her cousin? Jason is her half brother AND cousin? Or have we been lied to some more??? What about Melissa? What is going on)
But really the only thing I care about is Toby. He’s not dead right? Not really? People come back to life on this show all the time and this is just another false alarm. Right?!?!?! That Spoby kiss was morally incorrect cuz he’s engaged but you can’t try and justify it with him and Yvonne’s DEATHHHHHH

So I don’t think Toby’s really dead. I have no evidence for this theory except i don’t think the show’s creators would kill off a fan favorite (and my own denial)

But can I just say
Yes Haleb! Emison!! MONA!!!!!! And I loved Em’s pineapple shirt it was adorable.

person: how are you? what’s going on in your life?

me: need to know - where is eddie lamb? why do the writers keep throwing so many love interests at emily? how did emily afford an apple watch? will she ever get her eggs back? where is tippi?! when is my bby wren coming back? why are the girls so stupid at covering up crimes? was charlotte ever really charles or was that a lie? did charlotte know about her mother? how did mary meet elliott? is elliott really dead b/c we all know no-one is ever 100% dead on this show, why do mary and spencer seem so alike? wtf actually happened in the dollhouse?

person: ffs


-all the delinquents really talking about their problems with eachother
-all the delinquents really coming to grip with what they done and trying to heal
-all the mentions of past dead characters omg cries
- they finally broke monty CRIES HARDER
- real jasper is back
-real bellamy is back
-real clarke is back
-all the delinquents playing a part at saving raven
-the show admitting that bellamy has feelings for clarke OMG
-raven being almost dead and still finding the solution as always
-monty emotional AF
- bellamy finally having someone that cares about his feelings back

The Truth about Redbeard

The first time Redbeard comes up, it’s when Mycroft is ribbing Sherlock at John’s wedding.  We’re meant to think that Mycroft’s point is: Sherlock was once over-emotional about a dead dog, and now Sherlock is being over-emotional again.

But what if Mycroft is really trying to leave a subtle clue for Sherlock?  Since Mycroft is well-established by the show to be omniscient, he must already know about Mary’s secret life.  So when Mycroft mentions Redbeard, he’s actually making an analogy with Mary to warn Sherlock.  And what is the analogy?

Mary faked her death to resume life as a different person.
Redbeard also faked *his* death to resume life as a different dog.

And what dog would Redbeard choose to come back as, once he tired of being Sherlock’s adored pet?  Naturally enough, the only other major dog character on the show: The Baskerville Hound.

If you look at them side by side, the physical resemblance is obvious.  Both, for example, have ears, eyes, and a nose.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

This betrayal is the only possible explanation for the fact that, at the very end of THoB, Sherlock claims not to understand sentimental feelings for a dog – despite the fact that Mycroft claims he was overly-sentimental about Redbeard:

SHERLOCK: So they didn’t have it put down, then – the dog.
JOHN: Obviously. Suppose they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.
JOHN: No you don’t.
SHERLOCK: No, I don’t. Sentiment?

This proves that Sherlock is in deep denial, but that unconsciously he has recognized the Hound as his once beloved dog Redbeard.  But the horror of acknowledging his own pet has returned to life and wants to destroy him is too traumatic for him to acknowledge.  This also explains why Sherlock is so unusually worked up in THoB, after his first meeting with the Hound.  Like Henry Knight (who is a mirror for Sherlock), Sherlock appears to be losing his mind because he is repressing a traumatic, dog-related experience from his childhood.

But what does this have to do with the rest of the show’s story arc?  The key is the moment in the final scenes of THoB, when Sherlock is confronting the Hound.  He momentarily flashes to an image of Moriarty, which indicates that Moriarty and the Hound are the same person (uh, person/dog).

This connection has already been subtly raised in TGG, when Moriarty observes “people can be so sentimental about their pets.”  This is yet another reference to Sherlock’s misplaced trust in the evil Redbeard, which is meant to show that the Moriarty we see on screen is nothing more than a figment of Sherlock’s imagination – a defense mechanism to cover the fact that the real master criminal and Sherlock’s once and future arch-nemesis is Redbeard, the family dog.  

This is, incidentally, why Moriarty throws the Bruce-Partington plans in the swimming pool.  It’s an oblique reference to the fact that Redbeard always loved bathtime.  

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You’re my jerk barista who purposely screws up my name when I order my caffeine fix AU. With woozi ^^

GUESS WHO’S BACK FROM THE DEAD HIATUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been out of school for about a week now and Shipmas is all done, so there’s really nothing else taking up my attention~ Of course, we may hit a bump in the road again in a few days when I get my wisdom teeth taken out, buuuuuut we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

You liked to think yourself a fairly calm person; a reasonable person, at that, and one who often enjoyed the simpler things in life - such as little corner coffee shops, forgotten little gatherings of nothing but pure peace and serenity. 

There was one in particular that had captured your attention, an unassuming little shop mere minutes down the street from your house. It was a charming place, never quite busy yet most certainly never empty. It had a certain sort of atmosphere about it that you just couldn’t get enough of, decorated entirely in warm colors with gentle music playing constantly, though just softly enough to hold a conversation over. Not that you’d want to hold a conversation in there, anyway; that was your private getaway, the place where you would go to gather your thoughts. 

You had to admit that you were a regular to the store - in fact, it seemed that you were in there nearly daily. You couldn’t help it; the coffee was good, the shop itself was quiet, and it was just a pleasant place to spend your time. By now, every single barista who had been working their for more than a week knew your order by heart, and you didn’t even have to ask when you walked in; they all knew your order and your name.

Yes, every last one of them knew your name, and precisely how to spell it - whether they chose to acknowledge that fact, however, was a different matter entirely. 

You had been a regular customer for quite a long time - at least a year, you supposed. As such, you had seen many baristas come and go. You didn’t mind the new faces; after all, you were in so much, it was no problem to build relationships with the new workers. Or so you thought, at least, until the first day that the purple haired boy entered the store.

You narrowed your eyes at him as he walked in - he was wearing the uniform, so he was quite clearly coming to work, though you didn’t recognize him. A new employee, you supposed. He looked like quite the serious character, thin eyes and mouth set in a narrow line, though the violet hair negated the tough guy image you supposed he was going for. 

Regardless of his seemingly serious exterior however, you stood from the seat that you had claimed as yours, making your way over to the counter to make your order for the day. 

“Hi,” you greeted, flashing him the brightest smile that you could.

He stared blankly at you for a moment, unamused, before responding with a voice entirely void of emotion, “Hi.”

You were thrown of slightly by his obvious lack of interest in talking, but you continued nonetheless. “I’m a regular here, but I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. First day, right? What’s your name?”

“Jihoon,” he answered flatly before effectively drawing the conversation to a close by saying, “What would you like to order?”

That sort of coldness was foreign to you, but you brushed it off. Oh, well. There were plenty of other baristas there; it wasn’t likely that you’d often have to deal with him. You told him your name and your order, making no further attempts at conversation, likely to his delight.

It didn’t take long for your drink to be prepared; it was a matter of only two or three minutes before the cup was set out on the counter for you, you graciously accepting it before making your way back to your seat. It wasn’t until you were sitting down, however, that you saw it. 

In typical coffee shop fashion, the barista had written your name on the side of the cup - the name on the cup, however, was not quite yours. It was clearly the right name, though a spelling error caught your eye quickly enough. You really didn’t mean to be rude, but… how on Earth had that extra “L” ended up in there?

You simply shrugged your shoulders as you took a sip, sending one last look back in the direction of the barista - “Jihoon”. Maybe he was just having an off day, you mused. Surely he’d be happier the next time that you met.

The next time wasn’t at all as far away as you had been anticipating, you realized as you strolled back into your favorite little coffee shop the next day. You had been all prepared to speak with your favorite baristas, perhaps Jeonghan or Jisoo who were always as kind as could be, but you were met once again with a glare hidden beneath a mop of purple hair. 

Alright, you thought, so perhaps the kid worked more than you had been expecting. It was no problem; you had dealt with rude people before, you could certainly deal with this one. With that thought in mind, you marched straight up to the counter, head held high.

“Good morning, Jihoon,” you greeted with a smile as bright as always.

Again, you were met with blankness. “’Morning. What would you like?”

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t the slightest bit irritated by his attitude, but you continued on as usual, repeating your spiel from the day before. Once again, he listened with a bored look on his face, hastily scrawling your name across the side of the cup before heading off to make the drink.

You said thank you as you accepted it, despite the fact that he didn’t bother with a “you’re welcome”. You didn’t stay and sit in the cafe that day as you might’ve usually - you had a busy day ahead of you and you only had time to stop in and buy the drink. You were out the door nearly as soon as it was in your hands, headed off to run your first errand of the day. It occurred to you only a few steps outside of the shop to check how your name was spelt - after all, you had to see if Jihoon had corrected his previous mistake.

Upon looking at the cup, it was apparent that he had learned from his mistakes and lost the “L”.

In its place, however, there was now an “M”.

It was all that you could do to glare at the cup in your hands. One error, you could excuse, but from such obvious misspellings, it was easy to see that he was doing it on purpose.

From there, it became routine. Jihoon worked nearly every day of the week, clearly a dedicated worker if there was nothing else to be said of him. And, somehow, your visits always seemed to be aligned with his shifts. Every time your ordered from him without fail, there was a new ‘mistake’ in your name - you might’ve congratulated him on his creativity with it all if you hadn’t been so pissed off about the situation. 

You were constantly looking for a way to get him back, a way to put the cheeky boy in his place. Said opportunity, it seemed, arrived on New Year’s Eve. 

You had decided to get the staff little gifts to start off the new year. You liked to think yourself friends with most of them, so it was only the kind thing to do to give them gifts as a thanks for all of their hard work throughout the year. Of course, though, you couldn’t give gifts to some employees and not others; even Jihoon had to receive something if you wanted to give a present to any of them. You really had no desire to give him anything; after his obvious rudeness, you had no desire to give him anything kind.

That, of course, was when it dawned on you.

You showed up in the morning on December 31st, wanting to get in there before any crowds started showing up. As always, all of the employees smiled at you as you walked in, save for the one manning the register - much to your delight, it seemed that Jihoon was working that day.

You strode confidently over to the register, all but slamming the delicately wrapped little box of candies down onto the counter before him.

He raised an eyebrow at you, not even bothering with words.

“Happy new year,” you said in a voice far too sugar coated to be natural, wide grin present on your face. “Go ahead, open it.”

He eyed you suspiciously, unsure of what to make of your peculiar behavior, but reached for the gift regardless, never one to turn down free things.

It was surprise after surprise for Jihoon that day, however, eyes going wide as he read across the back of the wrapping paper; “To: Chihon”.

He looked up at you in disbelief, only to be met by your smug smile. You said nothing; the gift spoke for itself.

Then, Jihoon did something that you thought you’d never see him do for as long as he worked at that coffee shop and had to deal with you: he smiled.

Granted, it was more of a devious smirk than anything else, but it was a smile nonetheless. 

“You know,” he spoke, voice more full of life than it had been in any single one of your conversations, “I think I could come to like you.”

i hope that was good as a ‘hey im back from hiatus’ celebration lmao

More Necromancer Jean Prouvaire Headcanons
  • Jehan feeds a horde of birds at the park, all of which they have brought back to life at least once.
  • Sometimes they lie awake at night, thinking of all the hedgehogs and cats they’ve never met thus never saved, and that makes then a tinsy bit sad
  • Watching zombie movies makes them incredibly tense because WHAT IF THAT REALLY HAPPENED THO
  • Jehan can wake the dead but they can also communicated with the dead. They often spend their Sundays in cemeteries, taking to people whose children and grandchildren never come visit, change the flowers…
  • “Your headstone looks absolutely lovely Hortence! Are they using some new polish? Anyway, what were you saying last week? About the day you met your husband? That was really sweet, can you tell the story again?”
  • They’ve made intensive research to find Virgil’s, Dante’s and Keats’s bodies because they have SO MANY QUESTIONS
  • They realised they could bring things back to life when they had to do the frog dissection thing in class. The frog hopped right off the table after Jehan had touched it. Jehan freaked out because “THEY WANTED ME TO KILL A FROG, THE FROG WAS ALIVE!”