and not or

thewiggleofjudas requested an And Not Or ‘verse drabble. :) ~~~~~ Sarah’s on her second glass of wine and is ensconced on the sofa when Sherlock comes over and manages to flop down–elegantly–next to her. His head settles against her thigh and her fingers slip automatically into his dark hair. She listens to John in the kitchen washing up the last of the dishes and knows she only has a moment or two. “Sherlock.” He hums. “Have you ever wanted to …” She takes a sip from her glass. Swallows. “Observe?” she settles on. He stills beneath her fingertips. “I mean, I know you’ve said you’re not interested in participating, and I wouldn’t want you to do anything that made you uncomfortable …” She can almost feel him roll his eyes. “I know,” he says. John is almost done, and she finds her bravery. “Sometimes you seem curious. And I just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t mind.” He lets the moment stretch out so long that Sarah thinks that may be the end of it, but he asks softly, “And would John mind?” “I dunno.” She looks over to the kitchen. John is hanging the towel on the oven door. He is grabbing his wineglass and turning to come join them. She slides her fingers along Sherlock’s scalp and says, “Shall we ask him?”

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★, and not or? <3

:) you know the way to my <#

I’m proud of a few things about And Not Or, but I’ll pick the big one: I was so concerned about doing my research on asexuality so that Sherlock’s experience would ring true, and to have folks say that it did, and even say that my little fic helped them figure out things about their own sexuality—it’s one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received, and I’m very proud of (and humbled by) that.