and not only when i was a child

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Top 5 Nando-fans moments, please 😊

okay here we go, literally months later but whatever! 

5that time when a kid got really excited to have the same hair colour than fernando and actually touched it petted him asfkjshdkdhfks 

the vid includes the child blurting “torres! why are you so evil??” because nando wasn’t coming to them fast enough, bye

4. that time when another little kid was crying so fernando did that. 

tag urself i’m the colchoneros being there despite him playing for chelsea at the time :’)))

3. that time when he decided that “resting after a head injury” meant going to a crowded stadium to see his teammates play and ofc the fans were ready to shower him with love and support

true royalty of the calderón :’)

2. that time when he talked with kids who were waiting outside atléti training grounds, immediately turning into a Worried Parent™ (yes i know my list includes a lot of children but i’m lobbying for him to teach the academy kids after he retires so!!)

”hey kids! how are you? you’re not cold? no? for real?”

1. and finally that time when he came back to atléti and colchoneros were there to welcome him home <33333

“It’s the best memory I have as a footballer. Just for living that day… Just for that moment, it was worth everything. For that morning at the Calderón it was worth going back.”

TFA a path to TLJ

I am reading TFA for the second time! and I am in the part of Rey’s vision when taking the lightsaber that we now know that if it belonged to Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren …

In the vision as we know in the novelization a child comes out … now that I’ve seen the movie TLJ gives me to understand that that child if it’s Ben Solo … the true spirit of Ben only his inner light that follows then hidden under the breastplate of Kylo Ren.

Now, the words that Maz says to Rey at that time …

-Yes, Han told me-his voice was now kind, far removed from the harsh and sarcastic tone he had used until then-Hope what you expect … to whoever you expect … I can see it in your eyes, you already You know the truth … he will never come back. But there is someone who could come back. WITH YOUR HELP.

∞ Here we are going to jump up to TLJ events. Maz tells Rey that he will never come back … that brings me to the Island with Luke, even though she waits to take him back with Leia and the resistance will never come back and Luke told him that many times, the I would never leave the Island. I am very sure that Rey knew it since he launched the lightsaber when they met.

¨ But there is someone who can come back with your help¨
This part makes me think now of the events that happened during TLJ in Kylo Ren. Kylo has conflicts, he knows it, Rey knows it too and she let him see it in the elevator … But she is sure that he will come back because he saw him in the vision of the future … Only with her help will he be able to return.

-This saber was luke. (Correction belonged to Anakin after Luke and finally Ben Solo). And before it was his father’s. He is calling you. What you are looking for is not behind you. IT’S AHEAD. I’m not a Jedi, but I know the strength. It moves through and around you are all alive. Close your eyes. feel it the light. He has always been there .. She will guide you. The sword. Take it.

Here, where Maz tells her the saber is calling you, is a clear example that Ben Solo is calling Rey, since he was the last carrier of the lightsaber.

∞Maz, tells her that what she is looking for is not his past … this is made known to Kylo through the bond force, he said that we must let the past die so we can continue FORWARD. Maz, she emphasizes that what she is looking for … what makes me think of the visions that Rey and Kylo had when they touched their hands in the last jedi.

After this Rey runs out into the forest …

∞ She will guide you (the light) … I feel that this is more Ben Solo … Ben’s light will only guide her to where she should go, in TFA she ran to the forest and met Kylo Ren for the first time .. The connection that they have its really deep… the light and the darkness in both … it is deep of that there is no doubt … of one thing I am sure and that is Rey is the key to bring Ben Solo back or sink but to Kylo Ren in the dark.

This makes me think that since TFA we were preparing for TLJ.

2:19am thoughts

I’m staying at my dad’s home tonight. Time seems to be frozen still here, almost like I’m walking through a garden of an alternate reality. I reminisce what my life was like as a child when I used to live with him. Everything seemed softer, more simpler. His eyes are kind and his hands are warm. He talks about plants and his homegrown veggies with such pride and irrevocable passion. I often feel so lost and different but he seems to be the only person in my personal life who makes me feel grounded and understood. I miss him so much and I wish I could be with him more. Bless my lucky stars for having him in this life.

Him and his girlfriend live in this homely barn-style house with a spiral staircase. The air is always scented with the candles she makes for a hobby. The house is wrapped in beautiful vines and it’s always bright inside. I’m currently lying in the top stairs room with a crochet blanket around me. The world is still around me. I’ve had a lot more time to do what I want to do since finishing school and I’ve enjoyed most of the time I get alone. I’ve been dreaming, drawing and reading. I like to sit quietly with my thoughts whilst listening to music lately. When I am here it’s as though the world around me isn’t here and I am in a dream. Sometimes I wish I could take a really long train journey in some country highland in England and go somewhere, anywhere. How amazing it would be to walk through a portal door into another universe. I’m trying to enioy where I am now. At this age. In this moment. I feel as though I missed a lot of memories in my teenage years due to these fears of how I looked in my skin. I’m being more brave and bolder this year.

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How do we know that kaneki wasn’t lying/touching his chin when he’s said he’s happy for having a child...? He made like a super weird and sad face when he was asking about the delivery date...

I don’t think Kaneki was lying about it.

This is because after he began to suspect Touka could be pregnant, he quickly visited her to make sure about it, talking to her with a happy smile (this panel only appeared in the official release). In addition, the baby was also Kaneki’s motivation to get up and fight at the 24 ward, showing his illusion about it.

On the her hand, his face in ch 131, is motivated by the fact he had to choose between Yoriko and the baby, deciding to abandon Yoriko for the baby’s sake (something he was unable to do in the past). Being his sad expression due to it, since it hurt him to have to abandon a person that is also important for Touka.

It’s true, that he could be touching his chin in the panel (since we cannot see it), but don’t think it was related to the baby, but the fact he was hiding the fact it hurt him to have to abandon Yoriko in the process, since before and after has shown to be happy about Touka being pregnant.

Have a nice day and thanks for the ask!

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i have come to the conclusion that i have a baby face. now im questioning myself. help?

embrace it! get child tickets when u go to the movies they’re cheaper! that’s really the only upside to a baby face i think tbh….also my sister still tells people she meets i’m 8…

So…we are only one generation away from the end of the Berry Pastel Rainbowcy! I know Tenor is still a toddler but once his youngest child is a Young Adult,the challenge will be over and that’s crazy to me!

I have never in the history of me playing Sims stuck with a family for so long before…and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! But,there will be a few changes to the Sugar-Ray’s once the last child of generation 9 is a YA.

My plan is to take whoever is still alive when generation 9 is grown up and move them to a brand new save. My current save was started May 23rd,2017 and it’s definitely time for a brand new one! This also means that I’m gonna be adding some of YOUR Berry Sims into my save! :)

I already have a few Sims tucked away in my library (including @berrysweetboutique , @tainoodles , @frost-rainbowcy and @riseofthecowplants ) but if there are anymore of you that would like me to include some of your Sims into my new save,please message me/send me an ask and let me know where I can find your Sims!

Also,I want to say THANK YOU ♥ I am ONE follower away from 200 and I can’t even begin to explain how happy that makes me :) You all are truly amazing and I always enjoy seeing your comments on my posts and seeing your names come up in my notifications! So again…thank you ♥

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Oml I just discovered your Spectrum Squad™ and I gotta say: 10 out of 10. I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about Blaise, Mililani, Patricio, and Sally? I must know more about them :0


- their full name is patricio flores. they grew up in recife, brazil, and their current age is 19

- their family is made up of a private investigator father and an adopted sister of the same age. their mother’s whereabouts are unknown

- they were very quiet as a child, often preferring to interact with their surroundings instead of talking to others. only when they got a sister did they begin opening up vocally

- their father often came back home with little knickknacks from his job, so patricio has a bad habit of collecting any item that looks interesting to them

- this came in handy once they discovered that they could combine objects with each other. the first creation was a lego-style rubix cube. it was…interesting


- his full name is mililani kaleo gardner. he grew up in hau’ula, at the oahu island of hawaii. his current age is 20

- his family is made up of tour executive mother and a younger sister. his mother is samoan and his father (deceased) was hawaiian/japanese american

- he plays many instruments, including a ukelele and a midi board. he ended up mastering a lot because once he has a goal, he’ll do anything in his power to train himself

- he grew up juggling a lot of jobs in order to pay for his dream job - performing in a professional production. one of his favorite gigs was working as a dj

- in middle school, he noticed that the music room’s piano had grown off-key. since he had perfect pitch, he played the notes and hummed what they should sound like. before he tried tuning the piano, he realized that he manipulate the sounds coming out of the piano to be in tune. a flat piano note slowly grew higher until it matched his hum


- his full name is blaise aidon fitzroy. he grew up in northern texas, but rarely had a singular ‘hometown’ because he moved so often. his current age is 21

- his family is made up of a novelist mother, a tailor father, and an older brother and sister. because his parents were often absorbed in their work, young blaise was mostly taken care of by his siblings

- although he grew up to enjoy going out and befriending strangers, he was initially intimidated by people and felt that making friends was too much trouble

- he’s a huge thrillseeker. he’s the kind of dork who explores abandoned train tracks and gushes about the kind of ghosts he might see

- his empathy is very strong, leading him to become very honest and compassionate with his friends. although his poker face is effective, he rarely lies


My family has been messy since the youngest kid, Winter, was born. And with my parents decide to have the twins switched rooms, they held a grudge with it. I was the only kid who didn’t oppose it, and they soon hate me too. I mean, the twins.

Dusty only trusted his sister, when Strawberry disliked Kiku upon learning her inability to laugh at her jokes. And me? Being the oldest child whose siblings despise for not choosing them.

A few months ago, I received a package from one of the closest friend I met online, @piahautea (visit her blog you guys! she’s a lovely peach full of sparkles). It was my first time to receive a package, so guess who was smiling the whole time. 

I was surprised I was able to stop myself not to open the gift at work and wait until I get home. When I finally opened it, I feel like a child who received her first gift. She gave me adorable stuff. So the things that I received are Colored pens from Daiso, a bookmark (!!!!), a notepad and a lip balm. There’s also a short note from pea, but I didn’t include it in the photo. 

Thank you for the ‘smol’ gift pea! I really really appreciate it. Hehe. Not only this gift but for the gift of friendship. I love you Pea! 


bc mark’s smile warms even the coldest of hearts
↳ for the softest mark stan i know @99mqrk 🌻💛

Jason having an episode of psychosis and confirmed depression/low-key suicidal in rhato 9 is very, very important. No more pretending and all the fake n52 happiness. And Jason was so calm about it, probably because it wasn’t the first time it happened

Okay, so, Random thought I got during exam stress; Draco can’t have been the only child from death eater(s) or death eater syphatisant, right?

So when the war ended, a number of kids aged 2-17 (I guess not real babies bc being pregnant during a war isn’t practical) suddenly found themselves either with dead or imprisoned parents. They also find themselves with a set of moral guide lines that could not be further from being okay (unless they’re really young ofc, bc then they’d have no guidelines)

So here’s a thought: What about Draco trying to redeem himself by teaching/raising those kids to know what’s right and what isn’t?

Because Draco would be the kind of person they’d listen to, because he’s a canon good leader of groups (that includes tiny first years) and he’s about the only one who knows what they’ve been through.

Those kids would have trouble listening to other adults, especially from the light side, because they’ve been raised not to trust those kinds of people. And despite the horribe things his father has done, I do believe that at least in some way Draco still loves his parents. I think he’d be one of the only, if not the only, one who is capable of teaching those kids how to love their parents (if, at the end of the war, those kids still love their parents. Draco wouldn’t advice them to start loving them again if they don’t due to all the shit mummy and daddy have done in the war) while still renouncing the way they think.

And now imagine those kids writing to Draco exitedly about being sorted into Ravenclaw, telling him about their first kiss, asking for career advice, celebrating birthdays, having a snowball fight and each year spending Christmas together.

You know, the kind of thing you’d do with a good parent (which none of them have).

Are you smiling now?

Good. So is Draco, and so is his newfound family of misfits. Which also totally includes Harry btw

MOSQUITO: Huh… actually, yeah I’m kind of curious if he brought Stripe with him too?

MOSQUITO: He’s been known to freak out so much that he forgets stuff, so I wouldn’t put it past him I guess.

MOSQUITO: Hey, Wonder Tweek?

WONDER TWEEK: …Ugh, what.

MOSQUITO: I know you’re um, still mad at me and stuff, but…

MOSQUITO: I don’t think I remember seeing you take Stripe with you on the way out?

MOSQUITO: Do you have her with you?

WONDER TWEEK: Stripe? Since when do you care about Stripe?

MOSQUITO: I dunno! She’s like a child to us all at the base!

MOSQUITO: A sweet, innocent daughter who only deserves the highest care and affection!

WONDER TWEEK: I bought her! Stripe is mine and Craig’s, not yours!

WONDER TWEEK: If you’re trying to get me to feel bad for you or something–

MOSQUITO: No, bzz! I’m just

MOSQUITO: She’s just.

MOSQUITO: People on the blog–



MOSQUITO: Is she in your pocket?

WONDER TWEEK: Ghhgfhgj! She probably heard you say her name! I’m pretty sure she was sleeping!


WONDER TWEEK: Thanks for waking her up, jerk!


MOSQUITO: Can I PLEASE take a picture this is an URGENT SUPER HERO MATTER.

WONDER TWEEK: Agggh, fine! If you’ll just stop talking to me afterwards!

MOSQUITO: No promises!

MOSQUITO: Oh she is SO good.

WONDER TWEEK: Try not to get me in the picture, I don’t need shit tons of pictures of me all over the internet!

MOSQUITO: I promise I’ll crop you out, I only want the goodgood here.

Popular headcanon: Nursey starts shit to upset Dex

Reverse headcanon: Dex does the lion’s share of the shit stirring.

Dex: Hey is that your notebook?

Nursey: Please do not touch my things.

Dex, who has no sense of boundaries, already leafing through it: Yeah, what?

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Guardian Slang

So after getting into a conversation with a civilian who didn’t understand half of what I was saying, me and @frackingplaceholder decided to put together a short list of Guardian slang and colloquialisms. If we missed anything important, let us know.

  • Guardian Kiss: verb. The act of gently bumping your helmet against someone as a sign of affection. Example: She leaned over and gave her friend a Guardian kiss.
  • Titan Teddy Bear: noun. A type of Titan whose personality is exceedingly affectionate. Example: They hugged me and told me how much they missed me even though I’ve only been gone for a day. My teammate is a real Titan Teddy Bear.
  • Trip to the City: colloquialism. When a Guardian jumps off the Tower as a means of initiating Ghost revive. Not to be confused with an actual trip to the City. Example: He just went on a trip to the City, he’ll be back when his Ghost catches up.
  • Yor-child: noun. Someone who is excessively gloomy and dramatic. Example: I can’t stand them, they’re such a yor-child.
  • Traveler’s Broken Ass: exclamation. Vulgar slang. Example: Traveler’s broken ass, when will they stop?!
  • Zavala’s Wet Dream: colloquialism. When something goes exactly as planned with no setbacks. Example: The mission went well, it was basically Zavala’s wet dream.
  • Cupid’s Knife: noun. A Hunter knife that has their contact information on it. This knife would be thrown at someone the Hunter would like to ask out on a date, or otherwise get to know better. Example: I got hit with a Cupid’s Knife so on one hand, I’m bleeding, but on the other hand, I have a date for Saturday.
  • Thanat: noun. Someone who dies a lot, and is particularly dramatic about it. From Thanatonaut. Example: They’re being a huge thanat about getting blasted by that Walker.
  • Machining: verb. Talking fast, like machine gun fire. Example: She machines way too much, I can’t understand her.

sweet kisses for the sweetheart ❤