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Please, I urge you all to share this, even if you’re not a Dutch blogger.

The girl in the pictures is called Anne Faber and she’s been missing since Friday the 29th of September. The second photo is a selfie she sent to her boyfriend right before she vanished. She was cycling, it’s unknown where she was headed but as far as we know she had no plans with other people. She was last seen at 5 PM, the selfie was sent at 6:15 PM. It’s been since discovered this photo was taken in Baarn, The Netherlands. This was about 20km away from her house where she started her journey.

Around midnight, Anne’s parents and boyfriend decided to call the police and report her missing. She’s not picking up or answering messages, her WhatsApp messages are unread. The next day a search party was sent out, for days they searched to no avail.

Tuesday October 3rd suddenly brought change. They figured out her phone signal. It was last detected at 7:30 PM the night she vanished. It shows she had cycled from Soest to De Bilt (both Utrecht, The Netherlands). At 5 PM the same day, someone finds a coat. We only found out today that it belonged to her.

Thursday October 5th, we find a bike in a pond in Huis Ter Heide (Utrecht, Netherlands). It matches the description of Anne’s bike. The pond is drenched.

A day later on October 6th, a bag is found that also matches the description of Anne’s bag. Nothing is found in the pond. It’s been a week since she went missing.

And today, October 7th, they’re looking in the mud of the drenched pond. It’s yet unclear whether the bag is Anne’s.

Now I know many of you aren’t Dutch and don’t even live in this environment. But this girl went missing in my area, and the fact that she sent this selfie right before vanishing makes this just so much weirder. Please, consider sharing this. We don’t know what happened. She might have been the victim of a kidnapping that took her to a different country.

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lonely is not the right word anymore. maybe what i’m talking about is quiet. sitting in my own space and letting my mind be curious again. i fill my time now with beautiful books and poetry. i fill the bath tub up and wash away my sins and the sins of old lovers. i’m becoming clean again. my freshly washed sheets only smelling like me. this is what okay feels like, this is what i have needed. 


New York Times is tracking everyone that has been accused of sexual misconduct that is facing consequences and fallout since the allegations against Harvey Weinstein broken on October 5th. 

There are 34 names on their list right now. There are many many more who have been accused, and who have resigned, but this is the high profile ones.  

You might notice some similarities between the members of the list: there are some clear trends. For instance, every one of them is a white male. 

Then there are the differences, usually in the response. Some are apologizing and immediately looking for ways to make amends, others are vehemently denying the accusations to the point of insulting their accusers. 

This list is going to get longer as more people find the courage to come forwards. As long as the country continues to listen to those that step up to speak, and as long as society continues to trust them, this list will keep getting longer. 

And that’s a wonderful thing. 


I’m sorry for the lack of content lately. Please accept this speedpaint video as a peace offering ;;


“I hated the first season. I did! I actually had a nervous breakdown. I would get up every morning, dreading going to work. I would have nightmares about going to work. I hated my character. If I was asked to write a backstory for her, I wouldn’t know one thing to say. So I went to see a psychiatrist. I told him my problem. That I felt stuck and that I was gonna leave the profession again. I was already like 75 by now… I spent twelve hours in therapy and then he asked me to invite Grace into the room and talk to Grace. And I fell in love with Grace. And I discovered that what it was is… in the first season began by us being abandoned by our husands and that triggerd me - and I went right down that dark hole. But from then on, it’s a joy. It’s an absolute joy.” - Jane Fonda at the Savoy Theatre (15th October, 2017)

teach me the power of quiet. teach me how to be slow. give me a moment where i want to spread out into eternity and not think about tomorrow. give me a love where i live every moment in the now. give me a love where i don’t think too much about before and after. teach me how to brush my hands on his lips and let it rest, resisting the urge to rush into another kiss. teach me about softness, i already know my own but teach me another. teach me how to be okay in the silence and teach me how to know when to be still. i want to be a part of hushed kisses and whispers of right now. i want to learn about not being afraid of today, not being afraid of the resilient silence of the unknown. teach me, give me that love. 

Most people: I’m so excited because we’re getting closer to Halloween and Christmas!

Me: I’m so excited because we’re getting closer to new-anime season! And also the time when everybody writes Christmas fanfiction of my favourite otps!

We Are Winning.

Yesterday, as I reflected on the recent days of Life Under Trump, I came to a realization about our Great Leader: he’s tiring.

I know he’s been tiring since he first started campaigning, but I mean that he, Donald Trump, the 71-year-old grandfather in the White House, is actually becoming tired. He’s played all of his cards, every single one–and he’s starting to have to rely on his old hits.

He’s just not tweeting like he used to. Back during the start of the campaign, he was making promises, attacking everyone he could, and rallying support for new candidates and promising results from new Cabinet members. He would talk about obstruction and wall funding, and eventually he started a war with the NFL.

He tried that again the other day…and it was pathetic. He just made the one tweet, only one comment, where normally he could have three or four or even six show up in one day. Granted, the longer format on Twitter means that he no longer has to use “dot dot dot”, but even that was just another weapon he used to cultivate suspense. Now, that weapon is gone. One tweet is all he gets, and I don’t even know if he has the energy for that.

He’s decided to fight LaVar Ball, of all people, in order to secure a victory that is really just him doing his job–he’s not even fighting for a victory, but for recognition of a victory. Had he let it drop and simply said “To the three young men I freed from a China prison–you’re welcome!”, he could have started a debate and projected confidence, forcing an air of gratitude onto them. Instead, he revealed that he had not been thanked and wanted the recognition…because he’s desperate. He’s not feeling his old pride anymore.

His travel bans have been defeated time and time again. Obamacare lives. Two candidates he supported both lost in humiliating elections, and he can’t send an endorsement to the current battlefield because it would mean endorsing pedophilia. People are turning their eyes back to his sexual assault scandals with a new hunger, sensing vulnerability. The Russia probe is closing in. Advisers and aides are being indicted, and he has already chosen the defense of “they’re really not affiliated with me”–a defense that could easily crumble when someone close to him succumbs. Stephen Bannon is gone. Sebastian Gorka is gone. Kelly won’t let him have the briefings he wants, and even Kelly himself has been questioned. He just got back from Asia, where he met multiple leaders who were smarter and more unchallenged than him, and it made him feel inferior. It’s cold, and he didn’t go golfing–and he knows the next time he goes golfing, the press is going to hound him. If he goes to Mar-a-Lago, the press will be there. They’ll turn it against him. The list goes on and on.

Do you want proof that this is working?

His last weekly address was on October 13th. Over a month ago.

He’s tired. He can’t go on like this. He’s stressed, he’s collapsing. He had a glimmer of hope with the Uranium One thing and the Donna Brazile story on “Crooked Hillary”, but even that little number is getting weaker and weaker–with Hillary simply shrugging and calling him “obsessed” with her.

Because he is. That’s the one political battle he could win, and now he’s staring right down the barrels of two more defeats: the tax plan and the Alabama election.

I’m making no promises, but if both of those turn against him–if the tax plan is shot down in the Senate and Doug Jones becomes a Senator–it could all be over. This could be the end of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man has a coronary before his one-year-President-anniversary.

He doesn’t fight. He doesn’t smile. He barely speaks. When’s the last time he held a rally? When is his next rally?

Old Man Donald needs a win. Taxes, Alabama, the border wall, he needs something. But he’s terrified that he’s going to lose them all.

Let’s see to it that he does.

Don’t relent, don’t relax. Push harder. Call your representatives and tell them to vote against the tax bill, campaign for Doug Jones and denounce Roy Moore, don’t bother defending Al Franken or any other ally who is accused of sexual misconduct, keep fighting the battles on Trump’s turf and break down his walls. His armor is cracked–go for the kill.