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I usually don’t talk about myself in terms like this, because there’s no need to do so.  But this is pride month, and I’ve already been such a big chicken that I’ve let appropriate opportunities pass me by.

So, taking a deep breath, I will say this one time only before the mostly general fannish flailing resumes.

This is me.  Coming out.  In case you were wondering.

Painted Faces

Part Three of the Anthony Meets Tony Series made based on @one-piece-of-harry ‘s ideas. Part 1 here, and part 2 This was supposed to be a oneshot. Anyways have some fluff.

“Are you sure he’s your kid? He doesn’t look much like you.” Christine Everhart calls. Tony’s jaw drops.

“Of course I’m sure. Do you know how many people have claimed to have my kid? Also he looks just like me. What did you expect my kid to have a goatee?” Tony says, questioning the intelligence of the human race. The kid is literally a carbon copy of him. Why is this even a question.

The next day there are accusations on the front page of every major news source about Tony’s kid. Some say he was adopted, others say stolen.

Tony calls a press conference.

“I have gathered you all here today to prove a point, this is Anthony.” Tony says, holding the kid on his hip.

“Hi!” Anthony calls, waving at the crowd. A few people coo at him.

“Anthony here, is my son.” Tony says. “Too prove it, I’ve called in my friend Tom. A professional make up artist.” He walks over to Tom, who opens up a huge makeup kit.

“Woah.” Anthony whispers next to his ear. “That’s a lot.” Tony smiles at the boy and nods. They face away from the reporters as Tom quickly applies the makeup, Anthony giggling at the sensation.

“I think that you all forget that I was not born with this magnificent goatee.” Tony says, scratching at his chin. A few reporters laugh, and he turns around, showing off Anthony’s drawn on goatee. “Does he look like me now?”

Cameras flash, and Anthony giggles, waving at them all and striking a pose.

“I’m dad Tony! Look!” He wriggles around so his arm is out straight his legs kicking out behind him in a classic flight pose.

“Whoosh. Ironman here to save the day.” Tony says, clinging to his waist as he spins Anthony through the air. Anthony laughs loudly, delighted. The reporters are smiling too, a few more are making cooing noises than before.

“Anyways, this is my son, and we’re awesome.” Tony calls, before pulling Anthony up onto his shoulders and stalking out of the room. Anthony giggling with his hands gripping Tony’s hair.


Since PLL’s ending this Tuesday, I decided to get my theory out there. I’ve had this theory for a while now and it’s kind of a long shot but I just really wanted to write my thoughts out. So, I basically think that detective Wilden is alive and A.D.

Here’s why:

Ever since they used the (very realistic) Wilden mask in 6x20, I’ve been wondering why. Mary and Archer made Ali think she’s insane by pretending to be Jessica DiLaurentis and Wilden. I just wonder, why Wilden? Why let Alison see Wilden and not for example Ian or Garret? This could of course also be a thing that the writers didn’t think about, but still. So, Alison sees Wilden and in 7x04 we find all this pictures of Wilden in Archer’s apartment, which is really weird to me. How does Archer know Wilden? Charlotte did know him, did they talk about Wilden?

In 7x06 we see this man with a mask in a police uniform attacking Alison. I always thought this was a huge clue. The guy also looks like Wilden to me. And again, a (kind of) realistic mask.

Okay now, I know Wilden is dead and I know we had his funeral and all. BUT we thought Mona was dead, we thought Alison was dead, and they also weren’t. Mona was drugged by Charlotte so she looked dead but was still alive, she just couldn’t talk or move. She drugged Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis with this as well, in 6x10. And who is the one that “killed” Wilden? Exactly, Cece/ Charlotte. What if she drugged Wilden with the same thing and he really is alive?

Besides that, the episode that we have Wilden’s funeral is called “A is for A-L-I-V-E” and even though we thought this was because of Alison, it could easily be for Wilden too.

Oh, and Ian Harding said “I don’t buy this” when he read the script for 7x20, so maybe that’s because a dead character is A.D.?

A.D. = After Death

Wilden was also mentioned A LOT by Cece/ Charlotte in 6x10. Plus he was beach hottie and we know he was the queen of hearts and killed Garret. He knows both Alison and Charlotte. Charlotte and Wilden were friends before she “killed” him. He also has connections with Melissa, so that includes Wren too. IT’S WILDEN, IT HAS TO BE.

ok ok i guess it’s that time! where i say embarrassing sappy things!

i shared a bit of this at the end of season 3 but i think it’s worth sharing again: i was in a really intense depressive episode when i first started watching skam. there were so many changes and question marks in my life last fall, and i’d just come out. it was an incredibly isolated time for me. i thought that finding isak was exactly what i needed to get me through that time, and of course he was and will remain one of the most important characters to me forever. but it’s really been the community of people i’ve gotten to know and love through skam that has made me so much happier and healthier. some of you are my friends for life, some friends in passing, but all of you were a part of something so important to me.

i admire all of your creativity and courage, your passion to advocate for what you want to see in the world. you guys inspire me and i love you!

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(i've never really requested anything on a scenario page before so i'm sorry if this sounds awkward) hi !! i really love your medical series (especially trauma surgeon!jihoon -- it's not too often that i see a y/n who's in the medical field and it makes me happy) ,,, could I request a neurosurgeon!seungcheol au where you're also in the medical field (preferably as a neurosurgeon or neurologist too but I'm sorry if that's too specific ahh)? thank you so much for writing scenarios !!

thank u so much ohmygosh !!! im glad it made u happy ++ of course, ghjkhg no problem❤

  • ur a new neurosurgeon who only just joined the department fresh from training and tbh ur terrified
  • you’ve never been given this much responsibility in ur life
  • u try to be as confident and friendly as possible when ur being given a quick run-down on the basics and being led around the department meeting staff
  • ur mainly putting on a cool head in order to assure urself
  • the doctor accompanying u, dr kim mingyu, seems rly bubbly and eager to help u so thats kinda reassuring
  • he’s all like “we look forward to having u on the ward!! i’m sure you’ll get along with everyone rly well”
  • u think damn he’s sweet
  • after ur tour, he round drops u off at the on call room and is like “well i have to go now so just make urself at home in there for a while!!” and .. leaves u
  • so u quickly hide urself in there and as u shut the door behind u, u lean against it with ur forehead upon the wood and just let out this quiet scream
  • after u feel a marginal bit of stress relieved u sigh and turn around then just. freeze
  • standing there is this flawless looking human being standing there partially dressed in scrubs, clearly half-way through getting changed
  • he’s !!!!!!!! not !!!! wearing !!!!!! trousers !!!!!!!!
  • u just feel every drop in ur blood run cold as he just stares at u with these big gorgeous brown eyes that yell “what the fuck are u doing”
  • so u blurt “sORry” before sprinting out
  • and you’ve literally never felt more embarassed in ur life
  • u try to brush it off hoping that you’ll never have to see him again but u can’t stop thinking naked thighs naked thighs naked thighs naked thi
  • later that very day u have ur first surgery and ur hastily told that you’ll be accompanying dr choi before being shoved into scrubs and into theater
  • so u begin prepping urself and get all hyped and start kind of jumping up and down on the balls of ur feet like “yes !! i can do this !! let’s do this !! woo-”
  • and then u see the neurosurgeon accompanying u walk in
  • and
  • it’s naked thighs
  • u feel urself cringe and watch as his eyes lock with urs and they widen as he realises the person he saw screaming at a door as he stood there half naked is supposed to be performing actual surgery with him
  • so u quickly begin busying urself like pleasepleaseplease may this not be real and then before u know it, surgery begins
  • despite ur circumstances dr choi remains professional and cool-headed and knows exactly what he’s doing
  • and u just think ?? wow ?? he’s unbelievably handsome and talented ??
  • after surgery u bump into dr kim again, so u curiously ask him what kind of person dr choi is
  • he explains “oh!! he’s the leading neurosurgeon and one of the most well respected doctors in the hospital!!”
  • and u just
  • scream
  • inside
  • u don’t have another surgery together for a week or so but every day you’d see him eating in the canteen or on the ward
  • and if ur eyes would ever meet you’d fearfully look away dreading what he probably thinks of u
  • u just can’t help but admire him and his thighs and how much he respects and values his patients
  • he always has all the time in the world for them and will genuinely listen to everything they say
  • then one time ur washing ur hands before theater and u feel someone come up next to u and u turn to find dr choi rolling up his sleeves
  • u just feel paralysed in fear and stare at him and his beautiful face for what feels like hours
  • so he stops scrubbing then he turns to u like
  • “you’ve already seen me half naked so do u really need to keep staring”
  • ur mortified at first
  • but then he breaks into this dorky grin and
  • u actually have to steady urself
  • bc
  • could anyone be more flawless than choi seungcheol ?????
  • ur still flustered even during surgery, like you’d be gawking at how his long eyelashes brush against his cheeks and the devoted concentration in his face and ur completely immersed in admiring everything about him
  • then you’d blink and he’d suddenly be staring expectantly at u like “for the forth time dr y/s/n, can u apply pressure”
  • u think you’ve humiliated urself again so u rush out of the scrub room in an attempt to avoid dr choi but to ur horror u end up colliding with his dense chest and just. stay there
  • after a while u hear him say “u can move if u want. i mean i’m not saying you should but, y’know, if u want to”
  • u quickly pull away and literally blurt “SDJHKDSG” and begin apologising but he gives this deep chuckle that feels like it reaches ur stomach and radiates warmth from it and ??? just wo w
  • the he says “i don’t think we’ve properly been introduced. i’m choi seungcheol. u might as well call me seungcheol seeming as you’ve seen me na-”
  • u cut in saying “i’m y/n!!!!!!!!!!!! nice to meet u!!!!!!!!!” before making a swift very awkward exit
  • and ur admiration is most definitely mutual as he watches u leave with this amused little grin on his face thinking ur the cutest human to grace the neurology department
  • he’ll watch u from afar as much as u do, just because he enjoys seeing u happy and interacting with patients
  • u both always look forward to having theatre together although neither of u like to admit it
  • he always teases u like “i’m glad to see ur not screaming at a door today”
  • but behind ur back he’s ur biggest hypeman
  • “y’know the new neurosurgeon?? s/he’s the best this department has ever seen” “did u know the new neurosurgeon is the best” “that’s dr y/s/n. s/he’s an amazing neurosurgeon” “that’s dr y/s/n and did u know-”
  • “yes dr choi you’ve told us 3 times today already”
  • he’ll leave little post-it notes over ur desk and changing room locker reminding u about different cases or meetings
  • he straightens ur name badge whenever he sees u, out of habit
  • there’s a certain doctor-y word u can’t pronounce, and whenever u attempt to, he has to cover his face with his clipboard as he giggles
  • u spend a lot of time with dr kim on ur breaks and in between shifts
  • if ur walking together in the corridors seungcheol will suddenly materialise from nowhere and push his way between u and begin talking to u about a case
  • the first time u lose a patient is when ur in theatre without seungcheol, and when u come out ur using every inch of courage to hold urself together
  • numbly ur kind of on auto-pilot and don’t even realise you’ve collided with seungcheol’s torso again
  • he’s about to ask how surgery went but instead u just start sobbing into his chest just because you’re angry and confused and feel as though it’s all your fault
  • he simply wraps his arms around u and lets u cry into the fabric of his shirt
  • he murmurs “it’s okay, y/n, i understand. it’s not your fault. it’ll be okay”
  • he rubs ur back and turns u away from everyone else so u don’t feel embarrassed
  • from then on he always checks how ur doing and lets u know if there’s anything u need to vent about, he’ll always be in his office
  • he’ll always teach u things, whether it’s about neurology or not
  • over the course of only a few months he becomes ur biggest inspiration bc of this, and many other reasons
  • ^and vice versa
  • if you’ve had a long week he’ll surprise u with ur favourite snack which ur surprised he even remembers
  • he’ll wink at u in front of ur seniors just to embarrass u
  • everyone knows that he massively overworks himself
  • so it’s no real shock when u regularly find him fast asleep with his head on his desk in the early hours of morning
  • u usually just cover him in his jacket or turn off the lights so he can sleep properly. but one day u crouch down and rest ur chin on the desk and just smile as ur eyes pour over his features
  • ur completely content studying him as he sleeps and could literally sit there forever
  • then with his eyes still closed he suddenly murmurs in this groggy voice “staring won’t give u the power to see through my clothes”
  • u give this little giggle at which point his eyes open and he smiles sleepily
  • he rests his head in his arms and scoots closer to u so that ur faces are like a few inches away
  • then in this drowsy voice he says “i’m so glad that out of all the neurosurgeons in the world, i get to work with u”
  • u say “is it because i saw u half naked”
  • he gives this husky chuckle
  • then he leans forward and plants this kiss on ur nose
  • ur thankful that ur sitting down because holy sh it choi seungcheol just k iss e d me????? i’ve forgotten how to breathe????
  • this entertained smile tugs at his mouth as he sees ur cheeks go red so he does it again to see ur reaction. then again. then again. then agai
  • u lift ur chin off the desk in order to (insincerely) tell him to stop but instead ur lips accidentally collide and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • u just see his eyes go all wide as he goes rigid and suddenly seems to stop breathing
  • u expect him to draw away but ?? he doesn’t ?? he just presses his lips into urs even more and ?? h e c k
  • after that, he makes sure everyone in the department knows of ur romance
  • he runs up and squeezes u from behind literally every time he sees u bc he loves the feeling of u in his arms
  • instead of his post-its reminding u about appointments and stuff he’ll write stuff like “i love u!!” or “im so lucky to have u in my life!!” or “u make me sosoos happy!!”
  • “u see y/n over there. s/he’s my boy/girlfriend” “did u know y/n is my boy/girlfriend” “yknow y/n? she’s my boy/girlfrie-”
  • “yes dr choi you’ve told us 3 times today already” 
  • seungcheol is the proudest and most in-awe boyfriend ever
Connected (Ch. 3)

Summary: While Mandy is trying to hook Mickey up with girls, the boys find out that there’s a bit more between them.

Word Count: 1617

Notes: Probably only going to do one more chapter of this :)

Mandy had been coming at Mickey for weeks, telling him that it was weird that he never had a girlfriend. What eighth grade boy never went out with a girl? Mickey, of course, made the argument that Ian never involved himself with females and the drama they drag with them.

While they were at lunch, Mandy was annoying the living shit out of each of the boys. “C’mon, Mick. What about Jessenya? She’s a looker,” the Milkovich girl winked.

“Why you so invested in this shit with me and not Ian, huh?” Mickey spat, not looking at the redhead for reasons that he couldn’t quite describe.

Ian moaned and continued eating his food. Truthfully, he had no interest in girls, which is something that he had just realized in the past few days because of Mandy’s persistence with Mickey.

“Ian has Lip to help him! And I could be Ian’s girlfriend if it’s ever necessary. He is a fucking cutie,” Mandy wiggled her eyebrows at the redhead, causing Ian to playfully chuck his middle finger at her.

Mickey’s eye widened. “What the fuck? I don’t want to hear about you sucking my best friend’s dick, you fucking skank,” he shouted at his sister. The thought of that made him unusually disgusted and uneasy.

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For 2 years I have identified as bisexual. I have had a boyfriend of 9 and a half months and lately he was questioning about his gender. He came out as genderfluid but it makes me stuck. I prefer the term bisexual but I still love my boyfriend and it made me realize idc what gender I date. I don't think I'm comfortable identifying myself as pan but do you think I cannot be bisexual because of this?

The definition of bisexuality it’s attraction to more than one gender. This can totally include non-binary and genderfluid people so of course you can keep using “bisexual” as your label.


SVT as your best friend’s brother/brother’s best friend

my first ever fluff(angst?) so pls bear(bare?) with me, im sorry that some are longer than others, most of them ended up being like drabbles

if you squint ig you could consider tiny parts of it as mature

Y/NN = your nickname (just use your name if you dont have one)

Y/F/N = your friend’s name

Seungcheol/S. Coups(ft. Jisoo) :

Originally posted by coupd

“Seungcheol, what the hell was that?!” he frowned at your words.

”You didn’t like it?” 

You blushed, of course you’d liked the kiss you shared with him. You’ve had a crush on him for years but his friendship with Joshua made it extremely hard for you to express your feelings. Catching your own thoughts, you looked back up at a smiling Cheol.

“What about-” he cut you off by placing his lips back on yours making you realize how much you had missed the softness of them.

“If you were gonna make an excuse about your brother, you might as well forget it. What will he do, any way? I’m still his hyung,” he winked and smiled at you before closing the distance between you for the third(and definitely not the last) time.


Originally posted by lilchubchim

You and Y/F/N had been laughing for so long that neither of you could even remember what you were laughing about, but you stopped abruptly when the most beautiful man you’d ever seen in your life walked in looking annoyed but still very very pretty.

“Hey, brat, could you keep it down?” his eyes snuck over to meet yours, “who’s this?” he smirked at you flicking his hair out of his face.

Your friend finally stopped laughing in order to introduce you, “oh, um, Jeonghan this is Y/N. Y/NN, this is my older brother Jeonghan. He’s annoying as fuck” she turned her head to smile at him bitterly.

Instead of meeting his sister with a snippy comeback or leaving the room like he normally would, he walked in further holding eye contact with you and held out his hand for a handshake, “Nice to meet you, Y/N”

“Likewise,” you held out your hand and he brought it to his lips to kiss it chastely, foreshadowing similar events to come between you two.

Next to you, Y/F/N roller her eyes, “can you guys please eye fuck at a later time? Y/NN and I are busy, Jeonghan”

He mumbled under his breath, “More than just eye fucking,” and smirked at you before leaving the room.


Originally posted by koraenpop

Y/F/N’s family had always treated you as if you were a part of it and you loved it! You were always around and 90% of the time that you spent there was good and the other 10% was called Joshua Hong.

That boy made you feel such anger towards him that you didn’t even think it was possible. You wanted to just remove him from your entire life but he was basically all you talked about. Y/F/N would complain about how often you talked about him but she was only receiving half of what you wanted to say. Yes, Joshua was a know-it-all, selfish, entitled, annoying prick, but he was also the main character of many wet dreams that your subconscious had created since you’d met the boy.

You would try your best to only spend the night at Y/F/N’s house when Joshua wouldn’t be there but unfortunately tonight wouldn’t go as planned.

You and Y/F/N were making “inside s’mores” when he walked into the kitchen making your bubbly mood drop instantly.

He hugged his little sister and kissed her forehead, “you still hang out with this loser, huh?” earning himself a slap on the arm from your friend and an eye roll from you.

Not wanting to start trouble you opened the fridge looking for a drink.

“What, no more bitchy comebacks?” you could hear him walking towards you but you continued to ignore him just bending over to look further into the fridge. You didn’t realize how short you pj shorts were but Joshua was well aware of the show you were obliviously giving him.

Y/F/N decided to interrupt before you went off on her bro, “wow, Y/NN, you’re being super mature right now, right Josh?”

“Yea,” he licked his lips, “she’s really grown up, I might have to reconsider how I’m treating her.”

Jun(ft. Vernon):

Originally posted by wenjunhui

“No, nope, fuck no, God no,”

“Well Vernon, you don’t really have a say anyway, if I like Jun then I like Jun”

“Y/NN please don’t do this to me, I don’t want you getting hurt!” Vernon kept talking but you had zoned him out after that, regretting even telling him about your crush in the first place.

You knew about Jun’s reputation of being  player, a lady killer…but you didn’t care. He could tear out your heart and feed it to his cat if he wanted to and you  would say thank you because he was that fucking hot. Your brother was wrong, you didn’t need to be babied, you just wanted Jun to rock your world, one night only edition so that your heart couldn’t be broken in the process.

So, you had confidence when you got up from the table where you, Vernon, Jun, and a couple others were sitting and walked over to Jun sitting in his lap. He was surprised but both of you smiled at each other(you caught the wink that he sent in Vernon’s direction before looking back at you). Neither of you could predict that the next morning when Jun woke up to only a note from you thanking him for that night, he would be the one with a feeling of something missing from his heart.


Originally posted by fyhoshi

You rang the doorbell, ready to greet Y/F/N for your movie marathon but you were pleasantly surprised when your boyfriend (her big brother) opened the door.

You gave each other sly smiles, “is your sister home?” you asked him, not sure which answer would make you happier.

“Fortunately, Y/F/N went out with my dad to get some things for a movie marathon. Looks like it’s just you and me,” he smirked pulling you inside and taking your stuff away and letting it fall to the ground next to you.

“Hey, those are nice clothes, Soony-” he cut you off by pulling you by your belt loops into a long overdue kiss. As you let him take over dominance in the kiss, he pulled you into the kitchen and picked you up putting you on the counter.

“I missed you,” he mumbles into the kiss as you thread your finger through the hair at the back of his neck

You chuckle, “take me with you next time, then,” he groans at the idea of a week away from everyone but you two. The things he could do with all that time…

His thoughts are interrupted when you both hear his father clearing his throat. You hop down from the counter, your face becoming even redder than it already had been. “You two might wanna fix yourselves before Y/F/N walks in,” he shakes his head laughing and walking away.



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“Wonwoo, come downstairs for a second?” your friend called for his fraternal twin brother.

“what do you want?” he groaned seeing that food was not the reason that he had been forced to come downstairs.

“My friend is coming over, I don’t want you to annoy or distract us so can you please stay away?”

“Depends, is she hot?”

“Wonwoo, I’m gay, how the fuck should I know?” Just then you rang the doorbell, “that’s her, please leave now.”

Wonwoo didn’t listen to his brother, following him to the door instead.

When Y/F/N opened the door, instead of greeting you, Wonwoo just said, “yes, yes she is” to his brother answering his own question. He winked at you leaving you confused before leaving you both alone for the rest of the night.

Somehow, before you left, he put his number in your phone as “Oppa Wonwoo” making you blush before texting him so that he would have your number as well.

Jihoon/Woozi(ft. Jeonghan):

Originally posted by verhoons

“I must be the greatest friend in the world,” Jihoon yawned to your brother.

“Sorry that I had to drag you here, it’s to torture my little sister,” Jeonghan explained, “she has a crush on you and she already has stage fright,” Jihoon just nodded in understanding.

You made eye contact with your brother from backstage and glared at him as he waved. Mentally taking note to shave his head later, you flipped him off and stormed away all of a sudden very nervous about your performance.

By now, your dance was muscle memory so no matter how fast you could feel your heart palpitating, the rest of your body would flow to the familiar music. Performing somehow calmed you this time around, but the butterflies returned when you saw that Jihoon hadn’t stayed to see your entire performance,

Once the recital was over and you only found Jihoon without your brother, you couldn’t help  but ask, “why’d you leave?”

“I’m sorry,Y/N,” he had hoped that you wouldn’t notice,” I had to take a call, but I watched you from outside through the door. It wasn’t the best view but I saw how amazing you did. I got you some flowers,” he smiled handing you a nice arrangement.

You blushed and nodded because his explanation was alright, but before you could thank him, Jeonghan found you both holding his own little bouquet of roses, “Are those for me too?” you asked excitedly reaching for them

“No,” the long-haired boy snatched the roses just out of your reach, “they’re for Joshua.”

On the ride home, your brother forced both of you to sit in the back so that Josh’s flowers had enough room. But it was ok because this gave you the chance to read your note from Jihoon that he had put in the flowers. Both of you were blushing while you read the heartfelt confession. Somehow your fingers had slipped and intertwined themselves with Jihoon’s own.

And if you forgot to shave Jeonghan’s head that night because you were texting a certain boy from dusk to dawn then no one had to know ;)


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“Seokmin please focus! I need you to do this dance with me by tomorrow and you still have like 10 counts to learn!”

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m just not as good as my brother,” the older boy complained and you wanted to slap him…so you did, “Ow! What was that for?!”

“You’re just as good a dancer as your brother is, maybe even better. The only problem is that you won’t focus because you couldn’t give a shit about the dance or the talent show or fucking anything!” you finally went off on him. You knew that the boy wouldn’t want to do such an intimate dance with you (he probably already knew about the embarrassing crush that you had on him), but you’d hoped that he would stay professional. That was all obviously in vain.

“Wait!” he called after you as you were storming out to go cool down. When you turned to face him he sighed dropping his head in shame, “Y/NN, I already know the dance, I just don’t feel like doing it with you right now.”

That really hurt you, “I already knew that you didn’t like me, I just hoped that you would be nice enough to help me!” you started to walk out again hoping to get away before the tears started.

Unfortunately, the boy grabbed your arm stopping you then pulled you by it bringing your chest to his own and forcing your teary eyes to look into his.

“I don’t want to dance with you right now because I’d rather be doing this,” he whispers to you before placing a soft, slow, passionate kiss upon your lips.

Mingyu(ft. Wonwoo):

Originally posted by hosxis

Mingyu [22:42] - Y/NN, you look beautiful here

Y/NN [22:50] - Mingyu, sweetie, can you pls do me a favor?

Mingyu [22:50] - Of course

Mingyu [22:50] - You can count on me

Y/NN [22:52] - thnx babe, im gonna need you to slide tf out of my dm’s

Mingyu [22:53] - oh, do you wanna ft?

Y/NN [22:54] - no, mingyu, i wanna sleep

Mingyu [22:54] - your wonwoo told me that you have a crush on me ;)

 Y/NN [22:57] - oh my god ignore him

Mingyu [22:58] - but wonwoo said you talk abt me sometimes, why wont you talk to me

 Y/NN [22:59] - if wonwoo has so much to say why dont you talk to him

Mingyu [23:00] - that almost sounded like you ere jealous ;) wonwoo cant come close to how amazing you are. baby you are my angel

 Y/NN [23:00] - oh my god you’re so dramatic

Mingyu [23:02] - *romantic

Mingyu [23:02] - if you’re that tired right now then we can just discuss our future relationship over chick-fil-a tmr after school

 Y/NN [23:06] - fine, but only if you get me a milkshake 

Mingyu [23:06] - i’ll get you one of every flavor

Unfortunately, you both kept your promises.


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(his fucking arms in this gif???)

“That’s Jun’s little sister, I would fuck off if I were you,” you heard  a familiarly annoying and condescending voice as the cute guy you were talking to walked away as if you two didn’t even know each other.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“No but it is kinda funny, don’t you think?” you wanted to slap the smirk of the boy’s face.

“What if that was my future boyfriend, Minghao?” you tried to force the boy to have some pity on you.

“Do you think your brother would like you dating that guy?” he had a point.

You shrugged, “I don’t care about what my brother likes.”

He chuckled at your response, “What about what I like?”

You laughed, “And why should I care about what you like, Minghao?”

“Well self-care is important, isn’t it?” it took you a minute to understand what he meant but once you did he was gone and all you wanted to do was find him.

Boo Seungkwan:

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Y/F/N and you were playing a game called “Remember When” just to get a conversation started. 

You giggled, “remember when we couldn’t decide which members of TWICE we wanted to be and we both started crying?”

Your friend could barely breathe from laughing and neither could you. That was until your friend suddenly gasped remembering something and then started laughing so hard she cried.

“What, what is it tell meeeee,” you whined.

Just then her older brother Seungkwan walked in smiling at you when you both made eye contact. But before you could acknowledge the boy, his oblivious sister cackled, “remember when you had a crush on my brother?”

Y/F/N was laughing so hard that she didn’t notice how wide your eyes got once she said it. Your face turned bright red and you decided that the ceiling was so much more interesting than anything anyone else in the room had to say.

“Why’re you being so quiet? Do you still have a crush on him?” your head snapped back up and you tried to give her a death glare so she could just burn too death on the spot bc you could still see Seungkwan out of your peripheral vision, “Oh my gosh, you do!” she screamed.

You just turned around and buried your face in a pillow deciding that if you couldn’t kill Y/F/N then you would just kill yourself instead.

You almost had a heart attack when you felt Seungkwan’s hand patting your back, “Don’t worry Y/N, its not your fault that I’m so handsome. You call me if you want to talk about it, ok? Let me know just how much you really like me.”

The first part he was teasing you, but you thought that maybe the second part was serious when he forced his sister to give you his phone number…


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“Hey baby bro,” Y/F/N smiled at Hansol as you both passed him on the couch ruffling his hair.

“I’m one year younger, please shut up” he replied in a bittersweet tone.

Vernon rolled his eyes and you frowned walking over behind him, “Aww, Hannie’s sad,” you start using the voice you would to speak to a baby, “tell your noonas what to do to make it all better,” you and your friend chuckled almost evilly.

“Well, Y/NN,” he look up at you, “Why don’t you blow me and see if that helps?” he smiled evilly back up at you as you gasped offendedly.

Y/F/N laughed along with her brother before saying that she needed to go find her phone.

You walked into the kitchen still salty about Vernon’s joke as you bent down looking in the fridge, “You guys have like no snacks,” you said standing up only to be face to face(chest) with the younger boy.

As you looked up at him he asked, “Do you think I’m still a kid, Y/N?” and you shook your head no seeing that he had obviously grown.

Just then he picked you up and placed you onto the counter putting his own body very close to yours in between your legs. Speaking of..

“Do you think I won’t fuck those stupid little comments out of you just because you’re my noona?” he asked brushing your hair behind your ear.

Chan/Dino(ft. S. Coups):

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Your ear is pressed so closely to the door that you think you might fall through it. Your boyfriend had told you not to listen, that the results might hurt you. But it was impossible for you not to eavesdrop, especially when two of the most important people in your life were talking.

Chan sighed, “Seungcheol I’ve been dating Y/NN behind your back for a few months now.“

There was a very long pause in which you tried to press your ear even further through the wall.

When you finally heard someone it was your brother, “No. I’m sorry Channie but you’re not allowed to date Y/N.”

You backed away from door on the brink of tears. Not only did you have to hear that, but now you would have to suck it up so that Chan could come downstairs and break up with you. You started walking down the stairs when you heard Channie again and rushed to the door.

“I’m sorry Seungcheol, but I wasn’t asking for your permission. We both love Y/N but I’m also in love with her. I don’t even know if i could leave her if she asked me to so I know for sure that I will not leave her because you said so.”

Your heart fluttered as your brother tried to give his input, “Channie I-”

“No, Cheol, you know what? I only came to talk to you because this matters to Y/N and I care about her. If you cared about her too you would see how happy we can make each other.

“Channie, are you done?” Seungcheol finally asked.

“Yes, you can go ahead now.”

You could help but let a happy squeak escape when your brother told Chan that he and you could date now that he knew that the younger would never hurt you. They boys pretended not to hear it so that Chan could watch you squirm as he (re)delivered the news to you.

[Fan Account] Da-iCE’s NEXT PHASE Live in Saitama!

Da-iCE hasn’t listed a tour date for Tokyo yet (which makes me think another performance might be added to the end of the tour, but of course this is just me guessing), so for my very first Da-iCE tour performance, I made the trip to nearby Saitama to see them perform during their second day of the tour at Misato Cultural Center. It was about an hour and a half from my apartment, but as I’ve mentioned before, Japanese performances don’t require you to line up early– if it’s a seated venue, like this one was, you’ll have the same seat no matter how early you get there, and standing venues still have entrance order numbers written on the ticket.

Once inside, there were several vendors. One to encourage people to sign up for the fan club, one selling Da-iCE albums, one passing along info for signing up for a credit card with Da-iCE’s image on it, and lastly the standard merch table. I’d already purchased the light stick, but this time I also grabbed a tote bag since my normal purse isn’t big enough to carry around the giant novels I’m always reading >_<

For this tour, I finally broke my bad streak of lotto numbers and snagged a seat in the third row. Each row was divided into left stage, middle stage, and right stage. I was the leftmost seat in the left stage area, and based on the dance formations, we got a lot of visits from Yudai and Taiki in particular throughout the night.

Before the show, the staff asked us to take out our light sticks, and we were all surprised to find out that they have a special function! When they’re in range of the current concert venue, they can be controlled to change colors from their standard purplish-blue shade. Throughout the night, they were frequently moved from red to green to yellow to aqua blue and so on. The staff did a really good job of matching them to the tone of the songs and stage lights.

After demonstrating the light sticks’ magic power, there was a short, futuristic intro video, and then the boys stepped out of this cool, dice shaped construction made out of the video screens and the show began!

Breaking down the night by song:

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“Won’t you give a little hint of who you like so far?” the genie persisted.

“Why?” Adam demanded “I’m already at a disadvantage in this. Why would I tell you anything?”

“Tsk tsk” Micah grinned leaning against the fireplace “such a distrusting soul.”

“You and the people like you made me this way” Adam growled standing up “if you’ll excuse me I’m tired…”

“Yes of course” the genie waved a hand dismissively “go mingle. Get to know everyone.” When Adam reached the door he added “I’ll be watching.”



@littlespooneven well of course this made me think of your incredible fic

Isharay - Chapter Two

(Can’t link to AO3 because of stupid tumblr tags. Please find me anyway?)

Chapter Two - Element Zero

Reyes messaged Keema back the moment the Tempest was gone.


To: Keema Dohrgun

From: Reyes Vidal


Something fit for a commlink?

To: Reyes Vidal

From: Keema Dohrgun


No. Come see me.


Kadara Port was bustling, of course. The exiles had flourished under the Collective’s firm hand, even if the cracks in the foundations might never truly heal. A fellow smuggler flagged him down at the entrance to the market, but Reyes made his excuses and hurried away. The metal confines of the prefab city kept the air up here almost warm, and the temperature differential was raising sweat under Reyes’ collar.

It always surprised him how his heartbeat could stutter one moment and firm out the next, like his longing was only real if the Tempest was in the system. He was getting better at pretending that Sara wasn’t far away - so long as no one reminded him that she was gone.

Keema ruined it, of course, barely a moment after he entered her throne room. She eyed his sodden hair and clinging shirt with a smug smile twisting her lips. “You had a good morning, then?”

Reyes frowned at her. He swept his hair back out of his eyes, wishing he’d had time to smooth it back properly. “What was so urgent you had to disturb me?”

Keema’s smile vanished. “Drama in the Vaalon system.” She handed him a datapad, gesturing for him to look through its contents. “The details are all in there, but to put it simply: the Initiative and the Resistance are staring each other down over an extremely lucrative discovery. Purified element zero - and enough of it to fuel unprecedented expansion in Andromeda.”

He flicked through the document quickly, scanning for the usual keywords. Credits. Influence. Conflict. “Shit.”

“One of our scouts made reference to something called a Tantalus.” Reyes’ eyes widened. “He says there’s enough purified material in that cache to make a dozen of them - and to make Tann’s greedy head explode.”

Reyes had to admit that his head felt like it might explode, too. A dozen Tantalus drive cores? A dozen stealth ships? That put the cache’s value in the region of more than a trillion credits.

Pity there weren’t that many credits in the galaxy.

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Holy heck, your prices are so low compared to your quality :< You deserve to charge more

Ah, I appreciate the concern, dear anon, and thank you for this compliment. I admit that advisers, likewise, have informed me that my prices are on the rather low end, but as my following, to my knowledge, is as struggling with money as myself, a compromise must be made to ensure that it is still possible to have a decent and steady income. The more I charge, the fewer customers, of course.

Perhaps if I was not in such dire need, I could afford to charge a tad more, but this will have to be at a better time. 

fast ended 🙄 36 hours and broke it with an apple and a cup of coffee which made me feel surprisingly full so i’m going to try and be asleep for dinner bc it’s probably meat and gross calorie filled stuff. i start a course soon which is going to involve lots of physical activity and i don’t want to have to up my intake for it and it’s stressing me out and ugh

Mail June 22nd

curry is “ nutritious food ”

next to Izuta Rina san(*´A`*)

Today’s lunch is also the same as yesterday
vegetable curry

no possibility of being princess

everytime I wear this costume
I always feels like
being a princess …(*´q`*)

although that I always said it before
that I want to be a princess …

but reality is not that naive(・Д・)lol

Okada and Okada

I also appeared
at Ayaka’s senshuuraku(;A;)very happy (;A;)

for me
is a senior I can be not polite to
more or less, she’s like little sister I’ve to take care

I always very happy
everytime I had work with her
it’s just natural for us to be together …

Kenkyuusei  → Minegishi Team4 → Takahashi Team4
We’ve always been together
for my important friend to graduate
of course, it does made me really sad

thank you so much
I hope that from now ow
we can get along together

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Can you tell me about some of the meals you've made lately? Your food always inspires me hehe

i’ve been eating really simply lately & that’s the way i most enjoy it :) for breakfast :: soaked chia seeds overnight (with acai powder & chlorella) + mashed ripe banana + apple + pear + dates. for lunch :: cooked chickpeas with raw celery, tomato, onion, cucumber, beet, carrot… whatever vegetable i have around. for snacks :: raw cacao nibs coated with coconut sugar, energy balls (made with dried figs or dates & almonds & raw cacao powder & oats), lots of fresh fruit (now have been eating lots of cherries, peaches, bananas…). another thing i always love of course is toasted wholewheat bread with avocado, tomato, onion and himalayan salt :) i really love rice & red lentils too with veggies like zucchini, onion, tomato, pepper… quinoa is a favourite too :) quinoa with steamed butternut squash, sweet potato and carrots is the best! perfect for winter time, so comforting & warm & nourishing. there is so much yumminess… love to you <3

Never will I ever forget Leo’s goals against Bayern in the 14/15 season. The goals were brilliant of course, made people scream and the goals were all over the news for the next few weeks but what really got me was the way Messi looked right back at Neuer, who was watching the barça team celebrate the goal, and Leo’s eyes were so dark so full of something that I still don’t understand, something full of “I’ll show you who’s the king” because Neuer and half of the Bayern team in that matter, were a part of Germany’s national team that won the World Cup in front of Leo the last summer and Leo just looked at him and his eyes were full of ‘I’ll show you who’s the real boss’, so full of something like 'don’t underestimate me’ and I thought that was amazing.