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i was working front register and this nice middle aged man orders just a small coffee. he was wearing really worn out clothing and was going to pay with just the pocket change he had. i like to help out poor people in any way i can so i offered him our free senior coffee. he says “oh but aren’t i too young for that? i’m only 52.” our senior coffee is for people 55+.

so i said “we can just round your age up a bit” and gave him the coffee and he was so surprised it was free? he was like “so i really don’t owe anything? is it ok if i get a refill too?” like he was so grateful so of course i told him he could have as many refills as he wanted. he said “thank you so much” and left.

he came back a little later with a plastic bag full of plastic necklaces and he held it up to me and he said “pick any one you want :)” apparently he makes necklaces to sell but he let me have one for free. it really made my day. ❤


Me: Oh my gosh the part where Lust  helps Tk get ready for his ‘date’ with frisk was too perfect *tries to hold in my laughter but fails* hahaha, but Dunkle lust just ends up dressing Tk like a mini version of himself *wipes a tear from my eye* but seriously tho the voice actors for these two did an AMAZING job voicing them! .   [All rights go to the original creators of the comics, animations used in this video! and of course the youtube channel ‘Undertale Comic Tv’  who made this awesome vid ^^ ]

Coffee Boy | 1

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pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

genre: Fluff, College!AU

length: 2.5k

warnings: Language

It was only 6 in the morning on a Saturday as you made your way to the bakery you currently worked at. Since it was literally down the street you always made the short trip there by walking. The fall air was slightly chilly but still nice since you were in a cozy cardigan. As you entered the building, the warmth and sweet smell of pastries fills your senses and the whole familiarity has you smiling to yourself. This place was like your second home. After moving to the city a couple years ago, you often stopped by before heading to your university. It was a pleasant getaway from all the stress you’ve accumulated in your life mainly because you simply adored the staff and most of the fellow customers that came. You eventually came to learn that the handsome guy named Seokjin, who was slightly cocky yet still humble, was the owner and he ran this place with two of his friends, Taehyung and Jimin. Soon enough, you recently became an employee yourself and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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V3 boys bringing their new S/O flowers for the first time? I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff 😊

Awww! Of course! ^^ I regained some strength so have some fluff <3

NDRV3 Boys bringing their S/O flowers for the first time

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You were just getting ready for a date

- Saihara promised that he’d pick you up at 19:00 sharp and you knew that he always kept his word

- Sure enough, at 18:59 your doorbell started ringing

- You smile as you make your way to the door

- “Hello~”

- You open the door and greet him happily

- “Good evening, S/O - san/kun”

- You notice that one of his hands is behind his back

- “Whatchu got there?”

- You try to peek over his shoulders by standing on your toes but he takes a step back

- “Well… On my way from work I walked past this shop and… I got you a little gift”

- “Awww Saihara - kun! I feel bad now.. I don’t have anything for you!”

- He laughs as he shakes his head

- “No no, I didn’t expect anything from you… Ah, well… Here”

- He brings his hand forward and presents you with a bouquet of roses. There are several colours present, white, red, pink…

- You stare at it with wide eyes

- “It’s beautiful! Thank you!”

- You happily accept it and carefully hug him making sure not to crush the flowers 

Kaito Momota:

- He texted you that he’s coming over

- And everything would’ve been fine

- But it was 11:46PM

- “I guess he wants to go stargazing or something…” 

- You murmur, mostly to yourself

- Suddenly, you hear the sound of your doorbell being pressed about 50 times

- “Stop! I’m coming, I’m coming!”

- You open the door and find him grinning 

- “Yo!”

- “Can’t you just knock?”

- “Huh? Where’s the fun in that!”

- You sigh as you massage your temples

- “I’m guessing we’re going stargazing… Right?”

- “Of course! Oh but I got you something”

- You raise your eyebrow at him

- He on the other hand winked at you as he moved his coat aside revealing a bouquet of flowers

- There are several different types present, all different shades of purple

- “Awh… Momota - kun…”

- You pretend to wipe a tear as you happily take it from him


- Ever since he started dating you he spent a lot of time researching things that couples usually do

- And that’s when he stumbled upon several of those YouTube videos

- Even though most of them were a complete waste of his time, almost all of them said the same thing

- “Get them flowers!”

- And so, he decided to do just that

- He went to the nearest flowershop and just kinda… Awkwardly stood there staring at the flowers

- “Can I help you?”

- He turns to find the shop owner smiling behind him

- “A-Ah, I want to get flowers for someone… Special but uh… I don’t really know which ones to choose from”

- “Ah I see! That’s no problem at all, here let me help you pick some out”


- You were just tapping away at your laptop

- You were meant to be working but… You got kind of distracted and ended up playing games instead

- But then you heard a knock on your door

- You weren’t expecting any visitors so you quickly ran a hand through your hair trying to make it look presentable before opening the door

- “Oh, Kiibo - kun! What a lovely surprise”

- You smiled at him causing his cheeks to turn a light shade of pink

- “Hello S/O - san/kun, I uh, I was in the area so I thought it’d be nice to visit you…”

- “Awww how nice of you!”

- “I also got you something… H-Here”

- Blush still present on his cheeks, he timidly handed you the flowers

- “The shop owner told me what each one of them means so… I wrote it down for you, the paper should be somewhere in the flowers, that way you’ll know how much you really mean to me”

- This time, it’s your turn to blush

Rantaro Amami:

- He would already spoil you by bringing you things like chocolates

- But he decided that today he will get you something different

- It was a normal Saturday morning, you were just peacefully sleeping beside him

- He smiled as he gave you a small kiss on the head before carefully getting out of bed

- After preparing a breakfast that consisted of toast, some fried eggs and a nice cup of coffee he carefully placed some flowers in a vase

- Tray in hand, he quietly crept back to the bedroom

- Sure enough, you were still asleep

- “Wakey wakey S/O - san/kun~”

- You let out a small groan of protest

- “I made breakfast”

- You open one eye at that statement and direct your gaze at him

- “You got me flowers?”

- “Yeah, thought you deserved something as beautiful as you”

- He winks at you as he sits on the bed and places the tray on your lap

- “Oh stop it you charmer”

- You rub the sleep out of your eyes before directing your attention at the tray

- “Awww, they smell lovely!”

- “Haha, I’m glad you like them”

- You give him a quick kiss on the cheek before beginning to eat your breakfast

Kokichi Ouma:

- He’d make a big deal out of it

- As in, he’d take you out on a date to the park

- And everything would be fine at first

- But then

- He jumped up from the bench, cup his hand around his mouth

- And announce that he’s giving flowers to his one true love

- For some reason, everyone in the park would stop whatever they were doing and clap

- It’s totally not because it’s actually the people from his organisation

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan you’re as red as the flowers haha!”

- “Ouma - kuuuuun”

- You bury your head in his chest as your blush continues to grow

- He wraps his arms around you, his significant grin present on his lips

- “Awww are you embarrassed? Maybe I should get you flowers more often! Or or, maybe I should get you even better gifts~”

- “Eh? No no, there’s no need for that! Besides… Don’t you need a lot of money for that?…”

- “Silly S/O - chan! I’m a Supreme Leader of Evil! I can get anything I want… Which reminds me, I want payment”

- “Huh? Payment?”

- You look up at him with confusion

- He simply grins before tapping his lips

- You roll your eyes at him

- Smooth

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Being the true gentleman he is, he planned to get you flowers on your first date

- He decided that he’d personally go and pick them instead of buying them from a shop

- It’d just be more… Meaningful… Well, at least to him

- After a solid hour of collecting, he finally managed to get a satisfactory bouquet

- Once that was all sorted, he started preparing himself

- 30 minutes later, he was all ready to go

- He was smiling the whole journey to your place

- Once he got there, he knocked three time and patiently waited

- “Gonta - kun! You look so handsome haha!”

- You smile at him and he can’t help a small blush from forming on his cheeks

-”Ah, thank you very much S/O - san/kun! Here, Gonta got something for you!”

- He hands you the flowers

- “Awwww… You’re so sweet, I love them!”

- “Gonta picked them himself! He tried to only get ones you’d like”

- “Well, mission accomplished! Let me just quickly put them in a vase before we go okay?”

- He nods as you disappear into your house once more

- A minute later you return

- “Okie dokie! Let’s go!”

- He offers you his arm before escorting you to the date destination

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

- He thought about giving you flowers before

- But he always seemed to forget, mainly because you asked him for another exciting anthropological tale

- But this time, he remembered

- You were meant to meet up in a nice cafe that recently opened

- You seemed excited for some reason, but he couldn’t quite figure out why

- What’s so exciting about coffee?

- After readjusting his hat and grabbing the flowers, he quickly left the house

- You picked a nice table in the corner and once he got there, he found a cup already waiting for him

- “Ah, sorry I didn’t wait but I already knew what you were going to order so…”

- “Kukuku~ How nice of you, would you like a gift for that?”

- “Huh? A gift? I’m intrigued”

- You placed your elbows onto the table and leaned closer

- Honestly, you were expecting a book full of folktales or something

- So to say you were surprised would be an understatement

- “Shinguuji - kun, you got me roses?”

- “Of course, I was going to get you some sooner but… I kept getting distracted”

- “Huh? By what?”

- “Your beauty of course”

- You can’t help but laugh at that

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He never really considered himself to be the romantic type

- So he never really thought about getting you flowers

- But then he noticed how happy it made people once they got them

- So he decided to give it a try

- He invited you out on a picnic seeing as the weather was nice

- He promised that he’d make the food if you provide the drinks and of course you agreed to that

- Once you arrived, he was already sitting on the blanket, a big basket next to him

- “Oh, sup S/O”

- He was chewing on a piece of licorice as always

- “I hope you brought something other than sweets”

- You joked as you sat down besides him

- “Hah, of course I did. Here let me show you”

- At first he took out things like neatly wrapped sandwiches and some snacks

- But then, he gently took out a small bunch of blue flowers

- “F-For me?”

- “Of course they’re for you”

- You were blushing as you took them off of him

- “I never took you for the romantic type Hoshi - kun”

- “Yeah, neither did I S/O… Neither did I”


(Apologies if a post like this has already been made.) So, I’ve been reading the Voltron comic lately, amused by the little sprinkles of fun here and there. I was just casually reading when I stumbled upon something very significant in my shipping expedition.

The gist: Hunk saves some fox-like aliens or something like that, and now they want to marry him. Hunk, of course, declines… but in such a manner that got me screaming my head off quite interested.

Friends, there’s only one rock girl that makes sense in all this context.

We made it.

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my gosh, lenkaception! we should totally have a lenka hang out! we could go lenka shopping, have a lenka chat, eat lenka food-- ah wait i dont think that exists

Lenka food is food for Lenka only!

To address those of you messaging me in respect to Lena Dunham–

Of course it’s not inherently wrong to defend someone accused of rape if you have a fact based reason for doing so. If Lena knew a detail of the accusation that made her certain that the accusation is false, then I believe that’s fair. But Lena essentially said that he couldn’t have done it because he’s her friend and she can attest to his character. And that is simply embarrassing. All rapists have friends that think they’re upstanding people. If that was a qualifier for not being able to commit a crime– we can very well live in an utopian world.

I think it’s acceptable for her to want to believe the best about her friend until there is proof to the contrary. But how difficult would it be then to just not make any statement at all? I don’t like to comment on unsubstantiated allegations because they are just that– allegations. And I’m certainly not a fan of the idea that if you don’t condemn someone accused of a crime immediately– you are enabling them, however – in this case she chose to immediately speak out against the woman making this accusation, for some reason under the impression that her opinion on the accused person’s character should serve as the judge. It’s disgusting. Especially in consideration of the fact that Lena holds and markets herself to be a symbol of modern feminism.

hey big guy, sun’s getting real low

ok so obviously i love thor ragnarok, but i think the best thing it did for me was have thor say this to the hulk. because that implies this was not specific to natasha, that she was not the only one that could calm down the hulk, beauty and the beast, yadda yadda, i hate that. 

for me, at least, that moment made it seem like a team-wide thing. all of the avengers knew that that was what calmed down the hulk, to a degree. they probably all did it all the time. 

but? no way were they all the same amount of successful. literally never.

of course it worked best when natasha did it. she knows how to handle trauma, anxiety, ptsd, she is fantastic at dealing with people in pain, that was her whole life in one way or another. her people skills are off the charts. it worked almost every time. 

steve? great with people. cap couldn’t not make an emotional connection if he tried. worked almost every time, but he was usually in the middle of a fight that he probably didn’t have to get into and was busy. 

tony and bruce were best bros but tony isn’t good with broken people or really any people, but sometimes he could still get through to bruce. he would never admit it was because of an actual emotional connection though. it was because of science. somehow. 

clint kinda just doesn’t want to get that close to the hulk. like, he’ll do it. but at the same time, that’s a big scary roided out green dude and i am a below average height acrobat with a bow? no thank you? also it rarely ever worked when he tried anyway so what is the point nat i don’t have to do this

thor never succeeded. sometimes he just forgot the words, or got impatient and gave up. thor is not a therapist and he cannot just take the hulk out for drinks and weight lifting until he calms down, and also the hulk hates him sooooo

nat usually just does it and lets them all think it was their idea

My loves,
thank you so so much for the love and support that you have shown me over the past few days! I’m beyond grateful for every single person who sent me some money or simply reblogged my post. Every little thing means more than you can imagine! When I made that post, I didn’t really expect anyone to actually help me out of my situation. I was hoping for maybe 20-30€ but what I experienced was a lot greater than that. Every single message from you guys gave me so much strength! Of course everything is still difficult and it can’t be fixed that easily, but thanks to all of you I now have some money so I can go to sleep at night knowing that I have the most important bills covered, at least until new years. The best thing is that we can even afford some gas to visit my grandma for Christmas. Again, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me (and my mom).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

ONCE 2 hr event

This might be the unpopular opinion. But I really liked the two episodes tonight. There were twists I didn’t see coming and things I wanted to know but still things to come.

I loved that, even in the wish realm, wish Hook found that love is so much better than revenge. Now, of course I hated that Gothel manipulated Hook, but as a villlian of the show I’m supposed to hate her and want her to stay as far away from wish Hook as possible. Gothel is terrible to find someone that could make it so that someone with her blood had to take her place. She didn’t have a care in the world for the child and that’s terrible! Even with all that, it was not something that made me hate the writers or the show. This show has had terrible parents from the very beginning.

I wish we could’ve seen our Killian with a baby and singing the lullaby his mother sang to him. But we know Emma and Killian are going to have a baby and he will do the same with their child. I also like that we know both his parents names now :)

Henry and Cinderella. It’s was sad to learn about her family history and what she thought her mother did. I’m glad she learned the truth. Henry and Cinderella with the necklace reminded me of Emma and Killian true love verifications. It’s not a TLK but it’s true love in another way :) Early, But we knew they were true love even before the season started.

Rumple is an ass like always. Always has his own agenda, but I was so pissed when he still pretended to be cursed with Regina. Such a asshole.

It’s not the same show with all the same characters I’ve been watching since s1, but I’m really enjoying this season. It could be the last and if it is I hope there is a satisfying ending.

I can’t wait to see what is next :)


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Can I cry over Wondertrev too? I wasn't going to watch JL(hate Batfeck and Whedon) but now with all these mentions of our boy, I guess I'd have to. But it won't be for weeks and I have a question? In her convo with Victor, did she say "she loves" or "she loved" Steve?

Yes of course, we can form a Still-Crying-Over-Wondertrev club omgggg!

TBH i did not even consider watching JL knowing Whedon’s ugly ass touch is involved but the mere mention of Steve Trevor made me go “fuck it, it’s my boy Steve we’re talkin’bout here!” So yeah, I suggest you check it out :o)

And yes, her convo with Victor clearly indicates she is still in love with Steve!!! I don’t remember the exact lines, but they were talking about losing someone that they love and how to move on from there… She surely is still harboring feelings for him and has spent some time over the last hundred years thinking about him I’M JUST


Naruto pressed his lips to the old, frayed headband like he’d done hundred of times before. 

Where are you? 

What are you doing? 

I miss you… 

I wish you hadn’t left me… 

It hurts… 

It hurts so much… 

He closed his eyes. Old memories from days long past when he’d been sitting alone in his room holding that headband just like this, rose up to the surface. He had been so relieved when he’d thought that those times were finally over. He’d foolishly thought that after he’d fought Sasuke and made him change his mind, Sasuke would just come back to Konoha like a docile cat who had finally been reunited with its owner. 

Of course he wouldn’t. 

It was just a dream that Naruto had. A stupid one at that. Now Sasuke was leaving again, barely a year after he came back, and Naruto wasn’t certain if his heart could take it. He didn’t want to part from Sasuke again. He clenched the headband in his hand. The metal plate dug into his skin. He took a deep breath and released it. It fell to the floor with a forlorn clatter and there it remained, the blue band pooled around the metal plate like a puddle of dark blood. 

“I love you…” he whispered. 

It was so stupid. 

So, so stupid, but he couldn’t help it. 

He took a deep breath. He had decided that he wouldn’t see Sasuke off at the gate. He’d probably start crying and he didn’t want Sasuke to see how much it hurt him to see him leave. But his resolve was breaking. He had to see Sasuke one last time, no matter what. 

He picked up the headband again and stood. 

He could do this. 

He was strong enough. 

He was ready to let Sasuke go.

My copy of Villette has been staring at me from the shelves for years now, and although I am terribly hungry to read it, I’ve been avoiding it consciously. It’s the only piece of writing by Charlotte Brontë that I haven’t read yet; all her letters, her murmurings, her novels, they have made me tremble with feeling. Villette will be the last time I experiment her thoughts freshly. I’m not ready for that. Charlotte has grown to be more than my predilect author—she is some sort of ghostly sister to me, or an unsubstantial lover. I don’t want to have the last conversation with her. I do love rereading her, of course; I love the familiarity, the warmth, the homelike aura that springs from rereading your favorite author. But the experience of reading a new piece of writing from her is so rapturously electrifying, fertile, volcanic. I know my reading of Villette will be filled with delicious flavors; it will shape new, unimaginable sketches in my mind. Every time I glance at my book, it is as if Charlotte were saying, ‘Come, come, I have something to tell you’. But I’m not ready for her voice to morph into a repetition, an echo! I want her tongue to ever surprise me. Basically, WHY IS SHE DEAD?

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i grew up reading the old Herriot stories (side note: i suspect there was a /lot/ more swearing than was recorded) and they made me want to be a vet. i changed my mind, of course - i could never do what you do. hope you've had a good day, and if not, i hope your tomorrow is better.

I’m absolutely certain there was a lot more mental health concerns at play too, though downplayed because those were the times and nobody wanted to appear ‘crazy’. But ‘attack of melancholy’ sounds an awful lot like ‘depressive episode’ to me.

Aside from a few WFT asks, today has been quite pleasant.

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any opinions on the cmbyn sequel talk?

You know, I’m weirdly open to it. The film is such a perfect thing in itself that I feel like I should think it’s a terrible idea, but I saw someone on Twitter—I can’t remember who — compare the idea to Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel cycle, which for those of you who don’t know is a series of films he made with Jean-Pierre Léaud over the course of many many years, starting with The Four Hundred Blows. I found that comparison so interesting and intriguing, even though I have (ahem) only ever seen The Four Hundred Blows (a masterpiece, obviously) from that cycle… I should now go watch the rest. Why not?

I feel weirdly not worried about them fucking it up because this was SO perfect that I have a lot of faith in them doing something interesting. Paradoxically, despite having read and written a lot of fanfic, I am almost never interested in sequels and don’t typically think about characters existing outside the works of art in which they exist—even my own original characters. Once I’m done with them, I’m done with them; they cease to be. I think a lot of this comes from having done a lot of academic training, where you think a lot about art as an object. Characters, obviously, are not people, so thinking about them as existing beyond the end of a book or a movie isn’t that interesting to me. For whatever reason certain things make me want fanfiction, and it’s usually genre stuff, and stuff I think is flawed or unsatisfying in some way.

I thought CMBYN was beyond perfect, the best film I’ve seen all year, and yet I immediately started thinking about the characters ten years down the road. There’s just something really potent about the film, and the sense that it’s the beginning of this kid’s life (and not so far into Oliver’s, either) is so strong. Clearly Guadanigno feels the same way. So: bring it on. If they’re not good, this film will still exist. Ugh I can’t wait to see it again. Podcast next week!

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I got my heart broken and I survived, I failed 3 courses in university and graduated, I got rejected in the very first job I applied for and got promoted yesterday, I went through hard times with my family but then two years later, we laughed our hearts out over lunch, The closest friends disappointed me several times but I made new friends and loved them with all my heart. I did it once, I can do it again.

This was so positive and beautiful wow so happy for you anon, love that you keep pushing through!! Keep being you

Blindspot 3x03 recap

(Aka the Patterson and Rich show lol)


I LOVED this episode. Cute Jeller, supportive team, and of course, PATTERSON AND RICH BEING KICKASS BESTIES. Can the whole season be just like this ep bc good lord it is totally up there with my fave eps of this show ever and ugh I just loved it so much guys

Which in a way is kind of a bad thing because it means this review is gonna take me like 6 hours on account of all the screaming, but ah well. Worth it. 

And to the lovely Anon– I may very possibly struggle to do these from now on due to my travelling, but I’ll try my best to keep them happening if I can. Thankfully none of the other people in my hostel dorm here in Madrid have minded my hectic late-night typing for the last couple of hours lol…

Anyhow, more gushing below the cut.

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it makes me so fucking angry when antis get attention for their out of context posts abt how cp is bad and how minors/adult relationships aren’t good bc yeah OF FUCKING COURSE it is in real life but none of the people outside of the fandom fucking knows that their vague post is about fictional fucking characters and only made that post because the KNOW people are gonna read it out of context and it’ll get lots of notes so they can just sit back and wipe their hands clean as if that proves their fucking point LIKE fuckingggggg how LOW must you go and fucking FAR must you reach before you realize you’re being fucking embarrassing and I hate you

Master:  You may leave, Rufus!  Floyden!  Now is our turn to speak!  

Master:  You didn’t tell your best friend you were stealing real gold, did you?

Floyden: Of course not! He’s still a kid and would be too scared to help… and of course… the costumes were the right gag!  

Master:  And you wouldn’t pay him anything… because… this was only a joke, I see!  You are ruthless… and clever!  I like that!

Floyden:  Do you mean you will give me the job?

Master:  Yes! I made up my mind!  The job is yours!  But first let me do something to avoid you ever betray me!

Floyden:  But I would never….

Master:   Yes you would! You would! But you won’t, after I’m done!  But first, let us leave the wards room!

Master:  You will forget everything about your old job. You will never harm the Goth family!  You have always worked for me… but never saw me… then… Rhea was always the messenger!  You…  will leave Forgotten Hollow and never come back again!  I think this should be enough!

Rhea:  But, father, why?  Why can’t I be the boss and Floyden works for me?  

Master:  Rubbisch!  You are a woman!  And you must follow your call! Give me heirs at last!  You failed already once as you lost Mortimer on that Bella! But it’s all right! I know now that Mortimer’s blood is weak… but maybe their children are stronger… we will have to wait and see!  I want you to have Floyden children… if they are as bad as he is they will be the next wards!  And I want a true heir of the right blood…  as soon a Alexander is old enough… you know what to do!  And your brother will take Cassandra as wife!

Rhea:   I know father… but we are trying it since the last 4 Goth generations, in vain… and you know well Loki will never…

Master:  All right. So Thor must do it!  Tell him I will give him free when I have my new wards and a real heir …  you know what! I will give also Loki free… and you…

 Rhea:  No father… I will never leave you! You know that!  I never wished a better life… then… I am proud of our heritage! Our legacy!  But I still feel I should be your heir! 

Master:  You know I love you above all… you are the smartest and most ruthless woman I know… but you are only a woman… you can never be a master vampire … so… forget about that… it was never your destiny… and by the way… I prefer you call me master!