and not knowing what to do with them

CS Neighbors au where Emma is a nurse and Killian is her definitely-faking-it hypochondriac neighbor who uses illnesses and injuries as an excuse to talk to her.


Killian knocks on her door wearing nothing but pajama pants.

“I’m dying.”

“Hello to you, too, Killian.”

“Yes, right, hello.”

“What’s it this time?”

“Breast cancer.”

“Uh huh. If you think you have cancer, you should go to a hospital.”

“I don’t like hospitals. Please would you just check for me? There’s a lump.”

“Ugh, fine.”

“Right here. Yeah. There! Do you feel it?”

“… That is your pectoralis minor. It’s a muscle.”

“Oh. You’re quite sure?”

“Literally everyone has them. I’m sure. You’ve got the same thing on the other side.”

“Bloody hell, wouldn’t you know it.”

“See? Your ‘breasts’ are fine. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“… Don’t suppose you’d have a bandaid for this paper cut on my finger, would you?”


(*coughs* All is good and well until he comes to her door claiming “lovesickness.”)

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"Times when Chuuya made him laugh with talking like a rich girl" what do you mean by this?

You can find this interaction between them in chapter 11 from the manga:

Dazai predicted it. And Chuuya did it for real.

In this I think you can clearly see here that Chuuya might did such things when they were partners back then. (In the Anime you can see this scene in Episode 10. But sadly they left out Dazai’s laughing about this.)

The Arrangement: Part 4

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 4

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  1729

Warnings: explicit language, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part four of a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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Emerald: Hi sis. What are you doing out here? Everyone else is inside.

Viridian: I’m just… thinking. What the hell did we get ourselves into, Em? What the hell did we drag all the contestants into? We’ve already lost one of them.

Emerald: … I don’t know. I’m gonna- I’m gonna go down to Ruyas grave for a second. If you’ll just excuse me.

Viridian: Take all the time you need, sis.

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Prompts for a misanthropist who was unfortunately born with the ability to feel the physical pain of anyone he gets attached to, which is why he's a misanthrope in the first place? Thanks~

1) “Your pain hurts, and that’s shit. It completely sucks.” Their voice grew brittle, eyes ablaze. “But your pain does not give you an excuse not to be kind, you complete and utter prick.”

2) “Everyone hurts. That’s empathy. You think I like watching you ignore everyone who loves you because you’re scared of getting hurt?”
His jaw clenched. “Do you know what death feels like? I do.”
His sister’s jaw clicked shut, stunned.
He continued relentless. Their mother had been dying for forever, it had felt. And he’d gone with her.

3) He loved them, so he made sure they could never be physically hurt again. Why did that make him the villain?

4) He was the best mechanic on board, he found robots with their lack of nerve endings a blessed relief compared to humanity.

Malec VS Climon?

There is a difference of development between Malec and Climon (Yes I am talking about that shirtless make out Climon sneak peek), and the thing is they do give them this screentime Malec doesn’t have yet for at least one reason; Malec are going to stick together no matter what. As Alec said in the show, they are not going anywhere. 

I’m not saying I’m happy about Climon (I like them as BROTP but as soon as they kissed I was like ??? that fuck?? incest???) and you guys know there is going to be some drama with Jace anyway. (Besides, it’s fueling the love triangle plot, Jace walking on Climon being intimate.) So they kind of have to push Climon a little bit forward, because I think it’s going to go as fast as it came. 
And don’t get me wrong, I really was pissed off when I saw that SP, while we don’t see any moments like this one for Malec.

So, in my honest opinion, I think they are going to take their time with Malec, giving them a little screentime here and there, until they have a major storyline in an episode. Hello, let’s not forget they got an episode named after their ship name in S1. (I’m aware there are new writers now, but come on, they KNOW the can’t just give up on Malec. The fandom has a voice way too loud to be silenced. We ain’t Silent Brothers dude.) 

I can feel there is something like this going on. The writers have done such a great job so far, they won’t waste that much potential. 

Let’s say that Malec are in their own little bubble for now, and the main plot is reaching its climax with the end of season 2A. I’m not justifying what so many people call homophobia and lack of representation (I’m fighting for this since a long time guys, same side) I’m just saying that I don’t think they really think about genders or ethnicity when it comes to storylines, they think about them as characters.

Plus, Matt Hastings (Executive Producer & Director) replied to someone about that Malec screentime issue . Which proves my point; Magnus and Alec are not going anywhere.

Let’s just hope that they will give an equal representation when that “due time” comes! x

Feel Good || Min Yoongi

Summary: After a bad day at work, Yoongi knows just what to do to make it better.

Genre: Smut


A/N: I suck at these but I’m making them anyway


The frown never left your face all day. You sat on the couch staring at the TV hoping the day would end. It just wasnt a good day at all.

You heard the keys twist through the front door and in came your boyfriend, Yoongi. He took off his jacket throwing it on the couch next to you.

“Hey, babe.” He says leaning down giving you a kiss on the forehead. “Hi.” You mumble. He looked down at your worried.

“You okay? You didnt sound like yourself when I called you earlier today.” He sits next to you, wrapping his arms around you.

“I dont know, it was just very stressful today. To many people compmaining and you know I dont do drama. Plus I had a whole lot of work to do. I woke up late so I was tired. Didn’t go to lunch break due to the amount of work.” You leaned on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry baby.” He kissed you on the cheek and then the lips. “I love you. You know that right?” He lifted your chin.

“Yes you tell me all the time.” You kissed back grin forming on your lips. “Well, a beautiful girl like you doesn’t deserve to be so sad, don’t you think?” He asks, his kisses going down from your jaw to your neck.

You closed your eyes, grabbing his hair. “W-What are you doing, Yoongi?” You ask innocently. “Making your day better.” He says between kisses and starts sucking on your sweet spot that he found so easily.

“Yoongi…” you moaned and he settled you down so that he was on top. Your knee brushed on his bulge earning a groan from him. He started to grind on you in a slow pace.

He began unbottoning your shirt and you removed his. He then threw your shirt some place in the room and got up, pulling you up with him. He hinted that he wanted to go upstairs so you wrapped your arms around his neck and jumped up wrapping your legs around him. The two of you were still making out as he hurried up the stairs carrying you.

The bedroom door was cracked so he lightly kicked it open with his foot and set you down on the bed. He sucked on your neck and you already knew a hickey would be visible there by morning. His kisses went lower and lower then stopped at your bra. He lifted you up taking off the bra and tossing it to the side.

He sucked on your hard nipple earning small gasps to escape your mouth. He trailed butterfly kisses all the way down to your pants. “You want these off?” he looked up at you. “Please.” you pleaded making him smirk at how needy you were. He unbuttoned your pants and got up to pull them off, your panties coming along with them, jerking your body forwards.

You legs were closed slightly but he spread them back apart and but them both over his shoulder. His breathe hovered over your area lightly kissing your inner thighs. You tightened your legs around him so he could move closer. He sucked on your thighs making you moans louder. He loved your moans so much, he’d do anything just to hear you scream his name.

He finally inserted his tongue deep inside you, your hands finding it way towards his hair. His tongue circled inside you, the taste of your juices in his mouth pleasing to him. You bit your lip smirking at what he was doing to you. His tongue accelerated in a faster speed, his fingers digging into your thighs.

“Yes, Yoongi.” you gripped his hair only making him go insanely faster. He chuckled as he did so, the vibrations of his mouth making you close to you high. “I’m co-”

Before you could say what you had to say, he pulled away, pulling your legs off his shoulder. “You taste amazing.” he licks his lips and leans down, kissing you again. “I’m about to make you feel so good, Y/N.” he whispers in your ear before positioning himself front of you, pumping his already swollen cock in front of you.

He brought up both of his hands beside your head, and you spread your legs more. He slowly went inside you, a soft moan coming from the both of you. “You’re fucking beautiful, did you know that?” he hissed when he went deeper in you. “Mm, fuck.” you whispered, driving him crazy. It started off slow, hearing your soft moans, his low groans, and the soft skin smacking against each other at a easy going pace.

You took a hold of one of his wrists that was on the side of your head, gripping it. You loved how he started off slow, knowing it wouldn’t stay that way the whole round. He started to pound into you harder, still going the same pace. You hummed in pleasure, your eyes closed shut.

He wanted to hear more though. You were too quiet for him, so he picked up the pace. You breath hitched, surprised by the sudden change. Your body jolted forward at each thrust he made. You gripped his wrist even harder, for it began to turn red. Your moans got louder, and it was music to his ears, but he wanted more.

He buried his head in the nape of your neck thrusting harder and faster. He cursed in your ear, just his voice could set you off. He began sucking on your neck and that right there was the end of you. “Yoongi fuck!” you yelped, your chest rising up and dropping down rapidly. You wrapped your arms around him tightly, scratching his back. He hissed in response, but he liked the feeling of your nails digging into his skin. He loved it.

You cried out in pleasure, his back turning red by the amount of scratches you made to it. “Dammit, Y/N” he was close to his high. “I’m coming, Yoongi!” your walls tightened around him. You couldn’t wait any longer and released all over him. He slipped out of you and his came all over you. Your stomach you covered in his cum, and he loved the view. You looked to the ceiling trying to catch your breath. He laid beside you, breathing hard. You turned towards him, smiling.

“Thanks, babe.” you scooted closer to kiss him. “We need to take a shower.” he says making you raise an eyebrow. “We?” you pulled away from the kiss.

“Yes, we. I’m not done with you yet.” He gets up hinting you to follow him, which you gladly did.

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Just the fact that Gillian still has to be tough and play hard to get and STILL negotiate her contract for over a year for s11 just shows you that FOX are still dicks to her. Duchovny is happy as can be and looking forward to it, he is available and is public about that because guess what? Yep, you guessed it!! He is a man and he had their respect already in advance, his needs are being met by FOX when it comes to the finances and other demands he has. Gillian being a woman, NO RESPECT! ffs!

I think GA is having her revenge by letting them wait and she is right to do that. It’s like I said before FOX knows they need her and Gillian holds all the cards. Because DD wont do it without her and the fandom 95% at least have no interesst in XF without her too. So good for her let the FOX Suits assholes bleed… 

Originally posted by thetrueessenceofhumanity

There are many fantaken photos of namjoon I want to upload but if the fansite says DO NOT EDIT OR RE-UPLOAD you should respect them and don’t re-upload their pictures, even if you give them credit. It makes me kinda mad because I’ve seen pictures from fansites (which clearly stated they don’t want people to re-upload their stuff) everywhere. It takes so much time, money and effort to get into fansigns, go to every concert, event etc. I don’t know fansites personally but what I know is that 90% of them are working their asses off to provide us with high quality pictures. Like and retweet their pictures on twitter. And if they allow you to re-upload their pictures, go for it! I just wanted to post this because it’s been on my mind for a long time.

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I still don't get why people are groaning over this article lol? I mean eleanor isn't in the pics so I can't bring myself to care

i expected this to happen so i’m whatever but people are groaning because of what the article represents (also they’ve basically just confirmed they’re ‘dating’ again so like … personally i do expect them to be seen together at some point i know other people think it’ll play out solely through the tabloids a la hendall 3.0 but i don’t think we’re going to get off that easy)

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so is the category we got 0 point on music bank the audience preference...? i saw your tags w/ them and that's so strange... do you know if it's like live voting on the actual people in the live mubank audience or...?

audience preference score is calculated based on the search panels’ voting results. they’ll send emails to the search panels (probably chosen from people who registered with their emails on kbs sites) and ask them to choose their 3 favorite songs from the nomination list. the score will be calculated based on the search panels’ answers.

you may wonder what the nomination list is. for example, if music bank is broadcasted on 10/10 (october 10th), then the voting period of the search panels will be carried on from 29/9 to 5/10, therefore, only songs released before the voting period can be included in the nomination list (eg. from 28/9, 27/9).

this week’s music bank is broadcasted on 24/02 so the voting period for audience preference is carried on from 13/02 to 19/02. “spring day” was released on 13/02, which is during the voting period so it’s not in the nomination list and therefore got 0 point in this category.

nomination list for audience preference score calculation =/= nomination list for music bank 1st place

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Why r you always talking sassily&rudely. We were just asking and want to know ur opinion.

I just don’t think most stuff is anything to worry about and since I am a Kaisoo shipper, that’s my focus here. I prefer talking about them tgt. Not other ships. I don’t know what else u wanna hear, anon.

And people spend their energies on things that are there to distract them. And it’s even worse when KD shippers do it. Constantly linking and worrying about every KxK article for clickbait. Or assuming something is up, when it’s not. Misunderstanding situations. Thinking everything is jealousy or lust. I’ve only been in this shipdom for about a year and it happens every week. Kaisoo and I, we all tired.

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Ugh okay so my lowest weight was 104 (I'm 5'3) which for me was pretty good. However, now I'm hovering around 108 which on my body makes a big difference. My big problem is that it's time to go shopping but I wanna wait until I'm 100-104. My parents will try to force me to do it now. What do I do?

If you know you can definitely lose the weight, just suck in or after trying on a size, just buy the size smaller by switching them. Or buy baggy clothes where it doesn’t matter if you’re a few lbs smaller or heavier

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I self dx'd myself as autistic and I was just getting to a point where I have been accepting it, but I accidentally followed a blog who is anti-self dx and I read a post that talked about how 'you can trick yourself into thinking you have 'x, y, z' and now I am back to square one. Also, since I recently became close to someone and I want to tell them about some of my issues but if I don't even know if I really have these issues I don't want to talk about them but I don't know if I should (1/2)

(2/2) I don’t want to talk about it if I just tricked myself. I was thinking of just not saying anything and him just see it himself. Idk. i am so conflicted. Basically, my questions are 1.) can you actually trick yourself into thinking you have autism? and 2.) What should I do about telling the other person? Should I? or Should I just not say anything?

!) I think it is possible to be confused about what you have. You can have symptoms that look like autism but that are actually something else. Don’t feel bad for self-dx, though. You can try to get a professional opinion if you can.

2) I don’t know. It depends on if you want to do so. You can tell the person that you are not 100% sure but that you have symptoms that look like something?


A few days later, Alira found Sevella sitting alone and went to speak with her……

Alira: “Can we talk for a minute? I just have a few things I wanted to discuss with you.”

Sevella: “I guess so. Unless it’s about Brennan and then I have to tell you, I don’t want to hear it.”

Alira: “It is, but I think you’ll want to hear it.”

Sevella: “Fine. What is it?”

Alira: “How do you see things going with you two if we do manage to get back home? In case you haven’t noticed, Brennan is human, and a noble. Even if the two of you survive and we stop them from killing us all, do you really think it will be you he chooses to be with after everything is over?”

Sevella: “Alira…..”

Alira: “It won’t be. And you know I’m right.”

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You're always so calm in your tags, so I wanted to ask how much feels are you drowning in right now since the new pictures dropped? But I also wanted to thank you for all that you do for our fandom, especially during comeback times. I would be so lost without your post about what to do for streaming and everything. So thank you very very very much for everything you do for us! ❤❤

First of all, I really appreciate you appreciating me ♡ Thank you, Nonnie. Means a lot to me ♡

I know I seem super collected in my tags because I’m so awkward with reacting in them, but I AM SO COMPLETELY DONE WITH B.A.P AFTER EVERY ONE OF THEIR RECENT TEASERS. I literally cannot describe how devastated I am over their gorgeousness.

Himchan’s eyes pierced my soul in the close-up teaser of him. That hair is just a cap of flames on him along with his smokey stare, I’m just incredibly speechless because it’s such shock to my system, Nonnie. In recent comebacks, he’s gone for more subdued appearances, but this one is all out edgy K-Pop and I love it.

Daehyun, Youngjae, and Jongup just look like Romance Personified. You know those strongly sensual book covers in the stores by the cashier that show those male protagonists looking all romantic? Casual smoulder, I call it.

Junhong is always a package of surprise, honestly. His eyebrows slayed me this time, though. And I swear, this boy needs to do high editorial fashion spreads in magazines like Vogue, Singles, etc. He’s got some serious modeling skills.


Last but never least, never ever ever least, Yongguk. My beautiful Korean wang. I’ve got no words, none, to describe my feels for his comeback teasers. There’s just–No words. That hair, and that soul-searching stare, and that face, and just the fact that his head holds the most beautiful brain and I’m just–Ugh. 

This comeback looks lit. Seriously lit. I’m excited.


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If you know about it, what do you think about the general sonic discourse towards shipping? (Specially ships like son/tails, son/ally and son/adow, there's always hate for them if you try to search them up I swear.) I don't even like or dislike any of those but it just gets really annoying and I feel like this fandom is really agressive over shipping. :'/

I try to stay away from that and mind my own business. I ship sonamy and there’s a lot of hate for sonamy (as there’s also really aggressive sonamy shippers) so I just avoid that kind of drama. I’m here to have fun! 

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Do you think Sinbad and Celendine are going to get together? (Albeit we know it'll be short bc we know what happens) and whos death do you think will have the biggest impact on Sinbad during the Sindria invasion? Your blog is dope af btw!

Thank you! :D

At this point, I will have to say no, as I see little point in them getting together. And on the deaths that will affect him the most… well, I suppose that will depend more on the how, and for some reason, I think it might actually be Seren’s.

Perhaps I’m being influenced by how her image was so big in his memories, but I’m pretty sure that the impression she left was everlasting. Plus, we will probably see the impact of Mystras and Rurumu’s deaths mostly in Pipirika and Hinahoho (and Ja’far) respectively, so it would make sense for Seren’s to have the biggest impact on Sinbad.

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Different Anon: Surely the boys date or at least "see" people. Like don't they go clubbing, I saw pics of June at the club. Any of the others go out too?

Actually they sadly don’t really do things that people at their age would normally do. June went clubbing with jinhwan once and look what everyone made him look like and said about him after it. It was seriously disgusting how people reacted to it. He was just sitting next to a girl, he didn’t hurt anyone nor said smth to them, he was just having some fun. The boys always say that they don’t have friends outside of the group either bcs they don’t really know anyone nor see anyone. They always hang around together or are with their families or with their managers. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to have many friends but since they really want to know more people, I hope they’ll get the chance to meet many in the future. For now, all they do is actually work.