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Mobbed & Shaken

Series : Dog Mom Life

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom is in for a surprise by the reader but after getting off a flight he gets mobbed by fans who shove posters in his face making him feel uneasy.

Word Count:1,800+

A/N:Hopefully you enjoy this new fic, I talk about the situation on the post I linked. I’m really disappointed in the fans that mobbed him though. Have common decency for a human being. Tom being mobbed wtf . This fic is in relation to what happened, and of course adding stuff.

[Tom’s POV]

“Mr. Holland we can get you out of here as quickly as we can” Yawning I nod running my fingers through my hair. Walking out of the gate we make our way towards the front. Once down to the baggage claim a man was carrying mine and Harrison’s bags. Then it hits me all at once when the volume in the building rises from fans screams and excitement.

“Tom please sign this!”

“Tom I love you!”


    A poster is shoved in my face causing me to stumble backwards. Grabbing the sharpie being shoved in my hand I sign it quickly. More posters are in my face causing me to panic, I’m exhausted from the flight we just took. This was so overwhelming after the flight, I was still waking up  Sighing I sign the ones being waved in my face.

   Harrison tugs me along while the bodyguards make a pathway for us. My bag gets taken to put in the trunk. Getting into the car I close the car as a mob of fans pour out of the airport doors. Harrison gets in letting out a groan resting his head against the rest. Placing my head in my hands as my elbows rest on my knees. Harrison rubs my back causing me to look up.

“You alright mate?”

“I.. I don’t know” I mumble looking out of the window as the car starts to drive.

[Reader’s POV]

“Tom Holland is currently on his way to his hotel room, spotted at the airport just moments ago from our sources” The announcer’s voice on the radio fills the air in your car.

“Can you speed up a bit,I’m not feeling too well” you ask even though you were completely fine. Yet there was a bad feeling in your stomach about Tom getting off this flight. You don’t know if it’s this soon to be mother intuition but you just had a feeling. Placing your hand on your bump rubbing it gently. The driver changes the station to something else after they started talking about something else.

     As the car ride sped by a little quicker you pull out your phone. Smiling at the screensaver of you and Tom on your wedding day. Your screensavers always put a smile on your face when you look at them. Unlocking your phone pulling up Instagram. Clicking the search button the various posts that Instagram thinks you will like pops up. A bunch of pictures of Tom start loading up.

   Setting your phone back in your purse you decide to relax for the rest of the ride. You were bringing Tessa as a surprise to hopefully cheer up Tom. She was excited to  be going on an adventure. Unfortunately you couldn’t stay too long because of your ticket. It was all a surprise that even Harrison was involved in.


We just got to the hotel, see you and Tess soon. Tom’s definitely going to need this,he’s a bit upset.


Is everything okay? What’s going on?


It’s better to talk to Tom about it when you get to the hotel okay?


I’ll be there soon, Tessa is getting restless

“Tessa love, you excited to see Daddy?” you ask as the car pulls up to the hotel. Tessa walks by your feet perching her paws up at the window. Feeling your phone buzz again,you  look at it to see Harrison’s message.


Room 875 ,me 879

    Putting your phone back in your purse,grabbing Tessa’s leash hooking it on her. Opening the door she jumps down onto the ground, her tags jingling. Your suitcase is handed to you by your bodyguard. Tessa looks up at you waiting for you to walk. She pulls with Tom but stopped pulling since you got pregnant.

“Tessa’s here!” a voice shouts making you freeze. Looking up to see a crowd of girls that were heading over quickly.

“Fuck” I mutter walking towards the hotel doors,Tessa quickly walking beside you. Her tail wagging with a happy look on her face.

   Your guard blocking some of the girls that tried shoving their phones in your face. They were desperate heathens trying to take pictures. Feeling a tug you see a girl’s hand on Tessa’s leash. Reaching down slapping the girls hand when she tries taking Tessa’s leash from you. What in her damn mind did she think that’s okay?

Don’t touch her” You snap using a stern tone, Tessa steps in front of you letting out a little growl. The girl lets go stepping away from you and Tessa.

“What in the actual fuck” huffing out in frustration you and Tessa walk in. She lets out a bark that echoes in the hotel. Probably her own way of saying what the fuck.

“Mrs. Holland are you alright?” A man came up to you, he had a gold name tag on. He must be the manager here.

“Could be better but please get a better control of that.. one of them tried taking my husband and I’s dog” Looking back you see the group of girls that turned into a mob.

“Of course we’re terribly sorry, We hope you enjoy your stay” He gives you a small smile which you return one as well. It wasn’t his fault for what happened but knowing it will never change.

“C’mon love let’s head upstairs okay?” Giving a small tug to her leash we head over to the elevators. Clicking the button making it light up,the doors opening.Tessa’s nails click against the flooring as she walks in.The elevator dinged each time it went up a floor. Thankfully the elevators weren’t made of glass so people couldn’t see inside. Pulling out your phone opening up your messages. Sending a quick one once you reach the elevators.


Heading up to the 8th floor, is Tom in his room?


Yeah he just got settle in, how’s Tessa?


Well someone tried taking her and I slapped their hand.


Shit that’s going to be on the internet now lmao

    The elevator speaks saying the floor you’re on now. Looking up to see the doors opening. Tessa steps out looking from side to side. Seeing a sign having arrows underneath numbers. Finding the number range Tom’s room is you head in that direction. Tessa’s nose sniffing on the ground her head perks up. Making it to Tom’s room you knock three times. Tessa sits down in front of the door tail wagging fast. 

“shhh Tessa” You whisper as she looks up at you.

“Coming!” you hear your husband shout through the door, His footsteps are heard as he got closer to the door. A click sound signaling he unlocked the door opening it slowly. 

    The door opens fully to review you and Tessa. Tom’s smile making your heart melt. He pulls you into a massive hug as Tess wraps her leash around the both of you. Holding onto him so you don’t fall over.

“Shit, Tessa hold on love” Tom laughs trying to get us untangled. Once untangled he lets the both of you in. Tom cups your cheeks in his hands pressing his lips against yours. God you’ve missed him and it felt so good to be kissed by him.

“I can’t believe you’re here” his lips peppering kisses all over your face making you giggle. 

“Surprise babe, the three of us were missing you” 

“I’ve missed the three of you terribly… ‘ello love have you been treating you mum well?” Tom kneels down pressing a kiss to your bump. He wraps his arms around your bump resting his cheek against it. He looked so damn adorable as you looked down at him.

“Tom, are you alright though?” You ask running your fingers through his soft curls. He looks up at you then looks away quickly. 

“If you want the truth, I’m actually not” He stands pulling you towards the bed. Walking over to the other side I slip my sandals off then getting into the bed. Tom strips his shirt getting in and laying next to you. His face looking serious and pained,you hated seeing Tom like this.

“So I got mobbed at the airport today.. I normally don’t have a problem with my fans cause I adore them so much for all their support.. But today was the first time I felt overwhelmed.. God I don’t know what to do or how to process this..”

“Well first off you’re going to breathe, you’re alive cause thankfully they didn’t harm you physically.. Mentally this is a lot, you’re a celebrity and it never really ends but you have your family,Tessa and I to get you through it no matter what” you say placing your hand on his cheek he turns his face to kiss your palm. He then pulls you into his warm embrace. Being in his arms calmed you no matter what happened.

“I’m so blessed to have you in my life.. I love you so much darling”  His smile making your heart skip a beat like always.

“More than yesterday?” you ask batting your lashes up at him earning a laugh from Tom. 

“Yes darling, always loving you more and more each day” Tom presses a kiss to your forehead while he rubs your bump. His phone starts buzzing and ringing. Reaching into his pants he pulls out his phone.

“Uh,babe.. did you hit a fan?” he asks showing you a video. It replays showing your hand hitting the girls off of the leash. Oh God it was already on the internet.

“Well in my defense she grabbed onto Tessa’s leash.. No one try’s to take my fur baby away” Tessa jumps on the bed laying down by your legs. Her sweetness shining in her eyes, you loved her so much.

“They grabbed onto her leash?” Tom asks looking at you shocked his eyes going wide. 

“They can hate me all they want, I’m a dog mom first and no one tries to take Tess’s leash from me” 

“I can’t even imagine how you’re going to be when someone is rude to our daughter darling” his chuckle making his chest vibrate.Tessa rolls on her back waiting for a belly rub.

“Yes love, I will protect you with my mum honor if it’s the last thing I do..” leaning over to reach her belly to give it a rub. A happy bark escapes her making you smile.

“Definitely will make them rue the day if they upset our daughter or our dog child” 

“oh bloody hell did you just say rue?!” Tom’s laughter fills the air of the hotel room.

“Oh hush at my word choice but it works!” You push him making him fall out of the bed.

“Fuck! dammit babe” he groans laughing at what just happened.  You enjoyed moments with him like this. Acting silly and being madly in love with each other. Life was perfect because you get through the hardships together. 

how to make a gif (for beginners)

this is a really long tutorial showing you how to:

  • make a gif
  • basic coloring
  • how to load an action
  • how to sharpen/use and action

you will need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6, but if you can make a gif in the version you have you can do this)
  • timeline (for applying actions)
  • and having basic knowledge of ps will help you though this is really detailed so you should be fine no matter your familiarity

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A thieving roommate and a "haunted" Xbox

Warning:Long, but totally worth it!

During freshman year of college I roomed with my cousin and our friend Dan. The three of us happened to be quite the marijuana enthusiasts and enjoyed smoking…a lot. As great a luxury cannabis is, it wasn’t cheap, especially to three college kids. So naturally, when we wanted to smoke together we’d all chip in an equal sized nug so no one ended up getting short-changed and to obviously save a little cash here and there. As time went on, Dan began to run out of money due to his constant smoking. No money=no weed. So what went from rolling a spliffs everyday suddenly became smashing  bowls and scraping resin off the shards of glass and mixing it with tobacco to get high. In our very small and cramped room, I had a mason jar filled with a baggie of my weed hidden in a spot that NO ONE (I thought) knew about. After class one day, I wanted to sit back and enjoy a smoke when I pulled my stash out of the hiding spot to find that the weed was missing. Instantly, I knew Dan did the dirty deed. My cousin wasn’t struggling too bad financially at the time so it couldn’t have been him. But before I pointed any fingers, I decided to wait it out and be 100% positive.

When Dan came back after class, I noticed he was more nervous than usual and didn’t make eye contact with me when we were shooting the shit . Red flag 1. Per usual, he’d throw his jacket on the floor, like he did with any other piece of clothing, and started to make ramen noodles. While he was busy, I slowly lifted the jacket with my foot to reveal the top of a baggy with a few nugs poking out of the inside pocket. Red flag 2. I’m not a big fan of thieves, so I decided to get my revenge on Dan in a very petty way. Just to let you all know, Dan is a very gullible human being and tends to believe anything, even if it’s a little far fetched…

One day, my roommates and I planned on having a Netflix night with a bunch of our friends later on in the week. Me being me, saw this as an excellent opportunity to do something devilish, but “What devilish thing should I do?” At the time, there was an Iphone app called Xbox Smartglass that had just come out (I think). Basically, one would log in their Xbox Live account information, connect their phone to the Xbox, and control basic things like direction (think directional pad) and clicking the “A” or “B” buttons.

With this newfound information, I knew exactly what I was going to do, but had to bank on doing it right.

The Netflix night comes and all 10 of us are outside finishing up a spliff before we head back in. I, however, excused myself early to go to the “bathroom”. During this time, I quickly went inside my room, turned my Xbox on, connected my phone to Smartglass, and left it on my bed (it would disconnect if you were too far away). A few moments pass and we are all jam-packed into the room. Dan and I had bunk beds on the right side of the room. He had the top bunk and I had the bottom. My cousin, Gucci, had his own bed on the left side of the room. Everyone else was squeezed in the middle. What’s perfect about my position is that I could conceal my phone very well with no one being the wiser.

Dan had the controller and began sifting through possible movies to watch. I started off with clicking to the right, left, up, and down every so often making it appear that Dan was fucking around with the controller.

“Yo Rivy, I think your controller is busted.” said Dan.

I obviously told him it wasn’t and that he’s scrolling through everything too fast.

So I continued to fuck around more and more until I started moving everything faster and faster. Naturally people were like, “Dan! Stop being a dick!” He responded by letting go of the controller to show that it wasn’t him and everything was indeed moving on it’s own. Everyone was confused. This being the right moment, I stopped for a few seconds….then slowly shifted down to the “Horror” section, scrolled to the right until I saw the movie conveniently titled “Hell” and clicked on it.

Everyone screamed and hollered. Dan jumped out of his bunk, nearly crashing into everyone, and ripped the plug right out of the  Xbox. As he turned back, I could see the look of true fear in his eyes. Everyone was scared shitless and the commotion caught the attention of the RA. It was painfully hard trying not to laugh during this whole ordeal.

Our room was the talk for the entire week. Dan was going around telling everyone, “Yo man, our Xbox is fucking haunted/possessed…”

From friends, to classmates, RA’s and even the hall janitor, Dan told EVERYONE. He was so infatuated and scared, I decided to keep going with it. It got so crazy that Dan, and I swear to God I’m not lying, would talk directly to the Xbox as if it was a person. He’d ask it questions like “Who are you?” “Are you a kind spirit?” “Can you communicate through other forms of technology?”

This was absolute gold.

Before you know it, I started communicating with Dan by typing on the keyboard for Xbox live messaging. I got more daring and wrote words like:


I also wrote places he would be that day, clothes he was wearing, people he knew, etc.

He was too busy freaking out that he never took a moment to logically think about the whole situation. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine pranking someone this bad….especially with an inanimate object. I do want to note that my cousin found out about my prank/revenge due to the fact that he saw “Smartglass Connected” pop up on the Xbox dashboard. I told him everything and he promised not interfere and encouraged me to continue on :).

One day after class, I walked into my room to find Dan sitting upright on his bunk staring into space. I asked him what’s up and he went on about how scared he was and how he believed someone was hacking the Xbox and sending him threatening messages. He also believed that whoever was doing it was also hacking the webcam too (lol). Dan went on and on and even considered calling the cops (yikes).  Realizing how out of hand this was getting, I stopped fucking with him for a little while.

Overall, I kept my vengeful prank a secret for a few months before I finally told him. He was livid at me and firmly believed someone….or something was out to get him. But he did admit to stealing my weed and soon paid me back. A word to the wise, never steal from someone, you never know what appliance will become possessed and haunt you ;)

TL;DR: College roommate stole weed from me. I got my revenge by making him believe our Xbox was haunted.

thank you all so so much for 4k !!
i chose this gif bc that’s my face rn… i’m just imagining four thousand people standing in my backyard !! that’s heckin insane !! i love every single person who took the time to click that follow button cept the porn bots… i see u and everyone who’s reblogged my gifs or used one of my icons and just.. without y’all i wouldn’t be here actually not failing at this tunglr thing :( ily

since i haven’t done this since 600 (??i know) i thought it’d be nice to do a proper ff again!! below i’ve listed a bunch of lovely mutuals who i love with my whole entire heart :)

((blacklist #camsff if u don’t want this on ya dash))

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Miraculous!Sliders AU

Just hear me out

- Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino find this contraption in one of the empty class rooms (Max made it)

- Alya is extremely curious as of what it is and clicks the button

- The portal is opened and they’re all kinda freaking out

- Marinette is the first to try and walk away, but she trips and falls in

- Now they’re all really freaking out, but Adrien’s alter ego kicks in and jumps after her (which leads to Alya and Nino going in too)

- They slide to a bunch of alternate universes of Paris where everything is different

- They go to one where Alt-Marinette (Alt for alternative) has the cat miraculous while Alt-Adrien has the ladybug miraculous

- Felix and Bridgette

- They meet their future kids

- They slide to one dimension, accidentally interrupting a steamy make out session between Alt-Marinette and Alt-Adrien

- Adrien and Marinette are REALLY flustered the first dimension they go to where their alt-selves are together

- Them discovering the love square over the course of several dimensions

- Sometimes the four of them will come up with crazy ways of greeting their alt-selves out of the blue just to see their reactions

- Also, some dimensions they go to could be other AUs and fanfics

- Marinette and Alt-Marinette somehow accidentally switch positions and she suddenly finds herself having to dance with/against some odd version of Chat Noir: Breakdance au.

- Marinette is clumsy enough as it is. Imagine her not knowing how to dance, but still trying.

- They run into their opposite sex selves

- Alt-Nino has a Miraculous!?: The Weight of Jade.

- Alt-Nino walks up to Marinette and Adrien, not knowing they’re from another dimension, and randomly starts talking about patrol or he asks if they could buy some soup for Wayzz while he’s busy.

- Nino and Alya walk up and everything gets really tense and awkward. Alt-Nino just stands and stares in shock

- Tikki and Plagg meeting their alt-selves

- Alya takes it upon herself to find every difference between the dimension they’re in and the dimension they’re from

- Nino just follows her around, but is secretly interested in all the different versions of himself.

- They go to one where they meet their parents when they were younger and they accidentally prevent one from meeting the other.

- Like, Marinette desperately tries to get Tom and Sabine to meet or Adrien tries to convince his mom that Gabriel isn’t that bad.

- In another, Marinette and Alya go to the bathroom at school and while they’re gone Alt-Marinette walks up to Adrien and pulls a smooth pick-up line. He isn’t all flustered and blushing like Alt-Adrien, he’s just really impressed with this version of Marinette: Pick Up and Chase.

- Because Alt-Mari doesn’t get much of a reaction, she comes up with better lines and uses them on Alt-Adrien. She’s completely unaware that these are two different people.

- Adrien pretty much makes it that much harder on Alt-Adrien

- Chat Blanc

- Adrien and Marinette begin to realize each other’s identities, but they either continuously deny it in their minds or are convinced that their other dimension selves have miraculouses

- Like, Adrien will nervously laugh and say “Marinette has the Ladybug miraculous in this one too? How weird!”

- And Marinette is just appalled because “I can understand two or three, but why is almost every Adrien Chat Noir!?”

- It’s slowly being pieced together, but they still deny it.

An AU of AUs. I don’t know if this has been done already, but it came to mind and I just had to write it down. Add on to it!

Hey Potterheads!

With Halloween right around the corner, I figured it’s high time I put out a call for help.

Every year, my friends and I transform our garage into a completely immersive Hogwarts walkthrough based on a book a year. Last Halloween we weren’t able to do it, due to a complete lack of funds, but we are determined to bring it back with Book 3 this year! Despite still being really poor

We’ve started up a ko-fi page for donations, since it accepts amounts as small as $3 (a bit easier to donate to vs typical min. $5 places) and doesn’t take out ridiculous fees.

If you could help by either spreading the word or donating, we will be eternally grateful!


Even if you don’t want to donate, it would still be worth it to click the button, because there’s a video on the ko-fi page that shows what the walkthrough was like. 

Under the cut are a bunch of images of the event from two years back, to help show what we were able to achieve, even on our limited budget back then. Just imagine what we can do if we had an even bigger budget for this year!! 

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Muumit (Sebastian Aho)

Prompt:  Hi, I wanted to request Sebastian Aho imagine where he watches Moomins with his gf and it’s just super cute (because Finnish classic kid’s show) :3 thanks! I really love your blog it’s great what you’re doing here

Sebastian Aho x Reader

Requested: joo

Includes: finnish 

notes: i literally love the moomins so much we used to watch it in class in 5th grade

Originally posted by puckducky

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Partners — Min Yoongi

Anon asked: Heey, can you do an imagine of Suga where you’re a pop singer and he wants to do a featuring with you and he notices during the process of the song that he likes you in a romantic way? Thaanks!

Words: 1819

Warnings: none

Description: Yoongi wants to work on a song with you, but shortly realizes that he has deep feelings for you.


“I’d love to work with you.” You smiled at the boy who stood in front of you.

You couldn’t believe that he, Min Yoongi, writer, composer, rapper, 1/7 of BTS wanted to collaborate with you.

You’d be lying if you said that this didn’t excite you. You were psyched to be working with him!

“Meet me in my studio tomorrow? I’ll text you the address. What’s your number?” Yoongi asks you, holding out his phone.

You took is his phone and put your number in it. As you gave his phone back to him, he looked at it before looking at you and smiling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He asks.

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Game On! Jungkook x Reader (Fluff) Part 1

Words: 2,316
Genre: Fluff
A/N: Part 1 of probably 2! it’s something I had in mind when I was in the car and daydreaming about Jungkookie since he’s my bias wrecker ^-^ Hope you beans enjoy! 

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“A Drunken Ramble” (V x Reader)

okay this isn’t a request, but i had a burst of creativity after something similar happened to me lmao. it wasn’t a confession, but my friend sent me a video of my boyfriend rambling drunk about how great he thinks i am. it was the silliest and purest thing i had received honestly. i chose tae for this bc i can SO imagine him doing this weird but cute thing - he’s a puppy lmao.

Name: “A Drunken Ramble”

Character: V // Kim Taehyung (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,159

Originally posted by beui

(gif credit to the original owner)

“Be responsible,” you replied cheekily, trying to maintain some kind of control of your best friend. You chuckled as soon as you saw two emojis: the little face with the tongue stuck out. You shook your head, placing the phone down beside you and throwing yourself back onto your bed. You sighed. You were being truthful, however. No matter how far away you were from Taehyung, you always wanted to make sure that he was safe. This time, he was relatively near yet you still worried. He was older than you, not by much, but still older. However, you still felt the constant need to mother him and you were never sure whether it was to assure yourself or him. Since it was the kindest and charmingly strangest man you had ever met, you wanted to preserve that persona. He had sent you a message earlier, your heart pounding a little as the phone lit up to see his name on your phone. He was going out with the other 6 members of BTS, all of whom you were close to as well. They would look after him so you weren’t as worried, especially with responsible, parent-like members Namjoon and Jin. So, you took a deep breath, and allowed yourself to fall into the depths of sleep.

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Some tips for if you ever go to Michael’s craft store told to you by a Michael’s employee

⁃ We accept competitor coupons from places like JoAnnes Fabric and AC Moore etc. so we can match those coupons for you.

⁃ If you find the same item at a different store for a lower price, we’ll lower it an additional 10% for you (need proper online documentation for that one).

⁃ Don’t buy anything if you (1) don’t have a coupon or (2) the item is not on sale because nothing is worth buying full price. We ALWAYS have coupons out.

⁃ If you’re a rewards member it doesn’t get you points or more discounts, it just sends you coupons and allows you to do receipts free returns, in which you can bring an item back and we can refund you via your phone number or email, as long as you entered your rewards at checkout.

⁃ ***GET THE MICHAEL’S APP*** instead of searching your email for a coupon and going through a bunch of loopholes you can find all the coupons going on today by clicking the button at the top right that’s shaped like scissors cutting a dotted line.

⁃ Alternatively, it’s immensely easier if you take a screenshot of your coupons beforehand for the cashier to scan (we are able to access the coupons of the day for customers who really need the coupons but it’s technically against the rules to give away coupons).

⁃ We give teacher discounts, military discounts (with proper identification) and senior discounts, just ask your cashier if you qualify.

⁃ If you need to put an item on hold, you can! Just call your local store and ask for the item. It will be available to pick up at the register when you come in.

⁃ Looking for something at a specific store and don’t want to call? Get the app* and search for the item there. It will tell you if the store you’re near has it in stock AND it can tell you which aisle to find it in.

⁃ Can’t find a product and can’t seem to locate a Michael’s team member to help you? Again, if you have the app* you can click the downbar on your store and find the store map that will correspond to what you’ve searched.

⁃ If you check out and a team member gives you a coupon with a customer satisfaction survey to fill out online, PLEASE DO IT!!! It helps out our store A LOT. No score but 5 counts though so we “Strive for 5”. Make sure to put the cashiers name in there as well if they tell you because it will ask you about how your experience at the store was.

⁃ Seasonal items (Fall/Halloween/Christmas) are almost always on sale.

⁃ Glitter, glass, and floral items are our worst enemy

Hopefully this helps out all of y’all who’re crafty people and want the best out of your buck and if I’ve forgotten anything and you’re a Michael’s team member with more advice feel free to add on!


I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’m not really the best at explaining things - and the way that I do it is probably a roundabout way, and there might be an easier way to do some of the things I do. But this is the way I do them. And, at this point, I’ve had a few of my friends ask how to make icon batches – so, I at least wanted to make a tutorial I can link them to. And if it helps someone else, that’s great.

This tutorial is made using CS5 on a Mac OS.

This is most helpful if you have a bunch of icons you want to re-edit to be a smaller size, bordered, watermarked, etc etc. I’m lazy, and I also do it with screencaps when making a lot of icons at one. Just when we get to the step where the batch is opened, before making any other changes, I resize my caps.

If anything I say doesn’t make sense - or you’d like elaboration, let me know. I can either answer myself. Or, I will hunt you down a tutorial. Let us start.

( ** EDIT : if you have issues viewing this, or my theme makes it hard for you to read, simply add /mobile to the end of the url and it will open it in a plain looking browser page . )

In this tutorial, I will be going from icons like this:

To this:

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travelwithwords  asked:

"Y/N, explosions won't solve all your problems," Nat criticized impatiently tapping her foot.

“Y/N, explosions won’t solve all your problems,” Nat criticized impatiently tapping her foot.

You groaned, “But it’s so fun and beautiful!”

Natasha sent a glare. “But (Y/N), you have to think logically. Blowing things up just makes more problems for you.”

You slowly moved your head to look over where you had a small bomb sitting on a bunch of your paper work. Then, you looked at Natasha dead in the eye, and clicked the button. “(Y/N)!”

send me a sentence and i’ll add five (or so) more!

Sk8er Boi | Jack Avery

Inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song Sk8er Boi
((a/n: You’re a little snobby in this oops! Also this includes Aspen cuz she’s lit))

*5 years ago*
You walk down the halls, friend’s by your side. It’s now senior year, and it’s going to be the best. Cute boys checking you out as you pass by. Girls envying your life. This was your everyday. People loved you, and you loved that.

“Ew, look at those punks,” your friend, Haley, says in disgust.

You look over to the group of skater boys standing by the lockers. Your eyes go straight to a certain curly headed boy. Something about him made you want to know him. There was something that made you attracted to him, but you could never admit it. You’re popularity kept high school from being s living hell, and you wanted to keep it that way.

As you stare, he looks up at you. He shoots a smile before you quickly turn away. You’re friends continued to talk trash about him, and it annoyed you. You never thought talking bad about anyone was fun. You were that friend who just sat and listened, not that it made you any better of a person. Every time you try to change the subject, but it always went back to gossip. Sometimes you wondered if it all was worth being loved by everyone.

Later that day, as you and Haley walk out of ballet practice, you’re almost run over by a boy on a skateboard. Before he could hit you, he flung himself out of the way and landed on the ground.

“Watch where you’re going, punk!” Haley yells.

“I am so sorry, I was a little distracted. Pretty girls usually do that to me,” he smiles at you. You lightly blush, hoping Haley doesn’t notice.

“You’re forgiven,” you smile back.

“Im Jack by the way.”


“I know it’s probably not the best timing to ask you this, but would you like to go out sometime?” he bites his lower lip.

And as you were about to say yes, you are brought back to a reality. A reality with Haley. Haley starts laughing her ass off and you pretend to join in a little.

“This bitch turned down half the guys on the wrestling team, you think she’d go out with you? What makes you so special? Those black baggy jeans?”

Jack face gets red as he picks up his skateboard. He looks at you one more time, and you hope he can see the remorse in your eyes. You truly felt awful, but it was too late.

*Present day*

You’re exhausted due to the fact you’ve been watching your 2 year old daughter all day. No help from her father, your ex. Also known as the captain of the football team back in high school. He had just picked her up, so nows your time to relax. You turn on TV, flipping through the channels. As you pass them by you stop and sit in shock. Skater boy, aka Jack, was on TV singing with four other guys. You immediately call up Haley, who you were still close friends with. Luckily, she has grown up a bunch since high school, and so have you.

“Haley, turn to channel 176,” you say.

You hear her click buttons on her remote, “Oh, skater boy? Yeah I know about that. Ashley and I have tickets to go see them in concert Friday. You want to join?”

“Yeah, that sounds awesome.”

The whole concert was amazing, and it didn’t shock you. You always knew he would turn into something great. If only you didn’t have a stick up your ass during high school. Maybe you guys would be together.

After the concert ended, you and your friends went to the hang out. You guys wonder around in search for Jack. Once you spot him, you notice a girl very close to him. ‘Just some fan’ you assumed. You walk up to him, and his eyes go wide once he sees you.

“Hey, Jack!” you yell over the music.

“Y/n, right? What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you perform, and thought maybe we could catch up a bit sometime.”

He laughs, “Am I finally cool enough for you? I bet it’s the skinny jeans, or is it the fame?”

Your smile fades away, but you knew you deserved this. You were a total bitch in high school. Especially to him.

“I’ve grown a lot since then, Jack. I honestly really liked you, but none of my friends did. I was stupid and did whatever made me seem cool. I’m really sorry about that,” you apologize, and the girl glares at you.

“Y/n, I have a girlfriend now. This is Aspen. She likes me for who I am. You had your shot five years ago, now it’s gone,” he says, then him and Aspen walk away. You are left there standing, realizing what you missed out on.

i LOVE random character generators like

throwing a bunch of traits and numbers together you get a coherent character

Emily Young was born to be a sex slave, too weak to fight for freedom and not even aware there was such a thing, until the ship she was traveling on was destroyed and she crash landed with a few other survivors on some rim world

The “prosthophile” trait, btw, is the trait that makes a character long for prostheses. The text is “[name] feels limited in her feeble human body. She often dreams of going bionic”.

So just by clicking a random button we’ve got a sex slave escaped from slavery, longing to be too strong to be caged again.

that’s like better than i could do if i was trying




And it would probably be more effective if you have something already drawn in your first frame, for reference of course! 

You can do that by pushing, 

That button in the top right! 

And that’ll take you: 

Yes this looks slightly less confusing than the last, but still confusing.

But for now, all you need to do is push the Tools button on the Toolbar!

That’ll give you a bunch of tools for drawing, but just click the one that says “Brush Tool” You’ll know it when you see it.

Then just draw something in the frame! 

I already have something drawn in, so let’s go back to the Cleanup section of the program! 

Now we’re back here: 

So how do we make a new frame? 

Well just look down on the bottom left and you’ll see this:

It’s right below your picture you can’t miss it!

Now this is where things could get complicated if you’ve never used an animation program before! At least not one as complicated as THIS. (Flipnote Studio amiright?!) 

So, you’ll notice a couple things about this little bar thing. 

1. Your picture in the big box under Col1, and number two, the letter A below it!

To create a new frame, you’ll have to click on the box BELOW that highlighted box with the A in it! NOT the one NEXT to it!

That’ll make your picture look like this: 

Of course it’l only look like this if you have Onion Skin on. If you don’t it’ll be blank! 

So then just go back to the PltEdit section! 

And draw a new picture! 

You MIIIGHTT have to adjust the Onion skin settings because WOW are those lines thick. 

Anyway, I hoped this helped! 

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry if this sounds ignorant, and I'm sure you're tired of explaining it, but do views or "hits" on Ao3 mean anything? Because i'll see the posts about authors needing kudos and comments (which i understand completely) but i'll also see the view count and i'm like "but it's got so many hits, just go by that too!" So what goes into an author truly knowing how well they're doing?

Hi there! And yeah, I’ve explained how this works before, but I’m always happy to explain it again. Because it bears repeating. :)

Hits on AO3 mean very little. Someone clicks through to the fic, reads the tags and summary, maybe the first few paragraphs of a novel-length fic, and then nopes out without finishing. It still registers a hit.

Writing a multi-chapter fic posted in weekly installments that has a significant following? Yeah, hits are also meaningless here, because every time you post a new installment and all your dedicated readers click through to read the next chapter? They each register new hits. They’re not UNIQUE viewers to the entire fic, yet it can still look that way in the hit counter. And if it’s a 50 chapter fic that posts over the course of a whole year? The “compound” hits really start to add up, despite each of those unique readers only being able to leave 1 kudos (albeit multiple comments, if they so desire).

If something we post generates a thousand hits but only 100 kudos, it can start to feel like a lot of readers may not have bothered to read to the end, you know? If I make it to the end of a fic, I hit the kudos button. It takes literally one second, and in my mind it’s the equivalent of saying, “Thank you for writing this and posting it for free for my enjoyment.”

I personally don’t have the “false hits equivalency” problem that writers who post WIP’s do, because I always post complete works. Even when I’ve tried to post serially, I end up giving up after a few days and just going ahead and posting the entire thing. I tried to do that with Ultraviolet, posting a chapter a day, and lasted five whole days before just posting the rest all at once. I have no patience for drawing things out unnecessarily. :P

As a result, the hits count on it are artificially inflated:

2269 hits as of today, when I posted it back at the end of June. But heck, there’s more than 10% kudos-to-hits ratio, so even considering that I know a number of people had been reading along as I posted the first five chapters, that’s still a pretty decent average. Believe it or not, that’s considered to be fairly excellent as a hits-to-kudos ratio.

Now on to the thing I just posted a few days ago, Dean’s Days Off. I posted it all at once (note the posting date):

That’s a lot of hits, considering I can assume that most of them are not redundant, with the same readers clicking back through to read a new chapter. Still, even working under the assumption that A LOT of those are unique hits from different people, I’m left with the assumption that less than 20% of them actually read all the way to the end, because of the kudos.

This theory works FOR NOW, because this is a new story. I doubt many people have had a chance (even if they loved it and intend to read it again someday– which is just wishful thinking on my part, but whatever) have had a chance to go back and read it again already, you know? So these are largely most probably original hits. But over time, there may be a fair few people who return to read it again and CAN’T leave kudos again. The hits-to-kudos ratio will inevitably drop over time.

Plus there’s also the factor in the other direction– readers who click through and then download the story (I always do this with fic I love, partly because it’s easier to read on my kindle, but also because I’ve see too much fic I love get taken down by the authors, and I like to make sure I have a copy in case that ever happens). I have fic I’ve reread NUMEROUS times, but the author has no way of knowing how much I adore their writing in that case UNLESS I EXPLICITLY TELL THEM.

AO3 doesn’t keep statistics for downloads. Unless a reader tells me, I have no idea that they may have downloaded my story to read again. It doesn’t even generate another hit in that case, you know?

In any case, kudos, comments, OR hits– none of them is a perfect gauge for readership. Hits may be meaningless. I think 3 of the hits for T&S were generated by me– one of which was me noping out within a page or two of starting because there was no way in hell I was gonna keep reading, and two of which were unlabeled links to the effect of, “OMG I JUST READ THIS THING AND I NEED A MOMENT TO RECOVER,” which is an intriguing sort of post where the words “THIS THING” were a link to it… I had no idea, but lo and behold, I generated a “hit” to it. >.>

I’ve clicked on fic recs that from the description in the post sounded right up my alley, only to see something in the tags on AO3 that made me nope out of reading, or got a short way in to the story before realizing it just wasn’t my thing and closing out. All of that generates hits. Meaningless, meaningless hits.

I have opened fic, decided to “Mark For Later” so I can open it again and read it when I’m in the right mood, or when I have time to devote to it, or whatever. I have A LOT of fic Marked For Later. Still, opening it to mark it and add it to my list generates a hit. It’ll generate another hit when I do eventually go back and read it. Possibly generating another hit when I open it yet again trying to remember if I’ve read it… 

Or the worst– I’ve had the thing open in a tab for two weeks hoping to find the time to read it, and every time Chrome refreshes the page (because Chrome does that) it generates a new hit… I kinda feel guilty about that…

Hits are ultimately meaningless.

Kudos at least have SOME meaning. A unique reader read the entire thing, got all the way to the end, and felt good enough about reading it to hit what essentially amounts to the THANK YOU NICE WRITER PERSON button.

Some people are willing to spend a little more time writing a comment. Anything from a “Thank you for writing this” to “Oh gosh I love this story, and xyz was my favorite!” all the way to leaving a running commentary on every chapter or a five paragraph book review at the end. Or heck, just an incoherent keysmash with a bunch of exclamation points.

Or one of my personal favorites, “I just read this again and can’t leave more kudos, so have this <3″

I don’t understand the resistance to clicking the kudos button if you read the entire story and derived any enjoyment from it whatsoever. If you’re embarrassed about it, you can always log out of AO3 and leave kudos anonymously. No one will ever know it was you. :P

But I’ve had people ask me this before, wondering why they should even BOTHER hitting Kudos, and it’s like… you read this entire story, for the low low cost of zero dollars, and can’t be fussed to even click the Instant Thank You Button? That’s… shocking and frustrating as a writer. Some of my longer fic may have taken me HUNDREDS of hours to write, edit, etc. And it doesn’t merit half a second of time to click a button. I mean, sure, Dean’s Days Off is kinda short compared to some of my other work, but it still represents about 80 hours of my life. I spent about 80 hours working on that story. I spent several hundred hours working on Revenge of the Subtext. And even more than that working on Around the World in 24 Days. That’s a lot of hours. Can I get half a second of your time as an acknowledgement that it was worth it?

If I make it to the end of a story of any length, that’s automatically kudos. Job well done, Writer Person. You have suitably entertained me.

I admit that I am still personally weirded out by leaving comments, but I do try and force myself to, especially if it’s a longer work. I get this OH GOSH PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT ME BUT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME FEEEEELINGS mentality about leaving comments. I turn into Dean Winchester and clam up. I TOTALLY GET THAT REACTION to leaving comments. That’s why the kudos button exists in the first place. No embarrassment required. Just a Thank You that writers can acknowledge in a measurable way. Unlike hits, which honestly we have no idea how many of them even read past the introduction let alone the entire story.

I wish there were some more accurate metric for calculating just how well received our works are, but really this is all we have. We don’t have bestseller lists. Our readers don’t have to pay for our work. Leaving kudos or liking our tumblr posts is great, and lets us know at least our followers appreciate what we’ve written. Leaving comments is fantastic because we can share the joy, answer questions, reply to theories y’all have about our stories (heck nothing is better to me than having someone meta-analyze my writing! I LOVE THAT AND WOULD LOVE TO SQUEE WITH JOY AT YOU!). Reblogging our tumblr posts is like the ultimate recommendation. It says not only someone read and enjoyed what we wrote, but wants other people to find the thing too.That’s how we find new readers, especially if the post ends up tagged with stuff like, “OMG THIS WAS SO EXCELLENT!” or whatever. Damn near makes my week. :P

But if we post something, even if it gets tons of hits, if no one bothers to hit the kudos button at the end, it can very quickly start to feel like maybe nobody ever read all the way to the end, so why even bother…

I probably shouldn’t have turned this into an essay, but since that seems to be my trademark, I guess I’ll just go ahead and post it…

anonymous asked:

Your writing is weird, your only 20 stop acting like your 50 and giving everybody advice and making lists that are nothing but a bunch of useless dumb advice pieces. and stop writing lies. if you said yes, it was not sexual abuse. stop whining people have real problems. your just a attention seeking little girl who knows nothing

You could have used that time and energy to click on the unfollow button.


Ok so recently i was shown an AMAZINGLY cute and fun game by my friend deviltusks. It quickly spread through our friend group ( caverna-leo & tumbletit) because come on it’s literally amazing and so relaxing!! uhhhg so nice!! anyways back to the point. I love this game theres just one problem everything is super expensive and gems are hard to get. i have been trying to find out some ways to collect gems in the game fast and in large numbers. I have come across a few ways that together can get you 260,000 gems (a whole fuck-ton). So of course i had to share my monopolizing ways to my friends, but they are all big dummies so im here to explain (with some pictures as well) how i get my gems to them and whoever happens to wander by.

First Method - 30,000 gems

Okay so this is pretty simple.

Click the more tab when you are outside your house.

Click your profile button and then click the invitation code tab.

Click copy code and it will ask you to leave a review do this quickly and return to the app.

Go to the lounge from outside your home. This will take you to a screen of chat rooms choose the newbie category. There will be a chat room called give me your invitation code. NOW SPAM THE LIVING HECK OUT OF THE CHAT WITH YOUR CODE BY COPYING AND PASTING.

You will receive 1,000 gems every time someone enters your code(your code can be enter 20 times). You can also enter 10 codes from other people yourself for 1,000 gems a piece.

Second Method - 30,000 gems

when you are in the chat room click the circle button above and it will show you the people in the chat room. add people until you have a total of 50 friends!!!

go to fruit monsters and go to settings.

Click the invite and invite the 50 friends you just got and it will give you 30,000 gems!!! easy!!!

Third Method - 200,000 gems!!!

okay so this is the more difficult one because it is slightly time consuming but for 200,000 gems i think it is worth it.

Download the Line app if you don’t already have it.

after you have it click the plus sign in the corner

search by id and just put in random words and numbers until you have 200 or so friends.

after you have finished that the rest is easy!

Go back to line play and click the add button.

click the invite button and invite all the friends you just added. each invite gives you 1,000 gems and you can do this 200 times. 

This also cuts the price of the face shop down by 50% and the first room expansion down by 90%!!!!!

well have fun buying a bunch of cute things for yourself and friends!!!! 


LINE ID - spritz626


***EDIT**** You can get up to 66,000 gems by getting people to enter your code now just give your invitation code to people who are making an account they get gems and so do you!!! Here’s mine!!!! XN-7118-1902