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Hey there! I really like you're art! My question is whether you have always been doing it digitally and what do you use in order to make digital art. Also if I were to start doing digital art what should I use? Love you!~

Hi!  I’ve been doing digital art since late 2015 (see the pic below), but I’ve been studying traditionally for about 3-4 years now.  I use Photoshop CC as well as a Wacom tablet (Intuos Pen Small, about 8″x7″).

 I’d recommend that combo if you’re starting out (alternatively, substitute some free drawing program for photoshop if you want to)- mainly because they’re what I used when I started out and they’ve worked well enough that I continue to use them,

Also, from your questions, I suspect that you’re just getting into digital art.  Few things to note: it’s tricky to draw on tablets when you start out.  It’s normal if your coordination is messy even for 1-3 months after you get your tablet.  Here is an old ask with some advice for beginner digital artists; I think a lot of my year-old advice (almost to the day, jeez) still holds up.

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Hey! Love your edits. I was wondering if you could take us through how you make your edits? And any tips on how to start with editing?

I COULD try and livestream the whole process because one single edit I post is quite literally, a combination of different edits, some parts are even completely redrawn based of canon material and references.

I think the best thing to do is to just show you in rough lines how I created my last edit:

Also seems like the perfect time to post all my wips and bonuses! which isn’t much but… yeah

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why do u Keep Making My Eyeballs See This. do you hate me? is it something i did? is it because anakin hasn’t been gratuitously thrusting against weeds lately? do you just want to see the world burn? alba i do not understand

You see, when I was an Innocent and Blissfully Ignorant Obi Fan two days ago I googled ‘Obi Wan Kenobi Movie’. Heedless and Unaware of the Horror That Was To Come, I clicked on one of the first search results, a listicle speculating about possible Obi Wan Kenobi movie plots. This gem and the accompanying photoshopped picture that Shall Not Be Named were the first thing on the list.

Distraught and filled with Existential Dread, I backclicked away, slammed my computer shut and found a corner to gibber helplessly in the style of a Lovecraftian Hero who has seen the horror that lurks under the comforting surfaces of daily life. What could I take from this experience? How could I make this brush with the Darkness that Lurks in the Hearts of All Men worth it? And then I realized, I could share it with all of you. :D :D :D


I seem to drift in and out of the Tumblr world, but I think the last year has been the the longest hiatus by FAR. To shorten the story, I no longer have photoshop and so I cannot make edits, and yes this greatly upsets me because that means I basically can’t contribute to this fandom, but I would like to continue writing fan fiction and rekindle some of the communication I had with a lot of great people on here. Tumblr has literally helped raise me and I feel like I’d be doing myself an injustice to just drop it all together, not to mention it’s nearing 5 years I’ve been on here, and it’d be insane to abandon this account and all I’ve created. Idek if anyones reading this, but for those who may have wondered where the hell I went, I went into the real world, didn’t like it and I have returned :P 


i hit 100 followers a few days ago !! so i want to thank everyone who follows me for. following me right. i started this tumblr just because im overly sentimental and wanted to keep track of my sims lives online n in the process i’ve come across so many other great simblrs and idk i really like the community im having fun thank u guys !!

so i was gonna try to throw some cc together as a followers gift but i had no idea wtf i was doing so instead…. i am doing

S I M S  R E Q U E S T S

i love to make sims let me make u a sim !! let me know anything u want about the sim,,, like race, gender, personality, whatever be specific or be vague its ok and tell me what packs u have/dont have,,,, if u want minimal cc or no cc or a ton of cc I Will Do It !!!!! u can be on anon too i dont care please just distract me from my enormous queue i have 400 posts in there and it stresses me out :(((

yeah !!! so thank u every1 i will try harder at making custom content because i really want some more spicy male croptops But Otherwise this is all i have to say send me sim requests i will make so many heckin sims

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How you do that glitch effect on that one post?

Warning:  I do this in a pretty convoluted way and it might be had to understand if you haven’t used photo editing software like photoshop before 

First, figure out what size you’re going to want your text and open a new document in pretty much any type of photo editor (GIMP is a good free one and that’s what I’ll be using in this tutorial because my laptop with photoshop is getting repaired).

Here i’m just making the canvas a random size for the purpose of this tutorial but you can make it whatever size you want.  Next, use the type tool to type your desired text

Then, go to layer>merge down (at the top of the screen) and merge the text layer with the background.  

All of these steps so far can be skipped if you are working form screen-shotted text or images, but the rest of the tutorial is the same for both methods. 

After merging the layers, open the rgb channel tab (found mainly as a tab on the tools box to the far left.)

Then control+click on the red layer and select “channel to selection.”  Next, in the layers tab, make a new transparent layer, keeping what is selected selected.

Then set your foreground color to r=255 g=0 b=0 (red) . Select the paint bucket tool..

set it to these parameters…

and click on the white part of the document.

you should have something like this.  Hide the new layer…

and repeat with the other three rgb channels with the fill color r=0 g=255 b=0 corresponding to the green channel selection and the color r=0 b=0 g=255 to the green one, making sure to only have the bottom layer visible when getting the selection.  Your layers should now look like this

Delete the original text layer and make a new black layer underneath the three rgb layers (you can de-select now)

Then change the “mode” of the three colored layers to “lighten” or “lighten only.”  The document should now look like this

We look like were back where we started, but now we’ve split up the image into its three basic colors.  Now go to layer>New from visible, then immediately hide the new layer.  Then, select the blue layer and move it a little bit to the right or left

Then make a new layer from visible again and move it to the top of your layer stack.  Hide this layer too.  Here, I suggest starting to number every layer you make from visible so they’re easier to keep track of.  With the blue layer selected again, move it a little more in the direction you moved it before.  Again, make a new layer from visible, making it your third new layer.  Drag it to the top of the layer stack.  

then copy the layer layer below the top layer and drag it to the top.  Do the same with the bottom layer.  Next, hide all of your “new from visible” layers and move the green layer a bit in either direction.  Repeat what you did for the last few steps with the green and red layers.  The layer sequence should be original text>blue move 1>blue move 2>blue move 1 copy>original copy>green move 1>green move 2>green move 1 copy>original copy>red move 1>red move 2>red move 1 copy.  These aren’t actual layer names, they’re descriptions of each layer.  Now, you can delete layers below

next, in almost every layer, select one or two long, thin chunks…

and move them to the left or right

Once you’ve done this with every layer, go to file>export as and replace the default file extension with .gif

click export, then set the new window that pops up to these parameters

Then click export again

Now you can find your GIF in whatever folder you saved it to


Did Someone ask for Pride Flag Cerdae? No? Well, here they are anyways. 

Free to Use / No Need to Credit / Just don’t claim as your own please! 


Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。


Prepping your print from file to finish:

I always hear people complaining about how much better the piece looked digitally, SO, here is a run down on how to get prints that look more like your original piece.

First of all, every printer is different.  Every paper is different.  Make sure you take the time to do test prints and become familiar with how your printer and paper combo work, as you’ll rarely nail a print your first try.  This one took about 5 test prints before I was confident to print on the expensive large paper Every time I mess up on a print, I save the remaining paper to use as scraps for test prints.

As you can see, the original piece looks very nice!  The focus is super strongly on the tiger, and all of the vibrant colors are still super evident in the background.  That said, when I print it as is, everything about 85% gray or darker turns BLACK.  And this is high quality paper designed to get accurate vibrant colors, too.

The best way to fix this is to do layer effects.  Brightness/contrast is my favorite, as a typical piece will generally print about 5x better if you up the brightness to around 15-25, and adjust the contrast up or down by 5-10 points.  That said, if you have a HIGH contrast piece (Darks against brights) like this one, you typically need to do a few more steps.

Often I’ll do a second brightness/contrast adjustment layer and push brightness to an obnoxious level so the darkest darks are closer to a mid-dark range.  From there, I’ll create a mask and use a transparent gradient tool to slowly pull back the brightness on all of the lighter areas of the image.

Additionally, due to printers using CMYK and your screen being RBG certain colors just physically CANNOT print.  Some people will always work in CMYK because of this, but honestly I like my saturated colors and most of my work is intended to be seen digitally so I only ever work in RGB.  Photoshop has a nifty toggle (Ctrl + Y) where you can toggle between CMYK and RGB view to see how your piece will appear when it prints.  It’s useful to check this because if you worked in a color that cannot replicate in print, you may want to shift it entirely before you even bother printing.

Artwork tends to desaturate a bit as it prints, so I’ll often make a Hue/saturation layer to play with, too.  In this case the image was already pretty damn saturated, BUT some of the shadows on the tiger were printing more brown than orange, so I adjusted the saturation a bit to keep them vibrant with the rest of the image.
**DO NOT use “Lightness” to lighten your image!  It basically adds a white overlay to your image.  Always use Brightness, instead.

After all of that, I have a final print that much more closely captures the essence of the original painting.  I could have tinkered even more, but to me the goal is a good print rather than an exact copy. 

For ULTRA high contrast images, like a dark room looking out into a snowy exterior, expect to do a LOT of adjustment to get it to print correctly.  Printers just aren’t too fond of super darks right up against super lights.

I could make a proper tutorial on this if people request it.  Mostly, just wanted to put my thoughts down in one spot!

group shot! they’re Drops because they were inspired by the Sailor Moon Drops game. :D

also a question: should I do Sunset in her first/second movie colors and outfit, or Sunset from Friendship Games+? I like both versions and I can’t decide. :( (I also need to figure out which SciTwi I wanna do but that’s assuming I have time for her.)


Anyone who knows me could tell you I’m no kind of artist. However, as a professional project manager, I frequently work with artists, and one of the most frequent challenges we end up dealing with is lost work due to technical issues, unforeseen circumstances, or just plain carelessness. I’ve seen projects that have lost dozens, in some cases literally hundreds of hours due to lost or damaged artwork needing to be redone - which isn’t great news for either a budget or a timeline!

Of course, this is an even bigger issue for artists who are working solo, since you typically won’t have anything to fall back on when things go south. Lost or damaged art may set back a big project’s timeline, but when you’re working for yourself, it can be an absolute show-stopper; most solo projects that suffer significant lost work never recover at all. So here’s a basic disaster mitigation and recovery plan that anybody with a working computer can set up:

1. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one. The free version gets you 15GB of storage, which should be more than enough for your current projects unless you’re working with ungodly huge files; if you are, the 100GB version is only like twenty bucks a year.

2. Download and install the Google Drive sync client - I believe they’re calling it “Drive Everywhere” these days.

3. Set up a special folder on your hard drive that you’re going to keep all of your working files in, and point the sync client at that folder.

4. Configure your art program to autosave every 20 minutes or so. How exactly you do this will vary depending on the program you’re using - you can Google for instructions easily enough.

Blam. Now you have continuously updated offsite backups; hard drive crashes, lost media, or even - heaven forfend - stolen equipment will no longer wipe out your work in progress.

Plus, go into the web console for your Google Drive and right-click a file. See that menu option that says “Manage Versions”? That’s right: Google Drive keeps separate copies of every individual version of the file that’s ever existed (or for the past 30 days, if you’re using the free version). Unwittingly saved over your lineart two hours ago? Working file irrecoverably corrupted because your questionably legal copy of Photoshop barfed? No problem: just walk backwards through your version history until you find a version that’s still good.

Now, this is by no stretch of the imagination a particularly robust offsite backup and version management scheme - I’d certainly recommend additional measures for anyone who’s doing digital art as their regular paying gig - but it’s better than nothing, and it has the benefits that a. it requires no particular expertise to set up, and b. it’s free.



I saw someone call bendy a demonic croissant and I couldn’t let it go, that’s such a great name. here’s a silly comic.

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Please don’t remove caption ✮


Nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care ‘bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screamin’, “everybody, look at me” (x)