and not just because james is in it

Hogwarts art classes though omfg. Harry and Ron staying up till 4am painting their homework last minute. Harry finding it surprisingly therapeutic and developing a love for art. Hermione having a meltdown because she isn’t the best in the class. Luna would be the Salvador Dali of Hogwarts and just paint the weirdest shit. Draco would have famous expensive art delivered and present it as his own creations. Beautiful.

(Harry James Haverford)

Usually in fic, Sirius’s support or derision of James’s relationship with Lily is discussed with Lily based on “Yes, because you make James happy,” or “No, because James is spending more time with you than me” but I’d like to see Sirius aim a criticism at James for dating Lily because, “You’re altering the dynamics of this friend group, man. We were just three friends, and now we’re one friend and a couple. What if you break up? This is not what I signed up for.”

With regards to supergirl

I’m actually really confused as to why people don’t like the relationship between Mon-el and Kara. Like, I get that her and James didn’t work out, but there’s literally no reason to hate on them just because they’re a straight white couple. CW does a pretty good job of making diverse relationships. They have a lesbian couple (Alex and Maggie), multi racial couples (Barry and Iris and Nate and Amaya), multi species couples (Winn and Lyra), black couples (j'onn and M'gann), etc. Kara and James not working out isn’t because she’s white and he’s black. It’s because she’s an alien and he’s not. She would have always been holding back with him. With Mon-el, they relate to each other a lot more. They both are aliens, they’re both refugees on Earth, they both have superpowers, the list goes on and on. Sure, they aren’t exactly like each other, but they challenge each other and call each other out when they make stupid mistakes. Mon-el has become more responsible since he met Kara and Kara has become more daring since she met Mon-el. They work together, and race or sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. Also, why are people mad they focus on Mon-el and Kara more than Maggie and Alex? The show is about Kara, not Maggie or Alex, so it makes since the writers would focus on Kara’s character more.

Eliza Danvers better go full-on Molly Weasley and start calling Maggie her daughter too. Because I can just imagine the next time she visits, she wants to learn all about Maggie and hugs her so tight and tells her all these embarrassing stories about Alex as a baby and Kara adjusting to earth life and just treating this woman who was abandoned by her parents at such a young age like she’s family and just being there for her because she heard what Alex said last year and she wants to be there for all her kids (this will include Winn, James, and Lena as well)

Can you imagine how this episode would have been if James were Kara’s boyfriend? 

Like… He would have been respectful and would have just watched Kara kick Mxyzptlk’s ass without thinking that he have to save her because she’s some kind of damsel in distress. James/Guardian would have been totally supportive of his girlfriend, he would have believed in her and trusted her in her decisions. But most of all, James would never be some kind of misogynistic fratboy who’s proud of objectifying women.

Jily’s First Kiss

You can thank @merlinssbeard for making me have a Jily moment and thinking of these, and also @nevtscalamander for being kind enough to read them through first!! :D 

  • So Lily and James are in the library
  • They’ve skipped breakfast, since they have transfiguration next and they both need to do Professor McGonagall’s assignment
  • James was leaving it to the last minute as per usual, and Lily had been planning on doing it last night but got caught up with Head Girl duties
  • Needless to say she’s not happy about this
  • “This is all your fault, Potter,” she grumbles, as she hurriedly scribbles down her notes
  • “My fault?” James asks, an amused tone in his voice
  • “Yes, yours,” Lily scolded, “if it wasn’t for you and your insistence that we go check out the grounds near greenhouse three because you thought there was something going on there, I might have had time to do this.” 
  • James just smirks. “But…I was right about Greenhouse 3. Those fifth years were messing about there.” 
  • Lily decides to ignore him on that point
  • James is swinging back on his chair, much more relaxed than Lily
  • “How come you’re so relaxed?” Lily demands. “This is due next lesson.” 
  • James shrugs. “Come on, Evans, it’s not the first time I’ve not done homework.” 
  • “Well, it is mine!” 
  • James gives her a look. “You’re joking.” 
  • “You’re head boy,” Lily reminds him, “shouldn’t you be a little less surprised that I do homework?” 
  • “Yeah, but…” James struggles to find the words, “everyone’s not done homework at one point.” 
  • Lily shrugs. “Not me.” 
  • James leans forward again. “Okay, I’ll tell you what, Evans. I’ll help you finish this homework–” 
  • “How–”
  • “Remus already did it, and he showed me. I’ll help you, but you owe me.” James grins.
  • Lily laughed. “Owe you what?” 
  • “Oh, I don’t know. How about a kiss?” James joked. 
  • Lily immediately blushes. (For a second, she thinks James might have realised Lily’s recent…ahem, increased affections towards Potter.)
  • James reddens too as the laughter dies. “I was only joking–” he begins, but he’s cut off
  • Lily grabs him by the collar, and pulls his lips to hers 
  • Hey, how long could she resist? 
  • They separate after a few seconds, both red in the face but grinning widely
  • Before they can do anything, Madame Pince turns around the corner
  • “You two!” she growls. “What are you doing? Head boy and head girl, shame on you, get to class!” 
  • Lily and James both jump to their feet, blushing even harder, scramble up their stuff and make their way to class
  • It’s awkward
  • Lily’s so focused on the events of that morning that she barely registers McGonagall’s disappointment at her lack of homework, and simply nods when McGonagall asks her to do it for tomorrow
  • At the end of the day, James comes up to her
  • “You said you’d help me do my homework,” Lily teases. “You didn’t hold up your end of the bargain. So, can you help me now?” 
  • “Sorry,” James says, rubbing the back of his neck. “Maybe–maybe I need another kiss to seal the deal? And to renew it? You know, so–” 
  • He doesn’t even have to finish his lame explanation before Lily leans in for another kiss

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Where's James Olsen? Don't tell me he was didn't get any screen time from this point, because I just want Kara to look back at her previous relationship which is, well you know what I mean

i think they need to lay off romance drama and give everyone proper storylines with character development

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Question: What are your thoughts on the James vs. Snape topic and your thoughts on what lead to the cancellation of those types of confessions?

lolol you a lil shit starter aren’t you xD I don’t think you could PAY me to put my James vs Snape opinions on here unless i made an anonymous confession. I get enough hate and death threats just RUNNING this blog full of OTHER peoples confessions! If i put my own opinions out there (though i have before, if you go back far enough) people tend to think I’m biased about the confessions i post and they’re always like ‘YOU JUST DID THIS CAUSE YOU FEEL THIS WAY WEEEEH’ and, no thanks.

but the cancellation of those confessions was because we had SO MANY. Everytime ONE confession was posted about either Snape or James we’d get tons of reply confessions. (this happens with everything all the time but it was the worst with them) and then if we posted the confessions about james VS snape, EXPLOSION. 

we could do days and days worth of them. so we tired to like, stagger them with other stuff instead of making them in order but more just kept pouring in everytime we posted one. And then people were getting mad that there were so many and sending complaints about it and eventually I just got fed up and so I said no more. 

I even took a poll among followers on if i should stop or not. I had overwhelming support lol. 



Summary: Fairytale AU I guess? Set in the Phantom of the Opera with Jim being the charming, and daring Raoul

Warnings: Fuck no, this is the rooftop scene

Pairing: Kirk/Reader

A/N: I personally love Raoul, always have. I also got to see POTO live for my birthday last year and cried most of the time because I was so happy. Also, the man who portrayed him didn’t make him whiny. He was brave and kind sounding, plus in the graveyard scene instead of pulling a sword, or just being like, “Christine, no” he went ahead and slugged the Phantom. That made him a-okay in my book. And very Jim Kirk-like. I might do a few more, maybe make a Kirk as Raoul series…..hmmm

Word Count: 1201

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I salute you for sticking with it thus far because after the premiere (which I found super disappointing) I said I would try to hang in there with the show, but my viewership kinda just tapered off. It was partially disinterest and partially because after the way they treated the Karolsen relationship, I didn't trust the writers to do right by James. He deserves so much better as a character and it sucks that he's being wasted. :/

Honestly that premiere left me so disinterested I didn’t watch it with much anticipation after then I heard about the guardian story line and felt like even though the Kara X James breakup was one of the most poorly handled endings of relationships Ive seen.. this guardian story line would give James something to do that mattered in a story of his own.

What I have gotten so far is Kara and James with contrived drama, A complete retcon of what Karolsen meant to kara and James in season one and James completely sidelined only to be brought out every other episode to argue with Kara then go away like he doesn’t even exist.  

Karas whole “I have to end things with you james to find out who I am” thats understandable.. Problem? We knew that was lie as soon as we saw who was in the pod.

 Kara has not been figuring out who she is this season. Kara has been a love interest in her own story.

27 Days: Are you going to use the default appearance for Ryder’s sibling or customize them? Describe your ideas for their sibling’s and father’s physical appearance.

If they let me customize them at all, heck yeah!

Oh man, if I can get dad!Ryder to look like Jimmy Smits I would be so happy. He’s the other Latino space dad I often neglect because Edward James Olmos occupies probably a good 30% of my headspace at any given moment. Altho now that I think about it, EJO would probably make a better thematic fit since it’s about leading humanity to a new home… *GASP* or Ricardo Montalban, since this is a new space seed :OOOO

And now we’re basically just playing the Latinx Space Dad word association game but ANYWAY! I think I’d still go with Jimmy Smits.

Bro Ryder…. lol, maybe we can make him look like Freddy Prinze Jr. since apparently it’s not a Bioware game without him anymore XD

….. SHIT now I have to do a second run with bro!Ryder Freddie, don’t I?

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On why Alfred Hamilton didn't say about Thomas to save himself... Perhaps because he didn't get a chance? Maybe at first he went "Mercy, please!" When that didn't persuade James, he went "I'll give you all my money!" And that's when James started to slash him (he couldn't afford the wait because the crew could catch him) and Alfred Hamilton didn't have time to say anything else.

This is a really good point nonnie! And things make far more sense!

This also makes me wonder, if he said those things before he realized who Flint was, since Flint had the shorter hair, the beard, it was dark, etc. Maybe that was just Alfred’s quick default “I don’t wanna die I’ll do anything” reaction.

Not that bringing up Thomas would have saved him anyway haha. It probably would have just made Flint angrier, because if his reaction in 404 is anything to go by (since he clearly doesn’t believe it’s possible), I could see Flint just getting more pissed for “trying to use a cowardly trick to save himself.” And his death probably would have been even worse.

alright meme queen @dreamofsilver tagged me to list my 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms. which. if I could I would’ve done a HP one (maybe I will just because I can later in this) but let’s get a crack at it.

1). Sirius Black (HP)
2). Chandler Bing (Friends)
3). Laurent of Vere (Captive Prince)
4). Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)
5). Olivia Pope (Scandal)
6). Danaerys Targaryen (GOT)
7). Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)
8). Damon Salvatore (TVD)
9). James Diamond (BTR hahah R I P)
10). Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

I feel like I forgot so many and obvious ones at that, but eh. and obviously fic Louis is at the VERY TOP OF THE LIST. SO MOVING FORWARD, TOP 10 HP CHARACTERS, AND GO.

1). Sirius Black
2). Remus Lupin
3). Ron Weasley
4). Draco Malfoy
5). James Potter
6). Harry Potter
7). Hermione Granger
8). Nymphadora Tonks
9). Luna Lovegood
10). Minerva McGonagall

with some bonus points for fic Pansy Parkinson because she’s been truly out there

and I tag @slytherkinq @karamelised @alicedoesntsharefood @softlikelou
@justlookatthehearteyes @teamnouis
and @soulmatesandfate for whichever version of this you prefer

things i want to happen on supergirl:

-i want kara to get a proper arc where she can grow up as a person and as a superhero

-kara without a man, she doesnt need one to show us how badass she is

-more sanvers screentime they promise us a centric episode and we got like 5 minutes of them.

-a better back story of maggie, shes a main character she deserves better!! 

-more danvers sisters scenes where they  just sit on karas couch watching movies 

-more alex being a badass agent of the DEO 

-more j´onn scenes alone & with kara and alex spacedad

-more james scenes as guardian and as james at catco 

-more winn scenes being the cute nerd and fangirling about space

-more kara as a reporter!!!! 

-less mon el because it has become his show and not supergrls 

-yeah you can make monel better and not this

-more lenas scenes, let her being loved and join the gang 

- a james and maggie friendship it would be so cute and winn fangirling about it

-more about the gang hanging out in karas house playing games having fun 

-more kara kicking ass

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I feel like you're the guy who picks Kaidan over Ashley every time, just like me. Not only because Ash is such a bitch, but also because Kaidan is hella good in ME3, where James is a way better soldier than Ash. Plus she's a bitch.

I’m not a fan of Ash tbh, but I’ve done both cuz TITS


L I N G E R:  verb  lin·ger \ˈliŋ-gər\

·         to remain or stay on in a place longer than is usual or expected, as if from reluctance to leave.

·         to dwell in contemplation, thought, or enjoyment.

(gift for my friend @erbor <3)

Hamilton as quotes from my School
  • <p> <b>Alexander Hamilton:</b> I've had bags under my eyes for the last decade what's new?<p/><b>John Laurens:</b> I'm only a /little/ gay for my best friend.<p/><b>Lafayette:</b> How you say, shut up before I kill you?<p/><b>Hercules Mulligan:</b> I had to give up sewing once I lost half my body weight in blood from stabbing my fingers.<p/><b>Angelica Schuyler:</b> What's it called when you have the hots for a guy you can't have? My life.<p/><b>Eliza Schuyler:</b> I may look like a cinnamon roll but I will hurt you.<p/><b>Peggy Schuyler:</b> No it's just my goal in life to be beautiful and forgotten.<p/><b>Aaron Burr:</b> I will hit you with my chair if you don't stop talking to me.<p/><b>Thomas Jefferson:</b> That place is better than here and I've never even been there.<p/><b>James Madison:</b> I've accepted death the minute I was born, this world hates me. *sneezes*<p/><b>George Washington:</b> I'm going to die because of you all... *downs second red bull in two hours*<p/></p>

based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas