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Post-Episode Thoughts

Okay, so I made a post just a few days ago about the fact that I didn’t know what to make of Laura just yet. I had never read the books, so I didn’t know what to think about her because we hadn’t seen that much of her yet. Going into this episode, there was a lot of hype surrounding this character. A lot of people were hyping her up. So going into this, I had some high expectations based on those responses alone. 

Laura Moon is an interestingly complex character. I will give her that, but do I love her? No. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even really like her. She’s sad and unfulfilled and unhappy and all those things, but I still don’t like her. That could definitely change since she’s planning on turning over a new leaf by being a better person in death. But as of right now, I don’t love or like her as much as everyone else does. I did cheer for her when she saved Shadow; but again, why did it take her dying to become a better person? 

I understand that she may have been suffering from some sort of mental illness, but that never justifies people being shitty individuals because of that. It wasn’t Shadow’s job to help her through that either like I’ve seen some people say in passing, because Shadow’s not a licensed professional. Contrary to popular belief, love and emotional support doesn’t cure everything. And Laura needed a licensed professional to help her through those issues, but it still doesn’t excuse anything she did. After watching the episode, I want Shadow to find someone who will appreciate and love him as much as he needs to be appreciated and loved. And Laura is not that person. So while I’m open to Laura redeeming herself, I don’t want her anywhere near Shadow. At least not in the romantic sense. (And the ‘puppy’ thing still bothers the hell out of me.) 

I will say this - I do think the episode did fairly well with incorporating this complexity into Laura’s character. They did a good job with making her complex, layered, and three-dimensional. So, I can definitely give credit in that respect. 

Post: *explains in clear simple words why writing diverse characters is important but also that unless you’re part of the group you’re writing about you shouldn’t speak over them and instead amplify the voices of authors from within that group and let them tell their own stories*

The fuckin replies: As a straight white man/woman I *long passive aggressive rant nobody asked for that completely misses the point of the post and throws in some defense of ‘free speech’ and ‘creativity’ for extra measure*

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That is a fantastic shot, why haven’t I done it (would you be upset if I do)

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aaahhh the screenshot though ;_; one of my favourite scenes in the whole game

Thank you!! I love that scene so much too, it’s just full of drama 
But the screenshot isn’t mine (I haven’t got the luxury of the PC version of DAI dehe), it’s a courtesy from dear @razildor ♥  
The original is this one, I just edited it a bit  with photoshop




turns out after i told him where i was he came to the building i was studying in but he was in a different room getting his more important stuff/heavier assignments (aka the ones he actually needs to focus to do well on) done and then after he was done with that he came over to where i was 

it was kind of like a scene from a drama?? haha like i was studying literally with my face in my book when i heard these footsteps. i didn’t look up because i didn’t want anyone to come over and sit with me, but then i heard his voice and he was like,

“you’re still here? 👀”

and i turned and it was him!! i was like ??? lol so i was like what are you doing here? and then he told me he came a couple of hours ago and was studying in one of the adjacent rooms getting some stuff done. he told me that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it done if he stayed with me from the start because all we do when we “study” together is talk LOL (which is true, i can’t blame the guy for prioritizing his school work in that sense lol)

but yeah the reason i was ranting in my previous text posts was because i was kind of testing him by telling him to come and study with me. he kept saying that it was hot and his room was cool and then he kept avoided giving me a straight up answer of whether he would come or not. then he told me he was going to take a nap so i was like uhh okay wtf he obviously isn’t interested in me/hanging out with me (because i’m CLEARLY giving him an opening to do so) and yeah that kind of hurt me. but after his nap he must have come to the building i was in, got his stuff done so he could talk to me without being pressured by school work, and then actually sat with me to “study.” 

i was at a loss of words when he actually came because idk… it’s those actions that speak louder than words. he came… and i really thought he wouldn’t. that means he wanted to hang out with me, right? it’s safe to say that right?? the interest might be mutual?

augh i don’t know, but eitherway I’m glad he got his homework done before hand though because we literally just talked for the whole two hours we were together haha. he’s interesting. 

Last night I got drunk and wrote a 3 page letter to Keanu Reeves. Drunk me was diligent enough to find an address, envelope, and a stamp so sober me went ahead and mailed it. I figured I owed it to drunk me.

my family is moving but our new place has been available to us for the past month, so we’ve been gradually moving stuff bit by bit over the past month. this weekend is final move date and we’ve moved almost all our stuff by now, so here are some fun adventures of living in a house with no furniture:

  • my room consists of a bed and a lamp. i have removed each of the individual drawers of my dresser and have moved the frame of the dresser itself. now instead i only have the individual drawers (still containing their clothes) standing stacked on top of each other. it doesn’t quite have the same effect
  • just started a new job as a substitute teacher. had moved over all of my stockings/pantyhose to new place. had to wear ripped stockings found stuffed under the depths of my bed.
  • there is a mysterious hole in my wall where my TV used to be. i truly do not know what could have caused this hole, but it stares at me
  • our large living room TV sits atop a tiny end table. the cable box rests upon a worn cardboard box in front of it. my dad has fashioned a couch out of discarded pillows and an old spinny office chair
  • moved nearly all food items and cooking utensils/tools. left behind a can of tuna to make tuna salad for lunch. did not leave behind can opener.
  • made macaroni for dinner, with purposeful extra. had no tupperware to put leftovers. i have covered our one and only pot with saran wrap and stuck that in the fridge instead
  • we have not had a dining room table for two weeks. we have instead taken to sitting on the floor in the space where the table used to be, as if that somehow was a better place to eat than any other piece of floor
  • i have not seen my PS4 in a week and a half. i wonder if she misses me