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When the queen had been taken into custody by Sir William Kingston she had asked, ‘Master Kingston, shall I die without justice?’ and he had replied, 'The poorest subject the king hath, had justice,’ whereupon she laughed.

history + mother and son (requested by anonymous).

  • Me: *starts watching a documentary on Henry VIII*
  • Documentary: “Anne Boleyn was known as the 'Great Whore', a woman who artfully seduced King Henry and-”
  • Me: *stops watching documentary on Henry VIII*

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Which one is worse for you: Delena or Bonenzo?

I have been coming back to this ask since it came up in my inbox because I really don’t know if I can say one is worse than the other because the issues are different.

With Bonenzo, a lot of the issues with the relationship also go past the relationship itself and involves with the show’s treatment of Bonnie period. Bonnie wasn’t Enzo’s first choice and she’s never anyone’s first choice. While Elena and Caroline get seasons of men fawning over them and fighting over them and for them, risking their lives to protect them, seasons of sexual tension, seasons of fairytale moments like ferris wheel rides and portraits drawn of them, Bonnie gets, like, four episodes at the end of a season and her build-up with Enzo consists of Enzo being in complete love with someone else, Bonnie helping him get over her for absolutely no reason considering that they aren’t friends, and they have to be stuck in the same house for a year for Enzo to even look at her romantically? And then when they’re together, Bonnie has to make all of the moves, Bonnie is the one who has to show that she’s happy and Enzo doesn’t have the responsibility to actually do anything to show why she would be happy?  It’s just another way to disrespect Bonnie and we’re not supposed to think so because Enzo has an accent and is conventionally attractive so we’re just supposed to be happy because he says “love” a couple of times and dips her? They have cute moments but it’s not a relationship they cared to flesh out and it shows, it’s a consolation prize for Bonnie fans and that goes beyond just Bonenzo, that goes to how the writers write for Bonnie. And to add insult to injury, Kat and Michael have absolutely no chemistry with each other. Bonenzo honestly just reminds everyone of the great chemistry Kat and Ian have and Bamon is much more dynamic in comparison to that relationship but Bamon is also problematic as all fuck so yeah Bonenzo just spirals out all of the issues with the show and Bonnie.

Delena, on the other hand, is a problem ship and it’s contained to just being a problem ship but it’s a problem ship with a whole lot of fucking problems. Elena is not a person when she’s with Damon, the show strips away her compassion, her empathy, her morals, her principles, her loyalty to family and friends because her only job is to be there for Damon’s inner “arc” (and I put arc in quotation marks because Damon doesn’t actually develop). Even her recklessness and her ability to be fluid with morals is gone in favour of Damon and what I mean by that is in season 3, Elena stabbed Rebekah in the back, Elena brought Lexi to Stefan and watched her torture him, she didn’t like it but she stomached it; in season 2 Elena stabbed herself so she could stake Elijah; in season 4 Elena killed Kol and by proxy, hundreds of other vampires. Elena can get her hands dirty. It’s been proven. But in 6x19, she can’t get Caroline to read a letter and she laments about how she sucks at torturing people and Damon is all “it’s so cute you can’t torture people, it’s nothing to be ashamed of” and it’s like no! Elena knows how to get shit done when she really needs to but because that doesn’t fit in with what she’s supposed to be for Damon, they’re erasing that aspect of her personality. Elena can’t even want children without it circling back to her being distracted by having sex with Damon. All roads lead to Damon and it’s to the detriment of her character because it does nothing to add to it; the show doesn’t do anything interesting with it, the show doesn’t explore what her personality in that little box would be like. Blair and Olivia and Buffy and Joey and Sookie and Donna and Rachel and Annalise are all women from different TV shows who have had relationships that overpower them, who have had relationships where all roads lead to that one guy but we see what their personality becomes in relation to that, we see them grow or purposefully regress (only to claw their way back to growth) with that and that doesn’t happen with Elena because she’s literally just there for Damon. Then there’s the fact that their relationship lacks any sort of substance because Damon and Elena don’t actually do anything when they’re together. They can retcon as many date scenes as they want, the fact remains, they had to insert a rain kiss and a date scene because chronologically there was nothing between the two of them but tension and sex. Related, neither one of them can really explain why they love each other. He’s given her everything that she ever wanted like a love that consumes? Where is that? Because there’s a difference between sanding away a character to prop up another one and actually showing the process and consequences and addictive elements of a love that swallows you whole. He makes her feel free? How? Where? When? I want to see receipts. It’s just a mess.

So to answer your question, I don’t know. That’s like asking if I want to be drawn and quartered or boiled alive in a vat (I’ve been rewatching The Tudors, lol). And hell, even the Tudors manages to show what a consuming love between Anne and Henry looks like better than Damon and Elena!

lordlykisses replied to your post: “has anyone read gareth russell’s book on katherine howard? is it as…”:

i know nothing abt gareth russell. is he awful? i was thinking abt getting it but if he sucks i’ll just save my money and maybe get it from the library

he is a massive anne boleyn fan which is not inherently a problem but he is of the strain that seeks to blame coa and jane seymour for things henry did and he is also a firm believer that she was born in 1507, again that not an inherent problem it just bug me lol, i find him really obnoxious and he isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is also he refered to jane seymour as a ‘sociopath; for apparently having a non-reaction to anne’s death like boy what????

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6. List your OTP from each fandom you’ve been involved in.

jane the virgin/jtv: rafael/jane

gilmore girls: luke/lorelai + logan/rory (not re: ayitl tho…)

borgia: cesare/lucrezia

the white queen/twq: edward/elizabeth

tudors: henry/anne

reign: bash/mary or conde/mary

medici: masters of florence: cosimo/contessina

friends: rachel/chandler (lol i…Know)

gossip girl: dan/blair

fdtd: kisa/carlos or kisa/richie

daredevil: matt/elektra

pll: spencer/allison

that’s all…i remember atm, i’m sure i have more, lol!

Anne hasn’t always been seen as the skanky schemer. For supporters of Katherine of Aragon she was worse: a cold hearted murderess. For Catholic propagandists such as Nicholas Sander, she was a six fingered, jaundiced looking erotomaniac who slept with butlers, chaplains and half of the French Court. For Elizabethan admirers, she was the unsung heroine of the Protestant Reformation. For the Romantics, particularly in painting, she was the hapless victim of a king’s tyranny-a view that gets taken up in earliest film versions of Anne, Ernst Lubitsch’s silent Anna Boleyna and Alexander Korda’s The Private Life of Henry VIII. In post-war movies and on television, Anne has animated by the rebellious spirit of the sixties ( Anne of the Thousand Days), the “mean girl” and “power feminist” celebration of female aggression and competitiveness of the nineties ( The Other Boleyn Girl) and the third-wave feminism of a new generation of Anne worshipers, inspired by Natalie Dormer’s brainy seductress of The Tudors to see Anne a woman too smart, sexy and strong for her own time, unfairly vilified for her defiance of sixteenth century norms of wifely obedience and silence.

Henry may have tried to write his second wife out of history but Anne Boleyn has been too strong for him, in the many guises she has assumed over the centuries.

—  Susan Bordo-The Creation of Anne Boleyn

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What are all your OTP's?

LOL. OK in no particular order (except obviously the first three are my top three)

1. Stelena, The Vampire Diaries

2. Jackie/Hyde, That 70s Show

3. Romione (Book moreso), Harry Potter

4. Simon/Alisha, Misfits

5. Jal/Chris, Skins UK

6. Gallavich, Shameless

7. Noah/Rosalee, Underground

8. Matt/Julie, Friday Night Lights

9. Jess/Vince, Friday Night Lights

10. Ozillow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

11. Bangel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

12. Scira, Teen Wolf

13. Stalia, Teen Wolf

14. Brucas, One Tree Hill

15. Smash/Waverly, Friday Night Lights

16. Dwayne/Whitley, A Different World

17. Donna/Eric, That 70s Show

18. Ryan/Marissa, The OC

19. Bonkai, The Vampire Diaries (lol, I know y’all thought I forgot)

20. Piper/Leo, Charmed

21. Jax/Tara, Sons of Anarchy

22. Cesare/Lucrezia (although this is more like I thought the dynamic was intriguing af)

23. Richonne, The Walking Dead

24. Glenn/Maggie, The Walking Dead

25. Crixus/Naevia, Spartacus

26. Spartacus/Sura, Spartacus

27. Agron/Nasir, Spartacus

Spartacus characters know how to fucking love, man. YOU SEE THESE QUOTES?

28. Pam/Jim, The Office

29. Anne/Henry,The Tudors (It was the most entertaining and intriguing marriage):

30. Barney/Robin, How I Met Your Mother

31. Scallison, Teen Wolf

32. Dair, Gossip Girl

Everything else is more like ships I like.

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honestly when michael hirst had anne of cleves and…

lol if anything i think she wanted the perks of being his wife without having to fuck him so naaaaaaah. can’t see anne of cleves hopping aboard that dick.

i feel anne was more upset about not being queen than losing henry, i doubt she had many positive feelings for him lol and certainly not in the context of the tudors when they weren’t married anymore would she ever even consider going to bed with him, anne played the game like a pro please

Fandom kittens...
  • Sam & Dean: Demon hunting kittens
  • Holmes & Watson: Mystery kittens
  • Harry, Ron & Hermione: Wizard kittens
  • The Doctor: Time Lord Kitten
  • Sarah, Cosima, Rachel, Allison & Helena: Clone kittens
  • Emma, Regina, Henry, Killian, Mary Margaret, David, Mr. Gold & Belle: Fairytale kittens
  • Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Glen & Carl: Walker kittens
  • Arya, Tyrion, Khalessi, & Jon Snow: Winter kittens
  • Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, & Darth: Force kittens
  • Rey, Finn, Poe, BB8 & Kylo: Force kittens Jr
  • Leslie, Ben, Andy, April, Tom, Ron, Ann, & Jerry: Pawnee kittens
  • Walt & Jesse: Meth kittens

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What are some of your Henry/Anne headcanons?

Oh sweet summer child. Forgive me. And these are just some of which I was thinking of while I was showering.

  • When they were stuck in Calais for a couple of weeks after the meeting with Francis, Anne won a shit load of card games against Henry. Eventually, they moved on from her winning money and jewels to ~sexual favors ;)
  • Anne goes into early labor with their second child in 1534. He doesn’t breathe for the first two minutes in the world but miraculously comes to life when they think all hope is lost.
  • They name their second daughter Margaret for his sister (who Anne seems to have liked, unlike his sister Mary) and their third Claude for Anne’s late mistress. Alternatively, they name the third Frances to get back at Francis for naming his son Henri.
  • One of their boys is named Arthur and another Owen. (and none for Edward, byeee)
  • Their firstborn son inherits Henry’s domineering height, nose, and eyes. But his rich brown hair and “swarthy” complexion are all Anne.
  • Anne has a Bad Feeling about the January joust of 1536 and asks Henry to sit it out – he acquiesces but sulks. Until they watch the man who jousts in his place get thrown from his horse and crushed to death. Then he sulks a lot less and nearly faints instead and then clings to her and their babies for the rest of the day/week.
  • Whitehall was their intended “dream home” that they planned and renovated together irl. They favor it over the other palaces.
  • Elizabeth is the brightest of the Tudor children. In an ironic twist of fate that baffles Christendom, she goes on to marry Phillip of Spain (she is originally married by proxy to Charles II of Orléans but he still dies early, when she’s around 12). Whether she is truly Catholic is questionable. She and Robert Dudley correspond his entire life long.
  • When Mary Stuart’s guardians refuse the betrothal between Mary and their Prince of Wales, Henry and Anne launch the Rough Wooing due to insult, manage to capture Mary and her mother, and Anne takes her as her “ward” slash prisoner, to be reared as their prince’s consort. This unites Great Britain even sooner.
  • Later in life, Anne commissions an expensive tapestry series starting with Henry’s youth (featuring his parents and siblings) and proceeding to his coronation, their wedding, when he was officially proclaimed the Head of the Church of England, the birth of their prince. and ending with them surrounded by their children. She hangs it in Eltham Palace, his childhood home. He weeps when it’s unveiled to him.
  • Speaking of Eltham Palace. They go there a lot to escape court life. And Hever.
  • Henry teaches Anne a little how to wield a sword because cuteness and because she’s a lioness.
  • She’s allowed to breastfeed their second son for a while, despite the scandal of it.
  • Centuries later, the popular black eyes of European royals and nobility can be traced back to Anne and the red-gold hair to the Tudors (thx EoY u the real mvp).

As I review this before publishing, I’m not sure if this is what you were seeking – you probably wanted (more) individual/relationship-oriented head canons lol, which I do have a fuckload of and I typed out a bunch of them for Modern AU but I thought there were too many so I stopped with just the historic ones. So if you want them just hmu and I’ll post them!

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Struck Twice - 1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?

oooh, well my inspiration for this one was a mixture. partly alice hoffman’s novel ‘ice queen’ (which i would absolutely recommend btw) which is about lighting strike victims. partly it’s inspired by greek mythos. partly it’s inspired by the musical skill that both henry and anne did possess in history.

w/ a twist of magic realism? lol…

and it was also built off this spark of inspiration of….just this idea that here was this man (henry, historically) that was once said to be very beautiful. who loved beauty and art himself.

and the tudor era to me has always had sort of the fascinating feel of a fairytale (albeit an incredibly dark one, of course…blood being shed whilst gowns are being sewn, etc.), so i sort of wanted to include elements of that too, despite it being a modern au.

and the spark was just…if he was punished for his sins during his past life via reincarnation by having both his sight taken away and his beauty to a certain extent.

also some biblical undertones because lightning = wrath of god, etc.

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Do you think anne boleyn was guilty or not

obviously not.

  1. if you trudge through the actual wording of anne’s arrest and the charges it’s possible to disprove most of them. for example, most of the charges are “anne slept with {{whoever}} on such and such a date at such and such a place” when we know that anne was on progress at say whitehall and {{whoever}} wasn’t at court at the time he was serving someone or on progress somewhere else or visiting his estates or whatnot. so literally most of the charges are v easily disproved
  2. anne was charged with adultery, and thus, because she betrayed not just a normal man but THE KING, with treason as well. but then, henry had their marriage invalidated. so even if she slept with those five men?? it’s not adultery, because her and henry were never technically married. (according to henry)
  3. such sloppy work and organization of anne’s arrest, her and henry’s marriage declared void, and anne’s charges, shows that this was a half-assed rush job. henry wanted to get rid of anne so he got rid of her, he told cromwell “listen here asswipe, i don’t care what you have to do, get me the fuck out of this marriage and get rid of her, i don’t care what you have to do” and cromwell was like “lol aiight” and made an arrest based on hearsay, court gossip, half-truths, and some of anne’s less popular personality traits. nothing solid. no actual facts. no concrete evidence.
  4. finally, we have this: ”[jane seymour] said to the king that perhaps god permitted [the pilgrimage of grace] for ruining so many churches; to which he replied by telling her to attend to other things, reminding her that the last queen had died in consequence of meddling too much with state affairs.” sooooo henry literally tells jane “shut the fuck UP ABOUT THE GODDAMN CATHOLIC REBELS i got rid of anne for fucking with my state affairs do u think i can’t do the same with you???”

so yeah idk what else i can tell u