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I worked two grocery jobs and two fast food jobs. Two of those jobs, I was lucky enough to have Greek managers, which means you're not jus employees, you're family. The customers are still shit, but knowing your manager is behind you is always great. I leave my customer service jobs in the past now, and wish you, and everyone else still working those jobs much luck, and to have good managers and coworkers.

Your coworkers can make or break your entire work experience. I’m glad yours were so good! :)

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hey, i'm looking for 'feel good' fics with a good plot.. i've gone through so many of your tags and lists, started so many but i'm not that into them. do you guys know any of a list of them i haven't seen yet? thank you heaps xx

Feel good with good plot is kind of vague, so I’m not sure what you’re looking for, and I’m not sure how to help you if you’ve looked through the tags but aren’t having much luck. Can you be more specific as to what you want in a story?

Dramione Seeker has a list of fanfiction with thoughts about each story. You could scroll through that and see if anything catches your eye:

@myshipwillsailon Yes, I can upload them for you :)

@ anon I can’t find a working download of this song. It was released in 2010 so I’m sure it’s hard to find elsewhere. Also, I believe the group Perfume is copyrighted on tumblr so I probably wouldn’t have much luck :( I can upload the OP to the first series though! (and thanks for reminding me that i really need to catch up on this one…oops)

@daftphoenix I’ve uploaded it to the queue for you!

@art-of-wandering Unfortunately the TV sizes for these don’t get past the copyright notice here so I can’t upload them. Sorry!

A Rainy Night


  • Wants to be a music producer
    • Secretly makes songs for himself from time to time
  • He’s hoping he can use college as a way to make more friends
    • Was quite the shy guy in High School
    • He wasn’t really having much luck changing ‘either
    • Until he met his roommate
  • Kim Seokjin
  • He takes morning classes because he’s more of a night owl
  • Never missed a lecture
    • Even if he gets sick
    • He was late though because he lost track of time looking for the headphone he lent Yoongi
  • Is usually the one who buys the group food

  • Only attending college for the experience
    • Which is why he showed up two weeks late
    • Where he ended up getting roomed with Namjoon
  • He soon discovered his passion for photography
    • He only shares his photos with Namjoon though
  • Believes life should never have a dull moment
    • Which he often fails to prove to Namjoon
    • Also probably gets 2 hours of sleep
  • Likes to sneak into the Culinary room after hours
    • Security still hasn’t caught him

  • Told his parent he was majoring Science
    • Is actually majoring in choreography
    • He still hasn’t told them
    • Probably never will
    • Sometimes will have dance sessions with Jimim
  • Not afraid to afraid to voice his opinion(or use his voice in general)
    • He’s very open about himself
    • Though he still finds it hard to talk about his emotions
  • Quite the carefree person
    • Until final exams come around
    • Then he locks himself in his room only leaving for food
  • There’s a rumor going around that he really is a ball of sunshine in human form

  • He’s majoring in music/composing
    • He doesn’t actually go to class though
    • He’s really only here because he didn’t want to turn down the scholar
    • In fact the only reason he gets away with it is because he’s been teaching the dean’s son piano lessons 
    • He somehow passes with straight A’s though
    • Because there’s a little part of him that wants his parents to be proud of him
  • People who don’t know him well consider him cold
    • Sometimes he he is
    • But really he’s just a little lost
    • And maybe a tad bit socially inept
  • He only eats crunchy peanut butter
  • Still hasn’t given Namjoon his headphones back

  • Quite the shy lil nerd
  • He’s majoring in sciences
    • physics to be exact
    • He actually ends up tutoring Hobi
    • Which he finds funny because ’The tutored becomes the tutor.’ 
    • Which is also how the dance sessions started
  • He likes to watch Yoongi(sometimes Namjoon) when he composes
    • “You know you’re really good you should teach me that too.” He’d suggest
    • Only to have Yoongi jokingly “Yah I’m already teaching you piano.’
    • He swears it’s just a crush
    • Hobi thinks otherwise
  • He’s only been to 3 parties
    • Two of which Taehyung dragged him to
    • He’d honestly rather be reading
  • Still sleeps with a night light

  • He’s majoring in business
    • He claims that’s what he does best
  • Outspoken
  • Doesn’t think life should ever have a dull moment
    • That’s why he doesn’t stop moving 
    • Which is why he immediately made friends with Hobi
  • Knows just about everybody on campus
  • Only talks to Namjoon about his feelings
  • Sometimes he likes to sneak into the Culinary class with Jin

  • Was a little estranged when he met the group
    • He just wasn’t so used to everyone’s odd nature
    • He got used to it though
    • Jin was a huge contribute to that
  • He doesn’t really know what he wants to do yet
    • So he’s waiting for it to come to him
    • Whatever ‘it’ is anyway
  • He takes his classes very seriously
    • Gets very frustrated around exam time
    • So he’s usually with Hobi
    • Which means Namjoon is the one who has to get them both
  • Hasn’t had his first kiss yet

Thanks for reading  

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I’ll Be Your Sea by PlayingGod

Yuri Katsuki had always wanted to be a pirate, and now at the age of 23, he was. He never had much luck, so of course fate would have it that he would end up on Glacies, a strong pirate ship with the most obnoxious captain one could imagine.

The days on the ship were pretty straightforward. A pirate’s life was not as exciting as he thought it was going to be when he was younger. He wondered if his whole was going to continue this way, unchanging. He wondered if he was always going to be a coward.

Perhaps the stunning, ethereal creature with moonstone eyes will help him change.


A pirate/mermaid (well, merman) AU where Yuri is a pirate on a ship with JJ as Captain, and they capture a beautiful merman who would sell for more gold than they would know what to do with. Except Yuri really doesn’t want to do that.


We hit 40 followers!!! Thank you so so so much!!!!! So here is the art raffle i promised. How it works:

  • 1. To enter, you have to like this post!
  • 2. You have to follow me.
  • 3. Deadline is the 9. February (I will announce the winners then)!


1rst Place: ONE WINNER!

Full drawing with shading and background, either in style A(lineless), B(strong lines) or C(watercolor)!

2nd Place: ONE WINNER!

Transparent drawing! Colored and shaded but with no background in style A(soft shading), B(strong shading) or C(watercolor)!

3rd Place: TWO WINNERS!

A small and shaded doodle with a white or very simple background in style A(strong shading), B(soft shading) or C(watercolor)!

(The winners can decide the style and background!)

I will message the winners!!



Born in 1880, Elmer McCurdy was an infamous outlaw, but interestingly enough, his fame didn’t come until his death.

McCurdy ran away from home at the young age of 15, working odd jobs and developing a heavy drinking habit along the way. Eventually he joined the military and ended up leaving with an honorable discharge. Once out of the military and not knowing what to do to take care of himself, McCurdy used his military expertise in nitroglycerin to become a train robber. McCurdy did not have the best luck as a thief, using too much nitroglycerin to blow up the train safes and actually melting the money in the safe, other times, he chose the wrong trains and ended up netting little to nothing from his robbery excursions. But the fairly unsuccessful train robberies were short lived, as less than a year into it, he was wanted by the police for a robbery, with a $2000 reward in place for turning him in. McCurdy was turned in and woke up to 3 sheriffs and a group men trying to capture him. That turned into a shootout between McCurdy and the group, and McCurdy ended up being shot to death. Normally, that’s where the tale would end, but not in Elmer McCurdy’s case!

McCurdy’s body was subsequently taken to a funeral home, where it went unclaimed. The undertaker embalmed McCurdy with an arsenic based preservative, used at that time to preserve a body for a long period of time. And then the mortician decided as no one claimed the body, he would put it on display to the public and charge them to see it. He dressed the corpse, put a rifle in his hands and stood it up in the corner of the funeral home and allowed visitors to view McCurdy, charging 5 cents a person.

After several years and the undertaker making quite a bit of money off of the attraction, a man paid him a visit claiming to be McCurdy’s brother. For whatever reason, the undertaker bought the story and released McCurdy’s body to the alleged brother. The fake brother was actually a carni who worked for a traveling circus.

A few weeks after obtaining the corpse, it was put on display as a “freak show”. Initially, McCurdy’s corpse was known as “Oklahoma’s outlaw mummy”. After some time, the circus, along with the corpse, were passed along to several different new owners and with that, the history of McCurdy was lost and he became a fun house prop, with carnival owners and visitors alike just assuming he was a creepy prop.

Years went by and a television crew was set up to film inside of a funhouse and MCCurdy’s corpse was displayed on set. Someone was moving him around and an appendage came off of his body, revealing it to be a real corpse. He was then taken to a coroners office and identified as Elmer McCurdy and shipped back home to Oklahoma, where a funeral was held for him. In April 1977, Elmer McCurdy’s body was buried at the Summit View Cemetery in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Holiday Ornament Snow Spell ❅

A crafty, easy DIY spell to bring about those winter flurries

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft 


  • 1 clear ornament sphere
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • Powdered/confectioners sugar
  • Quartz crystal (small chips would work best)
  • Pine and/or peppermint (Any part of pine - needles/wood/sap are all fine, as is crumbled peppermint candy canes rather than the herb in a pinch)

Note: This spell will work immensely better in an area with high chance of snowfall, low temperatures, and in high altitudes. You probably won’t have too much luck casting at a warmer time of year, either! Try checking local radars and weather forecasts to find optimal times for casting specific weather spells (I highly recommend the phone app iRadar for weather witches)

Step 1 ❅

Gather all of your ingredients for the spell and find something to serve as a funnel to fill the ornament with the materials ~ If you don’t happen to have a funnel in your kitchen, try rolling up a piece of paper to use instead; it works just as well. Fill the ornament in this order:

1. Powdered sugar - 2. pine/crushed peppermint - 3. Quartz crystal(s) - 4. Bay leaves

Each of these ingredients, of course, is used to serve as a bit of the intent in your spell! Powdered sugar represents the snow, both pine and peppermint for purity and change, quartz has been referred to “eternal/unmelting ice” and can be infused with any intent, and bay leaves are useful for wishing magick.  

Step 2 ❅

Once you are happy with how your ornament looks - hold it in your hands, visualize snow falling upon your desired location, and chant the following:

“Winds strong and winds fast

Blow with haste and with good pace

Chill the air as crisp winter rain falls

Turnt to twisting and dancing snow to fall upon the earth

High into the clouded skies, I call

So it Will Be!”

As you chant, feel your energy move from your hands to the ornament; continue imagining the snow fall, and infusing the ornament with your intent. Once you feel ready to close the spell, gradually finish your visualization and ground yourself.

Step 3 ❅

Place the ornament in a freezer for about 10 minutes, just to chill it a bit.

Then with a ribbon, string, or piece of twine, hang up your ornament in a window ~ Not only will keeping the ornament up help materialize your spell, but it also makes a lovely decoration and is non-suspicious for secret witches! Your spell is now completed, and hopefully a chilly snow storm is on it’s way. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know ~ Thank you!

~ Rainy ❅