and not have a girlfriend what is wrong with women

Conversations I hear

I was serving two young women today, placing her items on Layby (lay away) and it was a bunch of frozen stuff.
Me: I love frozen. Elsa such a great character.
1st woman: It’s a good movie, but did you hear people wanna give Elsa a girlfriend? Isn’t that awesome?
Me: I did. It’s a great idea.
Her friend scoffs and rolls her eyes.
2nd woman: Could we all just leave Disney alone? Gays have enough.
I frown, but don’t comment, but her friend seemed annoyed.
1W: What’s wrong if Elsa is a lesbian?
2W: It just seems to unrealistic to me!
A guy who was waiting in line behind them, who had clearly been listening decided to talk.
Guy: I agree with you, an Ice Queen is far more plausible than a woman being a lesbian.
2W: …..
The first woman and I were trying very hard not laugh.


Books read in 2016: Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

‘I promise you won’t have to do anything more than just come with me.’
‘But I don’t understand what you want from me.’
‘I need a look at this Schell guy, and since I clearly have the wrong plumbing …’
he said. ‘How good are your improv skills?’ 

Digby marched up to the receptionist. ‘Hello. My girlfriend and I are going to have sex and we need to ask Dr Schell about birth control.’
I almost died. The look the receptionist gave us reminded me of when Grandma called her neighbor a dirty bird for peeing in the hydrangeas. Actually, the entire waiting room of women was giving us that look.

‘Well, there’s been a cancelation and I can squeeze you in for a fifteen-minute consultation. But only a consultation – no procedures,’ the receptionist said.
‘We won’t take long,’ Digby said. ‘We got the basics in Health. Just want to confirm some details with an expert … can’t believe everything on the interwebs, amiright?’
The receptionist frowned at me. Why me?

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Okay so i just watched ep 3 of fortitude and micheal seriously pissed me of?? Like?? Oh hey there ex girlfriend lets go on a trib and sleep over and also only get one room with one bed while my wife is at home dying. What. I feel like he cheated on her? But we dont know for sure. Anyways its wrong and disgusting and illogical that he would love her but also leave her. Cheap writing. Ok sorry had to get it out of my sistem

Right? I also felt like he did cheat on her as well! It was exactly illogical cheap writing with a male-dominant story where women didn’t have anything to do much especially Mike’s sickly wife.

He always leaves her no matter how ill she looks and how weak she feels. He always leaves her alone in the freezing cold house, running around being a hero since the very beginning. Like, his wife is dying but his ex is more important to spend time with? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

And his behavior towards her illness bothers me a lot as well. I mean, it’s all about himself. It always says that he does this and that for her but if you look closely to him, you’ll find out that he is the one who speaks more not her and his conversations with her illness are always come with ‘I want you to. I feel. I need you to’

I and I and I. It’s I that always comes before YOU.

However, when talking about the cheating, I personally think that both Mike and Freya cheated on each other. I’m serious.

I mean, Mike may or may not slept with his ex when they spent time together, but we could assume it as physically cheating (I mean, what man in his right mind will sleep in the same bed with an ex while his wife is waiting at home? Just because it didn’t appear on screen doesn’t mean it’s impossible), and that he still has a thing for her.

Meanwhile, I think Mike isn’t Freya’s soulmate but Vladek (aka mentally cheating).

I don’t know how old is Vladek in the story since Robert is at least 20 years younger than Chelle. However, he does look old enough to really be her old friend or even her old FLAME.

You can see that there’s always tenderness in his eyes when he’s with her, and she’s always more relax when she’s with him too. She can even speak up her mind with no interruption while she can’t do that with her own husband.

This couple is strange. And the chemistry is so off as if it’s only one-sided love from Chelle but Dennis. Forgive me for being too honest with my opinion, but I really think so.

The banter of James, Niall, and Jack Whitehall re: which bandmate Niall would trust with his naked girlfriend assumes that the girlfriend of a rock star has no agency.

It also assumes that a girl can be “passed around” a band of boys like a sexual favor they exchange with each other, which … I really hope no one there thought that was acceptable. Because it’s rape culture, gang bang culture, and truly disgusting.

It also questions the sincerity of anything the boys have ever said about women. “Don’t objectify them.” “Girl Almighty.” “Just do you.” “What’s wrong with your life?” “Come in for the long embrace.” Really mocks all of these gestures as hypocritical shitshows, that the boys would espouse female equality, empowerment, etc. for the sole reason of selling their brand to teen girls because teen girls eat up this shit.

And when boys grow up, when MUSIC grows up, when teen girls are left behind as a demographic (when the boys are too old to be in a boy band and are forced, not by choice but by biology, to move on), the mature thing to do, the thing one assumes all “real musicians who make real music” do, is to treat women as meat wrapped around a vagina. Right? Beautiful meat, to be sure, but meat.

I hope James Corden can realize that the reaction of the fandom today is not over-reaction but a sincere response to a poor moral and ethical choice. Being objectified is not a joke– it’s how women live every day. The boys were different from other musicians in their support of equality, of “love is love, no matter what” The lure of solo stardom is fleeting; their ethical choices will be long-lived. I hope they can realize that.


I keep seeing about how so many women are tired of being single. I am, too. I’m 21 and a virgin (by choice). My last boyfriend didn’t last for to long and I blame myself. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m fine with the way my body looks, I’m becoming more confident in the way my hair grows out. But… I can’t seem to be with anyone. I’ve asked myself why do others seem to have it easy, several boyfriends/girlfriends right after the other. I’ve been told that I look “cute, innocent, and like a virgin”, but those who say that make me feel like they want something I don’t want to give out. I fear intimacy. I will hug my mom, sit on her lap like a child, but my mom’s been dating a man for over 3 years now and has been the only father figure I know. He’s a selfless, caring man. Yet, I still feel uncomfortable hugging him. I can’t do it. I fear I won’t ever have children or have a fairy tale romance because of this. It hurts my heart because I don’t feel normal. I can’t love like a normal person.