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NaLu Week 2017 - Bonus Prompt: Wild

Prompt: Wild

*Okay guys, last one for the NaLu Week. Also, *blushes* this one is going to be a lemon… My first lemon. Know that I began writing this on the eighth of July… because *blushes again* it is really hard for me to write things like this. I beg of you to only give constructive criticism and not just hateful words. Thank you guys for sticking with me, and let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of. ~Rayhne

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Myth Creations Fairy Tail

My buddy was @sakurastarwriter who is an awesome friend that de

Ship: Grayluna (Gray x Lucy x Natsu)

Rating: M+ 

Disclaimer: The aspects and thoughts of this piece are in now way affiliated with my own beliefs/prospects on religion. Any research and references were purely for artistic purposes. 

Trigger warning: Satanic references. Anti-Christ. Lil bit of blood. 

Words: 2,65

Creature: Demons.

“I can’t believe you’ve gotten us in this position, again!” Gray hissed, pushing with his shoulder Natsu roughly which made them both swing a little, having been bound upside down in a seedy lounge-room.

Natsu gagged, feeling suitably sick from all the rocking and swaying, as well as the fact all his blood was rushing to his head. Gray groaned at how stupid his companion was, and how stupid he was for following him into this position.

After a particularly pathetic sound, Natsu looked up with red-ringed eyes, “Listen, you asshole. They said they needed help. What was I supposed to do? Ignore them?”

“No. But you could have at least given them a background check or something.”

“I did! But the computer wasn’t working and I burnt the keyboard-”

“Again? For fuck’s sake-” 

Natsu’s voice grew louder, swallowing Gray’s insult, “And time was of the essence! Would you rather we let a little girl die?”

“We are demons Natsu. We aren’t supposed to care.”

“You cried over Titanic.” Natsu shot and Gray struggled, fury rushing through his veins, turning his eyes pitch black.

“That was one fucking time!”

A small giggle made them both look up, where the third for the relationship sat on the trusses above, long silky hair falling down around her face as she watched them bicker. Hope and affection blossomed in Gray’s chest as Natsu grinned widely, struggling not to move around in excitement.


“Hey, guys. How’s it hanging?” She asked, before bursting into more giggles, easily balancing herself on the supporting beam, eyes watering with delight over her own joke. Gray chuckled while Natsu rolled his eyes, calling up.

“How long are you been up there?”

“Only a few minutes. It was hard to get in the building. Crosses everywhere.” Lucy stated, before easily dropping to the floor in front of them, placing her hands on her hips as a teasing smile slid over her lips. She gave them both a look over and pouted playfully.

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::A request… A REQUEST!!! I’m so happy I could cry! Thank you, Anon! I have to say, I think the ending’s a little cheesy, but I hope you still like it. Enjoy!::


             “Lu-if-r.” He could hear it, could hear you; The muse of your harp strung tone. But he was paying more attention to your lips as you spoke. Those cupid bow lines, covered in a lustful red; He could almost, No, No he couldn’t. His face only took a moment to realize a strange pain in his chest, but he had no Idea what that feeling was, or he wasn’t given enough time to think. The stretch of line curled back after only a few seconds of confusion. You’d raised your hand to lightly grip Lucifer’s arm, causing his heart to flutter, and allowing himself to return into a mindless daze. He was drowning in the sent of your, and now his, favorite perfume. You could only take so much staring from one man, so you tried your next solution. He was being sucked into the vortex of you (E/C) eyes until, you slapped him. 

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the screaming staircase in lockwoods pov - prologue

Disclaimer - I do not own Lockwood and co or any of the characters, or even the dialogue. The only original things about this are Lockwood’s thoughts and the occasional added scene. 

Hey guys! So, this is my attempt at creating a Lockwood and co fanfic. It’s pretty much just TSC in Lockwood’s point of view. I’ve never seen this done before, but if it has been, just tell me who started it first and I’ll check with them. I might add some scenes when Lucy isn’t there to make it interesting. I know it’s rough, but it’s been forever since I’ve properly written, so stay with me. I really hope you enjoy! 

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anonymous asked:

may i ask why you're having problems with carry on?

Sure, hon.
(Disclaimer: these are my own personal opinions.)
-Lucy gets fridged and never really gets closure. Simon doesn’t even know she spoke to him! Nobody knows she’s dead! It’s narratively and emotionally unsatisfying.
-Simon and Baz are really awful to each other for years, and then suddenly they’re dating. I mean, Baz pushed Simon down the stairs. He tried to steal his voice. That’s not cute.
-Will anyone ever adress Simon’s PTSD? Will anyone ever adress Baz’s internalized homophobia? Who knows!
-Penny’s homophobia lite.
-Miss me with that child neglect
-Why did Eb die? What’s even the point of that? Agatha would have left anyways. Stop killing off female characters 2k17
-I really don’t like how you get the feeling that Agatha’s pretty much estranged from her friends at the end of the book.
-Penny just casually possesses both a dog and a PERSON and it’s nbd. What? The fuck? That’s not okay!
-It makes me so sad that Simon never has a parental figure (like the Weasleys for Harry.) The closest he gets is Eb, who died.
-There’s some tonal dissonance that’s really…I mean, the book is dark, and I feel like the lighter bits don’t really mesh properly. I can’t give you any solid examples, except for the kiss scene. Yeah, everyone loves the forest kiss, but Baz just set a forest on fire which is basically vampire suicide and then Simon kisses him and that’s…off, to me.
-I’ve talked about this a lot with a friend in the fandom and she brought up the nature of Carry On: it’s a Harry Potter send up. Often that clashes with actual plot/character stuff.
-In my opinion, RR’s grasp of plot is not as good as her grasp of character. Carry On is very different from the rest of her books in that it actually has a plot, and that and the sheer number of POVs means that the story is not as cohesive as it could be, and the emotional character development suffers for that.
These are the major points. I don’t love Carry On anymore, and I don’t know if I ever did - it was so different from my expectations and the little tidbits we got in Fangirl. I was really involved in the Simon Snow fandom, pre-Carry On, back when all we had was bits in Fangirl. Carry On disappointed me, and now its flaws stand out too much for me to enjoy it.

A list of what the coach put in the notebooks:

kazu - beat kazu

haru - beat haru

mizo - show your true se- no wait keep it to yourself jc

ton - “seiseki”

ichiro - we all know you’re injured, baka

gen - your rival is still ichiro

sho - visit sakura

kin - “be a man”

gin - not even your bro

dou - not even your bro

hisashi - people are different you mongrel

takeru - seriously just chill out

takuya - don’t spoil your bro or you’ll spoil the broth

takumi - he’s only your bro

saku - be a dragon

chen - get everyone to stick their leg in the air

Noticed pt 2

Word Count: 2517

A/N: Sorry this is so long, I got a little carried away. Let me know if you want to be tagged. Also feedback is encouraged! (side note: for the people who have sent me request in the past month I promise I’m working on them. I haven’t forgot about you.)

Warnings: slight language, violence

Part 1

Your POV

Oh honey, you look beautiful.” your mom says as you walk into the living room. It was prom night and your friends convinced you to go. You were wearing a dark red dress that accented your figure paired with some heels that made your already long legs look even longer.

“wow , Y/N, you look hot, but not as hot as me.” said Jason your older brother with a smile.

You laughed. You and your brother had a competition going to see who was the hotter sibling, even though you both knew your younger sister, Lucy, was the gorgeous one of the family. You turned to walk to the kitchen but your sister stepped in front of you. Her face was all cut up and there was blood all over her clothes. “Why didn’t you save me?” she asks. “This is all your fault.”

You stop dead in your tracks. “Y/N I trusted you to keep this family safe. You have those abilities of yours and you father and I always were supportive of you. But you went with those avengers and look at your family now.”  you hear you mother from behind you.

Your breathing starts to become ragged and tears are forming in your eyes. “I’m sorry.” you sobbed, “I tried to save you.”

“Well you didn’t try hard enough. You failed us. Your own family.” Your brother said. You turn to look at him. Through your tears you could make out the blood on his clothes. The cuts and bruises on his face. “How could you just sit there and let us get kidnapped? How could you let us die? We were you family!” He was shouting now. He step forward and pushed you. Your sister, mother, and father started to kick and hit you. And you let them.

All of a sudden they were thrown off you. When you stood up they were all in cuffs tied together and all of them had guns pointed to their head.

“Here is your chance to save us again.” said your father.

One of the guards started to count down.


You tried running towards them but your feet were stuck.


You pulled at your legs, trying to get them free.


You collapsed to the ground trying to crawl to them.


“Please Y/N!! Save us!” Lucy screams. Eyes wide with fear.


“NO! PLEASE!” you beg.


You wake with a jump. Your breathing ragged and tears burning your eyes. After about 10 minutes you started to calm down. It was the same dream that you had every night. It would start off as a good memory of your family but quickly turns into your worst nightmare. But your worst nightmare actually came true.

You looked at the time, it was 2:17am. You knew this was the only sleep you were going to get tonight so you got up, grabbed you swim suit, cap and goggles, and quickly got changed and put on a oversized sweater. You made your way to the outdoor pool you put on your cap and goggles and took of your sweatshirt and hopped into the pool. The water felt warm because Tony kept it heated for when he wanted to throw pool parties. You pushed off the wall and began to swim. Soon enough after a few laps your muscles began to loosen up and the burn felt good so you kicked it up a few notches swimming as fast as you can. After about an hour of this you slowed down and flipped on your back. You floated on top of the water, looking at the stars, wondering if your family is up there.

Words can not describe how much you miss them. You are forever changed by the loss. You felt so much guilt and shame on top of the grief. You clearly were given these abilities to protect people, but how could you call yourself a hero when you couldn’t even protect your family.

Breaking  you out of your thoughts was the voice of F.R.I.D.A.Y. “Miss Y/L/N, Steve has requested your presence in the debriefing room. He says that it is urgent.”

Bucky POV

After you left the kitchen, Bucky sat there in silence, taken aback by your outburst. Sure he hasn’t ever talked to you before but he had only been there for a few months and he is a little busy fight his own demons. After talking to Steve, your cold and calculated demeanor began to make sense. However, Bucky was captivated by your strength and toughness, as well as your beauty. Bucky then made it his mission to make you smile. That’s why he talked to you in the kitchen, but after the conversation he realized that it would be harder than he thought. Finishing his food he took off to his room to get ready for bed.

After getting of restless sleep Bucky went to the training room to lift the nightmares away. It  was about 3:40, and Bucky had been there for about 2 hours before F.R.I.D.A.Y. tore his concentration away. “Mr. Barnes Steve has requested your presence in the debriefing room immediately. He says that it is urgent.”

Bucky picked up his weights and made his way to the debriefing room. The closer he got, the more he noticed that there were way too many people to be running around at this time. When he got there was steve and tony in the room. Steve was dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, most likely he just got out of bed. Tony on the other hand was still in the same clothes that he wore earlier today, he probably was dragged out of the lab. The one person that he did not expect to see here was you. He took in your presence and saw that your hair was wet and you had a oversized sweatshirt on but no pants. On the table next to you there was a towel, pair of goggles, and a swim cap. His first thought was why is she swimming at 3 in the morning, but then he thought about how he just was in the weight room at the same time so who is he to judge.

You turned to look at him and immediately your cool expression turned into a scowl.

“What is he doing here, I told you I work alone.” you snapped.

“This mission needs the both of you so you will be working together.” Steve replied.

“No! I don’t want to work with him.” You argue standing up from your chair.

“Well you don’t really have a choice in the matter. This mission requires both of your particular skill sets.” Steve snapped.

Bucky noticed that Tony was uncharacteristically quiet. He was sitting down and was staring at the tablet in front of him.

“Fine. Whatever.” You said.

“Nice to see you too doll.” BUcky said. Steve gave him a look then started to describe the mission. It was a tricky one. You and Bucky had to infiltrate a Hydra safe house and collect information, but this safe house was heavily guarded.

“You will get more details on the way there. Wheels up in 30 minutes.” Steve concluded. You immediately got up and left the room without a word.

“Don’t worry if you think she doesn’t have you back.” Steve said right before Bucky is about to leave. “She just hasn’t worked with anyone in a while.”  Bucky left with a nod.

Your POV

You hopped in the shower when you made it back to your room. You smelled like chlorine and need to calm down. When Steve said that you and Bucky were on the mission, your stomach dropped. What if you get Bucky killed? You could add another life to the lost of people you’ve let down.  

You get out of the shower and dry off. You put on your comfortable sports bra and a black tank top paired with your black combat pants and boots. You packed in your bag 2 books, headphones, extra underwear, outfit, toiletries (because if you got stuck for more than one day your were not going to go without brushing your teeth), your suit, knives, guns, ammo, holster, extra hair ties, and some protein bars.  

You picked up your bag and made your way to the hanger. You see Bucky already there. He handed you a folder detailing exactly what your mission was and your coms. You both got on the jet and you went the pilot seat, Bucky sat in one of the seats in the back. You took off and punched in the coordinates letting the jet pilot itself so you could sleep. The flight should take about 15 hours to get there, you you had enough time to try and get some sleep. You sat down on the seats across from Bucky, who was reading a book. You had your headphones in your hand and plugged them into your phone. You were about to put them into your ears before you paused. You felt guilty about your outburst in the debriefing room, and you needed to apologize.

“Hey Bucky?” you said.

“Ya?” he replied his piercing blue eyes looking up from his book.

“I just want to apologize for earlier today. I didn’t to hurt your feelings or anything. It’s just I haven’t worked with anyone in a while and I wasn’t quite expecting it. I promise though I do have your back.” you apologized looking at your fidgeting fingers. You looked back at him and saw him wearing a small smile.

“It’s fine doll. I understand.” he said. After a moment of silence he asked,  “Why don’t you work with anyone? Sorry if I’m stepping over the line, I’m just curious.”

You looked back down at your hands before answering. “It’s for personal reasons.”

“Okay.”  was his response looking back at his book.  You put your headphones in your ears and put your music on. You laid down on the bench and put your arm over your eyes and got comfortable. The purr of jet slowly bringing you to unconsciousness.

You wake from for dreamless sleep to see Bucky still reading his book. You got up and walked to the pilot’s seat to see how like you had till you landed. You still had 5 more hours. You got up and walked back to your seat. Before you sat down you pulled out one  of your books and began to read. About 2 hours later of complete silence you get up to go to the bathroom. When you get there you brush your teeth and french braid your hair into 2 braids. Once you’re done you look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t fuck this up. You think to yourself. You walk back to the room and grab the folder that contained the mission details. Seeing that you picked yours up Bucky grabbed his too and you two discussed your approach and where you should enter from. You would be entering from a drain that led to the basement of the safe house. It’s just the drain outlet was connected to a lake. You both had to cover each other till you get the third floor of the safe house, where the information you were after was located.

By the time you guys finished there was about an hour till touch down and you both needed to get ready. You grabbed your suit and went back to the bathroom to put it on. You took your pants and shoes off but left your tank top on. Your suit clung to you body and was dark blue that shimmered red in the sun light. It wasn’t bulletproof but it deflected against most knives, it was also waterproof. You walked back and started to put together your weapons. you r sout had many hidden pockets for knives, but you had a belt that had two handguns on both hips, and you holster that went on your back that held two more. You had ammo cartridges on your belt as well.

Bucky walked in as saw you assembling your weaponry and began to do the same. He began to grab the scuba gear.

“Uh, we don’t need that.” you say.

“Um doll, i’m pretty sure we do.”  he said looking at you like you were crazy. You didn’t know what was happening till you felt the corners of your mouth turn up into a small smirk.

“Actually we don’t. I guess Steve didn’t tell you that I have abilities.” you say. “I’m a elemental so I can make air pockets for us when we are under water.”

“He did, but I didn’t know you could do that.” he said.

Within a few minutes after your exchange you guys were ready to leave the quinjet. You called Steve to let him know that you guys were ready to leave and would let him know when you got back to the quinjet. When you reached the edge of the lake you looked over at Bucky and noticed that he looked a little unsure.

“You ready?” you asked.

“As i’ll ever be doll.” He replied. “How about you? You good?”

You drew in a deep breath trying to calm you nerves. “Of course.” With that you stepped into the lake using your abilities moving the water around you guys while you walked deeper. Soon enough you were at the bottom of the lake, surrounded by walls of water. Bucky was not an expressive person but as you saw the way Bucky look around in amazement then finally settling his eyes on you. The look he gave you sent a shiver down your spine. No looked at you like that. They looked at you with either pity or fear. Not amazement and wonder.
“Come on Barnes, we have a mission to finish.” You saw walking away and bring the bubble with you forcing Bucky to walk too.

The mission started off easy enough. You got the information you needed, but when you were making it back to the quinjet, they followed you. You guys made it back in time to take off, but you weren’t fast enough to dodge the hard hits the jet took. You made it 40 miles before you had to land/ crash the jet because it wouldn’t fly any farther.

You landed 5 miles outside of a small village in the middle of nowhere. You and Bucky grabbed your stuff  and began your trek to the village. It only took you guys less than 2 hours to make there in the dark. Bucky found and inn and he had some money. They for some reason were really busy and only had one room left.

When you walked up the stairs you noticed how sore you were. You had the key and opened the door. When you turned on the light you took in the room.

“Well shit. I hope you like to cuddle doll.” said bucky.


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natsuh  asked:

Imagine the scene where future Lucy gets dragged by natsu and happy to the guild and she starts crying because of the joy, but that all played in natsus heart and the roles switched. like Lucy dragging him to his friends idk I can imagine this?

Consider it imagined, @melichamaa! :D

Warning: spoilers for chapter 510!

“No…” Natsu choked out, clutching his head, tears streaming down his face. “No, that c-can’t be me,” he whimpered, unable to look up at the very picture of death and destruction before him. 

That wore his face.

How could something so vile have a place in his heart?

Natsu dropped to his knees in defeat, the sheer amount of revelations and potential meaning they all held becoming far too much for him to take. But what made things even worse, was the constant reiteration that he wasn’t what he had always believed he was. 

He was wrong.

He was bad. 

He was - 

Natsu’s spiraling thoughts were interrupted by warmth. 


He only then realised just how cold he had been until then. Reluctantly pulling back, he saw the source of his warmth. 

She was kneeling before him, her eyes clear of any fear or pain, her body of any injury. Her hair was tied just like when he had first met her that fateful day, but with the length that spoke of their experiences together. 

It dawned onto him that he had forgotten to tell her how much he loved her hair long. 

Lucy was smiling at him warmly, hands still on his cold shoulders. 

The smile brought both hope and despair, he knew that he would be taking it away from her again. He was all kinds of wrong for her, he was E-

Lucy’s head rammed against Natsu’s, and while that caused him enough pain to snap out of his thoughts, it seemed to have hurt her far more. She rubbed her forehead momentarily, before turning to Natsu hesitantly and then laughing at herself. 

There was no sound. But that didn’t matter. 

He always thought her to be most beautiful when she laughed. 

Grinning widely, she brought her hands to rest on his palms which were bracing his weight on the ground. Gently she raised them, turned them over, and softly ran her fingers over his rough palms. 

Natsu wasn’t sure what she was doing, especially when she moved to hold his hands and pull him up. 

Mutely, he obeyed, rising up onto his feet and following as Lucy guided him to another unexplored corner of his heart. 

Lucy pulled Natsu, almost running now, and Natsu kept up easily, curious about what she was going to reveal to him. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t also considerably nervous. 

He then felt a weight on his head and looked up to see none other than his little bud Happy, smiling widely at him, upside down. His paws burn-free and a-okay. 

Natsu smiled back, his fear melting away with each step, and before he knew it, they were standing before a grand wooden door. One he would have recognised anywhere. 

Lucy brought Natsu’s hand to rest alongside hers on the old wood, Happy resting his paws on Natsu’s other side. 

And together they pushed open the door. 

And the sight that greeted him was one that had warmed his heart since he was a little boy and would continue to do so no matter how old he became. 

His comrades. His guild. 

His home. 

Happy, and cheerful as they always have been, despite everything they have all been through. People who have grown up with him, trusted him, accepted him just the way he was.

That’s when it struck him - they were his future. His hope. Not some random dark presence he had no clue of until then. 

And it was for them he had long since promised to go through any lengths for, which included not dying himself.  

Wiping the remnants of his tears, Natsu beamed at everyone in the guild (yes, even the Snowflake), before turning to Happy and Lucy. 

“Thank you,” he said simply, honestly. 

They simply grinned back, just as Natsu could feel his “actual” self waking up. 

Pressed for time, he turned to Lucy in all seriousness, “Lucy, I - “

Only to be stopped by the person he was addressing, who held a dainty hand to his mouth. 

‘Tell the other me,’ she seemed to say. 

Natsu blinked before nodding firmly. “You bet your cute ass I will,” he laughed, enjoying how even this Lucy blushed so easily. 

But he was also dead serious about it. Lucy would know. And she would know at the end of a war he was going to win. For everyone. With everyone. 

For their future. 

The strength of the Pinky Promise

Next one-shot of my Halloween series! This is for @illustraice, my dear Ice who’s in love with anything involving fast food! ;D

No.:27; Over 1.7k words, fluff and romance, a shittone of affectionate exchanges. Nalu, fast food loving vampire x star witch who’s stuck to his side bc of soulmate bond AU.

{Gruvia} | {Gajevy}

Looking at the delighted vampire next to her, she couldn’t resist smiling at the sight. He was currently murdering the fifth oversized hamburger with his far too strong bites as he idly munched on the bap.

He gulped the content of his mouth down with a loud sound when he turned to her, crumbs lining his thick lips as his contented smile widened into a grin.

“Oh man, I love their black pudding hamburger!”

His goofy mimic made Lucy giggle giddily as she blindly reached out for a napkin to wipe away the remains of his burger, affection easily seen in her moves.

The vampire bumped his nose to her hand which – yet again – made the witch laugh. His sharpened canines sinking in his lower lip as he caged her hand within his to breath a kiss on her fair skin.

Her complexion went directly from pale to crimson which made him muffle a laugh.

“Don’t embarrass me!” she chided and tried to pull away her hand from his, but he didn’t let her do so.

His green eyes glinted as he tightened his hold, tongue running along his teeth. “But it’s so much fun!”

The witch rolled her eyes, unable to protest, even after one of his deep look, desire and hunger set in those mesmerizing olive eyes.

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After tonight’s episode and that dance scene between Mina and Grayson, the sudden realization that Mina is not the least bit attracted to Lucy hit me harder than that ice berg hit the titanic, like damn Mina how are you even so straight idgi bUT you wanna know something Mina? You wanna know whose friendship has been a pretense all along? Grayson’s that’s right.

Sending her flowers, giving her rides to college, hosting her engagement party and basically showing up at any place she happens to be including her inauguration party or whatever the hell that was, like I’m sure she has realized by now that his interest in her surpasses that of friendship yet you don’t see her questioning him like “oh grayson so all those kind things you’ve done for me and all those times we’ve sensually danced and almost kissed… is that why you hired Jonathan, not because he met your qualifications but to get closer to me?” no of course not because she’s also attracted to him, and while I understand she doesn’t feel the same way about Lucy (and that’s okay, if she’s not attracted to her then she’s not and no one can force her), Mina was way too harsh with the poor girl. Assuming Lucy’s motives for befriending her were for the sole purpose of enamoring her and getting hurt over such assumptions when Grayson has been basically doing the same thing is just perplexing.. and yes I know Lucy’s been her best friend for years and all and she’s just met Grayson but STILL the circumstances are quite similar.. and you know what makes it even worse? The fact that Grayson only cares about Mina because she reminds him of his dead wife. If Mina had not looked like Ilona, Grayson would have taken no interest in her and who knows he might have even feasted on her blood.

and idk it’s not that I’m bothered by Mina’s attraction to Grayson, it just irks me how unfair she was with Lucy when Grayson has been the one befriending her and her fiance for his own personal gain yet Mina doesn’t seem to be vexed by this.. 

Title: Cage Fighting and a New Face.

Author: luciferiswriting

Fandom: Supernatural / reader

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Rowena, Crowley

Words: 2397

Warnings: fighting, maybe a bit of angst? Spoilers (season 11), Character death

Summary: Never get too settled in a cage with Lucifer, it can either turn into a party or a sport at any time, both if you’re lucky. As things get heated quickly in the cage, does the help that arrives really help?

part 1

I wake up, hearing voices having a discussion. Yeah it took a while but I had managed to get the two of them at opposite ends of the cage, giving me the time to rest and regain energy, in hope to get at least Sam, out of this mess.

“Sam, I got to tell you this is selfish, man. Everything that-“Lucifer sounds stressed as he paces the cage

“You are done! It’s over” Sam deadpans.

“You two having a break up now?” I question with a hint of sarcasm, showing that I clearly don’t hold interest in their conversation. Sam glanced at me before continuing their conversation, standing up from where he was sat.

“You know what? You talk a good game. Hell you even had me sold a few times, but then I thought, what if you’re right? What… What if you can beat her?”

“I can!” Lucifer roars, taking a few steps forward. Sensing the tension in the argument, I sit up straighter watching the scene unfold before me.

“Even though, last time it took you, plus three other archangels.” Sam raises his voice “Oh yeah, and capital G, God”

“Oh, okay. What? You mean the dead weight?”

“Let’s say you gank her. Then what?”

“I move to L.A. solve crimes” Lucifer answers, causing me to start laughing.

“Hah, that’ll be the day, Luci sitting at a desk with evidence, trying to piece everything together. Oh boy.”

However Sam doesn’t wait to get right back into the argument. “Wrong. You go about starting the Apocalypse again because you’re an old dog, and that’s your old trick” my eyes shoot up in shock. I already see, Lucifer’s stronghold collapse a little. That was hurtful and uncalled for Sam.

“Ok, first off, you don’t know that” Lucifer hisses “Second, even if I did, that’s better than what she has planned”

“Is it? Really? This is what I think.” Sam starts to feel more confident in himself as Lucifer allows the effects, Sam’s words have on him show. “I think that whoever wins, you or the darkness, everyone else loses… So, no. My. Answer. Is No” Lucifer shakes his head as he laughs, in attempt to hide the tears that brim his eyes. “This isn’t cause of Dean or, or the past. It’s about me having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way. I am ready to die, I’m ready to watch my people I love die. But I’m not ready to be your bitch.” Lucifer clicks his tongue and lets out a breath.

“Okay, Plan B” Lucifer steps forward, swinging a punch to Sam’s Jaw. I jump to my feet, trying to intervene Lucifer from beating Sam. As Lucifer throws the last punch sending Sam back into the bars, I push him back away from him. At the same time I hear the faint shout of what sound likes Crowley, soon following after, the feeling of power that controls me grows stronger. I know Dean is in hell.

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. The Game of Life . 8

Full Summary: “You’re new here, so I’ll explain the rules once.  Winners get one lash, losers die.  It’s quite simple.  The last one standing gets no lash.  We do one game a day here and you live as long as you can stand it.  If you somehow miraculously try to get away, I kill you.  It’s quite simple really.”

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: This really isn’t a fic for sensitive readers.  Mentions of suicide, descriptive gore, the likes.  It’s rated M, my friends.

Gajeel paced up and down the streets, his gaze darting this way and that. He’d been keeping a close eye out for anything from the second that Natsu had gone hours before. His crimson eyes swept the street as he paced through the shadows. He tripped for a moment over something he didn’t see in the dusky light as he crossed the street, swearing wildly under his breath as he did.

Suspecting it to be a stray pet that had slunk off, Gajeel continued up the street. He grumbled, muttering to himself.

He headed over a bridge that crossed the canal, fully intending to continue down the street, simply watching. He couldn’t’ do much else, he supposed. He had to wait for something to happen despite the fact that it wasn’t good if something occurred.

Too busy muttering to himself, Gajeel nearly didn’t hear the soft clattering of something striking cobbled streets.

His head snapped around. His eyes flashed, his gaze darting around as he retraced his steps. Aware of just who their killer was - a nullification mage who was somewhat powerful - Gajeel focused all of his senses on figuring out what the sound had been.

An idea struck him. Natsu had done some kind of little…breath before he’d figured out that the area was where they women were coming from.

So, Gajeel reluctantly forced himself to relax, closing his eyes, tuning everything out. He took a deep breath, sighing heavily, and then slowly opened his eyes.

A shadow in the corner of his eye, a figure silhouetted in the moonlight, knelt over a smaller still one.

Something akin to a roar left his lips as he barreled towards them. The man’s head snapped up and he swore under his breath, shooting to his feet and darting away. Gajeel moved to give chase, taking note of what he could see in the light of the moon and dusk. A thin but toned body, more than likely, styled hair and a low husky voice.

A choked gasp brought him to a stuttering halt.

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Safe and Sound; A Gratsu Fanfic

AN: A little something for Gratsu Week since I haven’t written them romantically just yet. Short, cute, angsty. Yup, that’s the type of story we all need! Happy Gratsu Week! @rainteaanddragons , @gratsutrash and @trinityvermillion (I believe I owe you a gratsu fic, though it’s not the cute fluffy one I promised.)

Title: Safe and Sound

Rated: K+

Word Count: 556

Standard disclaimers apply.

Also found here.


He was lost,

Yet I was found,

Safe and sound


Safe and Sound


I lay in his bed tonight like I have every other night since Gray’s disappearance. It has been half a year since he had left the guild, in a panic and rushed. Yet, I could still just barely smell the scent of him on the sheets of his bed, every day growing more worried. Missing him like the sun missed the moon.

Look at me, I’m turning into Lucy. All poetic and mushy.

It’s not like I liked him. Hell! That bastard?! Hah!


What a lie…

I do love him, even Erza knows. But how could I not?

He was my moon, the opposite of me in every aspect. But he was missing… Gone…

Was he even alive anymore?

That thought clenched at my heart, ripped my throat out as I struggled not to cry.

Gray..? Dead..?

“NATSU!! Get a hold of yourself!” I screamed, shutting my eyes tight as the tears rolled away.

I covered my ears, trying to keep those horrible thoughts out of my mind. I let out an ear splitting cry, the hurt in my body only rising.

“He’s not dead. He’s not dead.” I repeated like a mantra, my hair knitted in first. The same hair he teased me with, saying pink was too girly.

The memories resurfaced then. Every fight. Every contest. Every argument. Every action.


They were all just different ways to gain his attention. Tell him I loved him without having to do anything.

“Gray…” I whimpered, falling limp on the mattress.

“Natsu…” Happy sat beside me, paws on my back.

“I’m fine, Happy…”

“No, you’re not…”



That was the last I heard from Happy for the night, sleep consumed me in darkness. The same darkness I’ve lived since he last left.





“You have to do something about Natsu! He’s not okay!”

“Shh! Happy! You’re going to wake him!”

“You have to do something! Please! Help Natsu!”

“Sheesh! Calm down, Happy… Everything’s going to be okay…”

I stirred at the sound of voices in the room, smelling a new scent, but one still familiar.

My nose crinkled as I felt another body sit beside me on the bed, patting my hair.

“Mmm, Gray?” I mumbled, groggily, my eyes trying to adjust to the dark.

“I’m home…” The voice spoke again, comforting this time. So familiar.

As I opened my eyes fully, I saw a face. A face I thought I would never see again.

His dark eyes staring back at mine, ebony hair just barely hiding the scar on his forehead, and the same awkward smile he always had when nervous.



I couldn’t see again, I was crying. But this time out of happiness.

In the heat of the moment, I threw my arms around him, wailing as I let nonsense slip form my mouth.

“You damn stripper! I missed you! I thought you wouldn’t come back! I love you! I love you…  Don’t ever leave me alone again…”

I clutched to his chest, the sudden realization of what I said stunned me. In a moment, I knew I was going to be pushed away, yelled at and rejected.

None of that came though, I felt his arms wrap around me, bringing me closer as he kissed my temple.

“I love you too, and I won’t ever leave.”

FT Angst: One Question

A/N: Damn it, Kay; why must you keep giving me angsty ideas. I mean, I love you and all, but goodness, child. Gimme a break. ;-;

Well, for everyone else, this is where the idea originates from…kagero-assassin​ saw this and thought “Oh, hey, it’s a Mira thing”, and then showed it to me. And she asked me to write angst for it for it. So here it is, a super-quick piece. Hope you like it, Kay!

Rated: T
Genre: Angst
Character(s): Lucy, Natsu
Synopsis: There’s always that one question you have to ask before you lose your chance for good.


Lucy rushed forward and caught her Dragon Slayer friend before he could collapse onto the rubble-littered ground and injure himself further. Her legs wouldn’t hold up both their weight, however, so she had to lower herself onto the ground carefully to avoid dropping him on accident.

Lucy fought to catch her own breath. She was exhausted, battered, and beaten. Her magic reserves were at zero. Every ounce of it had gone to helping Natsu deliver the final blow against Zeref—against his own brother—and finally putting the Black Wizard to rest. By all appearances, it shouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for Natsu to suddenly collapse like this…but something wasn’t right.

Natsu felt unsettlingly cold and heavy against her. His breathing was shallow. His dark eyes, which usually shone and glittered with his excitable energy, had become glassy and dim. An odd glowing substance was beginning to slowly seep out of him and evaporating like smoke, to which Lucy had enough exposure to recognize by sight.


But what was it doing in Natsu in the first place? How had it gotten there? Why was it suddenly leaking out and vanishing now?

“Natsu, are you okay?” she asked urgently, shaking him once slightly. “What’s going on with you right now? What’s happening to you?”

Natsu let out a rattled sigh at her questions, a resigned grin playing on his lips. “Man…I was hoping it’d kick in later…”

“What?” A sense of dread locked around her heart. “Wh-what do you mean?”

“Sorry, Lucy…” He chuckled weakly and shut his eyes. “It’s been fun…but my road…ends here.”


“Don’t you dare apologize!” she snapped breathlessly, struggling to pull him to his feet. “You are not giving up here, you hear me?! Not after everything we just had to go through!”

“I’m not giving up, Lucy…” Natsu opened his eyes halfway. His gaze was a million miles away. “It really…is the end of the road for me…I…won’t be making it back…to the guild…”

Lucy’s breath caught in her throat once she realized what he was saying.

“Natsu, no!” she cried, holding him close to her. Her throat was burning—please, please don’t let this be the end…! “Don’t say things like that! We will make it back! You can’t just—!”

“Lucy…Zeref created me,” Natsu said, his words slurring. “He brought me back…as his most powerful demon…” He coughed. “Now that he’s gone…all of his creations will disappear…” He smiled weakly. “He created us Etherious in order to kill him…and now we…no longer have any reason to exist…so all of his demons will vanish…” He sighed heavily, shuddering slightly. “And that…includes me. I shouldn’t even…be alive…right now…”

The Ethernano was leaking out even faster now. Natsu was barely breathing anymore. His eyes were completely dead.

The words were stuck somewhere in Lucy’s throat—she couldn’t get them out. This grief was beyond tears. Beyond words.

“I…wanted to see everyone else…before I left…” he whispered, his dead eyes suddenly glistening. “I want to see everyone…Happy…and Erza…and Gramps…even that idiot Gray…I want to see them…!”

Lucy still couldn’t bring herself to speak. She didn’t trust herself with the words that would inevitably come out. She felt so incredibly helpless. Natsu was dying in her arms, and she could do nothing. Nothing…!

Natsu’s entire body was practically glowing now thanks to the dissolving Ethernano escaping all at once. Lucy held on to him even tighter—she couldn’t let him disappear. She had to keep him here…somehow…!

“Lucy…one question…” Lucy flinched and looked down at his face. He was still smiling, softly now. “Do you…love me…?”

Lucy could hold it in no longer—she let out a shuddering sob, hot tears rolling down her bloodied cheeks and dripping from her chin onto his face.

“Yes…!” she gasped. “Ever since I—first joined, I—I’ve loved you…!”

At her answer, Natsu began to cry, and his tears proceeded to roll down his face. His smile was still in place—no…it had grown wider.

“I’m…glad…” he breathed as his tears streamed profusely down his battered face, wearing the happiest expression she’d seen from him. “Because…I…love you…too…!”

And those were the last words she ever heard him speak.

fic: what in the world, (2/?)

 Another Ten/Rose, implied Master/Lucy fic. Set a little while after Part One.

“This. Is. Ridiculous,” muttered the Doctor, as he stood in front of the mirror in Rose’s bedroom.

Rose rolled her eyes. He was so agitated by the entire premise of the day’s events that he couldn’t even tie his bowtie properly. “Come here,” she said, squeezing in between him and the mirror. “Let me do it.” Effortlessly, she sorted his bowtie out, and stroked her hands soothingly down his chest once she’d finished. “We’ve committed to this, now. We can’t back out.”

The Doctor nodded reluctantly, meeting her gaze. His hands found their way to her waist, his thumbs stroking the silk material of her dress quite unconsciously. “I never, not in a million years, would have predicted this situation.”

“Not the marrying sort, the Master?” Rose smiled.

“Nope.” The Doctor tilted his head to the side slightly, mainly to peek at the reflection of her bum in the mirror behind her.

“Bit like you, then.”

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To Kill A Heart #9

Summary= When the life of Heartfilia’s heiress is put in danger, Jude resorts in hiring the best hitman for bodyguarding. The problem? Lucy knows now her heart is the one in the edge of being destroyed. [Bodyguard AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= M.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 2199.


chapter nine: reunion

Not only because he’d pinned her against the wall, or because he’d whispered her a promise that she may or may not had put a lot of faith on, no. It was because he kept doing small things like those.

Small, almost imperceptible details dropped randomly times in the days to come, which only left Lucy wondering when all of it had become such a hard task to her -to be in the same room as him was a hell of a roller coaster now.

Lucy wondered what he was up to. Some days, she almost saw him, one time at first hour in the morning and then again before she was going to sleep. Others, he practically lived in her room, watching her, always. Those were the most difficult to her.

He did mention little about the Gray and Erza incident, or about what they’d talked afterwards, and she didn’t dare ask. The last thing she needed now was an angry Natsu eating all of the snacks furiously on her bed and leaving all the crumbs scattered over the blankets.

So she just kept focused on her laptop, and the blank document staring back at her.

It had been like that for days now, no inspiration coming like it used to. Maybe it was the stress of the situation, who knew, but what was for sure was the fact that she wasn’t progressing at all with her novel. It didn’t help that her love life had been at zero for a while now, and that she couldn’t think strike with the loud eating of a certain bodyguard.

He looked too relaxed for her own good.

“Watcha doing, Lucy?” he asked, legs spread out over the lilac mattress.

She turned around, a grumpy aura around her, to meet his curious, childish eyes that she knew held so much more. “Trying to write,”

“Whatcha writing?” he asked.

She pursed her lips. Usually all she wrote was kind of a secret of hers, too embarrassed to share her wild ideas with the rest. But now she was stuck, and she would take any idea if only to write at least two sentences.

“My novel,” she said, nervously twirling the hem of her long, pink shirt, which almost covered entirely the darker skirt. She watched as Natsu’s attention became hers, as he sat up more straightly. “It’s about… well, a guild of mages, and the main character is a boy, who’s actually the son of a dragon for now, and a girl, who uses celestial magic, but her family has a lot of story and all.”

“Are you serious? Mages and dragons?” Lucy’s heart fell to the bottom of her stomach, if only for a second. Natsu’s face split in a huge grin, “Amazing! I’m all fired up! Let me read!”

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. The Game of Life . 1

Full Summary: “You’re new here, so I’ll explain the rules once.  Winners get one lash, losers die.  It’s quite simple.  The last one standing gets no lash.  We do one game a day here and you live as long as you can stand it.  If you somehow miraculously try to get away, I kill you.  It’s quite simple really.”

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: This really isn’t a fic for sensitive readers.  Mentions of suicide, descriptive gore, the likes.  It’s rated M, my friends.

Fifth Woman This Week Found Dead!

As of this past month (December), the town of Magnolia has become the base of what local officials believe to be a serial killer. According to the information provided, there is no pattern in the women found. The list of damages done to the women includes: loss of eyes, multiple lacerations, death by asphyxiation (strangled, if the bruises are anything to go by), and an odd brand on the tongues. The local Fairy Tail guild has expressed interest in helping, but has not yet been given the permission. Until the situation can be resolved, government officials ask that no one walk around alone and that everyone continues to obey the curfew of six o'clock p.m..

Making a sound of disgust, Lucy Heartfilia set aside the newspaper and scowled. “This is horrible,” she muttered, turning it over so she didn’t have to see the picture of the body that had been posted. “Isn’t there something that says they can’t put those sorts of pictures in the news?”

“I’m not sure, but…it is concerning that such a thing is happening here, isn’t it?” Mirajane Strauss murmured as she placed a warm cup of tea in front of the blonde. Her blue eyes flashed. “What if one of us is targeted?”

“Oh, I think you and Erza would be fine,” her sister reassured. Lisanna looked amused as she swept past her. “To be honest, I think anyone who wears a Fairy Tail emblem is fine. I mean, they’d be suicidal to attack any of us. After what you told me about Phantom Lord…they’d be plain stupid. Besides, even if one of us did go missing, there’s always that three day period before the girl shows up dead and Natsu or one of the other dragon slayers would find us before that time ran out.”

Lucy propped her chin on her open palm and reached for her tea. “I suppose…but I still don’t like that someone’s running around Magnolia doing this. I mean, we live all over this place and we haven’t seen anything. How is that even possible?”

“Master’s brought Laxus and the Thunder Legion home,” Mirajane said softly as she reached for cloth and quietly swiped it over the counter behind the bar. “They’re going to do some secret investigating from what I’ve gathered.”

“Good,” Lucy sighed. “I’m glad.”

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 Ellie Goulding and Chris Ketley singing <I will always love u– Whitney Houston>  in a night club which they went to right after the Halcyon Days Tour in Beijing(China) on August 14th ,2014 . Ellie was EVEN wearing the necklace I gave her!!!  This video was sent directly to me by a worker of the host company working on that concert, she was the one who gave me the opportunity to meet Ellie backstage. She secretly took this video and sent me and even asked Ellie about the gift I gave her and Ellie said she liked it very much.Later on, Ellie posted a pic of her wearing the necklace on her very own Instagram and she wore it when she was leaving to Japan the next day. I was so freaking lucky to have the chance to meet Ellie and even had a photo with her, Dougie and Lucy. I can still feel the ultimate excitement when i look back on the pictures and videos.I was literally dead that day, it was when my life was fullfilled.  I forgot to share this vid on Tumblr last year,LOL.