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Clueless (M)

A one-shot based on a request from @angustdissin. Hope you like it!


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Roommate! Jungkook, slightly dom! Jungkook, smut and fluff

Word count: 7,469 words


You were greeted with the sound of the TV blaring from the living room when you opened the front door of your house. Although he couldn’t see or hear you, it didn’t stop you from letting out a small sigh accompanied with a smile to yourself as you untied your sneakers and put them away neatly on the shoe rack. The thick white socks you wore made your steps quiet.

As you padded into the house, you weren’t surprised to find your roommate sprawled on the floor with his back leaning against the lower half of the couch and his long legs stretched carelessly under the coffee table. He was staring at the show playing on his laptop on the table but you weren’t sure if he was really paying attention to it. At first you opened your mouth to check if he needed a call back to Earth, then you saw the gaggle of men and women sprinting across the screen and gasped.

“JUNGKOOK! How could you?!”

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These plots are starting to drag so much it isn’t even interesting anymore. 

 -The fight: Stop dropping hints every five seconds. It’s intriguing the first few times, by now it’s just stupid. You’ve overdone it. 

- Even’s backstory: Goodness gracious, if you’re going to wait till the end for the reveal, I’m honestly starting to think you’re better off keeping his story to himself. 

- Yousana will they/won’t they: Again you already put a damper on my ship that I’m not really coming back from…

- Russ: Don’t care anymore. 

My biggest issue with this show is the amount of time they spend withholding answers. I think it’s really well done but you need to answer a few questions as your story progresses in order for it to keep me watching. I might as well skip your filler clips (like today’s clip) and just wait for the last episode to get my answers. Not like you’re even adding anything interesting in your filler. Yesterday’s clip offered nothing in terms of character development, today’s offered nothing in terms of anything. Why'm I watching again??

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How do you manage all the stuff ???? blogging, studies, tv shows ... ????

Sometimes I ask myself the same question haha! My generally weekly schedule is kind of:

  • Monday - uni in the morning, study in the afternoon, tutor a friend in the evening, chill later on
  • Tuesday - study in a morning, uni from the afternoon to the evening, chill later on
  • Wednesday - intern all day!
  • Thursday - do blog related activities all day: e.g. Instagram messages, Tumblr messages, etc.
  • Friday - sort of a whatever day! I’ll either continue with blog related things or I’ll start assessments.
  • Saturday - clean my bedroom/bathroom fully, do some study but chill for the day/do something with my family!
  • Sunday - sleep in, study/do readings in the afternoon, organise for the week!

This does differ depending on my work load and I do try to prioritise university over my blogs since it’s obviously more important. I generally watch TV shows in the evening or will whilst I’m doing small tasks! x

2,000 followers hhhhh

still a pretty far cry from my 17k on youtub but hey i mean shit. lol

seriously thank you guys so much. i did not expect my weird goat landscapes and stuff to resonate with anyone. you know, for a good while i was getting like 8 notes per post and wondering what the fuck i was even doing here, so it’s been kind of a nice surprise. i actually can’t even keep up with asks anymore, especially for the office deer baby thing. every time i answer a bunch i get a bunch more back and my inbox has been stuck at 40 messages for like the last month (so please don’t get upset if i don’t answer or if i take forever).

so thanks to everyone who likes and reblogs and follows and asks questions and everything else. i love you.


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I love your blog! Question: how are 'yes' and 'no' expressed in Sumerian? Are there words for them, or would you answer a yes-or-no question by repeating the relevant verb, as in Finnish?

Thank you!

Sumerian does have specific words for “yes” and “no”, like English does (and unlike Finnish, Latin and many other languages), but it’s a tiny bit more complicated than that.

It’s sometimes said that all Sumerian sentences have to include a verb — even exclamations like gana! (“yeah! let’s go! you can do it!”) are verbs, and “yes” and “no” are no exceptions.

The word heam literally means “may it be (so)” — it’s composed of the precative verb prefix he-, which means “let it, may it, may you” (generally anything you want someone to do or be) and -am, which, if you’ve seen my video on the verb to be you’ll recognize as the third singular “(it) is”. Originally this was used as you’d expect (“O King, would you like us to execute the prisoner?” “Heam.”) but later came to be the generalized word for “yes”.

The word nu or inu has a similar story. -nu as a verb operates like the verb “to be” does, attaching at the end of the sentence, but means “to not be”. Ngae ummamen “I am a witch”, Ngae ummanu “I am not a witch”. So you can use inu as an independent sentence, meaning “it isn’t”, but it’s also generalized as the word for “no”.

So heam “yes” and inu (or nu) “no” do exist in Sumerian, but, like nearly all the shortest Sumerian utterances, they’re actually verbs!

Day 14/30 Studyblr Challenge: Send your favorite studyblrs an uplifting message (featuring a Valentine’s themed spread from February to go along with the lovely theme <3). I realized how many people in this community I’ve been inspired by, so I decided to post one uplifting message here and tag as many amazing studyblrs as I can think of (and I’m sure there are many more I won’t be able to remember or haven’t found yet!)

So thank you, for welcoming a newbie and answering my many questions, for helping me get my content out there and inspiring me to study even harder. I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful notes, detailed and minimalistic bullet journal spreads alike, the positivity, encouragement, and also realistic tips and advice that studyblr spreads, regardless of what you study or how long you’ve been a part of the community. Thank you to all of you!!

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This is a really long list I know and I’m sorry if I left anyone off! I am inspired by you all and can’t wait to make more friends in the community. 

Want a blog compliment? I’m sharing the love until May 31st to celebrate reaching 300 followers. :) 

Adoration part two - Draco x Reader


Part one 

Warnings - Be prepared for it to suck. Let me know if there’s anything I need to put up here please!

Y/N sighed as she pulled a pink sweater over her head. Draco Malfoy would be looking for her in a few minutes and she wasn’t even close to being ready. She walked to her dresser and opened the top drawer.

“Skirt or jeans?” she asked her best friend, Pansy Parkinson.

“You know, I still can’t believe you’re going on a date with Draco Malfoy.” she answered.

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Skirt. It makes for easy access.” Pansy winked and laughed loudly as she exited the room. Y/N shook her head.

“Jeans it is then.”

She’d been standing at the bottom of the dormitory stairs for ten minutes and Draco still had not shown up. A million thoughts ran through her head, but the one that stuck out the most was the thought that this had all been a joke. It wasn’t unlike a Malfoy to pull this cruel of a prank.

“Did I not say,” a voice drawled from in front of her and her snapped up. “to wear black?”

“You did and that’s exactly why I didn’t.”

Draco gave her a once over. He smirked and offered his hand. Y/N looked at it and then walked out of the Slytherin common room. He followed close behind.

“So where are we going and what are we doing? This also better not be a prank Draco Malfoy or so help me-“

“It’s not, Y/N, relax.”

Draco led Y/N down a few flights of stairs and through some hallways - straight into the Great Hall. The sky outside was dark and slowly filling with stars - which was reflected in the ceiling above them. All of the house tables had been cleared. In the middle of the big room, sat a small table with a few candles placed on top. Besides those and the small amount of light outside, the room was dark. On the table sat two plates and rose petals were scattered around the table.

“I hope it’s not, um, too much. Forgive me if it is, but I-“

“It’s perfect, Draco.”

Draco led her to the table. He pulled out the chair for her and made his way around to his. They talked about what their interests were and what their families were like. The pair compared what exactly it was like to grow up in a house full of Slytherins. They talked of the pressures their family put on them to marry pureblood. Y/N quickly found out that while Draco did in fact believe in the pureblood line when he was younger, he’d changed his mind recently and didn’t so whole heartedly believe it. He did keep up the act though so no one would report back to his father.

Draco learned of Y/N’s favorite color. He learned that while most of her family had in fact been Slytherin, she had a distant aunt or two that were sorted into Ravenclaw. Her father wanted her to marry a pureblood Slytherin while her mother didn’t really care who she married - if she married at all.

“So, Draco, about last night…” Y/N trailed off, looking anywhere but at the boy in front of her.

“What about it?” Draco asked, confused as to why she would bring it up again.

“You didn’t have to be so nice to me you know. I could have handled the situation by myself.”

“I know. I wanted to help though. See, Y/N, the truth is, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile and I feel like I’ve never had the chance to introduce myself to you properly. You’re always surrounded by people.” he explained, avoiding eye contact with the beautiful girl in front of him.

“Draco, you and I both know that isn’t true. We have several classes together and you choose to ignore me in every single one of them.” Y/N looked down at her hands, remembering the several times she tried to talk to the boy now sitting in front of her.

“You’ve never tried to speak to me, Y/N.”

“I have! You chose to ignore me every single time, Draco. It’s embarrassing so trust me, I remember it.”

“I’m sorry.” the blonde boy mumbled.

The two sat in silence for a few minutes. Y/N didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to accept his apology because in no way was it okay that he ignored her. Maybe Draco was right though. Maybe he just didn’t hear her. Maybe he simply whole heartedly believed that she never tried to speak to him.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Draco asked, finally meeting her eyes.

Y/N nodded and followed the boy out into the grounds. They walked in a comfortable silence, neither one of them forcing conversation. In the back of Y/N’s head she wondered why exactly they weren’t being stopped by any teachers, but she didn’t question him - just followed. Draco sat down at a big tree by the Black Lake and Y/N took a seat next to him. She followed his gaze towards the stars above them.

“Do you ever wish you could go back and change certain things?” Y/N asked, keeping her eyes on the stars. Draco’s eyes slid to look at the profile of her face illuminated by the moonlight.

“Doesn’t everyone?” he replied and returned his gaze to the sky.

“I guess so. But I mean important life moments… like when I saw you for the first time. It was our first year. I remember seeing you with your parents before the train took off and I remember thinking how lucky you were. I thought you were so lucky that both of your parents were there to send you off for your first day. My mother was the only one who was able to make it because my father got called into work. She had to get back to work as soon as possible so I made it a short and sweet goodbye. As I got to the train doors, I turned around and saw her heading over to talk to your parents. You were still with them and Draco, I just wish I could have made my feet move. I wish I had known you sooner. I wish that I didn’t have to really meet you while I was super drunk at a party that I didn’t exactly want to be at in the first place.”

Draco was silent for a few moments before he mustered up the courage to finally speak.

“It’s funny because I saw you for the first time when we were sorted. I remember watching you and hoping and wishing that someone was on my side and you were sorted into Slytherin. I was so hopeful in that moment. I don’t think I’d ever been that hopeful in my entire life. I was going to introduce myself to you that night. I ended up losing you in the crowd. I’ve been infatuated with you ever since. This might sound bizarre, but I know how the sunlight reflects off your hair. I know that when you don’t know the answer to a question your eyebrows knit together. I’m aware of how your nose is slanted perfectly, but also at an angle. Your eyes are Y/E/C. And I also know that you dated that guy to make me jealous.”

Y/N’s attention snapped to Draco’s face. He was smirking. Y/N was aware of the fact that she had dated this guy to make him jealous, yes, but where had he gotten that information from? It had to have been Pansy- she was the only one Y/N had told.

“Pansy?” she asked and he nodded his confirmation with a laugh.

“You might want to stop staring at my handsome face and instead at the sky. We’re on a stargazing date, not a Draco-gazing date. Though I can’t say that I wouldn’t mind one of those.”

Y/N snorted and brought her face back up to stare at the vast night sky. She glanced at Draco only once as the minutes passed.

Suddenly, a bright light streaked across the night sky. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat and she closed her eyes, wishing on the shooting star. She opened her eyes and stole another look at Draco. He opened his blue eyes and met hers.

“What’d you wish for?” he whispered.

“I wished we could start over.” she breathed. He smiled and stood up. Draco offered the girl his hand and pulled her up as well. He let go of her and then stuck his hand out again, but in between them.

“What are you doing?”

“Hi, I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.”  Y/N laughed and shook Draco’s out stretched hand.

“Hi, I’m Y/L/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

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Ceo!namjoon 👀 + When are the times y/n looks the cutest?

ceo!namjoon: “hm… sometimes when she’s mad, she has this habit of stomping her foot on the floor then writing a note about it. when i read it after she’s done being angry and she gets embarrassed, that’s even cuter.”

y/n: “…you weren’t supposed to read those, though,”

ceo!namjoon: “…she’s gonna get mad now,”

y/n: “and really adorable in your eyes.”

send my muse “👀 + a question” and they’ll have to answer with 100% honesty

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Hello! I mean no disrespect or harm when I ask this, because I'm still trying to learn more about DID. But when it comes to dating someone with that illness, do the alters all recognize that person as their partner or no? Again I apologize if I come off as rude or ignorant.

Don’t worry, you’re fine! I don’t mind questions from people just wanting to understand DID better.

And to answer your question: Oh boy lemme tell you, the answer is usually no. I mean, all systems are different and I’m sure some have this issue as less relevant to them, but I think this is a more commonly relatable experience than not because alters can function at different ages, with different memories, experiences, even different orientations. 

So not-so-fun story because I have some personal experience from this: before I even knew I had DID, I was an unintentionally HORRIBLE person to be in a relationship with because I’d switch to alters who wouldn’t know my partner at the time who would behave very differently around them which created a lot of issues and the person I was dating at the time would be extremely stressed not able to keep up with my rapid shifting preferences/boundaries/memories of them as a person. I couldn’t keep up with myself either and just had no idea what was going on so I was pretty stressed and miserable over everything too. Literally (like actually literally), I’d come to one day to find out I apparently broke up with the person I was dating whom I liked a lot at the time with no explanation for why I did that. A few years later I learned it was because an alter that didn’t know them took over and was equally confused as to why they were in a relationship. Said person would be baffled and upset at me when I suddenly would try to talk to them again due to not knowing/understanding why I had done that or even what I had done so it was a pretty bad mess.  (@ my high school ex who won’t read this, I’m SO sorry I wish I could apologize to you properly.)

It’s definitely manageable now because a lot of us know to communicate with each other, and upon becoming aware of the existence of different parts, generally if a specific alter doesn’t consider themselves in a relationship with a person, they’ll respect that other alters are. 

Usually if a person dates someone with DID, they will have to accept that they will not have the same relationship with every alter, and being explicit and verbal about boundaries is so important. For example, someone may be dating the host, but that 10 year old kid alter is going to have very different boundaries, and that person has to be willing to accommodate those changes and also be patient to take time to get to learn about the different parts as they meet them and what their different relationships to said person will be. 

I won’t get into it further since a lot of people with DID have different ways of approaching the situation of dating and some have more or less and even different challenges than others, but I hope that answers your question well enough.


Sonia thought about Julian’s question intently, before taking a deep breath and answering.

“No.. no I don’t think so.. I don’t know, part of me feels like… god don’t make fun of me for sounding all woo-woo, but, I don’t know, part of me feels like this is a sign. A sign that we’re not meant to be,” she shrugged, “When he told me the truth.. there was not an ounce of my being that wanted to even begin to forgive him for what he did. That.. that’s not how you feel when you love someone, right? I mean, I do love him, but maybe just… not in the right way.”

Julian didn’t say anything. Just watched Sonia take a deep sip of her coffee, and studied the look on her face. It was probably the alcohol that was causing her to open up to him like this, but he didn’t mind. 

“I just don’t want to live my life being second choice girl, y’know? I mean, I don’t plan to keep him from the kids at all. I want us both to spend equal time with them.. so it’s not like they won’t have a dad in the picture. I think.. I think it’s better to have separated parents who are happy than parents who are together but aren’t…. I don’t know, sorry, I must be boring you–”

“No, you’re not. Promise.”

She smiled at him, “Talking about this is killing my buzz.”

She took another sip of coffee, “Let’s talk about something else.”
March of Progress - Chapter 31 - A Long, Long Way to Ba Sing Se
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

All of the plotlines crash together in the beleaguered old city of Ba Sing Se! Will Mako and his team have to watch the city they’ve been protecting destroy itself? Will the team in the Spirit World manage to defeat the evil nobody else even knows is brewing? Will Kya and Lin be sarcastic? Will Asami and Korra be able to push through their emotional turmoil and save the day? Will Shannon stop asking rhetorical questions? Read, and discover the answers!

Also in another celebratory note, this chapter brings the total wordcount of March of Progress over 200,000!

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Are you crazy kids qualified through life experiances to answer Q's? I get the feeling your all teenage & in the USA?.

We answer questions about those topics we do have experience in. If one of us doesn’t have experience with the topic in the question they leave it for other mods to answer. If none of us know, we will post the question and let our followers answer.

And no, I am not from USA, never even been there, I am from Croatia. I’m not sure where exactly are other mods from.

~ mod Petar

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Disappointed does not even come near to what i feel right now after watching the clip what the fuck was that??????

no answers. more questions. no ramadhan mention.

ya allah.


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Hey there! so I got a few questions about studying and I hope that you'll be able to help me! Haha alright so, I just can't seem to focus whenever I have to study. For example when there's an test on Friday I would procrastinate even when I know that I really have to study for the test. Is there anyway to motivate yourself to just study? And I found out that I'm a kinesthetic learner so is there any method you could advise me on improving the way I study? Thanks in advance

Hey! I’m about to tell you my secret for motivating myself to get my work done (early, even!) every time. You ready? Right now, make a specific list of everything you need to do to feel prepared for this test, get your project done, whatever. Not just “study” but “make and review flash cards”, stuff like that. Also add in an estimated time for each item. Seriously, do it now, I’ll wait.

Got it? Now, look at your planner and figure out when you’ll have time to do those things today (or tomorrow, if it’s late – rest is important!). Once you’ve picked your times for today, go ahead and pick some for the rest of the week. It’s best to study a little over a long period of time if you can. Now that those are all in your planner/journal, set an alarm for the first one. As soon as that goes off, and I mean as soon as – don’t wait until that episode is over or until you finish scrolling through twitter – get to work. Just sit down, install a site blocker and force yourself to work for five minutes. After those five minutes, chances are you’ll be in the groove of things and you won’t feel like stopping (if you do, force yourself to do another 5. repeat as necessary).

I’ve erased the word motivation from my vocabulary because left to my own devices I would have only gotten out of bed today to heat up a cinnamon roll. Getting stuff done is all about making a plan and forcing yourself to stick to, especially when you don’t feel like it. 

Of course it’s super important to take breaks and leave time unscheduled to relax everyday, but if you can have a little bit of discipline to work in the mornings (or whenever you work best) then you can spend all the time you want watching trashy tv without feeling guilty since you know your work is done. 

As for kinesthetic learning, I would suggest finding any way at all you can to make studying into an actual, physical activity. You could try reading a bit of material and then going over it in your head as you take a short walk around your yard, or pretend to teach the information to imaginary students (I’m sure your old teddy bear would love to know more about biology or whatever it is you’re studying). Some subjects lend themselves to hands-on projects more than others, but be creative and try to figure out ways that the information relates to the real world. Best of luck on your test!

The Pyres We Build for Ourselves

 I know I’ve been silent for some time. I’ve left numerous messages unanswered, and I do apologize for that. To be quite honest though, I wasn’t in any shape to be answering others’ questions about my faith. A lot has happened since I last posted, and my time away was better spent answering to myself and to my god about certain situations that I found myself in, as a consequence of previous decisions.

I was guilty, and tired. I still am, to some extent.  Even now, I feel tongue-tied and like I have to scrape all these words from the back of my throat just to get them out—but writing provides a sense of catharsis, and I couldn’t ignore the feeling that I needed to go back and be more active in whatever spiritual ‘community’ this has become for me.

You’d think that after so many years, I’d have learned that my own expectations of my god are rarely if ever proven correct. Clearly that was not the case. In short, I came to some conclusions regarding what I thought my god wanted of me, and what he would consider appropriate or not in terms of my devotion. I saw the red flags way in advance, got the distinct feeling that my actions would be considered offensive and impertinent, and still I went forward. I found myself adamantly insisting that what I was doing was right, that it was sacred—I even tried to convince myself that I was reflecting my god.

In the back of my mind, I knew what would happen. I was conscious that I was setting myself up for disaster, and I even welcomed it like some sort of martyr. I was drifting further away from the god I had come to love, losing sight of who he was in favor of what I wanted.

In time, I persuaded myself into thinking that this distance from my god was a gift, rather than a curse. I considered it an honor, to be placed in a position parallel to his own—both devoted to a god who refused to turn their gaze upon us.  But ‘distance’ turned into outright ‘absence’.

It’s a strange thing, when the god you have devoted your life and love to acts as the first and last light illuminating his own darkness, yet the inky black you’re left in after he leaves is yours alone. It wasn’t holy or sacred; it was utterly human and rife with shame and guilt. I hated being left alone to contemplate my dishonor, but even more, I hated that fact that I didn’t have the strength of will to love my god from afar. This was not an honor bestowed to me, it was a humiliating and humbling exposure to the fact that I had prioritized the performance of being a ‘good’ devotee over actually doing any valuable devotional work. In trying to emulate my god, I had proven just how unworthy and unprepared I was for such a role.

I panicked and floundered for a while, trying desperately to repair the ties that connected my heart to his.  I thought I might be able to piece together some semblance of what was by sheer force alone (I still wasn’t ready to admit that I had fucked up)—if only I prayed longer, gave up more of my time to honor him, maybe then I would remember what it felt like. I think I grew to hate those moments I set aside for him, if only because I knew that they wouldn’t bring him back, and I was wasting my breath on empty prayers.

I tried a different tactic. When I first devoted myself to this path, I believe my faith grew in leaps and bounds because I had been thrown out of my element—I had packed up and moved clear across the country, leaving home and family behind so that it was just me and my god in the unknown. I thought maybe that was the key this time as well.

It wasn’t, at first–or at least, not quite. I found….something, like a memory, and it made me almost forget about that absence. It wasn’t Him, but it was a feeling like I was at least on the right track. As I got over my own hubris and started to listen once more, things started falling back into place. I’m not quite ready to share how exactly this came about (I don’t know if I ever will), but suffice to say that I managed to ‘find’ him again.

In this time, i’ve learned some things about myself and the kind of devotee I was, am, and strive to be.

I think, perhaps, I am not drawn to Lightbearers simply for the wisdom they illuminate. Perhaps I am lured by those who love too deeply, whose adoration cannot be contained in such fragile shells and so it consumes them from the inside out. I’m a moth drawn to the flames of self-immolating devotion—be that to a god, an ideal, or humanity itself.

Knowing this, I offer up this prayer to my god:

Let me not jump into the fire in search of honor, or set myself aflame for the sheer glory of reflecting You. If I must burn, let it be out of love and love alone.

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I feel like this is really random and silly so if you don't feel like answering that's fine! ....but I absolutely love your interior design & architecture and I was wondering if you could share some tips or some of your strategies on building/decorating? Specifically I'm thinking of how you mismatch chairs but they're still cohesive, how you use so many colors but it looks great and not at all messy, aaaand basically how everything is gorgeous :) Thank you thank you so much for your time!


secondly,,,, honestly ive been trying to answer this question for days in a cohesive way but i just cant because even idk what im doing when i decorate. 

but heres some random tips to decorate like me:

  • keep wood colours generally the same-ish - like, dont use super dark & super light
  • blue is a good colour
  • so is yellow
  • anythign that looks good with those two colours works well together
  • i dont rly like purple dont use that a lot
  • plants!!!! LOTS of plants just fucking bomb the place w plants
  • bomb is w ivy too it covers up the weird spots 
  • rugs r ur friend if a room is looking weird add a rug 
  • but the cute rugs not the ugly nana ones 
  • anything from the kids pack/bowling pack/the pack with the water slide/movie hangout looks gr8 together
  • also the gold & teal & magenta swatches from the vintage pack are so good
  • make it rly colourful
  • when it comes 2 chairs pick like,,,, two colours u like and only add chairs of that colour. that way u can have heaps of weird ones but keep it lookin kinda cohesive!

i cant think of anymore im sorry this is SHIT :)))))

nerdybirdpoo  asked:

Question, referencing and old post about Shiro's body type/build. Do you think Shiro did a lot of yoga during his year with the Galra? I can see him doing it both to destress from matches and to stretch out. If he did, that would lengthen his muscles even more I bet! Just my two cents. ((Also picture yoga!Shiro in the castle omg))


I think you are talking about this post?

Stretching is such an important part of exercising and totally vital to staying flexible. Given Shiro’s super-dynamic fighting style, with high kicks, flips, and twists, it would be really important for him to be limber, and yoga would be great for that. 

A lot of the folks I knew back when I did brazilian jiu jitsu were either serious stretch enthusiasts or into yoga; regardless of the specifics of any given martial art, flexibility is pretty much always to your advantage. Stretching also helps proactively prevent muscle damage and keeps you from cramping up. Honestly I could see Shiro doing yoga before going into the arena just to calm his mind and get him in a focused, quiet headspace.

Besides the clear physical and mental benefits, I think yoga would just generally appeal to Shiro’s personality? Like the pilot who spent hours perfecting simulator runs and beating his own times would find a lot of satisfaction in learning and perfecting his forms idk.

Also the idea of soft, sleepy Shiro running through sun salutations under the starlight on the castle’s observation deck is honestly perfect??