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Part 1 of an ongoing mini series.
Themes= 🎭 😖 🌟💣

Summary: Chanyeol soon learns that a risky lifestyle can lead to negative effects, to those around him.
Main Characters include: Chanyeol, Junmyeon, Baekhyun,Yixing & Reader

Word Count: 2,062

A/N: My apologies to the anon that sent this request It’s taken me ages to do this and my hands are tied with many things at the moment. 
Please enjoy :)

You rolled your eyes as you saw a sales representative headed straight in your direction with a leaflet tucked into his side bag, no doubt preparing himself to sell you a product which you probably weren’t interested in. You pushed you earphones deep in to your canals as you tried to move faster.

“Excuse me Miss. Please stop, excuse me.”
He grabbed onto your wrist yanking you backwards. Your eyes widened in shock as your back crashed into his chest. You stared down at his hand that was wrapped around your wrist viciously.

“Don’t tou—”

“I’m sorry but I need to ask you a question.” He cut you off, something that you deeply loathed.

“I’m busy.” You spat as you stared him up and down, you tried to pull your wrist out of his grip, but his fingers were wrapped too tightly.

“It’s urgent. It won’t take a moment. I’m part of the undercover police squad. May I ask if you have seen any of these faces?” He pulled out the laminated sheet and held it up to your face. Your eyes grew larger at the face in the bottom right square of the paper.
His doe eyes staring right back at you.


“I-uh, what is this for?” You whispered silently as you stared at the Chanyeol’s face intensely.

He cleared his throat as he held the sheet closer to your face.
“I can’t tell you the specifics madam but these men have been acting unlawfully, so do you know any of these faces?”

“I-no, no I’m sorry.” You shook your head as you brushed quickly past the man and half-ran around the corner of the street. Your heart was banging against your chest. Why was Chanyeol’s face on one of those squares, what was it that he had done? It had to be a mistake. Chanyeol couldn’t be a criminal.

Could he?

You let out a sigh as the smell of the Ragu wafted through the air; it was a usual Friday night. You had cooked dinner in time for when Chanyeol got home. You didn’t have to, you weren’t obliged to, you weren’t married. You weren’t even dating, you were simply friends that were house sharing but it had become your Friday night tradition. You had the radio on like you would every other Friday night and you set the table like you would any other Friday night, but this particular Friday your brain was in overdrive; trying to piece together why on earth Chanyeol’s face was on that sheet and who the heck you were living with. You desperately tried to fight the thought of him being a criminal mastermind out of your head, no way could you imagine him possessing a weapon of harm, but maybe that was just because your feelings for him didn’t want you to accept the dark and distorted reality presented to you only moments ago.

You heard the door close and all of a sudden your heart was set racing again, your breath was irregular as you fidgeted with your fingers, you quickly moved your feet to walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs—

“Oi you. Where are you rushing off to? It smells sublime in here.”

You stilled on the bottom step at the sound of his voice dangerously close behind you.

“Chanyeol.” You turned around slowly to face him, his face looked innocent as per and he was smiling at you, much like he always did when he got home every Friday night. ‘Goodness’ you thought to yourself ‘what if he’s successfully killed someone tonight, what if that’s what he does every  night?’ your body shivered slightly as you looked at his big hands, veins running under his upturned sleeves. They were hands definitely capable of restraining someone and strangling them to death.

“You okay?” He asked raising his brow at you. You simply nodded back in response though you were aware that you were the least bit convincing. “You’re usually chatting my ear off at this point, why are you quiet right now?” He laughed sceptically as he squinted at you.

“I-just…the ragu didn’t go particularly well so I’m a little upset that’s all.”  You gave him a  lack lustre smile, but that lie seemed to win him over as he walked over to the pot and uncovered it; using his hands to fan the smell upwards to his nose.

“Well it smells good to me, don’t worry about it. You nail the dinner every time, believe me.” He reached upwards to grab a plate from the overhead cupboard. “You eating?” He asked.

“No. I’m not really hungry.” You mumbled. You saw him shrug his shoulders as he began to dish out his food and drone on about his long and strenuous day.

“Chanyeol.” You cut him off having heard enough of his repetitive mumbling which quite frankly you were not paying any attention to. “Have you ever done anything…illegal in your life?” You tried to add an air of absentmindedness to your question but you weren’t sure if you were being convincing.

“What?” He stilled in front of the cooker, his body straightening upright.

“I said…have you ever done anything…against the law?” Your breath was a little shaky now as you realised that Chanyeol’s demeanour and voice had changed just the slightest bit, but it was enough to recognise. He covered the pot back with its lid as he turned to face your direction.

“Why are you asking me that question?”

You shrugged your shoulders as nonchalantly as you possibly could, you were trying desperately hard to maintain eye contact with him, but you were aware that you were failing.
“I don’t know. I just thought when people were kids they often did something stupid like steal something from the shop; you don’t have to read into it…”

He frowned at you as he loosened the tie around his neck and took a step in your direction. You instinctively took one back.
“No that’s not what you meant. If that’s what you meant you would’ve said ‘Chanyeol did you ever steal anything as a kid.’ Not, ‘Chanyeol have you ever done anything illegal.’ You’re talking about the present and I want to know where such a question is coming from all of a sudden.”

You shook your head trying to dismiss the question.

“Where do you work again Chan?”
He had told you over and over again that he worked a normal 9-5 office job down in the city, in front of computers day-in day-out but now you were not so sure. However your choice of question had only led Chanyeol to become more sceptical. His eyes bore in to the back of your skull as he rushed up to you.

“Who have you been talking to?” He hissed in your face. The strong smell of the ragu was now making you sick as you looked back at Chanyeol. Tears pricked the back of your eyes as you looked at the new militant form and persona that he had adopted, his voice was harsh and his shoulders were squared.

“Chanyeol are you criminal?” You asked him outright now, since his attitude had 90 percent affirmed it all you need was the 10 percent verbal confirmation to fall from his lips.

“I asked you a fucking question first Y/N, who the fuck have you been speaking to today?”

“Why won’t you deny it? Hmm? Answer me Chanyeol.”

He sighed as he placed his hands on your shoulders, making your skin crawl. You had discovered a new found fear of Park Chanyeol that you didn’t even know could exist. In all the 5 years that you had known Chanyeol never once had he scared you. Up until this point.

“Listen Y/N this is important. You may be in danger right now and I need to keep you safe…I’ve been trying to all this time. You need to tell me who you’ve been talking to, it’s crucial that you tell me.”

You pouted as you looked up at him and shrugged.

“For fucks sake Y/N you need to cooperate with me. Now’s not the time to play games. I’m telling you that this can end very badly for you if you don’t tell me who the fuck you spoke to.” His voice was gruff and authoritative, something contrary to what he sounded like on a regular basis. “Was he average height? Brown hair? Grey eyes? Caucasian male?”
Your eyes widened as you nodded to all of the above. How did Chanyeol know who he was.
“Right and you believed what he said.” He rolled his eyes as he lifted his hands from your shoulders and ran one impatiently through his hair.

“Of course I believed him, a random stranger who doesn’t know me shows me a picture of criminals and you’re one of the 4. Besides he was an undercover policeman.”

“And did he show you his badge Y/N?” Chanyeol frowned at you. You shook your head foolishly in response. “Right well he wasn’t a fucking police officer then was he. It’s fake. He’s fake. I don’t have time to explain this to you right now I just need to know whether or not you told him anything. Did you?”
You shook your head again.

“No I didn’t I just ran past.”
He let out a sigh but you couldn’t tell if it was a sigh of relief or a sigh anguish. He looked around the room and quickly ran over to a briefcase in the far right corner of the room he rushed over to obtain it and bent down on the floor as he opened it up. Your eyes widened in horror at an array of different weapons and contraptions displayed finely.

“Ch-Chanyeol. Why—”

“Please not now Y/N.” He handed you a small device which looked like a Dictaphone. “You need to keep this on you at all times. Please keep this on; I need to be aware of whether or not that man comes back. You can press this button also it will notify a friend of mine, but you shouldn’t need it if you keep the device on. It takes a while to start up that’s why I want you to just leave it on at all times. Okay.” He looked at you intensely. “I said okay Y/N?!”
You nodded as you swallowed. He breathed out heavily through his nostrils. “I’ll explain this later; I need to do something right now.”
He stood up and in two long strides he was out of the house. You stared blankly at the Dictaphone in your hand and the case of weapons on the floor. What had just happened to you and Chanyeol? One thing you were sure of though was that he hadn’t confirmed or ‘unconfirmed’ who he was.

Next Friday-

Chanyeol’s week had been so busy that he still hadn’t had the chance to tell Y/N what exactly had happened to her the previous week and honestly he was scared that telling her would change things. Although they had never said it outright to each other, it was very clear that they harboured feelings for one another and he was aware of just how intense his were for her. He had made one too many inappropriate jokes that he knew she had picked up on and his eyes frequently wondered where they shouldn’t. But above all she was smart and caring and that’s what lured him in the most. There was so much he needed to tell her; whom he actually was and what he actually did. But trying to safeguard her the whole week meant that he returned home at ridiculous hours in the morning when she would already be fast asleep.

Chanyeol opened the front door and stepped inside the house, the lights were on but it was cold.
He couldn’t smell anything.

“Y/N.” He frowned as he searched around, but there was no sign of her anywhere. His heart began to race. She was always at home at this time on a Friday night. And there was always something on the fire, what was going on? Chanyeol’s phone began to vibrate in his pocket; he reached his long fingers into his blazer hurriedly and pulled it out.


“Chanyeol your Dictaphone just buzzed mine. I think your friend is in trouble.”

sultrypickle  asked:

I love the idea of fairies/fae. There are so many things you could build onto this. Since Thor is the owner of the cabin I think it would be interesting to have him as the adopted sibling for once (he can be human or something else entirely). Maybe he rents to people with Loki in mind. Only people he who have interesting stories to tell or something else that might entertain (or perhaps feed?) his brother.

Exactly this. 

Thor has owned the little cabin in the woods for years, his own larger house is closer to town, but he keeps the small cabin for when he needs a break. It is available for rental of course, but he screens the occupants very carefully. 

It wouldn’t do, after all, to have someone there whose noise would disrupt the fairies, or who would perhaps catch a glimpse of Loki and panic and try to hurt him. Or worse, spread the word and have the woods overrun by over zealous fairy hunters. Annoying people, those types are. 

So there is maybe one or two visitors a season, usually women, who are happy to sit in the rocking chair and listen to the birds, and who would be interested in Loki, but not terrified. Like Jane, who was sweet and studious and needed a break after her final semester of school. Loki hadnt liked her much, but had tolerated her, and when she had been in danger of falling once, he appeared just briefly enough to shove her back away from the edge and then disappeared. 

Thor had appreciated Loki not letting her fall to her death, but had scolded him lightly about ignoring her otherwise. 

Usually Thor didnt rent to men, but there was something about Tony, something world weary and exhausted and resigned that made him reconsider. 

Tony spent weeks without coming out of the woods, and Thor hiked out there several times to make sure the man was in fact alright. 

It was one of these times that he came upon Tony sitting out on a stump, and saw Loki on his lap, straddling Tonys legs, their foreheads pushed together. 

Loki was asking questions as fast as he could, and Tony was laughing and answering as best he could, his hands resting lightly on Lokis bare waist. 

It wasnt sexual, and Thor knew Loki well enough to know the creature had no idea of personal space and boundaries, and simply wanted to be close because he was fascinated with the human, but even as he watched he saw the shift in their behavior. 

Loki moved slightly, just enough that Tony sort of yelped, and then Loki laughed low in his throat, and those translucent wings unfurled from his shoulders, glittering in the light and waving enticingly in a clear invitation. 

Tony sat up though, and pushed Loki lightly from his lap, before picking up the hatchet and grabbing some wood to split into kindling. 

Thor nodded in approval and left the property. 

His tenant was fine, and more importantly, Loki was safe with him. 

anonymous asked:

is it true that Yugyeom had a nosejob?

There are many questions about members getting “nose jobs” so I’m going to answer like this: with GOT7′s busy schedule it’s impossible to have a real nose job where they change the shape of the nose. Idols prefer doing injections - they might change the shape of their face for some time and after few weeks their face will go back to normal.

These injections aren’t even considered to be plastic surgery in Korea anymore.


Requested by anonymous

Dean couldn’t help but laugh when you popped the question. Not because he thought the whole thing was ridiculous or amusing. He was just so shocked he wasn’t sure how to react to all of this.

Sam, Crowley, and Cas seemed even more surprised than he was. Sam’s jaw was practically on the floor, Crowley cocked an eyebrow, and Cas’ eyes seemed like they were going to pop out of his skull at any second because they were opened so wide.

”Ah Dean” you said, clearing your throat. You’ve been sitting on one knee for so long you were started to feel a little pain in your leg.
“You didn’t exactly answer my question” you said, letting out a small chuckle as well.

Dean shook himself.
“Oh right. Yeah [Y/N]. Let’s do it, let’s get freaking married”.


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What are your favourite moments in Sh?

Oh wow, that is a really hard question in general but also… I mostly remember all the Malec scenes since I mostly re-watched them for giffing purposes. I need to re-watch s1 and s2 again at one point. So yeah, sorry for so much Malec. Okay, I am not sorry but you know… lol

I am trying to keep this “short” even though there are a lot of other scenes I like and love but if I am naming them all, this would have no end so….

  • first the eye-squinting and then the proud smirk when Magnus calls Alec “pretty boy”
  • the shoot of Alec “hunting” in the backyard in 1x05 because fuck, that is so aesthetically pleasing although awful to color, I love it so much
  • the Lightwood siblings hug at the end of 1x10 because a) Lightwood siblings feels and b) beautiful shoot again
  • “I do you pro bono.” ICONIC I really missed these kinda light, sassy moments in s2, I hope they’ll make a return in s3. (Also Magnus mimicking that older Clave guy. ICONIC #2)
  • “Enough!” and the wedding kiss. Goodbye, y’all.
  • Magnus and Alec talking in the hallway in the end, two adults having a mature conversation is what I live for; same goes for 2x05
  • “Get off my docks!” + “It’s not about Clary!” –> badass alpha Luke is what I am here for
  • a disaster to color but the whole balcony scene in 2x01 (Magnus throwing a magic ball in Alec’s directions… ajsjashjahs)
  • the parabatai oath (when I thought they would finally go and fix that bond from there on….)
  • Magnus hustling Alec…. PRICELESS (Magnus pouted once and Alec is like… oh, shit. lmao)
  • bamf!Magnus (I am on the floor!) and figuring shit out in like 0.02 seconds while single-handedly saving 2x08
  • Malec forehead touch after saying the L-word 
  • 2x13 in general because that ep is SO GOOD (minus the panning away from the Malec kiss tho…..)
  • Mr Lightwood / Mr Bane and Raphael teasing Magnus once again at the Cabinet meeting because he is “totally unbiased” lmao
  • Meliorn’s “They all look the same to me.” akjssakj ICONIC
  • Magnus telling Alec about his past, minus the panning away or like oops, there is the pillar again 
  • two petty boyfriends in 2x17, there faces and Alec hushing Magnus… I can’t lmao
  • 2x18!!!! (flashback to 1x06, giggly boyfriends having their first time, cat eyes reveal, Magnus touching Alec’s cheek, the whole goodbye for now scene in general because fuck… SO BEAUTIFUL)
  • Magnus pretending he didn’t see Alec in 2x20, looool
  • battle!couple Malec, nuff said
  • “I don’t think I can live without you.” <3

anonymous asked:

Pendulums always seem to give me inaccurate answers, constantly. It will be accurate for every question I know the answer to but will divine everything inaccurately. I've tried cleansing it, myself, spraying salt water in the room. Doesn't help. What am I doing wrong? It's made me give up on pendulums. Do I absolutely have to keep it on me for like two weeks or something b4 I use it?? I've used two different pendulums & it's the same issue.

Hi, there. That sounds extremely frustrating, I’m sorry you’re struggling with that! Here’s a few tips that may help with your accuracy:

  • Be mindful of your posture and uncross your legs and arms while divining. Pendulums can go wonky from your own energy, so uncrossing arms and legs allows for a more even flow.
  • Reformulate your questions and try asking the same question/s using different wording. Hazy questions will lead to hazy answers…
  • While divining, face the direction of North if possible.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted or disturbed by other energies to divine. 
  • Visualize a protective forcefield around yourself and your pendulum before you start your session.
  • Ask your pendulum these two questions before you start divining: 

If none of that works, I suggest putting your pendulum away for a bit and using some other form of divination in the meantime. 

I should add that pendulum divination may not work for everyone. I know some people that can’t even get one to move after years of trying, so please do your best not to get discouraged if it doesn’t pan out for you. 

I hope this helps! Best wishes, Anon!! 

anonymous asked:

I know this is probably a question I could easily answer on my own accord but I want to know your opinion. Why would someone want to create a "deity" or "god" thoughtform? What would that achieve for a person? Positives of doing it? Negatives? It just seems like an odd concept in my brain. Not meaning any disrespect, though! Just very curious.

I imagine there can be many reasons why one might do this. Having never done it personally, I can only speculate, and even that may not be accurate. 

Honestly, the ego boost is freaking huge for your craft. If you can make yourself a damn deity, I think you’re pretty good at what you’re doing. 

In that vein of thought, it could also be a personal test of your own skill. 

It may also be as simple as, “I can, therefore I will.” 

For some, there are no currently known or existing deities that they may find suitable to their needs or desires from a devotional relationship. So, you make something you are comfortable worshipping, giving your energy to, asking favors of. With a created thoughtform, you know it isn’t just any random spirit saying they’re a deity and fucking your shit up. 

See, the thing is, this is such a personal thing. People’s relationships with deities, created or pre-existing, are such personal things. People worship for so many different reasons. Asking someone who hasn’t really done that to generalize a group of a lot of different people into one box is, well, not very accurate, and also kinda hard. I honestly couldn’t tell you what may be going through any one’s head when they decide to create their own deity versus finding one that they are already aware of its presence. Same as I couldn’t tell you why any one person may choose to worship in the first place. Faith comes from a lot of different places, and looks like a lot of different things. As someone who hasn’t been in that place, I can’t give the answers that readily. Just my suspicions, which may not necessarily apply to anyone anyway. 

Well, perks of creating your own deity might be:

  • you get exactly what you want and need out of the relationship
  • the deity can represent exactly what you wish it to, have only the qualities that you may admire or desire in a deity
    • I know some people find a lot of lore stories about particular deities super not good for them for various reasons, and that could be a huge hindrance in working with a pre-existing deity
  • you can trust the being as you created it
    • you can know it isn’t just a random spirit lying to you since, again, you created it
  • this may be a solution for those that may have difficulty communicating with spirits or deities (can’t godphone, etc.)
  • the more tasks a thoughtform performs, the more it gains strength, and the more shit it can do for you
  • if you feel you are unable to maintain the relationship, instead of worrying about pissing of a deity by going “ok I got what I wanted peace” or breaking a contract, the thoughtform can be destroyed 

Some downsides to creating a deity may be:

  • some may view the deity as “fake” because of its source
    • but if you think about it, where did the “classic” deities come from anyway?
  • they can be really draining on energy to make
    • thoughtforms in general can be, but I would assume that, since you’re making a deity, it would be “more” in a lot of ways than a “regular” thoughtform
  • sometimes even thoughtforms are not entirely in our control, especially with the more power it gains
    • *cough cough* the Will incident
  • these sorts of things can indeed be corrupted by external sources
    • say, for instance, another magic user finds the vessel the thoughtform is contained in / bound to, if they have it, or break it… 
  • if you can’t power it, it will fade from existence, whereas most existing deities likely won’t
    • in other words, your created deity is reliant on your energy, unless you link it to an external source, but there’s some debate about that lowering the effectiveness versus personal energy, but I digress; if you don’t fuel the thoughtform deity, it loses power and can’t function, but external deities aren’t solely reliant on you and you alone to have a place in one’s life

Again, this was all speculation, my personal thoughts on the topic, and not necessarily fact or true for all it may apply to. Feel free to voice your personal opinion or experiences on this post, if it applies, for a broader perspective!

burningupasunjusttosayhello  asked:

21 please! Good to see you back into the swing!

Good to be back!

21) What Do They Find Sexiest About Each Other?

Lucifer has met a lot of beautiful women in his life but for some reason, even just a sultry look from the Detective has him shifting uncomfortably in his trousers for the rest of the afternoon. He can’t particularly explain it. She’s gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that, but there’s something else.

Maybe it’s the way she smiles at him sometimes. Like he’s the answer to all of her questions or like it’s the happiest she’s been all day just because she’s laid eyes on him.

It takes his breath away and makes him hard as Hell all at once and maybe just a little bit terrified that she has this kind of power over him. 

That smile could bring him to his knees and make him take on Heaven itself.

He’d never tell anyone of course. He usually deflects by saying he finds all of her sexy. It’s still true… but her smile always wins out in his mind.

For Chloe, it’s the way he says her name.

He so rarely calls her by her first name (although it’s become more common now that they’re dating), but hearing it, all breathless and reverent when he’s just about to come or when they wake up in the morning- oh, especially then.

His hair will be curly and everywhere, his stubble will be slightly longer than usual and he’ll be all bleary eyed and adorable from the night before. He’ll look so unlike the character he parades around and it’s for her eyes only and it makes her heart beat so much faster. 

She’ll pass her thumb over his cheek until he wakes up with a gravelly, ‘Chloe?’ and honestly it shouldn’t evoke the reaction it does but that’s the way most of their morning sex starts. 

It’s like pressing a button.

If she happens to flash that smile he loves at him as well then things are guaranteed to get loud.

anonymous asked:

Furthermore, you need to go on a course or some shit to learn how to deal with criticism; constructive or not. You're rude as hell to most of your anons - I don't know if it's a language barrier issue where you've misunderstood their question, or I your answer, but not everybody who has some criticism is a homophobe or whatever. Your ignorant as fuck if you reckon having a problem with the tiniest minuscule of your work equals homophobia. Grow up.

Tough talk from someone who wouldn’t even recognize constructive criticism if it would hit you in the face.

And if we’re at it: I am not here to be nice to people who are rude as hell to me to begin with. You came into my askbox unwanted and cowardly on anon spilling venom. So what did you expect? That I’d roll the red carpet and bring you a nice cup of tea? Fuck off. You tell me to grow up but you are the one hiding behind a grey bubble instead off showing your face and man up for the vile words you’re throwing at me, all the while leaving homophobic sentences here and there against a fictional lesbian story loosely based on y Greek myth. So don’t come with that bullshit here. You came on my blog to stir shit, not to discuss or leave critique because otherwise you wouldn’t hide so shamelessly.

anonymous asked:

Alright so we already know the basic knowledge. Tom Holland is hot. But why? That's the questions I've been trying to figure out since I first heard abot him. My answer? He's not human. But there's more to that answer Im working on figuring out. If he isn't human, than what is he?

I’m not even convinced he’s real, he’s a government ploy to distract us from every problem in the world because one human can not be that talented, cute, and just asdfsdkls literally how does one even describe him 

Dude, how bad did you want me to eat a dick? I had to use the “delete all” option guys, sorry.

So if you sent me a question recently and it hasn’t been answered I’m not ignoring it, I couldn’t see any. Feel free to send it again. I spent a few minutes scrolling down but the quickest way was just to delete all.

How do they even do this? I thought Tumblr had some built in…protection?

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So since Lance is an AI... does that mean if the enemy caught him, he could be reprogrammed?

Yeah! But remember he’s got Katy and Hunk constantly working on his programming and systems;; They’ve built some pretty amazing firewalls and encryptions for him to protect him from viruses and other intrusions~ Also consider that Lance looks human so most enemies don’t even consider that he might NOT be one so the chances of them even realizing and then attempting to capture him to reprogram him are SUPER low haha
Not to mention Keith wouldn’t let anybody lay a hand on him if they tried :’)

Patience is a Virtue

Hey folks!

Just wanted to give a gentle reminder: I’m happy to answer your questions, and I’m even happier to answer your TSC questions on #TSCTuesday! But I receive hundreds of messages/questions a day, and I can’t possibly answer them all. Please do not repeatedly send me the same question again and again in hopes of getting a quicker answer. It’s quite rude, and these questions will be deleted. I’m happy to help and entertain, but I don’t appreciate being pressured.

Thanks for understanding.

<3 Mo

for our first task, we’ve gathered more than two hundred questions for you to answer HERE !! but, since we know that it’s a lot - you can skip as many questions as you want ( just answer whatever you feel like answering !! ), and you don’t even have to do this task! it’s just for fun & character development, so you’re free to do or not to do it! there’s no deadline since we don’t want you to worry about anything, you can do this even after weeks and we’ll be okay with it. if you choose to do this, please tag your posts as w.task001 !! have fun !!

My Comic Con Experience With Stan Lee

So I was at a Comic Con (not the big San Diego one) and Stan Lee was on panel there joking around answering questions. Literally every other question was about DC. You could tell he was getting tired of these questions so when the next guy got up and asked another DC question he was a little salty with his response.

Guy: So who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?

Stan Lee: You know I worked for Marvel right?

Guy: Yeah but I wanna know who you’d think would win

Stan Lee: Isn’t there a movie about that? I mean, I know nobody saw it but still

We all burst out laughing after that, even the guy who asked the question. Nobody had a DC question after that.

anonymous asked:

Hello Acchan, it seems to be the case that Takizawa was shown in this chapter. What do you think, what kind of role might he take in this arc? Or do you think something bad will happen to him?

Hello Anon! Well, in the end, I kinda ended up answering your question on @linkspooky‘s post here. :3

I can’t be sure of what exactly will happen with Seidou for now, but he’s bound to be involved again in the conflict before the end of :Re in my opinion, if just to make sure that Amon and Akira will be okay but maybe even because he feels it’s what he has to do in order to atone for what he did in the past. As for “something bad” possibly happening, well…

…It’s not impossible that he finds himself “aging at a terrifying speed” too, even if we haven’t seen enough of him yet to be sure of how “tired” his body is. :/ 

Seidou is a knight in chess symbolism and one of the Joker cards, so he’s definitely bound to show up again and fight before the end. That’s really all I can be sure of at this point!

I hope it helps a little. Have a nice day. :)

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I am absolutely losing my marbles over not being able to remember this fic. All I remember is that it is post-ws and steve and bucky are talking about the past. Steve says that Bucky was going to marry a girl and Bucky offhandedly replies that he had lied about that so that Steve wouldnt feel bad for persuing Peggy. Steve punches him. I think Sams there?

siruannika said: it could be Your Lack Of An Answer Is Kind Of An Answer: Four Questions Natasha Asked Steve Rogers, And One Time Bucky Barnes Answered by Speranza  

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Hey so I’ve been searching through your stuff for months (and even got my friends to help) but I can’t seem to find a fix about Bucky waking up a few years before Steve was found. He was there for Steve waking up and thawing and stuff! Thanks for the help!

eidheann said: Pianissimo and Sforzando by Odsbodkins

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There was a fic I read a long time ago. Bucky and Steve went on a date and ended up having sex with Bucky being the Dominate. Long story short, he was a bad Dom and Steve ended up teaching him how to be a good dom. Anyone know? I have wanted to reread it forever and can’t find it for the life of me.

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Hey there! Love the work you guys do. I’m looking for a fic I think it was a recovery fic where Bucky is locked in a room in avengers tower that I think was originally meant for Bruce. At one point I think he attacks Natasha and Clint and then at one point I think hydra attacks the tower to get to him. I’m sorry that’s so vague it’s all I can remember!

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Hi there, I found this blog while hunting everywhere for this one fic, all I remember is - The line like : ‘like finding out your house had burned down with your best friend in it, but heres a new one, and wasn’t it better, wasn’t it improved?’ And it ends with 'it was the best day of the last year of buckys life’ I’ve tried searching by what little that is to go on but I’ve had no luck! Does this ring any bells? I will be eternally greatful if anyone can help me!

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Can you answer your question honestly, about looks and personality

Well I believe there must be a balance between both. For instance if the person has a perfect personality but is average looking then its alright. Average looks with a perfect personality make the person appear perfect even in their looks thats my belief. When you are inlove with a person no matter what they look like they will look perfect to you. Thats the way I see it

hhhh I was re watching an older unsolved video and my stepdad came in while I was watching and asked me what I was watching and went to go see what it was and before I could even answer his question he was like “oooh do you like them *wink wink*” and pointed to Shane and Ryan and I felt myself fucking. Phase through my bed