and not even answering the question

  • Tracer’s Narration: On slow day like this we all find ways to pass the time. Reyes tortured the Recruits.
  • Gabriel Reyes: All right now, children. I know your shifts are over and you’re all excited about going home, but first we’re going to play a little game called “Answer The Question Correctly Or Stay Here Forever”. Debbie… what is the proper response to a Hostage Crisis.
  • Recruit Debbie: Uh… Contact a negotiator to negotiate their release?
  • Gabriel Reyes: Close, but no biggie. You’ll be staying here forever. (Addressing another recruit) Did you think that was a little too mean?
  • Recruit: No…?
  • Gabriel Reyes: Wrong. It damn sure was. You’re staying here forever. And Kenyan recruit, can'ya answer me this? It is even possible to give the right answer in this game?
  • Kenyan Recruit: …No.
  • Gabriel Reyes: Correct.
  • Kenyan Recruit: (whispering while doing a little fist pump) Yes!
  • Gabriel Reyes: Unfortunately, you’re still staying here forever. My game… my rules. Come.
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No Strings

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,062

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How do you find out if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually want to answer. 

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That Ti moment...

Instructor: You will now get 30 minutes to write an essay over which is more important: Adhering to societal norms or doing what is right.

Me: *writes about how in most cases, societal norms and doing what you think is right could be the same thing due to growing up in that certain environment and how different environments affect each person’s moral compass. Also who even gets to dictate what’s right? The ‘right thing’ is merely what YOU view as correct. Another person could think that completely wrong. So wouldn’t it be better if you phrased it: “doing what you think is right”? The question also assumes that societal norms are always wrong, when that is not necessarily the case–*

Instructor: Time’s up! Hand in your paper!

Me: Shit, I didn’t even answer the question asked…

anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite people ?

you wanna know something? i’ve been studying a little bit of psychology and reading some strange books and they all end up being about getting into people’s heads. i tried it at work. i found out a few things, even the people you dislike, they have a story. they all have a story as to why they are the way they are. so i’m learning how to not judge so quickly, i try to break people down to a molecular level, like a science project, but in everyday conversation. i try to get closed off people to open up, so to answer your question. i think people in general are my favorite. everyone has a story. even the weird kid that doesn’t know how to interact with anyone. even the guy who smokes two packs a day like he has an extra set of lungs. even the writer who still isn’t quite over his ex. even the person that glances at you from across the room, but never says hey. even the girl who’s always frowning, but deep down she’s smiling, she just has resting bitch face. it’s a crazy place and i don’t have enough time to hate anyone for who they are because shit, who doesn’t want to be accepted?

I don’t know if Oliver’s timing was the best but I think that’s how these people live. They’re just trying to survive. Connor, I think it’s smart when he didn’t answer Oliver right in that moment. I think he needs time to process things and I think he’s really grown up. He’s so distrustful and he knows that about himself, but I think the last two episodes really showed him trying to do the right thing and it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to. I’m excited because I feel all the characters are growing up. Even Michaela saying ‘I love you’ to Asher is her growing up in a way. I think they’ve had to grow up really fast, and I think that’s what this finale really was about for me — growing up for the better and the worse.
—  Pete Nowalk answers the question: How is Connor going to cope with his guilt over Wes’ death, then his kidnapping, and now a proposal? (x)

anonymous asked:

He was with Mackenzie at the Piaget Weinstein party on Thursday. Have you seen?j

I haven’t seen it yet but no doubt I will soon lol! But I suppose the real question is; what does it mean?

My answer to that is; Not Much.

A pre Oscars party is a coveted event for an actor who wishes to extend his network and solidify the bonds of his existing network. It’s work, not a glamorous fun date night, even if it does happen in a glitzy ballroom and designer clothing. Sam’s status in the world of celebrity is obviously sufficient to garner him an invitation to these sorts of affairs, and the opportunities offered by attending would not be turned away lightly. Also these invitations will always have an option to bring along a plus one. Some choose to bring a spouse, but since it is a work event most will choose some sort of career related companion such as an agent, a publicist, an assistant or friend, and some might even bring a colleague who is in need of exposure. Some might choose to attend alone, and perhaps give the plus one away to another colleague to attend alone as well.

His spouse is already in the business and will get her own invitations to these sorts of events so no need to use this coveted opportunity for her- and depending on who is attending which parties and who it is especially important for any particular actor to try to meet and chat with will determine which event a particular actor will attend of the several that are on offer. So it well might be that due to different individual career goals and trajectories two actor spouses might attend different events. Or the same event but with each their own work related plus one. It’s work, no big deal. And it also well might be that an actor who merits an invitation could use his plus one to allow another actor whose status does not merit an invitation in their own right access to the opportunities that attending these events can provide to further a career. And then there are the pictures. Celebrities take “fan pics” with each other at these events too. In fact the first pic of Sam and MM was just such a pic. Taken at Sam and Cait’s first public appearance back in 2014 at the Ones to Watch party that MM attended with Billy Magnussen. She posted a collage of the pics she took that night and one of them was with Sam. This present pre Oscars party pic is really no different.

But what about the “date” possibility? Well, for starters a pre Oscar party is a work event, not a place to bring a “date” for date night- also, a pic of two people at a party says nothing about anything other than that two people ran into each other at a party and posed for a pic. And, second, anyone who was paying attention to the recent “look who came to the wedding” picture story that was a feature on IG this past weekend should be able to put this latest “look who I ran into at a work party” pic in proper perspective.
The wedding story tells of a celebrity guest who made an appearance at a friend’s wedding. Ostensibly as escort to a bridesmaid, but we saw no escorting going on. In fact it appears likely that he didn’t even attend the rehearsal dinner- as the only picture available to include in the mementos of that evening that featured the two of them was a posed pic taken outside the venue on the day of the ceremony. And it wasn’t a candid shot of the two of them together- it was deliberately posed. And it was definitely done outside the venue too-which is odd since the escort of a bridesmaid should be a fairly visible person- at least at the reception. The only other pic available was a pic from the reception where the two are at a table whilst everyone else is dancing. He is on his phone and she is staring off at the dance floor- not surprising then that the posed one wa used instead. It still didn’t fit since it didn’t show them at the rehearsal, only at the day of the ceremony, but it was better than the one where they are ignoring each other! None of the other pics of the reception or the farewell to the bridal couple have any hint of Sam, only one of him watching as the wedding photographer takes a shot of the bride and groom after the ceremony is over. He is standing alone in the family seating row after all the family and their guests have left at the recessional. A date of the sister of the groom would have proceeded with the rest of the family and their guests at the recessional. And it is odd to not be dancing during the time the rest of the wedding party seated at their table was dancing too. Whatever this was, it looks a whole lot more like an “appearance” than a “date”. Just another part of the smokescreen.

So when we add it all up, the story from the pictures we are shown of the wedding tell of an “appearance”, and not a “date”. And I do think those pics were deliberately chosen for that reason. Their long ago 2014 pic tells of the beginning of a work acquaintanceship and now this picture of the two at a party solidifies this. He didn’t bring her to the party that produced their first pic
together and it is not clear that he brought her to this one either but either way it was important to her to post such a thing. Then, and now. It’s who you know that matters in this business and you do well to advertise the acquaintances you have who are higher up the hierarchy than you are. And it speaks well of actors who are willing to use their more successful position in the industry to help a struggling colleague by giving her exposure. And if that struggling colleague can repay the favor by helping create a smokescreen for the actor’s private life- a private life which is getting increasingly hard to hide from the press and fans without a good bit of help- then that’s even better. That’s what I see as going on here. At least that’s what the math says. And it’s usually best to trust the math.

toooldforthisshite  asked:

What do you make of the Sidemen supporting Pewdiepie? I personally find it so gross and telling. All these Youtubers want to start a war with the media because they themselves are scared shitless that they may one day also be called out for their offensive and hateful comments.

so i’ve only watched one video about the whole pewdiepie debacle so i’m not like 100% clued up about the whole thing. and also, i do understand his point of where the “journalists” were picking random things from his videos and taking them out of context … like, i get that. but that doesn’t excuse the shit that he did say/do??? some things should just never be joked about no matter what the context/circumstance. it’s not “pc culture” it’s just common fucking sense and human decency. and the fact that the sidemen/other youtubers are supporting him just shows exactly what you’ve said - that they’re only doing it bc they know they’ve said some problematic shit and if they were are big as him they’d get called out on it too and they’re scared of that. i hate that they get away with the things they say on a regular basis and that they have the power to influence so many people because of it too, it makes me so mad!!!!

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Can I request RFA reaction To MC in a wheelchair

finally getting round to this. sorry for the long wait


  • i feel he would be hella surprised

(side note: sorry Yoosung is perpetually shook i don’t intend it that way)

  • it never crossed his mind that MC was disabled 
  • he’s never befriended a disabled person before so he’s really curious
  • asks MC all sorts of questions 
  • MC’s happy to answer them all even the dumb ones
  • ‘No Yoosung you can’t decorate my wheelchair with LOLOL stickers’
  • they’ve never had someone so interested in them
  • MC plays wheelchair basketball for the uni
  • Yoosung swore he’d seen them before
  • rip he’s hardly in the sports centre so…..
  • becomes their number one fan
  • always cheering at their games


  • wonders how MC can still look so elegant in a wheelchair
  • he finds the height difference funny
  • MC swears if the wheelchair wasn’t stunting their growth they would tower over him
  • luckily with the wheelchair Zen can walk at a normal pace without waiting for MC to catch up
  • Zen is always finding ways to make MC’s wheelchair prettier
  • he legit added tassels
  • he was so happy MC didn’t have the heart to tell him they looked tacky
  • he cares for MC so much 
  • will carry MC anywhere if they ask him
  • MC’s lowkey worried he’s straining himself tho
  • tho this boi is  s w o l e   a f  doesn’t even break a sweat


  • she’s so sweet about it
  • Baehee has natural mothering tendencies so she really cares for MC
  • likes to push MC everywhere
  • MC says they can do it themselves but Jaehee says she shouldn’t use so much energy
  • plus she lowkey like guiding MC everywhere
  • MC has the tendency to dash off to places and she always gets scolded by Jaehee 
  • rip they both can’t reach high shelves
  • they both get really embarrassed when they have to ask for help at the supermarket
  • when their relationship gets more serious
  • Jaehee and MC move into a cute little bungalow 
  • it’s honestly so convenient 
  • the place is super homey to so the RFA members keep crashing there


  • lol and you thought Yoosung was shook
  • he thinks it’s really cute tho
  • he justs wants to protect MC all the time
  • MC find Elizabeth sleeping in her wheelchair so often
  • it becomes her favourite nap spot
  • Jumin is actually really surprised that there are still places without disabled facilities
  • MC jokingly says he should C&R should start investing in the business
  • Jumin took it seriously tho
  • it earns a hella dosh 
  • Jumin says MC should be the spokesperson 
  • MC’s like lol wym
  • Jumin always buys MC the comfiest wheelchairs

(side note 2: looking into it wheelchairs are actually hella expensive lol)

  • but Jumin’s RIch™ so…

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • rip Seven knows everything
  • stalked MC’s instagram 
  • found out they were a paralympic athlete
  • excited af
  • watches all their competitions
  • asks if he can see MC’s medals
  • MC tells him to tone it down
  • Seven has no chill tho
  • but honestly they have such a cute dynamic
  • it’s mostly Seven annoying MC and her roasting him but 
  • it’s the thought that counts
  • Seven loves using disabled parking spaces tho
  • it means his babies don’t get scratched 
  • also he has an excuse to use elevators all the time
  • he’s lazy as fuck so this is a god send
  • MC’s lowkey salty about it and tells him to stop taking advantage of their situation
  • Seven’s like ‘you know you love me’ 
  • MC’s like

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On Hats

(the shortest drabble)

Takes place during Percy and Vex’s time in the crow’s nest last episode. Fluffy angst? Angsty fluff? I dunno what genre this is but here, take it from me. 

Vex’ahlia appreciated her lover’s mind quite a bit. Even when the complexity of things he described went beyond her, she could simply enjoy the cadence of his voice and the way he got swept up in sharing his interests with anyone who would listen. 

And that was what had her asking Percy about their ship, not because she particularly cared or needed to know, but because he was smiling as he answered her questions. She watched him more than the things he pointed out; his cheeks were flushed from the wind, his hair sweeping off his forehead, his blue eyes sparkling. He wore happiness well, she thought.

He had been pointing out the purpose of one thing or another when he caught that her attention had been diverted. He made an inquisitive sound, looking back at her. 

Vex grinned. “I’m just thinking how well a tricorn would suit you, dear.”

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psyizaroppi-138  asked:

What are your headcannon voices for ur other characters? And do you have a favorite webcomic currently? I hopelessly adore Avas Demon. The art is stunning (っ゚Д゚)っ

I can’t really answer the first question, because I have no idea~! I don’t actually read a lot of webcomics, I’m a very picky person. Even so, there is a webcomic that I adore. It’s called Glitched by Cotton Valent, I randomly came across it and it surprised me with it’s grim style and cool concept. I look forward to every update~ My other loved webcomic is Prince of Spades, which I already mentioned before.

anonymous asked:

I'm always more interested in interviews with anyone when they focus on process and music instead of personal lives or otherwise inappropriate questions, so three cheers to the interviewer for that as well! He really seemed interested in hearing about their craft and them as people vs getting sound bites.

Definitely! I was listening to it while on the bus and grinning into the void haha… I loved the compliments Louis & Steve were showered with and even though some of the answers were the usual promo tour ones there was a lot of new insight on their process as artists in and out of the studio too. 

You know yourself what you are worth in your own eyes; and at what price you will sell yourself. For men sell themselves at various prices. This is why, when Florus was deliberating whether he should appear at Nero’s shows, taking part in the performance himself, Agrippinus replied, ‘Appear by all means.’ And when Florus inquired, 'But why do not you appear?’ he answered, 'Because I do not even consider the question.’ For the man who has once stooped to consider such questions, and to reckon up the value of external things, is not far from forgetting what manner of man he is.
—  Epictetus, The Golden Sayings of Epictetus

pete-pixels  asked:

Hello! I love your pixel art and was wondering if you had any tips about selecting colors. I am trying to develop a pastel, soft yet vivid (not eye burning though), limited palette for a game I am designing the art for, and it is turning out to be rather difficult to keep it from being too monochromatic.

Hi! Thanks for the question!
I have written a little about how I choose color here and here, but I think I need to more specifically answer your question.

I think the key to a good working pastel color palette that doesn’t feel monochromatic is..
1. Limiting the number of colors you work with
- I use four versions of each color but even less works. The “deepest” versions of each color are the most saturated and neon-like, and then I add brightness from there.

2. Making big jumps in between brightness
- when brightening (upping the RGB evenly for each color), it’s good to make big jumps of like, I’m being arbitrary here, but 20 or so for each of RGandB at a time? If your colors are too close together, the drawing ends up looking flat.

3. Shading and highlighting with a different hue than the base color
- what your palette lacks in number of colors can be made up for by mixing and matching them together when shading and highlighting. I find that purples and blues work well for shading, and yellows and cyans (and of course white) work well for adding light, but you can also apply color theory to find hues that harmonize well together / complement each other.

I hope this answers your question!! I bet your OCs and especially dragons would look cool in pastel!

anonymous asked:

I know it's inconsistent and all but how powerful would you say Wanda is? Compared to other marvel heavy hitters and magicians I mean

Well, she’s not more powerful than Strange because, if she were, she’d be Sorcerer Supreme. If you were the guys who invented Facebook, you would have invented Facebook.

It’s hard for me to take off my writer hat with questions like this. The answer to “who would win in a fight” should always be whoever’s victory would be most narratively satisfying. I have way more thoughts about what makes a story narratively satisfying than I do about comic book power rankings, so that’s where my mind goes. Which makes me very bad at answering this question.

Wanda’s power level is all over the map moreso than other characters’ for a bunch of reasons. 1) What her powers actually are has changed several times. 2) She can have power put into her, in the form of magical energy, without her consent or even knowledge. 3) Her powers are vague and plot device-y by design. 4) What she is able to do is dependent on her creativity in the moment (probably her most overlooked trait), and how well her powers work is dependent on her emotional, physical, and mental state.

She may be the hardest character to assess in this way. Magic is tricky, in part because the ceiling is hard to determine (and often doesn’t seem to exist). When you’re talking about someone who operates primarily on instinct, who has magical knowledge but mostly makes things up as she goes along, the unpredictability is baked in.

The limit then is her mind. If she’s not distracted or hurt and is focused completely, I think she can find a way to fuck with just about anybody. Not beat, necessarily, but give them trouble. Get them out of the way. Frustrate them. Pick at their weaknesses. When Wanda is written well, that is her strength. This fight with Thor is a surprisingly good example considering who wrote it. Maybe this is a more fun example.

So the question isn’t ‘how powerful does the writer think she is,’ but how smart do they think she is.

brachial-saur  asked:

Hello and good evening, I have a question about Bucky Barnes; if his mother were a Romanian Jewish immigrant, and spoke Yiddish with her husband until she had a better grasp on English, is it likely that Buck would grow up speaking it as well? Thanks!

Hello and good evening to you also!

This could go either way, I think. Yiddish was very commonly spoken among Jewish New Yorkers of the time period (and also non-Jewish New Yorkers like James Cagney!), and it’s reasonable that if his parents were immigrants, they would speak their native language at home and around their children. However, there was a huge push for in the Jewish community at the time for English fluency. Speaking English was considered key for economic advancement in America, and Bucky’s generation was particularly assimilationist. 

It could be that Bucky learned Yiddish as his first language, but grew up mostly speaking English (which would explain his lack of accent). In which case, he could have an underdeveloped vocabulary, or not be completely fluent - but still be able to have a basic conversation. Or he could be fluent, depending on whether his parents continue to speak mainly Yiddish at home. I think you’ve got some leeway with this question.


~First, a thank you from Noctis and Luna!

“You guys are all pretty incredible, you know that? We look forward to answering everyone’s questions erryday. We get some good ones and some very brave ones. *he chuckles* We know that not many people support our relationship in general, but to see that we’ve already got over 200 people following us, liking our answers, even reblogging them, that’s pretty awesome. It helps spread the word, too. So yeah. Keep the asks coming, keep the reblogs up, and that keeps the blog, and us, alive.”

“I am overjoyed by the thought and fact, that so many of you ask us questions on nearly a daily basis. Some of them are really meaningful and others are quite amusing, though I won’t ever forget some of the more hmmm…. peculiar bold ones too. Noctis still thinks and laughs about some of them at times, the very same goes for me. We both hope you keep on asking us all kinds of questions in the near future. And we shall answer them, as best as we can afford, ourselves. Bless you, all.”

~A thank you from the admins! 

We just reached a new milestone! 200+ followers and this blog has been up for less than a month! You guys all rock! I just wanna say thanks so much for all the asks, the reblogs, the likes and the support the fandom has been giving us. It’s much appreciated! To see so much happiness and positivity in our fandom makes us feel good. I love seeing how people respond to our blog! I do my best to stay in character as Noctis, being nerdy when I need to be, acting cool when I should, and getting emotional when necessary. He’s fun to delve further into. We do our best to keep the blog running as smooth as possible. We try to answer at least a few asks a day, and when we see your reblogs and your tags and responses to our answers, it never fails to make us smile. So again, thanks for that! Now let’s see if we can reach 300 followers! ;)

Hey there everyone! First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and questions! And of course for helping us reaching our milestone of now more than over 200 followers! I am always thrilled and excited what new asks you guys send Luna and Noctis. We always strive to answer in character as best we can. I always keep in mind that Luna is more graceful in her speech, and manners when answering her related questions, but I think she has a really dorky side too at times. These asks all allow me to think deeper into the characters actions and motives at particular key scenes from the game, that never had occurred to me before that ask. It makes my gaming experience within this game even more engaging.

anonymous asked:

Any outlander!au soon? No pressure 💖🍊

Lexa remains as infuriating as ever, sitting across from Clarke and refusing to answer any questions about the use of the title.

Clarke tries.

Again and again.

And Lexa simply shrugs every time and spoons more stew into her mouth. Or takes another sip of her ale. Or just smiles that impish smile at Clarke.

She can see that it’s amusing to Lexa.

There’s a twinkle in her eyes and that smirk never fully leaves her lips. She doesn’t even grumble when Clarke playfully kicks at her feet under the table.

It’s maddening.

And Clarke wonders just why she’s so enraptured with this creature. The stoic, quiet, wholly infuriating, delicate yet somehow stronger than seems possible girl called Lexa.

The only reaction she seems to garner out of Lexa is the frown and admonishment leveled at her when Clarke reaches across the table and snatches the last of her roll.

“Oh, that’s what gets a rise out of you?” Clarke rolls her eyes and tears into the bread with a smile.

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thesummerstorms replied to your post “I’m stuck thinking about Ordo as an art forger. And it largely…”

“giving Thrawn fakes as anti-Imperial praxis” THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE HEARD ALL DAY

Etain comes to confer with him, and she finds him painting.

He doesn’t even turn around before answering the unasked question, “I’m told Thrawn is an art enthusiast.” Well, not exactly the right question.

“I heard so too.”

He poises the brush carefully. “Maybe if I paint him a bunch of fakes, he’ll get distracted. Or, he’ll have a breakdown realizing he’s got a bunch of fakes.” He reconsiders the stroke and instead turns to a pinboard of flimsi he’s apparently using for reference. “Or, maybe he’ll never know, and he’ll keep his mitts off some real heirloom artwork.”

The portrait is of a Mandalorian woman, blue undertone in her skin suggesting Pantoran heritage. Or, perhaps just artistic license. She digs a vibroblade into the neck of an attacker—just blocks of paint, a shade—who has snatched her helmet off her head.

Ordo answers another unasked question, “Nivadea Altreeda. Of one of the great Wroonian Mandalorian clans.”

Ah, Wroonian. “Won’t she and her clan be upset you’re pulling them into this game?”

“There isn’t a Clan Altreeda left. Last person to claim membership died a couple hundred years back.” He sets down his pallette and brush, and he steps back until he draws level with her.

For a moment, they’re silent, regarding the work done so far. Etain, again, as she always does with Ordo, breaks it, “What are you trying to accomplish? Really.”

He searches the colors for a long while, in the snarl of the long dead woman, in the unformed specter of an enemy. As if searching for the very thing their enemy will pull out of it. “They say he fancies himself able to know his enemy through their art. It’s pretending to belong to someone else, but in the end, it’ll still be mine.“ He takes his gaze off his work, and finally looks her in the eyes. “I’m painting a clear message for him: I don’t like it when auretii touch what isn’t theirs.”