and not even a funny one

kevin is sooo funny to me lmao hes such a HOT MESS. the fact that he didnt even hesitate to press the button. or explain himself in the dr. and how he started stripping right after. and the fact that no one even suspected him. and his reaction when paul said “someone wanted 25k that badly huh” hes already an ICON dskjfhsdkjf

i think it’s funny that people are getting their panties in a twist over others laughing about the fucking menace that is the ova’s art style.

yes, it is more reflective of araki’s recent style. no one’s arguing that. the point is, it does not look good animated. davidpro didn’t have to mash these two styles together the way they did, but they did, because they feel they gotta stick to accuracy above all else…. even, apparently, at sacrifice to character design. koichi looks horrifying, okuyasu looks…. not great, but they could have found a way to make it more like araki’s style without mangling them both.

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drunk kleinsen is literally just. they've been laughing at each other for five minutes over a stupid joke jared made and they can't keep up the conversation because every time one of them looks at the other they fall over laughing again. the joke wasn't even that funny

it’s like, when they finally catch their breath, they just look at each other and completely lose it again. and evan snorts when he laughs so of course that makes them laugh even harder!!!

#courfeyrask #alcohol

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Be nice and don't tell me what my inventory is. You don't know better than me, old lady.

Lady walks in, wants a room… She says, “first floor, no stairs, no smoking, room for one night two beds at your best rate.”

Me: Ok, looks like it’s going to be $140…

Her: You can’t do any better than that? Not even a senior rate.

Me: Let me look to see if I have any senior rates.

Her: nodding her head like a bobble head… Yes, you will have one. You will give me a better rate.

My inner dialogue: (F*** you lady, you just sealed your fate.)

Me: Aww, sorry no discounts are available tonight.

Her: Well what all does that include?

Me: the room, hot breakfast, iron and ironing board, big tv

Her: well I am only staying one night, I don’t need all that.

Me: well, I’m sorry, there’s another hotel up the street. They can probably accommodate you better.

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my personal theory is that troian went "fuck it i hate this show this plot is fucking stupid so i'm gonna do the stupidest fucking accent i can i don't want to try anymore"

apparently she was trying to do an essex accent??? idk i just find the whole thing way too over the top to not be funny. and troian is still one of the most talented actresses ever, even the best flop sometimes.

…jax is one of the most dedicated people on the show. he always sticks to his word and to his actions. if he says he’s gonna do something, he’ll do it. the only thing that stops him is if he is literally unable to and even then he’ll try or if he reinforces his morals after trying to put duty in front of it (see: abominations). jax jackson never gives up, he is not passive in any sense, he is not lazy in anything.


Willow Creek Comedy Club, 6:30pm

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage for his debut, Ian Connors!

*the small crowd cheers, Eden and Ariel being the loudest of them all*

Ian: Thank you, thank you! I hope everyone is doing swell on this fine evening. Truly I do. I hope everyone is doing well, except this one prick, Tristan. I hope Tristan is having a terrible day. Let me give you some context, let me tell you about this asshole…

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I know you probably get a lot of messages about this, but I'd like to thank you for being so open about mental illness, and even making comics about it. You are so important and I hope life is kinder to you in the future. Thank you.

Every time I get a message like this it gives me a little more push to keep going, anon; every one means a lot. I live a funny kind of life, but I’ll manage (with the help of therapy and medication, of course). Thank you so much for taking the time to send this to me!

TalesFromYourServer: My Day From Hell

I’m exhausted. I need to sleep. I need a day off. Thankfully there’s three coming my way very soon. But today was one of those days. Everyone has one. Even the best servers. I went full on stupid today. I was taking care of my table, eating a sandwich, and piddling around with some sidework. My first table of the day had a $65 check. They paid with a $100 bill. I broke the $100 and instead of giving them their change, I gave them the full, broken $100 back. They took all the money. I thought they didn’t tip me so I was annoyed about that, but life goes on. It was only until I printed my checkout report that I realized what I’d done. I had to take the $54 I owed the restaurant out of my wallet to pay what I owed. I made $0. I left with $54 less than I came to work with. I’ve been at the same joint for 9 years and I’ve never done something so stupid. I really need to sleep.

By: JaxIsMyPuppy

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Hey rogue, I was wondering if you would ever consider making an audio of just someone from the undertale universe singing. It could even be from one of the AU's. It's just after finding your SoundCloud and hearing you sing the chimney sweep song from Mary poppins I just wanna see how you'd voice undertale characters singing.

funny enough i have done it already. i really should do more

i sang “You’ll be Back” from Hamilton as Underfell Sans!

it should be on my sound cloud and on here but, here is the video version

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(In response to your latest yextpost) So an anti went to Matt Martin from LF's story group, one thanking him for shutting down Reylo, and another sending him a pic of a button labeled "press to destroy Reylo" and he said "I didn't shut down anything." Go to his Twitter yourself to see, it's @missingwords.

oh lawddd the funny part is he never even remotely shut down reylo if im reading his tweets right. this reminds me of the rian johnson situation where antis were thanking him for shutting down reylo and rian replied with a “nope” and how he was originally taken out of context of what he meant

they always do this and then it blows up in their face

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I wish sh@ladumps would stop being cowards and let children have unreciprocated crushes on adults... Like every person does. Like, imagine living in a world where if a kid had a crush on an adult "they're okay with it" if the adult reciprocates? Disgusting.

Tbh it’s funny because I can guarantee the ones saying it were the same assholes that were fawning over 1d before they were even close to being ‘legal’ so to speak

If someone says they aren’t gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans, etc. then don’t insist that they are. 

It doesn’t matter if you think that they’re “just in the closet” or suffering from “internalized homophobia/transphobia/biphobia/etc.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as “just a joke”, especially when the person on the receiving end is unhappy and doesn’t view it as a joke. 

It’s about not outing someone and respecting people’s boundaries. Even if there is nothing to “out” about the person or you don’t consider “outing” them as something bad, have respect for someone’s boundaries and for their sexual and gender identity. 

When you do things like that you risk the person’s safety, relationships, etc. and absolutely no one enjoys dealing with rumors or having to correct them because someone thought that it would be funny to insist that they were gay/straight/lesbian/bisexual/trans/etc.

TalesFromYourServer: Why I hate big groups

My worst table to serve is a large group. I would rather take a pissy, entitled snob over a large group.

At my restaurant we don’t even take groups that are that massive, the max amount would normally be a party of 12. But when people sit down as a group they seem to forget that they’ve come to actually eat! This lunch service I was standing next to a table of 10 holding a couple hot plates trying to find their owner. Nobody speaks up! The ones that notice you don’t say anything and go back to talking to their neighbour.

I find it so rude that my quality of service will drop considerably. No more smiles, just the bare minimum for you lot now.

Does anyone else get this problem all the time? Can’t just be me!

By: upthehills

Morgan got his short clip for summer (better for camping and hiking)! He looks so tiny and skinny, I’m used to floof. 

I’m not too keen on the job the groomer did, though; she was new. She accidentally took a chunk out of his head poof, the tail poof is bizarrely shaped, and overall his clip seems to be uneven. 

That said, I can’t do better. I’ve tried many times in his life, and I can’t get it anywhere near even, which is funny because I’ve trimmed a lot of horses and did fine at that. 

I think, though, that Morgan is at that age I should just do it myself and resign myself to bad clips. A bad haircut won’t hurt him. Since he’s deaf and mostly blind now, I think he may be more anxious about going to the groomer, even though he’s been going his whole life, and I don’t feel right trusting him to a new groomer since our old one left.

Time to buy new clippers.

Also he needs a new tag, that one is grody. Haha.

Henrietta (and LE in general) is the reason I’ve met my best friends. Without LE I never would have met these absolutely amazing people that have become closer than a family to me. They are amazing, and kind, and funny, and beautiful, and the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. I never thought I’d feel part of a family, but here I am part of the most amazing family I could ever wish for. I love them with all my being, every single one of them. Even though it’s fanciful thinking, I would love nothing more than for us to live in one place and spend our lives together as a family. But, even though we’re spread out it doesn’t change the fact that we ARE a family, and would do anything for each other. Long Exposure was responsible for this, and for that it will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m so blessed to have met this new family I have, and I will make sure to never let them go.

Awww jay!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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1) It's funny how they attack you and your anon(s) for simply making an observation about how there MIGHT BE some romantic set up between Mugaro and Azazel (regardless of whether the writers are going to go through with it or not), even though you're most definitely not the first one to come up with the idea, as there already were people discussing azamuga's undeniable parallels to both kaisarita and charinina, while you've only added a few favamira parallels to the list (well, I say favamira

2) parallels, though it mostly refers to Mugaro and Amira’s side), but somehow it’s just you who’s getting shit-talked behind your back? Geez, I wonder why. But the thing is, in the SnB world setting, azamuga would not be pedophilia, just as favamira, kaisarita, charinina or even az*nin* (yuck) is not pedophilia. The laws of our universe do not apply to the SnB universe. It’s simple as that. Mugaro/El is not a normal human, he was not conceived and born the natural way, his physical growth and

3) mental development does not work the same way as that of any other ‘normal’ human being, as Mugaro is not a human, he’s not even a half-human, he’s a freaking immortal (or at least long-living) god, now a full-fledged one, who’s expected to lead the army and become a human killing machine, but somehow it’s the idea of him harboring feelings for Azazel that’s the most outrageous to some people? Do they make as much of a fuss about El/Mugaro being a ‘child soldier’? Or did they say anything

4) about Mugaro kissing dead bodies? Cause I don’t think it’s something a child’s supposed to be doing, you know, since according to the real world standards, a practice like that could induce some serious mental problems in a child’s psyche, but it’s not like anyone ever cared about that, right? Because SnB is not the real world and it’s operating on a different set of rules, UNLESS it starts to threaten a certain ship; then and only then does it become an eyesore to some people in the fandom.

You’re always on point, thank you!

Yes, it’s very funny to see them blaming me for creating or supporting that “couple” (yes, apparently I created it) when actually there are fanarts of them on Pixiv and Twitter since the anime started that are not necessarily romantic but with implications, so this is not something that I am promoting, all I did was emphasize the importance and affection they feel for each other, and more on the Azazel’s side because it is obvious that he’s the one who has demostrated more until now. To me is kinda weird that there’s no one who has commented that, being one of the most important aspects of Azazel’s character and main focus of his development, I guess just looking at his ass is more relevant to these people, because if you look, it’s all that they’re always talking about or how they want Nina to heal his poor demonic heart.

This is probably Azazel dealing with Azazel fangirls tho.

Talking about the parallels, I am finding this subject as quite annoying to try because many people are taking it as something very important when, honestly, it does not have to be, since VIRGIN SOUL is another season and a totally new story. They are, they exists in this new season but by far from focusing on the current line, they have taken this as a sport to say “this looks like that”, which makes the characters lose identity and are only recycling scenes/moments of the previous season. That’s tedious.

And about the rules in the world of SNB is true, many are not applicable to our world because this is a FANTASY environment, which means that creators could come up with any crazy idea and could be right, you really have not think too much about it, it’s a pretty simple resolution to reach. In addition, we are talking about anime, one of the arts that exploits the human limits to infinity, and if they do not understand that it’s possibly because they do not even know the media of which they are part, they are casual watchers or they simply do not have the habit to watch many franchises, so if at least they want to feel more familiar I recommend very good series like B/erserk or N/anatsu no Taizai. *coughs*

Returning to Mugaro/El, it is as you say, he is not a human being, he is an angel with God’s powers, his birth was not normal and his reasonings are not normal too, and partly that’s a kind of standard on SNB, or did I just realize that there are only two types of characters here? Especially in the case of the girls, which basically are: Adult bodies with innocent/infantile minds (Amira and Nina) and small bodies with adult resolutions (Rita and Mugaro/El), in the case of the rest of the cast something similar happens but they are already things I’d rather not refer to. Going back to Mugaro/El he’s indirectly killing humans and/or soldiers indiscriminately and I do not see people talking about it, basically it has become a killing machine and I do not see people panicking about it, it seems that only Charioce is responsible for all that. That already tells us how the mind of the viewer plays in this anime, once again, it is double standard.

To finish I will not withdraw anything I said about the relationship between Azazel and Mugaro/El, no matter how many people do huge posts against me or this blog, no matter how many people cry on other blogs or directly here, the bond between them is special enough that someone like me, who really doesn’t care much about Azazel’s character, have been able to find a way to empathize with him. Whether or not that relationship and its implications, I will continue to take it as something platonic and you’re free to take it as you want.

By last but not least, it is not as if it was the first time we see this kind of things in anime/manga: Sesshomaru and Rin (I/nuyasha) are the best example and if you’re more into modern anime, there you have Accelerator and Last Order (T/o Aru Majutsu no Index). Is not a father/child or big bro/lil bro relationship but a protector/protege bond.

But it seems at the end the one who is gonna “protect” the other one is Mugaro/El instead of Azazel lol.