and not eating tomorrow

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I am going to eat and drink tomorrow night. Normal portion but fattening food and alcohol. Should I eat tomorrow morning to keep my metabolism going? Also I fasted and exercised today and if I have breakfast tomorrow, it would be an hour or two less than 40 hours fasting. And I'll be having a small healthy snack at about 5pm tomorrow love ya :)

You should definitely have breakfast tomorrow, especially if you’ve been fasting for so long. Try not to over do it with the fasting, it can be really dangerous!! Best of luck ❤️

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!


Carmilla Thanksgiving Doodle 2016

After centuries of a diet consisting of nothing but blood, Carmilla remembers how awesomely delicious food is and goes into a food coma.

  • Pisces: You are now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos.
  • Cancer: This is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Virgo: But what if I die and never get to eat my nachos?
  • Gemini: Then tomorrow is /nacho/ lucky day.
  • Capricorn: GET OUT
  • Mahiru: You have a habit of answering a question with a question!
  • Kuro: and you have a way of asking questions that beg more questions.

Every year on Valentine’s day Keith smiles because he gets a letter from a secret admirer and every year on Valentine’s day Lance smiles because the blush and smile of the cute boy who sits in front of him are thanks to him

I was trying a different way of coloring and wanted to do something cute c:

Long Distance:
It’s easy for some, difficult for many;
Being away from the person who holds your heart.
Walking through school, it’s torture.
Happy couples walk hand-in-hand,
Smiling and laughing.
I don’t feel anger when I see them;
No malice towards them, just envy.
I want what they have.
I want the person I love by my side.
I want to smile and laugh with him.
I want to feel safe and to know he’s safe with me.
Instead, I walk alone to my “home”,
Which is more like a house;
My true home is miles away.
The house is quiet,
Big and a bit empty.
Dirty dishes in the sink that I’ll clean later,
Even though they aren’t mine,
Reminds me of him and a smile forms. 
I scramble to speak to him;
Text messages or maybe a Skype call,
Fearing he might fall asleep on me again.
When he does, I don’t feel angry;
No grudges to be held, just loneliness.
It’s hard, long distance,
But we make it work.
Because we know one day,
When we’re older, successful and content,
We’ll leave each morning with a kiss,
But we’ll always see each other at the end of the day,
In our own home,
In our own life,
One day.

I put up this tiny skeleton dude in my kitchen for Halloween when I was decorating and I’ve left it there ever since and my family doesn’t even mind so now we’ve put a red scarf on him and a Santa hat and I juST


January 2016 vs December 2016

this year:

  • I got to study abroad in Nagoya, Japan🇯🇵 (I’ll be here until May👌)
  • I beat out a bunch of people for a state department internship in Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼
  • I lost 35 pounds in a healthy way 💪🏻
  • I started growing my hair out to prep for graduating college 👩🏻‍🎓
  • I made a bunch of great friends both off and online all over the world 👯
  • I hit 11k+ followers on tumblr and almost 2k on twitter 😳
  • I grew as a person and an artist 🎨
  • I traveled to some amazing places: jiu fen, osaka, kyoto, and tokyo (aside from living in taipei and nagoya) 🗺
  • I consumed a lot of excellent media 🎬
  • I received so many kind and touching messages, tags, tweets, etc from my amazing followers even during my artistic dry spells. I cherish every single one of you ❤️

really enjoy playing don’t starve together this days…so its like a AU or what..

the junker boy with low sanity mistake his pal as a pigman and always save meat for him


—*sigh**pick out spidergland*