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Midnighter half assedly making flirtatious comments to Dick/around Dick does not queerbaiting make. Especially because Midnighter is actually gay. He’s gay and ends up in a relationship of his own in his own series that isn’t contingent on Dick.

It’s not queerbaiting for a gay character to vaguely hit on a character perceived as straight.

Because newsflash: queer people flirt. We get crushes. We play hit on our friends because friendly flirting is amazingly entertaining.

(Also: Midnighter is in no way predatory towards Dick at any point in either of their comics and anyone trotting that bold ass lie out as truth needs to look at their prejudices and why they insist on reading a gay character (largely written by bi writer Steve Orlando in his DCYou appearances) as predatory for only admiring a straight character in or out of earshot.)

Fandom really tried it though.