and not anything goes

if cis women can bulk up and wear baggy pants and crop their hair short and go without makeup or shaving their pits/legs/anywhere else, co-opt traditionally ‘masculine’ behaviors, and still be viewed as women–even praised for how very feminist they are in doing so–then so can trans women. that’s it. end of.

and if cis men who love fashion and florals and pink, and wear dresses and makeup and love to bake, can be comfortable in their masculinity and praised as revolutionary for doing so, then–you guessed it–so can trans men. that’s it. end of.

not one single person on earth has any right to dictate how anyone else pilots their respective flesh suits. not one single person on earth has any right to claim someone is ‘faking’ their gender or performing a gender incorrectly when gender is arbitrary as hell as-is.


“Hunk, he knows my name. Shiro knows my name!”

“Pretty sure that’s because he saw you start a food fight in the mess hall with Keith and he stopped you two before you could drag other people in it. You both got detention for that, remember?”

or: Lance have been pining after his hero for quite a while now and is having a hard time keeping his crush a secret especially after Shiro called him by his name for the first time.


I did an art for the #septicart thing. Basically just turned Sam into a monster kind of like my Mawda creatures. And then put them in a spiffy tie and gave them Jack’s hair. Made it a speed drawing ‘cause I’ve been meaning to make more. They’re fun to watch.


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


Happy Birthday Stephanie J. Block 9.19.72

When i say I love live theatre it is petrifying. But this is exactly why you do it. Because you kind of face the thing you fear with a huge smile in front of people and it’s up to you to make it happen. If something goes wrong it’s happening live and you roll with the punches and keep the story telling going. And if something wonderful happens, it’s happening there in the moment and that audience lets you know so that’s the beauty of what we do.


dndstuck based off this also because this is the dorkiest au and i love it