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Last year, I organised a Travelling Book Project, using All the Bright Places by @jenniferniven as the travelling book and it was absolutely amazing 😄
In case you don’t know what this is - the people participating select a book, that will go from one person to the next, each reading it, making notes, writing down their thoughts, reactions, drawing in it, anything goes 😊 In the end, the book returns to the person it left from. It lasted 10 months until it found its way back to me.
But I got back a book full of other readers, full of their thoughts and feelings. It was beautiful. ❤
And All the Bright Places was the best pick possible for this project. I adore this book with all my heart ❤

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Not really and you clearly don't know how event tie in a work. Zub isn't obligated to do anything and Spencer has no say on what goes on in Thunderbolts, that's the editor's job to make sure everything syncs. Besides, if Zub had an issue with it, they'd get a fill in writer.


I do know how events work, actually, because I’ve read accounts from writers, including Brubaker, about how they had to drop everything and include them. He had to donate an entire issue to the House of M story, disrupting the Winter Soldier storyline to do it, and then Civil War came out not long after and he had to deal with that. The writers have retreats, during these retreats they hash out an event and how that event will effect their individual stories. 

It’s *you* who doesn’t know how events work, apparently. Prepare to be schooled…


And seriously WTF is your problem?! This is the second day in a row you’ve come to my inbox to be antagonistic. This is my blog, and I’m allowed to hate Spencer with a fiery passion and like Brubaker all I want (and Brubaker isn’t even in my top three Cap writers, which makes your ire absolutely ridiculous!). Which was your original point of contention with me. And if you want to argue Cap comics freakin’ bring it because I’ve read every run going back to the early 80′s now (and am still in the process of reading back further), AND some of Kirby and Simons run from the 40′s so go right ahead. Make my day.

Okay so I was trying to queue some posts and noticed that one of them wasn’t counted on the counter. You know, in the menu. There were 200 posts when I started queuing, I queued one more, it went to 201, I queued another one but there was still 201, so I scrolled down and the post was there. Weird. And then I queued one more and it appeared at the top of the queue. I have no idea what’s going on and I’m scared something is gonna get messed up. I just wanted to let you know that if anything goes wrong, it’s probably not my intention.

BT Merch for Sale

Heyo, I’m going to do two different posts one for merch and one for doujinshi.

-I take paypal
-I ship from the US & will ship internationally
-I will put items on hold for up to a month
-I will strike out bought items
-First come first serve
-Prices are based on what I paid total w/fees, what similar items are selling for now, and condition
-All items are from the 90s and may not be in perfect condition because of age
-If you want more photos or info on items, feel free to DM me
-DM me if you’re interested in anything
-All money made from these items goes right in my fund to help me get to Japan ;u;

Apologies the lighting in the photos are bad.

HOLD FOR @ugly-black-showcase 1997 RED ROOM Green Shirt $35 
Size unisex L, fits like a US unisex M
The shirt is a dark green, the photo quality is just bad. Appears unworn, though doesn’t have a plastic sleeve.

1997 RED ROOM Red Shirt $20 
Size unisex L, fits like a US unisex M
Worn by previous owner, has a lot of cracks in the graphic, shown below. 

HOLD FOR @hobikai 1998 Sexy Stream Liner Red Shirt $25 
Size unisex L, fits like a US unisex M
Unworn. Says ‘SexTreamLiner’ and I don’t know if that’s intentional or a mistake. It isn’t a knockoff good, it has the Fish Tank tag on it.

HOLD FOR @hobikai 1996 Chaos Tour Blue Shirt $30 
Size unisex L, fits like a US unisex M
The shirt is a royal blue, the photo quality is just bad. Unworn.

HOLD FOR @hobikai 1998 Sexy Stream Liner Patch $10 
New in package. Also says ‘SexTreamLiner.’ 

1998 Sexy Stream Liner Postcard Set $25
In envelope, 10 postcards, 2 of each member. This same set is selling for about 3000¥+fees right now on Y!J.

1993 Dress Postcard Set $25
New, sealed in plastic envelope (the ones outside of the plastic are my set that I used for photos). 5 postcards, 1 of each member. Marked ‘Not for Sale,’ so I don’t know if these were some kind of promo item?

HOLD FOR @lacecuffsandcravat Early 90s Photographs $2/each
Those of you who know their tours slightly better than I probably know more exactly what these are from. The photos are slightly grainy and have a color cast, but that’s how they were shot. 

1996 Metallic Cosmos Tour Sticker Sheet $10
New, sealed in plastic sleeve. Text is reflective metallic. 

HOLD FOR @nursemchurt 1998 Sexy Stream Liner Tour Sticker Sheet $10
New, sealed in plastic sleeve. Silver is slightly metallic but not reflective/shiny like the Cosmos stickers. Same ‘SexTreamLiner’ spelling.

Please message me about any items you are interested in/please reblog to spread awareness! 

Thank you <3

Conversation with a Harpy


A woman with large, brown bird wings for arms steps forward. Her thighs are covered in feathers and her calves down to her feet appear as golden-brown bird legs with large black talons. She has short bleached-blonde hair that’s tied back in a bun and intense, dark eyes. “It’s awfully stuffy in here,” she comments as settles. Mag hands her the offering that we prepared. “So what questions do you have for me?” she asks as she takes the offering in her foot. Before I begin my inquiry I let her know that these are questions that other people gave me. “Too stupid to come up with your own?” she sneers. I explain that none really came up while I was doing my research beforehand. “That’s a mark of stupidity, to never question anything, take it all at face value!” she mocks. She goes on with this for a bit before I tell her that I’m going to begin the questions now.

I ask her if they are all girls. “Yes, next question,” she answers as she tears at her offering with her fangs. “What do you eat?” I ask next. “Yes, next question,” she answers.

“…..Can you elaborate?” I request. She sighs, “Food. We eat food. We eat humans: tear their skin off, tear their limbs off, pluck out their eyes….Am I making you uncomfortable?” I tell her “no”. “Guess I’m not trying hard enough,” she says with a shrug. I ask about what else they may eat. “We like meats, and fish, and anything we can get our hands on. Love to tear it apart,” she answers. I then ask if they can swim. “Pfft, next question,” she says. I begin to speak up but she cuts me off, “Look human, I haven’t got all day. The girls and I are getting our nails trimmed soon.” She lifts up one of her legs and shows off her talons. This prompts me to ask if she ever really talks to humans. “No, not really. I find them exhausting,” she pauses to give me a look as if to emphasize that, “The only reason why I’m here is cause our usual human-lover is out sick.” I ask her what she means. “Yeah, she has a few pet humans, takes care of them real good. So whenever a human is bothering us we just send her to talk. But she’s not able so she asked me to come instead. I don’t understand how she does it.”

I ask permission for a few more questions and she allows me to continue. I ask her if they lay eggs. “Yes, though some give live birth.” she replies. “So how does, uhhh,” not wanting to offend, I make hand motions as if to say “sex”. She laughs, “What a modest human, how rare! We do it however we want to. You know, I think we can do it with a human if we want to.” She adds that final part with a lewd look at me. I tell her “No thanks.” “Good,” she says, “I was just gonna eat you if you did want to.” I continue with the conversation and ask if she likes human music. She cocks her head, “What? Umm, the harp and lyre are nice. Uhh, I guess it depends on the individual harpy.” For my final question I inquire about where they’re native to. “Greece, the Mediterranean. Is that it, last question?” I reply in the affirmative. “Okay then!” she exclaims, “It’s nice to never have to talk to you again! Goodbye!” She leaves through the portal before I even get the chance to thank her for her time.    

Day 14

I can find a metaphor in anything. The way the rain comes and goes without warning. Everyone in my office looks up at the skylight, confused, so sudden is the downpour out of a sky whose blue we basked in moments before. I’ve been sleeping better this week, waking up feeling something like refreshed, grateful, maybe even happy, greeted by Simba’s sleepy smile when I switch on the lamp. When a friend touches my arm, says, “How are you?,”  I can answer as if she didn’t just lower her voice to ask, head tilted with concern. Two years from now, we will have broken up two years and two weeks ago.

I can find a metaphor in anything. It’s spring. I’m not going to say something about new beginnings, or the cherry blossoms. Here’s what I will say: everyone I know is having a baby, and the rain comes and goes without warning, but each bout is shorter than the last. Little by little, the blue stretches longer between the grey.

timcanpy-the-golem  asked:

Do u need some story ideas to write to help u get out of writers block?? I can come up with some if you'd like (´∀`*)

Its not like I dont have ideas, per say, more like I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. My Mum calls it my “sleepy stage” because I get really lethargic and lazy and usually stay in bed all day because I don’t feel like doing anything. It goes away after a day or too, but your welcome to make writing prompts for me if you’d like! :) it’ll just be a little while til I can get to them. 

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Veronica! OpEn ThE- OpEn ThE dOoR pLeAsE! vErOnIcA, oPeN tHe DoOr-WhY dO yOu WrItE lIkE yOu'Re RuNnInG oUt Of TiMe-oMiGoD oH mY gOd YoU gUyS lOoKs LiKe ElLe'S gOnNa WiN tHe PrIzE-pOpUlAr YoU'Re GoNnA bE pOpUlAr I'lL tEaCh YoU tHe PrOpEr PoIsE-lEt yOuR FrEaK FlAg WaVe LeT yOuR fReAk FlAg FlY-GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE-wHat TiMe iS iT? sUmMeR tImE-SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-i'M fLyInG FLYING FLYING FLYING-wHeN tHe WoRlD hAs ScReWeD yOu AnD cRuShEd YoU iN iTs FiSt-tHe PhAnToM oF tHe OPERAAAA-BIGGEST PLAIN FOOL IN THE JUNGLE OF NOOL-GREASE LIGHTNING-lItTlE sHoP lItTlE ShOp Of HorRor-ANYTHING GOES!! *endless loop*
  • Psychic: WTF

Well, I missed #WorldTheatreDay yesterday, so to make up for it, here’s pictures from ten shows I’ve been a part of, in no particular order! There’s so many I’ve loved doing!! From top to bottom [left to right when applicable]: Anything Goes (Billy Porter), Les Miserables (Javert), Into the Woods (The Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince), RENT (“Christmas Bells” guy/Ensemble), The Producers (Leo Bloom), White Christmas (Phil Davis), Smokey Joe’s Cafe (Ensemble), Children of Eden (Adam), Singin’ in the Rain (Don Lockwood), Heathers (JD)

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

okay so I really want to make a succulent garden, right? So I was looking at planters. An obvious place to start. And I found this really cute one!

Adorable, right? I’m loving the little miniatures in there. Maybe this has possibilities!

Except today I was looking for some stuff to organize my desk and GUESS WHAT I FOUND