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Hello :'D What do you think of the way Mark stares as JinYoung? And especially when he gets disgruntled/jealous whenever he sees him with someone else - Or am I just delulu haha. Also, I have to say I really, really love your blog. Your opinions are very well thought out & I'm super amazed with your efforts. Kudos!

Hi cutie ^^ first off, I have to say: no one really knows the relationships between the boys. All of us are just fans and we don’t really know what goes on in private ^^ Anything I say, although based on what I see, is just my opinion ^^

warning: basically a short markjin essay, please forgive me LOL I’m trash

:) I agree with you, though I think Mark got jealous before more frequently than now. I think Jinyoung has always been someone who has helped Mark and taken care of him, so Mark was very attached to Jinyoung, as someone who could help and reassure him (you can see how they seem very fond when they talk about their trainee days, how they would eat ice cream together. They always went out together and talked, even with a language barrier. The fact that Jinyoung would go to Mark’s interviews and help him when he was nervous with Korean). I think he still has that attachment now (like Mark running over to hug Jinyoung when Jinyoung was paired with Yugyeom during the school attack thing), but I think Mark is slightly more confident than before, so he doesn’t try to monopolize Jinyoung as much as before (though he still tries~~) ^^ Also, I think skinship is something that Jinyoung also helped make Mark more comfortable with. Like skinship isn’t really a thing here in America and a lot of guys are weirded out by it and I think Mark was the same. But I think since Jinyoung is naturally touchy with people he’s close to (Jackson too, but early on, I think Jackson tried to play more into Mark’s American “bro” vibe, in which people don’t kiss cheeks or hold hands), Jinyoung helped Mark become more comfortable with skinship. In real got7 season 1, when Jinyoung kisses Mark’s cheek, Mark was beyond surprised and freaked out a tiny bit XD But then later on, Mark was the one kissing Jinyoung on the cheek and back hugging, without any trouble at all. I think since Jinyoung was the one to expose Mark to that kind of skinship, Mark naturally became most comfortable with skinship with Jinyoung (these days though, Mark is a skinship machine LOL).

omg I’m getting off track!! ANYWAY, my point was, that since Jinyoung was really a large part of Mark’s life in Korea early on, especially in the aspect of helping him fit in more with Korean culture, I think Mark became attached to Jinyoung early on, and that’s where his jealousy stems from. When something is a source of comfort for you, you kind of don’t want to share it ^^ since Mark is more comfortable and confident now, I don’t think he gets jealous as often as before. But of course, you still see him wanting to be paired with Jinyoung and staying close to him and doing skinship with him (NEVER FORGET THAT THEY SPOONED WHEN THEY NAPPED), and I think wanting to be with someone he’s so comfortable with, is where that jealousy comes from ^^ ❤️️

tyler bate - make it up to you.

SUMMARY: boy and girl are best friends.. girl is in love with boy, boy is in love with girl.. both think they don’t stand a chance. friend of girl gets it in her head that SHE ALSO likes boy and being bolder, she makes a move. boy and girls so called friend wind up dating. girl is hurt, tries to warn boy what he’s getting himself into. boy and girl fight and girl decides she can’t be close to watch boy get his heart called friend fucks anything with a penis. boy finds out. boy goes to girl.. feelings are admitted. FLUFF OVERLOAD. AND ANGST A LIL BIT.

This… it was inspired by a) my apparent need to cry my eyes at 10 pm as I wrote it… and an ask that I saw on @wwesmutdonedirtcheap blog earlier about how some chick cheated on the poor bby I know as my sexy british husband… Anyway, yeah. If I have to cry?? bet your asses?? you will cry too???




Tyler Bate x Reader ( you )


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When he started dating her, you had to distance. You couldn’t just stand back, watch the guy you loved falling in love with someone else, it was like slow and steady torture. Eventually, you moved out of the flat you’d been sharing with Tyler and Pete and Trent.. the last you heard, Tyler’s girlfriend was living there in your old room.

And then, earlier, you’d run into Pete at the fitness center near Full Sail and he told you something pretty bad about  Tyler and this new girlfriend of his.. How she was screwing around and every time he or Trent tried to tell Tyler, it ended in them arguing.. How the girl had Tyler brainwashed into believing she was this angel and she’d never do that.

You sighed as Pete stood there, recounting it all to you and you bit your lip. “She was like that all through high school so it honestly doesn’t surprise me… But why tell me?” you asked the question, your head slightly tilted to the side. One of the 5 year olds you taught ballet to ran to the door and you gave her a gentle smile and then told her you’d be in to start class in a few seconds.

“I’m tellin you because Trent and I aren’t stupid, okay? We both saw the way you looked at him. And we know that he..”

“He what, Dunne?”

“He liked you.. A lot. And if he thought he had a chance, he’d probably have told ya. But you were always dating the guys you dated..” Pete eyed you and you felt your heart speed up a little bit. You must have given some kind of sign that you were happy about what he told you, because he chuckled and then mused aloud, “I knew it.”

“But.. I can’t be around them together, okay? It kills me.. Especially since Viv did what she did.”

Pete raised his brow.

You went on to explain.. “I had it all planned out, you know? Candles, that damned carbonera he liked so much when I cooked it… I was even going to kick you two goons out of the apartment.. But Viv, she  got to him before me and she made it seem as if she’d liked him for a long time and I wasn’t interested in him at all…” you paused, wincing at the memory of how it all played out, how you came back from making a last minute dessert  run to find Viv and Tyler in the kitchen, Viv taking all the credit for what you’d set up to finally reveal your feelings to Tyler.

Pete swore and shook his head. “Point in me telling you is this.. She’s going to break up with him tonight.. She has no choice. I caught her screwing the guy who lives in that apartment under ours and I got proof. Tyler, he’s… He’s tough.. Nowhere near tough as Trent or me…”

“And you want me to do what?” you eyed Pete, trying to figure out what he was getting at and you continued quietly, “Because if he’s really in love with her, it’s not going to make a difference?”

“That’s the thing, okay? He’s not.”

Pete dug around in the baggy gym shorts he wore and held out his phone, pressing play. You bit your lip as you listened, heard  Tyler sort of drunkenly pouring everything out to Trent and Pete and Mandrews.

But it still wasn’t clear what Pete expected you to do..

Before you could ask him again what you were supposed to do with everything you’d just been told, Pete was gone and you were left standing in the doorway of the dance studio, puzzled. You shook your head, shoved it out of your mind and went into the studio to teach your dance class.

By the time you’d gotten back to your apartment that night, after stopping to have a few drinks with some of the girls you worked at the hospital nearby with, you’d pretty much told yourself that Tyler was drunk on the recording, that maybe his feelings had changed since then..

The streetlight came on and you saw Tyler leaned against it, hands in the pocket of his leather jacket, head down. You bit your lip as your heart sped up a little and promptly felt like it was breaking when he looked up and right at you and you could tell that he wanted to cry but he wasn’t about to do it and look weak.

“G’head. Tell me ya told me so. I’ll deserve it.” he muttered the words quietly, a hurt and half hearted tone in his voice that was killing you. You dug out your keys and then unlocked the door, called out to him quietly, “ Do you wanna come in?”

“Do you want me to come in? I.. I won’t blame you if you don’t.” and you sighed, stepping up to him and grabbing his hand to lead him inside. Shutting the door behind you, you slipped off your jacket and your shoes and Tyler took off his jacket, his eyes darting around the apartment. You still had all the pictures taken while you two were best friends out and hanging up on the walls. Naturally, there were a myriad of candles all over, books  stacked spontaneously throughout and he smiled, despite himself. It hit him then, just how hard you not being his best friend anymore had been.

You’d made your way into the kitchen, coming back out with a yogurt and a spoon and the rest of the sandwich you’d taken for lunch for him and you tapped his shoulder, holding out the sandwich as you took a bite of the yogurt.

“I should have listened to you..” were the first words from his mouth and you sighed quietly, shrugging. “You thought you were in love with her.” you explained it to him quietly and he shrugged as he muttered, “Thought being the key word.”

Before you could stop yourself, you’d put down your yogurt cup and you were pulling him into a hug, sighing softly when your nose filled with the scent of his cologne and his arms wrapped right back around you, squeezing you almost tightly enough that you gasped and told him in a voice muffled by his shirt, “I can’t breathe, big guy..” but you were hugging back just as tightly. You did not want to let go and if it hadn’t been for the breathing issue, you wouldn’t have. He let his hold loose a little and you looked up at him, swallowing hard.

It killed you, seeing him so upset. It killed you even more than the fact that you weren’t best friends anymore, that you’d basically had to get away, get some distance just to keep from driving yourself crazy watching him with her.

You pulled him down onto the couch after you’d sat down, turning on the tv set. For a few minutes, it was quiet, neither of you said anything. He’d been laying sprawled out on the couch, his head was on your leg, you were trailing your fingers through his hair as you watched the soap opera you’d recorded for the day… Until you felt him staring up at you intently.


“Just thinking about how much I missed this.” his voice was huskier somehow and you bit your lip as you clenched your thighs because his eyes had this.. This look to them. Swallowing hard, you licked your spoon and then admitted quietly, “So did I.”

It was true… Even if you did want more, you missed just knowing he was your friend.

He was sitting up and you eyed him.

“You want to talk about what happened?” you asked him the question quietly and he shook his head. “I’d rather not think about it..” Tyler shook his head, trailed off and you’d almost swear that you heard him adding under his breath, “Or how stupid I was.”

You bit your lip and his eyes followed the gesture.

“What if I told ya I just wanted to lay here and hold you?” he asked the question tentatively and you nearly choked on the yogurt you’d just taken a bite of but you answered quietly, “Are you telling me that?”

He gave a nod and you grabbed the zebra print throw blanket on the end of the couch, pulling it over the two of you as you settled in against him and his arms slipped around you. Before you stopped being friends, this wasn’t an unusual thing and as his arms wrapped around you, you couldn’t help but think that it felt just as good and just as right as it had before everything came to an abrupt end.

You rolled over to face him after a few more seconds and him chuckling quietly when you were swearing at the tv set because the show was not going how you thought it should go. “Tyler, I’m sorry.. I never should have been childish and stopped being your friend.” you were in mid sentence when his grip tightened on you and you were molded completely against his body as he lowered his lips to yours, his tongue slipping past your lips slowly. You groaned, you started out clutching his t shirt to attempt stopping him from just doing what he was doing, you wound up gripping a handful of his t shirt and slipping your leg over his hip, his hand moving slowly over your leg.

“I just want to not think about it.. I’m sorry I said all the stuff I said to you when you tried to warn me about her.. I’m sorry I didn’t…” Tyler trailed off, deepening the kiss as you nipped at his lip and he groaned into your mouth. “Don’t apologize, okay? Just stop.” you muttered against his lips as he rolled onto his back and pulled you on top of him, laying flat against his body, continued to kiss you, his lips straying, moving slowly down your neck.

“Maybe..” you trailed off..

“Maybe what?” he asked breathlessly as he stopped kissing you to fix his eyes on you. You bit your lip and told him quietly, “You just got hurt really badly..”

“You’re right, I just… Coming here and seeing you again, realizing how much I missed you.” Tyler admitted as you licked your lips, swallowing hard to calm yourself down, mentally kicking yourself for stopping things before they got too far. But it was better than just rushing into something.

“I missed you too, okay?” you told him quietly as you trailed your fingers through his hair. His hands locked across your lower back, holding you in place as he kissed you again. You kissed him again and then asked quietly, “Do you want to… Do you want to stay over?”

“Do you want me to stay?” he asked the question quietly and you nodded, giving him a soft smile. “I really have missed you.” you told him quietly as he gave you a bright smirk and then hugged you against him.

“Did you really set up that whole dinner?” he asked and you stared at him, nodding slowly. “Then Viv took credit for it.. And I just.. I saw how happy she made you..” you admitted as he sighed and swore.

“It’s okay, Tyler.”

“No, it isn’t.” he shook his head and hugged you against him, his lips finding your forehead as he told you in a quiet voice, “So you really felt…”

“Feel.” you admitted, swallowing hard as you added, “Because I never got over it, okay? I still feel the same way. I just don’t want you to throw yourself into this because she hurt you?” and  Tyler shook his head. “I felt the same way, I just figured that if I said anything, you’d laugh.”


“Let me make the whole thing up to you..” he muttered quietly as his lips found yours again and his hands massaged your lower back, his thumbs trailing lazy circles on your skin as you bit back a whimper and smiled into the kiss. “I’d like that..” you admitted and he smiled, hugging against you, both of you yawning.

Hello Inception Fandom! It’s time for INCEPTIMALS: An animal inspired fic collection! Catboy!Arthur, Werewolf!Eames, Mermaid!Ariadne, anything goes as long as at least one of your character is an animal, has animal characteristics, or even just owns an animal who is part of the main story! 

Sign up HERE! There is no word limit and art is very welcome. We’ll check in on you on May 15th to see how things are progressing and the posting will be on Monday, May 29th. If you have any questions, please contact us at Happy creating!

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I love your stories! All of your fanfics seem so well rounded. Any tips on world/character/plot building?

With world building it’s kind of whatever you want, though you should set up “rules” for your world, especially in regards to magic. It’s kind of an an anything goes, I guess. You can model places/creatures after things that already exist, but try not to make things stereotypical (Elves and Dwarves are almost exactly the same in anything you read, you can use them, but at least try not make them LOTR ripoffs lol).

Characters and plot is all about doing what’s natural. Don’t make characters develop too quickly, give them time to grow. It can be subtle. You don’t need to shove things in the readers face. With plot, you just have to take things one step at a time. Make a point A and point B, then make several, smaller points between those, then smaller. Smaller. Smaller until you have things mapped out. 

Every world you build has a ton of things that go into it (locations, government, magic, language, traditional customs, etc) but DON’T INFO DUMP. Give basic information for exposition, enough to give a feel/taste of the new world. Gradually give more. Make it natural, just enough to keep teasing.

I’m really bad at explaining things like this, but… a lot of it is just practice. The first “world” you build is probably going to suck. You just have to keep working at it. Look at what some of you’re favorite author’s have done. Look at how they mapped their world or wrote their characters.

Do that.

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So i thought about this ‘death of the author"…

Also, since there are no two identical rational and fair readers, there cannot be two identical interpretations of the same text (=there are, at least theoretically, infinite possibilities). And that doesn’t propose / postulate an “anything goes”. As I (and many others, of course *g*) see it it’s a characteristic of a “good” text that it not only allows but calls for / enables different interpretations, that it’s not one-dimensional.

Good call, Aqua! This is definitely true. Truly deep texts often do have wildly varying interpretations, and many of them of course can be valid–just look at the many different ways people talk about Westworld! (What is Dolores doing?) However, there’s a limit to that, I think. “Anything” definitely does not go, haha. If I roll up to Supernatural and say, This is a story about how Sam is secretly a dog! then that’s just… nonsensical, and hopefully people would treat it as such.

I think what I was getting at with my repetition of rational and fair is that there are lines between nonsensical and “multiple valid interpretations”, lines which are sometimes quite fine. There’s a certain amount of Occam’s Razor-type thinking that I would encourage people to apply–and there’s also acknowledging your biases, which is admittedly really hard to do. Occam’s Razor comes in when we have things like, say, Sam stating This is my life, and I love it. We could go on interpretation safari and say, no, he’s lying, he’s just trying to pull the wool over Charlie’s eyes to make her help him save Dean! The writers are sabotaging his character and retconning him! And that’s not… well, it’s not totally unreasonable, I guess? But maybe a simpler interpretation is just that he’s had some character development and changed his mind about the life. Fairness comes in… well, as I said in response to some other person, once, you can hold up a blue filter in front of a yellow light all day if you want–it doesn’t make the light itself green. It only makes what you see green. And it’s cool if you prefer the green light–totally cool if you prefer to see a world where, for example, Dean truly and purely hates John. It’s just that it would be nice if, when you interpret from that angle, you would tack on an acknowledgement of your… filter. 

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*Sorta urgent* So many people bind with multiple sports bras. I can't stand them so I bind with genie bras. Do you think that's safe? And if so, what should the limit of layers be?

Kii says:

I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before, but upon looking up Genie bras, I think they’re just cupless and wireless fabric bras (like a sports bra but without the compression). Because they’re similar to sports bras, follow the same rules for binding with sports bras: start with 2 in your correct size (move to 3 only if you have gotten comfortable with 2), no more than 8 hours, and for any method of binding: listen to your body and stop if anything goes wrong.

I’m so nervous. Today is the day I start playing with vampires in my save. I’ve copied what I call “Mayfair Proper”, which is my save so far with all of my Sim families, minus Forgotten Hollow, and I’ll be going to play with Vlad and the the Vatores and having them start their rampage in “Mayfair Hollows” so hopefully if anything goes wrong I can revert back to Proper without any issues but omg I am so frickin nervous right now wish me luck lol

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Hello~ Can you do Infinite as mythical creatures please?

Well hello there~ I think this sounds fun and I hope you like how it turns out!



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A phoenix! A golden bird that bursts into flames when it dies and is reborn in it’s ashes. He’s taken down a lot but always comes back strong and does his best.


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A hobgoblin! A humanoid creature who is playful and mischievous but can get rowdy and even confrontational when antagonized. 


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A pixie! A supernatural humanoid creature with pointy ears that likes to cause mischief. He’s cute, playful, and endearing.


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A dragon! They are fire-breathing reptiles with wings that often hoard treasures. I feel like he’d be purple and hoard anything that goes well with him.


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A banshee! For anybody who’s ever heard his high-pitch screams you’ll understand. They are spirits that shrieks/wails to tell of an impending death.


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A vampire! A charming being who is immortal and lives by drinking blood. He’s got the looks, the walk, the talk, and a gaze that will draw you in quickly.


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An alicorn! This is the name for a winged unicorn. It’s magical, mythical, mysterious, and beautiful to look at.

something i rly liked about the most recent boruto episode was just like– the fact that it was one of those boys vs girls episodes, but instead of it being a matter of demeaning the other team’s gender or anything like that like how it usually goes in cartoons when things get to be boys vs girls, like??? it was completely tame like it was just boys vs girls and that was that. and then at the end it wasnt like “aww man the GIRLS WON!! i LOST TO A BUNCH OF GIRLS!!!” or anything!??! they were all supportive and complementing each other??? ? ? they were just a bunch of kids having fun and im so glad n happy i love boruto

i was over my grandad’s house today, and my mom goes “don’t go in that room on the right when you get upstairs.” so naturally my curious ass is trynna figure out why. so i didn’t say anything until we got back in the car and she goes “yeah that room has sex toys in it. your grandad apparently has a sex toy business and he keeps his inventory in there.”

i’ve been disassociating ever since :/

Comparing S.Links: Persona 4 X Persona 5

Persona 4:Go to work in the hospital at night, and make friendship with a Nurse that is trying to seduce the protagonist and even if you want you can’t get anything with her and she goes to Africa and the game !

Persona 5:Date your own Professor and enjoy was she call’s you “Master” every time !

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: Veronica! OpEn ThE- OpEn ThE dOoR pLeAsE! vErOnIcA, oPeN tHe DoOr-WhY dO yOu WrItE lIkE yOu'Re RuNnInG oUt Of TiMe-oMiGoD oH mY gOd YoU gUyS lOoKs LiKe ElLe'S gOnNa WiN tHe PrIzE-pOpUlAr YoU'Re GoNnA bE pOpUlAr I'lL tEaCh YoU tHe PrOpEr PoIsE-lEt yOuR FrEaK FlAg WaVe LeT yOuR fReAk FlAg FlY-GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE-wHat TiMe iS iT? sUmMeR tImE-SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-i'M fLyInG FLYING FLYING FLYING-wHeN tHe WoRlD hAs ScReWeD yOu AnD cRuShEd YoU iN iTs FiSt-tHe PhAnToM oF tHe OPERAAAA-BIGGEST PLAIN FOOL IN THE JUNGLE OF NOOL-GREASE LIGHTNING-lItTlE sHoP lItTlE ShOp Of HorRor-ANYTHING GOES!! *endless loop*
  • Psychic: WTF