and not all of them can make the world team

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top 5 most likely to make the japan national team :))

Yesterday we all went a little bit emotional with this national team headcanon, and I actually thought about this top 5…a lot. It’s probably one of the hardest because in our eyes most of them are really skilled enough to reach the top and be a part of the national team.

I decided to make this with characters we all know, leaving out people introduced just in the manga. I hope I can stay objective with this one, but I can’t guarantee you that…

1. Ushijima. Let’s face it, this boy is already with one foot there, since he’s the only player selected to participate in the Youth World Championship as Japan’s under 18/19 volleyball representative. It would literally surprise nobody to see him being the first one wearing the red and black jersey. 

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2. Oikawa. He’s the setter™ and he honestly just deserves this place more than anyone else. Also imagine for the dramatics of it all, being finally in team with Ushijima…I’d pay to see it, but at the same time I’m more than sure that they’ll manage to work really really well together. After all, among everyone else, Ushijima chose him, this is a testament that there are no other setters as good as him around. 

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3. Kageyama. Speaking of people almost there, our wonderful blueberry has been chosen to train at the all Japan youth training camp, sign that they already got an eye on him and, seeing how immensely skilled and versatile he is, it’s almost obvious that he’s gonna become part of Japan’s national volleyball team in the future. 

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(Oikawa would have a blast being in the same team as Ushijima and Kageyama)

4. Tsukishima. Now that he’s “hooked on volleyball” I bet no one could stop him. He’s an incredible middle blocker, his abilities are recognized by everyone (that’s why a certain thing happened short after the Shiratorizawa match) and also he has still A LOT to grow. By the time he’s ready, every team would fight to have him and watch me being in the crowd yelling TSUKKIIIIIII until I have no air left in my lungs

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5. Bokuto. He might not be the best ace of the country (yet), he’s not a stable player at all, but the national team needs him even just for the effect he has on people. Despite everything, he naturally draws people to him, he inspires and guide them, his power is so mesmerizing he doesn’t just motivate his own team, he motivates the opponents too. There may be spikers stronger than him (not so many tbh), but no one would have the same human impact on a team like he would have. 

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- Bonus: listen you have no idea how mad I am about the fact that no one ever acknowledges how hella good Nishinoya is as a libero. He’s perfect and the national team needs a guardian deity so if it’s not happening I’m gonna personally put him in a box and mail him there ok really he deserves it SO MUCH!!!! 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

Being the Youngest Member of the Avengers Would Involve

 (youngest by a pretty large margin, maybe they’d be like 19)

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  • Steve getting mad when he first discovers you’re on the team because “You can’t just bring a kid into a war like this, Tony!”
  • Proving to Steve that you can handle yourself and he really needn’t worry (he still does of course)
  • To make Steve feel better, Bucky and Nat both specifically look out for you and make sure you’re in close range of them at all times - after all, who better to watch over you than some of the world’s best assassins?
  • Having to choose a side during Civil War but also being told to stay out of it because they don’t want you hurt - do you listen though?
  • Being teased by Tony, Steve and Clint about Peter who has a bit of a crush on you
  • Tony helping you with school work because there’s no way you’re falling behind. It turns into a regular thing where you sit down with one of the Avengers and they just give you a hand
  • Natasha and Clint basically adopting you as a younger sibling
  • Wanda also treats you like a sibling, always calming down when you get anxiety or just get a bit stressed
  • You’d occasionally get teased but it’s pretty light hearted especially since you start calling Tony and Steve “Dad”
  • Everyone always underestimating you but they soon learn that that’s a mistake.
  • The public would love you - there’d be loads of fan pages and it would get to the point that you’d make an instagram or tumblr or something and just interact with people
  • Becoming best friends with Peter but also Sam because you make each other laugh easily
  • Growing your powers and learning to control them better
  • Creating this sort of second family who supports you through everything and keeps you safe

so I had an insane dream I need to write it down I have so many new headcanons so imagine if you will:

-fahc who play a ‘most dangerous game’ , gents vs lads, every year to stay sharp, it doesn’t happen annually, just whenever they all agree they haven’t done many intense jobs in a few weeks
-honestly it’s just them running around and catching one way flights and trying to see if they can outrun the other team
-it’s a week of chaos around the world, Gavin likes to make a big show of where he is, same with Michael, so they feel like there’s a challenge, Jeremy just likes to fly somewhere and disappear completely
-Jack usually goes off and hunts Jeremy, trying to follow his fading trail through some backwoods town in Canada
-Ryan hunts Gavin, extremely annoyed by him hacking into the entirety of the Times Square billboards to make them have pictures of Gav’s golden sunglasses
-Geoff hunting Michael, because he just likes to see if he can get him before Michael blows up whatever city he’s in, basically Michael uses this as a way to see how many ways he can decimate a city skyline
-Overall I just want it to come down to an insane chase within giant factories, the hunter barreling down hallways and the lad a few rooms down, climbing around into vents to find their escape
-This goes with any ship and I love it
-Jerevin? have them hide out together where Jeremy stays completely hidden and Gavin gives them away every two seconds.
-Mavin? Those two fucks blow up everything and crash seemingly every car they can find, cops basically just watch in terror.
-Micheoff? Geoff is chasing Michael as Michael plays around with him what more do you n e e d??
-B-Team could provide backup for the gents, sending them any information they can find, like flights the lads might have taken
-one time the lads all led the gents to one spot and when they realized what had happened Ryan lost his shit and almost broke his hand punching a nearby wall, basically it gets very intense

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Tell me about Jaune please. How does he help his team, his friends, the little things he does for them and random strangers.

Jaune is the kind of person who will be there for you when you feel down. You can see that clearly in Volume 3 and 4, when he comforts Pyrrha and Ruby. He listens. He’s there. He tries to give advice. He tries to cheer them up. 

He is a great leader. He sees it as his duty to make sure the team does not only fight but also feel good. What he does are small gestures, but he tries to make it seem like the greatest thing in the world. See, a Box of cookies, see how good they look, the best and most delicious cookies in the whole wide world. It’s not to show off but to make everyone damn excited and happy about these cookies.

After all you can’t worry that much when you’re thinking about how good these cookies taste, right?

He tries to be very aware of his team’s mood all the time. Watches them to see if someone’s feeling down. But also he tries to keep his own issues away from them. He doesn’t want his mourning for Pyrrha make them feel bad, so he doesn’t talk about it. He feels so damn responsible for their well being he sometimes forgets about his own.

He leaves the cooking to Ren, but he makes them coffee every morning, and he exactly remembers how each of them like their coffee. As soon as one of his friends seems a bit off, a bit more reserved than usual, he will talk to them. He will give them the space they need if they do need it, but he will make sure they’re okay. 

I wonder why it seems as if people watching Legends of Tomorrow seem to be have such diametrically opposed reactions to the team’s recurring jokes about Mick and his supposed lack of intelligence.

On one hand, there are some who seem to look at it and come away with the impression that it’s a sign of how close the team has become, how good friends they are that they can say mean things to one another, that they are comfortable making snarky jokes and all is well in the world.

Then there are others - and I am one of them myself, so I’m probably not able to phrase this in a neutral manner - who look at how Mick reacts to the jokes, how he never seems to find them funny, and remember from season one how being thought just a thug, just the muscle, just meat was most definitely a sore spot with him. Personally, I’d call the entire thing workplace bullying, but maybe that’s just me.

But irregardless of where I fall on this spectrum, I do wonder how all of us can be watching the same show and find ourselves interpreting what we see so very differently.

signs as iconic taylor swift lyrics
  • aries: "now all we know is don't let go. we are alone, just you and me, up in your room and our slates are clean; just twin fire signs, four blue eyes"
  • taurus: "and all we are is skin and bone, trained to get along; forever going with the flow, but you're friction"
  • gemini: "you searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had, and in the end in wonderland we both went mad"
  • cancer: "and i hope the sun shines and it's a beautiful day, and something reminds you you wish you had stayed; you can plan for a change in weather and time, but i never planned on you changing your mind"
  • leo: "we need love, but all we want is danger; we team up then switch sides like a record changer; the rumors are terrible and cruel but, honey, most of them are true"
  • virgo: "this is looking like a contest, of who can act like they care less, but i liked it better when you were on my side. the battle's in your hands now, but i would lay my armor down if you said you'd rather love than fight"
  • libra: "but i took your matches before fire could catch me, so don't look now; i'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town"
  • scorpio: "people are people and sometimes it doesn't work out; nothing we say is gonna save us from a fall out. and we know it's never simple, never easy. never a clean break, no one's here to save me"
  • sagittarius: "time won't fly, it's like i'm paralyzed by it; i'd like to be my old self again, but i'm still trying to find it"
  • capricorn: "we made quite a mess, babe, it's probably better off this way; and i confess, babe, in my dreams you're touching my face and asking me if i wanna try again with you. and i almost do"
  • aquarius: "months and months of back and forth, you're still all over me like a wine stained dress i can't wear anymore; hung my head as i lost the war, and the sky turned black like a perfect storm"
  • pisces: "and i guess we fell apart in a usual way, and the story's got dust on every page; but sometimes i wonder how you think about it now, and i see your face in every crowd"
Country team jackets

Alright Yuri!! on Ice fandom, it has been brought to my attention that if so many of you think Yuuri was based on Yuzuru it’s because of his jacket 

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The thing though is that jacket isn’t “Yuuri’s” jacket. It’s the Team Japan jacket. Here you have Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno wearing it (the closest version of the one Yuuri wears in the last episode)

The Team Jacket changes pretty much every season, but ALL the japanese skaters who goes to international competition wears them.

You can see some variations :

It’s the same for other countries like Russia

Even if figure skating is an individual (or pair) sport, and there’s a mix of nationalities in some federations, skaters can still unite as teams (either to promote their sport or during special team competitions like the World Team Trophy or the Team Event at the Olympics).

The ISU (the international skating federation) thought making team events and competition would bring new people to the sport as well as raise some interest to it. I don’t know how successful it actually was but the team events are a blessing of fluff, tough competition, and skaters being the biggest dorks in the kiss and cry cheering for each other. 

So you should definetely check the team events

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(in that gif you can see 3 variations of the Team Japan jacket)

sniper headcanon

sniper only completed 7th grade. after that he went back home to help support his family. he didnt think much of it since its pretty common in rural areas. that is until he met medic and engie. he felt a little intimidated by them and their educations. 

it wasnt until a talk one night with Heavy and Demo that he understood that someone can have all the degrees and schooling in the world, but that doesnt make them better at everything. Medic wouldnt last an hour alone in Australian wilds and Engie cant shoot a bullseye to save his life.

the day he taught engie how to aim and the time he saved medic from a venomous snake were good days for his ego.

Cross (5/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader x Justice Leauge

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Words: 1265
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: fighting
Authors Note: oh shit I love this series and I’m so glad you guys do too

One Two Three Four Five Six


“Who are these new villains? What do they want from us? Where are the Avengers to stop them!” The news said.

Everyone was feeling horrible. No one on the Avengers knew how to take these guys down- especially after hearing the stories that Green Arrow and Batman told of fighting the villains.

It was all sounding terribly difficult, and considering they were from another universe, it sounded even worse. If they just vanished, the people would want to know what happened. And no one on the team, especially you, wanted to tell the world that you could travel through dimensions. That would just make all hell break loose.

“Why can’t we just deal with them?” The Green Lantern spoke up (note to self: different from Arrow guy). You hadn’t really ever heard him talk, as he seemed to be sort of quiet and went with the other group. It just seemed weird to hear him talk.

“Well, you guys come from a different world. The Avengers are known here, and if a group of new superheroes were to take down these villains, things could end poorly. Especially after getting you all back to your homes…the world would want answers.” Tony spoke quickly, like he had been thinking about what to do and had already thought through the Justice League fighting them.

The alternate team didn’t say much- just stayed quiet, accepting that Tony might have been right.

Everyone seemed like they wanted to speak up, and say something, but as the news continued to go on, no one said anything. You could hear a pin drop if the TV were off- it was an awkward silence.

You watched in horror as you saw innocent people walk past these new villains, as they threatened anyone who walked in their path. You felt a pit grow in your stomach.

“I’m going out there.” You stood up.

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overwatch sad ramble

okay wow so all these overwatch family headcanons ive been receiving in my inbox are lovely BUT it also makes when winston said “they tore our family apart” in the teaser thingy EVEN SADDER. like IMAGINE when overwatch was forced to disband all the HUGS AND NEVER WANTING TO LET GO and teary farewells and goodbyes they all give each other because some of them don’t know when they’ll see each other again AND IMAGINE TEAM MOM MERCY AND TEAM DAD REINHARDT TELLING EVERYONE ELSE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES AND BE GOOD and to remember everything they taught them……..omg and most of the rest of the world has turned against them and they can’t even look to each other for support because multiple overwatch agents gathering in the same area isn’t allowed so they have to face the scorn and insults thrown at them alone. and i just think of recall when winston called tracer and she was so damn happy to hear his voice and she says it’s been too long and i just imagine her getting so emotional when she hears her best friend’s voice for the first time in a long time finally getting to know that he’s doing alright, and that they’ll /finally/ see their family again and that they won’t let anything separate them ever again

Working on things and I thought of this AU idea where the One Piece gang is in an RPG world because I love designing game characters and elements. I love old school RPGs like old Final Fantasy, Tactics, Chrono Trigger, Disgaea, Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, etc.

Luffy being the hero I also made him the freelancer class because he usually makes up his moves on the fly anyway. He excels in Strength and Vitality with Defense but his Luck and Intelligence is low. I think this might be a thing I design when I’m taking breaks from work.


I am far too emotionally invested in Tony Stark and it makes me really sad to see all the hate of him ‘cause I just… I get it. I get him. He feels so fucking guilty, and he’s doing everything he can to make things right again, and every time it just blows up in his face, and then that makes him feel guilty. 

Tony Stark feels guilty for being a hero. 

He feels guilty for saving the world. 

And he’s drowning in everything, and his rock left him, and his team is falling apart, and people have died, and he didn’t save them, he didn’t save everyone and he fucking created Ultron to begin with, and he’s so far gone that he’s practically curling up in the fetal position even when other people are in the room

when Ross is telling them about it, Tony is curled up in a corner

he’s tired

he’s tired of fighting and he’s tired of everything going wrong

and he wants to make the world better, but people still die, and he wants to do something to make it right



and he wants to sign the accords, because for once, he wants the blame to be on someone else, he wants to not be drowning in the guilt

because that’s what’s happening. Tony Stark is drowning in guilt. Tony Stark has always been drowning in guilt, since the moment he saw that missile with his name on it blow up. 

Guilt for the people who died because of his weapons. Guilt for the people who’s lives were destroyed. Guilt because the Avengers brought all this to the world. Guilt because of Ultron. Because he created that. Because people died. Guilt because of the worrying he puts Pepper through. And then Rhodey falls out of the sky, and he’s got guilt from that too. Guilt for not saying goodbye to his parents, for not telling him he loved them one more time. 

And the only thing that was keeping Tony Stark afloat in that sea of guilt, was Pepper Potts and the idea that maybe he could be a hero. Maybe he could help people. 

and both of those are gone. Pepper is gone. And every time he tries to save the world, something goes wrong. People die. Like that kid. 

He’s drowning, and he’s grasping at straws trying to keep himself a float. 

And no one, not a single one of them, seems to really notice that. No one says, hey, Tony are you okay? No one seems worried about his mental state. In fact, the only person I remember seeming concerned is the person who forgot to change the teleprompter and had it mention Pepper. 

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Oliver Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance are actually world famous serial killers who go by the Green Arrow and Black Canary, Laurel hooks their prey in with her sweet seductive voice, making them weak to the Green Arrows blows. Their "team" are people they find on the street, Roy find them a target, Felicity makes sure all evidence points the other way, Dig and Thea are the clean up crew - Scarlet

Can they go after the LoT writers

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Can you tell us about your magical girl teams?

.+:。 ( ╯ ✧  ω ✧;;;  ヽ)*:・゚✧ OH ANON HOW YOU TEMPT ME SO!! I am weak… I have sooo manyy…. and some are a little spoilery coz they’re unreleased or in storage meaning they’re totally disorganized… I won’t count the ones that I scrapped or repurosed into a not MG genre story/world, or the stories that fall more strictly into western superhero style with lead female characters/and or are mg twinged but not really full on magical girl genre.

oh god.. Let me see if I … can attempt to make some sense of these…  i’m sorry i don’t have a lot in the way of a cohesive team image for all of them, they’re scattered everywhere.


Bee’s sparknotes original magical girl series  guide! (below the cut)

* = tentative/placeholder titles

The Book keepers*: 7 members, 1 mascot. Fantasy in the middle, Amira, is the leader. Queer college kids with a literature theme and the powers of GENRE! These are our early stage outfit designs (courtesy of @dyemelikeasunset ) but there may be updates in the future <3

Starless: 12 members divided into 2 teams, 12 henshin-mascots. The one above is Vanessa, she’s a leader of one of the teams. Symbiotic alien magical girls! These characters used to be tmm fan characters too. I’ve redesigned the outfits so many times and the story itself isn’t very complete either so it’s just sorta chillin’ now. You can see the other leader Kristyn on Day 4 here, but it’s a bit outdated because she’s a wheelchair user. just imagine her sitting.. orz

Forecasters: 5 members, one mascot (right there!!! ^) Weather theme magical girls with some superhero flavor. An unreleased project that i am focusing on the most right now a lot and am too shy to share yet lmfaosdfgfgh sorry

The Cosmic Club: 3 members, 1 mentor, possibly a mascot later?? Jameela, in the center is the leader! Planetary powers and a “secret friendship club” feeling! a little bit of a mg x cartoon superhero x ppg fusion. They’re new so I don’t have a lot for them though but I REALLY LOVE THEM

Lilypad Princess: 3 members, 3 mascots; Susie (The leader) and Lily, Ziya and Sunflower, and Georgie and Viola. Susie was originally made for a fun magical girl prompt contest entry and I gave her some friends. General flower and element themes in a precure inspired way and feelgood childhood innocence. No story, just kind of a recent redesign experiment.

Cheers*: Team of 7. Lemonade/Leslie is the leader… My “drink tans” (Like.. OS-Tans, but beverages??) that grew a MG flavor over time coz i can’t help myself. All based off a beverage with vaguely associated beverage superpowers. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet.

Unlucky*: Formerly 5 members but i may add more depending if it even stays a magical girl story. Quinn is the leader! Originally lucky cat themed nekomata magical girls, but due for major redesigns coz i had no real story and it was kinda whitewashed when i made it. I love this set though and will probably rework it someday. 

TMM Fruit parfait: 5 members, no mascot coz m’ lazy. my most active tokyo mew mew fan character team! they don’t have a story, it’s just for fun. They’re all specifically fruit names though!

TMM Citron Bonbon: 5 members, 5 mascots. Cutie you see here is Mew Grapefruit, the leader! another new tmm fan team, they’re all citrus foods and have rodent dna becuase those are my favorite things. I have a bunch of backlog for these guys I’ll be posting very soon actually. 

I also have designs for MG teams with the following themes that haven’t gotten outta the development stages but i’ll include them here anyways i guess… 

Candy themed magical girls (early concept Spearmint, 2 other members designed atm)

Rainbow themed knights with academic specialties- a team of uhhh 8+ (this one is Canary) because it was shaping up to be a magical academy deal

disabled cyber-mech warriors… (Above is Shawntay, her codename is Neo Flora Cannon.) 2 other members.

they just don’t have fully designed teams yet because i have too many bigger projects to focus on so i haven’t gotten around to it hahaahhhhhhhh /falls over

Marvel vs DC is so damn tiring. I can like them both or just one without trash-talking the other. Thank you very much.

For Everyone Not Understanding The Gurus

1. There are three different teams: Stuff Pack, Game Pack, and Expansion Pack

2. Each team has different people. They all don’t work on each thing together, i.e why we have waterslides, wishing wells and lemonade instead of toddlers.

3. The Sims 4 wasn’t supposed to be like TS1,2,3. It was supposed to be an online game. like “Habbo” or “World of Warcraft.”

4. We don’t have toddlers because it wasn’t what they were going to initially make, not because they were being “lazy.”

5. If you’ve never made a physical, marketed game before, you can’t exactly tell them how they should do something.

6. Toddlers need several animations. They’re not like Aliens. They are a completely new life stage and should be treated as such. By demanding something so expensive and time consuming as often as a lot of you do, you’re ignoring all of the amazing things that they’ve worked on.

7. Widenburg has been in production for so long. It is so amazingly done and deserves so much respect. It’s not toddlers, but this is something that they made, worked hard on and are extremely proud of. Can we support that?

8. If you don’t want to give Eaxis money, because of the lack of toddlers, then don’t. Just don’t. Don’t go and comment on posts about how happy people are about ts4. Make your own posts. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play ts4. Good Bye. We don’t need you.

Like Fire and Ice

“Quidditch,” Roxanne says, narrowing her dark eyes at the group of students standing before her, “is about more than just skill. You can have the best shot in the world, conduct a perfect Wronski Feint, but none of that means shit if you don’t care, if you don’t give it your all every second of the day, and if you don’t respect your teammates and treat them like your family. I don’t have time for people on this team who don’t want to be here with every bone in their body. Am I making myself clear?”

James nods.

Next to him, a girl lets out a breathy laugh. “She sounds just like my father.”

He turns to see Ella Wood scrutinizing him, her cat like gaze piercing, almost scary. She’s a little taller than him (which bothers him more than he cares to admit), slim, athletic built, and the way she holds a broom is so perfect she may as well have been born with it. Still staring at him, she tightens her sleek brown ponytail and narrows her eyes even further.

She’s his main competition.

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Like I know we enjoy joking about lazy shut ins who don’t know how to survive in the outside world loll what ever but like, pokemon go is genuinely going to help so many people

so many of those shut ins have anxiety, or depression, or autism or other physical or mental handicaps that make socializing and getting up and moving around hard as all hell

pokemon go is not only motivating them with something they love, and for some people who’ve never played pokemon just something neat, and giving them a talking point. if someone approaches you about pokemon go you have something to talk about, you can share tips, show pokemon, talk about the gyms or even team up to take one down

which opens the door for even more conversations like introducing yourself, the persons history with pokemon, what they do for a living etc

it takes the pressure off and makes it easier

I know Nintendo released pokemon go for the sake of money, obviously, but I firmly believe this little game is gonna change people’s lives no matter how big or small

But imagine the future for the Team Avatar

Where Bolin goes to help the Earth Kingdom with Prince Wu in Mako’s place. He travels, with Opal as much as he can, and Korra whenever their paths cross, and just helps people. However he’s able. He runs into orphans and new airbenders and businessmen and royalty and befriends all of them. He helps stabilize the region, this time by thinking for himself instead of following others blindly. His earthbending and lavabending skills help create some of the most stable roadways and infrastructure in the world- and he make sure that every small town has access to the things they need. 

Where Mako stays in Republic City and works as a detective under Lin Beifong. She becomes the closest thing to a parental figure he’s had since he was small. There’s never something official or anything. But visitors to the city start assuming he’s her son, and (after a while) Lin stops correcting them. Mako works hard, and with Tenzin and the air nation’s help, starts an orphanage in the city. Asami donates money to set up a school as part of it, and soon those kids are some of the best educated in the world. There’s even a youth pro-bending league, and the kids are always super excited when Mako or Bolin or *gasp* the Avatar herself shows up to help coach. 

Where Korra and Mako grow to be sibling-like best friends. Where they’re constantly getting the other into trouble and bickering and arguing but they love each other to hell and back. And sometimes they get so mad that they have a huge fight and stop talking for a bit. But then Bolin and Asami call each other and plan some silly contrived thing to get them to have to work together. Because if its one thing Korra and Mako are great at, it’s solving problems together. In each other they find a brother-sister bond that neither of them would have ever guessed they needed. And they never stop being there for each other, no matter the time or distance.

Where Asami and Korra are supposed to be going to the spirit world on vacation, but Asami still can’t help but notice things related to spirit energy (much to Korra’s dismay). Her world has always been the physical one, but she’s so excited to learn about this new place. When Varrick and Zhu Li get back from their (incredibly lengthy) honeymoon, they and Asami swap ideas for all the new inventions they thought of on their journeys. Asami takes frequent trips around the world with Korra and comes back so full of idea and zeal that Varrick starts joking that he and Zhu LI are going to have to take their vacations right after she does, otherwise she’ll work them to death out of excitement. With Korra and Jinora’s help and a lot of patience, Asami finds new ways to harness clean energy without disrupting the spirits or the balance between worlds. Asami Sato’s home will always be Republic City, even if her love is a wanderer, and she makes sure that it becomes the cleanest, most environmentally and spiritually friendly city in the world. 

Where Korra is able to see the world so long kept from her behind the walls of that Order of the White Lotus compound in the South Pole. She travels everywhere she can- not to find something, or save someone- but to simply see it all. Learn more. Do more. Experience everything. She travels to Kyoshi and, to Asami’s dismay, rides the Unagi. She travels to the Fire Nation. On a hint from Fire Lord Zuko, finds a hidden civilization and learns to bend from the True Masters. She visits a village where everyone dances. Asami talks her into a business trip to Omashu to study their postal system and they stop by the Cave of Two Lovers. 

Korra visits every Air Temple, mostly to check on the new Air Nation, but always makes sure to stop in the statue rooms. She spends a quiet moment alone each time, meditating. Once, Asami asks if it’s because she’s trying to reconnect with her past lives, but Korra just shakes her head. 

She’s not trying to reclaim the past. She’s simply making promises for the future. 

I really hope they make Pokemon Go difficult.

For example, have it be genuinely hard to catch rare pokemon. Make finding a Growlithe special! Have owning a Lucario or a Dragonite something to brag about! Force players to use pokemon they wouldn’t otherwise on their teams due to how hard it is to get specific kinds. Trading would be so much more interesting and useful if it didn’t take under an hour to catch a Gible, like in the DS games. I wanna hear conversations like, “Oh, I know someone with a Lapras, isn’t that cool?” That’s how it’d be if pokemon were real, after all.

Similarly, I want the legendaries to be legendary. Make them as god-like as they are in the movies. Make it so that they can wipe out an entire team! (Just not in the hands of players.) Make them roam the world, just a few at a time, so that it’s special when one is in your area, and even rarer to own one.

Lastly, I’m hoping it won’t be too connected with the DS games. Don’t let people upload their max-stated shiny Aegislash to pummel their friends with. No more RNG’d or IV bred pokemon. If there is breeding, make it real time so that people can’t spam produce Charmanders. A chicken egg, for example, takes ~21 days to hatch in real life.