and not all of them can make the world team

Monster Factory creations ranked by power

Rank: D

While very weak and lacking any good combat skills, Squirtle has great speed, accuracy, and potential to become stronger which prevents him from being an F

Rank: A

A cyborg cat mimicking the popular orange cartoon cat with extreme acrobatic, fighting capability, control over the internet, and no known weakness (besides Mondays), however he is far more focused on lasagna jpegs than actually fighting

Rank: C

Completely average in any way, the only advantage any of them have is in social situations and hierarchy (Special agent and a business man)

Rank: A

Similar to G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. D-Bomb sports extreme physical strength, extreme agility, and is unkillable, however unlike G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. D-Bomb is a remorseless kill far more focused on destruction and chaos than lasagna

Rank: B

An extraordinary wrestler created as a clone of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, while a mutated monster of the original he is far more powerful than the original

Rank: S

Possessed by an eldritch god, Truck has mutated far beyond what he once was, continuing to spread, an unstoppable being

Rank: C

A combination of Angela Lansbury and dinosaur DNA allows Dino-Lansbury to reign at C rank, while the average old person lies within the D rank, other than her hybrid body there is nothing extraordinary about her besides that her body is able to produce jam by eating fruit

Rank: D

Other than his shape shifting powers and sturdy body, the Boy-Mayor is very weak as he lives the mayor life, using his words over his fists, however due to his position as the mayor of Second Life, one should not confront him for various reasons

Rank: C

The strongest C rank on the list, while very acrobatic and powerful, his lack of using guns is what holds him back, however he shows much potential to continue without guns, he does have great influence over others as he was able to fully ban guns securing his spot as the strongest C rank

Rank: A

With extreme physical strength, extreme agility, knowledge of all existing spells, and the ability to clone himself and others, Chiquita Dave is the only creature able to fight with G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. and D-Bomb with both strength and numbers

Rank: S

An indestructible god capable of altering reality around her to the point of affecting other worlds, the strongest monster of them all, far more powerful than Truck, G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D., D-Bomb, and Chiquita Dave

Rank: F

It’s just Bart Simpson, anyone can beat Bart in a fight

Rank : B

Alone Randy is still a B and PanPan would be a simple D due to his weak body, however together they make and amazing team with Randy Johnson’s throwing capabilities and PanPan’s small body and pointed head, together they make a solid B rank

Rank: D

A small weak creature heavily affected by vaping, severely limiting her abilities

Rank: ?

Due to his limited screen time it is unknown how powerful he truly is, it is estimated he would be within the range of a high C to a mid B

Rank: B

A fairly strong beings, able to wield magic and the Steve Harvey Shield, the #Noid his a mid or even a high B rank, while able to collect Final Pam souls, this does not affect his rank

Rank: B

Almost as powerful as Dwayne “The Pebble” Johson, what Jorstin lacks in head durability he makes up for in rudeness and Honky Tonk mans

Rank: C

A weak C rank, low skill level at everything he tries, the very few fights he can win are against weaker opponents or by the skin of his teeth, good at shouting

Rank: C

Only remarkable things about Totino’s is his connection to the Boy-Mayor of Second Life and the ability to summon pizzas of varying sizes

Rank: B

A somewhat skilled Sly Cooper cosplaying warrior, proficient with a pole and at kicking people

Rank: D

Although he looks powerful, he is terrible at the king’s game: jolf

Rank: B

A very physically strong crime stopper that will stop at nothing to eat crime in the most nonviolent way possible, such as sending criminals to Dairy Queen

Rank: B

The successor to dogs, Jaa’m is superior to them in every way

Rank: B

Having the power of all of the Shrek movies combines, Shreck is a powerful creature on par with Jaa’m

Rank: B

An off shoot of the Shreck species, however they have not evolved to be a strong as the current Shreck line

Rank: B

A second subspecies of the Shreck line, usually found around Shrecks

Rank: A

Being the daughter of the legendary Final Pam and Parappa the Rapper Turbo Vicki is an extraordinary being, master at all sports and an unstoppable creature, even death can not stop her as she will reincarnate as her daughter

Rank: F

Dick Cheney is a weak old man who is terrible at sports

Creating a Character Arc for D&D

So I saw someone ask a question that I myself have asked before. I have seen the problem take place all the time with no one really knowing what the problem is and whether or how to fix it. That question was:

How do I make a character that I won’t get bored with?

I have often seen people make characters that seem really cool and badass and have plenty of backstory and are incomparably unique. Yet, they will get bored of it after a session or two and want to kill off their special character to make a new one. This will go on with people making new characters and never getting attached to one. The solution to the problem is complex with many intricacies, but the main focus of the problem for many people, I think, is that their character has no story.

Creating a Character with a Story

A story, when referring to a character, is how that character changes over time; their character arc. D&D 5e tries to solve this by forcing players to choose aspects of their character background including their character’s traits, flaws, ideals, and bonds. This is all well and dandy, but this alone won’t define a character arc. To create a character arc, figure out how you want your character’s story to begin and how it should end using those four background characteristics.

Traits: A character’s traits could change over time. They don’t have to, but it can create an interesting character. Traits make a character who they are, and in an RPG it is often a reflection of the player. So while traits can change, I would probably suggest to change a flaw, ideal, or bond before a trait.

  • A trait could become more specific, like from “angry” to “vengeful” once they understand why they are angry. Think of the trait as evolving.
  • A trait could disappear or be replaced after some moral turning point, like a callous character becoming guilt-ridden or even benevolent after they see the sort of pain they have caused firsthand.
  • A trait can become reinforced or strengthened based on their decisions. An antihero’s traits would likely follow this route. “Do you see what happens when you trust people? They betray you!”

Flaws: A flawed character is a great character, but a character arc involves a person being confronted by their flaws. Their flaws directly oppose their goal. When faced by their flaws, they either choose to suffer their flaw or overcome it. This is why sequels are usually terrible. A character that heroically overcame its flaw in the first movie is now un-flawed. Be aware of this in an RPG. The character should always have a flaw, even after overcoming a flaw. The only time they should ever NOT be flawed is at the very end of a campaign, facing off against the main antagonist, using all they have learned on their heroic journey.

  • A flaw could be worsened. Usually a good early option in a character’s arc, as things seem bleaker and bleaker for your character until they manage to overcome the flaw later in the game’s story.
  • A flaw could evolve or become more specific, much like a trait.
  • A flaw can disappear or be replaced, especially later in the story once it has been challenged by the game’s story.

Ideals: A character’s ideal is what they believe in. Maybe it’s a religion, moral code, or instinct. A character’s ideal is a great concept that can change in a game. This is where you see tragic falls from hero to villain or redemption arcs from villain to hero. In an RPG, a good player will have strong ideals and a good GM will recognize those ideals and challenge them. This is the moral quandary, and it’s the player’s job to identify it and make a choice that will affect their character forever. Changing an ideal should always be some sort of turning point in a story.

Bonds: A character’s bonds in D&D 5e are their ties to the in-game world. It’s a fabulous definition because it’s sort of like asking “why are you playing this character?” right to your face. If your character has a family, then your character probably cares for them. Or not. If your character had a mentor, you are probably on a sort of hero’s journey from nobody to somebody. If you have no ties to any person in the game world then you are (or should be) finding a reason to belong, maybe a team of other heroes, perhaps? Your bond can affect how your ideals, flaws, and traits change, and they can change your bonds, in turn. Your character makes new memories, meets new people, and experiences new things all the time.

Update all of these things at the end of every session. Whether or not they ended up changing that day, making a habit of checking each session will keep you invested in your character and help to create a character arc. In addition, know where your character begins their arc and how it will end. Talk with the DM about your plans, and they should add some moral and character quandaries to test your character’s… character!

Examples of Character Arcs

Coming of Age: The character begins the game morally or psychologically immature or inexperienced. They grow into a more mature and experienced character by the end of the campaign. A ridiculously blunt way to put it is going from an angsty teen to a true hero. Such an angsty teen could be either a rebellious murder hobo or a distant brooding loner that when a turning point happens, they grow a moral backbone and answer the call to action. Look at Spirited Away, Dead Poets Society, or The Karate Kid.

Redemption: The character begins as a legit villain with evil intentions but finds a reason to change their ways after a turning point. Maybe they find a moral line they won’t cross and then start to wonder if what they have been doing all along is right. The character is not truly redeemed until other players and other people see them as a changed person, which should finally happen at the end of the campaign. Look at Wikus in District 9, Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List, or Prince Zuko from Avatar, the Last Airbender.

Disillusionment: The character believes in one thing at the beginning of the campaign but slowly discovers that what they believe in is morally wrong, utterly pointless, or a flat-out lie. They may go back and forth between believes a few times before making a transition, or they might be in denial. But by the end of the campaign they have realized the true path. Look at movies like Office Space, The Truman Show, Conspiracy Theory, or Fight Club.

Tragic Fall: The character follows the hero’s journey only to make the wrong choice at every turning point. Their morality comes into question, and they just don’t have it in them to change or become a hero, usually thanks to a “fatal flaw.” At the end of the campaign, this character should either retire, die, or be killed by their flaw to be a true tragedy. Look at Hamlet, Tom Powers in The Public Enemy, and McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Corruption: Unlike the tragic fall, this character is not destined to die. They are destined to become a villain. Rather than refuse a call to action, they have moral quandaries which they make the right choice at first, but then they start to question their choices. They start to think evil is easier or better than good. Then they start making the wrong choices and eventually join or become the villain they were trying to stop in the first place. Look at Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, Michael Corleone in The Godfather, or Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

Cynic to Participant: This character is a loner and cynic and is miserable because of it. They eventually realize that they cannot accomplish what they set out to do without help. They become less selfish and more cooperative with the rest of the adventuring party. Look at The Incredibles, every buddy cop movie where the buddies don’t get along, and every Batman team-up ever.

These are the more common character arcs, but there are plenty of different changes that your character can go through to grow, change, or fall over the course of a D&D campaign. Again, talk with your DM about where you are starting and where you want to end up. That way they can insert those pivotal turning points and put pressure on your flaws and ideals!

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top 5 most likely to make the japan national team :))

Yesterday we all went a little bit emotional with this national team headcanon, and I actually thought about this top 5…a lot. It’s probably one of the hardest because in our eyes most of them are really skilled enough to reach the top and be a part of the national team.

I decided to make this with characters we all know, leaving out people introduced just in the manga. I hope I can stay objective with this one, but I can’t guarantee you that…

1. Ushijima. Let’s face it, this boy is already with one foot there, since he’s the only player selected to participate in the Youth World Championship as Japan’s under 18/19 volleyball representative. It would literally surprise nobody to see him being the first one wearing the red and black jersey. 

Originally posted by neverdandere

2. Oikawa. He’s the setter™ and he honestly just deserves this place more than anyone else. Also imagine for the dramatics of it all, being finally in team with Ushijima…I’d pay to see it, but at the same time I’m more than sure that they’ll manage to work really really well together. After all, among everyone else, Ushijima chose him, this is a testament that there are no other setters as good as him around. 

Originally posted by savyjayjane

3. Kageyama. Speaking of people almost there, our wonderful blueberry has been chosen to train at the all Japan youth training camp, sign that they already got an eye on him and, seeing how immensely skilled and versatile he is, it’s almost obvious that he’s gonna become part of Japan’s national volleyball team in the future. 

Originally posted by seieiryu

(Oikawa would have a blast being in the same team as Ushijima and Kageyama)

4. Tsukishima. Now that he’s “hooked on volleyball” I bet no one could stop him. He’s an incredible middle blocker, his abilities are recognized by everyone (that’s why a certain thing happened short after the Shiratorizawa match) and also he has still A LOT to grow. By the time he’s ready, every team would fight to have him and watch me being in the crowd yelling TSUKKIIIIIII until I have no air left in my lungs

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

5. Bokuto. He might not be the best ace of the country (yet), he’s not a stable player at all, but the national team needs him even just for the effect he has on people. Despite everything, he naturally draws people to him, he inspires and guide them, his power is so mesmerizing he doesn’t just motivate his own team, he motivates the opponents too. There may be spikers stronger than him (not so many tbh), but no one would have the same human impact on a team like he would have. 

Originally posted by imthesixtysqueen

- Bonus: listen you have no idea how mad I am about the fact that no one ever acknowledges how hella good Nishinoya is as a libero. He’s perfect and the national team needs a guardian deity so if it’s not happening I’m gonna personally put him in a box and mail him there ok really he deserves it SO MUCH!!!! 

Originally posted by mamodos

Thank you for your message!

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i can't do emojis rip but magic AU w/ neil n andrew!!!!

When Nathaniel is six years old, he sets his bed on fire. The smell of smoke and his mother’s screams wake him, but the flames lick gently at his skin like an affectionate pet. Nathaniel, six years old and sleepy, doesn’t understand why his mother clutches him to her chest and whispers harshly in his ear to never, never let the fire loose again. “Don’t let your father see,” she says, and clutches at his shoulders so hard he’ll have bruises the next morning and shakes him until Nathaniel promises.

They’re called powers, he learns later, or gifts, or blessings. At thirteen percent of the population, powered people are too common to be rare but too strange to be trusted. Most go to special schools to train their abilities, but Nathaniel doesn’t because he isn’t powered.

“You’re cursed,” his mother tells him. “Fire is dangerous, deadly. You must never use it, and you must never tell anyone.”

It’s his cardinal rule, though it’s joined, over the years, by others. Don’t disobey your father. Don’t tell anyone how you got injured. Play Exy like your life depends on it.

But always, always, hide your fire.

When Nathaniel is ten years old, he plays Exy with Riko Moriyama and Kevin Day. They’re good, better than him, and Nathaniel has gotten used to being the best in his little league team. He struggles against them, struggles against Kevin’s height and Riko’s brutality, and it’s fun but he’s frustrated. His fire has become more wild lately, burning under his skin, angry at being chained, and it burns higher and hotter inside him every time they score a goal against him, until finally he clashes against Riko and fire races along Nathaniel’s racquet as he slams it against Riko’s in an attempt to steal the ball.

They freeze, staring as one as the net of Nathaniel’s racquet turns to ash.

Finally, Riko says, “my uncle didn’t say you were powered.”

Nathaniel pulls the fire back into himself and it simmers under his skin as he shakes his head in denial or disbelief or regret.

Riko laughs, and Nathaniel turns to see him grinning. “This is good, Nathaniel! All the Ravens are powered, it’s what makes them the best team in the world.” Behind him, Kevin nods but stays quiet. Riko’s expression turns contemplative. “You need to be trained. If you come live here, I can train you.”

The chance to play Exy and use his power everyday. It’s everything Nathaniel’s mother has warned him against, but everything Nathaniel has ever wanted. “I’d like that,” he says, hoarse, and Riko’s grin thins to a smirk, triumphant.

But then Nathaniel’s father carves a man into bits in the lushly carpeted conference room, and Nathaniel’s mother takes him in the dead of night. Nathaniel leaves behind his name and his Exy racquet and his fire.

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nct dream as hogwarts students


-That Gryffindor™️️

-the guy that everyone knows

-basically the harry potter of the 21st century girl

-everybody knew him and loved him

-the slytherins begrudgingly loved him

-captain of the gryffindor quidditch team + he’s a seeker :’))

-excels in school

-a lot of people probably envy him

-struggles with his spells sometimes but he’s trying his best !!!

-half blood!!

-probably has an owl as a pet and names it hedwig #2


-u guessed it

-he’s That Slytherin™️️

-everybody’s scared of him 

-he seems really annoying but he really isnt

-just misunderstood :((

-excels in every class he’s interested in, couldnt care less about the other ones

-always does well on exams

-pure blood bois

-pretends to hate mark but is probably secretly in love with him

-apart of the slytherin quidditch team :’))) (chaser!!)

-teachers either hate or love him there’s no in between

-has a cat named whiskers but tells everyone her name is satan


-apart of the sunshine squad™️️ at hogwarts

-everybody loves him !!!!!!!!!

-the most humble pure blood uve ever met

-had the hardest time choosing a pet but ended up getting a pygmy puff

-soft and smol like him (●´ω`●)

-he was at school for like 2 seconds and everybody just instantly knew he’d be a hufflepuff

-except he’s fuCKIN NOT HE’S A RAVENCLAW

-naturally good at everything

-doesnt play quidditch but cheers on his friends!!!

-renjun’s #1 fan and makes signs and posters to support him during the games (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

-probably holds renjun’s hand when they go to hogsmeade 


-s l y t h e r i n

-dont fight me on this

-you best believe he plays quidditch (he’s a seeker :’)) )

-blushes when he gets praised for being such a good seeker

-studies hard to get good grades!! a hardworking bean

-has a rat that basically lives in his robe pockets

-the strong, silent type on the outside

-secretly a member of the sunshine squad™️️


-no one knows how he ended up with a boyfriend best friend like chenle 

-half blood




-was almost a hufflepuff but the sorting hat thought he was more gryffindor than anything

-everybody mistakes him for a puff tho

-hangs out in the puff common room more than he does in the gryffindor one anyway

-chaser for the gryffindor quidditch team

-gets all the girls ;))) ☆⌒(≧▽ ° )

-can often be found trying to sneak into the hufflepuff table during dinner to sit with his bff jaemin

-has the cuddliest cat in the world

-pure blood !!


-H U F F L E P U F F

-muggle born!!!! 

-no one calls him a mudblood because he’ll punch the living fuck out of them

-has a pet rat that he loves 2 death!!!

-cheers jeno on during quidditch games where

-unless it’s gryffindor vs hufflepuff, then he’ll make sure he beats the everliving shit out of him

-the keeper for the puffs

-blinds the enemy team with his smile

-doesnt care much for school but teachers love him anyway

-the master of apparating

-probably the embodiment fred and george

-knows about all the secret rooms and passageways + how to get to them/use them but no one knows how

-really smart but uses them for stuff other than school

-fuckin loves hogsmeade


-brings 20 bags to fill with candy when they go on a school trip to hogsmeade

-slytherin dont even TRY ME

-he’s so ambitious and hardworking 

-shookt the dream team when he landed himself in slytherin

-everybody loves him

-probably one of the best quidditch players (he’s a chaser :’))) )

-is naturally good at everything like his best bud chenle 

-favourite class is defense against the dark arts

-pet owl that scares everybody

-the soft but deadly one

-will not hesitate to poison someone for his friends

-dont try him

-admires his hyungs so much !!!! loves them with all his heart and basically spends every waking moment with them

Haikyuu Road Trip Music
  • Karasuno: singing along to Disney music at varying levels of enthusiasm
  • Nekoma: blasting Nicki Minaj. Nobody says a word but they all have shades on and most of them are dancing in their seats
  • Datekou: everyone's content to listen silently to jazz and r&b except Futakuchi, who hates that shit
  • Seijou: aggressively listening to bubblegum pop
  • Fukurodani: head banging and singing along to classic rock
  • Johzenji: Anything and everything that has a sick beat and you can sing along to. Everyone has such varied tastes in music and they all just want something to listen to and scream lyrics at each other and have fun
  • Wakunan: They listen to stuff like Green Day, Jimmy Eats World, and stuff like that. Some of them actually still like them but some just remember songs from middle school and like the nostalgia.
  • Shiratorizawa: Old school rap. The Sugarhill Gang type of stuff from way back. Ushijima doesn't care for it but the rest of the team makes a game out of who knows the lyrics to the most songs. Ushijima will either keep score for them or have his own headphones in (he's partial to classical and r&b).
  • Nohebi: Show tunes, Broadway and musical music, all that jazz. They love acting out the different parts and putting on voices. They're most partial to the villain songs for some reason
Voltron on Instagram headcanons

Because my friend and I sat down and made a bunch of them so here we go

• Allura is on stuco and she’s always posting pictures of the decorations for the next school dance
• she maintains a study account for everyone in her grade to use as reference
• she’s always doing super cool shit like waterskiing or skydiving on the weekends so her posts about them make everyone jealous
• she’s the one who has followers from every school in the district
• probably runs a photography account too
• her bio has something about the sports she does, her school, just basic information
• fashion queen, she runs an outfit of the day account

• coran is a mess of memes and selfies
• shirtless pictures and flexing pictures because he loves himself so much
• much ranting about his parents and the world in general conspiring against him
• he tries to learn to skateboard and fails the first time around, the video gets posted and gets thousands of likes

• shiro posts study pictures too
• he also pulls all these crazy do-not-try-this-at-home-kids stunts like making flame throwers out of aerosol cans and posts videos of them
• he’s the one who tries to teach coran to skateboard, has like two skateboarding pictures on Instagram
• he swims and posts pictures with his entire team
• also on stuco
• has “#shallura” in his bio (im sorry but I’m trash)
• he’s in band and he always live blogs their band concerts and field trips on his story
• everyone mainly just follows him for the pictures of his pet cat, she’s fluffy and gorgeous and she’s named sky and she’s dark stormy grey
• altogether doesn’t post too often

• Hunk definitely posts food recipes. I know we’re all fed up with hunk being characterized with just food but he definitely posts food recipes.
• he’s a complete computer science genius and posts homework help for his classmates too
• majority of his photos are of Lance hacking his account and spamming selfies
• has a shitty science pun as his bio
• he reviews Netflix shows with Lance

• Pidge is part of Instagram royalty; they’re queer, they hack, and they game
• they’ve got thousands of followers for their video game cheats and tips videos
• they meme with Lance a lot too, so Lance gets popularity on Instagram through them
• they post one picture of this giant stash of soda and chips captioned “gamer fuel”
• they post another one right after it of this exquisite gourmet salad captioned “hunk took my gamer fuel away and replaced it with a meal :(”
• they put playthroughs up on their story every day
• they talk shit about every single person in their school by using pseudonyms for them, and everyone guesses who they’re talking about in the comments. No one ever gets to find out if they’re right or not.

• Lance just flat out memes, he runs a spam account and a main account.
• he runs both a dc and a marvel fan account, even though he does like D.C. Better
• he writes movie reviews
• on his main account there’s a lot of selfies of him with girls, him with his friends, him with his family… he just loves people and everyone is always tagged
• has the most followers after Pidge. Like allura, he’s the one who people from all across the district follow.
• he swims with Shiro on the swim team, and bitches about practice every day
• attends every social event ever
• plays the piano because I personally love this headcanon, he posts a video of him attempting to play the death waltz and it goes practically viral
• he learned to skateboard from shiro and now he can’t get enough of it
• he posts pictures of Keith glaring at and/or flipping off the camera a LOT
• complains about homework all the time
• his bio is something about space, but he never really posts about it because it’s more of a private fascination that just makes him happy
• he loses his mind over fish and spams pictures of them whenever he has a chance to

• keith is following only Lance on Instagram because Lance made his account
• he has exactly one (1) picture on his Instagram. It’s of his feet up on the desk in front of him, crossed at the ankles, black and white filter, captioned “rebel”
• the first two comments are Lance, one says “first” and the second says “why are you like this”
• his bio reads “Lance is the best” but he deleted the app after Lance made him download it so now it’s just up there permanently and everyone thinks Lance and him are a thing
• it also has something about him running track and what school he goes to
• his profile pic is Lance with Keith’s face in the background, smiling, but it’s the only smiling picture of him on the internet because whenever Lance tries to take one he immediately glares at the camera

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Yes I think that Felicity is feeling alone and yes the team (read: Oliver) hasn't really reached out to her which is crap given all that she's been through but I also think she joined Helix because they are willing to do what Team Arrow isn't. Her world view has changed a lot and she's going down this dark path that she knows Team Arrow would disagree with. And Felicity puts up a lot of walls to protect herself and at this point I'm not sure how willing she would be to open up and be vulnerable.

I agree, anon!

I think they’re more intertwined than meets the eye. I think it’s been a domino effect that we’ve seen since Season 4, with all the bullshit she’s been through.

Felicity has always been good about protecting herself, just as much as she’s amazing at burying things she isn’t willing to face. Some serious and huge doozies came about in the recent months, including losing the love of her life (by her own choice, no less, and it’s made worse because she knows if she’d stayed with him, nothing would have been different in the long run, which would have equaled more pain and heartache and grief and angst), being shot up and paralyzed only to get her legs back (yeah, tech or not, that’s some serious psychological shit to deal with, especially on her own since she broke up with Oliver), she found out things about her family that rocked her foundation (specifically about her dad; her mom lied to her - wouldn’t it be delicious if he had a huge role in Helix?) as well as carrying the responsibility of killing tens of thousands of innocent people when she sent the nuke to Havenrock to save millions of people.

Her world - her entire life - has been rocked recently and not a lot of people noticed. She didn’t make it obvious, she didn’t advertise it, she didn’t ask anyone to sit down and talk with. No, she did what Felicity Smoak does and she forged ahead, collecting the broken pieces of herself and putting them back together with Scotch tape. She focused on things outside of herself - namely, Team Arrow and Billy Malone - which also didn’t help a damn thing.

This was all leading up to her falling into the darkness, all of it. There’s only so long you can go pretending things are fine until they aren’t. Either you blow up (like Oliver) or you slowly slip into a place where you don’t feel very much of anything (aka empathy, such as Diggle pointed out). The final straw was Billy. He was supposed to be the Key, the person who might not have been everything, but she could have moved on with and been genuinely happy with him. But then he died, and salt to the wound, he died as a pawn in a jerkbag’s grand plan. While it backfired in terms of Prometheus’ plan for her to blame Oliver, it had her arc going from a calm meandering pace to petal to the metal.



Now, she tried. She once again didn’t reach out for help, but she tried. She didn’t immediately agree to work with Helix. She’s had Pandora for a long damn time, but she sat on it, using it for Team Arrow goodness. She tried to use it in a way that fit with what she normally did, except something wasn’t fitting like it used to. Something’s changed.

She’s changed.

She used to be the one pulling people back from the darkness, but now she’s actively helping people right into it. What happened with Thea in the last two episodes is a prime example - Felicity of the past would have asked her what she was doing, not just blindly done what Thea asked and sent her on her merry way. 

Something is wrong with Felicity and we’re just now starting to see the beginning of her shattering into pieces. 

I think it’s that she’s finally understanding the darkness that everyone else but her has touched on. The things she wants to do are way outside the scope of Team Arrow. She’s going to be going back to her hacktivist days and that is so much bigger than the goings-on in Starling City.

Her reasoning behind why she joined Helix was fascinating to me:

John pulled her back a bit, talking about fighting fire with fire, and she gets that. She does because she’s seen the consequences of it when it goes bad in her loved ones… but then she also saw a moment where a team came together and helped one of their members. 

Felicity, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t have her team right now, and she hasn’t, not for a long time. It’s partly because she didn’t reach out and partly because nobody reached out to her. And even when they did, she brushed them off, told them she was fine. The problem was that they believed her because she’s always been fine, except she’s not fine, not even a little bit. So in a sense her team has abandoned her, they are focusing on things outside of her, leaving her to her own devices. 

But now they’re suddenly coming back and seeing she’s doing things that are very much in the shades of grey and they’re calling her out on it? 

No, that isn’t going to work. 

She needs a team on par with where she’s at, who will be there for her and her choices/decisions all the way, who will think like she does and agree with it.

And that’s Helix.

Tony hides the cat.

He knows it’s stupid, but he can’t help it. Anything he loves that will let him lock them away, he will. Which means the ‘bots stay in the lab. FRIDAY barely talks to the returned team. And the cat lives exclusively in Tony’s rooms.

Which rather defeats the point, of course. Jinx is supposed to be there whenever Tony starts to get anxious, whenever he starts to have a panic attack, whenever he gets too wound up and needs to relax before he gives himself another heart attack. Vision, FRIDAY, and Rhodey had been behind the idea, but Tony can’t say he minds the therapy cat.

But he won’t let her around the team, won’t trust the team with her, and of course those are the places where he needs her most often. He does have panic attacks in his rooms, but it’s far more likely for Wanda Maximoff’s magic or Clint’s snide comments or Steve’s sudden moves to set him off.

He solves it by spending most of his time in his lab or in his room, isolated from everyone but a select few FRIDAY knows to let through.


Tony shakily pets down her back. “You’re a good cat, you know that?” He asks. Rhetorical, of course, because he knows she can’t talk back.

But then again, neither can DUM-E or Butterfingers or U, and Tony’s pretty sure he understands them anyways.

She butts her head against his elbow, and he almost manages to smile.


“Yeah, I know.”

He joined whole-team training for the first time today, and as a consequence saw Steve work with the shield he hadn’t wanted to return but had felt pressured into. The world needed Captain America, needed him at his best. And Tony would keep his mouth shut.

He’d made it through almost all of training, despite Rhodey’s, Peter’s, Vision’s, and even Carol’s offers to make his excuses. But Steve had thrown the shield to Bucky, that well-practiced move part of their repertoire, and they had just been standing too close to Tony, and that had been it. Tony thinks he stuttered something about a broken repulsor–a lie, of course, his repulsors take a lot harder hits to break–and made a break for it.

To Jinx.



She sprawls across his lap, belly up, and this time Tony does manage to smile before giving her the requested belly-rubs. Unlike Ana Jarvis’ cat from when Tony was small, Jinx will let him pet her for hours, if he needs to. None of the biting him after precisely three strokes business.

The door opens and Tony flinches, and Jinx, perceptive as ever, bats at his hands.

It’s Peter and Vision, though, and Tony does his best to relax. Jinx gives them a thoroughly unimpressed look before deciding she can settle back into Tony’s lap.

“Colonel Rhodes is on his way,” Peter says, pulling his mask off now that they’re in the privacy of Tony’s rooms. “He’s yelling.”

Vision takes over from there. “He’s restructuring the training procedure,” he corrects. “So this will not happen again.”

“Maybe next time Jinx could be there?” Peter suggests.

Tony shakes his head. “No, I…I don’t trust them with her.”


Tony begins petting again, compelled by his pushy cat.

“Can we sit?”

Tony nods, so the couch is filled around him. “We can go back to training just us,” Peter offers.

“How productive is that?” Tony asks rhetorically.

Vision actually answers. “More productive than this, I imagine. If you cannot work with them, then you cannot work with them. We would all understand. We all have our reservations and our problems.”

“But you all do it.”

“They weren’t my friends,” Peter says. “And they didn’t try to kill me.”

The door opens again and Rhodey rolls in, groaning. “I let Carol take over yelling,” he says. “I had more important places to be.”

“You all know they didn’t do anything wrong,” Tony says.

Rhodey rolls his eyes. “Forgive us for being a little mad,” he says dryly.

Jinx moves so she’s sitting in Tony’s lap, then moves up his arm and perches on his shoulder. She’s not a big cat, but Tony still goes a little crooked under the weight. Her tail hits him in the face and he smiles again.

“Movie night?” Rhodey offers. “Carol will probably be up sooner or later, we could order food while we’re waiting.”

There’s no mention of anyone else. For a moment, Tony feels bad, but then the thought of them being in here makes him tense. Jinx butts her head against his.

“I want pizza,” he says, reaching up to pat his cat with one hand and reach for his phone with the other, listening to his friends list their pizza orders.

NieR Automata meets amazarashi “Deserving of Life” MV Trivia + NieR Automata Technology Analysis

Watch the MV + English Lyrics here

The story is a set in NieR world a year after the story of “Deserving of Life Picture Book” created by Yoko Taro, which is bundled with the limited edition of “Deserving of Life” Album. It sets on the year 11944 AD in distant future.  

The MV story is about a “certain incident", in a ruined factory. An integrated management Living Machine robot, is depicted following a programmed command for destroying the dolls left by human beings from the old world.

There are 200 dolls created for the MV. It’s created carefully so all the clothes and accessories can match the NieR Automata world. It’s created under supervision of a famous doll creator, Ryo Yoshida.

All the dolls created only to be crushed, burned, shredded, and exploded. Even though it looks like a high cost music video, Yoko Taro said that it’s a limited budget production. The team works very hard to make it best with those limited budget.

Many gameplay footage shown on the very beginning of the video. It represents the memories of the Living Things. One of them shown a new type of enemy. The Tank Enemy Type.

There’s some signs around the factory walls that about the Warning of the Dolls and “REMEMBER THE 1728″. The warning sign told us that the dolls could infect Living Machine with “ERROR 1728″. We shouldn’t love or have any feeling to them, because the Dolls have no spirits. And those who don’t follow the warning should “Remember the 1728″ which we will talk about it later.

Besides the destroyed Dolls, you can see some destroyed Living Machines among the mountain of junk. And in the end you can see 2B modeled Dolls among the other Dolls. 

Right in the middle of Doll destruction mission, the Living Machine robot suddenly obstructed by some kind of emotion that they shouldn’t have. Probably he starts to feels something after destroying the dolls. Their eyes blinking so much and they seems confused to do any actions. The robot even tries to Stop the doll destructing machine.

But then the system forced to Install a Patch that will fix that emotion feelings. The robot then continue the Doll destruction mission. You see that “AVSYS” besides the Patch installation UI? That’s an acronym of “Audit Vault System”. It’s a kind of data warehouse (database) schemas that manage the audit data collected from the secured targets. Just another technical definition.

My Analysis:

Disclaimer - These following paragraphs are only my analysis and speculation, it’s not a fact nor official.

So we can conclude that Living Machine is probably programmed to emulate a function to feels and having an emotion. But later on, somehow, it’s considered to be a bug. It’s called Error Number 1728.

How do I get that kind of analysis? Well.. besides getting the information from the MV, I also read a bit of futurist theory. One of the those theory tells that that in 2045, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve all of the human problems. And I think that NieR Automata has a similar theme. 

AI will evolves much further so it can resembles human ego. And this theory also believes that, somehow, a thing resembles to human being can be created by overwriting the AI algorithm and such, to be similar to human’s DNA and RNA. Although in human it’s usually called “hearts”, still it’s a part of “mind”.

I already wrote about DNA and its connection to NieR/Drakengard world, you can read it here.

Manifesto: Atleti

I don’t know what’s your opinion about this semifinal, but I swear that although I feel that the universe is against us (by which I mean UEFA) I still think that we have a chance. I cannot stop believing. I mean, we might lose again. So what? We’ve been through this once, twice - the disappointment does not kill us anymore - it makes us stronger. And I guess Atleti has that thing, you know, when you feel like there’s no chance to win it, that’s when they do something! I can’t promise we are going to win because that depends on a lot of factors, not only Atletico de Madrid, but do think what happens if we do! I believe they can turn this! I believe they can rewrite the story and make all of us happy! They are already one of the best team in the world and they have already won for me - because they always tell us the story of hard work, dedication, respect and strength in the darkest of them times! They tell the story of everyday believers and fighters, and that’s why I think they will win, sooner or later ! Because in the real world, hard work gets paid. Vamos mi Atleti! 💓

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what do you think happened to melnikova since last yeaR? how did she get so inconsistent? is it injuries?

I think it’s a combination of things.

Injury - She has an ongoing hamstring issue that flared up right before Rio, and I think she may have struggled with it last fall too. (This is also why her leaps have ranged from good to downright shameful.) Who knows if it’s affecting her now.

Pressure - Prior to Rio, the Rods were majorly downplaying Aliya and hyping up Melka. The weight of being “Russia’s next star” may have affected her a lot.

Poor conditioning - I’m pretty sure Russia dials down the conditioning once the girls turn senior. Or maybe not; 16 is a common age for a growth spurt, and conditioning that worked for a light, prepubescent body probs won’t cut it for a young adult woman. Regardless, she clearly doesn’t have the endurance for her routines, which leads to falls, which leads to a severe lack of confidence, which leads to more falls. 

Skill selection - Somewhat related to poor conditioning. Tbh she can do every single skill in her program safely and without major error. She just can’t put them all together. It would make more sense to go for lower difficulty she can hit. But, you know. Russia.

Competing too much - Here’s Melka’s senior competition history:
March 2016 - Stuttgart Team Challenge (QF +TF)
April 2016 - Nationals (QF + AA + EF)
June 2016 - Euros (QF + TF + EF)
June 2016 - Russian Cup (QF + AA + EF)
August 2016 - Olympics (QF + TF)
November 2016 - Arthur Gander Memorial
November 2016 - Swiss Cup
February 2017 - Nationals (QF + AA + EF)
March 2017 - Stuttgart World Cup
March 2017 - Jesolo Trophy (TF + EF)
April 2017 - London World Cup
April 2017 - Europeans (QF + EF)

So that’s what, 24 competition days in a little over a year? That’s insane. She hasn’t had more than three months off since she turned senior. And remember, she’s not downgrading for these meets like a lot of girls do. She’s pretty much done full difficulty - DTY, inbars, F and E tumbling passes - at all of these competitions. Plus, all but three of these meets were abroad. Traveling can be exhausting; I can’t even imagine how tired she must be.

Compare that to, say, Ragan Smith. Rayray Beads of Sunshine competed through trials, toned down training for a few months, I believe got some bone chips removed, and then competed at Scam. She’s now resting til Classics because they don’t want her to burn out. :) This is you you’re supposed to do it!!!

tl;dr - She’s not well-conditioned enough to compete her routines well → she falls a lot → she competes more and falls some more → this kills her confidence, so she falls even more, leaving her demoralized. I  ♥ Team Russia.

The Mind Cage - Epilogue

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far.

A/N:  And here’s the epilogue - if you read the Journal, you’ll definitely know which scenario it’s based on!
(If you haven’t: it’s from a parallel reality where Stan left with Jornal 1 when told to, Ford reconnected with McGucket and together they made interdimensional travel possible without allowing Bill access to their world. Happy ending for everyone… except Stan, clearly. So I had to fix that.)


The Astonishing Anomalies of Gravity Falls

Fiddleford H. McGucket, PhD
Stanford F. Pines, PhD

– To Stanley Pines, without whom none of this would have seen the light of day.


Nikola Tesla once said that the history of science shows that theories are perishable; with every new truth that is revealed, we get a better understanding of Nature and our conceptions and views are modified.

Much of what is written in this paper defies what most believe to be real; research on the cause of these phenomena is still ongoing. Only by keeping an open mind on the scientific evidence presented in this work, and abandoning all preconceptions…


Stan had seen it coming from a mile away.

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Sup fam can i request a scenario where karasuno teases the hell out Kageyama bc his smile was considered "creepy" but like Kags' s/o comes in and tells kags that his smile is beauuutiful in front of the team? LOTS OF FLUFF PLEAAAASE!!!! the world needs more smiley kags ~blueberry anon

Having a girlfriend for Kageyama was a brand new thing. Not even his teammates could believe he had successfully got himself a relationship. Hinata was the most surprised of them all since he had the belief that Kageyama couldn’t even decently make friends, less get a girlfriend.

Seeing her at their matches was progressively becoming a usual thing. She never missed one. What the Karasuno guys just couldn’t get used to was his creepy smile.

Kageyama had a new habit of turning to the bleachers, and smile at her every time they won a match. This has been one of those times, and his teammates were onto his case once again. It was almost like a routine to pick fun of him.

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It's been 10 years since Avatar The Last Airbender first aired

10 years and it’s still my favourite programme to watch. People hear me talk about it and think “why?”

Well I’ll tell you why

First off - have you even seen the animation or the backgrounds?

They are beautifully made and never fail to impress me

See what I mean? Beautiful. All the effort that went into these.

But lets talk about the show itself.


A 12 year old kid destined to save the world

Yes, he may be, but his development form the “goofy kid” to a hero isn’t a quick change. The show shows us it’s okay to be nervous

Even when you know how powerful you really are. But like any hero, Aang pulls through

The most powerful bender in the world - only a child. Watching this as child taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Throughout the show, the older characters keep underestimating Team Avatar because of the fact that they are all children. The writers proved them all wrong. Even as a teenager becoming an adult I still feel the same way about this show because it makes me feel invincible.

But Aang wasn’t the one I wanted to talk about.

The ladies

“girls cant fight”





As a fellow girl, seeing this badass chicks fight made me feel so powerful. They were stronger than the majority of the men and they were all beautiful - so much so that I became gradually jealous of them all (I know I haven’t included them all on here - sorry) They all had their own style of fighting and all kicked ass.

ATLA not only created beautiful, strong independent women, but they also addressed sexism.

In one of the first few episodes, Team Avatar were faced with a group of warriers called the Kyoshi warriors - all female. Sokka refused to believe him, a man, had been beaten by girls. He later confessed, announcing he wanted to fight like them.

Katara - I swear the majority of characters would be dead if it wasn’t for her. Girl power. Woop!

Toph though. If you watch the series and say you don’t like Toph - I know you’d be lying (and she would too). Toph is blind. She is also the greatest earth bender in the world.

The show isn’t worried about disabilities - Toph is treat equally. So much so that the other characters forget that she is blind.

And they’re not afraid to make jokes about it!

Azula - the crazy ass bitch who, from the moment you meet her, you can tell she’s well…

not the nicest person you’ll even meet. But she’ll teach you not to use fear to control people

I’ve never had a show that has emotionally compromised me as much as this show did. Iroh’s scene in Ba Sing Se. The love and loss between father and son.

But there are so many messages the show puts forward. Many by wise speaking Iroh

But also from other characters - lessons that children should be taught about.

It’s messages like these that children should be taught. Be yourself, be happy with yourself. You don’t see many of these messages these days. It’s rather refreshing.

The show also teaches you about honour. Other people cant restore it for you, you have to gain it yourself. You have to set your own destiny, even if it goes against the flow of your nature.

Family is not always how you want it to be. To be scarred by your own father, but accepted by your uncle. Finding the right path is hard, but worth it in the long run.

I’m sorry this is such a long post - I never wanted it to be. But I had so much to express about Avatar. And 10 years of having nobody to speak to about it wasn’t fun. I want more people to watch this under appreciated show (please don’t watch the film).

It is beautiful in every aspect and I know I will still be watching this in another life

so I had an insane dream I need to write it down I have so many new headcanons so imagine if you will:

-fahc who play a ‘most dangerous game’ , gents vs lads, every year to stay sharp, it doesn’t happen annually, just whenever they all agree they haven’t done many intense jobs in a few weeks
-honestly it’s just them running around and catching one way flights and trying to see if they can outrun the other team
-it’s a week of chaos around the world, Gavin likes to make a big show of where he is, same with Michael, so they feel like there’s a challenge, Jeremy just likes to fly somewhere and disappear completely
-Jack usually goes off and hunts Jeremy, trying to follow his fading trail through some backwoods town in Canada
-Ryan hunts Gavin, extremely annoyed by him hacking into the entirety of the Times Square billboards to make them have pictures of Gav’s golden sunglasses
-Geoff hunting Michael, because he just likes to see if he can get him before Michael blows up whatever city he’s in, basically Michael uses this as a way to see how many ways he can decimate a city skyline
-Overall I just want it to come down to an insane chase within giant factories, the hunter barreling down hallways and the lad a few rooms down, climbing around into vents to find their escape
-This goes with any ship and I love it
-Jerevin? have them hide out together where Jeremy stays completely hidden and Gavin gives them away every two seconds.
-Mavin? Those two fucks blow up everything and crash seemingly every car they can find, cops basically just watch in terror.
-Micheoff? Geoff is chasing Michael as Michael plays around with him what more do you n e e d??
-B-Team could provide backup for the gents, sending them any information they can find, like flights the lads might have taken
-one time the lads all led the gents to one spot and when they realized what had happened Ryan lost his shit and almost broke his hand punching a nearby wall, basically it gets very intense

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You know what annoys me? Harry can apparently thank his interviewers (who are literally just doing their jobs) and has done so twice now but can't thank fans even once (you know, the people who are voluntarily supporting him - not even after they got him to number 1 in the uk)

Anon, you know I’ve been saying that for weeks! It’s so fucking rude. So rude to the very “teenage girls” he purports to support. (While writing songs about mothers dying and having five minutes to tell their infants to take over the world. Yeah OK.)

Should we brace ourselves for hendall 100.0 may be this time the yacht will be cannes for the festival.. cause why not

Yeah, I’d hope they’d find someone else, but hey.

I think what most annoys me about this whole thing is that the very same bloggers who were speculating we were going to get a coming out (in Another Man first, remember?) or at least a soft coming out or at least not stunting with girls are now like, “What did you idiots expect? He’s closeted!” I mean, I strongly suspected this was coming

But what pisses me off is several large blogs in the fandom acting like people who are upset are stupid when those same fucking blogs were pushing this idea that this time would be different. When those same fucking blogs would trash any of the other men for saying this. When those same fucking blogs pushed the Azoffs as saviors. Just like, admit you were wrong. Admit you don’t know things. Admit that your “sources” are all bullshit.

Or at least  admit that you think Harry is better than anyone else (including Zayn) and that he “deserves” all of the good he gets.

I also want to pull out some bits from an old post (Feb 10th, 2017):

[A]t some point–when they’ve all hired new teams, etc–you have to say “hey, they chose to hire those teams.” Celebrity is a job, and these are the people they’ve hired to help them do their jobs.


This also applies to Harry choosing my-metric-is-I-woke-up-and-continue-to-manage-to-breathe Jeff. Harry’s image hasn’t changed at all, so he obviously needs/wants/likes the “aloof hipster who doesn’t mention a single bandmate by name and makes it clear by side talking (in the AM interview) that 1D isn’t coming back” image.


These aren’t teenagers any more. They’re adults who know how the industry works. I know this side of the fandom likes to forgive the men for everything that we don’t like/don’t agree with, but they aren’t gods who belong on some pedestal. I’m too old to pretend that human beings are perfect, and that applies to all of the men.

C’mon folks. This isn’t Rolling Stone magazine making shit up. This is his image. It’s the same one that’s been cultivated for years.

Are people really that blind. Do they think Harry or his team has no say in what has been written in this magazine. Or its only harry who gets the benefit of doubt and the others are accountable for what are being said abt them. This fandom is swimming in a delusional world. Such a shame

Yeah, Harry is the only one who gets the benefit of the doubt. And the huge double standard (Harry can do whatever the fuck he wants and not criticized for it by the majority of the fandom) is part of why I started unfollowing a lot of the…more vocal and “connected” Larries who seemed to try and control how people reacted. It’s also why I checked my own behavior about Zayn.

The fifty year anniversary issue? Lol for days.

I actually saw a post about how he was the first to do SNL coast to coast, and this, and something else, all about he’s a history maker. Dude has good connections, I’ll give him that. Too bad they still haven’t made me like his image.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

But hey, I’m looking forward to getting my copy of Rollacoaster! I am crossing my fingers for a good interview and prepared for the worst.

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What's your fave subject in school?

We have this thing called O&O and you basically get to do projects for companies. Yoh have to solve technical/bio problems or do research for real established companies. You have to find your own project by calling places. For example I worked with the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (known for cancer research) and we worked with the boss of a cancer research team. He wanted our team to investigate the cancer inhibitory effect of certain substances on the growth of yeast cells with a PCR-machine (that can copy DNA). Can’t really explain it that well but it was university level shit. I like that class because you have a lot of “real world” responsibility. We have to meet with our clients and keep contact with them weekly. We have like Mac computers, 3D printers, laser cutters, another team is making their own race car from to compete. So far that one project has costed the school like 40k but we get all these opportunities. Not everyone can join only people with A levels. My last project was about medicine in Kenya. My team made a plan so that there would be more medicine in Kenya and we did some research on some herbs/tree history. We ended up with a plan to plant Neemtrees there because of their healing powers and the fact that they keep malaria mosquitos far away. It was a plan but we did not stop there. We contacted a minister and a bank that could fund us. Though or project is now officially over they are realizing our plan in Kenya since we got sponsored.

The only thing I dislike is that the teachers are very biased. My team did indirect cancer research while this other team full of blond “happy” girls did some research on the effect of stress on your body (they pretty much just did some tests on people and made a conclusion from that while my team was literally working in a hospital lab for hours days on end + working with a fucking PCR machine (that thing is the real deal you can’t just work with that shit) ) and they got the highest grade because they had a better presentation because they were funnier.

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I havent see Connie headcanons :(

Well, let me fix that for you!

  1. Connie is the oldest of three kids, but he has a huge extended family. His dad is one of six kids, and all of his siblings live close by, so Connie grew up in the middle of a whole gaggle of cousins. He’s used to being both an older and a younger sibling, but is usually seen as a younger brother by most of his friends in the squad. 
  2. He’s an athlete. He’s not the best athlete in the world, but no one can beat him in heart, dedication, or team spirit. He gives his all in every game, and it shows and pays off. His favorite sport is soccer, but he’s also tried football and baseball, and even lacrosse. He’s also really into running.
  3. He doesn’t get the best grades, but he does enjoy school and works hard at it. He pulls mostly As and Bs, and has a love for history. 
  4. Connie loves to tell stories. He’ll make up elaborate fantasy tales for his younger siblings and cousins to help them fall asleep. He’ll create comical tellings of the squad’s future when he’s with his friends. He just really enjoys telling stories, creating something for others to enjoy.
  5. Connie is an optimist and a bit of an idealist. While he is a very realistic person, he does get a lot of crazy ideas that he finds it hard to let go of. He has a lot of dreams he wants to accomplish, and he’s the kind of person that will set out to achieve those dreams at all costs. And one of those dreams is to make people laugh, and he does that with a particular skill. 
  6. He loves to travel. Connie lives for adventure, and takes every opportunity he can to go somewhere he’s never been and explore it. 
  7. He hates seeing people upset, but is very helpless in trying to help a sad friend cheer up. Jokes don’t always work, and Connie feels like his words are never quite right to fix a broken heart or banish homesickness. He tries his very best to be there for his friend in need, but feels horribly awkward while doing it. 
  8. He cannot cook to save his life. 
  9. He talks in his sleep. Mostly incoherent mumbling, but he has said some hilarious things in his sleep. 
  10. Connie is a very, very good dancer.